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									                                        Auxdata Release Notes

Post-release QCRs:

AUXDT00000671 and AUXDT00000672 (version 2.7.32; rolled 3/23/2011) – AUXDATA shall
change the following: On the Facility Screen- Under List of Values for the "Inspected for use on"
drop down, changed Inland/Protected Waters to read Inland Navigable Waters. Also added a
new choice "Sole State Waters." Removed LORAN from Nav Types on the details screen.
Expanded the CODE column on the Office Codes screen.

AUXDT00000658 (version 2.7.31; rolled 3/17/2011) – AUXDATA shall    change the AUXSCE part
so it gives 2 credits for SCETT no matter when the completion date was.

AUXDT00000674 (version 2.7.30; rolled 3/14/2011) –
                                               AUXDATA updated the Monthly
Anniversary Report to include AX2 status members.

AUXDT00000665 (version 2.7.29; rolled 3/8/2011) –
                                               AUXDATA updated the Member Roster
report to include "AX2" whenever "AX" is chosen from the status type drop down list.

                                               – AUXDATA shall:
AUXDT00000659 (version 2.7.28; rolled 2/28/2011)
      Remove the incorrect code from the functions for the NAVRULE95/70 Dual credit
       attempt. Add a check in Freq_Description that will use either completion date if the task
       is NAVRULE95.

      Setup the report query to use either task depending on which one was completed last.

      Change the Last Cycle Current function so that the TCT Refresher is specific to the
       competency now, so that when a member is due to take the 8 HR workshop for their QE
       competency, it is not waived for a members coxswain competency

      As part of this SCR, the certifications screen had to be updated in order to continue

      AUXDATA removed the "Include All Sub-Units" button in both the certifications screen
       and assignments screen and moved the functionality to a trigger so it will automatically
       load the sub- units. This is work list item #30.

AUXDT00000656 (version 2.7.27; rolled 1/27/2011)   – AUXDATA added "AX2" status members
to the list displayed for both Task Capture and Certification screens.

AUXDT00000651 (version 2.7.26; rolled 1/24/2011)– AUXDATA Removed the date check for
security status from the member status form. Setup the TMT assignments form to only allow a
DO required comp to be assigned if they have either a DO favorable or a DO package submitted.
AUXDT00000653 (version 2.7.25; rolled 1/24/2011)– AUXDATA changed the competency
assignments screen to show AX2 members as well as AX, IQ, and BQ. Changed the assigned
competencies to no longer display inactive comps. Setup new rules for DO required
competencies. AUXDATA dded 'AX2' under the crew assignments check in activity logs.
AUXDATA added 'AX2' to the calculations under the “Membership Data” section of the Unit
Summary Data report.

AUXDT00000643 (version 2.7.24; rolled 1/10/2011)    – AUXDATA has added 2 new reports. The
AUXOP Progress report will display the member‟s current status as well as all tasks necessary to
become AUXOP and the completion date or status of each task. The AUXOP Eligibility report
checks all members in a specified district to see if they've completed all of the necessary
AUXOP tasks and if they are qualified but not already AUXOP, they will display on the report.

AUXDT00000632 (version 2.7.23; rolled 1/10/2011)   – AUXDATA added a check to the member
status change screen that will make sure all the required tasks for AUXOP have been completed
before a member's status can be changed to AUXOP.

                                                – AUXDATA made a minor correction to the
AUXDT00000646 (version 2.7.22; rolled 12/16/2010)
RBS 99 display fields in the Annual Member Letter.

AUXDT00000640 (version 2.7.21; rolled 11/23/2010) – AUXDATA corrected the Training
Management Report so that it displays the proper color for the TCT Refresher task.

                                               – AUXDATA change the name of the
AUXDT00000618 (version 2.7.20; rolled 11/01/2010)
National COMO to "James E. Vass, Jr." on the Annual Member Letter. Also, fixed the "Period
Ending" date shown in the report.

                                                – AUXDATA changed the currency
AUXDT00000617 (version 2.7.19; rolled 11/01/2010)
requirements for the PWO and BCC competencies effective 1/1/2011. If a member holds both
PWO and BCC competencies, the training status report will show only 6 hours are for required
for BCC. Also, modified the BCOX and PWO combo to take into account the date.

AUXDT00000616 (version 2.7.18; rolled 09/30/2010)– AUXDATA changed the report to add and
display RBS 99 Hours, Miles, and Cost. Also, all completed ICS courses including online
course will be displayed for each member.

AUXDT00000614 (version 2.7.17; rolled 09/07/2010) –    AUXDATA expanded the check for Flotilla
Commander and District Commodore to include higher offices. This is assuming if someone
served at the higher office, they had to have been the perquisite office at some point earlier in
their career.

AUXDT00000606 (version 2.7.16; rolled 08/30/2010) –  AUXDATA Added “Deputy National
Commodore” to the list of choices for the Election Eligibility Report. Also, added a check for a
6 year absence for members who serve at either the DIST of NATL level. A member can "move
up" to the next higher position, but they cannot move back down to a position previously held
until they complete a 6 year absence. Also, added DCO to the check for DCDR. The logic here
is that if a person has served as a DCO, then they must have been a DCDR at some point.
AUXDT00000608 (version 2.7.15; rolled 07/07/2010) –
                                                  AUXDATA removed the customization for
the "(BCM) QE Approval" task and simplified the query so it no longer calls the function to
calculate the 3-5 years.

AUXDT00000609 (version 2.7.14; rolled 06/28/2010)   – AUXDATA created a tracking table for the
password resets that are being done using the self help tool.

AUXDT00000551 (version 2.7.13; rolled 06/16/2010)  – AUXDATA shall add a tool for members to
reset their password. The tool will use both Member ID and Username as a means of
verification. The password will be sent to the email on file.

AUXDT00000603 (version 2.7.12; rolled 05/13/2010) – AUXDATA fixed the Training Status
reports to display the ICS210 or 300 completion properly.

AUXDT00000602 (version 2.7.11; rolled 05/6/2010)  – AUXDATA fixed the "Transfers" piece of
the Unit Summary Data Report. It was counting all of the entries in a member's status change
history. Changed it to only count the Transfers between the start and end dates.

AUXDT00000599 (version 2.7.10; rolled 04/28/2010)   – AUXDATA shall modify the Training
Management report so that a new color code is now there to indicate that the 1 HR TCT is due
within 12 months when the 8 HR TCT is current. If the 1 HR TCT is due within one year,
display it dark cyan instead of red, only when the 8 HR TCT is current.

AUXDT00000597 (version 2.7.9; rolled 04/21/2010)   – AUXDATA shall change the NEW Quarterly
Billing report to be the only Quarterly Billing report.

AUXDT00000592 (version 2.7.8; rolled 03/24/2010) – AUXDATA shall remove the date validation
on the Charter Date field within Resource Status. The one-year period data entry limitation was
not appropriate for this date field.

                                               – AUXDATA shall remove the date validation
AUXDT00000591 (version 2.7.7; rolled 03/10/2010)
on the Award date field within Member Status. The one-year period data entry limitation was
not appropriate for this date field.

AUXDT00000587 (version 2.7.6; rolled 03/10/2010) -   AUXDATA shall correct a problem with the
Miles and Cost fields of Activity Log Details. When an RBS99 mission is entered, the Miles and
Cost fields should be available for data entry on the Details tab page. If a user then modifies that
activity log to something other than an RBS99 mission, the Miles and Cost fields are no longer
applicable, and any existing data should be deleted, and the fields no longer navigable. Entry of
1,500 in the Activity Log Details, Miles field, was previously causing #### to display in the
field. Now, the field is set to 5 maximum, allowing the space for the comma. Max entry can be

                                                 AUXDATA shall remove date validation
AUXDT00000590 (version 2.7.5; rolled 03/09/2010) -
from the Security Module. The one-year date limitation was causing too much trouble.

AUXDT00000573 (version 2.7.4; rolled 03/08/2010) -   AUXDATA shall enhance validation of all
date fields throughout the application. Most date fields will accept a date within a one-year
period only of the current date. Birthdates entered shall not be over 100 years ago and must
reflect that the member is at least 17 years of age. Date fields will not allow an entry like 01-
JAN-0008. Future dates will not be allowed in most cases. Rules that were already in effect for
date fields within AUXDATA have not changed (for example, you may not enter an activity log
for a resource on a date the resource was not active).

AUXDT00000561 (version 2.7.3; rolled 01/26/2010) - AUXDATA shall the ability to insert
missing office records at a FLOT, DIV, DIST or NATL level. Newly inserted record may be
assigned a valid EMPLID or entered as a vacant starter record. This functionality is limited to
users who have been granted a specific role and have access to the new Insert Office button on
the Officers tab page in Member Status.

AUXDT00000571 (version 2.7.2; rolled 01/11/2010) - AUXDATA shall fix the problem with
Annual Member Letter generating duplicate reports. Unit Summary data appears to behave the
same way when run with the "All units and subunits" option is selected. This was fixed by
added a 2 second delay between each report as they are being generated.

                                                AUXDATA shall remove any inactive
AUXDT00000570 (version 2.7.1; rolled 01/04/2010) -
competencies from the Competency list on the Member Roster report parameter screen. Also, do
not show the non-mandatory competencies.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Release 2.7.0 - Includes the following SCRs:
           AUXDT00000534 (version 2.7.0; rolled 01/04/2010) - AUXDATA shall remove the     system
          action that removes a lower level AUX-PA competency when a high level AUX-PA
          competency is assigned. All three Public Affairs competencies can be assigned to a
          member now.

          AUXDT00000542 (version 2.7.0; rolled 01/04/2010) -
                     AUXDATA shall update Public Affairs missions as follows:
                         PA MISSIONS & LOV DESCRIPTIONS
                         10A COLLATERIAL DEVELOPMENT
                         10B SPEECHES/TALKS
                         10C BOADCAST MEDIA
                         10D WEBSITE MAINTENANCE
                         10E USCG PA AUGMENTATION
                         10F PRINT MEDIA
                         10G PA TRAINING
                         10H NEW MEDIA
                         10J COMREL
                         10K OTHER PA PROJECTS

                     AUXDATA shall modify the RBS Award report so it includes the following PA
                            10B - Speech/Talks
                            10C - Broadcast Media
                            10F - External Print Media
              10J - COMREL
              BOATINGSFTY, LECTURES, AND RADIOPART were already
              included in the report.

       AUXDATA shall modify the Unit Summary Data report so it will display all
       available UPA employment categories (PA Missions). Moved Specialty Courses
       to the right side of the report to make room for the 11 PA Missions instead of just

       AUXDATA shall update the Admin Table Management screen to correctly reflect
       current AUXDATA staff.

       AUXDATA shall modify the Activity Logs Details screen. If the Sub-Mission is
       LECTURES or PUBLIC, the following fields are enabled: Hours, Number in
       Attendance, Comments, and Location. If Sub-Mission is ARTICLES,
       PUBS the following fields are enabled: Hours, Comments, and Location.

       AUXDATA shall modify the Unit Summary Data report to fix a problem with
       Facilities. The data was not matching AUXINFO. The query was modified to
       correctly display active and inactive resources. The Facilities section of the report
       to now show active and inactive facilities.

AUXDT00000550 (version 2.7.0; rolled 01/04/2010)  - AUXDATA shall create a new type
of user (Read-Only Admin) in the User Admin section of AUXDATA that would allow
granted members to create Flotilla, Division and District level Read-Only accounts and to
reset passwords.

AUXDT00000554 (version 2.7.0; rolled 01/04/2010)- AUXDATA shall be modified so
that when a member holds both the Coxswain and PWO competency, change the annual
requirement for underway hours for PWO from 12 to six. This is reflected on the
Training Status reports. The "Competency" description field width was increased to
accommodate several competencies that were getting cut off.

AUXDT00000555 (version 2.7.0; rolled 01/04/2010)   - AUXDATA shall replace the
staff/office code symbol DVCDR with VCDR. The Election Eligibility report was
modified to reflect this change. For the Election Eligibility report, AUXDATA will
check, when necessary, to see if member was previously a DVCDR in 2009 or a VCDR
from 2010 forward. AUXDATA shall insert vacant records for each Division to allow
members to be assigned to the VCDR office starting 01/01/2010.

AUXDT00000556 (version 2.7.0; rolled 01/04/2010) - AUXDATA shall update the 99
Missions. RBS (99) Recreational Boating Safety will replace the current AUXADMN
AUX Administrative Support (99). The following new sub-missions now exist: 99D
For these "99" missions, two new fields were added on the Activity Log Details page.
These new fields are enabled only when doing data entry for one of the new 99 missions.
"Miles" and "Tolls" can now be seen on the Details page.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

AUXDT00000558 (version 2.6.4; rolled 11/17/09) - AUXDATA    shall correct the logic in the
Training Management report that is calculating the completed date for NAVRULE 95.

AUXDT00000546 (version 2.6.3; rolled 11/04/09) -AUXDATA shall correct the Training
Management and Training Status reports. After 1 JAN 2009, when a member completes a
NAVRULE 70 for the first time, the application shall also credit that member with a NAVRULE
95 with the same completion date. Otherwise, prior to 1 JAN 2009, due dates for NAVRULE 95
shall be based on five years from when they actually completed previously. The auto-credit only
applies to members who take NAVRULE 70 after 1 JAN 2009.

AUXDT00000545 (version 2.6.2; rolled 10/20/09) -AUXDATA shall modify Election Eligibility
report. The report was not calculating some dates properly and members as not eligible when
they should be.

AUXDT00000541 (version 2.6.1; rolled 10/19/09) -  AUXDATA shall correct the security reports so
that they can handle larger reports that are generated in CSV format.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------
Release 2.6.0 - Includes the following SCRs:
           AUXDT00000435 (version 2.6.0; rolled 10/14/09)-                          AUXDATA shall implement the code
          provided by Emerging Technologies in our Oracle Forms application to validate email
          addresses when they are entered by the users.
          AUXDATA shall also create validation triggers within the application to not allow
          commas in Resource Status within the unit name field. In Member Status no commas
          will be allowed within the street address and city fields. In Emergency Contact, no
          commas will be allowed within the last name, street address, and city fields.

          AUXDT00000349 (version 2.6.0; rolled 10/14/09)- AUXDATA  shall do the following:
          The following competencies can only be assigned by people with National level
          access: Dentist, Interpreter, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Physician Assistant,
          and Psychologist. They are NOT to be assigned by those with District access.
          Modify the application so that these rules are enforced. Also, put a note on the
          screen explaining which comps can only be assigned by a NATL level
          accountholder. The three Non Mandatory competencies listed below can NOT
          be assigned to members by those at the District level with DIRAUX access.

          AUXDT00000532 (version 2.6.0; rolled 10/14/09)- AUXDATA   shall add a “mail flags”
          check to the Member Roster report. A new field will be added to the report to
          provide an indication if the flags are checked or not. If the radio button is not
          checked, the report runs everyone.

          AUXDT00000540 (version 2.6.0; rolled 10/14/09)- AUXDATAshall modify the Training
          Reports to prevent errors in reports when end date is 01-JAN-2010 and beyond.
                                            AUXDATA shall capture which connection is
AUXDT00000527 (version 2.5.5; rolled 09/9/09) -
being used. This is to track how many members are using CITRIX.

AUXDT00000529 (version 2.5.4; rolled 08/25/09) -   AUXDATA shall be modified to accommodate
the following: The new Flotilla Leadership Course (FLC) is soon to be announced as approved
by CG-542 as an alternative to the Admin Procedures Course (APC) when it comes to meeting
election eligibility requirements. AUXDATA shall add new tasks for the FLC online (FLC-O)
and FLC residential (FLC-R). The two new FLC tasks shall be assigned to the Non-Mandatory
ICS Tasks competency. For election eligibility purposes now, members may have completed
APC or (FLC-O or FLC-R). Fixed problem with code that verifies six months previously served
as a FC. Fixed problem with code for members currently serving as DCAPT not showing as
eligible for second year. Finally, fixed typo in the drop-down from "captian" to "captain"

                                               AUXDATA shall hide the Katrina/Rita and
AUXDT00000531 (version 2.5.3; rolled 08/19/09) -
Lewis and Clark values from the Operations LOV within Activity Logs. The records will not be
deactivated so they will still show up in AUXINFO. The LOV query will simply be updated to
exclude those values. Update AUXDATA to allow Lead and Non Lead Uninspected Towing
Vessel Examiners to be assigned lead and non lead for UCG\A\UCGOPS\MS\TOW activities.

AUXDT00000517 (version 2.5.2; rolled 08/13/09) -AUXDATA shall upgrade it's version of Oracle
Forms to This is required to run on Red Hat Linux 5.0. Version will also
allow Java JRE 1.6 to work.

AUXDT00000523 (version 2.5.1; rolled 08/12/09) -                      AUXDATA shall include STANDBY missions
in the Mission Detail report.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Release 2.5.0 - Includes the following SCRs:
           AUXDT00000496 (version 2.5.0; rolled 07/29/09)- AUXDATA shall, on the Officer
          Directory report parameter screen, add the two radio buttons that are on the Unit
          Summary Data report parameter screen which permits running the report for one unit or
          for all sub units.

          AUXDT00000497 (version 2.5.0; rolled 07/29/09)- AUXDATA                                  shall add currency
          hours/VSCs/visits to the Training Management Report.

          AUXDT00000498 (version 2.5.0; rolled 07/29/09)- AUXDATA      shall update the Activity
          Log Details screen as follows: (1) On a SAR Standby the SAR Details should not be
          un-shaded. Only un-shade the SAR Details when it is a SAR OPS. (2) The SAR
          DETAILS should be shaded when the following activities are entered: AIR OD \ B0 \
          STBY \ SAR \ STANDBY; BOAT IP \ B0 \ STBY \ SAR \ STANDBY. For all other
          SAR missions, the SAR DETAILS should be un-shaded and available for update. (3)
          When entering a 30 and 31 Mission (ATON\FEDERAL and ATON\PRIVATE), the
          "Number of Bridges" windows on the Activity Log Details screen should be shaded and
          inactive. When entering a 32 Mission (ATON\BRIDGE), the "Number of Aids" should
          be shaded and inactive. This to prevent Bridges to be reported except for a 32 mission
          and prevent Aids from being reported except for a 30 and 31 mission.
          AUXDT00000499 (version 2.5.0; rolled 07/29/09)- AUXDATA shall        update the Training
          Status report color-coding for tasks with frequencies of 2, 3, or 5 years so that it appears
          black and shows pending within the last year instead of within the last 180 days.

          AUXDT00000521 (version 2.5.0; rolled 07/29/09)- AUXDATA       removed code from the from
          the crew assignments tab that was forcing AP members to be set to TRAINING. AP
          members with boat crew completed can now serve as LEAD or NON-LEAD as long as
          they are certified. Also set the sub-missions to validate from the LOV. Now, only sub-
          missions that are specifically listed can be entered.
          AUXDATA disabled SAR as an option for a sub-mission.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----
AUXDT00000520 (version 2.4.15; rolled 07/07/09) - AUXDATA corrected the Annual Member
Letter report to show total number of Facility Inspections instead of counting the missions.
AUXDATA also corrected the mission code for CFVs by changing it from CVS to MS.
AUXDATA removed T Boat and Barge Inspections from the Annual Member Letter since they
are now obsolete.

AUXDT00000507 (version 2.4.14; rolled 06/29/09) - AUXDATA shall modify the Patriot Readiness
report so the Competency field will include all members in the unit if the field is left blank. A
competency may be selected from the drop-down or left. Competency is no longer required.

                                                AUXDATA shall correct pop-up error
AUXDT00000513 (version 2.4.13; rolled 05/28/09) -
messages that are occurring when running the Mission Detail and Unit Summary reports.

