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Christmas Gift Catalogue 2010

Welcome to our 2010 Christmas
Brochure which I hope you
enjoy perusing!

We wish all our customers a
very Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year!


Ally & everyone at the Celtic Whiskey
Shop & Wines on
the Green

Celtic Whiskey Shop & Wines on the Green
27-28 Dawson Street
Dublin 2

Call us at 01 675 9744
Fax us at 01 675 9768
Email us at
Shop online at either

Opening Hours
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat 10.30am – 8pm

Thursday 10.30am – 9pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays 12.30 – 7pm

Extended opening for Christmas
Sunday 19th         December 8pm
Monday 20th         December 9pm
Tuesday 21st        December 9pm
Wednesday 22nd      December 9pm
Thursday 23rd       December 9pm
Friday 24th         December 6pm

Closed – 25th & 26th December & 1st January.

Shipping & Internet Shopping                                               Midleton Single Cask 71578
We ship just about anywhere in the world, costs vary so please contact     Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
us for details. It’s only €9.95 per delivery in Ireland.
                                                                           This is our 3rd exclusive Single Cask release from Midleton Distillery
Christmas Shipping Deadlines
                                                                           and it’s once again a superb whiskey. Distilled on 10th December
Last day for Nationwide orders 19th December
Last day for UK orders 14th December                                       1996 and matured in first fill bourbon barrel 71578 until its bottling
Last day for US & International orders 7th December                        in October 2010. This Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey or Single Pot Still
                                                                           (new terminology meaning same thing) Irish Whiskey is made from
Terms & conditions                                                         a combination of malted & unmalted barley and is on the lighter style
Payment: Celtic Whiskey Shop & Wines on the Green accepts payment          of the Pot Still whiskeys made at Midleton. It is triple distilled,
by cheque, cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Laser.
                                                                           non-chill-filtered and bottled at 46% with approximately 260
Payment must be cleared before any goods are dispatched.
                                                                           bottles from this cask.
Products: All products within this brochure are offered subject to
availability. Vintages may vary from those shown. All prices are subject
to change owing to duty, tax, currency fluctuations, supplier increases    ‘Very fresh and delicate on the nose. Pleasing aromas of beeswax, lemon,
or a typographical error. Prices are inclusive of VAT at 21%.              honey, cut-grass and ginger. Lively and zesty on the palate showing
Offers: All offers end 1st January 2011.                                   flavours of apricot, candied citrus peel, acacia honey, stem ginger and
                                                                           marshmallow. A delicate yet complex whiskey with a sweet, fruity and
Images: All images are for the purpose of illustration only.
                                                                           long lasting, smooth finish.’
                                                                           Tasting Notes by Alastair Higgins
                                                                                                    Midleton Distillery, Co.Cork           3

Midleton Very Rare 2010                           Redbreast 15 Year-Old Pure Pot
Irish Whiskey
                                                  Still Whiskey
In our opinion, this is without doubt, the best
release of Midleton Very Rare ever. Rich &        This whiskey is considered by many as the classic
golden in colour. Enticingly complex aromas
on the nose with marshmallow,
                                                  Irish Whiskey. Bottled at 46% alcohol and
pear drops, apricot and                           non-chill-filtered, poured neat it has the typically
candied ginger nuances.                           assertive aroma of Irish Pot Still Whiskey, full of
Full and richly weighted on
                                                  character yet smooth and mellow with hints of
the palate. Flavours of toffee
apples, ginger snaps, dried                       almonds, soft fruit, spices and applewood.
fruits and toasted                                The effect of maturation in a combination
marshmallow. Silky smooth                         of oloroso sherry casks & bourbon casks
and sweet on the finish.
                                                  is an important element in the rich
                                                  complexity of the taste. Nutty sherry
                                                  notes along with toasted wood and
                                                  vanilla combine with smooth, oily
                                                  perfume flavours, giving a very
                                                  sophisticated fine old whiskey.

       Was €145
                                                                                     Was €74.99
       Save €14.50                                                                   Save €7.50
          OFFER PRICE                                                                 OFFER PRICE
        €130          .50
                                                                                     €67 .49

Powers 12 Year-Old                                Redbreast 12 Year-Old                               Greenspot
Irish Whiskey                                     Pure Pot Still Whiskey
                                                                                                      Green Spot is a Single Pot Still
This 12 year-old Special Reserve                                                                      Irish Whiskey produced by the
                                                  Consistently our top selling
retains the classic Power’s spicy,                                                                    traditional method of triple
                                                  whiskey since the day we
honeyed, full-bodied flavour,                                                                         distillation in copper pot stills,
                                                  opened and one of the
enhanced and enriched by years                                                                        from a mash of both malted
                                                  few pure pot still whiskeys
of extra ageing in carefully                                                                          and unmalted barley.
                                                  available! A real treat to taste
selected American oak barrels.                                                                        To taste, it is sweet, rich and
                                                  with flavours of toffee,
A high Pot Still content gives                                                                        full-bodied with a long, dry
                                                  spice, brazil nuts, fruit
it a superior quality.                                                                                and somewhat spicy finish.
                                                  cake and chocolate.

