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          Leaders assembLy

          march 14-15, 2010 / 28-29 adar 5770
                 Jersey City, New Jersey

Keys to the CabiN: UNLoCKiNg a ChaNgiNg WorLd
Cover Photo Credit: Barbara Grover
       WeLCome to Leaders assembLy

Two days from now, you will be grappling with questions you might have never
thought to ask.

Two days from now, you will be figuring out ways to implement a new method of
promoting Jewish camp in your community.

Two days from now, you will feel the rush that comes with rediscovering your own
creative ideas.

Two days from now, you will walk away invigorated by the energy of your peers in the
field of Jewish camp.

This year, we built Leaders assembly to equip you with the “keys to the cabin”—ways
to make your camp more successful, your community more engaged, and your sense
of hope renewed in the face of all of the challenges wrought upon us over the past
couple of years.

we urge you to spend the next two days learning, sharing, and innovating with an
exciting group of peers from across the Jewish camp field: camp professionals, camp
lay leaders, federation professionals, funders, community lay leaders, and of course
the f JC staff and board. The foundation has recruited an exciting cadre of experts,
speakers, and facilitators to guide us through the Leaders assembly experience, and we
are looking forward to the creative energy and uplifting atmosphere that will result.

Thank you again for joining us to discover the “keys” to our collective success. we
look forward to all of the progress that our time together will yield in strengthening
our Jewish community—today, tomorrow, and in the future.


Jeremy J. f ingerman     skip Vichness
CEo                      Chair of the Board of directors

          aboUt FJC

Camp inspires a lifetime commitment to the Jewish people,      The Foundation creates inspiring camp leaders, expands
so the Foundation for Jewish Camp employs a variety of         access to and intensifies demand for camp, and develops
strategies toward a single goal: to increase the number of     programs to strengthen camps across the Jewish spectrum in
children attending Jewish summer camp.                         North America. We raise the profile of Jewish camp through
                                                               strategic partnerships on a local and national level, and serve
The Foundation for Jewish Camp is the only public              as a central resource for parents and organizations alike.
organization dedicated solely to nonprofit Jewish overnight
camps. For all children, camp creates a passion for Judaism    Our broad perspective enables camps to see themselves as
and pathways to increased engagement, assuring a vibrant       part of a larger movement while raising the bar of excellence
Jewish future.                                                 for each camp; Jewish children and teens benefit, with summer
                                                               camp experiences that are unparalleled and enduring.

the Foundation for Jewish Camp                                 develops and implements new camp models
reaches new campers. We offer financial incentives for         and initiatives. We’re creating five new Jewish specialty
first-time campers in more than 28 communities across North    camps that focus on areas like outdoor adventure, music
America. Thousands of young Jews have gone to camp for         and the arts, and environmental sustainability, due to
the first time thanks to this innovative program.              open in 2010.

Fosters future Jewish leaders. We’ve trained more than         empowers and grows the field of Jewish camp. We
1,000 college-aged camp counselors over the last seven years   convene camp professionals and lay leaders—as well as
to help them engage campers, develop leadership skills, and    communal professionals and philanthropists—to the Leaders
build their own Jewish identities.                             Assembly, the only conference of its kind.

Promotes excellence and best practices. Our professional       increases understanding about the importance
development programs for all levels of camp professional       of Jewish camp. We conduct, collect, and disseminate
leadership provide Jewish camps with a competitive             research about the impact and importance of Jewish
advantage in the summer entertainment arena.                   summer camp.

Co-Founders and Co-Chairs of the board of trustees: Robert Bildner; Elisa Spungen Bildner
Chief executive officer: Jeremy J. Fingerman

board of trustees                board of directors            Henry Skier                       Michele Friedman
Abigail and Leslie Wexner        Skip Vichness, Chair          David Solomon                     Rina Goldberg
Samuel Bronfman Foundation       Jules Eisen                   Peter J. Weidhorn                 Tova Katz
Charles and Lynn                 Ab Flatt                      Lee Weiss                         Abby Knopp
  Schusterman Family             Arnie Harris                  Arnee Winshall                    Sarah Kreps
  Foundation                     Keith Klein                                                     Amy Kruglak
Steinhardt Foundation for        Neil Kuttner                  staff                             Rebecca Leibowitz
  Jewish Life                    Gerry Maldoff                 Maggie Bar-Tura                   Cristel Lindstrom
Harold Grinspoon                 Marcia Weiner Mankoff         Wendy Aronson                     Rabbi Avi Katz Orlow
  Foundation                     Lisa Messinger                Becky Barron                      Ariel Page
The Bildner Family               Kayla Niles                   Joelle Asaro Berman               Rabbi Eve Rudin
Robert M. Beren                  Julie Beren Platt             Alina Bitel                       Rebecca Shimshak
The Gottesman Fund               Jill Myers Raizin             Seth Cohen                        Laurie Stone
Jane and Daniel Och Family       Jaynie Schultz                Clarissa Cruz                     Jenni Tandet
  Foundation                     Jodi Schwartz                 Marissa D’Amato                   Alicia Zimbalist


A conference of this size is impossible to organize without    •	The	Board	of	Directors	of	the	Foundation	for	Jewish	Camp,	
the input, assistance, and collaboration of many. The            who provided vital hands-on support, wisdom, and input.
Foundation for Jewish Camp extends a hakarat hatov and           We are especially grateful to Leaders Assembly Board
heartfelt thank-you to the following:                            Liaison Jaynie Shultz for her creativity and guidance.
                                                               •	Some	of	North	America’s	most	prominent	and	influential	
•	The	many	camp	professionals	and	leaders	in	the	field	of	
                                                                 Jewish philanthropists support the Foundation for Jewish
  Jewish summer camp who provided feedback, direction,
                                                                 Camp. We extend a special thank you to the Board of
  and partnership, ensuring that the Leaders Assembly was
                                                                 Trustees and their remarkable staffs.
  responsive to the interests and needs of the field.
                                                               We also thank Whispering Pines Catalog for their support of the
                                                               Leaders Assembly.

       registratioN aNd CheCK-iN/oUt

Registration will begin at 11:00 am on Sunday, March 14th.     Hotel check-in begins at 3:00 pm, but your room may be
The registration table is located on the second floor of       available earlier. Please check with the hotel staff to obtain
the hotel, at the top of the stairs from the lobby, and will   this information. If your room is not ready, we have slotted
continue to be open throughout the day. At our registration    free time in our Sunday schedule (from 5:15-6:30 pm) for you
table, you can find your name badges, program materials,       to check-in. Check-out time is 12:00 pm. We have designated
and other information as it is made available.                 the America I meeting room to hold your luggage before
                                                               check-in time on Sunday or after check-out time on Monday.

                   Hospitality suite
                  arrived early and looking for somewhere to relax, grab
                  some coffee, a snack, or check your email? Visit the
                  Hospitality suite in freedom I on sunday, march 14,
                  open from 8:00am-1:00pm. It will be stocked with
                  fresh coffee, refreshments, free wireless, and a
                  friendly f JC staff member to assist you before the
                  conference begins.


seCoNd FLoor
1. Fire & Oak
2. Liberty Ballroom
3. Freedom I & II
4. Enterprise I & II
5. America I & II

third FLoor
1. Newport Grand Ballroom
2. Executive Boardroom
3. Intrepid

                                                                           beiNg greeN

FJC has made a concerted effort to “green” this conference. Did    The Westin Jersey City Newport, a hotel that pursues green
you know that this very program book has been printed with         practices, has placed recycling bins throughout the conference
soy-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled paper? We            space. Westin’s energy efficiency policy includes the use of
are also proud to provide recycled, reusable bags, and we’re       compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs, and lights automatically dim
committed to limiting paper use by minimizing paper handouts       or turn off in spaces that are not in use. The Westin conserves
and providing electronic versions. Around the hotel, you will      water in faucets, toilets, and by recycling their steam boiler’s
find water stations for refilling your reusable bottles. Program   own condensation. The hotel also runs an extensive recycling
lanyards are also made from recycled materials, and are reusable   program of paper products, glass, food, used cooking oil,
as key chains. And we got rid of the plastic holders from the      batteries, and compact fluorescent bulbs.
paper badges you are wearing!
                                                                   We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities
With the support of Foremost Glatt Caterers, FJC has strived to    to experience this conference in a sustainable way. You can
create a healthy and sustainable menu, sourcing as much locally    even take some green tips with you—see what some of your
grown and natural food when obtainable.                            colleagues are doing at home.

       we asked, and you answered.

          tiPs For eFFeCtive NetWorKiNg

After the previous two Leaders Assemblies, you told us that one of the primary reasons you attend is to network with others in
the field. Make the most of your networking by mastering these tips of the trade:

Lift up your nametag.
If your nametag is on a lanyard, it’ll almost certainly be too low for people to politely read it during an introductory handshake.
Shorten the lanyard or pin it close to your right shoulder. If you have a stick-on or pin-on name badge, it goes on your right
shoulder, not your left, following the path people’s eyes follow when they shake your hand.

talk to the people sitting next to you.
When you walk into a session room, take the time before the presentation begins to say hello to the people seated around you.
This concept is called the “power of hello”—once you have said something as simple as “hello,” it will be easier to talk with them
later in the session or conference if you see them again.