                                               AUXDATA shall fix the Election Eligibility
AUXDT00000482 (version 2.4.12; rolled 05/28/09) -
Report to accommodate both the old and new office titles:
VCO has been replaced with DCOS.
RCO has been replaced with DCAPT.
DCP has been replaced with DCDR.
VCP has been replaced with DVCDR.

AUXDT00000508 (version 2.4.11; rolled 05/07/09) -AUXDATA shall correct: When ABN and
U/W missions are entered, upon auto-fill of Mission, user receives Sub Mission required
warning. Application shall auto-fill OPS as sub-mission for these two missions as it is the only
choice when a SAR mission.

AUXDT00000506 (version 2.4.10; rolled 05/06/09) -AUXDATA shall correct the problem where
the mission is SAR and the Sub Mission is STANDBY, the Activity has to be either OD or IP.
No other option should be available. U/W and ABN activities should not have STANDBY as an
option for Sub Mission. STANDBY is auto-filled whenever an OD or IP activity is entered for
STBY, SAR activities. ABN and U/W missions now only have OPS as a Sub Mission choice.
Auto-fill the Sub Mission with 'OPS' when a radio facility enters TRANS as the activity and
SAR as the mission. Also, auto-fill the Sub Mission with 'OPS' when a boat facility enters
TRAILER as the activity and SAR as the mission.

AUXDT00000500 (version 2.4.9; rolled 05/06/09) -     AUXDATA shall correct the problem where if
certain reports are selected first, then user selects Unit Summary Data or Mission Detail reports,
the red text boxes are blank.
AUXDT00000443 (version 2.4.8; rolled 05/06/09) -AUXDATA changed the text on the logon
screen to match the DHS 4300A v.6.1.1 (Oct 31) mandate. Also added the User Agreement
button which gives users access to the document located at

AUXDT00000504 (version 2.4.7; rolled 05/01/09) - AUXDATA shall correct a hard-coded that that
was in a function used by the Training Status reports. Also, AUXDATA modified the format of
1-APR-2010 Due Date to 01-APR-2010 for ICS 210/300 task.

AUXDT00000503 (version 2.4.6; rolled 04/29/09) - AUXDATA shall update the Training Status
reports to display a one (1) in the "Completed" column for current ICS 210/300 task.

AUXDT00000501 (version 2.4.5; rolled 04/28/09) -AUXDATA shall assign the newly activated
"Certified EMT" competency to all units; delete the inactive, duplicate EMT competency and all
child records; and make whatever change(s) required so that members with that EMT
competency will be able to be assigned as crew to any of the "93" missions.

                                              AUXDATA shall correct the calculations for
AUXDT00000493 (version 2.4.4; rolled 04/22/09) -
Public Affairs section, 10F External Communications and 10K Other PA Projects on the Unit
Summary Detail report compared to AUXINFO.

AUXDT00000495 (version 2.4.3; rolled 04/20/09) - AUXDATA fixed the code in the submit button
that passes the proper parameter needed to run the Officer Directory report.

AUXDT00000494 (version 2.4.2; rolled 04/20/09) -   Training Status reports shall display 16 hours
required for all Publics Affairs Specialist competencies (# Req'd column). Assign permanent
task to all members that are certified in one of the PA competencies.

AUXDT00000492 (version 2.4.1; rolled 04/20/09) -  The Patriot Readiness report shall check all
necessary active indicators so that people with inactive comps will not show. Report now
displays only members who are currently certified and active in competencies.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Release 2.4.0 - Includes the following SCRs:
           AUXDT00000474 (version 2.4.0; rolled 04/14/09)- AUXDATA shall:
          Add the base enrollment date of the member to the Sustained Service Report. Note: This
          report is available via the Admin Reports button and user account must be set at a District
          or National level.

          AUXDT00000475 (version 2.4.0; rolled 04/14/09)-   AUXDATA shall:
          On the Parameter screen, add two more date range fields titled "Transaction Start Date
          and Transaction End Date." Display an informational text box that explains to the users
          that only one set of date ranges may be used. When one set of date ranges is selected, the
          other dates will be blanked out. When Transaction Start Date and End Date are used, the
          report will display missions based on the date the mission was entered, not the date of the
          mission itself. On the heading of the report, either Mission Period or Transaction Period
          will be displayed, based on the date range the user selected. No changes were made to
          the body of the report.

          AUXDT00000479 (version 2.4.0; rolled 04/14/09)-  AUXDATA shall:
          Correct the Public Affairs section by removing the 8 items currently listed there and
          replacing them with: 10B Community/RBS Outreach, 10C Internal Communications,
          10D Website Maintenance, 10F External Communications, 10K Other PA Projects. Fix
          the reporting of Fishing Vessel Exams. These exams originally were reported as 91C-
          UCG-A-UCGOPS-CVS-CFV. They are now reported as 91C-UCG-A-UCGOPS-MS-
          CFV. The report needs to look to mission MS instead of mission CVS. Also, fix
          problem when user selects Unit and All Sub Units Run Individually. Units that have
          been disestablished are printing with all zeros/no data.

          AUXDT00000481 (version 2.4.0; rolled 04/14/09)-  AUXDATA shall:
          1. For PUBAFF SPEC, change the Short Title to "AUX-PAI" and change the description
          to "Auxiliary Public Affairs Specialist I".
             For PUBAFF SPII, change the Short Title to "AUX-PAII" and change the description
          to "Auxiliary Public Affairs Specialist II".
             For CGPUBAF SP, change the Short Title to "AUX-PAIII" and change the description
          to "Auxiliary Public Affairs Specialist III".
          2. Remove all tasks currently assigned to the three PA competencies.
          3. Create three new tasks -
             "Completed all AUX-PAI PQS Tasks" and assign it to AUX-PAI. Credit all current,
          certified holders of AUX-PAI with that new task.
             "Completed all AUX-PAII PQS Tasks" and assign it to AUX-PAII. Credit all current,
          certified holders of AUX-PAII with that new task.
             "Completed all AUX-PAIII PQS Tasks" and assign it to AUX-PAIII. Credit all
          current, certified holders of AUX-PAIII with that new task.
          4. Create a new task that requires annual performance of 16 hours of PA activity (any
          UPA mission - Lead or Non Lead) and assign it to all three PA competencies.
          5. Update the Individual Training Status and Unit Training Status reports to reflect new
          PA competency updates.
          6. Member updates were necessary for those who previously held the three competencies
          (with the old names). Based on information provided from Capt. Platt in spreadsheets,
          updates were performed to cleanup data.
          7. Automatically remove the former competency when a higher competency is assigned.
          When a member is assigned a PAII or PAIII competency, any lower level competency
          (PAI or PAII) will be unassigned (uncertified if necessary). The Assign Competencies to
          Persons form will handle this now. For example, a member has PAI assigned. If member
          is assigned PAII, the PAI competency will be unassigned. Only one of the three
          competencies may be held at one time by a member.


AUXDT00000486 (version 2.3.4; rolled 03/13/09) – AUXDATA changed the certification checks to
only check for tasks assigned to competencies that were assigned within that units chain of
command. Excluded the AUX-18 task from air competencies since it is not required to be
completed for certification.

AUXDT00000478 (version 2.3.3; rolled 03/11/09) -   Along with changing the views to prevent
certain tasks from receiving credit, it was requested that AUXDATA prevent the 3 non
mandatory competencies from being assigned to members.

AUXDT00000468 (version 2.3.2; rolled 03/04/09) - AUXDATA changed Radio buttons on the
approval tab to 1, 12, and 24 months in the Activity Logs form. Added 2 date boxes to list a
specific time frame for the approved logs based on the approval date. Changed the initial screen
to show 14 days worth of logs instead of 30.

AUXDT00000477 (version 2.3.1; rolled 03/03/09) -  AUXDATA shall enforce completion of all
required tasks prior to competency certification. If member has not completed all required tasks,
a message will display on the screen. In relation to SCR 463 which requires all tasks be
completed for the current cycle before a competency certification can be granted, AUXDATA
shall be updated so that competencies in an REYR state do not have to meet this requirement.
The intention is that anyone who has been certified in the competency before does not need to do
the tasks first to be recertified.

Release 2.3.0 - Includes the following SCRs:
           AUXDT00000461 (version 2.3.0; rolled 02/24/09)- AUXDATA shall modify the Annual
          Member Letter report to fix the following:
          1. Correct the Annual Member Letter report so it will show all ICS courses a member has
          taken, not just 100, 200, 700 and 800.
          2. Correct the counting of ATON DISCREP and ATON VERIFIED. Also, ATON
          Missions are not calculating correctly. When multiple aids verified or discrepant are
          indicated within one activity log, the ATON Missions field doubles the missions.
          3. The Annual Member Letter report is incorrectly adding MDVs and VSCs performed as
          a Trainee, into the count of MDVs and VSCs shown on the report. Correct calculation of
          Program Visits and VSC Given and exclude trainee time.
          4. Check on why a "99 Hours" mission entered with a date of 31 Dec and for more than
          24 hours, does not show up on the Letter.

          AUXDT00000462 (version 2.3.0; rolled 02/24/09)-  AUXDATA shall no longer require
          aircraft inspectors to be validated. Users may enter a free-text name of whomever the
          aircraft inspector happens to be. He/she is not required to be an Auxiliary member. No
          LOV is available now. Any name can be stored in this field. A hint is given to the user
          for the format of the field - "Format is LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE".

          AUXDT00000463 (version 2.3.0; rolled 02/24/09)- AUXDATA       shall enforce completion of
          all required tasks prior to competency certification. If member has not completed all
          required tasks, a message will display on the screen.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
AUXDT00000465 (version 2.2.2; rolled 01/08/09) –
                                               Auxdata shall change the number of hours
needed for the 12 SSA award from 22,500 to 25,000.

AUXDT00000458 (version 2.2.1; rolled 12/31/08) –
                                             Auxdata shall modify LOVs to show all DIST
members for Owners and Authorized Users drop-downs.

Release 2.2.0 - Includes the following SCRs:
           AUXDT00000278 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08)- AUXDATA shall add a new resource
          type -- vehicle. Modify Resource Status to capture vehicle Offer for Use data.

          AUXDT00000417 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08)- Setup  the report script to count all U/W
          hours for BOAT missions, all ABN hours for AIR missions, all UCGOPS minus MS
          missions for SUP and all UCGOPS MS missions for MS. No TRN or TRAINING hours
          will be counted. Additionally, 1/2 credit will be given for ADMINMS missions and 7
          points for each CFV exam as lead, 4 points for each TOW exam, and 4 points for each

                                                         OPS Policy Manual requirement that the
          AUXDT00000418 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08) -
          AUX-18 Task has to be completed 1 year after the initial date of certification. This new
          requirement should be added to the nightly CRON job that is run to check the 7015 task
          for members with Air competences. This one would check all three pilots and Air Crew
          to see if they have an AUX-18 completed one year plus 45 days since their initial
          certification. If not set them to REYR.

          AUXDT00000419 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08) -  Add code to the application that will
          auto-generate and fill in the registration numbers for all new flotillas.

          AUXDT00000421 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08)-   AUXDATA shall rename organizational
          positions due to Auxiliary realignment: VCO - District Vice Commodores are to be
          replaced by DCOS - District Chief of Staff. RCO - District Rear Commodore are to be
          replaced by DCAPT - District Captain. DVC - Division Captain are to be replaced by
          DCDR - Division Commander. VCP - Division Vice Captain are to be replaced by
          DVCDR - Division Vice Commander. In making these changes, the current holders of
          the offices being replaced will continue to be listed in the replacing offices. The above
          changes are to be made by 1 January 2009.
          Also, add new offices ASC - Auxiliary Sector Coordinator and SLO - State Liaison
          Officer to all Districts. ASC is an appointed office so it will not affect the Election

          AUXDT00000422 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08) - All members who hold the Coxswain,
          Crew, the three Pilots, Air Crew or Trident competencies, must have completed the ICS
          210 - OR - ICS 300 prior to 31 March 2009 in order to maintain currency in those
          competencies. Add ICS 210 and 300 for surface, aviation and MSO Qualifications with a
          Due Date of 31 March 2009. Will need to find out if this will be a static date that will
          then have to be updated once this time is reached or if it's something we can set to repeat
          every so often. Based on the attached emails, should also fix the problem with Annual 30
          June tasks displaying 2009 as the due date.
          Further clarifying the requirements, a new task will need to be created and assigned to
          those competencies with a due date of 31-March-2009 and then a case statement will
          need to be used to see if the ICS 210 or 300 was done.
          All members who have the Coxswain, Aircraft Commander, First Pilot, Co Pilot or
          Trident competencies must have competed either ICS 210 or ICS 300 by 31 March 2009.

          AUXDT00000423 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08)- Currently the systemidentifies those who
          are authorized to perform a Radio facility inspection as members who hold the FSO-CM,
          SO-CM, ADSO-CM, DSO-CM or DVC-OT office - AND - have completed the
          AUXCOM course. That has been changed to the following: Those who are authorized to
          perform a Radio facility inspection are members who hold either FSO-CM, SO-CM,
          ADSO-CM, DSO-CM or DVC-OT office - AND - have completed the AUXCOM course
          (if prior to 1 August 2008) - OR - have been assigned the TCO competency.

          AUXDT00000424 (version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08) - For memberswith a QE competency,
          when they are credited with taking a Team Coordination Training Workshop (WK-15),
          have the system also credit them with the Biannual TCT Workshop.

          AUXDT00000451(version 2.2.0; rolled 12/22/08) – AUXDATA       shall add delete
          functionality within the Past Officer tab page in Member Status. If a past officer was
          entered into the system in error, there was no way to remove it. It was falsifying the
          Officer Eligibility report for the next highest office.

End Release 2.2.0 Notes.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

AUXDT00000447 (version 2.1.12; rolled 12/09/08) –
                                              Auxdata will fix the UPDATE statement for
the AUXSCE instructor competency by adding the person_id to the where clause.

AUXDT00000442 (version 2.1.11; rolled 11/17/08) –  Auxdata changed the usradmin package so
that the drop_user function deletes accounts based only off of the oracle_user_id instead of
requiring the person_id. Also, simplified account creation in the create_user function so that it
no longer checks the v$_tablespace for quota before designating 0 or assigns a tablespace. It
should just use the defaults. Updated the form to call the drop_user function.

AUXDT00000431 (version 2.1.10; rolled 11/3/08) –  AUXDATA changed the COMO previously
listed at the bottom of the annual member letter report to COMO Nicholas Kerigan.

AUXDT00000408 (version 2.1.09; rolled 9/8/08) –  AUXDATA modified the Reports screen so that
the Member ID can be entered instead of selecting a unit. AUXDATA modified both reports to
accept the Member ID. We excluded AP status members from the reports. Made several to
changes to the function that selects which members are eligible. These changes include adding
the AUXMIN substitution for the APC competency for when the member has served in a
previous office; Correcting the term calculations for the DCP office and the calculation for
whether someone has served as a DCO or not.
AUXDT00000430 (version 2.1.08; rolled 9/3/08) –AUXDATA changed the CHDIRAUX name
listed at the bottom of the Annual Member Letter Report to CAPT Mark D. Rizzo.

AUXDT00000405 (version 2.1.07; rolled 7/14/08) – AUXDATA added the Boat Crew Coxswain
competency to all the checks that were previously only Boat Crew Coxswain for everything
regarding the new AUXSCE Instructor competency.

AUXDT00000401 (version 2.1.06; rolled 7/14/08) –    AUXDATA created a new cron job that checks
the TRAINEES table for members that are due to retake the NavRule 95 exam within 45 days.
AUXDATA then sends an email notification that they must take the exam by their due date or
they are at risk of being decertified from either their BOAT CREW COXSWAIN or

AUXDT00000386 (version 2.1.05; rolled 7/02/08) –  AUXDATA created a new
UMS/A/UADMS/MT/AUXSCE mission, AUXDATA created new AUXSCE competency,
assigned the SCETT task to it, and assigned it to all units.
We setup assignments so that the AUXSCE can't be assigned to a member unless they complete
the SCETT task and are Certified as Instructor plus either Boat Crew Coxswain or one the of
AIR competencies. Setup Certifications to perform similar checks as the assignments screen.
Also added a check for decertify AUXSCE if the member is decertified in any of the prerequisite
Added a check in the Activity Logs Crew Assignments tab to only allow members certified as an
AUXSCE Instructor to be eligible as a Lead for the UMS/A/UADMS/MT/AUXSCE mission.

AUXDT00000391 (version 2.1.04; rolled 5/27/08) –
                                               A notification from CG-CIRT indicated a
HIGH Threat Assessment against any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader prior to version 8.1.2.
Therefore, Auxdata Citrix Servers must have Adobe Reader upgraded to a minimum version of

AUXDT00000378 (version 2.1.03; rolled 5/12/08) –    The reports piece of the user_admin module
was producing corrupted .pdf files not recognized by adobe reader. Removed all report related
code then copied over the report packages from auxdata_reports and tailored them to work inside
the user_admin module. Changed the name of "auxmis_user" report to "auxmis_users" so the "r"
doesn't get trimmed off during the call to the .rdf file.

AUXDT00000385 (version 2.1.02; rolled 5/06/08) –   Hiding the Election Eligibility report button
until the report can be updated with this year's requirements.

AUXDT00000376 (version 2.1.01; rolled 4/28/08) –
                                             Removed requirement for AP status members
to have BSC completed for Boat missions. Added ability for AP status members to be assigned
to Air missions.

Release 2.1.00 (Rolled 4/15/08 AUXDT00000358, AUXDT00000359) –    AUXDATA shall upgrade
the Oracle Forms and Reports running on the web servers to Version AUXDATA
shall make necessary modifications to Forms and/or Reports required for the application server
upgrade to Version
AUXDT00000357, AUXDT00000369 (version 2.0.87; rolled 2/12/08 ) – When the TCT Fresher task is
"W" or "Waived" the previous year, the Training Status Reports now displays it as a "P" status
instead of an "N" for the current year. Also When the TCT Fresher task is "W", the Training
status reports will show "Waived" instead of a due date.
The REYR script will set all competencies to REYR status if the member did
not complete the necessary tasks in 2007.

AUXDT00000352 (version 2.0.86; rolled 1/8/08) –
                                           Changed the trigger code to recognize the old
UCG/A/UCGOPS/CVS/CFV missions as UCG/A/UCGOPS/MS/CFV missions. This unblocks
both the Exams Given and Exams Passed boxes on the Activity Logs Details tab.

AUXDT00000339 (version 2.0.85; rolled 1/2/08) –  Created scripts that will do the following:
1. Change the existing NAVRULE exam to NAVRULE(95) and make it 5 years sliding
2. Create a new NAVRULE(70) exam task that is permanent.
3. Assign the new NAVRULE(70) to the coxswain compentency.
4. Create a task_capture record for the new NAVRULE(70) task.
5. Credit all existing coxswains with the new task.
Created SQL to run in a cron job starting Jan 14th 2008 that will set
coxswains to REYR if they haven't completed NAVRULE(95) with in the 5 years +
2 weeks.

                                                     a script that will modify the
AUXDT00000226 (version 2.0.84; rolled 1/2/08) - Created
Several EMPLOYMENT_CATEGORIES are being set to inactive, some descriptions are being
changed. Auxdata_activity_logs was modified to include more auto-fills for OPS/SAR and
STBY/SAR missions.

AUXDT00000335 (version 2.0.83; rolled 11/15/07) -    Added AP status members with BSC checked
to be available for certain tasks in task capture.

                                                Changed visibility of Past_offices tab and
AUXDT00000338 (version 2.0.82; rolled 11/15/07) -
update_allowed for BSC check box. Instead of the DIR_AUX security role, they are now based
off of the admin role.

