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									   TeraPeak Review

    What to Sell and How to Sell on eBay to
    Boost Your Profits 25%-50%.
    TeraPeak Review
    T e r a P e a k is a leading eBay market research tool.
    Let me emphasize that: “M a r k e t R e s e a r c h”. If
    you want to sell profitably you need a market
    research, because you need to be in control of your
    eBay auctions. You need to know how much profit
    you can make from a product before you sell it,
    how to be better than your competitor, how to
    make more money from every listing. And that is
    what TeraPeak is all about. This eBay market
    research tool will help you to develop solid sale
    strategy, discover products trends, top sellers you
    have to compete with, hot products and categories
    and at the end of the day will help you make more
    money on every listing.                                        Make More Money on eBay with TeraPeak

                                                                            Table of contents:
    TeraPeak gives you insight information about what
                                                               l   TeraPeak Review
    to sell, how to sell and when to sell to make most of
                                                               l   Why Use TeraPeak
    the money. Most of your competitors have never
                                                                     n   Closed Auction Research
    seen this valuable data and this gives you unfair
                                                                     n   Top Sellers
    advantage to be head and shoulders above them.
                                                                     n   Category Research
                                                                     n   Trends
    Why Use TeraPeak                                                 n   Hot Research
                                                               l   TeraPeak Free Trial
    Here is how you can use TeraPeak to boost your
                                                               l   Make More Money on Whatever You Sell
                                                               l   TeraPeak vs HammerTap
                                                                   3 Steps to Buy, Sell and Profit on eBay
    Closed Auction Research                                    l

                                                                     n   Step 1.
      l   Search millions of closed eBay listings – see              n   Step 2.
          what sells, what doesn’t.                                  n   Step 3.
      l   Determine profit potential for any product;          l   Conclusion
          with that knowledge pick the most profitable
                                                                GET FREE TERAPEAK ACCOUNT HERE
    Top Sellers
      l   View the top sellers by eBay category for sales,                              _
          volume and total bids – this gives you an idea
          of how many serious players you have to compete with.
      l   Research your competitors’ sale strategy, analyze, improve it and take the top spot.

    Category Research
      l   Understand category patterns & make informed decisions – see categories with the highest bid and sale
          activity and choose the  right product.
      l   When you understand which are the most profitable categories you can adjust your product sourcing
          strategy, and that leads to more sales. One of the easiest ways to get products is drop shipping. Check
          Worldwide Brands review to find out how you can get thousands of great products to sell on eBay at
          wholesale prices.

      l   See product sale fluctuations in different times of the year (seasonality of your sales items) – trends.

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          They will help you find seasonal products (wedding favors, St. Valentines cards, barbeque grills etc).
          You can buy them dirt cheap off-season, and sell much higher during the season.
      l   You can also see trends in the closing times of successful auctions, which will help to increase the
          effectiveness of your auctions and ultimately increase your profit.

    Hot Research
      l   View super hot, very hot and hot categories, media (DVD, books, games), searches (see what buyers
          are searching on eBay), products and titles (See Top products overall on eBay and in specific categories,
          drill down to specific makes and models).

    TeraPeak Free Trial
    You can use TeraPeak at no cost, just sign up for their free
    research tool. You need to have an existing eBay account to
    link your account to eBay Marketplace Research by
    Terapeak. Free search is not as powerful as a regular
    service and there are some limitations, but you still can dig
    some valuable information. For the newbie, the mountains
    of data could be pretty overwhelming, especially without
    understanding what the data means. To get a better
    understanding how to use software for research take a look
    at video lessons, they will help you to make your research
    more effective.

    Make More Money on                                                          GET FREE ACCOUNT HERE
    Whatever You Sell                                                              TeraPeak Free Trial
    Watch video – how to increase sales and profit with
    TeraPeak market research. Not sure about TeraPeak? See it compared to other eBay Market Research tools.

