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 Center for Career and Technical Education
                                       of Allegany County

    The Center for Career and Technical Education (CCTE) serves the skill training needs of students from
the three high schools in Allegany County by offering eighteen (18) career and technical programs. The aca-
demic curriculum is comparable to courses offered at the three (3) high schools and students are eligible and
encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities at their comprehensive high schools.

       The Board of Education of Allegany County
       does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
       gender, age, national origin, religion, or disability
       in matters affecting admission to, access to, or
       operations of its programs, services or activities.
               Top 10 Things Parents and Students Should Know
          about the Center for Career and Technical Education (CCTE)

1  Career and Technology Education (CTE) - it’s more than a name change! Career and Technology Education
   (formerly vocational education) gives students a head start on college and careers in high-skill, high-wage
,and high-demand occupations organized in ten different Career Clusters, including programs in Information
Technology, Building Trades, Law Enforcement, Health Professions, Engineering and more.

2 CCTE is for the career or college bound student. In today’s workplace, continued education and training is
  a given. CCTE programs are usually a sequence of 4 or 5 high school courses taken in addition to the aca-
demic core classes of math, science, English and social studies. Students completing both the academic require-
ments and a CCTE program have the advantage of graduating from high school prepared for college or the

3   CCTE students are able to earn college credits and certifications to give them an extra advantage after earn-
    ing their diplomas. It’s true! Most of the 18 CCTE programs offer students an opportunity to earn college
credit, industry-recognized certifications, or both. As an added bonus, nearly every CCTE program connects to
a similar two-year college program which makes it possible for students to make the transition from high school
to college.

4  Students apply what they learn in academic classes - and this applied learning increases retention and under-
   standing! For example, in the Engineering program, Project Lead The Way, students apply skills learned in
higher level math courses to “real world” engineering projects.

5  Skill instructors are industry professionals teaching with up-to-date equipment and technology. CCTE teach-
   ers have worked in their fields as part of their certification. Industry advisory boards help schools design
and equip learning labs. Cisco (computer networking) students use state-of-the-art networking software, and
Automotive Technician students hone their skills using tools, equipment and curriculum recommended by The
National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

6  Parents and students can save money! High school is the only time individuals can obtain education focused
   on career preparation without writing a tuition check! High school students can earn licenses and credentials,
such as a Maryland Cosmetology license or a range of computer software certifications, often at a reduced cost
compared to the cost of obtaining certifications and licenses outside of high school. CCTE students can also
save money on college tuition by earning college credit. Students completing CCTE programs obtain knowl-
edge and skills that can help them achieve better-paying jobs while they are attending college.

7  Programs are designed for the future. Maryland industries and businesses partner with local school districts,
   colleges and the Maryland State Department of Education to create programs of study that prepare students
with the knowledge and skills required for current and future careers in today’s global economy.

8  Internships and work-based learning opportunities provide “real world” work experiences and the prospect
   of developing a professional network. CCTE programs frequently include a final internship or work-based
learning experience which helps students develop a network of co-workers and managers who may also become
valuable references.

9  Leadership and interpersonal skills are expanded! Students enrolled in CCTE programs can join local chap-
   ters of national student organizations such as the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) or Future
Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Participating in career and technical student organizations like
SkillsUSA and other state and national career competitions builds confidence as students demonstrate their
skills and knowledge.

10    To enroll your son or daughter or to learn more about CCTE programs, please call the Center for Career
      and Technical Education office at 301-729-6486 and ask for Mrs. Deborah Bittinger, principal, or Mrs.
Jenean Fazenbaker, school counselor.

                                                    Invest In
                Deborah Bittinger                          William Payne
                Principal                                  Assistant Principal

                                    Table of Contents
AUTO COLLISION REPAIR                     1    FIRE AND RESCUE                    6

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY                     1    GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS             6


CARPENTRY                                 2    HEATING, VENTILATION, AND
                                               AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC)            7
                                               INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING           8
COSMETOLOGY                               3
                                               IT & NETWORKING ACADEMY            8
CULINARY ARTS                             4
                                               LAW ENFORCEMENT/PUBLIC SAFETY      9
MAINTENANCE                               5    MASONRY AND EQUIPMENT OPERATION    9


Designed by Rick Swandol,
In-School Suspension Coordinator, CCTE
                                         Your Future
AUTO COLLISION REPAIR                                      and electrical skills. In addition, students are able to
                                                           work on their own cars while enrolled in this career
        CCTE offers a two-year program in Auto Col-        area.
lision REPAIR certified by the National Automotive                 Using the most up-to-date equipment and latest
Technicians Education Foundation.(NATEF) This              technology, students will receive instruction in weld-
program is designed to provide the students with a         ing, brazing, straightening of metal, panel installation,
thorough knowledge in the repair of damaged auto-          trim and glasswork, color matching, spraying, electri-
mobiles and frames. Students will also develop metal       cal systems, estimations, and frame straightening.
fastening skills, mechanical skills, refinishing skills,           There are many opportunities for graduates of
                                                           this program. Students may find employment with
                                                           auto dealers, repair shops, truck and bus companies,
                                                           assembly plants or they may operate their own shop.

