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					                                                         Real Estate Internet Marketing System
                          “Locally Focused Marketing for Increased Profits”
    Local and National Exposure                               Marketing to the Right Group
                                                                      Date: __________________
   1. Customer fills out form, faxes to 612-623-8348.
   2. CondoBuzz approves Agent
   3. CondoBuzz builds web site and delivers leads
Customer Information
Customer:     ____________________________              Ph: __________________________
Web: _______________________________ Email: ____________________________
Address: __________________________ City: __________________                     State: MN Zip: ___________
Cities of Interest: ___________________________________________________________

Real Estate Internet Marketing System Features and Benefits
   1. Complete local marketing driven website with premium domain name – designed to get more sales. Web
       site branded for agent/broker – to provide more recognition.
    2. Web pages promoting agent such as; Featured listings page to help sell & acquire listings. Feature agent
       page - to promote agents. News and Blog page- for agents to promote themselves, listings, area, etc.
       Agent's MLS property search installed - to acquire more customers.
    3. Advertising and marketing to drive traffic and sales such as; Search engine marketing on Google, Yahoo,
       and MSN etc. Membership in national network and other Internet advertising programs.
Terms and Conditions
   1. Kemteck will design and build web site and ads. All ads and marketing will be designed to capture
       prospects using various techniques (i.e. offering free brochure, check availability, pricing, set up
       showings/appointments, access to project pagewith photos, video, register to view, etc.).
    2. Kemteck will install broker/agents own MLS property search and brand for broker/agent. Broker/agent will
       pay directly for new or 2nd search solution so we can customize search and manage.
    3. Kemteck will develop, research & implement various marketing campaigns to drive traffic to local &
       national web sites as needed. A prospect lead is valid if it contains a real email or real phone number or
       both. If lead is not valid we will replace lead. Leads will be delivered to email address of customers’
       choice. Lead inquiry will not be given to another agent. Lead may be given to other affiliates such as
       lenders, insurance, etc. Our web sites may offer ads thru Google or other interested parties.
    4. Kemteck Inc owns and affiliate web sites. Randy Kempenich owns Kemteck and is a
       licensed real estate broker.
    5. Full Refund Guarantee. Customer is allowed full refund within 1 week after delivery of first lead.
        Customer agrees to pre-pay $35 per lead for a minimum of 25 leads ($875 total). Also, there is a monthly
        fee of $95. Leads will be delivered over approximately a 30-day period. Leads will be continually
        delivered. Customer will be automatically re-billed monthly for (25 leads + $95) unless notice to cancel is
        sent to Either party may cancel this agreement after paid for leads are delivered at

I agree to the above terms and conditions.
Card Type: _____ Card Number: __________________________ Exp: _________ CVC:_______

Bill Name: _____________________________ Bill Address: ____________________________
                                                                                  KemteckInc               Approved
Bill City: ____________________________ State: ____ Zip: _____                    219 Main St SE, #300 By ____________
                                                                                  Mpls, MN 55414
Signature: _______________________________ Date: _________                        612-623-8347         Date ________

Amount: $875 for 25 leads + $95 monthly fee