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					                                                  Emilie Verneuil
                                         1921 Waverly St        LRSM - 3231 Walnut St
                           Philadelphia, PA 19146 - USA         Philadelphia, PA 19104 – USA
                                          1 215 200 3416        1 215 573 7509

2005               PhD in Physics, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France with distinction
                   Thesis title: “Flows and adhesion: the effect of microstructures”, defended Nov, 7 2005

2002               Master of Science Degree, Physics, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France

2002               ESPCI (Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de Paris, France)
                   Master degree in physics and chemistry

                   Post-doctorate positions
2007-2009          University of Pennsylvania, Physics Department                                            D. J. Durian
Philadelphia, PA   Clogging the pores of granular packings: Hydrogels as soil additives.
                          Measurement of flow properties in granular piles of hard and soft particles
                          Microfluidic model system to study the dynamics of clogging in porous media (with T. Huber)
                   Rheology and structure of dense suspensions of soft microgels in the vicinity of the jamming transition
                   measured within a microfluidic channel (with K. Nordstrom, J. Gollub)
                          Micro-PIV measurements
                          Measurements of the elastic properties of NIPAm microgels using a centrifuge

2006 - 2007      Ecole Polytechnique, Lab. d’Hydrodynamique                                           C. Baroud, P. Huerre
Palaiseau France Active forcing of microdrops by localized heating of a focused laser in confined geometry
                 - Design of the microfluidic device. Set-up of the experiment coupled with an IR laser beam
                 - Measure of the force on a single microdrop, and the flow fields (PIV). Model for the flow-induced force
                 - Evidence of a surfactant depletion by fluorescence microscopy and of a surfactant-Marangoni effect.
                 Time-resolved temperature rise in a thin liquid films due to laser absorption (fluorescence microscopy
                 and simulations)

2005-2006          Université Paris-Sud, Laboratoire FAST                                   L. Talini, C. Allain, R.J.Phillips
Orsay, France      Sedimentation in non-newtonian fluids: interactions between pairs of particles and fluid velocity fields
                   - Particle Image Velocimetry performed to map out the fluid velocity. Evidence of negative wakes.
                   - Measurement of the particle-particle attractive hydrodynamic interaction in spite of the negative wake.
                   - Measurement of the characteristics length and time scales involved.

2001-2005          Institut Curie, Laboratoire Physico-Chimie Curie
Paris, France      PhD student                                                                    A. Buguin, P. Silberzan
                   Adhesion properties of microstructured substrates
                   - Measurements of contact area/force characteristic curves in the sphere/plane geometry to test
                   substrates patterned with controlled networks of micron-scaled asperities. Modeling.
                   - Novel method to spatially resolve stress fields within a contact, using soft micropillars patterned on
                   the substrate. Experiments and theory.
                   Permeation induced flows in silicone-based microfluidics
                   - Evidence and characterisation of the flows due to water leakage by permeation through the walls of
                   microchannels. Application to colloid crystallization.

                   Research Internship                                                   A. Buguin, F. Brochard-Wyart
                   Dynamics of growth of a lubricated contact between a soft sphere and a plane. Experiment & theory.

2000               Rhodia, Inc., Complex Fluids Lab.                                              V. Ponsinet, M. Joanicot
Cranbury, NJ       Summer Internship (6 months)
                   Stabilizing micro-emulsions with amphiphilic diblock copolymers
                                 PUBLICATIONS and COMMUNICATIONS

 Papers published in peer-reviewed journals
      E Verneuil, ML Cordero, F. Gallaire, CN Baroud “Laser-induced force on a microfluidic drop: origin and
      magnitude” Langmuir 25 (9), pp 5127–5134 (2009)

        M.L. Cordero, E. Verneuil, F. Gallaire, C.N. Baroud “Time-resolved temperature rise in a thin liquid film due to
        laser absorption” Phys Rev E 79, 011201 (2009)

        E. Verneuil, R.J.Phillips, L. Talini, “Axisymmetric two-sphere sedimentation in a shear thinning viscoelastic
        fluid: Particle interactions and induced fluid velocity fields” Journal of Rheology 51 (6) 1343-1359 (2007)

        M. Lamblet, E. Verneuil, P. Silberzan, T. Vilmin, L. Léger, “Adhesion enhancement through micropatterning at
        polydimethylsiloxane-acrylic interfaces”, Langmuir 23 pp 6966-6074 (2007)

        E. Verneuil, B. Ladoux, A. Buguin, P. Silberzan "Adhesion on microstructured surfaces" The Journal of
        Adhesion, 83 pp 1-24 (2007)

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        impalement transitions on micropatterned surfaces", Europhys. Lett. 74 pp 299-305 (2006)

        H. Gérardin, E. Verneuil, A. Constant, S. Dubois, J. Clain, X. Noblin, A. Buguin, F. Brochard-Wyart, “Dynamics
        of triple lines at soft interfaces”, Europhys. Lett. 71 (3) pp 418-424 (2005)