                                                             General CCTE Admissions Requirements
                                                             Overall GPA             2.0
                                                             Intro to Technology     C average or better
                                                             Attendance              95%

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY                                      except English IV may earn a certificate in one year by
                                                           attending CCTE as a senior option student.
        This course is designed to provide entry-level             Auto technology students can enter the
skills based on the categories required for Automotive     automotive field working in a car dealership, auto
Service Excellence (ASE) Certification.                    repair shop, service station, or for an auto parts
        Automotive Technology is a two-year                manufacturer or retailer. Also, students may continue
NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education           their education at a college or technical school in order
Foundation) certified and an AYES (Automotive Youth        to prepare for advanced careers in auto technology. In
Education System) program at CCTE. The program             addition, students may earn college credits at Allegany
provides students with instruction in the diagnosis,       College of Maryland for the skills they acquire in
repair and adjustment required for Automotive              the auto technology program through the articulation
Service Excellence (ASE) certification. Students           agreement.
will master the following components engine repair,
engine performance, suspension, brakes, electrical/          Requirements:
electronics and special emphasis on safety tools and         General CCTE Admission Requirements
equipment. The                                                Interview with Instructor during 10th Grade Visita-
second year of                                                 tion or scheduled at a later date
the program                                                  Automotive Aptitude test given during
qualifies as                                                  10th Grade Visitation.
an honors                                                    Recommendations:
credit. Seniors                                              Overall GPA                   2.5
who have                                                     Math                          C average or better
successfully                                                 One Computer Credit           C average or better
completed                                                    Attendance                    95 %
all academic
   1                                                  Invest In
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIVE                                    Students also have the opportunity to participate in
                                                           internships with local businesses during the second
SERVICES                                                   semester of their senior year. Upon completion of the
                                                           program, students will be eligible for the Microsoft
New in 2010-11
                                                           Certified Applications Specialist (MCAS) credentials.
        Business Administrative Services is designed
                                                           Students are encouraged to participate in Future Busi-
to provide students with a knowledge of the principles
                                                           ness Leaders of America (FBLA) to develop leader-
of business management, entrepreneurship, and fi-
                                                           ship skills, improve communication and problem
nancial management applications. The program also
                                                           solving skills, and compete in business-related appli-
includes an in-depth study of emerging technologies
which will enable students to complete appropriate
                                                           Administrative Procedures for Medical Assisting
advanced office operations including word processing,
                                                           and Medical Terminology is offered as an elective to
spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, presenta-
                                                           students interested in pursuing a career in the medical
tion, webpage, and personal information management
software. Students will develop communication skills,
                                                           Students may also be eligible for college credit in the
human resource skills, and time and resource man-
                                                           Computer Science Technology and Office Technology
                                 agement skills to
                                                           programs at Allegany College of Maryland.
                                 function efficiently
                                 and effectively in
                                 the workplace and
                                                            General CCTE Admission Requirements
                                 to make informed
                                 financial decisions
                                                            Math             C average or better
                                 in a highly techni-
                                                            English          C average or better
                                 cal and competitive
                                                            Attendance       95%

                                                           his/her own general contracting business.
                                       Carpentry offers
                                                                   Carpentry students learn blueprint reading,
                                     a promising career
                                                           construction math, layout techniques, construction
                                     for the individual
                                                           techniques and skills, use of building materials, hand
                                     who has an interest
                                                           and power tool safety, as well as trim and finish work.
                                     in and an aptitude
                                                           During the school year, the carpentry students, togeth-
                                     for working with
                                                           er with the other construction skill areas, build a house
                                     tools and materi-
                                                           in the local community.
                                     als. It requires a
                                                                   Students may continue their education or find
                                     combination of
                                                           employment as a rough carpenter, finish carpenter,
                                     thinking and doing.
                                                           maintenance carpenter, inspector, project superinten-
                                    A carpenter is an
                                                           dent or become self-employed
important craftsman in the broad field of construction.
Besides the construction of new buildings, he/she can
handle work connected with remodeling, maintenance
                                                            General CCTE Admission Requirements
and repair work in shops, and work in factories that
produce prefabricated buildings. A carpenter’s salary
                                                            Overall GPA   2.0
provides a good living and is comparable to that paid
                                                            Math          C average or better
in other trades. After the carpenter gains experience,
                                                            Attendance    95%
he/she may want to undertake a small construction
                                                            Suspensions   No more than 3 serious
contract which could be the first step toward owning