              Was €34.99                                   Was €40.99
              Save €3.50                                   Save €4.10
                OFFER PRICE                                 OFFER PRICE                                                  ONLY

               €31       .49
                                                           €36        .89                                               €42.25

                                                   Free whiskey tastings in-store! Ask staff for details.
4   Jameson

    Jameson Reserves Gift Set
    A beautifully presented gift box
    containing a 20cl bottle of Jameson
    12 Year Old Special Reserve, Jameson
    Gold Reserve and the outstanding
    Jameson 18 Year Old Limited
    Reserve. Ideal for a special gift.

                         Was €94.99
                         Save €9.50
                           OFFER PRICE

                          €85 .49

                               Jameson Rarest Vintage                               Jameson 18 Year-Old
                                                                                    Limited Reserve
                                                                                    A wonderfully mellow complex
                               The ultimate expression of Jameson distilling        taste with a lingering finale of
                                                                                    vanilla oak, spice and toffee.
                               and blending expertise. The pick of older grain      Matured for between 18 to 25
                               whiskeys blended with very rare matured pot          years in bourbon & oloroso
                               still whiskey was further aged in specially          sherry casks and finished in
                                                                                    first fill bourbon barrels.
                               commissioned port pipes. The resulting union
                                                                                    Possibly my favourite
                               has a glorious, rich fruit character.                Midleton Whiskey!
                               An exceptional dram.

                                         RRP €395.80                                              Was €120
                                         Save €30                                                 Save €12
                                         ONLY                                                      OFFER PRICE

                                   €365.80                                                         €108

                                                Jameson 12 Year Old                 Jameson
                                                Special Reserve                     Gold Reserve
                                                Is a warm welcoming handshake       ‘Honey and barley all the way,
                                                into the Reserves whiskey family,   wonderfully rich and silky, cocoa
                                                it is a minimum 12 years in         shows early with a fruit chocolate
                                                maturation using bourbon and        character. If you don’t enjoy
                                                most delectably oloroso sherry      this, then you just don’t get
                                                casks. This is a whiskey of         what Irish Whiskey is
                                                great character with complex        all about.’
                                                flavours of toasted wood,           Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible
                                                spice and sherry that are           94/100
                                                superbly mellowed.

                                                            Was €34.99                          Was €71.99
                                                            Save €3.50                          Save €7.20
                                                             OFFER PRICE                          OFFER PRICE

                                                            €31.49                               €64.79

    See page 2 for our recommended shipping deadlines. We ship to the UK, USA & beyond!
                                                                                   Irish Whiskey Gift Sets           5

              Skelligs Rum                         Skelligs Rum &                             Skelligs Rum
              & Black Cherry                       Black Cherry                               & Black Cherry
              Truffles                             Truffles                                   Truffles

              Knappogue Castle                     Tyrconnell 10                              Jameson 18
              12 Year-Old Irish                    Year-Old Single                            Year-Old Lim-
              Whiskey                              Cask Mallorcan                             ited Reserve Irish
                                                   Wine Cask Finish                           Whiskey & Skel-
                                                                                              ligs Rum & Black
                                                                                              Cherry Truffles

                ONLY                                ONLY                                        ONLY

             €53.99                                €79.99                                     €120

                                                           Christmas Crackers
                                                           A mini-hamper with 2 bottles of awarding
                                                           winning whiskeys

                                                              from Midleton Distillery
                                                           • yrconnellSingleMaltIrishWhiskeyfromCooley
                                                           • RiedelSingleMaltWhiskeyGlasses&aboxof
                                                              Skelligs Luxury Chocolates.


Connoisseurs Selection
A mini-hamper with 2 bottles of Ireland’s
finest whiskeys

• yrconnell10Year-OldSingleCaskMallorcan
  Wine Cask Finish

                                   OFFER PRICE

6   Cooley Distillery

    Connemara is the most decorated Irish whiskey over the last
    decade winning over 20 Gold Medals from International Spirits
    Competitions. Included among these accolades are the
    “World’s Best Irish Single Malt” titles for 2008 and 2009.
    Before coal was widely imported to
    Ireland the local natural fuel of peat –
                                                       Connemara 1992
    or turf as it’s also known – was used              18 Year-Old Peated Single Malt
    extensively in the distillation of
    whiskey to dry the cereal crops used               Single Cask 3767, 46% Unchill-filtered
    and to fire the still. Over the last cen-
    tury this ancient practice was lost                When a distillery starts releasing
    until Cooley revived this tradition.               18 year-old single malts you know
                                                       it has really come of age! This 18
                                                       year-old is the oldest Connemara
    Connemara Small Batch                              we’ve tasted and was aged in a
    Turf Mór Single Malt
                                                       fresh fill bourbon barrel.
    The first release of a very peaty version of
    Connemara. A young 3 year-old that was
    finished in sherry casks. Aromas of fresh smoke,   Tasting Note by Alastair Higgins
    TCP & tarred rope with delicate citrus notes.      “Sweet fruit aromas with plenty
    Sweet to taste with soft fruit,                    of citrus, candied fruits, vanilla
    bonfires on the beach,
    peat fires and iced
                                                       and a faint smokiness. Power-
    gems all getting a                                 ful & viscous with gentle smoke
    look in! A work in                                 giving way to sweet lemon and
    progress, improves
    with every sip.
                                                       orange fruit flavours. The finish
                                                       is drier with plenty of vanilla
                                                       and subtle oak flavours.”                                                     World
                                                                                  ONLY                                               Exclusive