AUXDT00000331 (version 2.0.81; rolled 11/08/07) -   Resource Status form- Reworked the save
button to only leave the screen and return to the choose facility screen if facility is being set to
archive or uninspected.

AUXDT00000319 and AUXDT00000327 (version 2.0.80; rolled 10/26/07) Errors when running
Annual Member Letter for one member and the unit grouping field were corrected. A new report,
"Election_Reason" was created to show why members do not qualify for certain offices.

AUXDT00000328 and AUXDT00000306 (version 2.0.79; rolled 10/18/07)      For SCR 328:
We created a new billing report that displays members that were AP status during the quarter that
the report is being run. We added the new quarterly billing button to the reports choices screen.
We need to keep the old report for this quarter to allow a smooth transition.
For STR 306:
I added a check for the year when an RBS device report is run. If the year is less than 2007, the
application will use the year 2007.

AUXDT00000297 and AUXDT00000326 (version 2.0.78; rolled 10/16/07) - For      SCR 297:
We added a new tab that only users with DIRAUX can access. The new tab displays the
member's name, current offices and past offices. Users can click on INSERT PAST OFFICE to
enter any missing offices. Users can also click on CHANGE DATES to change the dates of the
current record selected. When entering a past office, the office code, begin date, end date and
unit are required.
For SCR 326:
Changed the awards tab to show AP status members that have completed BSC. The phones
section has been rearranged to only show 1 phone of each phone type so that it now matches the
member roster report.

                                                         for the report query have been
AUXDT00000317 (version 2.0.77; rolled 9/27/07) - The dates
changed from hard-coded dates to variables. The variables will change on July 1 of each year.

AUXDT00000324 (version 2.0.76; rolled 9/13/07) - Fix   the drop-down list on the 'Eligibility' Report
so the correct 'Officer' parameter gets Passed to the report insuring the correct data returns.

AUXDT00000321 (version 2.0.75; rolled 9/11/07) - The save buttonis setup to compare the old
inspection date to the new one. The new date must be greater than the old. If it isn't then an error
message is received.

AUXDT00000305 (version 2.0.74; rolled 9/11/07) - If   the security module is used to update a
member's status, it's possible to enter a status date that already exisits, which creates a duplicate
status date. AUXDATA shall correct the security module so that it perfoms a date check similar
to the member status module.

AUXDT00000268 (version 2.0.73; rolled 9/04/07) –  A new report, Election, was created. Access and
the ability to run the report were added to the Auxdata_reports.fmb. A Function, 'isEligible' was
created to run the data for the report.

AUXDT00000312 (version 2.0.72; rolled 8/27/07) – Added  BSC_COMPLETE column to the
PERSONS table and V_CHOOSE_MEMBER view. Added Check box to the Member Status >
Member Information screen to give credit for the Boating Safety Course being complete.
Allowed AP status members with BSC checked to be assigned competencies, but blocked
Coxswain, Aircraft Commander, First Pilot, Co Pilot, Air Crew, Air Observer and Personal
Watercraft Operator. Allowed AP status members with BSC checked to be certified in assigned
competencies. Allows Allowed AP status members with BSC checked to be able to be assigned
as lead or non lead depending on certifications held. Added code to the Filter and other buttons
in Activity Logs so the AP members w/ BSC checked stay available.

AUXDT00000300 (version 2.0.71; rolled 8/27/07) – Resources    by Flotilla report - request field
change from “NAME” to “FACILITY NUMBER” to mirror Boat Resources so the call sign will
show on the report. (Either change the field to reflect the same as boats or create a new field to
capture this information).
AUXDT00000302 (version 2.0.70; rolled 8/22/07) – Activity Log Module    - request a field on second
page to include “PATROL ORDER NUMBER” and make it mandatory. For that field, allow
Alpha/Numeric. Some numbers will all numeric and some will be numeric with one or more
alpha characters. Make the field 10 characters in length. Put it in the Mission Detail table.

AUXDT00000307 (version 2.0.69; rolled 8/22/07) – Resource   Update, Inspector - show all qualified
VEs in LOV regardless of district. Aircraft & Boat.

AUXDT00000295 (version 2.0.68; rolled 8/22/07) – Remove     the auto-fill of 0000s on all zip code

AUXDT00000242 (version 2.0.67; rolled 8/15/07) –
                                           Training > Assignments > Assign Tasks to
Competencies > Assignments Tab Assignments Tab is currently displaying inactive tasks for
both "Available" and "Assigned Tasks." AUXDATA shall correct the data blocks

AUXDT00000197 (version 2.0.66; rolled 8/15/07) –   Training > Assignments > Assign
Competencies to Units If user selects 2 or more Units from the Units tab and then clicks on the
Assignments tab, only 1 Unit is available on the Assignments tab. AUXDATA shall correct the
form so that all selected units will appear on the Assignments tab.

AUXDT00000244 (version 2.0.65; rolled 8/14/07) –    Disabled navigation from the screen if the user
starts to archive and enters an end date. Disabled navigation from the screen if the user starts to
activate or restore a resource (needs inspection date and inspector to save) After restoring a
resource, set it up to require a user to enter a new inspection date and inspector. Disabled "Save"
button for read-only users.

AUXDT00000286 (version 2.0.64; rolled 7/11/07) –  Removed duplicate assignment of TCT
Refresher Task at the DIST level. Created a new ind_training_status_csv.rdf to handle a bug
causing duplicate lines to appear in the report. Added U/W hours for Marine Dealer Visitor,
Vessel Examiner, Boat Crew Coxswain, Boat Crew Crewmember, Personal Watercraft Operator,
and Paddle Craft Operator competencies in the csv version of the Unit Training Status report.

AUXDT00000269 (version 2.0.63; rolled 7/10/07) –     Update the Member Roster report. Remove the
columns to the left. Provide the ability to filter by competency and office. Keep the following
PHONE2, PHONE3, BASE ENROLLMENT, STATUS. When printing Mailing Labels, the
format still does not match 5160/8160. This needs to be corrected. When logged in at Division
Level and selecting Division, the Officer selection shows Division Officers - Good When
selecting a Flotilla, the Officer selection shows Flotilla Officers – Good When selecting Unit and
All Subunits, clicking on Officers brings up nothing. It should bring up all division and Flotilla
Offices. When logged in at the District Level and electing Unit and All Subunits, all District,
Division and Flotilla Offices should be available. When logged on at the National Level and
selecting Unit and All Subunits, all National, Division and Flotilla Offices should be available.
Also limit phone numbers to 6.

AUXDT00000274 (version 2.0.62; rolled 6/11/07) –   AUXDATA shall:
   1. For Radio inspectors, you must look for workshops completed (AUXCOM, task_id 2522)
in the TRAINEES table. Workshops are usually permanent frequency, and are not stored in the
   2. Put the Warning back and prevent the user from entering a non-qualified inspector at the
time they enter the person in the field. Don't allow it to be saved and then let them leave the
screen, if the inspector is not qualified. In the wording of the warning, modify so it is clear a
non-qualified inspector won't be allowed to be entered. It has previously just been a warning, so
re-word if necessary.
    3. 5SR is District 5 Southern Region - 054. The fix for that is to have all qualified examiners,
regardless of their district, appear in the LOV.

AUXDT00000235 (version 2.0.61; rolled 6/11/07) – CrewAssignments - Lead and NonLead
Warning: For Lead Air and Non Lead Air crew assignments, please update the hard-coded
comp_id's. For example, 1055 no longer exists in the COMPETENCY table, but it is hard-coded
in the Crew Assignments code. Comp_id 2175 is co-pilot, and it does not exist in the code but
The COMPETENCY table must have been updated since the Crew Assignments code was
written, and the competencies don't match up now.

AUXDT00000270 (version 2.0.60; rolled 6/11/07) –   AUXDATA shall make modifications so the
detached flotillas will appear on the security form.

AUXDT00000284 (version 2.0.59; rolled 6/04/07) – AUXDATA shall   set all competencies inactive
that have been REYR for 5 or more years. And AUXDATA shall add a date of "05-FEB-2007"
where they were previously NULL to all of the competencies that were set to REYR when the
script was run this year.

AUXDT00000285 (version 2.0.58; rolled 6/04/07) –
                                          This SCR makes inactive statuses (RET,
MREQ, FDUE, DADM) available choices even with no security investigation complete.

AUXDT00000239 (version 2.0.57; rolled 5/30/07) – ThisSCR removes the ability to set a status of
DPSI from any dropdown list. Set the status options to be based on security OS or DO status
being completed, FAVORABLE, and current, instead of checking for previously held statuses.
Added DPSI to Member_History_Data.sql

AUXDT00000272 (version 2.0.56; rolled 5/3/07) – AUXDATAshall Modified the code in
MR_COMPS function to prevent inactive comps from displaying when running the weekly
"member roster" script.

AUXDT00000257 (version 2.0.55; rolled 5/2/07) – AUXDATA    shall Added new RBS Device
Award to picklists table. Added check from the Awards tab in Member Status so user's can't give
a member the RBS award more than once. Added new button to Admin Reports to call
rbs_awards report. Created new rbs_awards.rdf file.

AUXDT00000169 (version 2.0.54; rolled 4/30/07) – AUXDATA shall
                                                        Added a Parameter screen
will display ALL, UN-INSPECTED, and OPERATIONAL; instead if ALL, INACTIVE, and
AUXDT00000208 (version 2.0.53; rolled 4/30/07) – AUXDATA shall      add a Requirement changed
after previous SCR AUXDT00000083 rolled to production. Adding Pilot/Flight Examiner
competency. For Aircraft facilities, the inspector must be a current Aircraft Commander or
Instructor Pilot/Flight Examiner (IP-FE). Please add any member who is an ADSO-CM AND
who has passed AUXCOM to the list of those who are authorized to perform Radio facility

AUXDT00000266 (version 2.0.52; rolled 4/26/07) – AUXDATA shall       Added a function to make
sure the members status were changed from a          "bad status" (ie. AP, FDUE) to a "good
status" (ie. IQ, BQ) during the quarter.

AUXDT00000253 (version 2.0.51; rolled 4/17/07) – AUXDATA shall      add a new Emergency
Contact report.

AUXDT00000254 (version 2.0.50; rolled 4/2/07) – AUXDATA    shall add Charter Date to Auxiliary
Unit Listing report. Remove Zip Code and put Charter Date instead if not enough room to add
new column.

AUXDT00000261 (version 2.0.49; rolled 3/26/07) – AUXDATA shall      Set the 12th SSA award to
require 22,500 instead of 25,000.

AUXDT00000251 & AUXDT00000252 (version 2.0.48; rolled 3/21/07) – Created   the 1 HR TCT
Refresher Task. The task is due annually, but not when either of the 8 HR TCT workshops are
due. Setup Boat Coxswain hours to credit Lead, Non-Lead hours and CREWAUG hours. Set
requirement to 12 hours for Boat Crew Coxswain, Boat Crew Crewmember, and Personal
Watercraft Operator.

AUXDT00000256 (version 2.0.47; rolled 3/20/07) – AUXDATA shall
                                                             remove all CFVE
requirements from the VE/MDV Admin Report. There are only three ways to earn the award.
1. Perform at least 60 VSCs, or
2. Perform at least 60 MDVs. or
3. Perform at least 60 of a combination of VSCs + MDVs.

AUXDT00000247 (version 2.0.46; rolled 1/31/07) – The Annual
                                                          Billing report is currently
displaying archived members. Annual Billing and Quarterly billing both display duplicate
names. AUXDATA shall remove archived members from the annual report and the duplicates
from both reports.

AUXDT00000234 (version 2.0.45; rolled 1/22/07) – When   running the Patriot Readiness report, it
only returns information if the unit number entered is FLOT level. The report also needs to work
for DIV and DIST levels.

AUXDT00000241 (version 2.0.44; rolled 1/18/07) – Auxiliary is   requesting that when either the
Individual Training Status or Unit Training Status report is run with an end_date of 2006 that the
reports are to follow the rules that were in place for 2006. see SCR277.
AUXDT00000243 (version 2.0.43; rolled 1/9/07) – The owner's
                                                      information in CSV format is being
divided between 2 columns. AUXDATA shall correct and have the information appear in one

AUXDT00000188 (version 2.0.42; rolled 1/8/07) – The Annual     Member Letter is a new report to be
run at the flotilla level only. The menu button for the report will be visible to flotilla and division
accounts only. For Flotillas with many members, the report can only be run for 20 people at a
time in order to handle the sheer volume of data. A „drop down‟ is provided that divides the
members into sets of up to 20 depending on how many members are active in each flotilla. Also
note, when closing the report windows, they should be closed at a fairly slow pace (1 to 2
seconds) in between so the member‟s computer can keep up with the memory use.

AUXDT00000228 (version 2.0.41; rolled 1/3/07) – AUXDATA      shall disenroll all members who
have not completed a PSI package for a security background investigation on 30 Dec 2006 via a
script and cron job. Approximately 2600        members will be disenrolled, some of which will be
set to RET (retired) if they have 15 years of service. The Member Status module will allow DPSI
status members to be re-enrolled as needed (based on same rules as MREQ and FDUE).

AUXDT00000227 (version 2.0.40; rolled 12/29/06) – AUXDATA shall      modify the Individual
Training Status and Unit Training Status reports, and change currency requirements for boat
crew, coxswain, and PWO. The U/W hours shall change from 8 to 12, and QE Approval shall
change to 3 instead of 5 years. Also created new function F_TASK_MONTHS and modified all
affected reports to handle scaling due dates based on the completion date of the QE approval

AUXDT00000065 (version 2.0.39; rolled-back 09/15/06) – AUXDATA     shall rollback the
OP_AWARDS.rdf, PE_AWARDS.rdf, and VEMDV_AWARDS.rdf from AUXPROD. Replace
with the previous versions from PVCS. Due to a requirement change or miscommunication, the
changes made to these reports are causing a different problem. Reports need to be modified to
accommodate both requirements.

AUXDT00000065 (version 2.0.39; rolled 09/05/06) -- For AdminReports: Operations Awards,
VE/MDV Awards, and PE Performance Awards reports, AUXDATA shall exclude members
from the report whom have already received the award for the year. Only members who are still
due to receive the award shall display on the reports.

AUXDT00000207 (version 2.0.38; rolled 08/16/06) -- Popupdisplaying a new users password does
not show when creating a user "Not in Auxdata". Also, error message is received, "FRM-40735:
WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-01403"

AUXDT0000083 (version 2.0.37; rolled 08/08/06) -- AUXDATA shall     modify the facility inspector
module in order to insure that only authorized inspectors are entered into the associated text

AUXDT00000186 (version 2.0.36; rolled 08/07/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify its security to generate
(and distribute) unique passwords (not a default value) and prohibit the reuse of passwords based on the
profile (initially prohibited to greater than 8 times since last use). AUXDATA shall change the order in
which a random password is generated for new user accounts. A new password shall be generated
AFTER the new user's roles have been selected and the SAVE button is clicked. Also, AUXDATA shall
increase the size of font used to display the passowrd and remove the highlight. A role will be added so
some users can have the option to email passwords while others will not.

AUXDT00000192 (version 2.0.35; rolled 07/3/06) -- AUXDATA shall Copy code from the Clear all
Parameters button to the Return to Menu button.

AUXDT00000158 (version 2.0.34; rolled 06/19/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Member Roster report
to allow multiple competencies, multiple offices, or multiple (any other paramter), a status, and status date
to be selected in the parameter form.

AUXDT00000191 (version 2.0.33; rolled 06/19/06) -- AUXDATA shall, in Member Status, on the Awards
tab page, be modified so that AWARDEES from other districts do not display in the AWARDEES page
when they are not in your chain of command.

AUXDT00000157 (version 2.0.32; rolled 06/12/06) -- AUXDATA shall set to vacant all offices held by a
member that transfers out of the flotilla, division, or district. If the member transfers within the same
division or district, those offices will not be affected. Also, when a unit is disestablished, the same rules
apply as an individual member transfer. Exception, no vacant record created for FLOT offices because
the FLOT no longer exists. DIV and DIST offices that are ended, shall have a vacant record inserted.

AUXDT00000180 (version 2.0.31; rolled 05/30/06) -- AUXDATA shall correct the problem with the unit
training management report where task assignments from other units are showing incorrectly as
requirements, where tasks are not assigned to competencies by the assigned to units.

AUXDT00000181 (version 2.0.30; rolled 05/25/06) -- AUXDATA shall fix the TMT_BASE.fmb so that it
will compile. TMT_BASE.fmb won't compile because of an error within the form: INSERT INTO
columns, 4 of which are the audit columns that are not being inserted when these triggers fire.
CATEGORY, CERTIFICATION and REFERENCE_MANUALS are also a problem when the form is
compiled. Same reason -- missing audit columns in the INSERT.

AUXDT00000087 & AUXDT00000161 (version 2.0.29; rolled 04/11/06) -- AUXDATA shall correct the
column widths of Date Archived and Archived By on the Restore from Archive screen. The text is being
cut off. Also spelled Archived out on both buttons since there was more room.
AUXDATA shall correct/update the Navigation Equipment LOV values that are greater than 4 characters.
The field has a max of 4 characters, and there were previously values in the List of Values that were
greater than 4 characters. All data in the NAVAIDS table was updated to the new values to fix any
previously entered data.

AUXDT00000038 & AUXDT00000174 (version 2.0.28; rolled 04/11/06) -- AUXDATA shall update the
Member Status module so that a resource assignment is changed only when the primary owner moves to
         a new unit. AUXDATA shall correct a problem with member transfers and archived or un-
inspected resources: When a member transfers and an owned resource is already archived or un-
inspected, a new resource_assignments record gets created and causes the resource to show up in
Activity Logs. This has been corrected. AUXDATA shall not allow duplicate status dates. If a user
attempts to perform multiple member transfers on the same day, the user will receive an alert that it is not
allowed. They may then contact the AUXDATA Help Desk for assistance. Also, if a member status
change occurs, and then a member transfer is attempted on the same day, the application will allow it, but
the transfer will be dated one day forward. AUXDATA shall increase the width of the Member ID field on
the Member Status Change screen and the Member Transfer screen. The Empl IDs were getting cut off
ECR AUXDT00000156 (version 2.0.27; rolled 03/29/06) -- AUXDATA shall attempt to correct the
RESOURCE_LOGS table locking problem by setting the PK in the Activity Logs data block. AUXDATA shall
provide a more understandable error message when records are locked.
STR AUXDT00000162 and ECR AUXDT00000168 (version 2.0.26; rolled 03/28/06) -- AUXDATA shall
correct the Member Status module to update resource_end_date when a member's status is updated to
inactive. It was previously not updated resource_end_date, only assignment_end_date. AUXDATA shall
correct the Member Status module so that when a member is transferred, the status date is populated
with sysdate. It was previously leaving status date null.

AUXDT00000140 (version 2.0.25; rolled 03/14/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Member Status module
and prevent duplicate status dates from being entered. AUXDATA shall also modify the QTR_BILL table
population scripts to handle duplicate status dates should they occur.
AUXDT00000124 (version 2.0.24; rolled 03/06/06) -- Code was altered to hide the Unit-drop down when
logged in as a single unit or flotillia.
AUXDT00000132 (version 2.0.23; rolled 02/27/06) -- AUXDATA reports were updated to improve
system performance.

