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					  The Semantic Web

Is it “The Web guy’s shortcut to A.I.”?

          Or more? Or less?
  The Semantic Web for
  Dummies (like me)
  XML    Customized tags, like:

+ RDF    Relations, in triples, like:
    (Nena) (is_dog_of) (Kimiko/Stefan)

+ Ontologies        Hierarchies of concepts, like
    mammal -> canine -> Cotton de Tulear -> Nena

+ Inference rules            Like:
    If (person) (owns) (dog), then (person) (cares_for) (dog)

= Semantic Web!
   Semantic Web and
   Commonsense Reasoning

Cyc, Openmind, etc.   Semantic Web
  Query       Web     Query      Web

    Add                           Add
commonsense                   commonsense
   here!                         here!
Interesting quotes
   “Knowledge representation (…) is
    clearly a good idea, and some very nice
    demonstrations exist, but it has not yet
    changed the world.” (SciAm)

Meaning: Of course the Semantic Web
 will do that. Will it?
Interesting quotes, cont.
   “The Semantic Web will break out of
    the virtual realm and extend into our
    our physical world.” (SciAm)

Virtual reality will take over physical
  reality? (Why does that remind me of
  something very old?)
Interesting quotes, cont.
   “URIs can point to anything, including
    physical entities (…)” (SciAm)

Is a unique ID for people socially
Where does that end? Would we like that
  each atom of our universe has a URI?
Interesting quotes, cont.
   “The Semantic Web can assist the
    evolution of human knowledge as a
    whole.” (SciAm)

How so?
Do you buy it?
Summary: The 6 Principles
   Everything can be identified by URIs
   Resources and links can have types
   Partial information is tolerated
   There is no need for absolute truth
   Evolution is supported
   Minimalist design