Put your technology away.
Do not run to your phone, BlackBerry, or laptop at every break. When you are working on electronics, you send the message that
you are unapproachable because you are busy. Utilize the time on breaks to converse with others.

ask open-ended questions.
It’s easy to ask people yes-or-no questions. Learn more about the people in your sessions, what they do and how they do it, and
what their camp or organization is all about. Open-ended questions begin a discussion, showing others that you value what you
can learn from them and their work.

don’t forget your business cards.
Come prepared to network and share ideas, but also to share your information. Designate one pocket to hold your cards, ready
to distribute, and the other pocket should be ready to hold incoming business cards. After the day is over, take a few minutes to
write details on the back of the cards you received, so you can remember distinguishing characteristics about the work of the
people you met and stay in touch.

         after the conference, we will be distributing a roster of
         conference attendees through email to each of you. It is
         our hope that you stay in touch and continue to follow
         through on your ideas and action plans well beyond this

                                UNLoCKiNg the sChedULe

The sessions at Leaders Assembly were developed with you          Here are some suggested workshop groupings based on
in mind, tailored to the specific role you have in making         your role or interests (Incentive Programs, Lay Leadership,
Jewish summer camps strong and successful. With seven             Growing Capacity, and Marketing). Please note that the
workshops to choose from in each of the three session slots,      grouped workshops below are designed to build upon one
we hope you’ll find the topics you are most interested in and     another throughout the course of the conference, and will
that are relevant to your work.                                   not be repetitive.

                             incentive                 Lay                       growing
                             Programs                  Leadership                Capacity

   session i                 Widening the tent         Creating Financial        achieve big Camp         everything is
   sunday, march 14          (Part i: the role of      sustainability            enrollment While         illuminated:
   4:00 – 5:15pm             Federations)              through best              maintaining that         engage today’s
                                                       Practices                 small Camp Feel          generation
                                                                                                          of russian-
                                                                                                          speaking Jews

   session ii                What We’ve                Preparing for a           engaging the             #socialmedia201:
   monday, march 15          Learned from the          Crisis                    Unengaged: how           Focused efforts,
   8:45 – 10:00am            incentive Programs                                  to target New            real results

   session iii               Widening the tent         everything you            What’s so special        building a top-
   monday, march 15          (Part ii: the role        Wanted to Know            about specialty          Notch Camp
   10:30 – 11:45am           of Camps)                 about board               Camp?                    brand
                                                       Practices but didn’t
                                                       Want to ask

            sChedULe at a gLaNCe

sUNday, marCh 14

11:00 am | registration opens

11:00 am – 1:00 pm Coffee break
      [ Newport Foyer ]
      make-your-own trail mix bar and snacks

1:30 – 3:30 pm | opening Plenary
      [ Newport Grand Ballroom ]
      six Pixels of separation: marketing in a Connected World
      Keynote speaker: mitch Joel

3:30 – 3:45 pm | Mincha Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ]

4:00 – 5:15 pm | session i
      achieve big Camp enrollment While maintaining that small Camp Feel [ Liberty Salon III ]
      building your board with Wisdom, Wow, and Wealth [ Enterprise I & II ]
      Creating Financial sustainability through best Practices [ America II ]
      everything is illuminated: engage today’s generation of russian-speaking Jews [ Intrepid ]
      motivate and retain your older Campers [ Freedom I & II ]
      the view from the top of the Migdal (tower): insights into Camper satisfaction and how they Can
       drive excellence [ Liberty Salon I ]
      Widening the tent (Part i : the role of Federations) [ Liberty Salon II ]

5:15 – 6:30 pm | break / hotel Check-in

6:30 pm | Cocktails
      [ Newport Foyer ]

7:30 – 10:00 pm | dinner and evening Program
      [ Newport Ballroom ]
      Keynote address: Jeremy J. Fingerman, Ceo, Foundation for Jewish Camp
      around the Campfire: a Celebration of Jewish Camp

10:00 pm | Ma’ariv Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ]

moNday, marCh 15

7:00 am | Shacharit Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ] • Liberal [ Liberty Salon III ]

7:30 – 8:30 am | breakfast
   [ Newport Grand Ballroom ]

8:45 – 10:00 am | session ii
   #social media 201: Focused efforts, real results [ Liberty Salon I ]
   engaging the Unengaged: how to target New markets [ Intrepid ]
   mining data for recruitment gold: Findings from FJC market research [ America II ]
   Preparing for a Crisis [ Liberty Salon III ]
   the Customer is always right [ Freedom I & II ]
   the greening of your Camp [ Enterprise I & II ]
   What We’ve Learned from the incentive Programs [ Liberty Salon II ]

10:00 – 10:30 am | Coffee break

10:30 – 11:45 am | session iii
   building a top-Notch Camp brand [ Liberty Salon I ]
   everything you Wanted to Know about board Practices but didn’t Want to ask [ Enterprise I & II ]
   Fundraising around the Campfire: it does Not have to be a scary story [ Liberty Salon II ]
   mission Possible! mission-driven Jewish Programmatic Change at Camp [ Freedom I & II ]
   telling your story: Free media and What it Can do for your Camp [ America II ]
   What’s so special about specialty Camp? [ Liberty Salon III ]
   Widening the tent (Part ii: the role of Camps) [ Intrepid ]

12:15 – 2:00 pm | Lunch and Closing Program
   [ Newport Grand Ballroom ]
   Keys to the Cabin: Unlocking recent Jewish Camp research

2:15 – 2:30 pm | Mincha Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ]

6:30 pm | senior Camp Leadership Program begins
   [Newport Salon I & II ]

             FULL sChedULe

sUNday, marCh 14

11:00 am | registration opens

11:00 am – 1:00 pm Coffee break
      [ Newport Foyer ]
      make-your-own trail mix bar and snacks

1:30 – 3:30 pm | opening Plenary
      [ Newport Grand Ballroom ]
      six Pixels of separation: marketing in a Connected World
      Keynote speaker: mitch Joel

      Mitch Joel is a digital marketer, author, entrepreneur, blogger, visionary, and branding guru. Joel is also an alumnus of Camp
      Kinneret in Quebec where he spent many summers in his youth.

      Described as a “rock star of digital marketing” and “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries” by Marketing
      Magazine, Joel is one of North America’s leading digital marketers and president of Twist Image—an award-winning digital
      marketing and communications agency. His first book, Six Pixels of Separation, is a business and marketing best-seller.

      Joel will address attendees at the Leaders Assembly about the shifting landscape in communications and how it applies
      to today’s Jewish camps, campers, and camp families. Discussing the new realities of community, marketing, and branding,
      Joel will identify how it pertains to our field’s goal of engaging more children and families in the world of Jewish summer camp.

3:30 – 3:45 pm | Mincha Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ]

4:00 – 5:15 pm | session i
      achieve big Camp enrollment While maintaining that small Camp Feel
      [ Liberty Salon III ]
      As enrollment increases at camps across the US and Canada, many wonder how camps can accommodate new campers
      without losing the intimacy of a small, connected community. How do you make room and find beds at your camp for rising
      numbers of new campers? How can you integrate new campers into a small community that’s getting larger and larger?
      Find out from a panel of camp directors how they increased capacity at their camps while maintaining a tight-knit culture.
      Jonah Geller, Executive Director, Tamarack Camps, Moderator
      Geoffrey Menkowitz, Director, Camp Ramah Darom
      Jon Shapiro, Camp Director, Capital Camps
      Frank Silberlicht, Director, Camp Young Judaea Texas

building your board With Wisdom, Wow, and Wealth
[ Enterprise I & II ]
Ensuring a viable and sustainable future for your camp starts with ensuring that your board is at optimal size and has the
“right people on the bus.” This workshop will explore best practices and the questions your camp’s leadership needs to ask
in order to decide the appropriate size and composition of your board. It will also explore how to strategically transform
your board to reflect a new structure.
Lisa Messinger, FJC Board Member, Moderator
Marla Bobowick, Vice President of Products and Services, BoardSource
Judy Spatz, President, The Jewish Reconstructionist Camping Corporation

Creating Financial sustainability through best Practices
[ America II ]
Long-term business strategies are the basis for creating financial stability for your camp. Learn about the areas of camp
operations that require effective planning, enabling you to react confidently to unforeseen situations. Panel members,
selected for their knowledge of the field, will discuss the core areas of income, expense, and capital expenses/facility
maintenance, and how these should be considered both during the yearly budget process and as a planning tool for the future.
Neil Kuttner, FJC Board Member, Chief Operations Officer, Cross Shore Capital Management, LLC, Moderator
Alan Friedman, Executive Director, Camp Mountain Chai
Harrell Wittenstein, Camping Services Director, B’nai B’rith International
Dan Zenkel, Operator, The Camp Professionals

everything is illuminated: engage today’s generation of russian-speaking Jews
[ Intrepid ]
The Russian-Jewish identity is complex, and offers many new questions for outreach and programming in the Jewish
community—particularly when it comes to camp. Presenters will demystify the successes and challenges of working with
Russian-speaking Jewish youth and share innovative ideas for engaging the community, which constitutes about 20 percent
of all American Jews. The case studies from presenters’ professional experience will ignite small group discussions that will
leave you better equipped to reach out to this unique population.
Alina Bitel, Program Director, Engagement Initiatives, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
Alex Budnitskiy, Chief Operating Officer, Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst
Nella Feldsher, Senior Development Officer, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Melanie Levav, Program Director, Mandel Center for Jewish Education

motivate and retain your older Campers
[ Freedom I & II ]
Too often, a bar or bat mitzvah is the end of a Jewish journey. But it’s actually just the beginning! How do we keep our
campers past middle school? In this session, participants will look through a variety of different lenses to explore how
capacity building doesn’t necessarily mean building more bunks, but instead, the retention of older campers. We will
discuss the roles that gender, program diversity, and year-round programming for campers and alumni play in retaining
teen campers and building a stronger camp community.
Rabbi Avi Orlow, Jewish Education Specialist, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
Deborah Meyer, Executive Director, Moving Traditions
Jamie Simon, Camp Director, Camp Tawonga

      the view from the top of the Migdal (tower): insights into Camper satisfaction
      and how they Can drive excellence
      [ Liberty Salon I ]
      Over the past four years, the Foundation for Jewish Camp has empowered nearly 50 camps to view themselves as
      customer-driven businesses using private sector market research tools, and designing action plans to make change
      based on the data. What is most revealing and insightful about this satisfaction research, conducted among thousands
      of Jewish camp families? How can your camp measure customer satisfaction and make improvements based on that
      data? This session will share learnings from the aggregate data and address how camps can respond to customer
      desires while staying mission-focused.
      Mark Sass, Summation Research Group, Moderator
      David Berkman, Director, Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Camp Kalsman
      Ronni Saltzman Guttin, Director, Camp JORI
      Rabbi David Soloff, Executive Director, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin

      Widening the tent (Part i: the role of Federations)
      [ Liberty Salon II ]
      This is the first of a two-part session on increasing awareness of and access to camp through financial incentives for campers. Research
      indicates that young Jews immersed in the 24/7 experience of residential Jewish camp are significantly more likely than non-campers to
      grow into Jewish adults who have a strong Jewish identity and affiliation. During this session, you will have the opportunity to
      dialogue with two communities who have put the Jewish camp experience at the top of their communal agenda. They will highlight
      their expanded relationships with area camps and the central role that incentives are playing in generating interest in camp.
      Abby Knopp, Director, Community Initiatives, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
      Michael Davis, Chief Executive Officer, The Responsive Marketing Group, and Chair, Jewish Camping Initiatives, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
      Kim Hirsh, Development Officer, Jewish Community Foundation of MetroWest, New Jersey
      Tracy Levine, Manager, MetroWest Jewish Camp Enterprise
      Robert Lichtman, Executive Director, The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life
      Ron Polster, Director of Jewish Camping Initiatives, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

5:15 – 6:30 pm | break / hotel Check-in

6:30 pm | Cocktails
      [ Newport Foyer ]
      eat. schmooze. Network. enjoy!

7:30 – 10:00 pm | dinner and evening Program
      [ Newport Ballroom ]
      Keynote address: Jeremy J. Fingerman, Ceo, Foundation for Jewish Camp
      around the Campfire: a Celebration of Jewish Camp

10:00 pm | Ma’ariv Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ]

moNday, marCh 15

7:00 am | Shacharit Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ] • Liberal [ Liberty Salon III ]

7:30 – 8:30 am | breakfast
   [ Newport Grand Ballroom ]

8:45 – 10:00 am | session ii
   #social media 201: Focused efforts, real results
   [ Liberty Salon I ]
   Facebook page? Check. Twitter feed? Check. YouTube channel? Check. Now, what do you do with all of it? Join us for a
   high-energy session where you will discover the best ways to use social media through focused, goal-oriented projects. The
   session will feature examples of successful social media campaigns and will help you to explore ways to integrate your social
   media marketing into your overall marketing strategy.
   Kevin Martone, Technology Program Manager, Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy, Moderator
   Danielle Brigida, Social Media Outreach Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation
   Scott Hertz, Manager of Web and Technology, Union for Reform Judaism’s Youth Division

   engaging the Unengaged: how to target New markets
   [ Intrepid ]
   Camps can appeal to unengaged communities through intelligent use of new media and targeted marketing. Learn how
   to creatively recruit new campers, and how to tailor existing marketing materials so they work in the new world of digital
   media. Join this highly interactive, instructional session to engage with your peers about reaching out to unengaged Jews.
   Stefan Teodosic, director of B’nai B’rith Beber Camp, and Casper Casparian of BIG Imagination Group will present important
   facts about hard-to-reach populations and share specific tactics that can be used to reach these populations.
   Stefan Teodosic, Executive Director, B’nai B’rith Beber Camp and Perlman Conference Center, Moderator
   Casper Casparian, Account Strategist, Big Imagination Group

   mining data for recruitment gold: Findings from FJC market research
   [ America II ]
   Hunting for patterns that indicate how Jewish parents—camps’ “consumers”—make decisions about how their children
   will spend their summer days, the Foundation for Jewish Camp has adopted a more data-driven focus, conducting a
   series of regional market research studies. Insights from these reports have informed initiatives implemented by camps,
   communities, and FJC alike. Lead researcher and renowned North American Jewish sociologist Steven M. Cohen will present
   the emerging data, and Rina Goldberg, FJC communications director, will share the practical implications for the field and
   the ways your camp can translate this valuable data into recruiting gold.
   Rina Goldberg, Director of Communications, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
   Steven M. Cohen, Research Professor, Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

      Preparing for a Crisis
      [ Liberty Salon III ]
      The next crisis at camp may be inevitable, but how you plan for it in advance is in your control! Through the use of case
      studies, this workshop will explore best practices and recommendations for your camp’s leadership—both board members
      and professionals—to plan for an unexpected situation. What will the decision-making process look like? Who will be
      responsible for interfacing with camper families, the media, and other constituencies? A solid emergency plan can ensure
      that your camp’s response goes as smoothly as possible during a stressful time.
      Rabbi Eve Rudin, Director of Camp Excellence and Advancement, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
      Bobby Harris, Director, Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Camp Coleman
      Gary Kimball, Executive Director, Camp-ALERT Network
      Fred Levick, CEO, Ramah Darom, Inc.
      Doug Lynn, Director, Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps

      the Customer is always right
      [ Freedom I & II ]
      Customer satisfaction can be your camp’s key to success! Learn how to improve the quality of your communication and
      customer service with both new and prospective families. Maximize sales, retention, and public relations as you explore
      realistic and tangible tactics to help serve campers and parents year-round.
      Michele Friedman, Director of New Camp Initiatives, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
      Keith Klein, Owner, Camp Laurel and Camp South, FJC Board Member

      the greening of your Camp
      [ Enterprise I & II ]
      Running a camp in a sustainable manner doesn’t simply mean recycling. How can our camps do well, do good, and do
      better? How we treat our camp—and how we treat the earth—inform our campers’ overall summer experience. In this panel
      discussion, we will discover how camps impact the planet, and explore the educational and business aspects of how your
      camp might take the next step to going green.
      Yoni Stadlin, Director, Eden Village Camp, Moderator
      Joel Charnick, Director, Camp JCA Shalom
      Daniel Schnitzer, Director of Sustainability and Operations, Academy for Global Citizenship
      Jonathan Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Farm & Wilderness Foundation, Inc.

      What We’ve Learned from the incentive Programs
      [ Liberty Salon II ]
      Since its inception in 2006, nearly 13,300 campers have attended camp for the first time using one of FJC’s North American
      incentive programs. When surveyed, at least one of three grant recipients stated that they would not have attended camp
      without this funding. After an evaluation by Summation Research, many of the grants have been adapted to better meet
      the needs of the community. This session will paint a picture of what incentive recipients look like in different parts of the
      country and Canada, and will demonstrate how the program’s evaluation has reshaped its design and implementation.
      Wendy Aronson, Director, JWest Campership Program, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
      Linda Denham, Senior Associate, Summation Research
      Brian Mono, Manager of Allocations, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
      Mark Sass, Founder, Summation Research Group

10:00 – 10:30 am | Coffee break

10:30 – 11:45 am | session iii
  building a top-Notch Camp brand
  [ Liberty Salon I ]
  Your brand means everything. It’s how your audience differentiates you from others in the summer camp market, and becomes
  a meaningful symbol of your camp and the quality experience you offer. Carol Dorf and David Miller of Egg Strategy, a brand
  strategy firm that consults with Fortune 500 companies, will guide you to drill down and focus on a single image and message
  for your camp that will ultimately become a strong brand. You will learn how to apply your new brand across all marketing
  materials and communications, and will find ways to improve and grow your communication strategy in the process.
  Carol Dorf, Director, Egg Strategy
  David Miller, Egg Strategy

  everything you Wanted to Know about board Practices but didn’t Want to ask
  [ Enterprise I & II ]
  With the changes the IRS has made to form 990 in order to ensure that boards are doing the oversight with which they are
  charged, it is more important than ever for camps to implement appropriate policies and understand what is needed and
  why. This session will explain the different policies that need to be in place to make a board successful. This includes Conflict
  of Interest, Code of Ethics, and Whistleblower Policies. Our presenter, Marla Bobowick from Bobowick Consulting, will review
  sample policies and how to implement them.
  Arnie Harris, FJC Board Member, President and CEO, Harris & Harris, Moderator
  Marla Bobowick, Bobowick Consulting

