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									                 DATES TO REMEMBER                       Volume 14, Issue 11                                           November 2008
         November 11: Veteran’s Day – Need TLC?
         November 17: elem. conferences – Need TLC?
         November 18: elem. early dismissal 10:45
         November 20: Thanksgiving Feast 11:30
         November 26: elem. Thanksgiving recess starts
                             Need TLC?
         November 27 & 28: TLC closed - Thanksgiving                                             DIRECTOR’S COLUMN
                                                          Dear Parents,
                                                                 November is such a wonderful month. We need to take the
                                                         time to be truly thankful! Our Thanksgiving Feast will be on Thursday,
Words of Wisdom                                          Nov. 20 @ 11:30. Everyone is invited! Sign up sheets will be posted if
Love them, even when they are naughty. They are          you would like to volunteer to bring something to help Miss Laurie
only this age once.                                      with our feast. It is greatly appreciated!
                                                                 FYI, when we have inclement weather please listen for Tender
                                                         Loving Childcare on WBEN radio and TV Channels 2, 4 & 7 for
Themes for November                                      weather related closings.
3rd – 7th: Shapes                                                Just a reminder: We have a staff training on Monday, Nov. 3
10th – 14th: Senses                                      so TLC will be closing @ 5:30 on that day.
17th – 21st: Trains, Planes and Automobiles                      As the cold weather approaches PLEASE remember that NO
24th – 28th: Thanksgiving (Sharing)                      one can leave cars running in the parking lot. It is against NYS
                                                         Regulations! Please be sure to turn your car off before coming into
                                                         TLC! This applies to everyone!

Staff birthdays this month:                                      A BIG thank you to everyone that helped with our fund
Miss Carmen on the 7th                                   raiser! Our total sales were over $1750. THANK YOU!
Miss Patty on the 20th                                   (Also, please remember to call TLC by 7:30am if your child will be absent for the
Miss Diane on the 23rd                                   day. Staff schedules may be directly affected by ratios if this happens. I appreciate
                                                         your promptness in this matter. FYI this also effects the school age class.)

Web site -                     Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or concerns
                                                         about your child or TLC! I truly care what you think!
E-mail -
FAX number - 312-8034                                    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!
                                                         Patty Connors