AUXDT00000141 (version 2.0.22; rolled 02/16/06) -- AUXDATA shall change the wording of the Key for
Underlined items to say as of the date the report is run instead of end date. Put zeros where null values
occur. Put a n/a in the Attendance HRS column since hours do not apply to Attendance, only #s.
SCR AUXDT00000094, STR AUXDT00000138 (version 2.0.21; rolled 02/16/06) -- All forms listed
above were modified to use bind variables wherever applicable. Code for the task capture tab filter
button on the auxdata_activity_logs.fmb was fixed so that the Oracle Error: Unable to Perform Query was
fixed. Also, in all forms listed above, the code in the filter package was fixed so that Error FRM-40112 no
longer appears.
AUXDT00000128 (version 2.0.20; rolled 02/6/06) -- AUXDATA shall restore the missing divider lines in
the Officer Directory report.
AUXDT00000126 (version 2.0.19; rolled 02/2/06) -- The TRAINING_MANAGEMENT query was
modified, and the Completed Format Trigger was updated so that when a sliding frequency is queried, the
correct colors will show depending on the completed date and the required date. Also, the Annual 30
June code for the Completed Format Trigger was updated so that when it has two months before its
expiration date, it will change to yellow.
AUXDT00000101, AUXDT00000102, AUXDT00000130 (version 2.0.18; rolled 01/31/06) -- AUXDATA
shall modify the Individual Training Status report so that the CSV format output does not have any extra
columns caused by commas. AUXDATA shall modify the Individual Training Record report so that the
CSV format output does not have any extra columns caused by commas. AUXDATA shall modify the Unit
Summary Data report and correct the problem where UNIT-type activity hours were not being included if
the END_DTG_DC was null/empty. The hours should be included.

AUXDT00000129 (version 2.0.17; rolled 01/30/06) -- Added to_char and format mask were added to
the Data_model so the correct hours will display when the report is run in .csv format.

STR AUXDT00000114 & AUXDT00000127 (version 2.0.16; rolled 01/25/06) -- * Some reports drop
down lists were not in the correct order. An Order_by unit_number was added to the record_groups that
needed it. This fixes the problem. Removed TO_CHAR(AWARD_DATE) function which was
giving the OP_AWARDS and VEMDV_AWARDS reports invalid dates.

STR AUXDT00000121 (version 2.0.15; rolled 01/23/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Mission Details
report. The Unit Number displayed should be for the crew member, not the resource for the mission.
Also, any Position entries of "T RAINING" or "NONLEAD" have been corrected and will always display as
STR AUXDT00000122 (version 2.0.14; rolled 01/23/06) -- PE_AWARDS report was previously
returning incorrect data. This has been corrected. A date format mask in the Data Model was removed.

SCR AUXDT00000099, SCR AUXDT00000100, STR AUXDT00000120 (version 2.0.13; rolled
01/23/06) -- The Member Anniversary Status report query was modified, and commas were replaced with
colons to avoid extra columns in the CSV output. The Email Directory report query was modified, and
commas were replaced with colons to avoid extra columns in the CSV output. The problem with Mission
Details report where a read-only FLOT-level user tries to run the report and it fails with "FRM-41214
Unable to run report". It also fails when a user selects Units and all SubUnits.

SCR AUXDT00000091, SCR AUXDT00000111, ECR AUXDT00000118, SCR AUXDT00000119
(version 2.0.12; rolled 01/18/06) -- AUXDATA shall provide Quarterly Billing and Annual Billings reports
in CSV format also. AUXDATA shall provide Mission Detail in CSV format also. Quarterly Billing and
Annual Billing reports shall pull current Unit from QTR_BILL table instead of PERSONS to eliminate
problem with XFERs and other inactive status changes after 31 Dec. AUXDATA shall improve the
Member Roster report. A new Report Parameter canvas was created for the Member Roster report. It
includes an option to print the shortened version of the Member Roster report or the newly created Print
Mailing Labels report. Three fields: Competency, Office, and State were added to          use as
additional search criteria.
AUXDT00000113 (version 2.0.11; rolled 01/10/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify Unit Summary Data report
queries to improve performance and data accuracy.

AUXDT00000110 (version 2.0.10; rolled 01/09/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Annual Billing report to
improve performance and fix data inaccuracies.

AUXDT00000109 (version 2.0.9; rolled 01/09/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify Operations Performance
Awards, Public Education Awards, and Vessel Examination/Marine Dealer Visits reports to improve

STR AUXDT00000107 (version 2.0.8; rolled 01/04/06) -- AUXDATA shall modify Quarterly Billing report
to improve performance and fix data inaccuracies.

AUXDT00000081/AUXDT00000108 (version 2.0.7; rolled 12/27/05) -- AUXDATA shall add to the
Activity Log Details screen (when entering a UMS / A / UADMS / VSC / PB activity-Flotilla Marine Safety
Vessel Safety Check) two new windows for collecting data for "Number of High Risk Vessels," and one for
"Number of First Time VSCs."

AUXDT00000104 (version 2.0.6; rolled 12/12/05) -- AUXDATA replaced hard coded URL and Report
Server number to variables populated from the database to avoid having to maintain multiple copies of
the same .fmb

AUXDT00000098 (version 2.0.5; rolled 12/07/05) -- AUXDATA modified the SQL in the Mission Details
report so that the report runs much faster.

AUXDT00000093 (version 2.0.4; rolled 12/05/05) --
Member Roster CSV -- Order of columns improved. Unit Number and Empl ID put first before Last Name.
Base Enrollment Date and OCC moved to match PDF order of columns.
Unit Training Status -- EmpId sometimes in Col A and sometimes in Col J with the data moved around.
Also records that have Instructor Hours shifts data 2 columns. CSV format no longer has extra columns
due to commas in the data. Emp ID is always in the first column now.

Unit training Record -- Some people enter the Instructor in Task with a comma. This causes a data shift.
CSV format no longer has extra columns due to commas in the data.

Resources by Flotilla -- Some records have the Name dropped which causes a 1 or 2 column data shift. It
appears that it is where there is a Co-Owner. The PDF version also has a blank for these same names.
CSV format no longer has extra columns due to commas in the data. Now instead of a blank when
multiple owners exist, report displays "MULTIPLE OWNERS ASSIGNED" or "NO OWNERS

Calendar Buttons throughout application via CITRIX are fixed.

In Activity Logs, improved informational message at the bottom of the screen when last record is hi-lited.
"The last record may not be deleted. You may add a EOM record, and then delete desired record."

AUXDT00000092 (version 2.0.3; rolled 11/14/05) -- AUXDATA shall correct the problems encountered
with the following reports when rolling to 10G: Member Roster; Auxiliary Unit Listing; Member
Anniversary Status; Patriot Readiness: * AUXDATA_REPORTS.fmb was modified to include missing
URL production entries that were causing Patriot Readiness report to not run at all. *
PATRIOTREPORT.rdf was modified to improve CSV format. Report query items were moved around /
re-ordered to fix the order of columns. * CHAIN_OF_COMMAND.rdf (Auxiliary Unit Listing report) CSV
format was displaying extra columns, etc.) Data within the UNITS table was updated to remove commas
within the UNIT_NM column. The commas were causing extra columns in the CSV format. No report
changes were made, only data updates.
* Member Roster CSV format problems were handled by creating a separate report called
MEMBER_ROSTER_CSV.rdf. See ECR AUXDT00000089 for details. No additional changes to Member
Roster under this ECR. * The Member Anniversary Status report was fixed (was not displaying correct
data in CSV format). A conditional formatting trigger was used in the past to display only the member's
with 5 year anniversaries, and this "conditional formatting" was not working with CSV for some reason. I
removed the trigger, and put the necessary code within the report query instead. * Member Anniversary
Status report “sometimes” throws an error. I am unable to re-create this error on production, so I will have
to monitor and see if it happens again. There are some comments in the code within the
AUXDATA_REPORTS form where strange P_1 errors have occurred in the past … but no name or date,
or explanation. The P_1 field has to do with the parameters ACTIVE, INACTIVE or ALL as a choice for
some reports. This report, however, does not have that option. * Member Status > Member History
Update: the Update History button was enabled for all users, and should be visible to only those with the
MBR_HIST_UPD role. Code was added to the AUXDATA_MEMBER_STATUS form to fix this problem. *
The User Admin button on the Main Menu is also appearing for users that should not see it. The
AUXDATA_ADMIN role should be granted to only a few select users. FSO role had the
AUXDATA_ADMIN role granted to it -- might explain why everyone was seeing it. * Admin Reports – all
four admin reports were modified for CSV format so that the extra header info would not show at the
bottom of each report display. The headers display correctly in 10g without the extra query (select “text”
from dual), so they have been removed. Report property palette commented the same for all 4 admin
reports. * Security Tracking CSV not working on production. SECURITY_REPORT.fmb was modified
and changed a lower case csv to upper CSV to match the value passed from the parameter form. Also,
modified and commented URL and repserv90 in the production version of SECURITY.fmb.

AUXDT00000073 (version 2.0.2; rolled 10/31/05) -- AUXDATA shall upgrade to AIS 10g.
AUXDT00000068 (version 2.0.1; rolled 10/31/05) -- AUXDATA shall upgrade to Oracle 10g.
AUXDT00000070 (version 2.0.0; rolled 10/31/05) -- AUXDATA shall upgrade to Solaris 9.
AUXDT00000080 (version 1.4.64; rolled 09/16/05) -- AUXDATA shall update the Unit Summary Data
report facility display and show descriptions in bold where it displays the total number of facilities owned
by a flotilla between the parameter dates.

AUXDT00000078 (version 1.4.63; rolled 09/13/05) -- AUXDATA shall modify code so that when a
PDLCFT resource U/W activity is entered, and Crew Assignments are assigned, if member is certified in
PCO, he/she should not receive the alert “Member not certified for this position.”
AUXDT00000075 (version 1.4.62; rolled 08/30/05) -- AUXDATA shall when an activity UCG / A /
UCGOPS / ATON / PRIVATE, FEDERAL or BRIDGE is entered, on the Activity Logs Details screen, in
the ATON DETAILS section, under Type, have the drop down menu only display Discrepancy    and
Verification. Do not display Repair / Maintenance.
AUXDT00000066 (version 1.4.61; rolled 08/18/05) -- AUXDATA shall improve the Training
Management report with the following enhancements: Handle REYR and REWK. Query handles getting
CERT_ID 3 or 4 (REYR or REWK) from PERSONS_COMPS. Then, color coding is handled by
Conditional Formatting in Report Builder. Member name has blue background if REYR, and a pink
background if REWK. Name Color Coding key added also. Remove the "TEACH COURSE LESSON"
task column under Instructor competency, and any other inactive tasks from the report. Remove CSV
option from report parameters. PDV is only option now. Set today's date as default, and set 1 as default
Task. A better label for #2 would be "Currency Maintenance Tasks." Increased font size throughout
report. Improve performance of report. Query rewritten to speed up report.

AUXDT00000063 (version 1.4.60; rolled 08/02/05) -- AUXDATA shall update the training status report
to include an annual (calendar year) frequency ending on June 30th. Also, new report called Training
Management is available under Training, Reports, Unit reports. This report also handles the Annual 30
June frequency for Operations Workshop, Instructor Workshop, and the VE/MDV Workshop.
AUXDT00000053 (version 1.4.59; rolled 07/18/05) -- When an office holder retires, transfers, or is
disenrolled, have the system set any offices held to vacant. AUXDATA is already handling resources and
offices when a member‟s status is changed to DTH, DADM, MREQ, or FDUE. When a member is RET,
AUXDATA will update the end-date for the member‟s officers record, and also insert a vacant office
record. When an office holder transfers, AUXDATA will update the end-date for the member‟s OFFICER
records, and also insert a vacant office record. When a unit is disestablished, update the end-date for the
member‟s OFFICER records. No vacant office records needed in this case. When a member who has
access to AUXDATA retires or is disenrolled, revoke AUXDATA access. Created a nightly CRON job to
lock accounts.
AUXDT00000061 (version 1.4.58; rolled 07/11/05) -- New Mission and Employment Categories added
There are 12 new Missions that need to be added to AUXDATA They all will be
Unit Missions. The Activity, Status and Sub-Activity
for all will be     UCG     A    UCGOPS.
The new Mission is HS (Health Services).
The Sub Missions are:
93A - Direct Health Care - Medical
93B - Direct Health Care - Dental
93C - Direct Health Care - Allied Health
93D - Clinical Support - Medical
93E - Clinical Support - Dental
93F - Contingency Response Deployment
93G - Health Care Training - EMR
93H - Health Care Training - BLS
93J - Health Care Training - General
93K - Safety & Environmental Health Program Support
93L - Operational Support 93M - Administrative Support
AUXDT00000062 (version 1.4.57; rolled 07/12/05) -- Corrected the resource_logs filter problem that
caused the DB to lock. Added code to WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE trigger in the Activity Logs form
that disables the Activity Logs and Approvals tabs when no resources are available to choose from.