  Fundraising around the Campfire: it does Not have to be a scary story
  [ Liberty Salon II ]
  Face-to-face solicitation is both a science and an art. Learn key approaches to solicitation and ways to field the common
  objections to giving. You will leave this session with specific techniques that bring the donor from the telephone to the
  table. No knowledge of scary ghost stories necessary!
  Doris Feinberg, Founder and President, The Prospero Group, LLC

  mission Possible! mission-driven Jewish Programmatic Change at Camp
  [ Freedom I & II ]
  How do you do bring positive change to your camp’s Jewish programming while incorporating existing traditions familiar
  to invested campers and staff? This session will explore techniques of how to introduce change while staying true to
  your camp’s unique values. You will understand the process of changing culture, the incremental steps involved, and the
  benchmarks necessary to measure your success. Three camp directors will share their camps’ experiences in making Jewish
  change and resources that they found helpful in the process.
  Joseph Reimer, Professor, Brandeis University, Moderator
  Jerry Kaye, Director, Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI)
  Zach Lasker, Camp Director, Camp Ramah in California
  Jodi Sperling, Director, Camp Wise

  telling your story: Free media and What it Can do for your Camp
  [ America II ]
  PR is an inexpensive instrument for creating buzz, expanding enrollment, increasing funding, and maintaining community
  involvement. Learn the basic principles and tools you need to maximize this essential form of communication from Ari Geller,
  vice president at Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications in Washington, DC. Also, meet Alicia Zimbalist, public relations manager at
  the Foundation for Jewish Camp, to find out how we can all work together to benefit individual camps as well as the entire field.
  Alicia Zimbalist, Public Relations Manager, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
  Ari Geller, Vice President, Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications

      What’s so special about specialty Camp?
      [ Liberty Salon III ]
      FJC is launching five new specialty camps this coming summer through our Specialty Camps
      Incubator. How do you bring a specialty camp feel to your traditional Jewish summer camp
      in order to retain older campers and generate interest from new markets? How can you help
      your campers specialize in particular skills and interests while they are living and learning
      in the context of your larger mission and vision? A panel of directors who have fostered
      specialty programs, either as full programs or under the larger umbrella of their own camps,
      will help you find a way.
      Michele Friedman, Director of New Camp Initiatives, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
      Shane Carr, Associate Director, Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) 6 Points Sports Academy
      Mimi Gordon, Director, Camp Tawonga
      Bradley Solmsen, Director, Brandeis University’s Office of High School Programs

      Widening the tent (Part ii: the role of Camps)
      [ Intrepid ]
      This session is the second part of a two-part series. With only 10 percent of eligible Jewish
      camp-age children participating in overnight Jewish camp, it will take a community-wide
      effort to increase participation. No one entity can do it all. During this session, you will
      have the opportunity to dialogue with two camp directors who have creatively leveraged
      incentive programs in a variety of ways to generate new interest for their camps, including
      investing their very own dollars to create additional incentive opportunities for first-time
      camper families.
      Seth Cohen, Director, Campership Incentive Program, Foundation for Jewish Camp, Moderator
      Ruben Arquilevich, Executive Director, Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Camp Newman
      Michelle Koplan, Executive Director of B’nai B’rith Camp, LLC

12:15 – 2:00 pm | Lunch and Closing Program
      [ Newport Grand Ballroom ]
      Keys to the Cabin: Unlocking recent Jewish Camp research
      The field of Jewish summer camp has become more data-driven in the last decade.
      Monday’s lunch will be dedicated to learning and engaging conversation based on the latest
      research, including regional FJC studies and the soon-to-be released Extending the Tent and
      Strengthening the Stakes: Growth and Change at Jewish Summer Camp, commissioned by the AVI
      CHAI Foundation. Dr. Steven M. Cohen and Dr. Amy Sales will present research findings.

2:15 – 2:30 pm | Mincha Mechitza [ Freedom I ] • egalitarian [ America II ]

6:30 pm | senior Camp Leadership Program begins
      [ Newport Salon I & II ]

                                                               PLaNNiNg tooLs

taKiNg it baCK to CamP
We know from attending conferences ourselves that it is challenging to digest all the good ideas and best practices you learn
throughout the day as you attend sessions, listen to speakers, and network with colleagues. Here is a tool to help you jot down
and organize what you’ve learned, and how you might apply it when you return to your daily work.

                                                           What it means for my                      i must share
                            “eureka” idea
                                                           Camp/Community                            this with…


      session i

      session ii

   session iii


Additional writing space is provided on several blank pages at the end of this program book.

 16                                                                                                                          17
      PreseNter biograPhies

                                 Marketing Magazine dubbed him the “rock star of digital
                                 marketing” and in 2006 he was named one of the most
                                 influential authorities on blog marketing in the world. Joel
                                 is president of Twist Image—an award winning, multi-
                                 million dollar digital marketing agency—which he built out
                                 of a single, very successful blog and podcast, Six Pixels of
                                 Separation. He is a marketing and communications visionary,
                                 interactive expert, community leader, blogger and podcaster.
                                 Named Canada’s Most Influential Male in Media, and one
                                 of the top 100 online marketers in the world, Joel was also
                                 awarded the highly-prestigious Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.

                                 His debut book, Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected,
                                 Connect Your Business to Everyone (Fall 2009—Grand Central
                                 Publishing) is the first book to integrate digital marketing,
                                 social media, personal branding and entrepreneurship in a
                                 clear, entertaining and instructive guide. Through the use
                                 of timely case studies and fascinating stories, Joel offers a
                                 complete set of the latest tactics, insights and tools that will
mitCh JoeL                       help increase revenue, awareness, and overall success in the
                                 marketplace—without the support of traditional mass media.
marketing, digital marketing &
Personal branding expert         A frequent contributor to CTV National News, Canada AM,
                                 CBC Newsworld, Marketing Magazine, Strategy, The Globe &
                                 Mail, and The National Post, Joel also writes a newspaper
                                 business column, “New Business—Six Pixels of Separation,”
                                 which runs bi-monthly in both The Montreal Gazette and
                                 Vancouver Sun and a monthly column, “Ultra-Portable,” for
                                 En Route Magazine.

                                 Joel is a board member for the Canadian Marketing
                                 Association, an executive for the National Advertising
                                 Benevolent Society of Quebec, and an instructor of the CMA
                                 eMarketing professional certificate course. Joel is a former
                                 board member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of
                                 Canada. He sits on the content committee for both
                                 and the Web Analytics Association, and is on the advisory
                                 council for many businesses and charitable organizations.
                                 Prior to his role as president of Twist Image, he co-launched
                                 Distort Entertainment, the only hard music label in Canada
                                 to have major label distribution (Universal Music) and
                                 whose roster features the platinum-plus, Juno Award and
                                 MuchMusic Video Award-winning acts, Alexisonfire and City
                                 And Colour.

WeNdy aroNsoN is the Denver-based                                 development at the Marks Jewish Community House of
director of the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s JWest                Bensonhurst. Drawing from her extensive outreach and
Campership Program. Growing up, she was an active                 programming background, Alina is excited to apply her
member of Young Judaea, which she credits with giving             experience and passion on a national level. Alina earned her
her a strong Zionist education as well as role models who         MSW at Columbia University. She also is a graduate of the
encouraged her to pursue a career in the Jewish community.        JCC Teen Professional Fellowship, and holds a certificate of
Wendy spent summers staffing Camp Young Judaea West,              executive education from the UJA Federation of New York
Camp Young Judaea Midwest, and Tel Yehudah. Prior to              and Columbia University SIPA Muehlstein Institute for Jewish
joining FJC, Wendy was a JCSC Fellow for Hillel at CU Boulder,    Professional Leadership.
a youth director at Temple Emunah in Lexington, MA, and the
youth programs manager at the Colorado Agency for Jewish
Education. She received an MA in Jewish communal service          marLa J. boboWiCK                         , MBA/CNM,
from the Hornstein Program at Brandeis University and an          specializes in nonprofit management and leadership.
MA in Jewish education from Hebrew College.                       She has extensive experience with board governance,
                                                                  strategy, research, and publishing. She has worked with
                                                                  nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes, ranging from
rUbeN arqUiLeviCh serves as the                                   a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity to the Smithsonian
executive director of the Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ)        Institution, a regional healthcare organization, and a national
Camp Newman, is entering his 24th year as a Jewish camp           federated organization. Previously, Marla was vice president
professional. Transformative experiences shaped his core          of products at BoardSource, where she was an active
values—community, family, nature and Jewish spirit.               consultant and trainer, developed educational curricula,
Ruben, a Wexner Heritage fellow, has an MBA in nonprofit          managed regional capacity building projects, oversaw the
management and a minor in Jewish studies from the                 global program, and coordinated the annual conference.
University of Judaism, as well as a BA in psychology from         Marla holds a BA in English from Amherst College, an MBA
Colorado College. Ruben believes that Jewish camp secures         from the Weatherhead School of Management, and a
Jewish identity by providing lifelong friendships and role        certificate in nonprofit management from the Mandel Center
models and creating an environment for growth. He loves to        for Nonprofit Organizations, both at Case Western Reserve
support the next generation of Jewish camp professionals,         University.
and is grateful for their boundless idealism in pushing the
field toward the future. Ruben lives in Northern California
with his wife Vivien and children Jonah, Max, and Maia.           daNieLLe brigida                       is the social media
                                                                  outreach coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation
                                                                  (NWF). Danielle supports constituent outreach by
david berKmaN is the inaugural director                           investigating online tools and social networking sites to
of the Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Camp Kalsman.             discover how best to use them to educate, engage, and
Working within the URJ camps system since 1997, David held        mobilize people to protect wildlife. As NWF’s lead voice on
senior assistant director positions for URJ camps in Texas and    social media sites, she tracks emerging trends and finds the
Pennsylvania before joining the national staff as the associate   most effective ways to drive traffic to NWF’s campaigns.
director of URJ camping in 2005. He served with distinction
as the project manager for Jacobs’ Ladder, a distribution
center for hurricane relief supplies established by the URJ       aLex bUdNitsKiy                       is a Gold Quill recipient
near Jackson, MS, that delivered more than 3 million pounds       for independent journalism, and covered various “conflict”
of supplies to those in need after Hurricane Katrina. David       situations in Israel, Pakistan, former Yugoslavia, and Cuba.
holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and        Alex holds master’s degrees in journalism and social work
a master’s degree in management from the University of            from Columbia University. Since his arrival 15 years ago
Denver, Daniels College of Business. David is married to Dr.      from Ukraine, he has been working at the Marks Jewish
Keely Brown Berkman.                                              Community House of Bensonhurst, where he now serves
                                                                  as the chief operating officer. Alex is involved in extensive
                                                                  consulting work in the Former Soviet Union on various
aLiNa biteL spearheads the Foundation for                         projects for the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
Jewish Camp’s efforts to engage children from Russian-            and AVI CHAI Foundation. He is a member of the Steering
speaking families in Jewish overnight camp. Prior to joining      Committee of the UJA-Federation Agencies Management
FJC, Alina spent 10 years as the director of Teen and Israel      Group (FAMG) and is a member of the board of the New York
Education Departments, and later, the director of leadership      Chapter of the AJC.

