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					Customer Contact Centre Agent Excellence - Mustapha Glig

Customer Service
How is Excellence in Customer Service defined / measured for your organization?
Please indicate the customer service standards for your organization:
We use a Quality Monitoring (QM) form pertaining to ING DIRECT’s guidelines for customer
experience and sales. A random sample of calls recorded within the previous 30 days, is graded
by each associate’s manager based on several criteria. The criteria include a possible 5 points for
call opening, 20 points for client servicing, 15 points for cross-selling products and services, and
10 points for call closing, for a total of 50 possible points. A minimum passing mark is 80%. Five
calls are graded for every associate. To achieve points we look for the following:

       Client experience: polite, courteous, builds and maintains rapport, respects the client’s
        time, language proficiency and active listening
       Proper call control and efficiency: prompt, pro-active, sets expectations for the client,
        good product knowledge, able to educate the client on other channels of communication.
       Cross-selling of Products and Services: able to identify the client’s needs via probing,
        provide the product benefits and match these to the client’s needs, effectively ask for the
        business, handle any objections by gaining the client’s understanding, and close the sale.
       Call closing: able to recap with the client, explain the next steps (as needed), offer
        further assistance, close the call and ensure branding.

Please describe the Nominees ability to deliver Excellence in Customer Service:
Mustapha Glig has maintained consistently high standard of performance from the time he began
as an associate with ING DIRECT in January 2008. He continuously works diligently to meet and
exceed the targets given to him. Mustapha’s performance is not only limited to meeting and
exceeding the expectations set by the business, but to strive to exceed the expectations of our
clients. The excellence provided in customer service has resulted in several direct compliments
from clients who have had the pleasure of speaking with Mustapha.

“Mustapha was very patient and positive to talk to. I was very happy with his knowledge and
believe that in these desperate times we need the comfort of speaking with employees such as

“…he was very patient and positive to talk to… in desperate times companies need employees
like Mustapha.”

How did the nominee perform / excel to your organizational standards?
Mustapha exhibits a high standard of accuracy and consistency in the information he provides,
carefully explaining details to customers and ensuring they understand. Through this diligent and
pro-active manner in taking care of his clients, his average QM score for 2008 was 93%, well
above the team’s average of 85%.

Though efficient, he never rushes clients and gives them the time they need, handling each
client’s call with the utmost attention and care. At ING Direct our standards for customer service
excellence are high, and Mustapha is considered an ideal associate – a role model for standards
of quality, pro-activeness, customer care, and efficiency. Just as importantly, Mustapha is always
pleasant and friendly on every call, having never received any complaints from clients, peers, or

Mustapha was nominated “Top Associate” in 2008 in our internal call centre awards. This award
recognizes outstanding associates for their contributions and continuing to drive a performance
based culture, creating excitement and a sense of fun. Associates are nominated by their peers
and colleagues and the winners are selected based on their commitment and demonstration of
ING DIRECT’s core competencies - conveys an inspirational ING Vision and Strategy, Acts as a
Team Player, Focuses on the Customer, Acts as a Team Player, Entrepreneurial, Results Oriented
and Self Developing.

How is Teamwork defined / measured for your organization? Please indicate the
Teamwork Goals/Standards for your Organization:
At the end of every year, each associate’s performance is reviewed in relation to ING DIRECT’s
goals. One of the goals measured is teamwork, in which associates’ behavior is reviewed and
assessed throughout the year. Managers look for individuals who send encouraging e-mails to
the team, actively participate in meetings, offer innovative ideas to help the team, assisting in the
LINK program (where tenured associates help integrate new hires, etc.).

ING DIRECT’s Human Resources Department defines teamwork as follows:

Team player implies the intention to cooperate with others, to be part of a team, to work
together, as opposed to working separately or competitively. It includes working with others
towards shared goals and supporting colleagues in the pursuit of a larger benefit for the
organization as a whole. For this competency to be effective, these intentions should be
genuine. The Team Player competency may be considered whenever the subject is a member of
a group of people functioning as a team. At ING DIRECT this manifests itself when employees
actively collaborate with, and support, their colleagues within the organization. These employees
demonstrate objectivity and openness across organizational boundaries and personify the
qualities of partners. They recognize and balance the effect of their initiatives, actions and
decisions on individuals or groups within the company or smaller team, and while doing so act
with the requisite respect for all concerned in order to work in the best interests of ING DIRECT
as a whole.

Please describe the Nominees teamwork attributes that bring a positive impact on
your organization and demonstrate the Organization’s Goals/Standards:
When it comes to teamwork and contributions, Mustapha is one of our top associates. He
continuously participates in the LINK program sharing his knowledge and experience with all of
Ottawa new hires for every new hire class. Mustapha has always shared his best practices with
his teammates, sending them some of his more successful scripting, as well as tips and tricks, in
order to better serve our clients. He is so well regarded by his peers, that he earned the “Top
Associate” award in 2008 which is largely based on peer nomination.

How did the nominee perform to your organizational standards?
Mustapha’s score in the Teamwork section of his yearly performance review was 5/5, a score
which is normally difficult to achieve. He also received many accolades and recognition from the
company for his team spirit.