                                                   Your Future                                                2
  COMMUNICATION ARTS                                          media technology may be the career choice for you.
                                                              You will learn also photography, black and white pho-
  TECHNOLOGY                                                  tographic printing, darkroom operation, script writing,
                                                              theories of lighting, theories of audio, audio engineer-
                                                              ing, video production, video editing, and radio produc-
                                             to the com-
                                                                      After you complete this skill area, you may
                                             age! Every-
                                                              further your career by attending Allegany College of
                                             day we rely
                                                              Maryland or other college programs, attend a techni-
                                             on a variety
                                                              cal school, enter the military, work at entry-level status
                                             of media to
                                                              in the communication arts industry, or start your own
                                             both send
                                                              business. You may earn college credits at Allegany
                                             and receive
                                                              College for the skills you acquire in the communica-
                                                              tion arts program through the articulation agreement.
  radio, audiotapes, compact discs, and photographic
  prints are all forms of media technology.
                                                                General CCTE Admission Requirements
          Would you like to produce and direct your own
                                                                Interview with Instructor during 10th Grade
  music video or would you like to be an audio record-
                                                                 Visitation or scheduled at a later date
  ing engineer? You could also produce photographs
  using student models to develop your own gallery
                                                                Overall GPA                  2.0
                                                                English/Language Arts        B average or better
           In communication arts technology, you will be
                                                                Math                         C average or better
  taught all aspects of media. If you like to work cre-
  atively and artistically and enjoy technical equipment,

COSMETOLOGY                                                         So, come join in the fun, and at the same time
                                                            have a career and a diploma upon entering into the real
                                                            world. Or, work your way through college there are
    Enter cosmetology with an open mind and a
                                                            endless opportunities (with this license), that you will
wholehearted desire to learn as much as you can and
                                                            be able to use to gain employment.
the career opportunities in this profession will be
endless. Your practice in cosmetology will open an
unlimited passport to your future and a new career that
                                                            General CCTE Admission Requirements
can bring happiness and financial independence.
                                                            Interview with Instructor during 10th Grade
        This is a two year program, with a summer ses-
                                                              Vistion or scheduled at a later date
sion if needed. It only takes a small amount of time,
                                                            Health Physical (questions regarding allergies to
money and determination along with artistic ability to
                                                              chemicals & other issues related to cosmetology)
become successful. You will gain 1500 hours of train-
                                                            Must take the state cosmetology exam at the end of
ing, take, and the state board of cosmetology exam for
                                                               the program to complete requirements.
licensing, all before graduation. Sitting for the exam
is mandatory before graduation.

   3                                                Invest In
Overall GPA                2.0
Attendance                 95%
Attend cosmetology summer school prior to 11th

CULINARY ARTS                                              Students who are Culinary Arts Completers at the
                                                           Career Center are also Tech Prep Completers and are
        Culinary Arts is an approved CTE occupa-           eligible to earn articulated credit in the Culinary Arts
tional completer program at the Center for Career &        and Hotel and Restaurant Management program at Al-
Technical Education (CCTE) that educates high school       legany College of Maryland upon successfully passing
students in professional cooking or professional bak-      the ServSafe Exam. Students are also eligible to earn
ing and prepares them for successful careers in the        articulated credit at the Baltimore International Col-
food and beverage industry. Students will progress         lege upon meeting all articulation requirements.
through a program that includes hands-on education
in food production, while developing professionalism
and proficiency in cooking, baking, cost control, nutri-
tion, sanitation and food marketing. Students in this       Requirements:
program gain practical experience through clinical,         General CCTE Admissions Requirements
school-based enterprises and/or work-based learning          Interview with instructor during 10th grade visita
in the culinary industry. When the clinical experience      tion or scheduled at a later date.
is combined with science classes, this program will         Recommendations:
provide the necessary skills for further education and      Overall GPA                  2.0
career success. Senior students will also gain experi-      Intro to Technology          C average or better
ence by operating a school based restaurant located         Algebra II or Geometry
within their classroom. This restaurant will provide        Math                         C average or better
students with hands on experience in both the front         Attendance                   95%
and back of the house, as well as menu planning, dé-
cor and total food production. The second year of the
program qualifies for Honors credit.

