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									                                                                     ISSUE TWO: JUNE 2009


WINE & DINE                        CELEBRATING CORK                   COMPETITIONS
W                                                                    ROUND THE WORLD YACHT RACE
             elcome to the second edition of Coast & Country
             Magazine. The team here were delighted with
             the launch issue and we have received positive
                                                                     CLIPPER 09-10 CREW FOR CORK ANNOUNCED                     2
             feedback from our readers and advertisers which
makes the project most gratifying.
                                                                     A CELEBRATION OF LANDSCAPE
As we are now in midsummer we have some useful gardening
features for you this time, Mark Davis enthuses about gardening
                                                                     JUST WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION OF CORK?                      4
with a polytunnel, John Hosford sets out some useful tips for
June and the Trading Post, Drimoleague is a treasure trove of        BEAUTY ADVICE
unusual items for the garden.
                                                                     CREAM YOUR WAY TO SOFT HANDS                              7
It would not be summer without the barbecue. We have some
useful recipes here for you to try out and we have a special offer   ENJOY THE WONDER OF MUSIC
on the Grilletto - one of the most versatile charcoal barbecuing
systems for home and travel.
                                                                     THE ACADEMY AND ALLEGRO MUSIC SHOP, CLONAKILTY           10

This edition of Coast & Country is packed with competitions for
you to enter, please also check out
                                                                     A FINE DAY OUT
for even more competitions. So, start sending in your entries as
                                                                     BLACKWATER CASTLE, CASTLETOWNROCHE, CO. CORK             14
soon as possible.

Until July,
                                                                     WINE & DINE
                                                                     UMMERA SMOKED PRODUCTS                                   18
Linda O’Leary                                                        INCHYDONEY ISLAND LODGE & SPA SMELLING OF ROSETTES       19
                                                                     HOT BARBECUE RECIPES AND WINE SUGGESTIONS                20

                                                                     MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR GARDEN
Editor: Linda O’Leary                                                LIFE IN A POLYTUNNEL                                     22
Marketing Executive: Jayne McCarthy                                  HOSFORDS SUMMER GARDENING TIPS                           23
Design: Paul Goode
Published by:                                                        INÉ ANISH
                                                                     TAKING A BROWSE AROUND THE FARLEY’S LATEST VENTURE       25

                                                                     IMAGE - IT’S ALL ABOUT IMAGE
For comments or enquiries please call us on 023 8829048 or           TALKING TO IMAGE CONSULTANT, JOAN CASHMAN                26
Shannon House, Connolly Street, Bandon, Co. Cork.
                                                                     KISS AND MAKE UP
                                                                     WEDDING BEAUTY TIPS FROM RACHEL MUCKLEY                  34

                                                                     CANINE SOCIAL SYSTEM
                                                                     DOG HANDLING ADVICE FROM LIZ MAHONY                      38

                                                                     MODEL RAILWAY VILLAGE
              visit us online at                                     A GREAT FAMILY DAY OUT IN CLONAKILTY                     40                                              COMPETITIONS
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   directory and much more besides... drop by, take a
read, submit your What’s On listings and classified ads
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15                              % & WARDROBES
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                   & CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE
SPECIALISTS IN: Kitchens • Kitchen Appliances • Timber Flooring • Household Doors • Wardrobes • Internal Joinery Products

                                                                                                      E NOW
                                                                                                 WE AR ISTS OF

Clogheen Business Park, Blarney Road, Cork       Kinsale Road, Turners Cross, Cork           Mill Road, Midleton, Cork
   Tel: 021 422 8800 Fax: 021 439 2446       Tel: 021 4969 010 Fax: 021 4969 011      Tel: 021 463 0179 Fax: 021 462 1672

          Email:         Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9.00am - 5.30pm

                                                                           we’re all looking for the same thing from the race and we’re
                                                                           gelling well together. We’ve made a good start on putting our
                                                                           campaign together. I’m sure we’re going to do Cork proud.     ”
                                                                                The race is contested by ten identical stripped down
                                                                           68-foot racing yachts, each sponsored by a city, region or
                                                                           country. As well as Cork, already confirmed for Clipper 09-
                                                                           10 are Hull & Humber, representing the host port for this
                                                                           edition of the race, Uniquely Singapore, Qingdao, Cape
                                                                           Breton Island and California. The remaining four yachts will
                                                                           be named in the coming weeks ahead of the race start from
                                                                           the Humber, on the east coast of England, on 13 September
                                                                                Cork is sponsored by Fáilte Ireland, Cork County Council
                                                                           and Cork City Council, with aim of driving tourism and inward

                                                                           investment to the region. To this end representatives from Cork
                                                                           County Council along with the other international sponsors
                                                                           attended a symposium prior to the Crew Allocation event.
                                                                                The Clipper Race was founded by sailing legend Sir

                                                                           Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail solo and non-stop
                                                                           around the world, and this will be the seventh time his teams
                                                                           of amateur sailors will circumnavigate the planet, taking the
                                                                           number of people who have taken part to more than 2,000.

                    wo people from Co. Cork are among the 43-strong             Addressing the massed crews Sir Robin said, “It’s not
                    team of men and women who will crew the 68-foot        easy to sail around the world. It is tough. But then why do
                    racing yacht, Cork, in the Clipper 09-10 Round the     it if it’s easy? Where’s the satisfaction? It’s doing the tough
                    World Yacht Race. The team includes 15 crew from       things in life that gives you satisfaction – take the hard route
           Ireland, as well as people from the UK, Australia, South        and afterwards look back on it and say, ‘I did something
           Africa and Canada.                                              pretty special.’ That’s what all of you are doing.
               Mark Markey, 42, a marketing director from Clogherhead,          “Bear in mind that more people have climbed Mount Everest
           Co Louth, is delighted to be named in the Cork crew. “I’m       now than have sailed around the world so what you are doing is
           really happy! Ever since Cork was announced as an entry         very special. When you come back you will be different – we’ve
           I’ve wanted to be in this team. Our skipper Richie’s a great    seen it in every race. You’ll have faced nature in the raw, put
           guy and we’ve got a really good group of people in the team.    up with the cold wave going down the back of your neck at 2
           I’m doing Leg 1 and I’m on the waiting list for Leg 7 so I’m    o’clock in the morning when you’d just woken up. But you’ll have
           really hoping I’ll get the chance to race into Cork as well.    achieved something you can be very proud of.
               Mark was one of more than 300 adventurers who travelled          “When you come back I want to hear you say two things.
           from all over the world to England and Portsmouth’s Historic    One: ‘That’s the best thing I’ve done with my life.’ And the
           Dockyard on Saturday 30 May to discover which of the ten        next thing, because then I know you really have benefitted,
           teams competing in Clipper 09-10 they will represent. Three-    is when you turn around and say, ‘So far.’ Go on and live your
           quarters of the 422 men and women who will be taking part                                      ”
                                                                           lives, it’s what it’s all about.
           in this gruelling challenge of a lifetime came together to
           meet their skippers and new team mates, travelling from as         The Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race starts from the
           far afield as Perth in Western Australia, Oman, China, Nova     Humber on the east coast of the UK on 13 September 2009. The
           Scotia in Canada, across the UK and Ireland.                    race is contested by ten identical stripped down 68-foot racing
               The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is the only global   yachts, each sponsored by a city, region or country. Clipper was
           competition where people from all walks of life can step        founded by sailing legend Sir Robin Knox Johnston and the
           out of their comfort zones and sign up to race 35,000-miles     Clipper 09-10 race will be the seventh time his teams of amateur
           around the world. They come from backgrounds as varied as       sailors will circumnavigate the planet.
           marketing executives, nurses, bankers, engineers and chief         The Clipper 09-10 route will take them from the Humber
           executives who represent more than 30 nationalities.            to Europe, Rio de Janeiro, South Africa, Western Australia,
               Cork will be under the expert guidance of skipper Richie    Singapore, Qingdao, California, Panama, the Caribbean, NewYork,
           Fearon, 27 Richie, who has sailed for most of his life in Co.   Cape Breton Island, Cork and back to the Humber, where they are
           Donegal, says “I’m really pleased with the team I have –        due to arrive on 17 July 2010. www.clipperroundtheworld

 Dunloe Golf Course                                                               Harbour Cruise aboard

                                                                           ‘Spirit of Kinsale’

             Gap of Dunloe
     Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland                                                       Scheduled trips daily
            Tel: 064 66 44578                                          See tourist office, departure point and website for times.
                                                                       Booking not necessary, be at departure point 10 minutes
   Email:                                                    before the scheduled time.
                                                                        Boat departs from the quay, just beyond Actons Hotel.
                                                                Phone 021 4778946 or 086 2505456

                                                                        Mahers Outdoor,
                                                                        Parnell Place, Cork
                                                                        t: 021 4279233

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                                                                        Mahers Fitness,
                                                                        Oliver Plunkett St, Cork
                                                                        t: 021 4276510


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                                                  hat is the attraction     the traditions that make this
                                                  of Cork?     – Many       County special -the trotting
                                                  talk of the rugged        races, road bowling, horse fairs
                by Debbie Heaphy       coastline: the unique intensity      and country shows.
                                       of light, the shades of green.
                                       The wind torn hedgerows, the         I have also during wet and
                                       colourfully painted towns, the       windy days immersed myself
                                       small villages, hardy weather        in the local literature. I have
                                       resilient people, and the diverse    just finished Damien Enrights
                                       communities. All of these are        “A Place Near Heaven - A Year
                                       elements of the Cork landscape       in West Cork”. Damien takes us
                                       and often the subjects of the        on a year long journey, month
                                       many artists and photographers       by month, through the seasons
                                       who work here.                       of West Cork. He describes his
                                                                            experiences and shares his
                                       Studying a landscape requires        knowledge of his landscape.
                                       immersing yourself in the            Many of his observations have
                                       literature, history and lives of a   filled gaps in my knowledge,
                                       community. Over the past few         often answering the questions
                                       years I have become enlightened      that I have asked myself. I
                                       to the many aspects of our           would recommend this book to
                                       local and natural history. Each      anyone interested in the local
                                       landscape has a stratification of    environment. It’s a great read
                                       communities comprising those         and reminds us to cherish this
                                       who have chiselled a living out      place that we are lucky enough
                                       of the landscape for generations     call home.
                                       - the farmer, the fisherman, the
                                       horse trader.                        Visitors to Cork when walking
                                                                            and enjoying the hedgerows
                                       Those who have documented            and farm landscapes often
                                       and celebrated this landscape        lament the rural landscapes
                                       through words and pictures i.e.,     of their childhoods. Long
                                       the storyteller, the writer, the     distant memories of tree-lined
                                       artist, and the poet. Those who      hedgerows intermingled with
                                       go about their daily business        wild flowers, each giving way to
                                       thus providing the heart and soul    the next as the seasons change.
                                       of the landscape - the publican,     The first flower of spring the
                                       the teacher, the children, the       Celandine, followed by the
                                       butcher, the postman and the         Bluebell and the Primrose
                                       visitor.                             to be replaced as the season
                                                                            progresses by Lady’s Smock,
                                       I have been lucky enough through     Ransoms       and      Foxgloves.
                                       my work and daily comings and        Woven together by the heather,
                                       goings to experience some of         navelwort, pennywort, and