shaNe Carr                 is the associate director of the         Judaea-Sprout Lake and Midwest. Seth also has worked for
Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) 6 Points Sports Academy in         Masada Israel Programs and B’nai B’rith Youth Organization.
Greensboro, NC, a participant in the Foundation for Jewish          Seth spent 15 summers at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin as a
Camp’s Specialty Camps Incubator program. Shane earned a            camper, counselor and specialist. Seth was awarded his MSW
BA in business administration from the University of Miami,         from Columbia University’s School of Social Work.
FL, where he minored in Judaic studies. Throughout his
career, Shane has assumed leadership positions in a variety
of camp and youth program settings including: private               steveN m. CoheN, sociologist of American
residential camping, JCC teen travel, JCC Maccabi Games,            Jewry, is a research professor of Jewish social policy at
Israel travel experiences, and nonprofit movement camping.          Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Berman
Most recently, Shane served as the assistant director of URJ        Jewish Policy Archive director at New York University Wagner,
Camp Harlam in Pennsylvania over the past four years. Shane         and research director for Synagogue 3000. From 1992–2006,
is a native of Philadelphia where he currently resides.             he taught at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Previously,
                                                                    he taught at Queens College, with visiting appointments
                                                                    at Yale, Brandeis, and Jewish Theological Seminary. Cohen
CasPer CasPariaN, Big Imagination                                   has authored many books, such as The Jew Within (with
Group’s account strategist, provides strategic and                  Arnold Eisen), American Modernity & Jewish Identity, American
creative direction, focusing on integrated marketing and            Assimilation or Jewish Revival?, and his forthcoming book,
communications projects. Casper works closely with the              Sacred Strategies: Becoming a Visionary Congregation (with
Foundation for Jewish Camp, setting strategy and tactical           Isa Aron, Lawrence A. Hoffman, and Ari Y. Kelman). His
executions for the incentive grant marketing campaign.              current research interests focus on the patterns of Jewish
Before joining BIG, Casper was lead account manager                 engagement among American Jews age under the age of 40.
on corporate marketing for Mattel, Inc., where his major
projects included messaging strategy and creative direction
for award-winning materials, internal and external human            miChaeL davis                     is the chair of Jewish camping
resources communications, and corporate responsibility              initiatives at UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. He was born
messaging. Casper holds a BA degree from Princeton                  and raised in Toronto, Ontario, and for the past 23 years
University, with high honors, and a JD from the University of       Michael has been the chief executive officer of The Responsive
Southern California. Casper, his wife and daughter actively         Marketing Group (RMG), a firm he founded in 1987. RMG is one
practice a lifestyle of living simply.                              of North America’s leading relationship marketing companies
                                                                    that works with political parties and candidates by using the
                                                                    internet, phone, and mail to help them win elections, raise
JoeL CharNiCK is Camp JCA Shalom’s director                         money, and deliver the vote on election day. Michael served
and the assistant executive director of the Shalom Institute.       on the board of Jewish Education and founded and headed
Starting at Camp JCA Shalom in 1988 as a TASCer, then as a CIT,     up the Marketing Committee for the marketing of formal
counselor, TASC unit head, CIT director, Tiyul (Teen Travel Trip)   Jewish education for children in Toronto. He is currently a
director, Etgar (Israel Trip) director, and program coordinator,    member of the board of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Joel returned to the Shalom Institute nine years ago and has        and a member of the United Israel Appeal Demographic Task
been the director for the last seven years. Joel graduated from     Force, examining the implications for Jewish communities
the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!), went to graduate          across Canada of the changing demographics of the Jewish
school at Colorado State University, and is currently pursuing      community in the future.
his MBA at American Jewish University.

                                                                    LiNda deNham is a senior associate with
seth CoheN is the director of the Foundation                        Summation Research, bringing over 30 years of marketing
for Jewish Camp’s Campership Incentive Program. Prior               and leadership experience from Procter & Gamble, Kenner
to joining FJC, Seth was the deputy executive director at           Products, and most recently, LensCrafters/Luxottica Retail.
Common Cents, a nonprofit organization that runs Penny              While at Luxottica, Linda held various senior marketing
Harvest—a program that teaches children about citizenship,          positions but also led the company in many other areas,
service, and philanthropy. During his seven-year tenure,            including real estate, managed vision care, retail operations
Seth focused on growing the program nationally as well as           and e-commerce. This combination of packaged goods
overseeing the operations of the organization. Prior to his         and retail experience gives Linda a broad experience base
time at Common Cents, Seth worked at Young Judaea as the            and strong insights into analyzing situations and solving
NY regional director, spending summers at Camps Young               problems. Linda graduated magna cum laude with a BS/

marketing degree from Miami University (Oxford, OH)                His camp career began as a child, when he first attended
and currently serves on the board of the Valley Temple,            Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, a private boys’ camp in Lenox, MA,
Cincinnati, OH.                                                    where he proceeded to spend his next 18 summers. In 1993,
                                                                   he became Mah-Kee-Nac’s first full-time assistant director
                                                                   and in 1999 he was promoted to director. Alan worked as
CaroL dorF                 is a director at Egg Strategy, and      a consultant for CampGroup, the largest group-owner of
started her career in consumer insights from the ground            private summer camps in United States. Alan attended Ithaca
up…literally. From pounding the pavement in mall parking           College, earning a degree in communications and business
lots looking for survey participants, to becoming a strategic      management. He has had a prosperous advertising career. He
thought leader at a major advertising agency in Chicago,           also spent 10 years working as a senior youth group advisor
Carol has spent her career figuring out how to connect             to four Reform congregations in the Northeast.
people with brands, and now leads engagements for clients
such as JPMorgan Chase, Eli Lilly, Calphalon, and Wrigley.
Prior to joining Egg Strategy, Carol was VP of brand strategy      miCheLe FriedmaN                         , director of New
at DDB Chicago working with leading brands in a variety of         Camp Initiatives at the Foundation for Jewish Camp since
industries—from fast food and insurance to skin care and           2005, serves as the point person for all new camps and
industrial technologies.                                           specialty programs, works with camps that are in growth
                                                                   mode, and is the director of the Specialty Camps Incubator.
                                                                   Michele has an intimate knowledge of the complexities
doris FeiNberg, founder and president                              involved in starting and running a camp, coming from
of The Prospero Group, LLC, counsels nonprofit boards,             a long, successful career in camp-based consulting. She
executive leaders, and fundraising staff. An expert in             was a board member and officer of the American Camp
capital campaign planning and strategy, donor cultivation          Association, New York for more than 20 years, where she was
and recruitment, face-to-face solicitation training, major         a founding Steering Committee member and chair of the
gift fundraising and stewardship, and board training and           Tri-State Camp Conference, the largest conference for camp
development, Doris works in both the Jewish and secular            professionals in the world. Michele has a BA from Hunter
worlds. Doris’s approach to philanthropy reflects a “donor-        College and an MA in special education from Teachers
centered” philosophy, where support reflects the donor-            College, Columbia University.
organization relationship. Doris and her husband, Alan,
reside in Newport, RI, and are the parents of 29-year-old
twins. Doris currently serves as lay president of the Jewish       ari geLLer has over a decade of experience
Federation of Rhode Island. Her entire family attended             with communications, marketing, and policy. As a vice
Jewish overnight camps.                                            president at Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications, he works
                                                                   on media relations, branding, messaging, and marketing.
                                                                   Prior to his current position, Ari was the director of
NeLLa FeLdsher                       is the senior development     communications and marketing for Interfaith Alliance, a
officer at the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the advisor   national organization dedicated to protecting faith and
to the chairman of the Executive Committee for the Global          freedom. He also served as the public relations manager at
Russian-Speaking Jewry at Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI). A       the Museum of Jewish Heritage—A Living Memorial to the
native of St. Petersburg, Russia, she holds two master’s degrees   Holocaust in New York City. Additionally, Ari spent time on
in mathematics and English language and literature. After          Capitol Hill as a deputy press secretary for Senator Daniel
making aliyah and working as an English and math teacher,          Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) and press secretary for Senator
Nella filled various positions at the education department         Russ Feingold (D-WI). He holds a bachelor’s degree from the
at JAFI, including that of the fundraising and development         University of Wisconsin-Madison.
director, and the director of the Department for North
American Russian-speaking Jewry. Nella has participated in UJA
Federation missions representing Israel at various venues, is a    JoNah geLLer                  has served as the executive
member of the executive committee of the Israeli Forum, and is     director of Tamarack Camps since 2002. His professional
a recipient of the “Volunteer of the Year” Award in Israel.        career in informal Jewish education spans 13 years, 11 of
                                                                   which have been as director of two camping agencies: Camp
                                                                   Tel Yehudah, the national senior leadership camp of the
aLaN FriedmaN has been the executive                               Young Judaea youth movement in New York, and Tamarack
director of Camp Mountain Chai, a Jewish resident camp and         Camps, a large Jewish camping agency in Michigan. Jonah
year-round retreat center in Southern California, since 2006.      holds degrees in journalism, Hebrew and Jewish studies from

