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									  Shopster Review

    Look inside Their Dropship Directory
    and Wholesale Services
    Shopster Review
    Shopster ( is different from other drop
    shipping directories. It enables you to start fully stocked
    storefront populated with products of your choice without
    worries about customer support, stocking warehouse,
    secure merchant account, professional design, or delivering
    products. However it does not mean instant riches. It puts
    you in a position where you can spend more time and
    attention on market research, promotion and advertising of
    your store, eliminating most of the time consuming software
    and technical problems.  Shopster solution has its own pros
    and cons so let’s examine if you should consider it for your
    online business.

    Blueprint of drop ship                                                    Shopster review – should you consider it for

    business                                                                                      your business

                                                                                            Table of contents:
     1. Pick the niche you like or know something about.                          l   Shopster Review
     2. Create online storefront, park it on your own domain                      l   Blueprint of drop ship business
         name.                                                                    l   Products / Pricing
     3. Populate it with products relevant to your niche.                         l   Website Creation/Management
     4. Set your profit margin.                                                   l   Website Promotion
     5. Start driving traffic/customers from search engines                             n     Complication of Website
         (Yahoo/Google/Bing).                                                                 Promotion
     6. Promote your site using PPC, content, back links,                         l   eBay listings
         newsletter, blog, Social Media etc.                                            n     Complication of Selling on eBay
     7. Track and monitor your sales/traffic.                                     l   Education/Forum
     8. Connect with your buyers to make them loyal customers                     l   Price
         and get friend referrals.                                                l   Conclusion
     9. Analyze and improve.                                                      l   Shopster vs Worldwide Brands

    Products / Pricing
                                                                                   CHECK OUT SHOPSTER HERE
    Shopster Network carries products ranging from electronics
    to children toys, books, sport equipment, clothing, and
    accessories and keeps adding new ones. Good part about it
    is not some cheap silly staff. I w a s s u r p r i s e d w h e n I s a w t o p b r a n d n a m e s like Oakley, Fendi D&G,
    Invicta, Movado, Canon, Intel, Epson, Apple. You are not going to find these suppliers in vast majority of
    other wholesale directories. You can actually see p r i c e s t h a t S h o p s t e r h a s i n s i d e t h e i r n e t w o r k
    without signing up. You can browse online stores of Shopster members and compare their prices with any
    large marketplace like eBay or Amazon. To find these online storefronts simply go to Google and type
    “powered by Shopster” in quotes and then find stores that are close to what you’re thinking to sell:
    waterproof radios, fragrance, jewelry, video cameras, toys etc.  What I have found from this simple research
    is that most of the time prices are quite competitive and usually are on the same level or cheaper than
    Amazon or eBay. Remember, you don’t need to have the lowest price in the marketplace to make money.
    You are not trying to outsell Amazon or eBay.

    Shopster Inside – Video
                      Not sure about Shopster? See it compared to others in these dropship reviews
                                            Visit Official Shopster website

    Website Creation/Management
    Shopster made website creation and management VERY
    easy, so you can get used to it in a matter of hours. It took
    me around 30 min. to create professional website with
    newsletter, shopping cart, discount coupons, populated
    with products I like to sell. They have step by step course
    how to get started  and also downloadable PDF guide. Web
    site creating tool gives you an ability to customize your
    storefront,  add custom pages, feature pages, create
    unlimited product categories, design your logo and much
    more; manage your store, including searchable customer
    order history, customer search statistics, customer reviews,
    coupon creation, payment system with secure checkouts               SEE SHOPSTER STORE DESIGNS
    and SSL, and fraud detection. With website tracking tools
                                                                       Online Storefront Designs from Shopster
    you can view:

      l   Reports for last 7 days,
      l   Unique Visitors and Page Views,
      l   100 Most Popular Pages,
      l   Top 10 Referrer Domains
      l   Top 50 Referrer URLs,
      l   Product Statistics,
      l   Search Statistics,
      l   RShop Products Out-of-Stock.

    Shopster made website creation easy and fun so even a person with basic knowledge of computer can
    do it.

    Website Promotion
    After creating your store you want to see customers rolling in and buying your products. Nobody wants to
    see their store looking like a ghost town. That is why marketing and sales tools are so important. Shopster
    allows you to park your online store at first level domain ( instead of  and  look like professional legitimate business.