fern. This unique flora and fauna          end of a tradition, or the retirement
maintained by the mildness of the Gulf     of one generation passing on control
Stream and our geographical location       to the next.
provides us with the background to
our landscape. The other aspects of        What is clear is that the landscape of
our landscape, those shaped by man         Cork is important to us and to those
i.e., the standing stone, the hedgerow,    who we charge with governing our
the farm walls and buildings, the          society and economy. They need to
machinery, the fishing – are the other     consider all the aspects and elements
elements that define our character.        of our landscape that make us
Very often we take the landscape of
our lives for granted, its just there,     Thinking      on    the     “landscape
the backdrop to daily life. Sometimes      scale” provides a panacea for the
we may suddenly notice that some           environment as it ensures that all
aspect of our landscape has gone - as      aspects are considered including
is often the nature of change. We are      flora, fauna, habitats and amenity.
not sure just when and how, but are        Politicians and policy makers need
aware that something is missing.           to appreciate the local and the
                                           ordinary and indeed the story of every
Having lived and worked in Cork            stakeholder in this land. What I have
for the last four years I have been        been talking about here is Sustainable
experiencing    and    photographing       Development a policy that requires
many of the aspects that first attracted   planning and development on the
me to this place. In this short time       landscape scale. We have a wonderful
I have witnessed minute changes            asset in our landscape and it is our
along the coast, in the land and           responsibility to ensure that we treat
communities. Some changes happen           it with respect and sensitivity.
because change is a part of life. Some
changes are due to nature - climate or     Debbie Heaphy (BSc, PhD, MIEnvSci)
weather, but many can be attributed        is an Environmental Scientist and
to man including changes in farming        Photographer living and working in
policy, or decisions by planners, or       West Cork. For more information
even changes in land ownership.            please visit her website.
Some changes are cultural: the
passing of a local character and the

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Here’s your chance to win one of        Allied escape network; and hired
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and factually accurate.                 to the danger which crackles and
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                                                                                     Sunday, 21st June 2pm-5pm                 Tuesday, 23rd June 2009

                                        PREGNANCY CARE SERVICE
                                            Cork Telephone number
  WE’RE HERE TO HELP                            021 4270445
  Our confidential, all women           Helpline number 1850 281 281
    service is free. We offer
  Pregnancy Tests, sympathetic                   Local address:
  counselling and care: advice              123 Patrick Street, Cork.
   on medical, legal and Social                                                                         Book now! Tickets €45
   Welfare aspects; help with                    Open Mon/Fri:                         Call 01 8452957 or send an email to
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               Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is
               formulated to soften hands, minimises age spots and
               help to strengthen nails. The active ingredients of
               sesame oil extract, shea butter, Japanese Mulberry
               and Condurango bark extract make an impressive
               line up. Certainly the soft fragrance is very pleasing
               and the cream is easily absorbed into the skin. Priced
               at €19.50 for 100ml

               Lavera Basis Hand Cream is a natural skin care
               product and part of the expanding Lavera body
               care range. Containing an assortment of oils such
               a jojoba, soybean, shea butter and essential oils,
               this very creamy hand cream is ideal for dry hands.
               The addition of marigold and chamomile extracts
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               Well priced at €5.10 for 125ml
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                Burt’s Bee is another of the ever growing array of
                natural skin care products. An interesting company
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                covering the contents are serious good. Burt’s Bee
                clearly believe that there is a need for soft, elegant
hands, as they offer eight hand creams to choose from. We have
chosen Beeswax and Banana made with aloe vera, vitamin E and of
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               Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy Cream. Again                  Look for our Special
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               The ingredients also contain jojoba oil, shea butter,
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               A 60 second recovery treatment for hands, the cream
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               Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream. This hand
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                                                                                                     Tel: 028 40387
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                                                 antry Art Gallery is more than just a gallery, it is an “Art Life Style”

BANTRY ART GALLERY                               shop. The gallery shows a collection of contemporary international
                                                 original art, photographs, serigraphs and master etchings as well
                                                 as unique mouth –blown glass objects, ceramic sculpting, bronze
                                         statues and one-off handmade jewellery.

                                         Art materials from “basic“ to “fancy” ready-made mount boards and frames,
                                         standard and oval canvases and gifts are all mixed in an “eye pleasing”
                                         presentation. The custom framing department has over 170 different
                                         mouldings in stock, varying from contemporary to classic designs.

      OR I G I N AL ART
      R E ADY M ADE F R A M ES
       ART M AT ER I AL S
       G I F TS
       Bantry Town, Co. Cork.            Much to see and choose from; from a simple brush or bar of artist’s soap, to
                                         the finished works of well established international artists. A visitor called it
       Tel: 087 793 6565                 a “one stop shop with very much VFM (value for money) prices”      .
       Email:          Opening hours; Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 6 o’clock, Sundays and
                                         Mondays closed. Tel: 087 793 6565, Email:

                                                Official Opening of:
                                                An Doras Nua Gallery
                                                Spillers Lane
                                                Co. Cork

                                                ‘The Familiar Unknown’
                                                3rd – 23rd July

                                                An inspiring collection
                                                of original works from                                     Peter Sadouski
                                                artists Axel Miret, Seamus
                                                Connelly and Peter

                                                From oils to pastels to
                                                heat imagery a unique,
                                                affordable collection              Official opening
                                                beyond our expectations            Friday 3rd July
                                                has created a surreal yet          @
                                                diverse selection of high          7.30pm
                                                quality pieces.                    All welcome.

ARTISTS UNVEIL MURALS INSPIRED BY                                               KINSALE ARTS WEEK 11-19 JULY
CORK’S LANDMARKS                                                                OFFICIAL LAUNCH

Community artists Deirdre Keohane and Christine Mulholland at the
launch of a set of murals at the CCTU employment resource centre on
North Main Street, Cork. The artists worked with clients at the centre to
create a set of murals depicting Cork landmarks.

         Hosfords Garden Centre, nr. Clonakilty announce
                  a Watercolour 2 day course on
         Saturday 26th September/Sunday 27th September
                        10.30am - 4.00pm

            Chrysanthemum & Autumn Flower Painting

                 €150.00 per person including lunch.

                       Beginners welcome
             086-1703635 for bookings (limited places).

                          ary Bollard, the proprietor of The Academy and Allegro Music Shop in
                          Spillers Lane, Clonakilty, West Cork, is an experienced musician both
                          as a performer and teacher. The Academy began life in 2001 when
                 Mary first began teaching music in local primary schools in the Timoleague
                 and Enniskeane areas. Local parents approached Mary and requested her to
                 teach their children instrumental lessons. Recognising the need for all children
                 to experience the joy of music, Mary began teaching music to children as young
                 as four.

                 Eight years later the music school has grown significantly and has moved
                 to Spillers Lane, Clonakilty. The Academy provides a friendly, positive and
                 supportive environment, in which the musical ability of the individual is
                 encouraged and nurtured. Lessons are enjoyable occasions where the pupil
                 flourishes at their own pace.

                 The Allegro Music Shop evolved when Mary saw the need for a music shop
                 where instruments, sheet music, books and accessories could be purchased
                 locally without the need to travel to Cork City. Quality instruments are supplied
                 at keen prices, Fender, Takamine and Ovation guitars are available, as well as
                 acoustic and electric violins, Mary supplies Marshall amplification equipment
                 and where instruments are not stocked Mary can source and obtain these to
                 suit the players requirements.

                 Mary is well qualified in her field, she is an experienced performer and has been
                 a leader of the Cork Youth Orchestra and Cork Symphony Orchestra in addition
                 to working with the National Symphony Orchestra. She has performed in the
                 USA, the UK and Europe, both as a soloist and chamber music player. In 1991
                 Mary went to the UK where she was Head of Strings in the West Berkshire Area
                 as part of the Berkshire Young Musicians Trust for many years. Mary returned
                 to Ireland in 2001 and is currently a lecturer in Strings in the Cork School of
                 Music. Mary now performs regularly with the Cork Chamber Orchestra and she
                 also freelances. Mary has an honours degree in Music, she is an Associate of
                 the Royal Academy of London (both performing) and affiliated to the European
                 Suzuki Institute.

                 The Academy and Allegro Music shop can be found at the Old Mill, Spillers
                 Lane, Clonakilty, West Cork. Tel: 023 8858879

       Decor Shop
              STOCKISTS OF:
               and much more...
FARROW & BALL Traditional Papers & Paint

                                                         Q U A L I T Y B U I L T - I N S L I D I N g
                                                         WA R D R O B E S M A D E T O O R D E R

      HIGH STREET, BANTRY, CO. CORK                                 T E L :      0 86       2590 0 93
                                                              K i r i na , G l asl I nn Roa d , B a nd on, Co. Cor k .
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                                                       Irish	Wood	Available
                                                    •	 Computer	Aided	Design	Available
                                                    •	 Bespoke	Design
                                                    •	 Hand	Crafted	In-Frame	Kitchens
                                                    •	 Painted	and	Hand	Painted	Kitchens
                                                    •	 Office	and	Bedroom	Furniture
                                                    •	 Granite,	Marble	and	Quartz	Tops
                                                    •	 Excellent	Quality
LOCALLY MADE BLINDS                                 •	 Personal	Service

                                                    CORK	CITY	AND	COUNTY	COVERED

                                                                 Tel:	023	8847934
                                                     Mobile:	086	2304103	•	Email:
                                                    Visit	our	showroom	@	1	Main	Street,	Enniskeane,	Co.	Cork
                                                              Tue	-	Fri:	10am	-	6pm	•	Sat:	10am	-	3pm

GM Kitchen & Bedroom Designs
Unit 2 West Link Park, Sarsfield Road, Cork.

Bringing a high quality individual design to your kitchen
whether contemporary or traditional.
Stylish, functional bedrooms bringing a unique design to
and enhancing any property.
FREE 2m Sliderobe with every €4500 Kitchen Purchase.
Terms & Conditions may apply.