    €64     .99
                                                                                                                                     Less than
                                                                                                                                     80 bottles

    Connemara 12 Year-Old                              Connemara Cask Strength                          Connemara Peated Single Malt
    Peated Single Malt                                 Peated Single Malt                               Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits
    Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits             Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits    Competition 2010, Gold Medal & Best in Class
    Competition 2010, Silver Medal International       Competition 2010, Gold Medal & Best in Class     International Wine & Spirits Competition 2010.
    Wine & Spirit Competition 2010.                    International Wine & Spirits Competition 2010.   Silky smooth with a honey sweet start, followed
    A limited release of 5000                          Strong & intense with                            by malt, fruit flavours & full-bodied peat.
    bottles per year,                                  smoky peat and
    the 12 year-old has                                sweet citrus.
    a superb mix of fruit
    & sweet peat.

    ONLY                                               ONLY                                             ONLY

    €72.99                                             €54.99                                           €35.99

    Please see in-store for full Irish Whiskey range!
                                                                                                            Cooley Distillery     7

Tyrconnell 1992                                                    Tyrconnell
18 Year-Old Single Malt                                            10 Year-Old Madeira Finish
Single Cask 5289                                                   Single Malt
Over the last few years                                            Gold Medal San Francisco
we’ve done a series of 1992                                        World Spirits Competition
Tyrconnell Single Malt                                             2010, Gold Medal & Best in
releases and the just get                                          Class International Wine &
better and better as                                               Spirits Competition 2010.
they mature.
                                                                   Irish Whiskey of the Year in
Tasting Note by Alastair Higgins                                   Jim Murray’s Whisky
                                                                   Bible 2009
“Lively and fresh on the nose.                                     “This has to be one of the
Aromas of honey and orange                                         finest Madeira finishes I’ve
peel with an underlying floral                                     ever come across. The
character. Smooth and sweet                                        balance defies belief, while
to taste with flavours of                                          the higher notes make
crystalised ginger, lemon                                          one purr.”
curd, vanilla, cinnamon
and honey. A satisfying &
tasty long finish with flavours
                                                                             Was €69.99
of citrus and vanilla.”
                                                                             Save €10
                  ONLY                                                        OFFER PRICE

                €89           .99
                                                                             €59 .99

Tyrconnell 10 Year-Old                  Tyrconnell 10 Year-Old                              Tyrconnell Single Malt
Port Finish Single Malt                 Sherry Finish Single Malt                           Silver Medal San Francisco World
Gold Medal San Francisco World          Silver Medal San Francisco World                    Spirits Competition 2010, Silver
Spirits Competition 2010, Gold          Spirits Competition 2010, Gold                      Medal International Wine & Spirits
Medal International Wine & Spirits      Medal International Wine & Spirits                  Competition 2010. A tang of oranges
Competition 2010.                       Competition 2010. Matured in                        and lemons with a strong malt
                                        ex-bournon casks and then finished                  presence that balances well with
“Very soft spices with lots of fruity   in oloroso sherry butts. Lovely                     the oily sweetness.
cocoa; Cooley has excelled with its     dried apricot flavours marry well
first serious foray into cask           with soft vanilla and caramel.
finishing. Like fruit and nut
chocolate – without the nuts.
93/100 Jim Murray’s
Whisky Bible 2009

                    ONLY                                 ONLY                                                ONLY

                   €69       .99
                                                        €69      .99
8   Scottish Single Malts

                         ONLY                                             ONLY                                                                  ONLY

                       €69           .99
                                                                         €34         .99

    Bowmore 18 Year-Old Islay                        Bowmore 12 Year-Old Islay                                       Bowmore 25 Year-Old Islay
    Single Malt                                      Single Malt                                                     Single Malt

    Voted the Best Single Malt in the World!         Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits                   One of Scotland’s most highly awarded and
    At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition   Competition 2009.                                               sought after whiskies!
    in 2007, Bowmore 18 Year-Old was awarded         Salty, smoky & seaweedy aromas, the palate                      Trophy Winner at International Wine & Spirit
    a Double Gold Medal & Best in Show, beating      has persistent sherry sweetness but is also very                Competition, Gold Medal International Spirits
    over 700 entrants, ranking Bowmore 18 Year-      complex with spicy, heathery and salty notes.                   Challenge, Trophy Winner at San Francisco
    Old as the Best Single Malt in the World.                                                                        World Spirits Competition, & the list goes on!
    The competitions Executive Director said                                                                         Delicious toffee and hazelnut have mellowed
    ‘A brilliant, perfect, remarkably delicious                                                                      together with just a hint of sweet peat smoke.
    expression by Bowmore’.                                                                                          Mellow, gentle and incredibly complex.