                                                   Your Future                                               4
ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION                                      International
& MAINTENANCE                                                of Electri-
                                                             cal Work-
    Highly skilled electricians are never without a job.
                                                             ers (IBEW)
New technology is increasing at an alarming rate as is
the demand for skilled tradesmen. The new careers in
                                                             aptitude test.
the alternative energy field (solar, wind, etc.) are going
                                                             This is ad-
to be in great demand. Get a jump on these careers
with a certificate in Electrical Construction and Main-
                                                             after complet-
tenance at the Center for Career and Technical Educa-
                                                             ing the 11th
                                                             grade. Students who qualify have the opportunity to
    Students are instructed in the areas of residential
                                                             participate in the first year union apprenticeship during
wiring, commercial wiring, and some industrial wiring
                                                             the senior year
techniques. Students gain actual “hands on” experi-
ence at the “student built” house that is constructed by
the Career Center building trades students.                   Requirements:
    A new course has been added to the curriculum in          General CCTE Admission Requirements
photovoltaics (solar energy). In this course students         On-Site Parent/Teacher Interview
learn concepts in design, equipment, safety and instal-       Math Assessment during Orientation
lation of photovoltaic (solar) systems. A solar system        Recommendations:
is built by the students in order to gain “hands on”          Algebra II or Geometry
experience in this fast growing field.                        Math GPA                   C average or better
    Electrical students have the opportunity to take the      Attendance                 95%

ENGINEERING                                                  and construct a solution to an engineering problem.
                                                             Students will learn how to do blueprint animation and
Project Lead the Way
                                                             presentations using Inventor software.
                                                                     Mechanical, electrical, architectural, and civil
    Engineering is our hope and our future. There
                                                             engineering are a few employment fields available
isn’t a shortage of jobs, just a shortage of qualified
                                                             to students with the skills and certification from the
people. There is a demand for qualified engineers and
                                                             Career Center Engineering Technology program.
technicians capable of solving real-world problems
                                                                 By successfully completing the Project Lead the
using math, science, and technology.
                                                             Way requirements, students may be eligible to earn
         This program is for students who are creative
                                                             articulated credits towards the Engineering Technol-
and enjoy working with their hands to produce usable
                                                             ogy or Technology Education program at Fairmont
products to meet consumer and business needs. Start-
                                                             State College.
ing with their product idea, students use Auto-CAD to
draw a blueprint to produce a prototype using state-
of-the art machine tools (CNC milling and turning
                                                                General CCTE Admission Requirements
                                    centers) applying the
                                                                Math & Science GPA           C average or better
                                    concepts of robotics
                                                                Interview with Instructor during 10th Grade
                                    and design analysis.
                                                                  Visitation or scheduled at a later date
                                    A senior project gives
                                    students the opportu-
                                                                Intro to Technology          B average or better
                                    nity to work as part
                                                                Algebra I                    B average or better
                                    of a team guided by
                                                                Algebra II                   B average or better
                                    a community mentor
                                    to research, design
    5                                                   Invest In
FIRE AND RESCUE                                            art of fire fighting and emergency medical technol-
                                                           ogy. Administered by the Allegany County Center
                                                           for Career and Technical Education, this training will
                                                           provide students with educational skills that prepare
                                                           them for entry into the field of Emergency Services.
                                                           Upon completion , students will be qualified to apply
                                                           for National Certification at the Firefighter II level
                                                           and be eligible to obtain a National Certification as an
                                                           Emergency Medical Technician Basic.

                                                            Meet the general admission requirements.
                                                            Be at least 16 years of age by the first day of school
    Fire and Rescue is a one-year completer program         Be a member of an Allegany County Fire or Rescue
open to juniors and seniors interested in a fire and         Company.
rescue service career pathway.
                                                                 The requirements for membership vary from
        The Fire and Rescue program was developed
                                                                            company to company.
to provide a means to train high school students in the

GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS                                     variety of endeavors. Students are also introduced to
                                                           writing commercial advertisements, which include
                                                           newsletters, brochures, yearbooks, and other desktop
    Welcome to the informational age! Billions of
                                                           publications. These techniques are emphasized
books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and other
                                                           through the integration of skill building activities,
documents are produced every year in our modern
                                                           the study of graphic art history, and challenging
society. The good news is that you can play an integral
                                                           independent projects.
part in this explosion of information when you plan
                                                                   This course meets the requirements of the
your career in the printing industry. If you like to
                                                           PrintED® program, a national accreditation program
work creatively and artistically and enjoy technical
                                                           based on industry standards. When these requirements
equipment, graphic communications may be for you.
                                                           are met you can earn articulated college credits
Spend time creating your own personalized T shirts,
                                                           at Allegany College of Maryland, Montgomery
mouse pads, ceramic tile, coffee mugs, posters and
                                                           Community College, and Bridgemont Community &
                                                           Technical College.
         The Graphic Communications program
                                                                   Graphic Communications, formerly known as
prepares students to communicate information in
                                                           Printing, is the second largest manufacturing industry
clear and creative formats. Students gain competence
                                                           and employs the third largest number of people in
                                     in typography,
                                                           manufacturing in the United States.
                                      layout, package
                                      design, offset
                                      printing, digital       Requirements:
                                      printing, binding       General CCTE Admission Requirements
                                      and finishing, and      Recommendations:
                                      other essential         Overall GPA                  2.75
                                      skills which            Math GPA              C average or better
                                      prepare them            English/Language Arts C average or better
                                      for productive          Art and/or Computer   C average or better
                                      careers in a wide       Attendance                   95%