Attendance / Punctuality
How is Attendance / Punctuality defined/measured for your organization? Please
indicate the Attendance / Punctuality Standards for your organization:
ING DIRECT employs a dedicated workforce management team who plan resource allocation with
careful staff scheduling, monitor and manage real-time service delivery, and report on metrics
including employee productivity. This team notifies call centre management of all attendance
and punctuality concerns, and also provides a daily report on any associate exceeding attendance
standards. Every full time associate has a paid sick day benefit of 5 days per year, while part-
time associates’ absences are unpaid. ING maintains a strict adherence policy for attendance
and punctuality and an escalating serious of warnings from verbal to written are placed in
employee’s files once they surpass a threshold. The warnings which become part of the
employment record may result eventually in termination if acceptable standards are not achieved.
The standards for punctuality are: 2 late occurrences within 60 days – manager notation; 3
within 60 days – verbal warning with note to employee file; 4 within 60 days – written warning
with expectation of no further occurrences for the next 60 days; 5 within 60 days – final written
warning; 6 within 60 days – termination of employment as long as all previous documentation of
warning to the employee are documented. The standards for attendance are: 4 absences in 6
months – manager notation; 6 within 6 months verbal warning with a note to the employee’s file;
7 within 6 months – verbal warning with the expectation of no further absences for 60 days; 8
within 6 months – final written warning; 9 within 6 months - termination of employment as long
as all previous documentation of warning to the employee are documented.

Please describe the nominees’ performance in “being there to serve the customer”:
Mustapha is extremely reliable and flexible when it comes to being at work to better serve the
clients. Mustapha’s near perfect attendance has demonstrated his desire and dedication to
ensure that the best customer service is provided at all times. His dedication to his job is well
visible in his performance day in and day out. He voluntarily works a reasonable number of
overtime hours consistently when needed and is always willing to go above and beyond when
required. Mustapha always comes in early for his shifts as to be ready to log in and assist with
clients’ needs and inquiries without delay. Mustapha has proven himself to be efficient as he
prides himself on ensuring that all client requests are processed in an effective and timely
manner by being at work, in advance, and with the most positive attitude.

How did the nominee perform to your organizational standards? (late, absence,
adherence to schedule)?
Mustapha’s attendance is above reproach and exceptional. Mustapha has not had any absences
and continues to strive to be at work accomplishing his duties in excellence, which has a
favorable impact on our service level. He truly understands the “power of one”.

Mustapha scored a 5 out 5 on his yearly performance review in his “statistics”, which pertain to
his adherence to schedule, his call handle time, his after call wrap up time, and his attendance.
A perfect score in this category is very rare. Mustapha is very punctual and diligent in his
attendance. Since January 2008, he has had not been late, and continues to excel in his
performance. He is a role model employee for his punctuality, as he is always here early to best
serve his clients’ needs. In the past 6 months, Mustapha has missed only one day of work, which
is exceptional and very rare, and is consistent with Mustapha’s drive and dedication to his work.

How is Efficiency defined / measured for your organization?
Please indicate the Efficiency Goals /Standards for the Organization:
Using call centre software the workforce team measures every associate’s adherence to their
schedule (ADH), and the time it takes after every call (ACW) to “wrap up” and be ready to handle
the next call. The acceptable targets are as follows: a minimum ADH of 94%, and an ACW of
maximum 35 seconds after every call. These are considered minimum qualifiers in order to
achieve one’s bonus, and are also indicators as to whether or not the associate is up to ING
DIRECT’s standards.

Please describe the nominees’ ability to effectively and efficiently deliver superior
Mustapha goes out of his way to serve every client with the proper time needed, while being
professional and effective in his service. His fast, friendly, and efficient service is the key to his
excellent work. He is completely customer-oriented and that’s what drives his efficiency. By
adhering to his schedule, and maintaining his low ACW, he is present for the customers – and
they know it! What makes Mustapha such an ideal employee is throughout his tenure with ING
DIRECT, he has taken every challenge and turned it into a personal mission for improvement, all
while lighting and leading the way for his peers to do the same. He challenges everyone to be

How did the nominee perform/excel to your organizational standards? (%
improvements, ranking on team, impact on the business?)
Mustapha scored a 5/5 on his yearly performance review in the “Statistics section”, which
includes metric for ADH and attendance. A perfect score is very rare. As mentioned previously,
Mustapha’s average QM score for 2008 was 93% compared to his team’s average of 85%.
Mustapha’s ACW was also an average of 23 seconds for 2008, compared to his team’s average of
33 seconds. Further, Mustapha’s adherence has been at a consistent average of 99% for 2008,
above the team average of 95%
Mustapha’s statistics speak for themselves, and show that he is an exemplary associate. His
team considers him a mentor, and the “benchmark” in this regard, and they attempt to match his
statistics in order to be as efficient as he.

At ING Direct, our clients are our top priority. As a direct bank, our call centre is a key channel of
business, open 24hours a day, 7 days a week. We need the excellence that Mustapha delivers
each day in order to continue to press towards the fulfillment of our mission: “To give the power
of savings to all Canadians”. We are the number one direct bank in Canada. Being the best
direct bank means being recognized as such by clients, providing great service all the time,
finding simpler ways to do business and honoring our brand. Mustapha is one of our valued
team members who helps to make this possible each day.