    Arran 12 Year-Old                                Laphroaig 18 Year-Old Islay                                     Ardbeg Uigeadail
    Island Single Malt                               Single Malt                                                     Islay Single Malt
    Arran distillery has proven to                   Released in 2009,                                               Whisky critic Jim Murray
    be one of the most successful                    the 18 year-old                                                 considers this to be one of the
    new distilleries in the world                    Laphroaig is a                                                  top 3 whiskies in the world!
    with superb whiskies.                            serious dram!                                                   Bottled at cask strength it is a
    The 12 year-old has plenty of                    Bottled at 48%                                                  marriage of Ardbeg aged in
    sherry influence with oranges,                   and packed full                                                 both bourbon & sherry oak.
    chocolate, dried fruits &                        of peat smoke it                                                A multi-layered dram with
    vanilla.                                         is rich, sweet &                                                smoke, silky fruit,
                                                     powerful.                                                       complexity and brilliance!


                    €44.99                                                                             TY A W                        ONLY                              TY A W

                                                                                                  LI                                                              LI






                                                        €89       .99                             IWSC
                                                                                                  2010 GOLD
                                                                                                                                                                  2010 GOLD



                                                                                              S                                                               S
                                                                                                             LA                                                                LA


                                                                                                  T                                                               T
                                                                                                       I N                                                             2010C
                                                                                                                                                                       I N

    We stock an extensive range of Scottish, American, Japanese,
    Canadian & Welsh Whiskies. Please see
                                                                                                                               Scottish Single Malts                                 9
GlenDronach 1971 39 Year-Old                                                            GlenDronach 1978 31 Year-Old
Highlands Single Malt,                                                                  Highlands Single Malt,
Cask 489                                                                                Cask 1040
Oloroso Sherry Butt                                                                     Oloroso Sherry Puncheon
Liquorice and cloves partner flawlessly                                                 Dense and long. Very elegant and smooth
with classic Oloroso notes and lashings                                                 with classic sherry influences. Walnut
of chocolate orange nuances. Depth is                                                   flavours emerge which align perfectly
built upon a layer of walnuts & almonds.                                                with ripe citrus fruits.




                        GlenDronach 1990 20 Year-Old                                                                  GlenDronach 1991 18 Year-Old
                        Highlands Single Malt,                                                                        Highlands Single Malt,
                        Cask 2621                                                                                     Cask 3182
                        Oloroso Sherry Butt                                                                           Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
                        Chocolate orange and coffee mocha mousse.                                                     Stewed fruits- particularly sweet prunes. Date
                        Delightful balance and complexity with                                                        and dried fig characteristics add lovely depth and
                        excellent length.                                                                             concentration.

                              ONLY                                                                                    ONLY

                        €109               .99

Auchentoshan Three Wood                               The Macallan 12 Year-                                           BenRiach 20 Year-Old
Lowland Single Malt                                   Old Sherry Oak                                                  Speyside Single Malt
                                                      Speyside Single Malt                                            Distilled from lightly peated
Triple distilled and matured in
                                                                                                                      barley & bottled at 46%.
American Bourbon oak, the                             Exclusively matured in selected
                                                                                                                      Full, complex & aromatic with
whisky is then finished in Spanish                    oloroso sherry casks.
                                                                                                                      notes of wildflower, apples, acacia
Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks.                      Dried fruits, oranges, banana,
                                                                                                                      honey and vanilla.
Rich with dark fruits, honey,                         cinnamon with dark honey
butterscotch & roasted                                & sherry.
                                                                                                                      Silver Medal
hazelnuts. A perfect after
                                                                                                                      International Wine & Spirits
dinner dram!                                          ‘Simply the best 12 year-old
                                                                                                                      Competition 2010
                                                      single malt around’
                                                      Paul Pacult, Spirit Critic.

               Save €5                                                 €52.99                     LI
                                                                                                       TY A W
                                                                                                                                      ONLY                         LI
                                                                                                                                                                        TY A W








                                                                                                  IWSC                                ONLY                         IWSC
              €44                                                                                                                   €42.99
                                                                                                  2010 GOLD                                                        2010 SILVER


                                                                                                       I N                                                              2010
10   Cognac

     We stock a large range of Cognacs including Hennessy,                                   Cognac Francois
     Remy Martin & Martell but we find the best value is to be                               Voyer Grande
                                                                                             Champagne VSOP
     found in the boutique producers such as Francois Voyer
     and Cognac Park.                                                                        100% Grande Champagne
                                                                                             made up of 7 to 14 year old
                                                                                             Eaux de Vie.

     Cognac Francois Voyer XO Grande Champagne                                               Mellow & subtly persistent
                                                                                             flavours of linden, dried
                                                                                             flowers with a touch of
     This stunning XO is a blend of Eaux                                                     apricot.
     de Vies of 20 to 30 years old.
     Flowery notes give way to aromas                                                        14.5/20 Gault et Millau Guide
     & flavours of vanilla, dried fruits,
     walnuts mixed with spices & pepper.

