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       24th November, Brussels

             Richard McCarthy
  Director General Sustainable Communities
     Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
  Deputy Prime Minister

Rt Honourable John
  Prescott MP
Urban Decay
Jane Jacobs
                        8 Sustainable Communities ingredients

 Active, inclusive & safe
  fair, tolerant & cohesive with a strong local culture & other shared
  community activities
 Well run
   with effective & inclusive participation, representation & leadership
 Environmentally sensitive
   providing places for people to live that are considerate of the environment
 Well designed & built
   featuring a quality built & natural environment
 Well connected
  with good transport services & communication linking people to jobs,
  schools, health & other services
 Thriving
  with a flourishing & diverse local economy
 Well served
  with public, private, community & voluntary services that are
  appropriate to people’s needs & accessible to all
 Fair for everyone
  including those in other communities, now & in the future

                 An integrated approach
8 Sustainable Communities ingredients
             Global Economy and Sustainable

Sustainable Development, Liveability, Urban Regeneration,
Competitive Cities, Regional Development, Territorial
C o h e s i o n , m i x e d n e i g h b o u r h o o d s .

Sustainable Communities.
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