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					Dispense flammable liquids and solvents                                                                       Dispensers
safely, without waste or exposure.                                                                 FOR HAZARDOUS LIQUIDS
Plunger Cans help you quickly and easily moisten
cleaning cloths or swabs. Pushing down on the
brass pump assembly fills upper pan with a
measured amount of liquid for moistening. Surplus
liquid drains safely back into reservoir. The
perforated pan screen serves as a flame arrester.
Top rims have molded edge protectors for smooth,
trouble-free moistening. Choose from corrosion
resistant, high-density polyethylene or rugged
24-gauge steel construction. Steel cans are
finished in a tough, lead-free, chemical-resistant
powder paint and are backed by an industry
exclusive Ten-Year Limited Warranty. FM approved.
Nonmetallic Dispensing Cans permit easy, one-
hand dispensing of liquids directly onto work
surface. Brass dispenser valves are leakproof and
self-closing to minimize spills and control excess.
Brass valves are FM approved and recommended
for flammables. Rugged high-density polyethylene                                      10208
body is textured and shaped for a firm grip.
                                                      Plunger Cans
                                                      Description                     Dasher   Plunger Dasher Dimensions Approv./Lstg.
                                                      and Capacity                   Assembly Assembly Dia.     OD x H    Regulation Model No.
                                                      1 pint steel plunger can         steel    brass   23/4" 47/8" x 6"     FM        10008
                                                      1 quart steel plunger can        steel    brass    5" 71/4" x 61/2"    FM        10108
                                                      2 pint steel plunger can         steel    brass    5" 43/4" x 81/4"    FM        10143
                                                      2 quart steel plunger can        steel    brass    5"    71/4" x 8"    FM        10208
                                                      1 gallon steel plunger can       steel    brass    5"   71/4" x 11"    FM        10308
                                                      1 quart nonmetallic plunger can brass     brass    5"    51/2" x 9"    FM        14018

                                                      Nonmetallic Dispensing Cans
                                                      Description                          Dimensions        Spout      Approv./Lstg.

                                                                                                                                                 UTILITY PRODUCTS
                                                      and Capacity                        Outer Dia. x H   Opening ID    Regulation Model No.
                                                      4 ounce nonmetallic dispenser can    21/4" x 51/2"      1/4"           –        14002
                                                      8 ounce nonmetallic dispenser can    31/8" x 51/2"      1/4"          FM        14004
          14004             14010                     1 quart nonmetallic dispenser can     4" x 101/2"       1/4"          FM        14010

                                                                                                      Leading the
                                                                                                  Advancement of Safety

                                                                                                  HARD-WORKING, LONG-LASTING
                                                                                                  Justrite plunger cans are not only
                                                                                                   the safest way to moisten wipes,
                                                                                                  they are economical too. There is
                                                                                                    no waste because excess liquids
                                                                                                   drain back into the can. You use
                                                                                                     only the amount you need.
                                                                                                  Durable steel cans are backed by
                                                                                                    an industry exclusive Ten-Year
                                                                                                           Limited Warranty.

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