                                             Visit TeraPeak Official website

    TeraPeak vs HammerTap
    Comparing market research data from leading tools
    (HammerTap and TeraPeak), I can say that they use the same
    data source, the only difference is representation form –
    TeraPeak is more intuitive and easy to understand, which is good
    for beginner. They are a Certified Provider and their software has
    close integration with eBay platform. This gives you an assurance
    that your research is based on real data and not skewed by
    some outdated numbers. To understand better how to use data
    from market research software, some tricks and sale techniques
                                                                                  SEE TERAPEAK IN ACTION
    you can check HammerTap review.
                                                                                    TeraPeak vs HammarTap

    3 Steps to Buy, Sell and Profit on eBay

Visit http://www.powerofcomparison.com/terapeak-review/ for full version of review
    Step 1.
    Find What’ s HOT for YOU on eBay

    Have you ever looked at an eBay “What’s Hot list?” . These lists are great at giving some initial direction, but
    what do they really mean to you? Yes, you might find out that 16 Gb iphone is extremely HOT item in
    Consumer Electronics. So what? If you don’t know where to get iphone for wholesale/reasonable price you
    are not going to make any money from it. So this item is NOT that HOT for your business.

    Step 2.
    What’ s HOT for YOU Depends on What You Can Sell

    What do you mean, “What’s hot for me depends on what I can sell”? If it is being sold on eBay, why wouldn’t I
    be able to sell it? A lot of factors go into ability to sell a product. For example, firstly you need to understand
    the supply and demand of that product, and then you need to be able to find a product source/drop
    shipping directory with wholesale prices. Find out the supply and demand. You should never commit selling a
    new product without trying to gauge what the demand for that product will be! With TeraPeak it is easy.
    Search a product you think is right for you and check the Results for the Total Listings (supply) and Sell-
    Through (demand). Now having the right product you need a product source. You can check Worldwide
    Brands review to learn more about where you can find products at wholesale prices to sell on eBay.

    Step 3.
    What’ s HOT for YOU Depends on How Much You Can Make

    So, by now you should have discovered a hot-selling
    product, determined its supply and demand within the
    market, and found out where you can get it. Unfortunately,
    that is only one side of the equation. Although you are
    confident you can sell it, do you know how much money you
    can make? TeraPeak will help us again. Check Average
    Selling Price (ASP). But we won’t sell it at the average –
     using market research tools and determine proper selling
    strategy we can significantly boost our selling price. Usually
    my selling price was 25% higher (on average) than regular
    ASP, because I was able to leverage great description, right
    timing, keywords and features in my auctions.                       VISIT TERAPEAK OFFICIAL WEBSITE
                                                                            Increase eBay Sales with TeraPeak
    So now we have both sides of equation and it is time to
    solve it and find out how much money we can make selling a product. Profit=Sales Price – C o s t o f a
    Product. Don’t forget to include in Cost of a Product:  wholesale price of a product + shipping +
    storage + listing and closing fees. The key here is to sit down and do the math before you’re going to
    buy a large inventory of “hot” products that either:

      l   You can’t sell
      l   You can’t make a profit on.

    That’s why market research is crucial “MUST” for serious business, and performing this without proper
    market research software is impossible. So if you’re selling more than $500 a month worth of products you
    need eBay market research software.

    You are making money selling products online, and if you’re selling better/more than your competitors
    you’re making more money – everything is simple.

    Simple market research will:

      l   Make you more money on every listing
      l   Prevent you from many costly mistakes and put you head above your competitors.

    TeraPeak and HammerTap are tools, I think, any seller should not be without. You can try them for free. If
    you’re new to eBay research tools I would recommend Terapeak as more intuitive and easy to use. You can
    check TeraPeak basic search here and HammerTap 10 day’s free trial here.

                                           GET TERAPEAK NOW

Visit http://www.powerofcomparison.com/terapeak-review/ for full version of review

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