the University of Wisconsin. He lived in Israel for three years,   Ramah’s capital campaign, and is the chairman of Ramah’s
studying at the Hebrew University, volunteering in the Israeli     long-range strategic plan committee. Arnie is also a board
army, working for a number of teen and college student             member of Chicago’s Jewish Federation. Arnie is also actively
programs, and writing for the Jerusalem Post. Tamarack             involved in many other Jewish organizations, including
Camps, established by the Fresh Air Society in 1902, serves        Chicagoland Jewish High School, Solomon Schechter Day
the Metropolitan Detroit Jewish community.                         Schools, and American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
                                                                   Professionally, Arnie is an attorney and is president and CEO of
                                                                   a nationwide debt collection company. Arnie lives in suburban
riNa goLdberg                      has been the director of        Chicago with his wife Nina and two children, Jonah and Shira.
communications at the Foundation for Jewish Camp since
October 2005 and directs all of the Foundation’s public
relations, marketing, research, and advocacy efforts. Before       bobby harris is the director of youth and
joining FJC, Rina worked for several years at the Museum           camping services for the Southeast region of the Union for
of Jewish Heritage—A Living Memorial to the Holocaust,             Reform Judaism (URJ), and a certified camp director from the
where in her last position as the director of special projects,    American Camping Association. Bobby has been the director
she oversaw the program development and management                 of Camp Coleman since 1992 and has directed camps since
of the Morgenthau Wing, which opened in September 2003.            1986. He is a graduate of the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s
Rina, a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University           Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) program.
has a certificate in executive education from the School of
International and Public Affairs, Columbia University and the
Muehlstein Institute for Jewish Professionals.                     sCott hertz, manager of web and technology
                                                                   for the Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Youth Division,
                                                                   joined the New York staff of the URJ in 2002. In this role,
mimi gordoN is a director of Camp Tawonga,                         he oversees the websites and digital media strategy of the
the Jewish Community Center (JCC) resident camp of                 Union’s 13 summer camps, teen Israel travel programs,
Northern California. Mimi has worked in JCC camping since          and high school programs, including the North American
1991, when she began as a day camp counselor at the JCC            Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) and Mitzvah Corps. Scott
of San Francisco. A Tawonga camper for eight years and a           graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where he
summer staff member from 1995–2001, Mimi joined the                studied advertising and digital media. A lifelong Reform Jew,
Tawonga professional staff in the fall of 2001 and is delighted    Scott grew up at Congregation Emanu El in Houston, Texas.
to be celebrating her 16th season as a Tawonga staff member.       He is an alum of NFTY’s Texas-Oklahoma Region and has
Mimi has a background in human resources and a passion for         been a camper, staff member and faculty member at the URJ
cooking and decorating. She is a Bay Area native and currently     Greene Family Camp in Texas and URJ Kutz Camp in New York.
lives in San Francisco with her husband, Mike Eul.

                                                                   Kim hirsh             is a development officer with the Jewish
roNNi saLtzmaN gUttiN has been                                     Community Foundation of MetroWest, New Jersey. She
the director of Camp JORI since 1997. Born and educated in         works on major gifts and endowment fundraising to support
Rhode Island, she grew up at Camp JORI, starting at age 8,         key Jewish identity programs. Over the past two years, Kim
and dreamed of working at “her” camp forever. She worked           helped raise significant gifts for MetroWest’s Jewish Camp
as a counselor for seven years, even commuting the summer          Enterprise, a comprehensive program designed to double
after her wedding, and continued as assistant director in 1995     the number of children who attend Jewish camp. Previously,
and 1996. Ronni has taught religious school for 30 years, and      Kim worked as a fundraising coach for the Partnership
taught at The Solomon Schechter School in Rhode Island from        for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE). Kim worked as
1980–1984. A youth director / advisor from 1985–1993, Ronni        development director for the Hebrew Academy of Morris
is currently the education director of Temple Torat Yisrael in     County (HAMC) in Randolph, NJ. She worked for close to 20
Cranston. Ronni is married to William and has four children        years as a newspaper and magazine journalist, as well as a
ages 17–27, all of whom have grown up and worked at JORI.          public relations professional for the University of Iowa and
                                                                   other nonprofit organizations. Kim’s three children attend
                                                                   Jewish summer camp.
arNie harris                , a Foundation for Jewish Camp
board member, serves on the executive board of Camp Ramah
Wisconsin and is currently the camp’s Senior Vice-President.       Jerry Kaye             , director of the Union for Reform
He previously served as VP of development and chair of             Judaism’s (URJ) Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute in

Oconomowoc, WI, heads the URJ Youth Department                    Russian-speaking population in Jewish life and institutions.
—Great Lakes Region. Jerry served as a member of the              She lives in New York City with her family and all of her sons
Brandeis University Professional Advisory Committee on            have attended or currently attend Jewish overnight camp.
Informal Education. He is a Life Fellow of the American
Orthopsychiatric Association, and has been recognized
as the Alexander Dushkin Distinguished Educator by the            miCheLLe KoPLaN is the executive director
Chicago Board of Jewish Education. Jerry, a member of the         of B’nai B’rith Camp, LLC, in Oregon. Michelle is responsible
National Association of Temple Educators, where he was            for overall administration and management, including
named a Reform Jewish educator, holds a master’s degree           planning and evaluation, policy development, personnel
in counseling psychology from Roosevelt University and an         and fiscal management, and public relations. B.B. Camp is
honorary doctorate from Hebrew Union College. Jerry is an         Michelle’s childhood camp, as she was a camper for eight
Emmy-nominated host of Sanctuary, a Chicago television            years and on staff for nine years prior to her 11 years (and
series focused on Jewish communal issues.                         counting!) as the director. Michelle formerly served as the
                                                                  B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO) director for both the
                                                                  Portland and Eugene Councils, and directed the Mittleman
gary KimbaLL                   is executive director of Camp-     Jewish Community Center’s Youth Services Department.
ALERT Network, an emergency management service offered            Michelle graduated with a BA in psychology from UC Santa
by AMSkier Insurance for the children’s camp industry. He         Barbara and completed the Executive Leadership Institute
has helped camps prepare for and respond to emergencies           through the Foundation for Jewish Camp in 2007. Michelle’s
for nearly 15 years, and has presented at the ACA Tri-            husband and daughter join her at camp.
State and National Conferences for a decade. A nationally
recognized expert in helping organizations prepare for and
manage crises of all kinds, Gary also is president of Kimball     NeiL KUttNer, a Foundation for Jewish Camp
Communications, a public relations agency he founded in           board member, is the chief operations officer of Cross Shore
1995. Kimball Communications provides public relations,           Capital Management, LLC, where he has been a managing
crisis communications, media training and social media            partner since 2002. From 1982–2001, he was employed by
services for organizations across the country. Gary earned        Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., Inc. as a principal, holding positions
a master’s degree in journalism from Boston University’s          of chief financial officer and treasurer. Neil, active in synagogue
School of Public Communication and a bachelor’s degree in         life for the past 30 years, is past president of Park Slope Jewish
government from Colby College.                                    Center. He served as chairman of the board of the Academy for
                                                                  Jewish Religion, a pluralistic seminary located in Riverdale, NY.
                                                                  A native of the Bronx, Neil, his wife Jane and their two sons,
Keith KLeiN, a Foundation for Jewish Camp                         Samuel and Matthew, currently live in Edgemont, NY.
board member, owns two resident camps in Maine (Camp
Laurel and Laurel South) and is a partner in two resident
camps in Pennsylvania and a day camp in Rockland County,          zaChary LasKer is thoroughly enjoying his
NY. Keith has served as a vice president of the American          15-year career with Camp Ramah in California. Starting as a
Camp Association (ACA) New York section and board                 counselor-in-training, Zach went on to work as a unit head
member of the ACA New England section. He also was                before joining full time as an administrator. He also serves as a
program chair of the Tri-State Camp Conference, the world’s       clinical lecturer in education for the American Jewish University.
largest industry conference. In addition, for four years, Keith   His studies of education, sociology, and Judaic studies have
was general manager of the Cal Ripken Baseball Camps,             stretched from San Diego to Jerusalem, and culminated
which operated baseball programs and “fantasy camps”              with a master’s degree in education from the American
in Scottsdale, AZ, Palm Beach, FL, and Honolulu, HI. Keith        Jewish University and a doctorate in education leadership
graduated from the University of Maryland.                        from UCLA. His research focused on the role of the camp
                                                                  counselor as educator. Aside from his years at Ramah, Zach’s
                                                                  most proud moments have been on stage in such musicals as
abby KNoPP                  has been with the Foundation          Les Miserables, Little Shop of Horrors, and Guys & Dolls.
for Jewish Camp since October of 2007. Abby leads the
Community Initiatives department at FJC, which is responsible
for managing FJC’s camper incentive programs across North         meLaNie Levav, program director of the
America. Abby came to FJC having spent seven years working        Mandel Center for Jewish Education, has more than 15 years
in the area of Jewish identity building at UJA-Federation         of experience in Jewish communal service. She has been
of New York. Abby is especially interested in engaging the        a synagogue youth group advisor, camp counselor and