                                                                                   INFANT NEWS
           Miss Dorall, Miss Joyce, Miss Pat & Miss Gail

         Our children are all growing and moving into different developmental
stages. It makes our days quite interesting.
        Our youngest, Abigail, is beginning to notice the other children
                                                                                            SCHOOLAGE NEWS
and talks to them by getting excited and cooing. She also loves when
we pretend to tickle her with our stuffed toys.                                              Miss Dee, Miss Catherine, Miss Jackie
        Alyson is moving all over the floor, but she also likes to jump                             and Miss Laurie
up and down in the exersaucer.
        Grace is very sturdy on her feet and moves all around the
                                                                                       The Halloween Party was a great success.
room. She also seems to love our light up and musical soft piano.               Thanks to all the parents who brought in goodies.
        Justin is sitting up in his high chair now and eating. He also                 With the change in weather comes a change in
has a couple of favorite rattles and loves to look at another baby when         wardrobe. Please make sure your child has a hat, a
they are both in the exersaucer.                                                scarf, waterproof mittens or gloves, snow pants and
        Anna likes to sit up and play with our soft toys with teethers on       outdoor boots. Please make sure your child also has a
them. She is also crawling all over the place.
                                                                                change of sneakers.
        Cameron is beginning to walk and is already taking a few
steps. He loves the pop-up toy that talks back to him.                                 There are a number of sign up sheets for the
        Zak is walking now. He is chasing the other walkers now and             month of November for half days and days off, please
feels very proud of himself. He also likes to catch the beach balls.            mark down on the appropriate sheet your needs or not
        Carli likes to pick up the baby dolls in the toy box. It is so          for TLC.
cute when she gives them hugs and kisses. She still loves to sit on our                Birthdays this month are Autumn on the 1st and
laps and read.                                                                  Owen on the 4th. Happy Birthday to you both!
        Brendan is sitting at the table to eat, like a big boy. One of his
favorite pastimes is getting a book and reaching up for us to pick him
                                                                                       Thanks to everyone who participated in the
up and read to him. He is moving to the Toddler Room next month.                Fundraiser.
        Carson likes to stack the rings and is still loving his trucks. He             HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!
also likes to go down to the gym and run and play with the other
children. Riding in the cars is fun too!
        Vonn also loves the gym and enjoys playing with the other
children. One of his favorite toys is the telephone. He enjoys talking
to “Mom and Dad”. Vonn will turn one on the 19th. Happy Birthday!
        Thank you to everyone for contributing to our fundraiser. It
was a great success. Happy Thanksgiving to all our families.
                                                                                      PRE-SCHOOL NEWS
                                                                                  Miss Debbie, Miss Mandy and Miss Carmen
       Welcome to Fall/cold weather/warm weather/mixture                      Miss Roxanne, Miss Dee,
of weather. Hats and Mittens are a must everyday, as are a                   Miss Diane and Miss Amanda
change of shoes or boots. All must be labeled. With the
addition of heavier coats and soon snow pants, we want to              November, already! Where are the months
remind parents that there really is no room for backpacks in    going? Hope that with the change will come a good
the cubbies. The baskets are up on top to leave a change of     change in the weather so that we can get outside
clothes (Season Appropriate---this is your responsibility.)     more. Now is a good time to start thinking of winter
       We are wishing big Happy Birthdays to Miss Carmen        items. Like boots, snow pants and jackets. HATS
on the 7th, Miss Patty on the 20th and Julia on the 30th.       and waterproof type mittens.
       Please make a note on your calendars that the annual            Thank you to all who sent in treats for the
Thanksgiving Family Feast is on Thursday, November 20 @         Halloween party. They were greatly appreciated!!
11:30. Please plan on attending. Be on the look out for the            Still looking for a few family photos to
sign up sheets for how many will be coming and if you           complete our album. If you have not sent them in
would like to help with any aspect of the food.                 please do so.       The children enjoy looking at
       Just a reminder to please sign in and out (it is a NYS   everyone’s family. Feel free to check it out, too. It is
regulation), check the folder in front of your sign in/out      usually on the counter by the refrigerator, marked
sheet everyday.                                                 “Toddler Room Families”
       We have been noticing a few runny noses…please                  This month we are wishing Happy Birthdays to
reinforce the washing of hands after each tissue use and        Nicholle who turns 3 on the 11th, Daisy will be 2 on
coughing and sneezing into the elbow to cut down on the         the 15th, Christopher will be 2 on the 22nd and also to
spread of germs.                                                Miss Patty (on the 20th) and Miss Diane (on the 23rd)
       Quotes from Kids: Let me do it. I know you can do it            Do not forget the Annual Thanksgiving Feast.
faster and better, but sometimes experience is the best         It will be held on the 20th. Watch for sign up sheets.
teacher. From Parents Magazine Sept. 2008                       We hope to see everyone there!
       Thanks for your help with the fundraiser.                       The Toddler Room Staff would like to wish
       HAPPY THANKSGIVING!                                      everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

                   TODDLER NEWS
      Tender Loving Childcare
      76 Main St.
      Hamburg, NY 14075                             NOVEMBER LUNCH MENU

3                         4                        5                           6                           7
     pita pizza                lazy lasagna             hot turkey sandwich         hamburger in gravy          chicken tenders
     celery                    salad                    mashed potatoes             dinner roll                 biscuit
     fruit                     fruit                    mixed veggies               green beans                 french fries
                               milk                     fruit                       fruit                       fruit
                                                        milk                        milk                        milk
10                        11                       12                           13                         14
    pint size hero             pizza sub             cheeseburger rice            chicken souvlaki salad        grilled cheese
    lettuce/tomato             salad                 corn                         pita bread                    tomato soup
    fruit                      fruit                 fruit                        fruit                         fruit
    milk                       milk                  milk                         milk                          milk

17                        18                       19                          20                          21
     taco salad                spanish rice             ham sandwich                                            chefs choice
     tortilla chips            salad                    carrot sticks          THANKSGIVING                     mixed veggies
     fruit                     fruit                    fruit                  FEAST                            fruit
     milk                      milk                     milk                                                    milk

24                        25                       26                          27                          28
     goulash                   bbq pork sandwich         macaroni and cheese
     salad                     french fries              peas                             HAPPY                THANKSGIVING
     fruit                     corn                      fruit
     milk                      fruit                     milk

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