    They also offer powerful marketing tool – custom pages. If you want high Search Engine positions you need to
    have custom pages with your niche relevant content (reviews, articles, testimonials…), you can also exchange
    links with other similar sites for higher rankings. Advertising in major Search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing)
    will bring you customers and sales (if you do it right way). You can promote your site with data feeds (data
    feed is a formatted list of the products being sold in your store) publishing them on Google, eBay, Yahoo etc.
    You can publish and send newsletter announcing sale or new arrival connecting with your buyers and turn
    them into repeat buyers. Never overlook this opportunity  - it can double/triple your sales and profits. You
    can create discount coupons for specific products you want to sell and attract even more buyers.

    With all this being said there are several moments that you should be aware of when planning to use
    Shopster storefront as your framework for ecommerce business.
    Complication of Website Promotion

             Drawbacks and possible obstacles for website promotion

    There are two ways of how you can get people to your store. First – you can buy visitors (Paid visitors).
    Second – they found you (Free visitors). You can obtain paid visitors by advertising on Google Adwords,
    Yahoo Search Engine Marketing, Bing Adcenter, buying banners on topical websites, sponsoring relative
    ezines and so on. Internet marketing can be a quite costly process if you don’t have any experience.
    So if you’re just starting out you probably don’t have/want to spend money on advertising. So you want the
    majority of your website visitors to be free. Largest source of free visitors is SE (Search Engines) natural
    search (your website – appears when somebody searching for a phrase). In order for your website/page to
    appear for a specific keyword it needs to be optimized for that keyword. Unfortunately, Shopster
    preconfigured online stores currently are not Search Engine optimized and are not very flexible and friendly
    for SEO. So you will need to spend a lot of time writing articles, descriptions and tweaking your website in
    order to have good SE positions. SE optimization does require some skills, knowledge (I see, it is very
    difficult for somebody without proper education) and a LOT of work to be able to achieve high positions for
    competitive keywords.

    eBay listings
    For me the most important thing I was looking for was ability to sell
    products on eBay because I use this platform for majority of my
    product ventures.  Shopster offers over 1 500 000 of eBay
    compatible products which you can start listing on eBay in a matter
    of minutes using Shopster eBay listing manager (eBay compatible
    application). If you are planning to open your store, selling products
    on eBay is a great way to test the market to see what products are
    HOT in your niche and which are losers so you can stack your store
    with TOP sellers and also it is one more way to gain lifelong

    Complication of Selling on eBay                                            GET FREE SHOPSTER STORE
                                                                               Sell products from Shopster on
             Drawbacks and possible obstacles for selling on                                eBay


    There are several questionable moments when selling from Shopster on eBay. Since you’re selling from
    Shopster network there are no guarantees that the item will be available to you when the auction ends. So
    this can negatively influence your eBay feedback and add auction fees you need to pay without a sale. I think
    system need to be improved in order to provide smooth process for people that are selling on eBay
    marketplace and insure that the product is always available.

    If you are new to online business, Shopster has a good source of FREE books and guides and also articles
    and webinars. So you can get a lot of tips how to create profitable, respectable, successful online business.
    Also if you stack with something there is live Forum where you can post your question and more experienced
    entrepreneurs will help you. If you are more advanced entrepreneur you’ll still find for yourself plenty of
    useful information, marketing tips, SEM, promotion and advertising.

    Shopster offers several options:

      l   F r e e – start up option, list up to 15 products in your store or network, good for playing around and
          getting feel of the system.
      l   $39.95/month – list up to 200 products in your store or network.
      l   $69.95/month - list up to 2500 products in your store or network – have all the bells and whistles as
          enterprise version with fewer products to list.
      l   $249.95/month - list up to 20 000 products in your store or network – for enterprise customers with
          serious volume of sales.

    Does Shopster work? Shopster has a great idea behind it – bridging e-commerce and social networking. It
    offers array of tools easy to use, making storefront creation process a breeze. But at the same time system
    has several imperfections/possible problems that need to be solved.
  l   Make default storefront more Search Engine friendly.
  l   Streamline and simplify mechanisms of communications inside the Network.
  l   Protect and improve process for people that are selling on eBay.

Shopster vs Worldwide Brands
Currently I would not recommend Shopster to start ecommerce business and would suggest to look at service
like Worldwide Brands (see Worldwide Brands review). They offer more flexibility for drop shipping or for
selling products in your store. If you want you can always give Shopster a shot and try it for yourself for free.
Click here to try Shopster for yourself.

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