Tel: 021 4341059
Mobile: 087 2725725


               aryann’s Curtains & Interiors has
               re-opened along Market Quay in an
               impressive new shop just a short
      stroll from her old premises in Bandon.
      Maryann is well known in the area and has
      considerable experience with interiors and
      curtains. She has been associated with
      Bandon for the last thirteen years and holds
      a diploma in Interior Design. She is always
      happy to advise the customer and give as
      much practical help as she can instore.
      For interior design in your home Maryann
      recommends an interior designer well known
      to her and who is highly recommended. All            here too. At Maryann’s quality matters at all times. For that truly
      budgets are catered for from luxury to the           professional job call to Maryann’s Curtains & Interiors, Market
      lower end job – maybe for rental property or         Quay, Bandon, Co. Cork. Tel: 023 88 29723
      just a quick fix.

      Maryann has a huge choice of fabrics
      to choose from suitable for curtains,
      bedspreads, blinds, table-runners, napkins,
      cushions, loose covers and upholstery.
                                                                                              CURTAINS & INTERIORS
      The jobs are endless and the customer can
      mix and match, co-ordinate or contrast.
                                                                 ACCESSORIES:                    FABRICS:
      In addition, Maryann’s      has all types of
      blinds available from      Blackout, Roman,
      Velux, Roller, Venetian,   Wooden Venetian,
      Vertical, London Blinds    and Pleated - the
      choice is endless.

      Beautiful curtain poles, curtain rails, even
      curtain wire is always available. In addition
      to custom made curtains, Maryann’s stocks
      a selection of ready made curtains to suit
      all budgets and of course you can purchase
      the fabric to make up yourself. Loose covers
      can also be made as well as upholstery work,
      which can be arranged by Maryann. For the
      sewing enthusiast Maryann stocks a range
      of accessories from threads, needles, curtain
      tapes and curtain lining, hooks, Velcro,
      elastic, foam to order any size, wadding for
      that patchwork quilt The remnant basket
      has a wonderful choice of odds and ends
      too. Choose from for small jobs for learners
      to the professional job.

      Maryann will do her best to source whatever
      the client is looking for. Maryann’s also has             MARKET QUAY, BANDON, CO. CORK.
      a large selection of wallpaper to choose
      from, again, she is on hand to give advice                            TEL: 023 88 29723
                                      lackwater Castle is a unique 12th century            The castle is located in the delightful and
                                      castle which has been extensively restored           picturesque village of Castletownroche. There are
                                      and offers exclusive accommodation in                some wonderful amenities in the area making it
                                one of their nine award winning suites. The fifty          an ideal place for a visit. Shoppers are well catered
                                acre estate is situated in a fabulous location             for in the small country towns of Mallow and
                                overlooking the forested valley of the river Awbeg         Fermoy approximately eight miles from the castle.
                                in the heart of the Blackwater                                               Golfers are also well catered for
                                Valley.                                                                      with a diverse range of courses
                                                                                                             in the area. North Cork is an
                                All amenities of the castle from                                             important inland fishing centre
                                ambling along the river banks                                                internationally renowned as an
                                in the grounds, relaxing in                                                  ideal lactation for trout, salmon
                                the walled kitchen garden, to                                                and course fishing in the River
                                fishing in the private river are                                             Awbeg, Blackwater, Funchean
                                open to guests. Visitors can lose                                            and Bride.
                                themselves in the castle maze,
                                they are also welcome to relax in the Tea- Room            Further enquiries should be made to Blackwater
                                library or bar within the castle itself.                   Castle, Castletownroche, Co. Cork.

                                Blackwater castle also offers spacious self catering       Tel: 022-26333
                                apartments in the recently renovated courtyard.            Email:
                                The castle grounds are a protected nature reserve          Web:
                                being home to an array of wildlife such as the
                                Peregrine falcon, game, otters and endangered
                                species such as the red squirrel.

                                                                       GLENGARRIFF MAUREEN
BLACKWATER CASTLE                                                      O’HARA FILM FESTIVAL 2009
the boutique setting for your unique wedding                           A unique event is planned for
                                                                       Glengarriff      this    summer       in
                                                                       conjunction with the long running
                                                                       Maureen O’Hara - Charles Blair
                                                                       week long festival of golf. Running
                                                                       alongside the great sporting event
                                                                       there will be screenings of some           Errol Flynn. The programme would
                                                                       of the best known movies starring          not be complete without a couple
                                                                       Maureen O’Hara Ireland’s first and         of movies with the man whom
                                                                       greatest international movie star.         she really matched blow for blow-
                                                                       Together with her husband the late         --John Wayne. McLintock is a
                                                                       Charles Blair, Maureen has had a           western retelling of The Taming Of
                                                                       home in Glengarriff for almost forty       The Shrew from 1963 and pairs
                                                                       years and has a strong attachment          the two stars beautifully and of
                                                                       to the community. She has been             course The Quiet Man from 1951
                                                                       involved in picking a selection of         is another highlight. This movie
Welcome to Blackwater Castle, a twelfth century castle with            ten movies from her long list of           directed by John Ford, again one
                                                                       starring roles and the selection           of her long time collaborators, has
 a rich heritage extending back to the Bronze Age, set high
                                                                       spans fifty years of her career—the        become synonymous with all of
 up on the banks of the River Awbeg on a protected nature              middle section of her life, as she         the people involved and won Ford
                                                                       likes to refer to it! It is anticipated    one of his four Oscars in his long
  reserve near the picturesque village of Castletownroche.             that Maureen will try to attend as         career. For the many people who
                                                                       many of the screenings as possible         have an interest in movies this is
 Blackwater Castle is an approved venue for civil marriage
                                                                       and will give an introduction to each      certainly an event not to be missed
ceremonies and we will be happy to assist you in designing             movie in her own inimitable way!           as it provides a unique showcase
                                                                            All of the genres are represented     into the long and successful career
your special day. The individually styled ensuite rooms, six           in the programme beginning with a          of someone who was part of the
                                                                       rip roaring pirate epic The Back Swan      golden age of Hollywood.
elegant reception rooms, the Old Coach House Hall, Walled
                                                                       right through to a great role in Only          The local hotels are hosting the
Garden and Garden Apartments add to this magical setting               The Lonely with John Candy. Other          events, both matinee and evening
                                                                       movies of note are Mr Hobbs Takes          shows, and the screening are
                  for your unique event.                               A Vacation with James Stewart,             taking place from June 28th to July
                                                                       the original (and best) version of         5th. Inclusive. Tickets and booking
 w w w. b l a c k w a t e r c a s t l e . c o m                        The Parent Trap made in 1961               info is available from Glengarriff
                                                                       for Disney and another seafaring           Golf Club, Glengarriff Eccles Hotel
        Tel: 026 26 333 Patrick Nordstrom                              adventure Against All Flags with           and Glengarriff Park Hotel.

                                                                                   John O’Leary Autos
                                                                                    Myler Industrial Estate, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

                                                                                    PRE NCT CHECKS
                                                                                    Service and Repair to all
                                                                                    makes of cars, vans & 4x4
                                                                                   Pre DOE Diagnostics

                                                                                    BRAKES, CLUTCHES, BATTERIES
                                                                                    & T-BELTS OUR SPECIALITY
                                                                                    TREAT YOUR CAR TO A SERVICE
                                                                                    AT JOHN O’LEARY AUTOS
                                                                                    24 HOUR BREAKDOWN SERVICE

                                                                                    A personal service and satisfaction guaranteed

Thomas Shanahan
Mobile Car Valeting Service
We come to you at home or at work. Get your car back in showroom condition.
                                           086 0655959

                                                                                    For bookings contact
                                                                                   John at 087 291 5551
                                                                                      or 021 487 0655
We have 6 Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey gift sets as prizes

                                                                       hiskey is the traditional Father’s
                                                                       Day gift, so show him how much
                                                                       you admire exceptional character
                                                           and taste with a bottle of Powers Gold Label
                                                           Irish Whiskey. Established in 1791, Powers
                                                           Gold Label is the authentic Irish Whiskey,
                                                           meticulously crafted from the finest Irish
                                                           barley and water, triple distilled for purity
                                                           and matured in oak barrels for up to seven
                                                           years. It is a superbly made whiskey with
                                                           distinctive pot-still character that makes
                                                           it a rich, round and full-flavoured drinking
                                                              Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey - Now
                                                           you’re talking.        Available nationwide,
                                                           retailing at €25.99 RRP.

                                                           How many years is Powers Gold Label Irish
                                                           Whiskey matured in oak barrels? Send your
                                                           answer, name and full contact details on a
                                                           postcard to: Powers Competition, Coast &
                                                           Country Magazine, Shannon House, Connolly
                                                           Street, Bandon, Co. Cork. All applicants must
                                                           be over 18 years old. Winners to be drawn and
                                                           notified by July 10th 2009.

         What you can get in

Café Bar & Restaurant

             Breakfast 8:00 - 11:30
              Lunch 12:00 - 17:00
  All day Special Healthy Menu
     including option for people with allergies

   Home made pastry and cakes
      Home made Ice cream
       Soft drink Cocktails

              AND MORE...
   Lovely atmosphere, a smile and good prices...
     Visit us even for coffee or tea and enjoy!

  TEL: 021 482 66 22
  Unit 3/4 , Chapel Lane Row, Ballincollig, Cork.

Artisan Food Producers From Our Region

      ounty Cork has developed an enviable reputation for its food
      produce and excellence of flavours that is known throughout
      Ireland and the world. The food industry contributes greatly
to our economy and tourism. Coast & Country magazine intends

to run a regular feature showcasing the contribution made by the
artisan producer and the farmers markets in our region.

Ummera Smoked Wild Salmon achieved a reputation amongst
                                       connoisseurs of good food
                                       for the excellence of its                      3 Course Meal All Night Every Night
                                       flavours and its consistent
                                       quality. It was highly                  Open from 8am till late 7 days a week
                                       acclaimed in top review
                                       magazines and guides.                   Essink Restaurant & Catering Mallow
                                       Unfortunately, over fishing
                                       and other factors reduced
                                       the stocks of Wild Atlantic
                                       Salmon to the point where
                                       Irish commercial salmon
                                       fishing, to all intents and
                                       purposes has been banned
                                       as from 2007. Ummera
                                       Gold     Award      winning
                                       Smoked Organic Salmon is
                                       now available and can be
delivered by courier to many worldwide destinations.

Ummera has established an enviable reputation over thirty years
for fine flavours, careful curing and gentle smoking ensuring that
the finest produce is enjoyed. In the early 1970s Anthony Creswell’s
                                                                               Tel: 022 53257
father, a keen fisherman started smoking salmon that he and his                No. 2 Hibernian Way (Off Main Street), Mallow, Co. Cork.
friends were catching on the local rivers, The Argideen, The Bandon
and The Blackwater. After much trial and error he perfected methods
which are still the cornerstone of the current business and the word
soon spread. Up to the early 1980s Anthony was involved in the wine
business in vineyards and wineries from The Alsace to Australia. In
1984 he started helping his father with the smoking. It was not long
before Anthony could see a greater potential in smoking salmon
than selling wine.