     Gold Medal & Best in Class                                                                                ONLY

     International Wine & Spirit                                                                              €42
     Competition 2008,
     Gold Medal International
     Spirit Challenge 2007 & 2008,                                                           Cognac Francois Voyer Extra
     Gold Medal 2010 Paris                                                                   Grande Champagne
                                                                                             Monumental! A festival of exceptional aromas;
                                                                                             cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, spices, dried fruits
                                                                                             with light tobacco notes.
                                                                                             Cognac doesn’t get any
                                                                                             better than this!

                                                                                             Gold Medal Paris 2010
                                                                                             Coup de Coeur 2010
                                                                                             Guide Hachette
                                                                                             ‘Those who don’t

                                                                                             want to follow
                                                                                             the crowd!’


                                                                                             €199 .99

     Cognac Francois Voyer                  Cognac Francois Voyer XO                         Cognac Park XO
     Napoleon Grande                        Grand Cru
     Champagne                              A new release this is a blend of 14 to 25 year   A small batch, artisanal
     Eaux de Vie aged for                   od eaux de vie. Beautifully presented it has     producer.
     14 to 20 years.                        a smooth, delicate aroma.                        Rich, fruit cake flavours and
     This is hugely popular in              Lovely balance between                           exceptionally smooth.
     France for its great elegance.         spicy, vanilla notes                             Double Gold Medal San
     Touches of rose, jasmine,              and chocolate & oak.                             Francisco
     clove pink combined
     with peaches

                      Save €5                                                                              Save €10
                        ONLY                 ONLY                                                            ONLY

                       €49.99               €69.99                                                          €64.99
                                                                                                      Armagnac & Calvados             11

Delord Armagnac
Delord Bas Armagnac                                                        Delord Bas Armagnac XO
25 Year-Old
                                                                           Displaying a wealth of aromatics, the
Of all the spirits we sell, this possibly                                  bouquet gives vanilla and prunes with
offers the most outstanding quality/                                       delicate notes of wood and the elusive
value ratio.                                                               nutty taste of rancio.
Winner of the Trofeo Habanos Armagnac
Cuba ‘Best alliance between a cigar and                                    Possibly the Best value XO in
armagnac’.                                                                 the world!
Elegant on the nose with peppery and
spicy notes. In the mouth it unveils its
complexity of cocoa, spices, pepper,
well-balanced tannins, vanilla &
walnut. A fabulous Bas Armagnac!

Gold Concours de Armagnac 2008
7th Best Spirit in the World,
Paul Pacult, Spirits Critic

                                                                                                 Save €5


Chateau du Breuil Calvados
Chateau du Breuil Calvados                    Chateau du Breuil                                Chateau du Breuil Calvados
Reserve du Chateau                            Calvados 15 Year-Old                             Reserve des Seigneurs
8 Year-Old                                                                                     20 Year-Old XO
                                              A special blend of Calvados aged
Slowly matured in oak casks for 8                                                              An exceptional blend of the most
                                              for at least 15 years. The younger
years, this fine blend is light and                                                            prestigious calvados. A full-bodied,
                                              calvados gives it a fragrant
fruity with ripe apple, walnut,                                                                rich, complex calvados with
                                              apple bouquet whilst the
almond & vanilla.                                                                              dried fruits, spice & oak.
                                              more mature calvados imparts
                                              a rich, vanilla oak flavour.
Silver Medal and Best in Class                                                                 Gold Medal Paris 2006,
                                              Highest recommendation
International Wine & Spirit                                                                    Bronze Medal
                                              - Paul Pacult, Spirit Critic.
Competition 2008.                                                                              International Wine & Spirit
                                              Silver Medal International                       Competition 2009.
                                              Wine & Spirit Competition
                                              2006 & 2008,
                                              Silver Medal Paris 2010.

                                                           Save €5                                            Save €10
                €39.99                                       ONLY


12 Hampers

      Christmas Mini Hamper


                                                     Deluxe Mini Hamper



      Seasonal Favourites


   Don’t leave it too late! 19th December is our last nationwide despatch date.
                                                                                            Gift Sets   13

Bordeaux Classics                                          Sugar Loaf Duo
Chateau Lamothe-Vincent                                    Sugar Loaf Sauvignon
Sauvignon 2009                                             Blanc 2009
Chateau Lamothe-Vincent                                    Sugar Loaf Pinot Noir
Merlot 2009                                                2009

Award winning pair from                                    High quality fruity wines
top Bordeaux producer.                                     named after the Sugar Loaf
                                                           Islands in New Zealand.

Cardboard Gift Box                                         Cardboard Gift Box
€19    .95
Wooden Gift Box                                            Red & Silver Gift Box
€24    .95

New Wave Spanish                                           Christmas Favourites
Paco & Lola Albarino                                       Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2007
2009, Rias Biaxas                                          Daniel-Etienne Defaix
AN/2 Mallorca                                              Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2007
                                                           Domaine de la Charbonniere
Modern, fun but highly
prized wines!                                              As the title says, these wines
                                                           are super popular
                                                           at Christmas!
Cardboard Gift Box
€31.95                                                     Red & Silver Gift Box
Red & Silver Gift Box                                      €48.95
€34.95                                                     Wooden Gift Box

Italian Fashion Designer Gift Sets
Choose any 2 of the following wines in your gift set

• eroD’AvolaVersaceLabelWineSpectator89
  Points, 3 Glasses Gambero Rosso
• erlotValentino91PointsWineSpectator.
• A succulent merlot, delicious lingering fruit.
•Points. Nice ripe fruit, lightly spicy & tasty finish.
• rappatoCarolinaMarengoWineSpectator90
  Points. Ripe, almost exotic black fruits.
• rilloCarolinaMarengoWineSpectator91Points.
  Full-bodied white. Juicy, ripe exotic fruits.

