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Newsletter December 2007

November was a very busy month
                                             Julie Jones our Family Support
which began with a school disco.             Worker has been running the
There were many scarily dressed              ‘Starting School’ programme. The
children who were entertained by our         ain of this work is to help parents
resident DJ, Mr Salisbury. FOSS              understand how the Foundation
members did a wonderful job of               Stage Curriculum is organised and
decorating the hall and providing food
for everyone. There was an excellent
                                             taught in school. After Christmas
turn out by children and their parents.      Mrs Ward will be organising the
                                             SHARE programme, more details to
Consultation evenings were also well         follow. Julie Jones will be running
attended by many parents. We value           an Adult Literacy class next term to
your views and comments made on              support any parents who would like
these occasions. The staff received          to improve or update their skills in
many compliments about the                   reading and writing. If you know
progress some pupils have made this          anyone who would like to join this
term.                                        free course please let me know or
                                             contact Julie Jones directly on
Our school nurse, Mary Barnes, visited       07970578299. The details of this 12
the new reception children to                week programme will be sent out at
introduce herself and to show them all       the beginning of next term.
her weighing and measuring gadgets.
                                             ‘Children in Need’ day was an
She will be involved in holding              enjoyable event. The children
parent/child interviews next term to         looked very colourful in their own
perform the usual checks on hearing,         clothes and brought in some
speech, height, weight and general           very well behaved teddy bears!
health issues of the reception cohort.       Pudsey Bear’s outline raised
                                             £51.18 I think our school should
                                             be congratulated for their
The ‘Theatre for Youth’ group kept
                                             commitment to raising funds for
the children intrigued and amused by
                                             charities if we include the money
their two person performance of              raised for Barnardos.
Robin Hood. They pitched their
humour to reach all ages and had             The school photos will be
everyone joining in some familiar            available to purchase before the
songs and jingles! It was just a taster      holidays. They are always a
                                             great solution to use as
to prepare the children for our annual
                                             Christmas presents.
visit to the Harrogate Theatre to see
Snow White on Thursday 20th                  Pupils from years 5 and 6 were
December. We have had nearly all             fortunate in taking part in the
the reply slips and payments for this        Football Festival at Nidderdale
trip. Please send any outstanding            High School & Community
slips together with payment to Mrs           College on Monday of this week.
Williams by Monday 3rd December.             They behaved really well and were

                   Together we can achieve and celebrate success
a credit to the school. Mrs Weatherhead      is potentially a very exciting
kindly accompanied the children and          venture. Mrs Newby and Mrs
she found it very enjoyable.                 Ward will be teaching the children
                                             over these few days and they will
The Years 3 & 4 pupils will have their
                                             be making a start on the school
Football Festival on Monday 10th             Christmas play. Mrs Williams will
December.                                    also be in full time these 3 days to
Next term the Rec, Yr 1 & 2 pupils will      provide extra administrative
take part in a Multiskills Festival on       support.
29th January. All transport for these
                                             The school governors have been
events has been funded and provided
                                             involved in termly meetings over
by the Schools’ Sports Partnership. All
                                             the past few weeks which include
children need to have their PE kits in       the Curriculum, Finance & Personnel
school on these days.                        and Health & Safety Committees.
                                             The full governing body meeting is
You will be able to rest in the
                                             to be held on Thursday 6th
knowledge that all staff in school have
                                             December. The governors work
had Fire Awareness & Working at
Heights training this week. Last month       really hard and have a very
all staff had Child Protection training.     important strategic role overseeing
The school recently had a Fire Safety        all the work and development of
Audit which demonstrated that we met         the school.
the required standards.
                                             We had promised the children that
Other members of staff have attended
                                             ‘Christmas’ would not be mentioned
training in Assessing Science, Teaching      until December as they become too
French through stories, Financial            excited! We have of course started
Management Standards and a launch            a Christmas crafts club which is in
event of Integrated Services.                preparation for the ‘Christmas
                                             Carols Around the Tree’ evening on
Mr Salisbury had his final day of the        14th December. This event will be
Leadership and Pathways Programme            held at the front of school and run
entitled ‘Dealing with Challenging           by the Parish Council, with a BBQ,
People’ so please feel free to test his      refreshments, brass band and of
                                             course a visit from Santa Claus. We
skills! I attended a 2 day residential
                                             have also organised for many new
course ‘Leading a Small School’ and          stalls such as jewellery, Christmas
had the opportunity to work with             decorations, Phoenix cards, scarves,
Headteachers from North Yorkshire and        handbags, Party crew, giftware and
Durham Authorities. Mr Salisbury and I       home accessories to come along to
                                             provide a shopping opportunity in
will be attending joint planning sessions    the hall. Our School Council will
with the partner schools linked to the       again be having their own stall to
Comenius Project (see attached leaflet       raise funds for their own budget. If
which explains this work) We will be         you would like to bake a few mince
                                             pies or festive treats then we could
working with 1 German and 2 Turkish
                                             also have a cake stall, please let us
schools in Berlin on 3rd, 4th, & 5th         know before the event if you are
December. This visit is fully funded by      able to contribute to this. There will
the British Council and we hope to           also be a raffle as the stall holders
organise how the project will be put         have kindly donated prizes and the
                                             star prize is a portable colour tv.
into practise as well as visit the Berlin    The raffle tickets will be sold on the
school. The partner schools will at          night.
some future date visit our school so this

                  Together we can achieve and celebrate success
For those of you who have not                   On a more personal note we would
                                                like to share the good news that
experience Christmas at
                                                Mrs Ogden who is currently on
Summerbridge School we tend to put
                                                maternity leave gave birth to a
all our other events for the children           healthy baby daughter, Pippa. Mrs
into the last week of term.                     Ogden, managed to find a few
Monday 17th December pm session                 moments to show off her new baby
there will be a dress rehearsal for the         by popping into school on Friday.
school Christmas play. (all pupils will         Mr & Mrs Salisbury are also going
need their costumes in on this day)             to have a new addition to their
                                                family. Their baby is due 8th March.
Tuesday 18th December from 10.00 to
                                                We are all delighted at this good
11.00am the years 5 & 6 pupils are to
                                                news but don’t envy the sleepless
have a Chess Challenge at St.                   nights!
Cuthbert’s School (we will provide the
transport). At 12.00 the children have          On this very positive note we hope
a celebration Christmas dinner with             you enjoy the excitement leading up
the Governors as our special guests!            to Christmas with your children.
Wednesday 19th December at 2.30pm
School Christmas Play (Please note we           Mrs A. Mundy
provide 2 free tickets per family as we         Headteacher
need to seat everyone in the hall)
Thursday 20th December early lunch at
11.30 and leave school at 1.00pm for
the Harrogate Theatre to see Snow
White Pantomime. Usually we arrive
back at school around 5.30pm (children
to wear school uniform)
Friday 21st December 1.15pm
Christmas Party with Superworm Disco
followed by FOSS party food and a
special visitor in red with a white
beard!!?? (Children can bring party
clothes to change into for the
afternoon) Please note we aim to finish
at 3.00pm on this day.
School will re-open on Monday 7th
January 2008.

Mrs Fisher, our lollipop lady, would like to
remind you all to park on the roadside
opposite school to alleviate congestion.

                     Together we can achieve and celebrate success