        E. Verneuil, A. Buguin, P. Silberzan, “Permeation induced flows: consequences for silicone based
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        E. Verneuil, J. Clain, A. Buguin, F. Brochard-Wyart, “Formation of adhesive contacts: spreading versus
        dewetting”, Eur Phys Journal E, 10 pp 345-353 (2003)

   Talks
        “Flows in mixed soft and hard granular packings”
              - NYU/Penn workshop, New York, NY, May, 1 2009
         “”Physics at soft interfaces
              - PPMD, ESPCI, Paris – October, 6th 2008
              - Dpt of Physics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA – May, 11th 2007
              - SEAS/Dpt of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA – May, 9th 2007

        “Adhesion and wetting on microstructured substrates”
             - PMMH, ESPCI, Paris – April, 27 2007
             - Seminar of Ladhyx, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau - January, 11 2007
             - Seminar of FAST Lab., Université Paris Sud, Orsay - June, 30 2006

   Conferences
        - E. Verneuil, DJ Durian ““Flows in mixed soft and hard granular packings”
        - K Nordstrom, E Verneuil, P Arratia, J Gollub, DJ Durian “Microfluidic rheology of soft colloidal suspensions”
        March meeting 2009 of the American Physical Society, Pittsburg, PA

        - M.-L. Cordero, E. Verneuil, F. Gallaire, D. R. Burnham, D. McGloin and C. N. Baroud “Manipulation of
        microfluidic drops with laser patterns: Stationary and non stationary effects "
        - K Nordstrom, E Verneuil, P Arratia, J Gollub, DJ Durian “Microfluidic rheology of soft colloidal suspensions”
        61 Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, San Antonio, TX, USA (Nov. 2008)

        M.-L. Cordero, E. Verneuil, C. N. Baroud, “Optical forcing of microdrops: flows and temperature fields
        characterization“, The 11 MicroTAS conference, Paris, France, October 2007

        E. Verneuil, L. Talini, R.J. Phillips, C. Allain "Sedimentation of two vertical spheres in a xanthan solution".
        The 3 Annual European Rheology Conference, Hersonisos, Grèce, 27-29 avril 2006

        E. Verneuil, A. Buguin, P. Silberzan, “Permeation-induced flows in silicone-based microfluidics”
              - The 9 MicroTAS conference, Boston, USA, 9-13 octobre 2005
              - The 5 Liquid matter conference, Utrecht, Pays-Bas, 2-6 juillet 2005

        E. Verneuil, P. Silberzan, A. Buguin " Microstructured surfaces probed by JKR tests "
              - Colloque :Physics and biology : a material science approach, Institut Curie, France, juillet 2004
              - Congrès général de la SFP, Lyon, France, juillet 2003
                                            TEACHING and MENTORING
2009                Mentored Eloise Chevallier, during her 6-month master internship

2008                Mentored Tim Huber, an undergraduate student, during his summer internship
2006-2007           Mentored a 1 year PhD student, ML Cordero– Ladhyx, Ecole Polytechnique
                    Teach Experimental Physics, undergraduate level, Ecole Polytechnique (24h)

2005-2006           General Physics course: Electromagnetism, electrokinetics, hydrodynamics, undergraduate level,
                    Université Paris XI, Orsay (90h)

2004-2005           General Physics course: Thermodynamics, optics, mechanics, waves, hydrodynamics, advanced
                    undergraduate level, Université Paris 7  (40h)
                    Mentored A. Constant and F. Wu-Bavouzet during their 6-month master internships

                                            OTHER RESPONSABILITIES
2009                Reviewer for the journal “Biomicrofluidics” Editorial office contact: Leslie Yeo

2008                Reviewer for „‟Journal of Statistical Mechanics : Theory and Experiment‟‟ (JSTAT)
                    Editor : Luca Cipelletti

2002-2005           Technical coordinator of the home made JKR apparatus and the microfabrication lab, Inst. Curie


Francoise Brochard       Laboratoire PCC, Institut Curie                           11 rue P. et M. Curie, 75005 Paris, France
33 1 56 24 67 78

Axel Buguin             Laboratoire PCC, Institut Curie                            11 rue P. et M. Curie, 75005 Paris, France
33 1 56 24 67 78

Armand Ajdari 

Laurence Talini          Laboratoire PPMD, ESPCI                                       10 rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris, France
33 1 40 79 51 28

Ronald J Phillips        Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of California                 Davis, CA 95616
1 530 752 2803

Charles N. Baroud       Laboratoire d‟Hydrodynamique, Ecole Polytechnique                              91128 Palaiseau, France
33 1 69 33 36 77

Douglas J. Durian       Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania                                  Philadelphia, PA 19104
1 215 898 8147