educator, fundraiser, and has served as the director of Jewish     doUgLas LyNN                     is the director of Wilshire
education at a JCC, during which she was a fellow in Brandeis      Boulevard Temple camps, Camp Hess Kramer and Gindling
University’s Institute for Informal Jewish Education as well       Hilltop Camp. Doug “grew up” in the Reform movement’s
as a participant in the MCJE Jewish Educators’ Initiative with     youth groups and regional movements. He is a graduate of
the Mandel School in Jerusalem. Most recently, she spent           Duke University as well as an alum of Brandeis University’s
several years with the American Jewish Joint Distribution          Institute for Informal Jewish Education and the Foundation
Committee, recruiting and placing volunteers in year-long          for Jewish Camp’s Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)
positions serving as Jewish educators in JCCs overseas.            program. Doug has been honored to have worked in the field
                                                                   of informal Jewish education since 1995, first as a regional
                                                                   advisor for the North American Federation of Temple Youth,
Fred LeviCK                has served as CEO of Ramah Darom,       then for nine years with the Union for Reform Judaism’s
Inc. since March 2000. Before his time at Ramah Darom, Fred        Eisner Camp prior to becoming the director at Wilshire
spent over twenty years in the health care industry, engaged       Boulevard Temple Camps in 2004. He lives in Los Angeles,
in leadership, business development, strategic planning, and       California, with his wife Jamie and their daughter Eden.
project management. In 1992, he founded HealthServe, a
nonprofit community organization, to fund and deliver primary
health care services to low-income families in Greensboro,         KeviN martoNe                     is the technology program
NC. Before establishing HealthServe, Fred served as a senior       manager at the Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy.
vice-president with The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in         He has a background in systems development and analysis,
Greensboro. Fred received an AB in biology at Lafayette College    with a focus on project management. At the Grinspoon
and an MPH in health administration at UNC-Chapel Hill. He has     Institute, Kevin helps camps understand how they can
served as a board member and officer for many organizations,       utilize technology tools for fundraising and outreach. He
including Beth David Synagogue in Greensboro, the Greensboro       has become an active member of the online nonprofit
Jewish Federation, the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro and         technology community, including contributing to
the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.            , a wiki focused on using social
                                                                   media and other technologies effectively. Kevin has led the
                                                                   Technology Program in providing new services, including a
traCy LeviNe                  is the manager of the MetroWest      monthly eNewsletter, blog, Initial Technology Assessment,
Jewish Camp Enterprise at The Partnership for Jewish Learning      and a series of webinars. Kevin resides in Belchertown, MA,
and Life at UJC MetroWest in NJ, where she focuses on              with his wife Drey and two young sons, Patrick and Brendan.
marketing, recruiting, providing $1 million in new campership
incentive grants, and working with Jewish camps on outreach
and fundraising. Tracy has extensive experience developing         geoFFrey meNKoWitz                                 , director of
new products and programs within organizations. During             Camp Ramah Darom, is passionate about Jewish education
20 years at Citi, she launched many successful credit card         and building community. Geoff is entering his third season as
products and marketing campaigns. A lifelong volunteer,            director of Camp Ramah Darom where he formerly served as the
Tracy has served in key leadership roles in Jewish community       assistant director. Born in Philadelphia, Geoff grew up attending
organizations. She lives in Millburn, NJ, with her husband Fred,   Camp Ramah in the Poconos. He studied at the University of
and they are the parents of hopeful future camper Bryan, and       Pennsylvania where he received his BA and a master’s degree
happy camper Julie, who first attended camp in 2009 as a           in education, and he has completed advanced coursework
recipient of a campership incentive grant.                         in Jewish education at the Jewish Theological Seminary. In
                                                                   addition to camp, Geoff worked for Hillel, both on campus, at
                                                                   Rutgers and UPenn, and at Hillel’s International Headquarters
robert LiChtmaN                         is the founding            in Washington, DC, where he directed the Meyerhoff Center for
executive director of The Partnership for Jewish Learning and      Jewish Learning. When not at camp for the summer, Geoff lives
Life, the Jewish identity shaping agency for UJC MetroWest         with his wife and three children in Atlanta, GA.
in NJ. Bob has served in leadership roles as a vice-president
of the Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA),
associate vice-president of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish      Lisa messiNger is a Foundation for Jewish
Campus Life; and executive director of Overseas Services at        Camp board member, and brings her experience as lay chair
NY UJA-Federation. This is Bob’s second stint at MetroWest,        of a major Reform movement camp, the Northeast Camp
where he previously served in several roles on the executive       Institute (the Reform movement’s Eisner and Crane Lake
staff. He lives in West Orange, NJ, and is delighted that his      Camps in western Massachusetts). She is also a board member
children had great experiences at Camp Nesher.                     and volunteer with several other Jewish organizations in the

Reform movement, including the Union for Reform Judaism             FJC, Avi was the campus rabbi and assistant director of the
and Westchester Reform Temple. A Wexner Heritage graduate,          St. Louis Hillel at Washington University for four years. Prior
Lisa is married to Rabbi Aaron Panken (dean at Hebrew Union         to this experience, he held numerous positions as rabbi,
College, NY) and has two children (both Eisner campers), Eli        educator, and youth leader. Avi spent 17 years as a camper
and Samantha. They live in Scarsdale, New York.                     and then educator at Ramah Camps in Pennsylvania and
                                                                    Wisconsin and YUSSR camps in the Former Soviet Union. Avi
                                                                    has a BA in religious studies from Columbia University. He
deborah meyer                       , the executive director        was ordained in the charter class at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah,
of Moving Traditions, has 25 years of experience building           the open Orthodox rabbinical school. Avi lives in White Plains
nonprofit institutions, primarily women’s and Jewish                with his wife, Cantor Adina Frydman, and their children
organizations. In addition, she has managed a private Jewish        Yadid, Yishama, and Emunah.
Montessori pre-school. Before founding Moving Traditions
with board chair Sally Gottesman, Deborah co-directed Kolot,
where she helped develop and launch Rosh Hodesh: It’s a             roN PoLster                   is the director of Jewish camping
Girl Thing!, a program now owned and expanded by Moving             initiatives at the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Ron
Traditions that empowers girls to navigate adolescence and          has a PhD in philosophy of religion from the University of
inspires them to live Jewish lives. Deborah, with Moving            Toronto and was formerly the director of the Union for Reform
Traditions, is launching a campaign to reverse adolescent           Judaism’s Camp George (Toronto) and the assistant director
boys’ exodus from Jewish life by re-training educators to           of Camp Ramah in the Berkshires (New York). Since joining the
offer more meaningful programming. Deborah grew up in               Toronto Federation in 2007, Ron has helped to elevate Jewish
the Habonim Dror movement, spending years as a camper               camping on the community’s agenda by focusing on four main
and counselor at Machaneh (Camp) Moshava. She holds an              areas: needs-based scholarships, TopBunk incentive grants,
MA in communication from Emerson College.                           programmatic grants for camps, and leadership training and
                                                                    staff development. Ron is also a graduate of the Foundation
                                                                    for Jewish Camp’s Executive Leadership Institute, and together
david miLLer joined Egg Strategy’s Boulder                          with FJC, helped produce Jewish Overnight Camps: A Study of
office in early 2008. Since then, Dave has worked in a variety      the Greater Toronto Area Market (Spring, 2009).
of product categories—from snack foods to alcoholic
beverages to healthcare—and assisted the development
of innovation pipelines for brands such as Coca Cola and            JosePh reimer is a professor at Brandeis
MillerCoors Brewing Company. No stranger to the trenches of         University where he also directs the Institute for Informal
consumer-insight mining, he has also worked on qualitative          Jewish Education. He has published extensively in several
research projects for companies like Quaker, Beam Global            areas of Jewish education, including Jewish camping. He
Spirits and Hard Rock Café. An entrepreneur at heart, Dave          has worked as a consultant to FJC since 2004 and has twice
has founded and run several small businesses, among them a          been a lead faculty member for ELI, the Executive Leadership
design collective specializing in consumer goods packaging          Institute for Jewish camp directors.
and retail display solutions. Works of his can be found at
REI, Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, as well as many other
independent retailers around the world.                             rabbi eve rUdiN                    is the director of the
                                                                    department of Camp Excellence and Advancement at
                                                                    the Foundation for Jewish Camp. Prior to her work at FJC,
briaN moNo is the manager of allocations for the                    Eve was the director of the Union for Reform Judaism’s
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia; his responsibilities     (URJ) Kutz Campus for Reform Jewish Teen Life and the
include the camping agenda and the implementation of the            URJ’s North American Federation for Temple Youth (NFTY)
Overnight Incentive Grant program. Brian is a graduate of the       director. She graduated with a BA in Near Eastern and
University of Michigan and earned an MA in modern Jewish            Judaic studies from Brandeis University in 1992, served as
studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.            the assistant NFTY director, and was then ordained at the
Prior to working at the federation, Brian was an award-winning      Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, where
journalist for the Jewish Exponent. Brian resides in Philadelphia   she was awarded a Wexner Graduate Fellowship. Eve lives in
with his wife, Jessica, and his two children, Jacob and Talia.      Tarrytown, NY, with her daughter, Emma.