AUXDT00000043 (version 1.4.56; rolled 06/27/05) -- OFFICE UPDATE ENHANCEMENT. A new
OFFICE role has been created which will allow only users granted this role to see the new Update
Offices, Copy and Delete buttons. In AUXMIS.fmb (main menu form), the global variable OFFICE was
created and initialized. If user has been granted the OFFICE role, and is a NATL user, he/she will be
able to see the new Update Offices, Copy and Delete buttons. DIST users will see Copy and Delete
buttons only. NATL level users may see all NATL codes. DIST users may not currently see the office
codes screen. In the future, we may allow access. If so, they will be able to see ADSO codes only. The
staff listing was updated on the Table Management screen. Only vacant officer records may be deleted.
If user attempts to delete a record other than vacant, he/she will receive an alert. An officer record may
be copied and will be automatically assigned vacant. For DIST users, only RCO, ADSO, and VPPCA
records may be copied. For NATL users, any record may be copied. User is notified that the record was
copied and that it was set to vacant. Attempts to Copy non-RCO, non-ADSO codes or non-VPPCA codes
as a DIST user results in an alert. NATL users with the OFFICE role have the ability to add new office
codes on the new Update Offices screen. The New button allows a NATL user to create a new office
code. When a new office code is inserted, a vacant officer record is automatically created. As a NATL
user, Activate and Inactivate toggle on the same button based on which record is highlighted. A check is
          performed behind the scenes if a user attempts to inactivate an office code. If officer records
exist, the inactivation is not allowed until all officer records have been set to vacant and deleted. When a
user activates an office code, a starter officer record is created and set to vacant. This functionality is the
same as when a new office code is created. User may also update the Rank and Description of existing
codes. All other fields are read-only. When the Rank is updated on the Update Offices page, code
behind the scenes automatically updates all records in the Officers table with the new Rank. User may
sort by column headings and also use the Filter option. Audit columns are displayed read-only for
informational purposes.
AUXDT00000057 (version 1.4.55; rolled 06/21/05) -- The TRAINING_STATUS package was modified
to correct the return of hours for U/W and CREWAUG hours toward the Boat Crewmember competency.
Previously, if not CREWAUG hours existed, no hours were returned.
AUXDT00000051 (version 1.4.54; rolled 06/13/05) -- The filter button on the Assign Competencies to
People > Assigned Competencies tab page has been fixed.
AUXDT00000049 (version 1.4.53; rolled 06/13/05) -- CREWAUG lead and non-lead hours are now
included toward the Boat Crew Crewmember competency on the Training Status reports.
AUXDT00000047 (version 1.4.52; rolled 05/31/05) --
 Code was added to update the LAST_LOGIN_DATE with SYSDATE in the SU_USER table when an
     accounts trigger is changed from the locked to unlocked state.
 Code was also added to update the LAST_LOGIN_DATE with SYSDATE in the SU_USER table
     when the accounts password is reset.
 A trigger called Pre-Form was added to block the "Transaction complete: 1 records applied and
     saved" message that appeared when the password was reset.
 Code and trigger were added to both the Citrix and Non-Citrix versions.
AUXDT00000042 (version 1.4.51; rolled 05/06/05) -- The DIRAUX Action button was not displaying
members per user account District correctly. Make sure members listed are only within the district that
the user's account is set to.
AUXDT00000041 (version 1.4.50; rolled 05/03/05) -- AUXDATA shall update the “Missing PSQs” button
now says “Member Option?” instead. Updated tool tip that is displayed when mouse hovers also. The
button query was copied and carried over to WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE and WHEN-BUTTON-
PRESSED triggers so it is consistent. We also updated the query in the DO Unfavorable report so that
members who have no competencies at all would show up also (outer join added to query). Sugarek is
listed on the report now, and he has no PERSONS_COMPS records, but has a DO Unfavorable.
Automatically set DIRAUX Required = DO and Member Option = DO if a member is assigned a
competency that requires a DO investigation. Ran UPDATE script to sync all members who currently
have DO-required competencies -- set DIRAUX Required = DO and Member Option = DO.
AUXDT00000009 (version 1.4.49; rolled 05/02/05) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Security > DIRAUX
Action button so that when an OS Favorable, DO Unfavorable combination is returned, those members are no longer
included in the member list. New DO Unfav/OS Fav button created on the Security screen. User will be alerted to
update the DIRAUX Required and Member Option fields to OS. Then a member list will appear. Member may be
selected, and user can proceed to Member Status screen if desired. AUXDATA shall automatically inactivate any
competency that requires a DO Favorable if the member receives a DO Unfavorable investigation. A CRON job has
been created to run this procedure nightly. It will automatically inactivate competencies (that require DO
FAVORABLE) when a member receives a DO UNFAVORABLE. After the CRON job runs, an email notification
will be sent to the DIRAUX Help Desk with information regarding inactivation of competencies. This email
notification is sent only when inactivation of competencies occurs. In other words, an email is not sent daily - only
as needed. No news is good news. The attachment contains the member info and competencies that were
inactivated. A new CERTIFICATION_ID has been created to track the future inactivation of competencies. It is 6 -
NOT CERTIFIED SECURITY. In the Training module, in Assignments -- we will now enforce not allowing the
assignment of a competency to a member if that member already has a DO UNFAVORABLE. The warning alert
will remain informational-only for members who have not received investigation results at the time of assignment.
Members who already have a DO favorable will be allowed the assignment. Members with an unfavorable DO will
not be allowed the assignment. When restoring from archive, those members disenrolled after 1 January 2004, do
not permit a change to AP status. If disenrolled prior to 1 January 2004 only allow AP status. The AP status choice
was removed from the drop-down choices. If an attempt is made to restore a member from archive and the
member was disenrolled after 1-JAN-2004, has no record of BQ, IQ, or AX after 1-JAN-2004 and has no security
investigation results … this member will automatically be set to AP status. AP is no longer a choice in the drop-
down. Same functionality was incorporated into the Change Status screen for activating RET members. AP will be
set automatically when the member was RET after 1-JAN-2004, has no record of BQ, IQ, or AX after 1-JAN-2004
and has no security investigation results. AP is no longer a choice in the drop-down. A new report has been created.
The “DO Unfavorable” report provides a list of members who have received a DO UNFAVORABLE investigation
result and a list of DO-required competencies, per member, that were inactivated because of the DO Unfavorable.
Only the competencies that require a DO are listed for each member even though all members with a DO
Unfavorable are listed in the report. Training Status report vs. Competencies Assigned to People discrepancies
…Checkbox and Assigned Comps tab page not in sync. Set the tab page disabled until the member actually selects
a member to work with and keep checkbox in sync with whether the Assigned Competencies tab page is disabled or
AUXDT00000040 (version 1.4.48; rolled 04/29/05) -- AUXDATA Unit Summary Data report now
displays correct hours for Operations, Safety. Modified query of Operations, Safety Hours and # of
missions to not include date_modified in the where clause. Also, changed START_DTG to
START_DTG_LOCAL in several other queries throughout the report.
AUXDT00000037 (version 1.4.47; rolled 04/19/05) -- The Default where clause, in Task_Capture, was
being set at the when-new-form level. It has been changed to be set in the 'initialize' program unit where
the training Type is set.
AUXDT00000036 (version 1.4.46; rolled 04/19/05) -- AUXDATA shall correct the Air Competencies by
removing all references to Airborne Hours. AUXDATA will not be used to track Flight Hours by Pilots and
Aircrew. Remove the task *(AC) Completed Requirements of OPS POL MAN" where ever it appears.
Add the following new task for all Pilots and Aircrew. "Complete form ANSC 7015 submitted." It is to be
an annual requirement, on a sliding scale. Set this task to Red 12 months after the last entry. Create a
CRON job that will set the Pilot/Aircrew competencies to REYR 12 months plus 45 days. After the last
entry of the "Completed form ANSC 7015 submitted" task that remains red.
AUXDT00000002 (version 1.4.45; rolled 03/30/05) -- AUXDATA shall permit limited personnel to insert,
update, and delete member history records.
1. Update History button has been added to the Member History tab. Select users that have been
granted the new MBR_HIST_UPD role will see this button.
2. The new MBR_HIST_UPD database role grants the ability to INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE on the
3. Update History button takes user to a brand new canvas/screen.
4. Header info at the top of the screen is read-only.
5. All dates, time in and time out are calculated as records/dates are changed and will refresh after Save.
6. Back button is disabled when changes are made until Save.
7. Last modified by _____ on ___ added to help track/audit changes. New columns were added to the
STATUS_CHANGE_HISTORY table and are displayed on the new screen read-only.
8. Record Created By and Date Created are auto-populated by a database trigger if user does not fill in.
They are updateable since we are dealing with past records in some cases and user making the change
may not have been the creator of the original record.
9. Prior Unit Number column is linked to List of Values and is validated for accuracy. The Status column
is linked to a List of Values also, but cannot be validated because of the need to enter XFER records.
10. History records are displayed/ordered by Status Date and will refresh after changes and Save.
11. User may use Create Record button, TAB down to next empty line, or mouse-click on next empty line
to initiate a new insert.
12. Delete/Cancel Record removes an existing high-lighted record, or cancels an insert that hasn‟t been
Saved yet.
13. There must always be at least one history record for a member. User will not be allowed to delete
the last history record and will be alerted to this fact.
14. STATUS_CHANGE_HISTORY and PERSONS must always be in-sync. The current status and
status date in PERSONS must match the latest history record in STATUS_CHANGE_HISTORY. This is
enforced and handled behind the scenes when the user selects Save. USE CAUTION WHEN
inactive status, and the user selects Save, the member will be archived. User will be alerted and will
have the choice to continue or cancel. The best practice is to enter all history records desired and then
save once.
15. When entering XFER records, burden is on user to know what Prior Unit Number should be, and it
will be required.
AUXDT00000007 (version 1.4.44; rolled 03/17/05) -- Auxdata shall update the Training status report to
no longer display air hours.
Q2005-006-AD (version 1.4.43; rolled 03/1/05) -- Auxdata shall update the The Training status report to
return a task as pending at the correct time. A tool tip was also added and the text was made bold. The
instructor hours are added back to the report.
Q2005-007-AD (version 1.4.42; rolled 02/23/05) -- Auxdata shall update the Security module and allow
AP personnel to be set to DADM, DTH, or MREQ status prior to security center determination (favorable
or unfavorable). This will allow personnel to be disenrolled that get tired of waiting or have other
Q2005-005-AD (version 1.4.41; rolled 02/23/05) --
1. AUXDATA shall update the Resource Status module and display inactive owners (in red) and allow
them to be deleted (not added).
2. AUXDATA shall put the cursor on the first record (task) in TMT, TASK CAPTURE, TRAINEES when
multiple tasks are being updated on the TRAINEES tab. This so that the copy participants button works
3. Do not allow member status to be changed to MREQ, DADM, DTH or FDUE if solely-owned resource
has unapproved activity logs.
User will receive an alert and will not be allowed to change the member‟s status until activity logs are
Also, added text to warn users that resource updates should occur prior to member status updates.
Q2004-053-AD (version 1.4.40; rolled 02/23/05) -- AUXDATA shall enable ownership update after
restoring a resource from archive. AUXDATA maintains the old primary ownership link, and won't allow
user to enter a new owner. This may be related to previous owner having been updated with an inactive
status, such as DTH. Investigate and fix code. See attached documentation when attempting to update
Q2005-004-AD (version 1.4.39; rolled 02/10/05) -- AUXDATA shall correct the error occurring where
function was not returning correct value (or not returning a value at all) if a member did not meet the
current year requirements but was current the previous year. The TRAINING_STATUS package,
specifically the F_IT function, was modified to correct this error. The function was also completely
reformatted to allow for easier maintenance and readability.
Q2005-002-AD (version 1.4.38; rolled 02/02/05) -- AUXDATA shall update Member Status as described
(A member having a history, or not, of BQ, IQ or AX has no date limitation. When activating a RET status
member, we are checking to see if the member was set to RET after 1-JAN-2004. If so, we allow the
activation to a BQ, IQ or AX. If the member was set to RET before 1-JAN-2004, and the member does
not have a FAVORABLE security investigation, we force the member to be set to AP. The same rule
applies when restoring MREQ or FDUE members from archive. If the member was set to MREQ or
FDUE before 1-JAN-2004 and has no FAVORABLE security investigation, we force AP status. Lastly, we
do not allow DADM or DSEC members to be restored from archive.
Bottom line, the date rule only applies to whether the member was set to RET, MREQ or FDUE before or
after 1-JAN-2004. Having a history of BQ, IQ or AX at some point is checked without a date rule.
Further, the member either has a FAVORABLE security investigation or not, no date checked here either.
I fixed the latest bug where Change Status for a member from a good status to another good status (BQ
to IQ, etc.) was not working. This is on AUXDEV right now for testing; and with John‟s approval, I will get
it on AUXPROD today.)
Q2005-001-AD (version 1.4.37; rolled 02/01/05) -- AUXDATA shall:
1. Unit Name field on Persons in Unit screen was increased from 30 to 50 characters, and increased
    width of display.
    NOTE: The same modifications were made in the CITRIX version of the form.
2. Increased the width of the display for Unit Name on the Update/Delete screen. Width of field was
    already set to 50, cosmetic change only.
    NOTE: The same modifications were made in the CITRIX version of the form.
3. Report -- AUXDATA Resources at Unit not displaying Unit Name correctly. Increased width of Unit
    Name in header. Header of report now displays the Unit Name and Unit Number correctly.
Q2004-031-AD (version 1.4.36; rolled 02/01/05) -- AUXDATA shall:
1. The hours reported under activity UCG / A / UCGOPS / MS / TRAINING should be counted exactly the
    same as hours reported under UMS / A / UADMS / AUXADMN / OTHER. This applies to PE Awards
    report, Operational Performance Awards report and VE/MDV Awards report. The hours should NOT
    be counted as underway hours or as IT (instructor) hours for currency maintenance requirements. In
    the Training Status Reports (individual and unit), exclude TRAINING hours for AUXMP/TRN and
    CGOPS/TRAINING. Include hours for MT/ Lead only.
2. The hours reported under activity UCG / A / UCGOPS / MS / TRAINING or UMS / A / UADMS / AUXADMN
    / OTHER should NOT be counted for Performance Awards for IT, COX, CREW, PWO u/w hours. NO
3. The hours reported under activity UMS / A / UADMS / AUXADMN / OTHER should be included in Sustained
    Service hours. The hours reported for sub-missions 22A, 22B and 70U should be included in Sustained Service
4. In the Operational Performance Awards report, the hours reported under Air or Boat /MS/SAFESEC or
    /MS/HARPAT activities should be included.
5. Training Status reports - Instructor competency tasks are displaying red when they should be
    displaying in black to indicate previous year currency. (TRAINING_STATUS package)
6. Activity Logs à Crew Assignments - Select Flotilla filter should remain in effect when users toggle
    between Activity Logs and Crew Assignments, and still enforce including or excluding AP status
    members as required. (AUXDATA_ACTIVITY_LOGS.fmb)
7. Activity Logs à Crew Assignments - Filter button filter will only remain in effect while working on the
    Crew Assignments page, one activity at a time. This is necessary because AP status members are
    included only for Unit type activities, and are to be excluded when the activity is Air, Boat or Radio.
    The block property for the member list on the Crew Assignments screen cannot handle both conditions
    at the same time. See #10 below for similar functionality.
8. Activity Logs report - Start Date and End Date range parameter is not working. Report is displaying
    ALL activity logs for the Unit selected regardless of date range entered.
9. Training > Task Capture > Trainees - When Select Flotilla filter is used, it shall remain in effect until
    user chooses another filter option, including leaving the Trainees screen. Also, when multiple tasks
    are listed at the top of Trainees screen, Select Flotilla filter shall remain in effect as user picks a
    different task to work with.
10. Training > Task Capture > Trainees - When the Filter button is used, it shall remain in effect until user
    selects Unfilter, leaves the Trainees page, or selects a new task (from multiples listed at the top of the
    screen) to work with. The Filter button filter is valid for working with one task at a time only. This is
    necessary because AP status members are included only for Unit or General category tasks, and are
    to be excluded when the task is any category other than Unit or General (Air, Boat, etc.). The block
    property for the member list cannot handle both conditions at the same time. Therefore, if a different
    task is selected to work with, the member list must be refreshed to include or exclude AP status
    members, based on the task chosen, and the previous Filter used gets overridden.
Q2004-087-AD (version 1.4.35; rolled 01/07/05) -- AUXDATA shall update the Quarterly_billing
changed to not pick up persons who already have a valid status. Annual_Billing changed to pick up
persons who have a status of XFER.
Q2004-027-AD (version 1.4.34; rolled 01/03/05) -- AUXDATA shall update the retrieve from archive
canvas, displaying the reason for disenrollment and adding a FILTER button. Added Status column and
Filter button on Restore from Archive screen.
Q2004-038-AD (version 1.4.33; rolled 01/03/05) -- SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS -- PHASE IV,
1. AUXDATA shall improve the security and tasks/competencies/certification relationship:
   When a member is assigned a certification that requires a DO investigation, AUXDATA shall check to
   see if member has a DO favorable status, and if not, provide an alert “Assigning this competency will
   now require this member to have a favorable DO security investigation. Once the 3-year grace period
   is over, you won't be permitted to assign the competency." Update the DIR_REQD and MBR_RQST
   fields in the SECURITY table with value “DO” when competency is assigned. After the 3-year grace
   period, we won‟t allow the competency to be assigned if the member doesn‟t already have a DO

   AUXDATA shall add a “DO security investigation required” checkbox to the Competency Maintenance
   “add new” and “update/delete” screens. The checkbox will allow users to maintain the DO requirement
   among competencies. The checkbox is linked to a new column in the COMPETENCY table that
   stores a Y or N value. See COMPS_REQ_DO.XLS for a list of competencies that require a DO

   Below will be handled with the year-end REYR script:
   When a member is placed in Archive because MREQ, FDUE or DTH (need that because there are
   instances where this was done by mistake) all competencies are to remain in place. When a member
   is restored from Archive, the competencies requiring currency maintenance shall be treated as the
   rules require. That is:
       1) If the competency was current when archive and member is restored in the same year,
           competency remains current.
       2) If the member is restored the following year and the competency was current and all tasks
           completed when archived, competency remains current. If the competency would have gone
           REYR at the end of the year, set it to REYR when restored.
       3) If the member is restored from 2 to 4 years after being Archive set the competency to REYR.
       4) If the member is restored 5 years after being Archived, remove that competency.

2. AUXDATA shall improve the security and member status relationship:
      If member is Archived or change status to DTH, RET, MREQ, set SECURITY.ACTIVE_IND = „N‟.
      If restored from archive or change status, activated from RET status, set to „Y‟ . PERSONS and
      SECURITY active indicators must match at all times.
      If member restored from archive, check previous security history. Don't allow restore if member
      had a previous unfavorable or appealed status.
      If member change status, activated from RET status, check previous security history. Don‟t allow
      restore if member had a previous unfavorable or appealed status.
      If member restored from archive, check that DO status favorable is not over 10 years old. OS
      status favorable is good forever. If favorable, restore member immediately.
      If member restored from archive or activated from RET, and no previous security history exists,
      automatically set member to AP status and Approval Pending unit.
      DSEC and DADM members may NOT be restored from archive.
      On Restore from Archive screen, display "Status" column and be able to sort by.
      Remove HON and HCOM status codes from the database. Update to Inactive - Marvin Schwall,
      Edward Weiss and Sage Linsenbaum.
      Add 15-year retirement eligibility check to Member Status, Change Status (so it matches
      functionality in Security, Member Status, Update Status).
      Create a database trigger to enforce integrity between active_person_ind and active_sec_ind.
      Run script to update mis-matched records in SECURITY.
      Run update script to modify all old style EMP_Ids with the new sequence-generated IDs.

3. AUXDATA shall force a 10-digit, ZIP+4 format zip code entry throughout the application - add a dash (-
   ) and/or trailing zeros to all zip codes when the end user only enters a 5-digit zip. Zip code must be a
   minimum of 5 characters. If user does not know the +4 extension, application will insert zeros so all
   zip codes are formatted the same.
   Zip code data entry exists in three places:
   Member Status, Insert a new Member
   Member Status, Emergency Contact
   Resource Status, Insert a new Unit

   Further, all existing data in the PERSONS, EMERGENCY_CONTACT and UNITS tables shall be
   updated to 00000-0000 format. Run ZIPCODE_CLEANUP.SQL.

4. AUXDATA shall make the Security menu button RED if action is required within the Security module.
   Action required is dependent on the DIR_AUX Action, Missing PSQs or SECCEN Action buttons, and
   is simply an alert to users to enter Security to do something. If the button is GREEN, no action is
   necessary, but the user may still enter the module.

5. AUXDATA shall modify the condition(s) that allow Update Unit and Update Status to be enabled when
   a user enters the Member Status tab of Security. If user updates status and forgets to update unit,
   Update Unit is not enabled when the user returns. Right now, it's a one-shot deal. Modify code to
   include "IF status = AP OR IF Unit = Approval Pending% ....

6. Fix Update Status alert, text is cut off.

7. When inserting a new member, auto-pop the Unit (000-99-99), Unit Name (Approval Pending Unit)
   and Status = Applicant.

8. In Security, Reports tab -- remove the two extra Security report buttons.

9. Security tab, Member Status field -- a "Pending" member's status should update to "Existing"
   immediately after his/her status is changed (after Member Status tab, Update Status is performed).

10. Increase the width of ZipCode column on the Patriot Readiness report to accommodate 10
   characters 00000-0000. All other reports display the 10-character zip code accurately.

   1. AP status members shall be listed in the Crew Assignments member list only for Unit activities.
        AP status members are not allowed to participate in any Boat, Air or Radio type activities.
   2. In Crew Assignments -- For Unit activities only, if AP status member is assigned, auto-pop
        TRAINEE in the position field. Provide alert, “AP status members may be set to TRAINEE only.”
        if user attempts to change to LEAD or NON LEAD.
   3. In Activity Logs, Task Capture -- AP members shall be included in the member list for Unit or
        General tasks only. Exclude AP status members when category is AIR, BOAT or RADIO.
        Create two new categories: MS-Marine Safety and VALID-Validator to distinguish the individual
        tasks that should not be available to AP members, that were previously classified under Unit or
   4. On Crew Assignments page, increased width of Select Flotilla button, unit name display field from
        30 to 40 characters to accommodate Portsmouth Harbor Light Flotilla. Previously was receiving a
        “data too large for field” warning.

   1. In Training, Task Capture -- AP status members shall be listed only for unit or general type tasks.
      Exclude AP status members when category is AIR, BOAT or RADIO. Create two new categories:
      MS-Marine Safety and VALID-Validator to distinguish the individual tasks that should not be
      available to AP members, that were previously classified under Unit or General.
   2. In Training, Assignments -- do NOT show AP status members.
   3. In Training, Certifications -- do NOT show AP status members.
   4. In Training, Task Capture - increase the width of Select Flotilla button, unit name display field
      from 30 to 40 characters to accommodate Portsmouth Harbor Light Flotilla. Previously was
      receiving a “data too large for field” warning.
   5. Verify Lt. Hall‟s current (6 Dec 2004) list of competencies that require Favorable DO or Favorable
  1. When inserting a new member, applicant shall be assigned to their "applying" flotilla - NOT to an
     approval pending flotilla. Remove the previously added auto-pop of approval pending unit.
  2. Districts shall transfer members currently in approval pending units to valid units as soon as
     possible. Eventually, the approval pending units will be de-activated, and only AP member status
     will exist.
  3. Do NOT allow the insert of a new member if that member was previously DSEC or DADM. Users
     previously could confirm and bypass the duplicate warning and just insert the member as new,
     even if the member had an unfavorable past disenrollment.

   1. Add a new column to SECURITY table, SECCEN_FWD_OPM (SECCEN forwarded to OPM
      date). Add new date field (Date SECCEN forwarded to OPM) to data entry screen in Security
   2. Remove the Update Unit button and functionality from Security, Member Status tab page.

   1. Add new date field filter (Date SECCEN forwarded to OPM) to Security Tracking report
   2. Add new date field (Date SECCEN forwarded to OPM) to display on Security Tracking report.