In 1988 Ummera Smoked Products Ltd was created. In May 1998
Anthony Creswell took over the reins of the company from his father.
The smoking was transferred in October 2000 to a new custom-built
smokehouse, 1km upstream of its original location on The River
Ardigeen. Ummera moved into the 21st Century with confidence
that the quality of its products will be second to none.

In Autumn 2004 modifications were made to the smokehouse to
comply with the demanding standards made by the Irish Government
and The EU. This enabled Ummera to create new products, Ummera
Smoked Chicken and Smoked Dry Cured Bacon.

The company’s location in West Cork puts it in one of the most
vibrant centres of artisanal food production in Western Europe. The
vitality of the fine quality producers in the area helps to maintain
an enthusiasm and high level of interest, maintaining quality and
constantly developing expertise and excellence in the industry.
Ummera Smoked products (including Organic Salmon, Eel, Chicken
and Dry Cured Bacon with no artificial preservatives) are available
locally at a range of outlets in the area, from speciality food outlets
throughout Ireland and also direct from the Smokehouse itself.

Ummera can be contacted as follows:
Ummera Smoked Products Ltd, Inchybridge, Timoleague, Co. Cork.
Tel: + 353 23 88 46644
Twitter: @ummera


                                                                                        Sea-bass with Warm Potato, Chorizo and
                                                                                         Fine Bean Salad with Orange Dressing

                                                                                                                 Serves 2 people

                                                                                                                2 Sea Bass fillets
                                                                                                              100gm baby potatoes
                                                                                                                  50gm chorizo
                                                                                                                 50g fine beans
                                                                                                                   Fresh herbs

                                                                                                                100ml olive oil
                                                                                                            50ml fresh orange juice
                                                                                                            10ml white wine vinegar
                                                                                                              5gm Dijon mustard

                                                                                        Cook baby potatoes, trim beans and blanch them. Dice chorizo,

                                                                                         sweat in a pan and add in cooked potatoes, beans and coat in
  nchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, which celebrates its 10 year anniversary                 dressing. Pan-fry or grill sea bass. Serve Salad warm, garnish
  this year, has for the 10th year running won the two prestigious AA                          with fresh herbs and place sea-bass on the salad.
  Rosettes award for its renowned Gulfstream Restaurant. AA rosettes
  are awarded annually to the restaurants of Ireland’s top hotels for the
provision of fine cuisine.

Under the leadership of Executive Head Chef Adam Medcalf, the Gulfstream
                                                                                      To be in with a chance of winning a voucher for Sunday Lunch for two
Restaurant offers guests modern French and light Mediterranean cuisine.               people in the Gulfstream Restaurant (between 1pm and 3pm), simply
Adam strives to create Menus that are well-balanced, full of flavour and              send your name and full contact details on a postcard to:
uses the freshest of costal seafood, highest quality beef, poultry & game
& local organic products where possible. The restaurant’s signature dish is           Sunday Lunch Competition, Coast & Country Magazine, Shannon House,
pan-fried fillets of John Dory served with a white bean and truffle cassaulet,        Connolly Street, Bandon, Co. Cork. All applicants must be over 18 years
confit shiitake mushrooms and basil oil which Adam believes captures the              old. Winners to be drawn and notified by July 10th 2009.
essence of the offering at the Gulfstream Restaurant.

“To have reached the level of 2 Rosettes for cuisine and to have maintained
that standard for so long is a fantastic achievement for Inchydoney. Says
AA Director of Policy Conor Faughnan. “Inchydoney is a former AA Hotel of
the Year and standards are superb throughout. The Gulfstream Restaurant
provides an outstanding dining experience for guests. The commitment and
talent of all involved make Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa a great asset to
West Cork and to Irish Tourism. Conor Faughnan, Director of Policy

Competition for Rosettes is high with only 34, two Rosette Award winning
properties in Ireland. Two Rosettes are awarded to those restaurants that
are among the very best in their local area and which aim for and achieve
higher standards and better consistency and where a greater precision is
apparent in the cooking. “Food is prepared with care, understanding and
skill, and there is obvious attention to the selection of quality ingredients.

Head Chef, Alan Medcalf said, “We are just thrilled with this accolade.
There are many people gone before me and who work beside me who
helped to achieve this. So congratulations to all!”

Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa is situated in Clonakilty, West Cork. The
hotel boasts magnificent views over the Blue Flag beaches of Inchydoney
Island and is renowned for its Thalassotherapy treatments that create a
calming and sedative effect through the natural elements of the seawater.             Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, Clonakilty, West Cork.
Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, Cork has been named Ireland’s Leading                  Tel: 023 883 3143, Fax: 023 883 5229
Spa Resort three times at the World Travel Awards.                                    Web:

               Barbecue Recipes                                        CARRY OUT SUMMER WINES & BBQ
                                                                       by Tom Quinn

  Cheese and Fruit Skewers       Steaks In Red Wine Marinade               he team down at the Carry       Grigio, a Carry Out firm favourite
 224 g Cheddar Cheese, cut               6 T-bone steaks                   Out Off Licences in Bantry      for some time now. The Pinot
          into cubes                     ¾ cup red wine                    and Skibbereen have just        Grigio grape is certainly flavour
    16 seedless red grapes                  ¼ cup oil              finalised their special summer          of the month at the moment with
    16 small strawberries           2 tablespoons soy sauce        wine selection and I recently had       huge interest in this fresh crisp
  4 kiwis, peeled, quartered       1 tablespoon brown sugar        an opportunity to sample some           style. If our summer weather
    1 (6 ounce) container            1 clove garlic, crushed       of the selection. Both of these         keeps up this will be flying out the
 strawberry low-fat yoghurt       ½ teaspoon ground ginger         stores have one of the biggest          door, especially at the special offer
                                   ½ teaspoon dried oregano        wine selections in the area and         price of €9.99.
1. Arrange 1 of each, cheese                  leaves               are always happy to suggest old             Beringer Old Vine Zinfandel
   cube, grape, strawberry                                         favourites or highlight new arrivals    from California is the red wine
 and kiwi chunk on each of         Place steaks in single layer    for either the adventurous taster       of choice for all barbecues this
 16 small straws or wooden         in dish. Combine red wine       or budget conscious connoisseur.        summer. The ripened flavours
skewers. 2. Serve as dippers      with remaining ingredients,          The first wine featured in          and spicy character of the Old
      with the yoghurt.            mix well, pour over steaks,     the summer line up is a Chilean         Vine Zinfandel will work really
                                   cover, marinate 2 hours or      Sauvignon Blanc called Casa             well with sticky barbecue sauces,
                                  refrigerated overnight, turn     De Tua. This Sauvignon Blanc            meaty pork strips and burgers.
                                 steaks occasionally. Barbecue     comes from a group of relatively            An ideal summer wine and one
                                     until cooked as desired.      small producers based just south        definitely worth treating yourself
                                             Serves 6.             of Chile’s central valley. It is full   to, is this sparkler – Beringer
                                                                   of citrus fruits and ripe tropical      White Zinfandel Sparkling Wine.
          Satay Beef                                               flavours including pineapple and        At under €15, Beringer delivers
       750g rump steak                                             melon. This fresh Sauvignon Blanc       exceptional fruit quality that you
 1 ½ tablespoons soy sauce                                         will be an ideal accompaniment to       will find in no other sparkling wine
    2 teaspoons cornflour                                          summer salads, seafood or grilled       at that price point. Definitely the
 2 tablespoons brown sugar                                         chicken. It is on offer at €7.49 and    best of a bunch, in an increasingly
  1 teaspoon grated green                                          at that price you will do well to       popular sparkling wine selection.
            ginger                                                 find a better deal for the quality.     Be sure to try a bottle at one of your
     1 tablespoons water                                               If you like your fresh whites       barbecue parties this summer.
                                                                   you must also try Danzante Pinot

A steak on the BBQ, a salad on
the side and a glass of wine...
We have everything you need to
make a summer evening perfect

Scallys of Clonakilty

COAST & COUNTRY MARKET PLACE                                                     Son of Hibatchi Grilletto
                                                                                 This is one of the most versatile
Its barbecue time again! Avail of these special offers in conjunction            charcoal barbecuing systems for
with Iné Anish...                                                                home and travel. The ingenious
                                                                                 blast furnace concept with the
                                                                                 chimney effect enables you to be
                                                                                 cooking in less than 10 minutes and
                         Wooden Seaside Bunting                                  assures consistent heat under the
                         Evoke childhood memories, long days,                    grills. With 170 sq. in. of cooking
                         parties, balloons, bunting, jelly and cake. This        surface and a convertible roasting oven, this power house barbecue
                         unique handmade wooden bunting comes                    can cook anything from hamburgers and hot dogs to a Chateaubriand.
                         in seaside colours, decorated by hand with              Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, when you are finished cooking
                         spots and stripes. In 2, metre lengths, it is           this grill folds into a self-cleaning oven and self-extinguishing barbecue.
                         perfect for decorating gardens, bedrooms                Then simply insert Son of Hibatchi Grilletto into the Snuff Out Pouch.
                         and parties.                                            This pouch has a flame-retardant lining, permitting you to pack up the
                                                                                 barbecue immediately after eating and take it with you or store it for use
                         Price €30 plus P&P €7                                   at your next meal. On top of that, Son of Hibatchi Grilletto saves the
                                                                                 unused charcoal for later use. This saves you time and money.
                         To order please send your cheques for €37 to            •	 easy	to	light
                         Coast & Country Magazine, Shannon House,                •	 ready	to	use	in	less	than	10	minutes
                         Connolly Street, Bandon, Co. Cork.                      •	 closes	up	for	self-cleaning
                                                                                 •	 self	extinguishing
                                                                                 •	 Snuff-Out	Pouch® for immediate portability - no need to
Willow Food Cover                                                                    wait till the grill cools down before packing it away
Ideal accessory for picnics and BBQs, keeps                                      •	 conserves	charcoal	for	multiple	use
creepies off food, keeps sandwiches cool                                         •	 removable	ash	drawer
and clean, and looks great over the cheese                                       •	 acts	as	warmer	for	cooked	foods
board.                                                                           •	 can	be	used	as	a	bake	oven
                                                                                 •	 heavy	gauge	stamped	steel	construction
Price €15 plus P&P €3.50                                                         •	 437	cm2 of cooking surface
To order please send your cheques for €18.50
to Coast & Country Magazine, Shannon                                             Normally retails at €120 but there is €20 off with this article until 18th July
House, Connolly Street, Bandon, Co. Cork.                                        2009 to be collected at Iné Anish, Main Street, Leap, Co. Cork.

                                                                                    The BBQ season is now in full swing!

