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					The Buyers Guide to Splashbacks

The Buyers Guide to Splashbacks

Welcome to The Splashbacks Buyers Guide. Buying a glass splashback for your kitchen is a
big decision - the final product will live in your home for many years, and will require a significant
financial investment. Until now there has been very limited information out there to help you
make your decision. Splashbacks guide is here to change this by providing you with the
knowledge you need to help you find the right splashback for you.

This guide answers a number of questions:

   ●   How much will a splashback cost?
   ●   How to choose a splashback supplier?
   ●   How does the sales and installation process work?
   ●   Where can you find out more about splashbacks?

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The Buyers Guide to Splashbacks

How much will a Splashback cost?

How much a splashback costs is of course hard to answer without knowing the specifications
- the price can vary hugely depending on the materials used, the level of customisation and a
range of other factors. However, it is possible to give a rough guide which can at least provide a
ball-park figure if you are wondering how much you will have to pay for your kitchen splashback.
At one end of the spectrum are cheap splashbacks. You can buy these off the shelf from online
stores, ebay or DIY shops. These come in standard measurements, typically 60cm, 90cm and
100cm which will fit over the oven or hob but will not typically provide any further coverage.
These lower cost kitchen splashbacks are often made from stainless steel or plastic rather
than more expensive materials such as glass. A number of branded manufacturers such as
rangemaster, hotpoint and baumatic produce these lower cost splashbacks. The pricing of
these products can be as low as £50, but typically closer to £100. The more expensive end of
the scale for brands such as smeg would be moving into the £200 mark.

At the other end of the scale are the more expensive made to measure glass splashbacks. The
price of these is significantly higher and varies much more than the cheaper kinds. A bespoke
kitchen splashback can cost thousands of pounds depending on the specification. A range of
different factors affect the price.

These include:

   ●   What colour you choose. Some colours of glass are more expensive to produce than
   ●   The depth of the splashback. Some people have the splashback running all the way
       from the worktop to the top of the kitchen unit. The lower cost option is to have a bar
       running along the bottom about 6 to 12 inches tall, except around the cooker/ oven.
   ●   The area to be covered by the splashback. Some people have only the area by the
       oven covered, others extend their splashback across the whole of the wall. Typically
       a splashback area might also be installed around the sink, a so-called upstand. The
       bigger the area the more the splashback will cost.
   ●   Another factor is the number of sockets in the wall where the splashback will be. If holes
       need to be cut in the glass this increases the cost of the splashback significantly
   ●   Special features such as LED lighting will also increase the cost
   ●   Finally, choosing a bespoke splashback with a special design such as a picture will also
       lead to higher costs than a standard glass splashback

Taking these things into account the price of a made to measure splashback can range from
several hundred pounds minimum up to several thousand. Some suppliers do offer some
good deals though and you may be able to pick a basic made to measure splashback for as low

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The Buyers Guide to Splashbacks
as £250. Generally though, you should probably budget for around £1000. Splashbacks are
definitely a premium product but the end result is worth the effort, not to mention the fact that
alternatives such as tiles can also be expensive.

So what can you do to hold down the price as far as possible? Getting several quotes from
different splashback suppliers one option. The other is to look at the factors above which affect
the price and see where you are willing to make a compromise. Do remember though, your
splashback will be living with you for many years, so it’s generally best to get the best possible
one you can afford.

How to choose a splashback supplier?

Picking the right splashback supplier is vital. Buying a splashback is a big investment –
you could be paying thousands of pounds for this feature in your kitchen. The quality of the
splashback is crucial to the final effect – it needs to be measured and manufactured very
precisely from high quality materials and installed very carefully. At the same time, the
splashback market is growing incredibly quickly so there are lots of new companies emerging –
it’s hard to know who to trust.

So here’s a quick run-down of some of the factors you might like to consider when choosing a
company to supply you with a splashback.

Key things to look for in a splashback supplier

1. Positioning and specialisation

Are they offering very high-end, bespoke unique splashbacks or more of a standard glass
product? If you are looking for the very latest in LED-backlit, high-spec splashback you might
want to look at a specialist provider who focuses on that type of thing. There are other suppliers
who focus on picture splashbacks or unique bespoke splashback designs. On the other hand
if you want a fairly standard glass splashback there’s no point approaching a company that
provides a very specialist artistic service. You want to match your job to the appropriate type of
splashback company.