Any 2 bottles in Red/Silver Gift Box    €39.95
14 Wine & Champagne Gift Sets

    Champagne & Truffle
    Gift Sets
     Cattier 1er Cru Champagne                   Bollinger Special Cuvee
     Brut NV                                     Brut NV
     Skelligs Rum & Black                        Skelligs Rum & Black
     Cherry Truffles                             Cherry Truffles
     Red & Silver Gift Box                      Red & Silver Gift Box
     €40   .99

    Champagne & Port
    Gift Sets
     Cattier 1er Cru                            Bollinger Special Cuvee
     Champagne                                  Brut Champagne
     QuintadaPeca                            QuintadaGaivosa
     Reserva Port                               Vintage Port 2003

     Red & Silver Gift Box                      Red & Silver Gift Box
     €44   .99
     Wooden Gift Box                            Wooden Gift Box
     €49   .99

    Dinner Party
    Gift Sets
     Cattier 1er Cru                            Cattier 1er Cru Champagne
     Champagne                                  Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2007 Daniel-Etienne Dafaix
     Chablis Vieilles                           Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2007 Domaine
     Vignes 2007 Daniel-                        de la Charbonniere
     Etienne Defaix                             QuintadaGaivosa
     Chateauneuf-du-Pape                        10 Year-Old
     2007 Domaine de la                         Tawny Port
     Charbonniere                               Presented in a
     Presented in a                             wooden box
     wooden box

     €79.95                                     €99.95

    See in-store for other gift ideas such as corkscrews & accessories.
                                                             Champagne Offers   15

                We sell over 50 different Champagnes & Proseccos
                            at very competitive prices !

Moet & Chandon        Moet & Chandon    Pol Roger NV        Veuve Clicquot
Brut Imperial         Brut Rose NV                          Brut NV

Save €8               Save €5            Save €7            Save €10

€34     .99
                      €44     .99
                                        €36     .99

Bollinger             Bollinger         Laurent Perrier     Pol Roger
Special Cuvee         La Grand          Rose NV             Brut Rose
Brut NV               Annee 1999                            2000

Save €10              Save €10          Save €20            Save €8

€47     .99
                      €99.99            €68.99              €48.99

Perrier Jouet        Perrier Jouet      Armand de Brignac   Dom Perignon
Brut NV              Belle Epoque       Brut NV             Brut 2000
                     1999               ‘Ace of Spades’

Save €8               Save €10          Save €50            Save €10

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                      €89    .99
                                         €199      .99      €129 .99

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16 Port & Sherry

    Taylors 2007                                                             Quinta da Gaivosa
    Vintage Port                                                             10 Year-Old Tawny Port
    It displays a superb aromatic array                                      Winemaker Alves de Sousa is the only
    of pencil lead, Asian spices, incense,                                   producer to be awarded Producer of
    blackberry, and floral notes.                                            the Year by Portuguese Wine magazine
    Dense, suave, and opulent on the
    palate, this is a mouth-filling, intense,                                 Produced from very old vines.
    layered wine that has superb grip                                         Fruitcake, toffee & maple syrup.
    and concentration.                                                       Full-bodied, medium sweet, silky
    It will effortlessly age for 25+                                         smooth & very tasty!
    years and still be delivering
    pleasure at age 50.

                                                                             Quinta da Gaivosa 2003
                                                                             Vintage Port
                                                                             Simply sensational value for a great
                                                                             vintage port. La Bible de Porto declared
                                                                             this in the top 5 wines of the vintage!

                                                                             From 80 year-old vines, it is full-
                                                                             bodied, rich & ripe with blackcurrants,
                                                                             dark cherries, chocolate & kirsch.
                          ONLY                                               Silky with huge length.

                         €69.99                                                                     ONLY

                                                                                                    €39.99 bt
                                                                                                    €19.99 1/2bt

    Quinta da Peca Late Bottled                 Hidalgo Pedro                                    Muscat Beaumes de Venise
    Vintage Port 1999                           Ximenez, Jerez                                   2009 Domaine des
    Great value port. Traditional style         Aromas of maple, raisins &
                                                                                                 Rhone, France
    – dark berries, ripe fruits, vanilla        chocolate followed by a rich, sweet
    and figs, very rich and sweet.              mouth-filling palate of butterscotch,
                                                                                                 A family estate for 5 generations
                                                raisins, caramel & orange peel
                                                                                                 making superb sweet Beaumes de
                                                makes this the ultimate dessert or
                                                after dinner drink.
                                                                                                 Luscious, sweet & grapey but
                                                                                                 also very fragrant & extremely

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                                                                                                     €21.99 bt
                 €16       .99
                                                     €13.99 1/2bt                                    €12.99 1/2bt

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                                                                                                                    Madeira & Malaga      17

Barbeito Boal                                                                    Barbeito Malvasia Old
5 Year-Old 50cl                                                                  Reserve 10 Year-Old
Full-bodied, medium sweet with barley                                            100% Malvasia, aged for 10-14
sugar, marmalade and chocolate orange                                            years. This style is better known as
character. Juicy, ripe with figs &                                               Malmsey. Fresh, rich & sweet with
hazelnuts.                                                                       candied fruit notes & overtones of
                                                                                 caramel & vanilla.