                                                   Your Future                                               6
    Health Occupations is an approved CTE occupa-
tional completer program which emphasizes entrylev-
el skills in various health occupations. During the
course, basic nursing skills are emphasized which pre-
pare students to complete the nursing assistant certifi-
cation examinations. The second level course focuses
on advanced clinical health care skills and disease
processes. Throughout both levels of the course stu-
dents will study anatomy physiology, medical termi-
nology, professional development, teamworks skills,
health care provider CPR and first aid. On-the-job
training includes clinical affiliation with local health   Requirements:
care sites such as hospitals, longterm care facilities,    General CCTE Admission Requirements
office settings and specialty centers. Seniors who have    Interview with instructor
successfully completed all academic requirements           Tuberculin skin testing required
except English IV may earn a certificate in one year by      Recommendations:
attending CCTE on a full-time schedule.                      GPA in Science              B average or better
                                                             Biology                     B average or better
                                                             Chemistry                   B average or better
                                                             Foreign Language            B average or better
                                                             Attendance                  95%

HEATING, VENTILATION,                                                              trained plumbers. There is no
                                                                                   limit to the amount of money
AND                                                                                the skilled plumber may earn.
AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC)                                                            The effort an individual makes
                                                                                   and the seriousness with which
     Do you want to become part of an excit-                                       one approaches the study of
ing industry that is dedicated to the quality                                      plumbing determine how far
of life of our future? HVAC technicians                                            and how quickly a person can
must be imaginative and prepared to face                                           advance in this trade.
new developments everyday. Some areas of                                                Successful HVAC students
instruction are blueprint reading, soldering,                                      will have the opportunity to
brazing, refrigeration systems, electric motor                                     interview with the Plumbers
repair, and understanding of basic electricity.                                    and Steamfitters Union. If
Become part of the heating, ventilation, and air condi-    accepted into the union, CCTE students will receive
tioning field.                                             one year of union training credit for the training they
     The air conditioning, refrigeration and heating in-   received in class.
dustry offers essential environmental control services          Requirements:
for automobiles, factories, hospitals, offices, the retail      General CCTE Admission Requirements
industry and residential homes. HVAC offers a great             Recommendations:
variety of occupations, job security, mobility and un-          Two Science Credits     B average or better
limited career opportunities. There is no other industry        Two Math Credits        B average or better
that exceeds the constant demand for qualified, well-
     7                                                  Invest In
INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING                                   Students will learn how to operate this equipment
                                                           safely and how to use accepted practices and
TECHNOLOGY                                                 procedures for the industrial work place. Students’
                                                           skills will be enhanced by instruction on computer-
    Consider an
                                                           controlled machines which are the latest equipment
exciting career
                                                           used in the field.
in Industrial
Instruction in the                                          Requirements:
machine and tool                                            General CCTE Admission Requirements
career area will                                            Interview with Instructor during 10th Grade Visita
include setting                                              tion or scheduled at a later date
up and operating                                            Recommendations:
those machines commonly used in the machine                 GPA in Math & Science         C average or better
trades including engine lathes, milling machines, drill     Intro to Tech                 C average or better
presses, precision grinders, shapers, and power saws.

