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                               Permeable Pavement System:
                               A Versatile Stormwater Management Solution
                                      Permeable Pavement System -- A Versati

Stormwater management                                                                                   App
Permeable pavers are recognized as a Best Management Practice                                           SPEC
for stormwater management. They facilitate rapid surface
penetration of stormwater, reducing or eliminating run-off. The                                           Par
SPEC-PAVE™ system creates a paved surface with 10% open                                                   Dri
surface area for rapid infiltration of storm water. The system’s
runoff storage capacity can be designed to meet local storm event                                         Ove
requirements by adjusting the base reservoir’s volume. The
SPEC-PAVE™ permeable pavement system serves as a filter that                                               Rev
reduces total suspended solids (TSS), nutrients and metals; and                                           Bik
will not release oils into runoff, improving water quality.
Optimize Land Use
Using the SPEC-PAVE™ paving system reduces or eliminates the need for detention ponds, freeing space
for efficient use and minimizing the required footprint of the development.                              SPEC
                                                                                                        to inc
Construction efficiency
SPEC-PAVE™ units are designed for mechanical installation. Interlocking pavers
may be installed during cold weather and are ready for traffic immediately after
completing installation. (Herringbone laying pattern shown)                                                SP
ADA Compliance                                                                                          LEED
The SPEC-PAVE™ permeable pavement system complies with The Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA) design guidelines. The voids between SPEC-PAVE pavers are 12 mm (which      Sustain
                                                                                                        SS Cred
includes the chamfer on each unit).
Urban Heat Island Reduction                                                                             SS Cred
SPEC-PAVE™ pavers with Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) greater than 29 are available to reduce heat
island effects.                                                                                         Sustain
                                                                                                        SS Cred
Low Maintenance
The SPEC-PAVE™ system will perform well with routine maintenance, consisting of vacuum cleaning to
remove deposited sediments. Long term performance of permeable paver systems with such maintenance      Resourc
has been documented in numerous studies.                                                                MR Cre
Melting snow drains through the permeable system, reducing icing and resisting frost heave. SPEC-PAVE   Resourc
pavers are freeze-thaw resistant. The paved surface may be cleared using conventional plowing.          MR Cre
Recycled Content/ Reduced Carbon Footprint
Ask your local manufacturer about the availability of CPG SPEC-PAVE™ permeable pavers with recycled
content and SPEC-GREEN® low carbon concrete mix designs.                                                ID Cred
                                      Permeable Pavement System:
                                     A Versatile Stormwater Management Solution
-- A Versatile Stormwater Management Solution

        SPEC-PAVE pavers are perfect for:
           Parking lots
           Overflow Parking Areas
           Revetments, boat ramps
           Bike paths, sidewalks and pedestrian areas
           Light traffic roadways

        SPEC-PAVE™ permeable pavers may also be combined with conventional interlocking pavers
        to incorporate a wide variety of aesthetic features.

           SPEC-PAVE™ Pavers can contribute to LEED® 2009 Points
        LEED Credit         Credit Description          Points   Possible SPEC-PAVE™ Points Contribution

which   Sustainable Sites   Stormwater Design:            1      Use SPEC-PAVE™ permeable pavers to reduce
        SS Credit 6.1       Quantity Control                     impervious surfaces to reduce runoff

        Sustainable Sites   Stormwater Design:            1      Use SPEC-PAVE™ permeable pavers to allow
        SS Credit 6.2       Quality Control                      stormwater to seep through the paved surface into the
                                                                 stone sub-base where it is naturally cleaned.

        Sustainable Sites   Heat Island Effect: Non-      1      Request pavers manufactured with appropriate cements
        SS Credit 7.1       Roof                                 and aggregates to meet the SRI requirements of this
ng to
        Materials &         Recycled Content: 10%/       1/1     Concrete products can be manufactured with recycled
 ance   Resources           20% (post-consumer +                 materials. Check with your local producer to see what
        MR Credit 4.1       1/2 pre-consumer)                    recycled content products they offer.

        Materials &         Regional Materials: 10%/     1/1     Most Concrete Products are made by local production
AVE     Resources           20% Extracted, Processed             facilities using sand, aggregates, water and cement from
        MR Credit 5.1       & Manufactured Regionally            local sources. Your manufacturer can confirm the
        &5.2                                                     percentage of local origin of its products.

        Innovation &        Innovation in Design         1-5     Request SPEC-PAVE™ pavers with reduced cement
        Design                                                   content; use high albedo pavers to reduce lighting
        ID Credits 1                                             requirements in low light conditions
                                                 Nationwide Availability
                                The Concrete Products Group (CPG) consists of regional market leaders in
                                   the concrete products industry. The Concrete Products Group, LLC is
                                organized to provide consistent products behind a strong brand to regional
                                 and national customers. SPEC-PAVE™ is produced by each manufacturer
                                          with consistent specifications and production expertise.

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