                                                                                 Silver Medal & Best in Class
                                                                                 International Wine & Spirit
                                                                                 Competition 2010

                                      €12.99                                     Gold Medal International
                                                                                 Wine Challenge 2009

Barbeito Malvasia
5 Year-Old 50cl
Super fresh with full, sweet, dried fruits
& spices. Rich, lush style but with fresh
acidity giving great balance.

                                      €12    .99

Barbeito Malvasia Special                          Barbeito Sercial Old Reserve                       Pedro Ximen 1908,
Lot 30 Year-Old                                    10 Year-Old                                        Malaga, Spain
Only 1550 bottles produced of this                 100% Sercial, aged 10 to 14                        Discovered this wine in a Tavern
world class wine.                                  years in oak.                                      owned by the winery in Malaga
                                                                                                      city centre.
The sweetest and richest wine from                 Not as dry as some Sercials this is a
the Barbeito stable, a very special                deliciously rounded interpretation                 Truly fabulous. Not as sweet as
blend from the best Malvasia                       of Sercial.                                        PX from Jerez, more like a tawny
from all over the island.                                                                             port richness.
A truly, superb, complex wine.                     Silver Medal & Best in
                                                   Class International Wine                           Beautifully balanced & complex
                                                   & Spirit Competition                               with blue raisins, dried banana,
Silver Medal International
                                                                                                      figs & lots more. Velvety smooth.
Wine Challenge 2009                                2009
                                                                                                      Best Fortified Wine at

          ONLY                                               ONLY
                                                             €29.99                                                    €29.99
18 wines for christmas
                                                      Wines for Christmas & the Festive Season

    Chateau LynchBages                                                           Chateau Potensac 1996,
    2006, Pauillac, Bordeaux                                                     Haut-Medoc, Bordeaux
    One of Ireland’s favourite fine wines!                                       ‘This is the most amazing wine this
    ‘This dense purple-coloured wine                                             estate has ever produced. It is rich and
    displays sweet notes of crème de cassis,                                     long-lived. It boasts a sweet, earthy,
    tobacco, liquorice & some cedar and                                          blackcurrant & cherry liqueur scented
    graphite. Muscular personality...                                            nose. There is terrific fruit intensity and
    beautiful fruit on the attack and alluring                                   purity as well as an impressively rich
    purityand a nicely textured mouthfeel.’                                      finish.’
    Robert Parker 92/100                                                         Robert Parker 89/100
    Wine Spectator 92 Points                                                     Wine Spectator 88 Points


                                     €79      .99

    Chateau Gloria 2005,                                                         Volnay 2005, Nicolas
    St Julien, Bordeaux                                                          Potel, Burgundy
    ‘Liquorice, blackberry and fresh cèpe                                        2005 was an outstanding Burgundy
    on the nose. Full and velvety-textured,                                      vintage and this rich, fleshy wine
    with lots of fruit and a long, caressing                                     is drinking perfectly!
    finish. Pretty and rich. The best Gloria                                     ‘Rich and full of cherry, raspberry and
    in years.’                                                                   violet aromas and flavours. This is pure
    Robert Parker 90/100                                                         and dense, staining the palate right
    Wine Spectator 92 Points                                                     through to the lingering aftertaste
                                                                                 of cherry compote.’
                                                                                 90 Points Wine Spectator

                                  €42.99                                                                     ONLY


    Andeluna Malbec 2009,                           Le Sughere Di Frassinello                           AN/2 2007, Mallorca,
    Mendoza, Argentina                              2006, Maremma                                       Spain
                                                    Toscana, Italy
    Gold Medal, Regional Trophy &                                                                       From Mallorca’s top winery this
    International Trophy Winner in                  A collaboration between Chateau                     is sold in the best restaurants
    Decanter Magazine.                              Lafite from Bordeaux & Castellare                   around the world!
                                                    di Castillina in Chianti.
    ‘Very good attack; smoky,                                                                           ‘65% Callet, 20% Mantonegro-
    black cherry that gives                         ‘50% Sangioveto, 25% Merlot,                        Fogoneu, and 15% Syrah
    a vibrant expression of                         25% Cabernet Sauvignon                              aged in 35% new French and
    ripeness, good length with                      was aged in French oak                              American oak. It displays a
    layers of vanilla flavour,                      barrels.. The 2006 Le Sughere                       bouquet of earth, tobacco,
    and the acidity to hold it.                     di Frassinello is yet another                       mineral, iodine, black cherry,
    Very moreish!’                                  delicious wine in this important                    and blueberry. Supple-textured
                                                    Tuscan vintage.’                                    with some underlying structure,
                                                    90/100 Robert Parker                                this is a complex, succulent
                 2 for €20                                         Save €2                              effort.’ Robert Parker 91/100