IT & NETWORKING ACADEMY                                    in a variety of industries Networking Academy courses
                                                           emphasize the practical application of knowledge and
    CISCO IT & Networking Academy                          the development of career skills such as critical think-
    As networking capabilities continue to grow and        ing, problem solving, and collaboration.
expand, corporations, nonprofits, schools, hospitals,          Courses & Certifications Offered at CCTE
governments, and NGOs around the world are experi-             IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software v4.0
encing a shortage of qualified information and com-        covers the fundamentals of computer hardware and
munication technology (ICT) specialists to design,         software as well as advanced concepts. Students who
install, secure, and manage their networks.                complete this course will be able to describe the inter-
    Students who gain ICT knowledge and practical          nal components of a computer, assemble a computer
                                          experience       system, install an operating system, and troubleshoot
                                          through the      using system tools and diagnostic software. Students
                                          Networking       will also be able to connect to the Internet and share
                                          Academy pro-     resources in a network environment. New topics
                                          gram can earn    included in this version include laptops and portable
                                          Cisco career     devices, wireless connectivity, security, safety and
                                          certifications   environmental issues, and communication skills. The
                                          and help fill    IT Essentials curriculum helps prepare students for the
                                          an estimated     globally recognized CompTIA A+ certification. CCTE
                                          eight million    Academy students will have the opportunity to take
                                          networking       this certification exam while attending CCTE.
                                          jobs around          CCNA Discovery: This curriculum teaches net-
the world.                                                 working based on application, covering networking
    The CCTE CISCO IT & Networking Academy                 concepts within the context of network environments
courses include rich multimedia content, Flash-based       students may encounter in their daily lives – from
interactive activities, videos, games, and quizzes to      small office and home office (SOHO) networking to
support a variety of learning styles and help increase     more complex enterprise and theoretical networking
knowledge retention.                                       models later in the curriculum. CCNA Discovery is
    The courses at CCTE are designed to help students      designed for students with basic PC skills and founda-
prepare for a growing number of networking positions       tional math and problem solving skills. The curricu-
                                                   Your Future                                              8
lum offers an engaging learning experience for more
visual and kinetic learners. Many interactive activities    Requirements:
are embedded in all of the courses to break up the text     General CCTE Admission Requirements
and help reinforce student comprehension. In addition,      Recommendations:
a large number of labs encourage additional hands-on        Overall GPA             2.75
practice.                                                   Intro to Computer
    CCNA Discovery helps prepare students for entry-        Final Exam              C or Better
level career opportunities, continuing education, and       Attendance              95%
globally-recognized Cisco CCENT and CCNA certifi-

LAW ENFORCEMENT/                                           certificate in one year by attending CCTE on a full-
                                                           time schedule. Students have the opportunity to earn
PUBLIC SAFETY                                              college credits at Allegany College of Maryland.
                                     Law Enforcement/
                                 Public Safety is an
                                                            General CCTE Admission Requirements
                                 elective two year
                                                            Interview with Instructor
                                 program at the
                                                            Physician’s Clearance for Physical Training Con-
                                 Center for Career and
                                                              tract with students, parent/guardian and teacher
                                 Technical Education
                                                              to abide by rules of program prior to attending
                                 (CCTE) which
                                                              classes at CCTE.
                                 prepares students for
                                                            One letter of recommendation from Law Enforce
                                 careers in planning,
                                                              ment, Corrections or Community Leader.
                                 managing, and
                                                            Agreement to background check with no history of
                                 providing public
                                                              serious crimes, mental disorders or ongoing
safety, protective services and homeland security,
                                                              school related discipline issues.
including professional and technical support
                                                            Maximum Suspensions in Grade 10
services. The program will cover the following
                                                              2-ISS       1-OSS
pathways: correction services, emergency and
fire management services, security and protective
                                                            English                       C average or better
services, law enforcement services, and legal services.
                                                            Math & Science                C average or better
Students will participate in career development and
                                                            Attendance                           95%
work-based learning activities. The second year
of the program qualifies the student for an Honors
credit. Seniors who have successfully completed all
academic requirements except English IV may earn a

MASONRY AND                                                trades of bricklaying, concrete, stone masonry, cement
                                                           finishing, tile setting, and plastering, as well as cost
EQUIPMENT OPERATIONS                                       estimation and use of tools pertinent to the trades.
                                                                    Concrete finishing is another field that is in
    Masonry construction is one of the oldest profes-      high demand for skilled workers. The need for finish-
sions known to man, dating back to the pyramids            ers is at an all-time high due to the increase in housing
of the mid-east and the castles of Europe. Masonry         construction as well as the increase in highway con-
involves developing specialized skills in the trowel       struction and repair. The curriculum in the masonry
   9                                                 Invest In
skill area includes instruction in the preparations for
slabs and porches and instruction in the operation
of equipment for finishing concrete. An extensive
amount of time in class deals with stamping, coloring,
and the use of release agents for concrete.
         The safe operation of equipment is taught
on the skid steer, the mini-excavator and the mini-
backhoe. Maintenance and safety are stressed in the
classroom through practical experience in operation,
leading to the ability to run larger, more complex
pieces of equipment.
         Whether you are inclined toward residential or
commercial employment, three different trade skills
are taught in this area: masonry, concrete finishing,       Requirements:
and/or heavy equipment operation.                            General CCTE Admission Requirements
         Successful masonry students will have the           Recommendations:
opportunity to earn first year apprenticeship hours for      Overall GPA             2.0
Operating Engineers Local 37.                                Attendance              95%
                                                             Suspensions 10th grade  1
                                                             Suspensions 9th grade          1
                                                             Math                    C average or better