Q2004-086-AD (version 1.4.32; rolled 12/21/04) -- AUXDATA shall update the Quarterly and Annual
Billing reports so that they do not include members in "AP" status.
Q2004-023-AD (version 1.4.31; rolled 12/21/04) -- Auxdata shall on the Resources by Facility report,
add fields to show the Latitude and Longitude for each facility. This can be in addition to, or in place or,
the current “Location” field. Data for these new fields is found in the Aircraft Information, Boat Information
and Radio Information screens.
On the Resources by Facility report, add fields to show the Latitude and Longitude for each facility. This
can be, in addition to, or in place of, the current "Location" field. Data for these new fields is found in the
Aircraft Information, Boat Information and Radio Information screens. Also add a Field to show the Facility
Number for each boat facility found in the Boat Information screen. When run in CSV, place the ZIP and
Last Name in separate fields. Add the facility number to the report, replacing the type column. Separate
EMPLID and Last Name, separate fields in CSV.
Q2004-084-AD (version 1.4.30; rolled 12/21/04) -- A new button, 'Search by Name,EMP ID' has been
added to the 'Param_form' canvas. A new screen, Persons has been added to the auxdata_reports.fmb
that searches for a person by name or emp_id. Two(2) new parameters, P_ID and P_where2 were added
to the address_flotilla_data.rdf. The 'Select' statement in the data_model was altered to use the
P_where2 clause. The P_where2 clause was added to the address_flotilla_data.rdf before report trigger.
Q2004-061-AD (version 1.4.29; rolled 12/08/04) -- When a member is re-certified, only the data in the
"Last Update" column on the Certification Report should be changed with the entry of the Sysdate. The
date in the "Date Qualified" column should NOT be changed but remain the date initially certified.
          1. If certification is brand new to the member, AUXDATA shall update existing "not certified"
          record in persons_comps to "certified."
          2. If certification is a re-cert within 5 years, AUXDATA shall update existing record, but not
          update the original Certified Date.
          3. If certification is a re-cert, but over 5 years old, and an inactive record exists with the same
          comp_id, AUXDATA shall insert a new record.
Q2003-056-AD (version 1.4.28; rolled 12/08/04) -- AUXDATA shall on the Radio Resource main
screen, remove the labels and windows for Hull Value, :Mach Value, Elec Value, Other Value and Total
Value. In their place, add the label "Station Location" and a window labeled "Latitude" and a window
labeled "Longitude".
Q2004-079-AD (version 1.4.27; rolled 11/02/04) -- Auxdata shall make the following changes to the
Individual Training Status and Unit Training Status reports:
 Altered task: Airborne Hours to Airborne Hours XX Lead XX Total.
 Changed Air Tasks Frequencies to S(C) Sliding Calendar.
    Changed Instructor Pilot, Flight Examiner‟s Number Required to 3.
    Updated the RESOURCE_CLASS_CD column in the CURRENCY_REQUIREMENTS table to „UNI‟
     for Vessel Examiner.
 U/W HOURS 8 A(C) added to the Currency Maintenance Requirements for PCO.
 District PCO Qualification Program task added.
 REYR and REWK are now displayed in red.
 If Status is REYR or REWK the date the status turned REYR is displayed.
 The blue section of the US flag flown without the stripes is called The Union Jack.
 Due Date field has been made larger.
 Paddle Craft Operator added.
Q2004-082-AD (version 1.4.26; rolled 10/21/04) -- Auxdata shall display the system name on the User
Management Forms.
Q2004-081-AD (version 1.4.25; rolled 10/21/04) -- AUXDATA cleaned up the flow of window names
throughout the application to better facilitate Robot testing.
Q2004-083-AD (version 1.4.24; rolled 10/13/04) -- Report was not accurately reflecting quarterly dues
for new members due to the gap in between base enrollment date and when the member receives a
favorable security investigation and is XFERd to a valid flotilla. Dues are due when the member gets
XFERd to a valid flotilla from the temporary "Approval Pending Flotilla." Report was changed to reflect
Q2004-046-AD (version 1.4.23; rolled 10/05/04) -- AUXDATA shall modify the security procedures to
require password change on first logon, password expiration, and account locking after no use.
1. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length, have one alphabetical character, have one number
but can't begin with a number, have one of the following special characters (#, _ or $) but can't begin with
the special character, must not be the same as the user name, be too simple or be the same as the last
password used.
2. When a new user is created, the user will be given a temporary password of AUXUSERNAME_1. The
user will have one grace logon and will be prompted to change his/her password.
3. When a user's password is reset, the temporary password will be AUXUSERNAME_1. The user will
have one grace logon and will be prompted to change his/her password.
4. An account will be locked after three failed logon attempts. The user may contact the AUXDATA Help
Desk to have his/her account unlocked, or wait one hour for the account to automatically unlock.
5. User passwords will expire every 90 days. The user will be alerted at logon 15 days out from the 90-
day mark and will be given an opportunity to change his/her password. If the user has not changed
his/her password by the 90th day, the account will be locked.
6. After 90 days of inactivity, the user account will be locked. If there is no user activity for a total of 180
days, the user account will be dropped.
7. If a user's account is locked or expired, the user will be alerted at logon with a valid ORA- alert
message. The user must contact the AUXDATA Help Desk for assistance if this occurs.
8. Add the following date displays to the User Admin form update screens for information-only:
          * This user last logged into AUXDATA on 99-99-9999
          * This user's password will expire/expired on 99-99-9999
Q2004-080-AD (version 1.4.22; rolled 10/05/04) -- Unit Summary Data report -- "Error populating
group" when selecting All units and sub-units run individually radio button. ORA-01722 occurs when
selecting UNITS AND ALL SUB UNITS from Unit drop-down. The record group necessary to populate
the Unit drop down was missing from the auxdata_reports parameters form. The record group was
copied in from the old AUXMIS.fmb single form. The ORA-01722 was subsequently fixed when the
missing record group was put in place, as well as the correct Units being available for selection.
Q2004-078-AD (version 1.4.21; rolled 09/28/04) -- For the Auxdata_activit_logs.fmb: Fields where
added to the TMT Task Capture screen and add date filters similar to those on the
AOPSHQ_VALIDATION.fmb form. A text field will appear when the manual date filter buttons are in use.
Sort buttons now available on the AOPS version of the form Have been added.
Q2004-077-AD (version 1.4.20; rolled 09/14/04) --
* Member Roster report was previously only printing 1 page of data. This has been corrected. Privacy
  Act info displays on first page of report only. CSV format displays header and Privacy Act info correctly.
* Address & Flotilla Data report displays Privacy Act info on first page of report only.
* Wording of Privacy Act was changed on the Member Roster, Address & Flotilla Data and Patriot
  Readiness reports. The word "continued" was changed to "contained."
Q2004-076-AD (version 1.4.19; rolled 09/14/04) --
For the Auxdata_activit_logs.fmb:
      Allow person with correct competency to be assigned as 'Lead' without a warning message
      Prevent display of Pending flotilla in LOV of approving flotillas.
        Prevent a person whose status is 'AP' from being displayed in the list of persons.
For the TMT Unit_Training_Record and Ind_Training_Record reports:
      Corrected bad joins and removed unused columns in the select statement in the individual and
         unit training record reports.
Q2004-071-AD (version 1.4.18; rolled 08/24/04) -- Freedom of Information Confidentiality Notice, as
shown below, needs to be included on the first page of the Member Roster, the Address and Flotilla Data,
and OPRIII reports, when viewed and printed in both PDF and CSV..CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE -
PRIVACY ACT OF 1974: The disclosure or this material is subject to the provisions contained in the
Privacy Act of 1974, This Act, with certain exceptions, prohibits the disclosure, distribution, dissemination,
or copying of any material containing the home address, home phone number, spouse's names, and
social security numbers, except for official business. Violations may result in disciplinary action by the
Coast Guard and/or civilian criminal sanctions." Missing in Member Roster in CSV, OPR in CSV and
Q2004-067-AD (version 1.4.17; rolled 08/31/04) --
      Security Tracking report now offers the ability to filter by Previous Date, Previous Agency or
         Previous Level.
      The three "Previous" data fields also display on the report.
      CSV format column headers now appear.
Q2004-070-AD (version 1.4.16; rolled 08/16/04) -- AUXDATA shall fix the following problem. When
checking Command Approval and other parameters and then reset password and exit, the Command
Approval check box becomes unchecked. Question: Is Command Approval enabled even after the
checkbox becomes unchecked?
Q2004-069-AD (version 1.4.15; rolled 08/16/04) -- AUXDATA shall fix the bug where member-owned
resource(s) is(are) not transferred automatically when the member is transferred.
Q2004-039-AD (version 1.4.14; rolled 07/26/04) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Auxdata application and
User Management form to handle read-only privileges for a new role called BASIC_MEMBER.
BASIC_MEMBER will be allowed update on their own records in AUXMIS.PERSONS AND
AUXMIS.PERSON_PHONE tables. The User Admin form will allow administrators to grant and revoke
the read-only role. A member with read-only access can view Activity Logs, Member Status, Resource
Status, Reports and Training in AUXDATA. Access is read-only, except for Member Status, where the
member can update his/her own member record only. Unit, Enrollment Date, Status and Gender cannot
be changed however.
Q2004-066-AD (version 1.4.13; rolled 07/26/04) -- AUXDATA shall,
1. Activity Logs -- when toggling between Air, Radio, Boat and Unit, if no resources exist for the type,
Activity Logs tab is disabled.
2. ZULU OFFSET is now required and validated against the LOV when entering activity logs. This will
prevent a blank/null or invalid value from being saved with the log.
Q2004-058-AD (version 1.4.12; rolled 07/26/04) -- AUXDATA shall display units in the report parameter
form at the user's organizational level and below (e.g. a division officer see their division and all flotillas in
that division) for the Patriot Readiness report.
Q2004-054-AD (version 1.4.11; rolled 07/16/04) -- AUXDATA shall update all Virus Scan s/w on all
Q2004-044-AD (version 1.4.10; rolled 07/19/04) -- AUXDATA shall update the table management form
to reflect current table schema and team.
Q2004-060-AD (version 1.4.9; rolled 07/14/04) -- An internal application package (RL_TAPI_PKG) was
updated to use implicit cursors rather then explicit cursors. This allows the application to find just the
specific records that it is looking for instead of cycling through all of the records to determine which
records are valid.
Q2004-052-AD (version 1.4.8; rolled 07/19/04) -- AUXDATA shall update the V_TASK_FAVS2 view to
check that the active indicator equals Y in the UNITS_COMPS and TASK_ASSIGNMENTS tables
Q2004-055-AD (version 1.4.7; rolled 07/12/04) -- AUXDATA shall correct the Transfer count in the Unit
Summary and the duration problem in the Mission Details reports.
Q2004-056-AD (version 1.4.6; rolled 07/02/04) -- AUXDATA shall correct the global variable problem
Q2004-049-AD (version 1.4.5; rolled 06/30/04) --
In the Mission Activity Report, in the Report Module, the number of "Exams Given" are not shown on the
report when entering the following activities:
      UCG / A / UCGOPS / CVS / CFV
      UCG / A / UCGOPS / MS / UPV
The number entered in Exams Given field in the Activity Log Details screen should be reported in the
Exams Given in the Mission Activity Report.
This problem was corrected. During the modification process, it was noted that the report did not include
the transactions occurring on the end date. With Capt. Platt‟s permission, this was also corrected.
Q2004-020-AD (version 1.4.4; rolled 06/30/04) --
-New SKILLS table contains all information on skills a person may possess. SKILLS are transferred from
existing occupation information in the PICKLISTS table.
-New PERSONS_SKILLS table contains an entry for every skill a person possess. One person may have
an unlimited amount of skills. Links from a person to a particular skill in the SKILLS table.
-Patriot Readiness report no longer shows security information. Report now shows all skills that a person
possesses. Report allows filtering based on whether a person has a certain skill.
-Patriot Readiness report parameter page no longer allows filtering based on security info.
Report now allows the ability to choose a skill and run a report finding only those who have that skill. Also
fixed preexisting bug with generic competency searches.
-Patriot Readiness data entry screen no longer allows data entry of security info. Existing skills for a
person may now be viewed/edited/deleted. Additional skills may also be added for a person.
-Member Information screen no longer has the ability to enter an Occupation for a person, as that column
is now obsolete, and has been replaced with the more generic PERSONS_SKILLS table.
Q2004-051-AD (version 1.4.3; rolled 06/23/04) -- The End Date of the Activity by State Report has
been modified so that it will display properly at the top of the page.
Q2004-048-AD (version 1.4.2; rolled 06/16/04) -- Removed requirement to enter City, State, Country
and Mother's Maiden when DIRAUX Submitted date filled in. Also, Missing PSQs will now show all
members where the Member Option field is null (empty).
Q2004-047-AD (version 1.4.1; rolled 06/16/04) -- Retired or otherwise inactive members no longer
show up in report results. If DIS/RET is entered under member requested sec clearence, it is changed
behind the scenes to be DR, which is the way it is stored in the database.

AUXDATA Version 1.4 (released 06/01/2004)
On June 1, 2004, Auxdata Version 1.4 rolled to production. The core of this release involved the
Database Cleanup effort. This release includes:
       CR2003-001-AD, Foreign Keys
       CR2003-002-AD, Trigger Renewal
       CR2003-003-AD, DB Cleanup
       E2004-001-AD,       Billing Report Date Change
       E2004-002-AD,       Member Roster Report Zipcode
       E2004-003-AD,       DB Triggers; Resource Changes

Q2004-029-AD (version 1.3.105; rolled 06/03/04) -- The "Security Tracking Report" button on the
reports tab of the security form now links to the security_report form.
Security Tracking Report created:
     Can be created in Excel / PDF
     Only district level or national level units are available for report. District level users will only see
         their district, National level users will see all districts as well as the national unit.
     Additionally, results may be tailored to the situation through the use of filters, explained below:
            o      First, you must select the field you wish to look at under the 'value to be checked' row, for
                   example First Name, PSI Result DO or Member Status
               o Then, after selecting what you will be filtering based on, select the type of filter, for
                   example Is Empty will only return persons for whom that particular field is not filled in, or
                   Equals will only return rows for which that particular field is equal to a value you specify
               o Finally, if you are using a filter type such as Equals or Date Before, you must specify
                   what the value must equal or what date will be compared to in the last row.
      These filters can be further customized by using the AND/OR drop down menus between the
      Initially, all three filters must be satisified for a result to be displayed, however, placing an OR
         between two filters will allow results that satisfy either of those two conditions to be displayed.
         Putting OR for both of the AND/OR options will display results for which any of the three filters are
     As examples,
         if you have:
               Member Status          AND      PSI Results DO            OR      PSI Results OS
               Existing                        Is Empty                          Is Empty
               This will display all existing members in that unit(s) who have at least one of their security
               results columns not filled in.
         If you have:
               Seccen Recvd Date               AND     PSI Results DO            AND     PSI Results OS
                   Date Before                         Is Empty                          Is Empty
               This will display any people for which the Seccen recieved a request before 3/5/04, and no
               results at all have been returned for that person.
After selecting a unit, and optionally creating any filters, hitting 'Submit' creates the report about the unit,
which contains these details about each person who meets the condtions.
         - Unit Number
         - Employee ID
         - First Name, Last Name, Middle Name
         - Diraux Required Clearance (OS/DO)
         - Member Requested Clearance (OS/DO)
         - Date Diraux Submitted / Date Seccen Recieved
         - Date PSI Completed OS / Date PSI Completed DO
         - PSI Results OS / PSI Results DO (Favorable/Unfavorable)
Q2004-025-AD (version 1.3.104; rolled 06/03/04) -- The Task Capture portion of TMT has been
modified so that the user can select many tasks at once, and have all of them display when switching to
Task Capture tab. (Previously not all the tasks would display). Modifications have also been made so
that the user can delete multiple Task Capture records at once (he will receive a warning prior to each
delete). Finally, on the Trainees tab, the "Select Flotilla" and "Filter" button have been improved so that
they work well together, and the list of available persons refreshes properly as the user switches between
different tasks.
Q2004-006-AD (version 1.3.103; rolled 06/01/04) -- Broke apart the AUXMIS.fmb form into several
pieces to make the application load faster and make it easier for developers to work on. Broke apart the
Activity Logs, Member Status, Resource Status, and Reports buttons from the main screen into their own
forms. Also broke apart the Reports in the Training form.
Q2004-042-AD (version 1.3.102; rolled 05/26/04) -- The Public Education Awards report has been
modified so that all people who are due for awards are indeed displayed in the report. A correction was
made to the calculations behind the "Credits" column. Previously, many people were not being displayed
in the report who should have been displayed. Now the change has been made so that persons with 30
or more credits will display in the report.
Q2004-041-AD (version 1.3.101; rolled 05/24/04) -- SECCEN users may now insert/update data on the
DIR_AUX data entry side of the Security page.
Q2004-036-AD (version 1.3.100; rolled 05/04/04) -- Security Phase 3:
1. Add “DIRAUX Action”, “Missing PSQs” and “SECCEN Action” buttons to Security tab. Each button
     displays a list of members that require action. Selection of a specific member to take action on
     returns user to Security page with member‟s info auto-populated. User may continue data entry as
     required. DIRAUX Action and Missing PSQs are only enabled for DIRAUX users, and SECCEN
     Action is only enabled for SECCEN users.
     DIRAUX Action and Missing PSQs buttons are RED when action is needed, and green and disabled
     when no action is needed. SECCEN Action button is also RED when action is needed, and GREEN
     and disabled when no action is needed. When DIRAUX user logged in, SECCEN Action button is not
     visible. When SECCEN user logged in, DIRAUX Action and Missing PSQs buttons are not visible.
     DIRAUX Action returns members who are AP status and DO Status or OS Status is null, or member
     status is not DSEC, MREQ or RET and DO Status or OS Status is Unfavorable.
     Missing PSQs returns members who have not completed the required security paperwork/submitted a
     personnel security questionnaire.
     SECCEN Action returns members where DIRAUX Submitted date is not null and DO Status or OS
     Status is null.
     Remove report alerts, since this will provide the prompt for action to required parties?
2. Disable States and Countries LOV buttons when SECCEN users are logged in.
3. Update Status - limit the Status choices depending upon Favorable or Unfavorable, DO or OS Status
     updates. When DIRAUX user goes to Member Status and selects Update Status, the status choices
     will be limited based on different scenarios.
          If member has FAVORABLE DO Status and/or OS Status, choices are IQ, BQ or AX
          If member has UNFAVORABLE DO or OS Status, DSEC (disenroll for security reasons) is the
          only choice.
          If member has UNFAVORABLE DO Status, but has FAVORABLE OS Status, choices are IQ,
          BQ, AX, DSEC, RET or MREQ.
4. Required/Dependant fields - do we want to require any fields on Security data entry? Any
     dependencies, if one field updated, require other field(s)?
     If DIRAUX Submitted is not null, then require City, State, Country, Mother‟s Maiden, DIRAUX
     If SECCEN DO Status not null, then require DO Status Date. If OS Status not null, then require OS
     Status date.
5. Validate State and Country entries against LOV.
6. Add Unit Number to LOV display for SECCEN Emp ID and Member Name searches.
7. Add format dash 999-99-99 to all Unit Number LOV displays.
8. Add phone numbers to Member Status view-only page.
9. For Country field, store the 2-digit code in the database. LOV displays code and description.
Q2004-033-AD (version 1.3.99; rolled 06/01/04) -- AUXDATA shall remove the NOTES and
TASK_NOTES tables from the dB and remove the canvasses from the TMB Base form which allows
insert, update, and delete in those tables.
Q2004-026-AD (version 1.3.98; rolled 04/28/04) -- AUXDATA shall add to the anniversary status cron
job, the SQL which will set te mail flag to 'N' for inactive personnel (DTH, DADM, MREQ, DSEC, FDUE)
and archive their persons table record, setting the unit_id to 99999999.
Q2004-035-AD (version 1.3.97; rolled 04/22/04) -- The member_unit_id and facility_unit_id LOVs
previously shared the same record group. The programer updated the query for the member_unit_id
LOV to handle insertion of new members while security investigations are pending, and did not realize
this. Now when users try to enter facilities, they only receive the "Approval Pending" flotilla as a choice.
This does not apply to entry of facilities/resources, and so created a new record group for facility_unit_id
and put the old query back in for that one.
Q2004-034-AD (version 1.3.96; rolled 04/20/04) -- All updates manually setting END_DTG_DC were
commented out. This included code within the EOM (End-of-Mission) Save button, the EOC End-of-
Course Save button, and the Transfer of a Resource Save button. The END_DTG_DC should never be
set manually. The RL_TAPI_PKG handles the processing of this date field within the application.
Q2004-028-AD (version 1.3.95; rolled 04/20/04) -- Security -- Phase II
1. Ability to update Status and Unit within the Security, Member Status page. The Update Status and
Update Unit buttons are enabled on the Member Status tab, only for DIRAUX users, when one of the
following: Member Option, DO Status or OS Status fields have been updated. The functionality works
the same as changing a member's status within the Member Status module; however, only a limited
choice of status codes are available.
2. State and Country LOVs were added to the Security data entry tab.
3. A 15-year retirement eligilibility check is performed when the following fields are entered:
      Member Option, DIS/RET (informational only, still alllows Save)
      Update Status, Status (if member does not have 15 years of service, MEMBER REQUESTED
         DISENROLLMENT must be used.)
      Update Status, Save (if member does not have 15 years of service, MEMBER REQUESTED
         DISENROLLMENT must be used.)
4. Update Status - when a member's status is changed to DSEC (disenrollment for security reasons) or
MREQ (member requested disenrollment), the member will no longer receive Auxiliary mailings.
5. Reports tab updated to reflect correct name of Security Tracking report. Other reports to be specified
at a later date. Reports are still under construction.
6. Security -- if DIRAUX user selects the checkbox for DO Requested by CG Authority?, then the
DIRAUX Required field will automatically be updated with DO.
7. The Security button on the main screen is the only option for SECCEN users. All other menu options
are disabled, except for Exit of course.
8. Within Member Status, AUXDATA -- Unit LOVs was updated to allow APPROVAL units to display
when inserting a new member.
Q2004-032-AD (version 1.3.94; rolled 04/19/04) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Unit Summary Report to
allow the Multi L Course query to include course completions in the count.
Q2004-022-AD (version 1.3.93; rolled 04/19/04) -- AUXDATA shall modify the Unit Summary Report
and not count Trailer time on the Unit Summary Report under Operations – Safety.
Q2004-019-AD (version 1.3.92; rolled 04/19/04) -- AUXDATA shall update the Member Roster, the
Address and Flotilla Data, and OPRIII reports adding the Freedom of Information confidentiality Notice.
Q2004-012-AD (version 1.3.91; rolled 04/07/04) -- AUXDATA Security Enhancement
Purpose: AUXDATA shall allow data entry, maintenance and reporting of security investigation/clearance
data for U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members.
Basis: All U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members shall be subject to new security requirements. Existing
members are required to complete a SECCEN Personnel Security Questionnaire. New member
applicants and existing members must submit necessary security paperwork/package. Member
applicants will retain an “Applicant” status until all security requirements are met. All members will be
designated either Direct Operations or Operational Support. Specific security requirements for Direct
Operations and Operational Support explained further in another document.
Scope: AUXDATA will store security data for each Auxiliary member, and will incorporate the security
data relationship with existing member and task data. The inclusion of security information is mandated
and will be an enhancement to existing application functionality. There will be new application access
levels, GUI screens and reports. Further, existing menu selections, member status GUIs, database
structures, etc. will be modified to accommodate the security information.