                                                                                                  BUTCHERS & DELICATESSEN

                                                                                         2009 Gold Medal Winners from Craft Butchers
                                                                                        Association of Ireland for honey and beef kebabs

                                                                                            2009 Silver Award for cardinal pork kebabs

  Mio's style is inspired by classic Mediterranean home cooking,                        Try our jumbo sirloin burgers a must for the BBQ
   big robust flavours along with the freshest quality ingredients.                              Sweet chilli chicken packs €1.99
Great Pasta/Pizza/Salads & Steaks as well as daily black board                                       5 Steakburgers €2.49
specials and a good selection of dishes your kids will love! Lighter
dishes and smaller portions of our pasta & salads are available for                    Try our home cured and cooked honey baked ham
               lunch together with other classic dishes.
      An ideal party venue for stags & hens and all occasions.                                  All home cooked meats available for
for you’ll find us beside IFG Mortgages in the heart of Clonakilty.                                     stations and parties

        Open daily 12.30 to 10pm.                                                                              Fresh fish daily
       We look forward to seeing you ..
  No 1 Connolly Street, Clonakilty, West Cork                                             Scully's Butchers & Delicatessen, Pearse Street,
Tel: 023 88 58571 E:                                                 Clonakilty, Co. Cork. Tel: 023 88 58881

                                                                               in spring and autumn when it is most needed then of course what is the
                                                                               soil like? Provided it is well drained soil can always be improved or added
                                                                               to if need be. For most people it will be a compromise of their factors,
                                                                               bear in mind good quality polytunnels are robust structures and any good
                                                                               supplier should take time to listen to and evaluate the circumstances and
                                                                               advise as to the best location.

                                                                               Regards size, the single biggest mistake is to buy a polytunnel that is
                                                                               too small. Owing to their construction small polytunnels tend to be less
                                                                               economical per square meter and it is not practical to extend them to
                                                                               give more room. For most people something around 30feetx15feet
                                                                               [10x5metre] is adequate for the purpose without over stretching the bank
                                                                               balance. Most handy people can save money by erecting a polytunnel
                                                                               themselves but for those who do not wish to do so the supplier should
                                                                               do this or arrange for it to be done.

                                                                               I am often asked when is the best time to get a polytunnel. The simple
                                                                               answer is as soon as possible. As the growing cycle is continuous it can
                                                                               be started at any point and there is always growth and improvement the
                                                                               sooner the gardener starts his season the better prepared he will be for
                                                                               the next. Even now there are plenty of plants for the summer season
                                                                               available at farmers markets and nurseries that can be keep in pots while

                                                                               awaiting delivery of the polytunnel.

                                                                               As for the cost of the polytunnel it is an investment that will not only pay
                                                                               for itself, but will save money well into the future both on food and the
by Mark Davis                                                                  fuel we use in our cars to collect it. But for me much more important is
                                                                               the provision of the healthiest produce possible and that wonderful inner
                                                                               sense of wellbeing that is only experienced by those who grow their own,

             or those of us who own a polytunnel, we can only                  and that my friends is priceless.
             wonder why others who garden do not. Maybe
             they perceive polytunnels as a luxury to grow a few               For more information on a polytunnel contact Mark at Tunnel Vision
             tomatoes in, or they feel they don’t know enough                  Tel. 028-37268
       about gardening, perhaps they feel they cannot justify the              Mobile. 086-3457351.
       expense. These perceptions are far from the truth.

       There is not enough space in this article to explore all the
       benefits of owning a polytunnel, indeed the more it is used the
       more uses the gardener will develop. Step inside and enter
                                                                                        MUNSTER GARDEN MACHINE
       the equivalent of a Mediterranean/tropical climate always
       warmer than outside and sheltered from the adversities
       of wind and rain. The avid gardener can enjoy their passion
       for the pastime when it suits rather than being subject to
       the elements. The winter period is shortened while spring,
       summer and autumn are all extended.

       With enhanced growth due to the polytunnel, crops
       can be grown in smaller successive batches providing
       a constant supply of produce whilst economizing on
       space and effort thus providing a mainstay produce crop
       throughout the year. Summer exotics such as tomatoes,
       peppers, melons, cucumbers etc. many which are next to                            4 Stroke Petrol Models from €195.99
       impossible to grow outdoors flourish inside the polytunnel
       giving an abundant supply. Why not trail a grapevine,
                                                                                             Self-propelled from €258.99
       peach or kiwi along the ridge!                                                       Petrol Strimmers from €149.99
       Many crops will migrate in and out of the polytunnel, peas,                     Ride on mowers and all types of garden
       beans, cauliflower, early potatoes to mention but a few, move                      machinery at unbelievable prices.
       in during the autumn, crop through the spring and move
       back to the outside garden in early summer, making room
                                                                                                  Why pay more?
       for the summer exotics once again. Added to this perfect
       conditions are afforded for propagating seeds, cuttings and
       other plants for the outside garden be they fruit, vegetable or                 POLYTUNNELS
       ornamental for the flower garden putting the gardener ahead                      High quality low price for
       of the season and leaving the choice of the right conditions                     town and country gardens
       for planting out.

       Choosing a polytunnel can be daunting for anyone who has                        Tel: Mark 028-37268 Mobile: 086-3457351
       never used one. First consider what room is available have and                      Email:
       try to site it convenient to the house and a water supply. If it
       is in a sheltered area consider what sunlight will be available

By John Hosford

Sow the following hardy              •	 A	 polythene	 tunnel	 is	 an	       Gardening by the sea                      of containers and is proven
annuals now directly into               essential facility in the garden    We have an invaluable free                time and time again as a
the ground where they are to            allowing you to garden in all       guide for people who garden               most excellent product.
flower:                                 weathers protecting you and         by the sea, ask for a copy. Do       •	   We	 stock	 slow	 releasing	
•	 Nigella	(love	in	a	mist)             your plants from the worst          put a good salt tolerant wind             fertilisers, water retaining
•	 Calendula                            ravages of the weather.             break in place to maximise your           gels for your containers.
•	 Virginian	Stock                   •	 Polytene	tunnels	are	on	sale	       possibilities                        •	   We	have	a	wide	array	of	pre-
•	 Night	scented	stock                  here at Hosfords 3 sizes:                                                     lined hanging baskets.
•	 Nasturtiums	 ideal	 for	 quick	   	 •	 16ftx12ft                         Moss                                 •	   Many	 of	 our	 window	 boxes	
   covering of banks                 	 •	 24ftx12ft                         Armillatox is the answer to               are now pre-drilled for the
•	 Cosmea                            	 •	 32ftx12ft                         moss on lawns, patios, drives,            best possible drainage.
•	 Cornflower                        We have an excellent range of          concrete paths, glasshouse and       •	   Liquid	feeds	in	stock
•	 Gypsophila	 Covent	 Garden	       gardening books, smallholding,         polytunnels.                         	    •	 Miracle	gro
   White                             cookery, food and local interest,                                           	    •	 Phostrogen
•	 Godetia                           tide tables, maps, walking             Hanging Baskets, window              	    •	 One
•	 Sow	 now	 to	 flower	 next	       guides.                                boxes, patio containers              •	   Tomato	 foods	 including	
   Spring/early Summer                                                      •	 We	 have	 an	 amazing	                 Brandon
•	 Sweet	William                     Vegetables to sow directly                variety of plants to suit all     •	   Terracota,	 ceramic	 and	
•	 Wallflowers                       outside where they are to                 situations, aspect and colour          plastic pots in a range of
•	 Forget-me-not                     mature:                                   combinations.                          sizes, designs and budgets.
•	 Digitalis	(foxglove)              •	 Beetroot,	 Cabbage	 April,	         •	 We	 have	 the	 ingredients	 to	
•	 Vegetables                           Wheelers Imperial, Flower of           bring out the very best in        Hosfords is a destination for all
                                        Spring – these varieties are           your summer displays for          seasons and occasions-contact
Sow now under cover ideally             sown 21st July-15th August.            2009. We stock all the Bord       us today.
in an electrically powered           •	 Carrots	 sow	 directly	 into	          na Mona Shamrock range
propagator:                             ground up to mid-June.                 of composts including the
•	 Runner	beans                      •	 Parsnips                               new Growise range. Gee-up         Tel. 023-8839159
•	 French	beans                      •	 Lettuce                                is ideal to add to the base       Fax 023-8839300
•	 Sweet	corn                        •	 Swedes
•	 Marrows                           •	 Turnips/radishes
•	 Squashes                          •	 Kohl	rabi
•	 Pumpkins
•	 Cucumbers
•	 Outdoor	Tomatoes
                                     •	 Peas
                                     •	 French	beans
                                     •	 Broad	beans
•	 Courgettes                        •	 Roses
•	 Cabbage                           •	 Continue	 spraying	 with	
•	 Lettuce                              Roseclear    or    Multi-rose
•	 Broccoli                             against blackspot.
•	 Cauliflower                       •	 Feed	late	June.
•	 Use	 Bord	 na	 Mona	 Organic	
   Gold when sowing and              Slugs
   planting out.                     Protect vulnerable flower and
•	 Use	peat	pots	for	sowing	the	     vegetable plants especially
   larger seeds, one seed per        Hostas, Dahlias, Delpiniums,
   3-inch peat pot.                  Lettuce      and     Cabbages.
•	 Cover	 the	 seed	 with	           Remember; the damper the
   vermiculite.                      weather, the more active and
•	 Use	 clean	 compost,	 clean	      consequently the more damage
   trays, clean glass house.         that will occur.
•	 Keep	 everything	 clinically	
   clean to minimise damping         Blight
   off disease which can result      Protect potatoes and tomatoes
   in rapid death and fatalities     with a protective spray of
   of      young,     vulnerable     Dithane-945     or     Bordeaux
   seedlings.                        mixture. Watch for blight
•	 Read	 the	 reverse	 of	 the	      warnings on weather bulletins
   seed packets carefully they       on TV, radio and on the www.
   always contain a wealth  website.
   of invaluable information.
   This information includes         Gardening on the radio
   recommendations on when           I continue to broadcast my
   to sow, best temperatures,        gardening slot on C103fm the
   planting out and maturity         first Wednesday of the month
   times.                            at 12.15pm

                          TREE CARE
     Tree Surgery
     Dangerous Tr                    arance
         veys / Repor             Remo
    Pr                                r

   Chainsaw & Tree Care
     Training Courses
          Now Running
        T         a        T    Tra
     FÁ R             r     a ra Approv

   Call Save 1850 330 000
Trees are some of mankind’s most      carry out any necessary work
precious assets and should be         and still leave the tree looking as

