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					S.S. 8-3/8-4
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         Mediterranean/Roman Empire Assignment

You have a choice of one of the following:
  A. Design a brochure for the Mediterranean region in 150 C.E. that describes its
      climate and physical features and tells why many people live there. By consulting
      an atlas or encyclopedia, find out the average summer and winter temperatures in
      the region. List what makes this area ideal for farming and trade. Illustrate your
      brochure using drawing, images, cartoon, or charts.

   B. Write several paragraphs comparing the fall of Rome with a modern-day
      country. In your paragraph compare the following:
       Decline in morals and values
       Public health
       Political corruption
       Unemployment
       Urban decay and poverty
       Inferior technology
       Military spending
      This needs to be a minimum of 1 ½ pages single spaced (3 double-spaced). Final
   product must be in blue or black pen or word processor.