    The requirement and scope of above has been broken into three phases: This install is Phase 1.
    Phase 2 will include Member Status update functionality and additional functionality changes. Phase
    3 will include reports and data change alerts/notifications.

    From the AUXMIS main menu, limited users will see a Security button. Upon entry into the Security
    form, DIR_AUX users will be able to enter data related to security investigations for members of the
    Auxiliary. Security Central (SECCEN) users will also be able to enter data related to security
    investigations. Each user level has a distinct data entry area, and can only read the other. Both
    levels of users will be able to view a read-only screen of member status information.

    At a later date, after Phase 2 install, DIR_AUX users will be able to update Status and Unit for
    applicant members within the Member Status tab. Reports will follow after Phase 3 install.

    Specific functionality:
    1. Emp ID and Name Search buttons limited to DIST of user. DIR_AUX users see Existing and
    Pending Members. SECCEN users only see Pending.
    2. All date fields have a Calendar button. A single mouse-click will populate the field with the current
    date. Date format throughout is MM/DD/YYYY.
     3. Member certifications can be viewed on the Member Status tab.
     4. All current Auxiliary members have been updated with a DO or OS status (auto-populated in the
     DIRAUX Required field).
     5. When a new member is created via Member Status, Insert, a starter record is automatically
     entered in the SECURITY table. Later, user may search applicant/pending member within the
     Security module and update as needed.
     6. Reports tab is "Under Construction."
     7. Cancel and Save are disabled on the Member Status tab. After Phase 2 install, they will be
     enabled when Unit and Status fields may be updated by DIR_AUX users only.
     8. Security tab, Member Option field is only for Existing members. Existing members have the
     choice of Disenrolling or Retiring. A check has been added when user selects DIS/RET for an
     existing member. If the member does not have 15 years of service, an alert will notify user that this
     member is not eligible to retire.
     9. State and Country drop-downs will be added with Phase 2 install.
Q2004-014-AD (version 1.3.90; rolled 04/07/04) -- The AUXDATA user admin form now has
checkboxes to grant/revoke the two new Security enhancement roles: DIR_AUX and SECCEN. There is
also a new field called Associates, where user may be classified as CONTRACTOR, ACTIVE DUTY
MILITARY, CG CIVILIAN, AUXILIARY MEMBER or UNKNOWN. This new classification will assist with
our link to personnel data within the EDW at a later date. The new checkboxes and Associates field are
available on both the "Users not in AUXDATA" and the "User in AUXDATA" screens. Only AUXDATA
user administrators with the admin option will be able to access the checkboxes for the Security roles.
Q2004-018-AD (version 1.3.89; rolled 03/22/04) -- Post-install corrections for Q2003-058-AD and
Q2003-054-AD regarding read-only user access. Within Resource Status, read-only users shall only
have the option to View. Insert, Update, Activate, and Restore from Archive is not an option for read-only
Q2003-54-AD (version 1.3.88; rolled 03/22/04) -- For members with read only access:
In the MEMBER STATUS module remove access to the Restore from Archive button.
In the RESOURCE STATUS module remove access to the Restore from Archive button.
Remove access to the Update button on the Resources screens.
Provide members with SO-IS access the ability to VIEW the Facilities screen the same as those with read
only access.
Q2004-013-AD (version 1.3.87; rolled 03/11/04) -- AUXDATA shall update the key on the Unit
Summary report showing the differences in format based on the report medium. I altered the Key Code
on the report to include a message viewing the document using Adobe.
Q2004-016-AD (version 1.3.86; rolled 03/16/04) -- The "Individual Training Status" and "Unit Training
Status" reports (AUXDATA Training/TMT Reports screen) have been modified so that the underway
hours for the Personal Watercraft Operator competency display in the same block as the rest of the
requirements for the Personal Watercraft Operator competency.
Q2004-015-AD (version 1.3.85; rolled 03/11/04) -- AUXDATA shall update the UNIT SUMMARY report
and pass necessary parameters to count the field values. The code was altered reflect passing three
parameters from the function.
Q2004-011-AD (version 1.3.84; rolled 03/16/04) -- Database functionality has changed so that, in
currency reports, instructor hours that a person logs under the mission code of "CGOPS" --- training the
active duty Coast Guard --- will be counted as hours toward the instructor competency.
Q2003-058-AD (version 1.3.83; rolled 03/02/04) --
1. AUXDATA shall add a new RESOURCE_HISTORY table. This new table shall track all resource
history. Specifically, new records will be inserted into this table when a resource is:
a) transferred,
b) transferred along with a member,
c) un-inspected by entering an end date,
d) activated after being un-inspected,
e) inserted as a new Unit,
f) inserted as a new Radio, Aircraft or Boat,
g) archived,
h) restored from archive,
i) dis-established (unit)
Records will continue to be inserted into or updated within RESOURCE_ASSIGNMENTS when a
a)        owner transfers to a new unit/flotilla,
b)        transfers,
c)        a unit is dis-established,
d)        is restored,
e)        a new unit is entered,
f)        a new boat, aircraft or radio is entered.
Also, create new RESOURCE_STATUS table to store lookup status codes. These codes can be
selected from a poplist or LOVs, in the future, throughout the application. They are used transparently
when the above resource history actions occur. Available status codes are:
XOPFAC Transfer resource
MBRXFR Transfer member with resource(s)
UNINSP Resource un-inspected
ACTIVATE Resource activated after being un-inspected
NEW          New resource created
ARCHIVE Resource archived
RESTORE Resource restored from archive
DISESTB Resource / Unit dis-established
OWNER          Resource owner changed                (to be used in the future)
RETIRE Resource retired after 45 days past due on inspection
Update server-side script, RESOURCERETIREMENT.SQL . Resources are retired after 45 days of being
past due on inspection. Script will now insert a record into RESOURCE_HISTORY with a status of
RETIRE when applicable.
2. AUXDATA shall allow ownership of resources at the Division and District level also. When a user
transfers a resource from the Approvals screen, the Unit LOVs will include districts and divisions now.
Upon entry to the Resources screen, the list of resources will order by Unit Number (i.e., 013, then 013-
01, then 013-01-01 ...).
When inserting a new resource, user will also be able to select District or Division from the LOV. Data
displayed within the Resource Status, Facilities tab is ordered by Unit Number as well. Finally, when user
Restores a resource, Districts and Divisions will be available to choose from.
3. Relocate "Activate" functionality to facility information screen. Activate will now occur after user
updates an un-inspected resource and clicks Save button. When Operational selected, Insert and
Update allowed. When Un-Inspected, only Activate is allowed.
4. Fix error when transferring a member with a resource. Unique constraint on the RESOURCES table
was preventing users from transferring a member's resources if the RESOURCE_HTN was not renamed.
Unique constraint(s) disabled on RESOURCES table until all business rules have been established
(especially with new, future resource history tracking enhancements). Coordination with DBA regarding
foreign keys also needed.
The screen that allowed changing the RESOURCE_HTN now only confirms the resource(s) that will
transfer with the member. Users can no longer update RESOURCE_HTN from this screen. New
functionality will be added at a later date to allow users to change a resource‟s RESOURCE_HTN or
UNIT anytime within the Resource Status, Update screen.
5. Member History tab, Member Information screen: modified ORDER BY clause to be STATUS_DATE,
DATE_CREATED Fix included in this QCR and performed by D.Caglarcan 12/24/2003.
6. Add an alert within Activity Logs if a user attempts to enter an activity on a newly activated resource
and the date of the activity entered falls within the range when the resource was out of service. An
activity should not be entered between the date range of assignment_end_date and the status_date of
activation within RESOURCE_HISTORY table.
7. Crew Assignments: Add PWO (Personal Watercraft Operator) to the lead and non-lead certification
alert. When a user is performing crew assignments after entering a Boat activity, an alert will display if
the user is not certified accordingly for LEAD or NON-LEAD positions.
8. Correct tab/enter navigation flow on Unit_Info screen.
9. Added Filter button to Restore from Archive screen.
Q2004-007-AD (version 1.3.82; rolled 03/02/04) -- For the UNIT_SUMMARY_REPORT, each query
was opened and examined. The major concern was to make sure that the status_change_history table
was involved in many of the queries. The status_change_history table was incorporated into the
get_status function. The layout of the report was also slightly changed: field names were underlined
whose query was based on the end_date, field names were bolded whose calculation was based on the
start_date and end_date. A key code was added as a text box to explain these changes.
Q2004-008-AD (version 1.3.81; rolled 03/02/04) -- The methodology for maintaining the "Base
Enrollment Date" in AUXDATA has been modified. First, the nightly process for updating this date has
been modified so that all non-archived members have their Base Enrollment Date updated each night.
This ensures that the data always reflects the "latest and greatest" status for each member. Also, the
logic of the process has been modified slightly to make the date calculation more accurate. Finally, the
AUXDATA application has been modified so that whenever a new member is inserted, has a status
change, or is restored from archive, the Base Enrollment Date is updated in the database. If, for some
reason, a person has a NULL Base Enrollment Date (for example, an insert or update was performed at
the database level, not through the application), the AUXDATA application will calculate the Base
Enrollment Date "on the fly" so that the user will see it immediately. (Of course, if any member has a null
Base Enrollment Date in the database, that situation will be remedied by the next nightly job). Together,
these changes will significantly improve the timeliness and accuracy of the Base Enrollment Date
information in AUXDATA.
Q2003-082-AD (version 1.3.80; rolled 03/02/04) -- AUXDATA shall add a zipcode field to the end of the
UNITS table which will hold the values for an individual units zipcode area. (Schema change). The DBA
SOP will be updated to reflect this new change. Also, modify the AUXMIS.fmb form - provide an area on
the form to allow users the ability to enter in the zipcode area for their particular unit. Report updates
were also made to include the zipcode field on several reports.
Q2003-080-AD (version 1.3.79; rolled 03/02/04) -- The Activity By State report has been modified
significantly so that it will run very quickly (less than 1 minute). Although the report appears the same as
the previous version, it is very fast because the large-scale number crunching has been moved to a
behind-the-scenes process that runs monthly. The report has a "current as of" indicator on the bottom of
each page, indicating at what time the numbers were crunched. The report is run monthly for "year to
date" totals, and the available reports are displayed in a drop-down list to the user, so he can select which
report he wishes to view. The report is run during off hours on the 15th of each month. Also, the
calculations used for certain fields in the report have been modified to ensure total accuracy; specifically
the "Auxiliarists In State" field, and the "1-Lesson Enrollees", "Multi-Lesson Enrollees", and "State Course
Enrollees" fields under the "Public Education Enrollees" heading.
Q2004-005-AD (version 1.3.78; rolled 02/09/04) -- AUXDATA shall add 50 more Citrix MetaFrame XPe
1.0 connection licenses.
Q2004-002-AD (version 1.3.77; rolled 02/09/04) -- System script that runs once each week to rotate the
web service log files. These files can grow very large if not managed.
Q2003-085-AD (version 1.3.76; rolled 02/09/04) -- This install will create database side triggers that will
capture the CREATED_BY, DATE_CREATED, MODIFIED_BY, and DATE_MODIFIED information for all
tables where applicable. The emails address will also be converted to lower case characters for any email
address fields within the database.
E2004-001-AD (affected baseline 1.3.74, rolled 01/21/04) – AUXDATA shall update the Billing Report
and correct the problem where STATUS_CHANGE_HISTORY records from 31 December are not
properly counted in the report. The report should be passed a date of < 1 Janary of the following year.
Q2004-002-AD (version 1.3.75; rolled 01/14/04) -- AUXDATA shall update the POMS CRON so that it
confirms successful transmission/ftp of the AUXDATA file to FINCEN.
Q2003-086-AD (version 1.3.74; rolled 12/23/03) -- AUXDATA shall modify the VE/MDV performance
award report to accept the pwhere parameter and limit the number of records returned based on the
user's logon.
Q2003-073-AD (version 1.3.73; rolled 12/23/03) -- AUXDATA shall maintain the Latitude and longitude
of all AUXDATA resources (flotillas, radios, boats, aircraft). This location will be the meeting location,
base, marina, or airfield where the resource normally resides (home of record).
Q2003-084-AD (version 1.3.72; rolled 12/11/03) – AUXDATA shall:
1. Correct the save button in the Activity Log Details screen. AUXDATA shall force the form to save.
Previously, users could make changes within the Details screen, and then select another tab and exit the
screen without saving.
2. Update the Activity Log report, showing duration only 'A' u/w time for boats, radios and aircraft.
3. Fix Save button on Crew Assignments to allow for Position updates. Save button will be enabled only
when crewmember and position are not null. Code modification necessary to allow for changes/updates
to any of the existing crewmember/position entries, no matter what order user changes/updates.
4. Removed Sub-Mission requirement when an EOM entered manually. Sub-Mission is a required field
for all other activities.
5. Sub-Mission LOV not working for a Boat IP / B0 / SAR or Air OD / B0 / SAR activity entry. This was a
result of Q2003-050-AD changes. The LOV code was modified to allow B* type status so sub-mission
LOV works now.
6. On Activity Log report, change title Resource Hull Tail Number to just Resource. If the Resource is a
Unit activity, display the Unit number. If activity is Air, Boat or Radio, display the actual hull tail number.

Q2003-068-AD (version 1.3.71; rolled 12/15/03) – AUXDATA shall change all references to “Inspected”
resources back to the former term of “Operational.”

Q2003-050-AD (version 1.3.70; rolled 12/08/03) – AUXDATA shall:
1. Require EOM (end of mission) for Air OD / B* / STBY / SAR / STANDBY and Boat IP / B* / STBY /
SAR / STANDBY activities.
2. For UPE / A / EOC activities, require mission and sub-mission. For UPE and EOC, auto-pop mission
with UPE and alert user when sub-mission not entered.
3. XOPFAC entries will default to status C.
4. For all A and B status activities (except EOC sub-activities), require Crew Assignments when a new
activity log is entered. When a user updates an existing log, details or crew assignments, do not require
crew assignments again if they already exist, and disable/enable other tabs and Save button accordingly.
At EOM screen, added Crew Assignments to the message "Remember to enter Activity Log Details and
Crew Assignments for the Activity you just entered. From Activity Log Details tabs, user will be
automatically taken to Crew Assignments tab. Save button and other tabs are disabled until user enters
at least one crewmember and position. Position is required now. User may select Position by just typing
L, N or T to auto-fill field. User may use tab/enter to navigate down Position fields after selecting
5. Crew Assignment: Positions entered are verified for certifications. User will receive a warning
"Member not certified." under the following conditions:
          a. Boat activity, member selected as Lead is not Coxswain certified.
          b. Boat activity, member selected as Non-Lead is not Coxswain or Crew certified.
          c. Air activity, member selected as Lead is not certified as one of the pilot certifications: AIRAC,
          d. Air activity, member selected as Non-Lead is not certified as one of the air competencies:
          e. For UPE or MT activities, member selected as Lead is not certified as an IT (instructor).
          f. For a VSC activity, member selected as Lead is not certified as a VE (vessel examiner).
          g. For a UMDV activity, member selected as Lead is not certified as a MDV (marine dealer
6. For all Unit activities, on the Activity Logs Details tab, Mission Details section, disable the Assist, Patrol
Status and Water fields.
7. Eliminate the alert when going to Crew Assignment tab for an approved activity.
8. Activity Log data entry cleanup: provide automatic population of fields based on previous entry,
single-character auto-fill, automatic cursor movement to next field, etc. For example, Boat U/W activities
are always status A and OPS sub-activity, so auto-pop the status and sub-activity fields and move cursor
to mission field, user can enter U and U/W will auto-fill the rest. Other conditions include, but are not
limited to:
          a. UPE activity is always UPE mission.
          b. UMDV activity is always UMDV mission.
          c. Radio, TRANS activity is always status A and RADOP sub-activity.
          d. AIR, ABN activity is always status A and OPS sub-activity.
          e. UMS activity is always status A and UADMS sub-activity.
          f. UPA activity is always UPA sub-activity and UPA mission.
9. When an invalid date is entered on Activity Logs tab, return cursor to field so user can change, don't
delete what was initially entered.
10. Approvals: Change "Up" and "Down" text to /\ and V arrows. Add "Approve all" double-arrow up /\ /\
button. Duration is checked, and last activity is not available for approval.

Q2003-081-AD (version 1.3.69; rolled 12/01/03) – AUXDATA shall update the POMS feed and provide
the cell phone number before the home number.

Q2003-083-AD (version 1.3.68; rolled 11/17/03) – Corrects problems as a result of rolling QCR Q2003-
055-AD. Previously, CREWAUG hours were included in all Underway total hour calculations for
Coxswain, Boat Crew Crewmember and Personal Watercraft Operator. Requirement was clarified after
roll to Prod that CREWAUG should only be included in total hours for Boat Crew Crewmember
competency. Also, previous roll did not include addition of Currency of Competency for some reason.

Q2003-064-AD (version 1.3.67; rolled 11/17/03) – The Officer Directory Report is a new report than
users can run to view all the officer and staff information at their own unit and down the chain of
command. This information includes a mailing address, various phone numbers, an email address, and
the regular officer meeting location, date and time.

Q2003-079-AD (version 1.3.66; rolled 11/12/03) – The permissions have been modified for the "Member
Info" portion of the application. The ordinary AUXDATA user (non-SOIS, non-DIRAUX) will now have the
ability to update the majority of his/her personal information in the application. In addition, the SOIS-level
and DIRAUX-level users will now be able to update the Birthdate field for records under their purview.

Q2003-052-AD (version 1.3.65; rolled 11/12/03) – Mission Detail report shall show total "Exams Given"
and/or "Visits" (as displayed on Activity Logs Detail screen. These totals shall only be displayed for
employment categories/sub-missions PB, FACI and UMDV.

Q2003-055-AD (version 1.3.64; rolled 11/12/03) – On the Individual Training Status, Unit Training
Status, Crew Underway Time, and Underway Crew reports, total hours reported for U/W Hours now
includes unit/activity UCG/A/UCGOPS/CGOPS/CREWAUG hours. Additionally, the Individual Training
Status and Unit Training Status reports now show currency of the competency.

Q2003-049-AD (version 1.3.63; rolled 11/12/03) – This QCR was to modify the Activity Log Details
screen as follows: "Currently on the Activity Log Details screen, the "Number in Attendance" window
under PA Activities is open for all 11 UPA Activities. This window should only be opened for the following
three UPA Activities:

The "Number in Attendance" should be closed for all other UPA activities."

AUXDATA shall Change the label on the Activity Log Details screen from “Number of
Visits / Inspections” to “Number of Visits.”

QCR was amended by Bob Platt on Nov. 3, 2003:
The „Comments‟ window should be opened for all UPA Activities.
Also, all windows in the "General Unit Activity Details" section should be closed except for the
"Length of Time" window .