                                                                                        kilty            Garden Cen
treated with the upmost respect       natural as is practically possible.
and care. Even trees in domestic         It    is    important     when                                            tr e
gardens are as important to us        employing an arborist to choose            C        The Curragh, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
as our woodlands as they offer        one     with    the    appropriate
not only amenity value to their       arboriculture insurance cover.
surroundings but also in some            A tree care company should                 Open 7 days 023 8836917
cases, are complete eco systems       have insurance which should
in themselves offering many           adequately describe the work
sources of wildlife a good habitat.   it carries out, as only such an
Indeed, the more mature trees         insurance policy will cover
that have been subject to small       a claim in the event of an
amounts of decay, i.e. cavities       accident.
and deadwood are ideal for both          Landowners should always
nesting birds and insect life.        insist on an insurance certificate
   In order to maintain and           and if in any doubt of the
prolong the life span of your         certificates validity, should call
trees, it is crucial to seek expert   the insurer or insurance broker
advice. If your trees are becoming    directly to confirm.
a problem, i.e. lack of light,           Dermot Casey Tree Care is a
too much deadwood or even             family run business that was
outgrowing their environment,         established in 1972. The service
a qualified arborist will be able     is nationwide with depots in
to advise you in the best possible    Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Tipperary,
way as to the necessary steps to      Limerick, Dublin and Galway and
solve your particular problem,        provides a professional service
but at the same time do what is       to a number of Ireland’s leading
right for the tree.                   semi-state and state bodies as
   Unfortunately, there are still     well as private landowners.
far too many trees receiving             In recent years, they have set
substandard treatment which           up an accredited training facility           Bedding Plants Hanging baskets and
can be both detrimental to the        which offers chainsaw and                    window boxes Refill service available
health and vigour of the tree and     professional tree care courses               ~ Large selection of shrubs and perennials ~ Statues ~
to the amenity value. In many         and tailor made courses.                   ~ Compost at recession busting prices ~ Half-price pots ~
cases, an expert arborist, after         Visit for                        ~ Vegetable seeds and plants ~
giving you correct advice, will       more information.
INÉ ANISH              That’s the motto of Tim &            Trading Post
  Cultivate            Lauraine Farley owners of
                       Iné Anish, Main Street, Leap,
                                                            Do you have something old stowed in the attic
                                                            or sitting in the shed, a pair of rusty gates, old
  a friendly           who have just embarked on a          iron bed, jug and bowl, Grandad’s old gardening
                       new project at The Hawthorne         tools for example? Do you keep meaning to
atmosphere,            Creamery, Drimoleague, West          do something about selling them but never find
and the rest           Cork.                                the time?

 will follow          The Farley’s latest venture has       Well here is the solution...
                      just opened its doors selling         New to West Cork, Ireland - a Trading Post at the
                      Old & New Furniture, Bric-A-          Hawthorne Creamery. You can bring your items
      Brac, Architectural Salvage as well as providing      along and let Iné Anish have a look at what you
      a restoration service. There’s loads to look at       have on offer (no electrical items can be taken).
      and it will be a good place to go for a mooch         A selling price is then agreed with you and your
      or a browse.                                          items will be put to sale through the Trading
                                                            Post - there will be a small handling fee charged
      The stock is a varied assortment of ‘Farley           per item.
      Finds’: Period Furniture; Country Kitchenelia
      (decorative old and new kitchenwares which            If your item doesn’t sell within a timeframe,
      help to put the finishing touches to your kitchen);   you will take it back. Iné Anish can also source
      Nautical Items; Garden Ornaments and Tools;           items for you - tell them what you are looking
      General Household bric a brac.                        for and they will attempt to source it for you!
                                                            It’s a One Stop Trading Post with superb quality
      Of particular interest...                             at a fair price.

                                                            There is an emporium of wonderful things at
      Storage                                               Iné Anish, it really is a little treasure trove just
      Stow clutter out of sight with Iné Anish’s            waiting to be discovered!
      selection of boxes, trunks, old leather suitcases,
      blanket boxes, tea chests and more...                 Open Monday to Friday 10.00am till 5.00pm.

                                                                                                      Celtic tiger people loved their retail therapy
                                                                                                      and they loved buying and if it didn’t fit
                                                                                                      with their wardrobe they buy something
                                                                                                      else. It didn’t matter But now when they
                                                                                                      are buying they want the items to work
                                                                                                      with their wardrobe. They need to mix and


                                                                                                      If you feel inhibited about having a
                                                                                                      consultation with an image consultant for a
by Sabina Jennings                                                                                    number of reasons, such as your figure not
                                                                                                      being what you think it should be or, that

     or many employing an image                                               trained in make-up      you have lost the plot for so long you feel
     consultant is perceived as being a                                       artistry. She was in    you are beyond redemption - think on. “I
     prerogative of the rich and famous, but                                  a position to offer     don’t like pointing out negative things about
Joan Cashman director and founder of the                                      a unique service.       women. I like to focus on the positive areas
Colour and Image Academy in Cork soon                                         “In the beginning I     of a woman’s body” said Joan.
dispelled that myth when I had the pleasure                                   worked with make-
of meeting her. “Everyday life for me is on                                   up artists and I had    For many women, the thought of going
the ground dealing with people on a one to                                    no money, but I         clothes shopping is usually filled with
one” enthused Joan.                                                           absolutely loved all    excitement; the reality is a disappointing
                                                                              of it” smiled Joan      experience terminating in some coffee
Joan is one of Europe’s award-winning image                                   with her engaging       shop praying for help. I asked Joan whether
consults, and I was curious to know from                                      enthusiasm.             she takes her clients “personal shopping”.
her what type of person seeks her expert                                                              Yes, she did. The shopping is an intense
advice. Joan explained “There are career           The next stage for Joan was to have her own        two hour experience “an image consultant
women who work for companies and there             room where she could work one or two days          needs to know how to get something
are those who are self-employed and their          a week. She was an instant success. But the        for less money, but looking as similar as
needs are different. I tend to separate the        company Colour Me Beautiful soon realised          possible to designer wear” confirmed Joan.
self-employed women from those who are in          that they needed Joan to spearhead their           However, Joan prefers her clients to have a
the environment working for a company.”            team here in Ireland. She was head hunted          three hour colour and image session prior
                                                   and managed fifty-four image consultants.          to going personal shopping, so that she can
As Joan emphasised that today in our times         Her days were long; doing road show, public        understand the client’s needs. “If women
of recession, where jobs are scarce, you must      speaking, attending exhibitions, giving            know in the first place what they are looking
look the part when presenting yourself at          interviews and interestingly, retraining           for when they go shopping, the shopping
an interview. “People buy your energy, they        some of the existing image consultant for          experience will be far more successful…. A
buy your personality before they open the          the company. “I taught them that you have          lot of women haven’t a clue what to look for,
book to see what your CV is like… 55% is           be on the same level as your clients – we are      what to avoid, how to put things together,
based on your appearance and 38% body              all women” said Joan.                              what fabric or accessories suits them and
language and voice and only 7% on your CV”                                                            that’s where I come in” explained Joan.
says Joan.                                         After several years of working for Colour Me
                                                   Beautiful, Joan came to cross roads in her         If you are one the many thousands of women
Given those statistics, unless you are             life and six years ago decided to open her         who struggle daily on your appearance and
completely confident in your appearance            own academy. Her ambition was to present           wish for someone to wave a magic wand to
seeking the advice from someone like Joan          excellent training courses to those who            bring out all your positive qualities, Joan
is advisable if not crucial if you want to be in   wanted to offer an additional service to their     Cashman is just a telephone call away,
contention for a precious career prospect.         clients or indeed become image consultants         either here in Cork or at her new premises
                                                   themselves. Her courses are still sought           in Limerick.
So how did Joan come to be a top image             after by hairdressers, beauticians, fashion
consultant and what was the motivation             designers, boutique owners and so on.              Joan Cashman’s story is of passion,
behind it? Initially she worked with her                                                              determination and a love of giving; her
husband in running their family business;          But for busy career women who need                 charm and charisma makes this lady an
she was also a mother of two children.             advice on their appearance, Joan offers a          inspiration.
Despite all her family commitments she             three-hour one-to-one consultation that
found time to train with Colour Me Beautiful       is completely private and confidential. For
without anyone knowing about it. During            Joan it is important for her to establish a        Prices
that time her family and friends knew              sound and trusting rapport with her clients.       Full three hour consultation with Joan is
that Joan had a natural talent for making          “You get advice on your colour and hair            €280.00. Personal shopping is €195.00.
the right choices to enhance anyone’s              style, you get your make-up applied to suit
appearance and was frequently asked for            your personality, taught how to put the
her advice.                                        make up on. A wallet with 36 colours with          Courses
                                                   your best colours for your wardrobe, and           Creative Makeup Course:
Having completed her training her passion          lessons on colours that complement the             11-12 July/25-26 July
was inspired “ it isn’t the type of business       main colours, and how to form a wardrobe           Style & Image Course: 2-6 September
you do for money, because you do a lot             where everything mixes and matches                 Colour & Makeup Course: 7-11 October
more hours doing research, working long            without a whole load of colours that don’t
days and evenings” confides Joan. However          match anything” clarifies Joan
Joan’s instinct told her that she needed to                                                           For further information
study further to ensure that she could offer       Joan will educate a client on the type of          Tel: 021 4276330
the very best in image consultancy. So she         clothes that suit their shape, their personality   Email:
enrolled on a psychology course and also           and their lifestyle. Joan explained “ With the     Website:

          Wedding Flowers to make
                                                       A Cut Above
          that special day blossom
              Flowers for every occasion...
                  Birthdays, Weddings,
              Helium Balloons for Parties...

   Tel: 023 8854875
7C Howard Court, Weir Street, Bandon, Co. Cork.

                                                               086 4023340

                                                Make your Wedding Day even more special,
                                               Ena’s Hair Salon
                                                       book your appointment at:
Tel: 021 4394203 - 087 2828160

                                               Ballinspittle, Co. Cork. 021 4778776

 WOW WITH YOUR WEDDING                         Specialising in
                                               Soft ~ No Ammonia ~ Not Tested
    FULL FLORAL SERVICE & MUCH MORE             on Animals ~ Just Great Colour

          BLACKPOOL, CORK                              Open Tues - Thurs 9.00am - 6.00pm

    WWW.WEDDINGDAYDECOR.COM                    Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm Late Opening Friday - 8.00pm

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A-Z Marquees in Cork are one of Munster’s leading suppliers
of marquees. Whatever the occasion whether it be a wedding,
sporting event or private function we have a marquee to suit
your needs.

Our extensive product range covers all aspects of your marquee
hire requirements. In addition to the marquee hire we can also
supply tables, chairs, lighting, glassware, crockery, dance floors, etc.

No matter what the occasion please call us on 023 8855795 or
087 635 2259 for a no obligation consultation and free quote.

                                                         The Mills Inn Hotel
                                                                          Ballyvourney, Macroom, Co. Cork

                                                                Old world charm and award winning luxury
                                                                    in the heart of Ireland’s South West.

