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									Level 4
Skill                           QCA/EAL Statement         What the pupil can do at this level   Teacher strategies to help pupils move on          EAL Targets
                        Pupils talk and listen in an       When retelling stories                    Guided work                             Develop inferential
                        increasing range of contexts.       uses rich narrative with                  Make the aim of group/pair               and referential skills
                        Their talk is adapted to the        imagery                                    discussion very clear, i.e.             NC targets apply
                        purpose: developing ideas          Uses vocabulary and                        are pupils being asked to                from this level
                        thoughtfully, describing events     structures for effect                      persuade, collaborate,
                        and conveying their opinions       Uses a variety of sentence                 debate or advise?
 Speaking & Listening

                        clearly. In discussion, they        structures                                Make explicit the forms of
                        listen carefully, making           Can sustain talk without                   language they are being
                        contributions and asking            support                                    expected to use
                        questions that are responsive                                                 Use role-play and discuss
                        to others’ ideas and views.                                                    the forms of language used
                        They use appropriately some                                                    by different people
                        of the features of standard                                                   Use formal debate
                        English vocabulary and                                                        Use thinking time for
                        grammar.                                                                       responses and encourage
                                                                                                       collaboration for building
                                                                                                       on answers
Level 4

           In responding to a range of      Can read a range of age        Use grids etc. To help          Skim text for overall
           texts, pupils show                appropriate text and            develop ideas from text          meaning
           understanding significant         understand and respond         Teach explicitly to use         Scan text for specific
           ideas, themes, event and          to the important ideas,         quotations from text as          information
           characters. They begin to use     themes and characters           evidence for an argument        Identify language
           inference and deduction. They    Can understand the effect      Teach explicitly how to          features of specific
           refer to the text when            of different types of           summarise particular             genre e.g. persuasive
           explaining their views. They      language                        points from a text               writing, recounts
                                            Can make links with other                                   

           locate and use ideas and                                          Causes and consequences          Interpret text on
           information.                      texts they have read            of human actions are             more than one level
                                                                             culturally based. Pupils        Support a point of
                                                                             need support in                  view using textual
                                                                             understanding the cultural       references
                                                                             context when they are           Use figurative
                                                                             asked to make inferences         language, subtle
                                                                             and deduction                    humour, nuance
                                                                                                             N C targets apply
                                                                                                              from this level
Level 4

           Pupils’ writing in a range of       Use a variety of complex         Gradually introduce a range        Monitor own writing
           forms is lively and thoughtful.      sentences usually                 of different connectives            for irrelevant
           Ideas are often sustained and        correctly                         e.g. that, although, despite,       sentences, phrases or
           developed in interesting ways       Uses a variety of tenses          to help pupils write in             ideas
           and organised appropriately          appropriately and                 complex sentences                  Proof read work for
           for the purpose of the reader.       generally correctly              Model and develop                   ways to improve flow
           Vocabulary choices are often        Uses text structure to suit       complex sentences in                of ideas
           adventurous and words used           the genre or purpose              shared writing                     NC targets apply
           for effect. Pupils are beginning    Uses formal language             Discuss purpose of writing          from this level
           to use grammatically complex         effectively                       before starting shared
           sentences, extending meaning.       Uses source materials to          writing or supporting

           Spelling, including that of          generate ideas                    independent writing
           polysyllabic words that             Spelling of longer words is      Ask pupil to read back
           conform to regular patterns, is      becoming accurate                 writing in appropriate tone
           generally accurate. Full stops,     Basic punctuation is              of voice
           capital letters and question         accurate                         Continue to use a
           marks are used correctly, and       Beginning to use the              thesaurus and discuss the
           pupils are beginning to use          comma                             effect of vocabulary choices
           punctuation within the              Writes some good                 Model more complicated
           sentence. Hand writing style is      descriptive passages,             tense forms in discussion
           fluent, joined and legible.          though not always used            before writing
                                               Hand writing style is
                                                fluent, joined and legible

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