                                                              Senior welding program students who meet the require-
TECHNOLOGY                                                  ments of the articulation agreement with the Plumbers
                                                            and Steamfitters U.A. Local Union #489 will be guaran-
                                   Consider a career
                                                            teed an interview with Local Union #489. If successful
                              in the challenging and
                                                            in the interview, the student will begin training in the
                              rewarding field of welding
                                                            second year of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local #489
                              and metal fabrication. It
                                                            Apprenticeship Training Program upon graduation from
                              is a hot career with excel-
                                                            the Career Center.
                              lent growth potential be-
                              cause welders are in high
                              demand and the pay is
                                                             General CCTE Admission Requirements
                              good. If you are creative
                              and like to build things,
                                                             Overall GPA                          2.5
                              this may be for you.
                                                             Suspensions Grade 9                  1
                                        At CCTE, you
                                                             Suspensions Grade 10                 1
can learn these skills in a modern, up-to-date facility
                                                             Intro to Tech                 A
while working on various projects. These projects
                                                             Science & Math                B average or better
include working on street rods, race carts, drag bikes,
                                                             English                       C average or better
trailers and heavy equipment. Students learn to use
                                                             Physical Education            B average or better
various welders, press brakes, shears, lathes, mills,
                                                             Attendance                    95%
saws, pipe benders, and rollers. These skills are also
                                                             Interview with Instructor during 10th Grade Visita-
used in other areas such as automotive, plumbing,
                                                               tion or scheduled at a later date.
electrical, and construction trades.

                                                    Your Future                                           10
                              For more information please contact the
                  CENTER FOR CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION at 301-729-6486
                                   or see your school counselor

                               School         Guidance Counselor                 Phone
                               Allegany       Debi Slider & Joe Wilson        (301) 722-3601
                               Beall          Marcia Smith & Stan Eisel       (301) 689-3377
                               CCTE           Jenean Fazenbaker               (301) 729-6486
                               Fort Hill      Kim Henson &
                                                     Bethany Ternent          (301) 777-2572

                                           DID YOU KNOW?
1. CCTE has student organizations, such as the Future       hensive school sport or extracurricular activity. (see
Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Health Occupa           below)
tions Students of America (HOSA), and Skills USA, in
which students participate in local, district, state, and   5. CCTE seniors participate in a certificate ceremony
national conferences and occupational skill competi-        at CCTE as well as graduation activities at their com-
tions.                                                      prehensive school.

2. CCTE has articulation programs with Allegany Col-        6. CCTE has an Instructional Support Service Team.
lege of Maryland, Anne Arundel Community College,
Baltimore International College, Community College          7. CCTE provides students with tools and materials in
of Baltimore, Fairmont State College, Pennsylvania          their chosen skill areas.
College of Technology, Universal Technical Institue
and three local unions.                                     8. CCTE offers select AP classes for students who
                                                            wish to complete the requirements for the Honors
3. CCTE students apply and are accepted at two-year         diploma
and four-year colleges and universities.
                                                            9. CCTE has a National Technical Honor Society.
4. CCTE students may participate in any compre-

                                           STUDENT ATHLETES
      The Allegany County Board of Education encourages and permits students to be part of all athletic
  teams when enrolled at the Center for Career and Technical Education. The Career Center faculty and
  staff will team with the comprehensive school staff to assist with transportation, attendance, discipline, and
  announcements from coaches in order to facilitate successful involvement.

      Weight training and fitness equipment are now available at the Career Center. Arrangements can be
  made to offer the weight training required by coaches. Athletes may take the elective Physical Education
  credit at CCTE or arrange a supervised time frame for weight training before school, after school or during
  the lunch shift. There are qualified staff members available who have taken the Coaches Prevention and
  Care of Athletic Injuries Course through Frostburg State University.

   11                                                Invest In
What is Tech Prep?
Tech Prep identifies an occupational completer program that gives
students the opportunity to earn college credits or apprenticeship
status while in high school.

Why is Tech Prep important?
• Saves time and money.                                    • Incorporates job shadowing and internship
• Provides options for further education and training.        opportunities.
• Provides the opportunity to earn college credits         • Ties learning to current business and industry
   while in high school.                                      practices.
• Leads to an associate degree or two-year certificate     • Identifies employment trends and career ladder
   in various career pathways.                               opportunities.
• Provides the opportunity for students to participate     • Provides marketable skills.
   in union apprenticeship programs while in high          • Leads to employment.