                                                                ON YOUR WEDDING DAY...
                                                                  IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.
                                                             Choosing your location for your wedding is one of the
                                                            most important decisions you will make. Here at the Mills
                                                            Inn Hotel, we have a passion to crown your special day
                                                                        with an everlasting memory...

                                                            Family Run : Formal Weddings : Civil
                                                              Ceremonies : Garden Blessing :
                                                                     Gold Style Buffet

                                                                                                  026 45237


                                                     Ellen’s Catering
                                                     Whatever the occasion,
• CHAIR COVERS & SASHES                              let me cater for you!
• CANDELABRA                                         •   Starters
                                                     •   Main courses
• CHURCH AISLE STANDS                                •   Cold Buffets
• TABLE MIRRORS                                      •   Hot/Cold Finger Foods
                                                     •   Sandwiches
                                                     •   Salads
                                                     •   Breads
                                                     •   Desserts
                                                     •   Occasion Cakes

                                                     Ellen sources her ingredients locally to ensure optimum
for more details & information please contact        quality and taste for you.
                                                     If you are having a Station, Birthday, Christening, Wedding, Barbecue,
              Hazel Healy                            or just a get together where you need a few tasty treats, then ring this

         087-6764668                                 number so we can discuss your menu:
                                                     026 43216 or 087 6183620
                                 t The Heights Hotel Killarney,     Mountains and the Beautiful Flesk
                                 we understand the importance       Valley. The Hotels elevated position
                                 of your special day. Our           offers   breathtaking    countryside
                          beautiful Mangerton Suite is self-        views.
                          contained with bar, restrooms and a
                          seating capacity of 350 people. With a    Privately owned and family run, The
                          choice of menus to tempt any palate       Heights Hotel offers unparalleled
                          and special tailored packages to suit     standards     of   service,   luxury
                          all budgets. you will appreciate why      accommodation and fine dining.
                          so many couples make The Heights          With 71 luxury bedrooms, conference
                          Hotel their choice on their special       facilities and function rooms, The
                          day.                                      Heights Hotel is the Ideal venue for
                                                                    your Wedding, Meeting, or private
                          The bride and groom can enjoy our         party.
                          luxurious Honeymoon Suite, which
                          boasts a Jacobean four-poster bed and     Getting Married in 2010 – call today
                          a jacuzzi, with our compliments on        and see how you can have that perfect
                          their wedding night, as well as that      day with our new range of tailored
                          we offer the parents of both the bride    menu’s to suit all budgets.
                          and groom complimentary luxury
                          accommodation on the wedding              For more details call 064 6631158 or
                          night.                                    email

                          The Heights Hotel Killarney is  
                          considered one of Killarney’s leading
                          Wedding Venues, situated 5 minutes
                          from Killarney town centre it overlooks
                          the Breathtaking Torc & Mangerton

                          4 STAR WEDDINGS
                          AT BLISSFUL PRICES
          lways quick to react to      under €10,000 including a Drinks
          changing times Killarney’s   Reception, 5 Course Meal, Evening
          4 Star Dromhall Hotel        Buffet, Photographer, Band DJ and
          has launched a novel         Wedding Cars. On the other side
range of All Inclusive Wedding         of the scale couples can opt for
Packages to suit all needs and         the Diamond or Platinum packages
budgets. The options which             for added luxury. Bernadette said
range from Silver to Platinum are      “these packages come with the
perfect for Recessionista Brides       exact same level of service we have
wanting fantastic value without        always prided ourselves on and we
compromising on quality, service or    will also be unveiling our new look
style. General Manager, Bernadette                                       .
                                       Shelbourne Suite by the year’s end”
Randles stated “we identified a
real need for All Inclusive Packages   The Dromhall Hotel and its sister
to allow couples see at a glance       hotel the 4* Randles Court located
what options are available to them.    next door may also cater for civil
Bundling in this way also enables us   ceremonies. The Randles Family
to pass substantial savings onto our   have been creating wedding day
couples”.                              memoriesforover40years,forfurther
                                       information call 064 66 39300 visit
Creating a special day for 150
guests can come in amazingly at

   The lucky winner will enjoy 2 nights’ deluxe accommodation,
   full breakfast each morning and candlelit dinner one evening.
   You can choose from the Luxury Randles Court Hotel and the
   4* Dromhall Hotel. As our guest you will enjoy access to our
   leisure club, free private parking, wi-fi access and all 5 minutes’
   stroll from the town centre. For pure indulgence, a visit to
   our Zen Day Spa is an absolute must. For further details visit

   To have a chance of winning, simply send your name and full
   contact details on a postcard to:
   Randles Hotel Competition, Coast & Country Magazine, Shannon
   House, Connolly Street, Bandon, Co. Cork. Winners to be drawn
   and notified by July 10th 2009.

New Bliss C&C Advert 07/06/2009 19:09 Page 1

                     WEDDING CEREMONY DESIGN

                         • Elegant Imperial Stripe
                               Chair Covers
                                                                         “We Deliver On Our Promise To Make
                               • Stunning Sashes                             Your Day Truly Memorable”
                        • Tasteful Table Dressing
                       • Unique Wedding Favours
                     • Fabulous Church Dressing
                       • Stylish Civil Ceremonies


                                           Call Us Now: 086 8242490

              All ’s Flowers
                                                                             Wedding Flower Specialists
                                                                            Wedding Arch, Trees, Garlands,
                                                                                Candles, Stands, etc.
                                                                         Personal Consultations in your Home
                                                                           Everything for your Special Day

                                                                          Call Judy Allman on 087 2230987

                                                                             (3) Eyebrows frame the face, creating depth and contour. Have them
                                                                             professionally shaped and, if needed, tinted. To further enhance
                                                                             your eyes on your wedding day, fill any gaps with a soft powder or
by Rachel Muckley of Blossom to Beauty, Bantry                               eyebrow pencil. A groomed brow will strengthen your whole face.

                                                                             (4) Waterproof mascara is a strongly advised option! If you’re still
                                                                             terrified at the thought of “panda eyes”, there are alternatives - you
                                                                             can visit a beauty salon to have your eyelashes tinted or have false
                                                                             lashes applied.

                                                                             Kiss the bride
                                                                             (1) When choosing a lipstick colour, consult your eye make-up.

                                                                             (2) Choose either your eyes or your lips as the focus. If you choose to
                                                                             play up your eyes, pick a lip shade that resembles your natural lip
                                                                             colour. A shade lighter or darker is usually the best bet. If your eye
                                                                             make-up is muted, let your lips take centre stage!

                                                                             (3) Blue-based colours can make the teeth look whiter so berry
                                                                             colours are a great option. Orange or yellow-based colours (e.g.
In the launch issue of Coast & Country I gave a brief rundown of             orangey-reds and coral) have the opposite effect so if you haven’t
a bridal beauty to-do list. As it IS wedding season I thought all the        the perfect pearly whites avoid these!
brides to be would appreciate some wedding day make-up tips so
here they are!                                                               (4) Use a nude or matching lip liner to outline and fill in your lips as
                                                                             this will ensure there’s no bleeding or fading.

Set the foundation                                                           (5) Finally, gloss can wear off very quickly. You can get a similar
(1) A primer or foundation base is of paramount importance.                  plumping effect from dabbing a little highlighter over the Cupid’s
The essential functions of a primer are to:                                  bow.

•	 Smooth skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and                  Whether you’re part of the bridal party, a wedding guest or simply
   wrinkles.                                                                 having a night, out these tips will ensure your make-up will last the
•	 Remedy uneven skin texture caused by issues such as acne                  distance. Have fun testing them out!
   scarring, dilated pores etc.
•	 Reduce shininess.
•	 Even out skin tone and discolouration.
•	 Maintain a perfect base by ensuring your foundation is durable-
   the primer acts as a base, with the foundation adhering to the
                                                                                Blossom to BeautyHigh Street, Bantry, Co. Cork
   primer rather than the skin itself, eliminating the chance of the

                                                                                       Injectable Clinic!
   foundation absorbing directly into the skin.

(2) Use a foundation that does NOT contain an S.P.F. I say this as
sunscreen ingredients can reflect the photographer’s flash, making                A top Cosmetic Doctor visits on a monthly basis,
your face look brighter than the rest of your body. This can also                     holding the clinic in the evening for both
wash out your features and may result in making your skin appear
shiny or oily. These are the most common UV filters in cosmetics:
                                                                                            convenience and discretion.
Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide. Make sure that the foundation
you select matches your skin tone and type perfectly.

(3) There is a concealer available for every issue you can think of,
from blemishes and thread veins, to dark under-eye shadows and
pigmentation. Be light handed with your application as these are
high coverage and only a little is needed.
                                                                                           The clinic offers a wide range of
(4) Define and contour with shaders and highlighters. You should
                                                                                        procedures and treatments including:
also use a bronzer and/or blusher to create a glow.
                                                                                          ~ Anti-Aging Injections e.g. Botox
Mesmer-eyes                                                                               ~ Sculptra
(1) Again, don’t overlook an eyeshadow base or primer! These                              ~ Dermal Fillers e.g. Restylene
are designed to help the eyeshadow adhere to the eyelid, therefore
increasing the longevity of your eyeshadow. Most will also intensify
                                                                                          ~ Lip Enhancement
the pigment in the shadow.                                                                ~ Leg and Facial Vein Removal
(2) Where wedding eye make-up is concerned less is more. Steer
                                                                                          ~ Skin Tag Removal
clear of current trends. Eye make-up that is classic and timeless
will look wonderful in photos for years to come. Opt for enhancing
                                                                                     For further enquiries, to book a consultation or an
your eyes rather than overpowering them with colour and product                            appointment please contact the salon
overload!                                                                            Tel: 027 51446 | E-mail:

                                                            Searching for perfect
                                                            co-ordinated Bridal Jewellery?
                                                            Log on to :
    Now fully open. Bar Food available daily.     
      Restaurant open daily 6.30 to 9.0pm                   to see a range of designs
  Bookings now being taken for Communions &                 that can be customised
   Confirmations. For Reservations: 027 63003               for you with highest
                                                            quality Austrian Swarovski
                                                            crystals and pearls, sterling
                                                            silver and freshwater pearls.
                                                            You can also contact me to
                                                            discuss your own ideas.

Contact Claire or
   Gillian on
086 2526560
 18 South Main
 Street, Bandon,                                                                     
                                                                                            Contact me: 021-4775641
    Co. Cork.                                                                     

     DESIGNED & MADE BY NATHALIE HENEAULT                   Get our full Royal red carpet treatment!
                                                             Our wedding couples 5 star service includes
                                                             complimentary champagne and your names
                                                              printed on registration plates and ribbons.

                                                             Contact Willie 087 265 8852
TEL NO: 023 8852333    EMAIL: BEJEWEL@EIRCOM.NET           

 Genuine RSJ throughout !!

