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									                                   Matt Nadler
                               Cell: 203-727-7008

                                 Brand Storyteller
Matt Nadler is an award-winning creative who concepts and pens memorable and
functional copy and campaigns for Broadcast, Direct, Interactive, Print, Outdoor,
Radio, Live Brand Activations and Shopper Marketing. A verbal and visual storyteller,
he develops compelling and innovative ideas and transforms them into marketing
campaigns that successfully address his clients’ business needs. Matt is an excellent
presenter with the proven ability to ameliorate new business initiatives. An adept
client-handler, he can interface comfortably with all echelons of the external team,
maintaining, nurturing and expanding existing accounts. He’s a strong concept
development and strategy collaborator who liaises smoothly between internal teams
including creative, account and planning. Additionally, Matt is an experienced cross-
functional team leader, supervisor and mentor

                                     Career Highlights
Wrote all copy, and lyrics for National Launch of the P&G Swiffer Sweeper. Earned
some of the highest test scores in P&G history - for a new product.
Made the anti-mop/anti-broom and music the driving force for selling Swiffer.

Co-created the Nestle Butterfinger Campaign starring The Simpsons, including
penning Bart Simpson’s unforgettable “Nobody better lay a Finger on my Butterfinger.”
Which they just brought back. The campaign garnered a Gold Effie, Silver Reggie &
and Silver Edison Awards

Invented “Never Ending Vending Machine” for Nestlé’s

Conceptualized, provided all original Interactive branded content/copy and named the
URL for the Kraft Kid's website:

                                  Client Snapshot

Procter & Gamble, Unilever, McNeil, Quaker Oatmeal, Nestle, GM (Pontiac), Nissan,
   Pillsbury, Kraft, Mars, ARTISTdirect, Crayola's ART-rageous Tour, DreamWorks
   Animation, Reebok, Rockport, INGDIRECT, GlaxoSmithKline, Midlantic Bank,
   Captain America joins Bank of America, Lawry's, Britney Spears on HBO, Mystic
   Beverage, Skippy, Hershey’s, Hasbro, Tyco/RC, Mattel, Marvel/TOYBIZ
DraftFCB/HackerGroup                                               Seattle, WA. (Present)
Brand Storyteller
Create concepts and copy for Direct Mail and email that include lead generation,
acquisition, winback, first touch. Clients: AT&T U-verse, GridPoint Energy Company

Never Blend In                                                                  New York
Brand Storyteller                                                               Contracts
 Cadbury Adams West
 Health Care & Beauty Industry
 Pepsico
 Promotions Group West

Integrated Marketing Services                                                Norwalk, CT.
Copy Director                                                                 2006-2008

 Helped concept, develop and pen creative retail activation platforms including:
  Interactive, print, FSI, mobile, web, store-drivers, direct mail, in-magazine, radio, in-
  store pop, pos, (live Brand theater) for clients Unilever, McNeil, Masterfoods
 Penned the launch copy retail copy for new Tylenol GoTabs, “Never Go it Alone”
  and “No Glass. No Water. No Problem” which helped contribute to the win of
  Tylenol GoTabs business
 Helped direct consumer-facing copy for the development of “Shopper Marketing”
  programs for Unilever (CPG) Foods, Health, Wellness and Beauty Brands
 Penned “small is the new BIG” for national launch of Unilever's all small & mighty
  Concentrates; it was the lead message on-line, on bottles and in store

US Marketing & Promotions (An Omnicom Group Company)                         Los Angeles
Experiential Creative Director                                                2001-2005

 Led and mentored a team of writers and designers to concept, create, and sell-in
  creative marketing programs which combined micro-sites, advertising, promotions,
  direct-mail, mobile tours
 Directly led to the following new business wins: Nissan, Lawry's, Reebok,
  INGDIRECT, Hasbro Super Soaker, Mystic Beverage and Crayola
 Led the “Ride the Freedom Trail” Launch of INGDIRECT in Boston, which won both
  the client’s accolades and award for Best Brand Awareness Campaign
 Led team to conceptualize/develop “Urban Decay” event for Nissan’s “Master of
  The Sixth Speed” Street Racer/Anime Display and for the NISMO Garage, featuring
  both the all-new Sentra & all-new Z.
 Created the ART-rageous Adventure Tour for Crayola's 100th Birthday
Grey Interactive                                                       New York, NY
Associate Creative Director/Content Developer                             2000-2001

 Conceptualized, named the URL and created all the Interactive content/copy for
  Kraft's “tween” web site - (live for three years)
 Collaborated with and supervised a cross-functional team of designers, IAs,
  Producers, Account Directors and copywriters to create original content, copy,
  brand-centric games, user experience for accounts, including Kraft Kids, M&M’s

D’Arcy                                                                  New York, NY
Associate Creative Director/Senior Copywriter                             1996-2000

 Co-responsible for the creative portion of P&G Dawn Dish Liquid advertising; based
  on the Dawn success, P&G awarded the Swiffer Sweeper Business to team
 Co-created and penned copy and lyrics for the national launch of the P&G Swiffer
  Sweeper. Made music the driving force behind the brand to make cleaning fun.
 The campaign earned some of the highest scores in P&G history and was very
  lucrative for D’Arcy in media dollars
 Regularly interfaced with the upper P&G clients, including attending focus groups
  and covering shoots with partner
 Co-led the Tyco Toy Boy business. Tyco R/C and Matchbox
 Penned, “I Am Grand Am” for Pontiac, and the “Eat the Fun” and “Get Happy”
  campaigns for Pillsbury Toaster Strudel.

                        EDUCATION/OTHER EXPERIENCE

      Booking Agent for Madonna, Rattlers, Buddy Love in NY
      Ramones Roadie--Toured US, Europe, Canada for years
      Baruch College, NY: BA, Advertising/Broadcast/Journalism
      More Direct Mail and Broadcast Upon Request
      School Of Visual Arts, NY
      Journalist for Crain Publications, NY

         Gold Effie - Butterfinger
         Super Reggie - Butterfinger
         Silver Edison – Butterfinger
         Team Gold Award – Nestle Crunch and Lion King
         INGDirect Choice
 Award “Ride the Freedom Trail”
          Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty
         EX Silver Award for Kodak “Let’s Get Digital” Best Overall Retail Event

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