                  ONLY                                              ONLY                                                ONLY

                  €10       .99
                                                                    €19       .99

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                                                                                                              and the festive season          19

Pinot Grigio Unterebner                                                           Chablis Vieilles Vignes
2009, Alto Adige, Italy                                                           2007, Daniel-Etienne
This is the finest Pinot Grigio we’ve ever
tasted! Great clarity, ripeness & purity of                                       Defaix is a traditional-style producer with
fruit balanced by complexity, minerality                                          vines with an average age of 40 years
& acidity.                                                                        which adds to the richness & complexity
                                                                                  of flavours.
It was awarded Due Bicchieri Rossi
in the Gambero Rosso 2011!                                                        Fresh, rich, classic Chablis with creamy
A very prestigious award.                                                         fruit, very pure with good minerality,
                                                                                  balance & length.
                                     Save €2
                                        ONLY                                                                    ONLY

                                      €17      .99

Paco & Lola Albarino 2009,                                                        Terra do Lobo Godello 2009,
Rias Baixas, Spain                                                                Monterrei, Galicia, Spain
Instantly recognisable for its spotty label                                       The quality of white wines being made by
& instantly delicious for its fresh, fruity                                       the Godello grape ensure its popularity will
flavours. A fun wine but with real                                                soar in the years ahead. Its like a cross
quality behind it.                                                                between Pinot Grigio & Albarino!
Penin Guide 2011 93 Points                                                        ‘It shows off a splendid nose of mineral,
                                                                                  spring flowers, baking spices, lemon-lime,
                                                                                  and green apple. On the palate it has a
                                                                                  laser-like focus, great concentration, vibrant
                                                                                  acidity, and exceptional length. It admirably
                                2 for €27                                         reflects the excellence of the 2009 vintage
                                                                                  in Galicia.’

                                                                                  92/100 Robert Parker              ONLY

                                                                                               2 for €22          €12.99

Manga del Brujo 2007,                                Convento San Francisco                             Chateauneuf du Pape 2007
Calatayud, Spain                                     Crianza 2005, Ribera                               Les Hautes Brusquieres,
                                                     del Duero, Spain                                   Rhone, France
Recently voted the Best Spainsh
wine in Ireland under €15 at the                     ‘A blend of 90% Tempranillo                        A blend of 60% Grenache and 40%
Wines of Spain Competition!                          and 10% Merlot with 50% of                         Syrah. This fabulous, inky/ruby/
‘65% Garnacha, 15% Syrah, 15%                        the Tempranillo vineyards                          purple-tinged wine offers up sweet,
Tempranillo, and 5% Mazuelo                          dating from pre-phylloxera                         jammy aromas of black raspberries,
aged for five months in French and                   times. It offers a superb                          liquorice, truffles, underbrush,
and American oak. It offers up                       bouquet of pain grille, pencil                     and Provencal herbs. It is
a toasty, smoky bouquet with                         lead, spice box, saddle leather,                   profoundly rich and layered,
aromas of mineral, black cherry,                     and blackberry. Opulent, full-                     with sweet tannins as well as
and blueberry. This is followed                      bodied, rich, and concentrated,                    refreshing vibrancy and acidity.
by a medium- to full-bodied                          the wine has terrific depth.’                      This stunner should hit its peak
wine with an elegant personal-                       Robert Parker 93/100                               in 3-4 years.’
ity, a silky texture, intense,                                                                          Robert Parker 95+/100
savoury blue and black fruit
flavours & superb balance.’                                         Save €5                                            Save €10
Robert Parker 91/100                                                 ONLY                                               ONLY
               ONLY                                                  €24.99                                             €29.99
               €13       .99
Great                                              Ireland’s Best
Value                                              Champagne
Spirits                                            Offers’
                                                   Bollinger     Veuve
                                                   Special       Clicquot
                                                   Cuvee         Brut NV
           Absolut 70 cl                           Brut
          €16.95                                   NV

                       Sailor Jerry Rum 70 cl

                     €24.95                        Save €10
                                                   OFFER PRICE
                                                                 Save €10
                                                                 OFFER PRICE

                                                   €47     .99
                                                   Pol           Moet &
                                                   Roger         Chandon
                                                   NV            Brut
                             Hendricks Gin 70 cl

                                                   Save €7       Save €5
                                                   OFFER PRICE   OFFER PRICE
                                                   €36.99        €44.99
                   ls !                            Moet &        Laurent
   Christmas Specia                                Chandon       Perrier
               eam €13.9
            rish Cr                                Brut          Rose
   Baileys I odka €15.95                           Imperial      NV
     Smirnoff 5 (Green bottle)
            n €16.9
 Gordons Gi Original €18.95
      Bushmills n Spiced €19.95
   C aptain M pphire €20.95
      Bombay S                                     Save €8
                                                   OFFER PRICE
                                                                 Save €20
                                                                 OFFER PRICE

                                                   €34     .99   €68.99