rabbi avi orLoW is the Foundation for                               marK sass               founded the Summation Research
Jewish Camp’s Jewish education specialist. Before joining           Group, Inc, an online research firm, in 1995, focusing on

innovative research design and data collection. Mark has           of a restaurant in the US Virgin Islands. Frank is a graduate
led studies for a variety of clients in retailing, packaged        of the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s inaugural Executive
goods, transportation, and health care. Mark previously held       Leadership Institute. Frank and Simóne and their sons Elan
marketing positions with Ogilvy & Mather/NY, Levi Strauss          and Jacob live in Houston, Texas.
& Co., LensCrafters, and the U.S. Shoe Corporation. Mark
holds a BS in marketing from the SUNY Albany and an MBA
from San Francisco State University. Mark’s two children           Jamie simoN                 is a camp director at Camp
went to and worked at the Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ)         Tawonga. Jamie was a camper at Tawonga where she first
Goldman Union Camp Institute (GUCI) and Kutz Camp. Mark            fell in love with Jewish camping. She has worked with the
sits on GUCI’s Joint Camp Authority board, was the president       agency for ten years in various capacities. Jamie is a graduate
of the Valley Temple in Cincinnati and is past-president of the    of the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Executive Leadership
Cincinnati Reform Jewish High School.                              Institute (ELI) program. She has a BA in psychology and
                                                                   women and gender studies from Sonoma State University.
                                                                   Jamie previously worked as the prevention education director
daNieL sChNitzer is the director                                   at United Against Sexual Assault in Sonoma County. She loves
of sustainability and operations for the Academy for               working with youth, spending time with her friends and family,
Global Citizenship, a Chicago public school focused on             and is an avid fan of the San Jose Sharks.
environmental responsibility and global education. He
believes that environmental manners are as essential as
social and academic education. He sees environmentally             bradLey soLmseN                          , director of Brandeis
responsible decisions as both moral and economic choices.          University’s Office of High School Programs, and associate
He is a leadership coach, working primarily in developing          director of Brandeis’s Innovation in Jewish Education (IJE),
open communication and self-awareness. Dan is the former           has extensive experience as a Jewish educator in Israel and
director of Camp Young Judaea Midwest and is completing            the US working with teenagers, college students and training
his master’s degree in environmental management and                Jewish educators. Ordained at Hebrew Union College-Jewish
sustainability from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Dan      Institute of Religion in New York, he earned a master’s degree
has an undergraduate degree in international business from         in Jewish education from the Jewish Theological Seminary.
Washington University in St. Louis. Dan loves camping and          Bradley served on the faculty of the Hornstein program at
hiking with his wife Alex and their dog Oban.                      Brandeis, and had fellowships at the Melton Center Senior
                                                                   Educator’s Program at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and
                                                                   at the Institute for Informal Jewish Education at Brandeis
JoN shaPiro                  has over 20 years of involvement in   University. Bradley is married to Aliza Kline, executive director
Jewish camping and brings extensive understanding of children’s    of Mayyim Hayyim: Living Waters Mikveh and Educational
needs into the camp environment. Prior to joining Capital Camps,   Center and is the proud abba of Ela, Gila and Nomi.
Jon was a camper and summer staff member at the Union for
Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Eisner Camp before joining the field
of Jewish camping as the senior assistant director of the URJ      rabbi david soLoFF                         served as director
Crane Lake Camp in West Stockbridge, MA. Jon, born and             of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin from 1975–2009. Currently,
raised in New York City, graduated from Empire State College in    he serves as executive director. A graduate of Brandeis
Saratoga Springs, NY, with a degree in community and human         University, he earned an MA and was ordained at the Jewish
services. Jon and his wife Katy are the proud parents of their     Theological Seminary. Rabbi Soloff is the co-chair of the
son Micah and their dog Ranger, a Wheaton terrier.                 Midwest Jewish Camp Directors Association.

FraNK siLberLiCht has been the director                            JUdy sPatz               is currently the president of the
of Camp Young Judaea Texas since 1998. Since then, the             Jewish Reconstructionist Camping Corporation. She has been
camp has experienced incredible growth from 380 to 565             involved with Camp JRF, the North American summer camp
campers served during the summer, with recent waiting              for the Reconstructionist movement, for the past seven years.
lists each year of 35-40 campers. Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma,       Judy is also on the board of the Jewish Reconstructionist
Frank has always believed strongly in the Jewish and Zionist       Federation. She is active with Jewish Federation of Broward
traditions that are the foundation of the Young Judaea             County and currently she is the chair of the Interagency
movement. Frank holds a degree in hotel and restaurant             Relations/Allocations Committee. Her previous lay leader
management from Oklahoma State University. His first career        positions for the Jewish Federation have included Women’s
as a restaurant manager included being a managing partner          Division campaign chair and Women’s Division chair.

Jodi sPerLiNg is the director of Camp Wise,                        the San Francisco Bay Area, in addition to a stint at the
the overnight camp and retreat center of the Mandel Jewish         national headquarters for the Sierra Club. Jonathan attended
Community Center in Chardon, Ohio. A camp director since           Middlebury College and received his MBA from Northwestern
2002, Jodi was working as an editor of Moment Magazine on an       University. He now lives in Woodstock, VT, with his wife and
article about the impact of Jewish overnight camp when she         three children.
realized she wanted to be “doing camp” rather than writing
about it. Jodi holds her MSW and certificate in Jewish communal
service and Jewish studies from the University of Michigan, and    harreLL WitteNsteiN is currently
her BA in journalism and Jewish studies from the University of     the camping services director for B’nai B’rith International.
Wisconsin-Madison. She is an alumna of the Foundation for          As part of his responsibilities, he supervises two resident
Jewish Camp’s Executive Leadership Institute and the Jewish        children’s camps in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania: B’nai
Community Centers Association’s Lechu Lachem Program.              B’rith Beber Camp and B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp. He works
                                                                   with camp directors in the areas of marketing, facility
                                                                   management, staff development, fundraising and budgeting.
yoNi stadLiN, an innovative and inspiring                          Harrell was also a resident camp director and an assistant
teacher of experiential, environmental education is founder        director for over 13 years at Beber Camp and Chicago’s JCC
and director of Eden Village Camp, a participant of the            Camp Chi, both located in Wisconsin. Harrell is a partner
Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Specialty Camp Incubator. He          in a company that develops hotel properties in the United
holds an MA in informal Jewish education from the Jewish           States and is a co-developer/owner of a business park in
Theological Seminary’s Davidson School, and directed               St. Petersburg, Russia (Crystal Business Park, Inc.). Over the
the 92nd Street Y’s science and nature day camp for two            past 10 years, Crystal Business Park has grown to six office/
years. Yoni is an educator for the Teva Learning Center.           warehouse buildings.
Additionally, Yoni taught Judaism and environmental justice
internationally with the American Jewish World Service, and
taught environmental science from an educational sailboat          daN zeNKeL                 is a founder and former president
on which he lived. He has led Birthright Israel trips with         and CEO of CampGroup, LLC, the country’s largest owner
Livnot U’Lehibanot, and spent several months living aloft in       of for-profit summer camps. Dan ran CampGroup from
ancient Redwood trees that were slated to be cut down as an        its inception in 1998 through February 2009. He oversaw
environmental protection initiative. Yoni has a natural gift for   the acquisition, integration and start of the company’s 13
sharing his passions and building community.                       camps. In partnership with Nancy Diamond, Dan currently
                                                                   operates The Camp Professionals, a consulting firm that
                                                                   provides marketing, management, business operations
steFaN teodosiC is the executive director                          and camp sales consulting services to summer camps and
of B’nai B’rith Beber Camp and the Perlman Conference              prospective summer camp owner/operators. At CampGroup,
Center in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. He has worked in the               Dan dealt with all aspects of camp ownership and operation,
Jewish camping world for over 20 years, including nine at          including camp acquisition and sale, financial management
the director level. Stefan is a graduate of the Foundation for     and budgeting, marketing and sales, purchasing, regulatory
Jewish Camp’s Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) program.        compliance, crisis management, operations management,
He has a BA in economics and a BA in Spanish from the              year-round and seasonal staffing and just about anything
University of Michigan, as well as an MBA from Thunderbird,        else having to do with owning or operating a summer camp.
The American Graduate School of International Management.
Before his move to the Jewish camping world, Stefan spent
several years working in the strategic financial services sector   aLiCia zimbaList has almost a decade of
at American Express. Stefan currently serves as the treasurer      public relations experience. She joined the Foundation
of the ACA Illinois section, acts as a general ACA standards       for Jewish Camp (FJC) as the public relations manager to
visitor, and sits on several nonprofit boards.                     manage all aspects of public relations, serve as a resource
                                                                   for camps, and work on advocacy and internal relations
                                                                   programs. After working in the private sector, successfully
JoNathaN WiLsoN is the chief operating                             creating and implementing public relations plans in
officer of the Farm & Wilderness Foundation, Inc. Jonathan         the consumer products, fashion, and beauty industries,
joined F&W in 2009 after seven years as the CFO of an              Alicia crossed over into the nonprofit world to combine
environmental technologies startup. Previously, he worked          her passion for Judaism, camp, and PR. Alicia graduated
with a variety of community-based nonprofit organizations          from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in
focused on health care and human services primarily in             communication arts.







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         New York, NY 10018


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