Skill Training Plus College Credit                         Skill Training Plus Apprenticeship
The skill areas listed below have an articulation agree-
ment with a post-secondary institution. Successful         The skill areas listed below have agreements with
students may be eligible for the following number of       local unions to award hours towards the first year
college credits.                                           apprenticeship program.
• Auto Collision Repair               10 credits CCBC
• Automotive Technology                 2 credits ACM      • Electrical . . . . . . . . . . .Electrical Union Local 307
                                      10 credits CCBC      • HVAC . . . . . . . . . . . . . Plumbers & Steamfitters
• Business Administrative Services 3 credits ACM                                            Union Local 489
• Communication Arts Technology 3 credits ACM              • Masonry . . . . . . . . Operating Engineers Local 37
• Culinary Arts                         3 credits ACM      • Indusrial Manufacturing . . . . . . . . .Carpenters and
             10 credits Baltimore International College                                               Joiners Local 1024
• Engineering Technology              10 credits           • Carpentry. . . . . . . . . . Carpenters and Joiners Local
                                      Fairmont College                                      1024
• Fire and Rescue                     16 credits           • Welding. . . . . . . . . . . .Plumbers & Steamfitters
                       Ann Arundel Cmmunity College                                          Union Local 489
• Graphic Communications                3 credits ACM
• Health Occupations                    3 credits ACM
• IT & Networking Academy               10 credits ACM
• Law Enforcement/Public Safety         5 credits ACM

                                                   Your Future                                                   12
    General Admission Requirements for 2010-2011

1.      Students enrolled in the Allegany County school system who have successfully completed the ninth and
tenth grades are eligible to attend CCTE.

2.    Students in the Allegany County school system who have successfully completed the eleventh grade and
who only need English IV to graduate are eligible to attend CCTE in the senior option program.

3.      Students should have an understanding of their interests, abilities, and achievements in relation to
their chosen career program.

Students enrolling at the Career Center must have a minimum of 12 credits including the following:
•      English I
•      English II
•      Physical Education
•      Government
•      World History
•      Foundations of Technology
•      (One) Science
•      Algebra I

(Government, World History, and Foundations of Technology will be available to students who are new to the
Allegany County School System.)

        Behavior: Students enrolling at CCTE with 4 or more accumulated suspensions since grade 9 will be
required to schedule a parent/guardian conference with the Assistant Principal and School Counselor prior to
attending classes.

        Attendance: Students enrolling at CCTE with less than 93% attendance in grade 10 will be required
to schedule a parent/guardian conference with the Assistant Principal and School Counselor prior to attending

        Application Deadline: April 9, 2010. All applications for admission to CCTE will be reviewed to de-
termine if entry requirements have been met. Letters of acceptance or rejection will be mailed. Schedule cards
will be mailed early in August, 2009.

New seniors must have a 2.5 GPA and have met all graduation requirements with the exception of the fol-
•      English IV
•      One additional course depending on subject

       13                                      Invest In Your Future
                      Invest In Your Future!
                               Cresaptown, Maryland 21502
Integrated Math                                           English III & IV
Algebra II                                                American Novel
Geometry                                                  AP Language
Trigonometry                                              AP Literature
Calculus                                                  Journalism
Environmental Science                                     Spanish I-III
Chemistry                                                 Document Processing I & II
Physics                                                   Computer Literacy
Genetics                                                  Computer Logic
Anatomy & Physiology I & II                               Web Design I & II
College Biology                                           Honors Web Design
College Anatomy & Physiology                              Personal Financial Literacy
U.S. History                                              Leadership
Psychology                                                Art I-IV
Criminal Justice                                          Health Education
Contemporary World Issues                                 Weight Training/Fitness Elective
Solar Power

          ORGANIZATIONS                                         OTHER OPPORTUNITIES

Bike Club                                             A+ Certification
College Club                                          Apprenticeships with Building Trades Unions
Envirothon Team                                       Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES)
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)             CISCO Certification
Future Educators of America (FEA)                     NATEF Certification
Guitar Club                                           Ford AAA Competition
Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)          MOS Certification
Military Club                                         Professional Development Skills
Mock Trial                                                 Portfolio
National Technical Honor Society                           Resume
Newspaper                                                  PowerPoint
SHOP                                                       Interview
Skills USA                                            Skills Showcase
Spanish Club                                          Work-based Learning Activities:
Student Council                                            Job shadowing
Winter Sports Club                                         Internships
Yearbook                                                   Capstoning

        The Board of Education of Allegany County does not discriminate on the basis. of race, color,
        gender, age, national origin, religion, or disability in matters affecting admission to, access to,
        or operations of its programs, services or activities.

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