2. Experience

How long have they been in business? Lots of new companies are providing splashbacks these
days, many of them are excellent but splashbacks are a difficult product to get right so you need
to be careful about picking a firm with the right knowledge. Many splashback providers tell you
on their websites how long they have been going for.

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The Buyers Guide to Splashbacks
3. Reviews

Has anyone written a review on them on services such as Google local/ Google maps or sites
like Checkatrade or Rated People? You can often pick up on dodgy traders in this way as it’s
often the first place angry customers go to complain. You can also check the comments on
their listing in Splashbacks guide directory.

4. Sales Process

Do they give you the hard sell or are they willing to listen to your requirements and allow you to
take your time to choose the right splashback for you? Do the people you interact with in the
sales process, from the initial contact to the home visit fill you with confidence … or fear!

5. Templating

Templating is key to the final splashback fitting and finish. Do they offer a full templating service
and how is this managed? What steps do they take to ensure that the measurements they take
are accurate?

6. Manufacturing

Do they manufacture the splashback themselves or using a third party supplier? A company
with their own manufacturing facility may be able to provide cheaper prices than those that
outsource this element of the production process, but not necessarily.

7. Areas Covered

There’s no point getting a supplier based in Wales to fit your splashback if you live in Edinburgh.
A local supplier is absolutely key to ensuring that they can provide the home visits necessary to
the final product. You can use the Splashbacks guide supplier directory to find suppliers local to

Ultimately, the best way to choose a splashback supplier is to get several quotes and work with
the company that you like the best. You will be able to tell a lot from a home visit about who is
the most reliable and efficient.

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The Buyers Guide to Splashbacks

The sales and installation process

If you are looking for the best possible splashback for your kitchen then it has to be made to
measure. This is the way that you’ll get the best possible splashback which will create the ‘wow
factor’ you are looking for. However, a bespoke splashback designed to fit your kitchen
perfectly involves quite a few different stages (four to be exact!) and at least three (count them!)
separate home visits from your splashback supplier. So here’s a guide to the process and what
to expect when you order your made to measure splashback.

The process

Step 1 – Choosing the Specifications

Firstly, you’ll have to choose the key details of your splashback. Your supplier will typically send
over a sales person at this stage to help you choose what you want. You’ll need to select the
type of glass you want, the colour and any other effects such as frosting or other finishes. If you
want fancy additions such as LED backlighting then this is the time to build them into the order.

The other key choice you will have to make here is the extent of the area to be covered by the
splashback. Will you just go for a simple area around the oven/ cooker or the entire wall? Will
you also have the area around the sink (upstand) covered by the splashback? What about
other walls such as around the fridge and so on? Will you have the splashback extending all
the way up to the top of the kitchen cabinet or just a few inches up the side of the wall?
All these things will affect the cost of your splashback and the measurements that will need to
be taken in step 2…

Step 2 – Templating your made to measure splashback

The templating process is the key part of getting your made to measure splashback. Your
splashback supplier will send someone round to your house to take all the key measurements.
They will create a template out of which the splashback will be made. This involves making an
exact replica of your splashback and all fittings such as sockets or light switches. This stage is
crucial because if the measurements are wrong then the splashback glass either will not fit or

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The Buyers Guide to Splashbacks
will be uneven. The person doing the measuring should check everything and use a spirit level
and other tools such as lasers to ensure accuracy.

Step 3 – Manufacture

Based on the template your splashback will be made based on your measurements. The glass
will be cut using specialist machinery. A good quality supplier will ensure that your splashback
is made using the smallest number of separate pieces. This helps to ensure that there are a
minimal number of joins in the splashback and the smoothest possible finish.

Step 4 – Installation and Fitting

The third and final visit to your home will be to fit the finished splashback. The splashback
pieces will be glued to the wall using a strong adhesive. This is the moment of trust! If
everything has been measured correctly and manufactured precisely then the splashback will fit
on the wall like a glove. This is what you are paying for by getting a bespoke splashback – the
quality of the final fitting and finish. A made to measure splashback should fit precisely against
the wall and top of the cabinets. Typically there is a 0.5m margin of error in the manufacturing
process so things can go wrong at this stage even if all the procedures have been followed
correctly .

That’s it. By this stage you will have spent quite a lot of time and money on your splashback but
will be able to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful product in your home for many years to come!

Find out More about Splashbacks

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Description: The Splashback Buyers Guide tells you all about how to choose the right glass splashback for your kitchen. The guide covers issues such as splashback prices and costs and the installation process.