                                         FROM PATRICK LYNCH ROOF CLADDING - KILGARVAN
                                                  TEL 064         6685411, 021 4551000
                                                                  or 087 2543499
                                                                      NO W ELDING !
                                                                      NO C UTTING!
                                                                      simply order
                                                                     your building
                                                                     and we supply
                                                                       it complete!

  DOUBLE GLAZING                                                            Clear roof: Light
                                                                            can get through
                                                                                                 Larger units to
                                                                                                 include the car
                                             Wind kept back                 door and windows
                                             from door by clear
 SUPPLY & FIT DOUBLE                         polycarbonate
                                             side sheeting
Replace Foggy & Stained                                                                         Dirty boots left
  Double Glazed Units                       Excellent drying
                                            area for washing
                                                                                                outside and not
                                                                                                in the kitchen

        jJ                             Moderector’s unique modular system is ideal for areas such as: car
 CHANGE FROM SINGLE                    ports, passageways, patios and that rain-swept back door.
TO DOUBLE GLAZING ON                   Rust proof steal frame, finished in white (or colour of choice) with clear
                                       or translucent roof sheeting.
                                       Free survey and quotation, each unit is individually designed and
      WINDOWS                          guaranteed.

        jJ                             Installation by skilled Moderector staff, no mess, no fuss.
                                       Low cost cover for extra storage and protection from wind and rain.
General Maintenance to
all Windows and Doors

Contact Donie: 087 9777333                      TELEPHONE: Cork 021 4811030
                                                Dublin 01 2833039 Galway 091 529133

               Filtered Fresh Air
            Whole House Ventilation
            Complies with all current
              building regulations
     Heat Recovery Efficiencies of 65% to 90%
           Automatic Summer Bypass

       MG MURPHY
     uPVC Fascia, Soffit and Guttering
       Free Quotations no obligation
       All colours supplied and fitted
            Professional service
     Quality Assured - 20 Year Guarantee

      Tel: 087-6372648 or 087-6758523
by Liz Mahony, Dog Trainer & Pet Behaviourist

         ormally dogs live in harmony with                                            The alpha female is very aggressive
         people. However, despite the fact                                            to other females especially during the
         that they understand and conform                                             breeding season. The alpha male is highly
         to the same sort of pack structure,                                          aggressive to intruders but less so to the
they have a different perception of the                                               rest of the pack. His position is accepted
environment. Therefore, they interact with                                            and the hierarchy is maintained by
their environment in a different manner                                               deference.
from us. Understanding how they view
their environment can help us interpret                                               Beta or second in rank males are the most
their behaviour.                                                                      aggressive and their aggression is mainly
                                                                                      directed to the alpha male. The beta male
It is generally accepted that all dogs                                                will take over from the alpha when the
are descended from wolves and their                                                   latter ages and becomes more vulnerable.
behaviour conforms to that of a wolf pack.
Wolves live in groups, which often consists                                           In the human situation, dogs can still live
of a breeding pair and their offspring.                                               happily and form close bonds with them.
The dominant pair maintain their status                                               Human social systems involve leaders
with dominance displays to discourage                                                 and followers and this order is largely
subordinate or lower-ranking individuals                                              maintained by deference on the part of
who reply with submissive behaviour.                                                  lower-ranking individuals.
                                                                                      Since dogs recognise this pack leader
The dominant couple are the alpha male and                                            system, it makes sense to teach the dog
female and there is a hierarchy below them                                            at an early age to defer to the pack leader.
that is ‘pyramidal’. The rank differences                                             This makes for a happy situation.
are more discernible in the high-ranking
individuals.                                                                         The inability to give puppies clear guidelines
                                                                                     about their rank can give rise to aggression
                                                     at roughly eighteen months old when they reach social maturity. During
                                                     puppy training, the dog learns its place in the hierarchy. While training,
                                                     it’s important that people maintain an upright posture. To lie down on the
                                                     floor and allow the dog to stand over you (as children do in play) can lead
                                                     to a display of aggression if you later try to dominate it.

                                                     Being the pack leader doesn’t involve using cruel methods. But it does
                                                     mean a happier lifestyle when each member of the pack knows exactly
                                                     its place.

                                                     Liz Mahony is a Dog Trainer and Pet Behaviourist who believes in holistic
                                                     methods of training, a TTouch Practitioner (P1) for Companion animals, and
                                                     a qualified therapist in Essential Oil therapy and a Reiki practitioner for all
                                                     animals. Contact numbers: 023-64928/086-3991599. For further information,
                                                     check out

                                                                     Boarding Kennels
                                                         At Ballineen, West Cork                          Full grooming
                                                                                                        service available
                                                                                                         for all boarders

                                                         Booking now being taken at
                                                           Rosstemple Kennels on
                                                        023 8847504 or 086 8542882

                                                                                      CORK B.E.R.
                                                                                               Building Energy Rating Assessors
                                                                                                     Project Management
                                                                                                  Energy Saving Consultants
   HIRE YOUR NEXT DJ WITH La Vela's DJ COMPANY TODAY!                                                Phone 083 3564073
   WE PROVIDE TOP OF THE LINE SOUND, LIGHTING AND                                                  Email
   Entertainment Needs * Birthdays * Anniversaries * Holiday                       Building Energy Rating Certificates
   Parties * Private Parties * Baby Showers * Banquets * Picnics *                         Starting from €250
   Company Events * Weddings * Office Parties * Corporate Events
                    * House Parties and more........                              Discounts given for houses in the same area or apartment blocks

            Contact us:
                                                                                   For more information on grants or a competitive quote,
      or call: Pa on 087 4165876 or Kieran on 086 3952061
                                                                                          please contact Shane on 083 3564073

                                            TOY SHOP                      JOHN O’DONOVAN WELDING SERVICES
                                                                                 DRIMOLEAGUE - COVERING ALL OF WEST C ORK
                                              Stockists of:
                                                                          Wrought Iron Gates and Railings
                                                                          Agricultural and Industrial Welding
                                                                          For all your Steelwork needs

                                                                          Mobile Welding Service: 086 2688504
                                                                          Tel/Fax: 028 31191

                                                                                                      Jim O’Keeffe TD
                                                                                                      Old Chapel, Bandon
                                                                                                      Working for you
                                                                                                      Contact me at:

                                                                                                      Telephone: 023 8841399

                                                                                                      Fax: 023 8841421

11 Ashe Street, Clonakilty
                                                                                                      At Munster Arms Hotel, Bandon every Monday
Tel: 023 8859746                              and much more                                           at 2.30pm and elsewhere as advertised.

     Al’s Bouncing Castles & Marquees
       Bouncing Castles • Marquees • Catering • All occasions catered for

                              Please contact 087 269 6799 or 023 883 3690
                                 lonakilty, West Cork is a               at the old West Cork Railway Line        Clonakilty. Tschu-Tschu can also
                                 vibrant    and    picturesque           serving the towns and delightfully       be hired for wedding parties, say
                                 coastal town, known as                  portrayed in miniature.                  from the Church to the Reception in
                         the beach centre of this stunning                   There is always something new        the Clonakilty Area. It can hold 45
                         region. It was not always so and                happening at the Model Railway           adults for the trip.
                         like many small towns it had to                 Village. A fabulous new out door            If you are spending time in
                         fight for its economic identity and             play area will be opening in July        Clonakilty a trip to the Model
                         growth. The Model Railway Village               testing the children’s agility and       Railway Village is a must. The
                         not only complemented the natural               firing their imagination.         The    centre can be found just outside
                         environment of the area it promoted             playground is full of magic and          the Town on the Inchydoney Road.
                         the small towns by the delicate and             adventure for the children and set       Tel: 023 88 33224
                         intrinsic models evoking memories               in idyllic surrounds overlooking the
                         from days gone by. Clonakilty                   bay. A new platform for boarding

                         was the first town to be created in             the Tschu-Tschu train will also be
                         model form, Kinsale and Bandon                  opening.
                         are completed in full.                              The outside grounds of the Model
                              The Model Railway Village is               Railway Village are delightful and       To win a family pass to the Model
                         an enjoyable day out for all the                are a great place for a family picnic.   Railway Village, simply answer the
                         family. Walking round the village               There is a café and craft shop built     following question:
                         portrays Irish life in the 1940’s with          in authentic train carriages.
                         its distinctive buildings and a model               The children’s Indoor Playroom       What is the name of the Clonakilty
                         of the Fair Day in Clonakilty. Look             is very popular especially on a wet      Road Train?
                                                                                 day. The Indoor Ball Pool is
                                                                                 a great favourite with the       Send your entries on a postcard
                                                                                 children.      The Playroom      to Coast & Country Magazine,
                                                                                 is an ideal venue to book        Shannon House, Connolly Street,
                                                                                 children’s     parties    and    Bandon, Co. Cork.
                                                                                 inclement weather will not
                                                                                 spoil the day.                   The first correct entry drawn will
                                                                                   The road train Tschu-          win this exciting prize. Closing date
                                                                                 Tschu is a great way to see      11th July 2009.

      Open 7 Days a Week                   New outdoor play area
          11am - 5pm                          opening in July
  July and August 10am – 6pm
                                     Popular Yearly Family Ticket Available
   Great Venue for Children’s
       Birthday Parties!                  ROAD TRAIN RUNS DAILY
                                            Depart Model Village:
     Train Ride ~ Playroom             12pm, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm
 Model Village ~ Party Room B.Y.O       July and August 11am & 5pm
       Party Food & Treats
  Watch model trains go round         Wheelchair Access ~ Free Car Park

                      Tel: 023 88 33224
        We are on the Inchydoney Rd, Clonakilty, West Cork.

        Brian O’Riordan Arch Tech Dip
                                                                                                                            Lower Kilbrogan Hill, Bandon, Co. Cork
  Competitive Rates and Professional Advice after 13 years in business
                                  Rates:                                                                                           email:
  Domestic extensions, renovations: full planning application including maps,                                                           web:

     drawings, planning fees, paper advertisement, etc. €1,500 incl. VAT

New houses: full planning application incl. site levels, percolation and watertable
 tests. Maps, drawings, planning fee and paper advertisement €2,500 incl. VAT

           We also do site supervision, snag lists, legal mapping, etc.

      Brian O’ Riordan Arch Tech Dip, Castlelands, Buttevant, Co. Cork
 Phone 022 23033 Mobile 086 8294046 Email

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                                                                                             LIFE AND SERIOUS ILLNESS COVER
                                                                                                   INCOME PROTECTION

                                                                                           MCG Financial Services Ltd is regulated by the Financial Regulator

West Cork Iron Works
Gates * Railings * Balconies * Spirals etc.

   Rossmore                                              Tel: 023 8838570
   Co. Cork                                             Mob: 087 2205186

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