Q2003-057-AD (version 1.3.62; rolled 11/12/03) – This QCR added a Menu button to the Awards
Assignments Screen.

Q2003-078-AD (version 1.3.61; rolled 10/20/03) – This QCR was a result of earlier changes to the
Member Roster report (Q2003-069-AD). Previously, the comma was removed to accomodate a cleaner
output to the CSV format and the "generate a delimited file from CITRIX" for MailMerge, etc. Users want
the comma within the PDF format, so it was added back. Additionally, AUXDATA users should be aware
there will be an extra column between last name and first name in the CSV and generate to delimited file
formats. This should not interfere with the Mail Merge utility.

Q2003-074-AD (version 1.3.60; rolled; rolled 10/29/03) – Prior to this QCR, there were 56 records in
the CLAIMANTS table. The table was populated with new data from the UNITS table in AOPS, so it now
contains approx. 300 national, district and flotilla level claimant records. The naming convention of the
claimant_id/OPFACs is 00-00000 now. In addition, on the Activity Logs tab, the OPFAC column LOV (list
of values) is now limited based on your user logon level.

Q2003-063-AD (version 1.3.59; rolled 10/20/03) – Duration of the activity was added to the Activity Logs

Q2003-077-AD (version 1.3.58; rolled 10/20/03) – The Member History tab screen has been modified so
that it no longer includes Transfer and Save buttons. (To Transfer and Save, users must use the buttons
on the Member General Info tab screen).

Q2003-076-AD (version 1.3.57; rolled 10/07/03) – Bug fix for Q2003-069-AD.

Q2003-071-AD (version 1.3.56; rolled 10/06/03 - Updates the Patriot Readiness section of the form to
allow the users to create records that don't have any days of availability selected. Updates the Patriot
Readiness section in the reports to allow the user to put a wild card (%) in both the State/Unit and
Competency fields so that all Patriot Readiness records can be easily viewed. Also modifies the reports
section so a PDF file can be run as well as a CSV (Excel document).

Q2003-069-AD (version 1.3.55; rolled 10/06/03) - The Member Status section of the application has
been modified. When you select a Member in order to view his/her information on screen, you now have
a Member General Information tab and a Member History tab. The Member History tab includes
information not previously displayed in the application, including the member's Current Enrollment Date,
Base Enrollment Date, Flotilla Date, and a history of the member's status within the Coast Guard
Auxiliary. In addition, the Member Roster report now displays a member‟s base enrollment date.

Q2003-051-AD (version 1.3.54; rolled 10/06/03) - Under Admin Reports, the Operations Awards, Public
Education Awards and Vessel Examinations/Marine Dealer Visits Awards reports no longer count trainee
time in performance awards. Additionally, the VEMDV report counts only lead time. All reports, including
the Sustained Service Awards report, may now be displayed in CSV format with header info.

Q2003-048-AD (version 1.3.53; rolled 9/10/03) – The Patriot Readiness Quick Change Request:
    Enables Coast Guard Auxiliary members to indicate their availability to volunteer by day of the
      week and time of day
    Asks their willingness to travel
    Asks their physical fitness
    Asks status of security clearances
    Asks if they have a valid Auxiliary ID card
    And asks if they are willing to do administrative work

The Patriot Readiness report, available to District and National users, allows the DIRAUX and National
staff to search on the fields above, state, flotilla number, and competency/skill. The report, available in
EXCEL spreadsheet format, lists contact information for the Auxiliary members meeting the specified
criteria and all of their competencies/skills.

In addition, other competencies can easily be added. For example, several DIRAUX staff asked about
adding CPR and FIRST AID to the list of competencies and skills stored in the dB. Adding those
competencies could be done quickly and easily and then tracked nationally.
Q2003-042-AD (version 1.3.52; rolled 8/06/03) – System script that runs nightly to retire facilities (AIR,
BOAT, RADIO) that are 45 days past the inspection due date.

Q2003-047-AD (version 1.3.51; rolled 7/16/03) – Delete records from owners, patriot, person_phone,
and su_user tables when a person has a status change of death.

Q2003-041-AD (version 1.3.50; rolled 7/16/03) – No longer count Trainee time in computing time for the
Operations Performance Awards report or the VE/MDV Performance Awards report. In addition, for the
VE/MDV award, only count Lead time.

Q2003-045-AD (version 1.3.49; rolled 7/16/03) – Throughout AUXDATA, changed the phrase Non-
Operational to read Un-inspected. Also changed Operational to read Inspected throughout. On the
activate facility screen, changed New Start Date to read New Resource Start Date. Also made sure that
all lists of values were properly ordered throughout AUXDATA.

Q2003-044-AD (version 1.3.48; rolled 7/16/03) – Corrected the bug which did not allow the creation of
new facilities.

Q2003-046-AD (version 1.3.47; rolled 6/23/03) – Implements operating-system level scripts to ensure
that users whose sessions have timed out (i.e., exceeded the recently instituted 30-minutes idle time limit)
will be able to readily establish a new connection to the application.

Pick List Changes (rolled 6/23/03) - Open the AUXMP Safety/Chart/Regatta mission options for Radio
facilities; inactivate the AUXMP Radio mission option; and, add “20A” to the description field of the
AUXMP Safety mission

Q2003-040-AD (version 1.3.46; rolled 6/23/03) – Includes three enhancements: 1) disallows activation
of a non-operational facility if the facility's inspection date is out of compliance; 2) disallows entry of a
resource end date less than the assignment start date, resource start date, or highest resource log start
date for that facility; and 3) displays the filter button only where needed.

Q2003-043-AD(version 1.3.45; rolled 6/16/03) – Fixes a bug in both the individual and unit Training
Status reports. Some users were getting error messages when running the reports for Auxiliary members
with the instructor competency. This release corrects a function that returned information to the report,
and in some cases caused an error message, regarding instructor teaching activity.

Q2003-039-AD(version 1.3.44; rolled 6/11/03) – Limits users to two concurrent sessions and terminates
any session after 30 minutes of idle time. These limits minimize lock-induced waits, thereby enhancing
application availability. Logging on to the application counts as one session; generating a report therein
or logging on again counts as another. Users who attempt to create yet another session will receive an
”invalid username/password.” Please do not contact Auxdata user administration to have the logon reset,
because it is, in fact, still valid. This is simply the internally-generated error message provided when
someone attempts to violate this resource limit.

Q2003-038-AD(version 1.3.43; rolled 6/02/03) – When modifying a resource that has a resource end
date, you are no longer asked if you want to make the resource inoperable or archived. That choice only
appears if you have just entered the resource end date.

Q2003-037-AD(version 1.3.42; rolled 6/02/03) – Enables generation of the Resources by Flotilla report
at the flotilla level.

Q2003-034-AD(version 1.3.41; rolled 6/02/03) – Enables the display of various owner types. However,
when multiple owners exist, only one owner is still listed, along with his/her owner type, according to the
following order of precedence: Primary (P), Co-Owner (C), Corporate (G), and Unit (U).
Q2003-036-AD(version 1.3.40; rolled 5/22/03) – Do not allow duplicate Registration Numbers to be
entered for resources.

Q2003-029-AD(version 1.3.39; rolled 5/13/03) – Apply database security patches to AUXDATA, Oracle patchset.

Q2003-031-AD(version 1.3.38; rolled 5/20/03) – Added filter capability in many places throughout te
entire AUXDATA application..

Q2003-021-AD(version 1.3.37; rolled 5/05/03) – “Auto Notification – Inspections”, create a program that
will automatically notify CG Auxillary members, via e-mail, when their facilities (boats, aircraft, and radios)
are due for inspection. Also send e-mail copy to Flotilla Commander and SO_OP.

Q2003-033-AD(version 1.3.36; rolled 4/30/03) – Only allow 1 Primary owner for each facility, and do not
allow a person to be entered as any kind of owner more than once for each facility.

Q2003-032-AD(version 1.3.35; rolled 4/30/03) – Display a more user friendly message when a person
changes the Zulu Offset on the Activity Logs screen that makes the Start Date a duplicate of another
Activity Log.

Q2003-030-AD(version 1.3.34; rolled 4/30/03) – Made the Resources By Flotilla report more useful by
adding a filter that allows the selection of Operational, Non-Operational, or All facilities. Only display a
facility 1 time on the Resources By Flotilla report. Added additional columns to the Resources By Flotilla
report to display the primary owner's name and member ID, the location of the facility, and if the resource
is a boat, whether or not it is trailered.

Q2003-028-AD (version 1.3.33; rolled 4/22/03) – Changed the copy trainees button to read “copy
participants,” added the copy participants button on the activity log screen task capture tab, and added
mouse-over hint text to that button in both places.

Q2003-027-AD (version 1.3.32; rolled 4/14/03) – Does not allow update of a person‟s information on
the Certifications screen or on the Assign Competencies to People screen.

Q2003-026-AD (version 1.3.30; rolled 4/14/03) – When inserting new persons, Unit picklist now only
shows active units.

Q2003-025-AD (version 1.3.31; rolled 4/14/03) – Correctly displays the length of a boat in feet and
inches on the Resources by Flotilla report.

Q2003-022-AD (version 1.3.27; rolled 4/14/03) – Made instructor and duration optional. Provided the
capability to copy trainees from the task block on the trainees tab to lower tasks. Improved the cursor
positioning when using the populate buttons to reduce user key strokes.

Q2003-024-AD (version 1.3.29; rolled 4/9/03) – Update the two training status reports. Inactive people
will not show on these reports. Likewise, unassigned or inactive competencies will not display. When a
certification is removed (the competency is set to REYR, REWK, or ADMIN), then the competency and
required tasks will continue to show. To completely remove the competency, please go to the
competency assignment area, and unassign the competency.

Q2003-020-AD (version 1.3.26; rolled 3/24/03) – Allows select on active, inactive or all members for the
Address and Flotilla Data and Member Roster reports.

Q2003-019-AD (version 1.3.25; rolled 3/18/03) – Add REYR_DATE (DATE) to the PERSONS_COMPS

Q2003-018-AD (version 1.3.24; rolled 3/10/03) – Correction to the Mission Details report.
Q2003-016-AD (version 1.3.23; rolled 3/10/03) – Writes a record to the Status Change History table
when someone is restored from archive and updates the Persons table status field accordingly. Provides
users with the ability to enter the restoration date or enters a default value equal to the database server
system date. Also, repairs a problem in Activity Logs Details (i.e., where the Public Affairs section is
open for UMDV sub-activity code).

Q2003-014-AD (version 1.3.21; rolled 3/3/03) –
1) In the Activity Log Details screen, for the following Activity/Status/Sub Activity/Mission, in the General Unit Activity Details
section, grayed out all but the indicated windows:

Activity/Status/Sub Activity/Mission    Open Windows

UCG / A / UCGADM / (all)                 Length of Time

UCG / A / UCGOPS / (all )                Length of Time

UMS / A / UADMS / UMDV                   Number Visits/Inspect & Length of Time

UMS / A UADMS / MT                       Length of Time

UMS / A / UADMS / AUXADMN                Length of Time

UMS / A / UADMS / VSC                    Nr Given, Nr Passed & Length of Time

2) In the Activity Log Details screen, the ATON Section windows opens only with a Unit - UCG / A / UCGOPS / ATON

Q2003-017-AD (version 1.3.22; rolled 2/26/03) – Bug Fix: Unit Summary - Prior Unit – PWhere. Capture
transfer of personnel in the Status Change History table, insure that Unit Summary Report reflects

Q2003-015-AD (version 1.3.20; rolled 2/24/03) – Unit Summary Report Update.

Q2003-013-AD (version 1.3.19; rolled 2/24/03) – Change the pick lists in the Activity Logs Module for
Unit Resource, so that for the Activity/Status/Sub Activity listed below, only the indicated Missions are
Activity/Status/Sub Activity         Missions
UMS / A / UADMS                      UMDV, MT, AUXADMN, VSC
UCG / A / UCGOPS                      CGOPS, ELT, ATON, MEP, CVS, MS
UCG / A / UCGADMS                    CGADM, UREC, GOVSUP, LO, IA, OR

Q2003-010-AD (version 1.3.18; rolled 2/24/03) – Insert a record to the status change history table upon
the transfer of a member from one flotilla to another. Add a column to the status_change_history table for

Q2003-011-AD (version 1.3.17; rolled 2/24/03) – Report is not showing any member that has not
previously been awarded the SSA award. Show all members that should receive the award.

Q2003-009-AD (version 1.3.16; rolled 2/24/03) – Combining the Sailing List Detail and Underway
Activity and Crew Reports.

Q2003-008-AD (version 1.3.15; rolled 1/28/03) – Bug Fix.

Q2003-005-AD (version 1.3.14; rolled 1/28/03) – Displays system name and version number at the top
of the application main menu.
Q2003-007-AD (version 1.3.13; rolled 1/27/03) – Updated the Training Status reports. They now
display the number of hours or activities conducted during the period passed as the “end date” for the
report. (i.e. If December 31, 2002 is the end date and the requirement is annual (e.g. stern tow for boat
coxswain) then the report will show the number of stern tows completed during 2002, whether or not the
member is current. Previously, the report showed the number completed during 2001, if the member was
not current in 2002, but current in 2001.

Q2003-004-AD (version 1.3.12; rolled 1/24/03) - For Auxdata reports, set January 1 of the current year
as the default begin date and sysdate as the default end date.

Q2003-003-AD (version 1.3.11; rolled 1/24/03) - Per the Auxiliary Manual, modify the script producing
the Sustained Service report so that an individual appears once for every 750 hours served up to 7,500
hours total, then again only when he/she has served 15,000 hours, and finally, upon 25,000 hours
service. Apart from these 12 instances, an auxliliarist should not appear on this report, regardless of
hours served.

Q2003-006-AD (version 1.3.10; rolled 1/22/03) – This change provided further color highlighting of tasks
displayed in the individual and Unit Training Status Report.

Q2003-001-AD (version 1.3.9; rolled 1/16/03) – Different Auxiliary tasks have different currency
requirements. While some are due one, two or five years from the date last completed (i.e., “sliding-
scale” currency), others only become due as of December 31 . at one, two or five years from the year
last completed (i.e., “calendar-year” currency). This QCR implements these two bases for determining
currency based on each task‟s specific requirements.

Q2003-002-AD (version 1.3.8, rolled 1/10/03) – Eliminates the possibility of orphan records in the
Trainees table when a Task Capture record is deleted.

Q2002-021-AD (version 1.3.7, rolled 1/6/03) – Provided further enhancements to the Quarterly and
Annual Billing reports.

Q2002-22-AD (version 1.3.6, rolled 1/6/03) –
1) Developed the Operations Performance Awards Report. (COMDTNOTE 16790 codifies new and
revised award criteria to better align the Auxiliary with the Coast Guard.)

2) Modified the PE and VE/MDV Performance Awards Reports so that each orders entries by last name
and then first name.

3) Modified the PE Performance Award Report to include member training (MT).

Q2002-019-AD (version 1.3.5, 12/17/02) – Enabled remote generation of the Quarterly and Annual
Billing reports.

Q2002-020-AD (version 1.3.4, rolled 12/4/02) –
1) Modified the Training Status package to include hours served while on a CGOPS mission,
QE_UW_CH sub-mission in the lead position. Hours served in this capacity will be summed with
coxswain lead hours to provide the hours underway value in the Training Status Report.
2) Modified the Training Status package to calculate currency on a literal calendar-year basis for boat
crew coxswain, boat crew crewmember and personal watercraft operator. For example, if it's an annual
requirement, and the requirement was satisfied on 6/1/2002, he/she would remain current until 12/31/03,
not 6/1/03.

Q2002-018-AD (version 1.3.3, rolled 12/3/02) – Modified the Public Education and Vessel Exam/Marine
Dealer Visit Performance Award reports to enable district-level report generation in addition to national-
level report generation.
3) Modify Individual & Unit Tranining Status reports so that the cycle value is changed from "A" for annual
to "CY" for current year for boat crew coxswain, boat crew member and personal watercraft operator.

Q2002-017-AD (version 1.3.2, rolled 11/26/02) - Corrected the function that returns how many lead and
non-lead assignments an instructor has (F_IT).

Q2002-016-AD (version 1.3.1, rolled 11/26/02) – created the Vessel Examinations/Marine Dealer
Visitations Service Award report. This report lists all Auxiliarists who have earned 60 credits as described
in COMDTINST 16790 dated July 11, 2000.

Q2002-015-AD (version 1.2.4, rolled 11/21/02) - fixed the problem with deleting an updated activity log
and added filtering capability in:

Activity Log -Crew Assignment
Training - Assignments - Assign Competencies to Individuals

Training - Certifications - Assignments
Training - Task Capture – Trainees

AUXDATA Version 1.3 (released 11/4/2002)
         On November 2, 2002, Auxdata Version 1.2 rolled to production. This release includes many user-
requested enhancements. We hope you find these new capabilities and modifications to existing features both user-
friendly and timesaving. New features available in Auxdata Version 1.2 include:

Entire Application
 Where text was cut off and not entirely visible, screens have been modified to allow scrolling or the field is
    made visible on another part of the form. This was especially noticeable where task and competency
    descriptions were displayed.
 Capability to sort on most column headings. Column headings have button appearance. When a button is
    clicked, records are sorted by that column. The button text remains in bold to indicate the sort order.
 Date entry: No births or deaths in the future allowed
 Date entry: Warning for all dates in the future

Address and Flotilla Report
 All phone numbers captured in Auxdata now appear along with legend elements indicating phone type
 Capability to order by name or flotilla and name

User Account Management Form
 Added unit number and search capability on this field

Activity Logs Module
 Added help text for End of Course record entry
 Option to enter an End of Mission entry is given after insertion of boat, aircraft or radio activity log
 Ability to recall up to six months of approved activity logs
 Can query on name in Crew Assignments
 Users no longer jumped to the Resources tab after deleting the only visible activity log
 For unit activities, only workshops appear; other unit activities are captured in the TMT module
 To minimize data entry, added field populate capability to task capture areas of both TMT and Activity Logs
 When selecting training tasks completed during an activity, users may click on the task line or the include box.
    Either method will produce the desired results (i.e., entering a check in the include box).
   Made the following activity log picklist adjustments concurrent with changes to the Unit Summary report
    (outlined below in the Reports section)
     To the Sub-mission pick list for the UPE Mission, changed:
         B6L – Boating Skills and Seamanship to read (6L Core)
         B8L – Boating Skills and Seamanship to read (8L Core).
         B7L – Boating Skills and Seamanship (7 to 9-L Core) to read
         B9L – Boating Skills and Seamanship (9 Lessons)

Member Status
 Provided ability to archive members no longer serving. Automatic archiving of persons occurs on change of
   status to death, member requested, or administrative. Any solely-owned resources are archived and officer
   assignments removed.
 Provided ability to transfer resources when transferring a member.
 Provided ability to restore from archive.
 When creating new members, system checks for duplicates using last name and birth date fields.

Resource Status
 Resources can be archived (e.g., when sold or permanently removed from service)
 Resources can be restored from archive.
 Can capture HP for boats in the same manner as aircraft.
 When creating new resources, system checks for duplicates (registration number for boats, radios, and aircraft)

 Changed text colors to match those in the Activity Log module of the application, (i.e., black text on white

Training Certifications
 Changed TRN certification description to ADMIN.


Unit Summary
 Changed label “Courtesy Examiners” to “Vessel Examiners'.”
 Value for Vessel Examiners corresponds to number of members certified in VE competency.
 Value for Marine Dealer Visitors corresponds to number of members certified in MDV competency.
 Value for Fishing Vessel Examiner corresponds to number of members certified in CFV competency.
 Value for VSCs given limited to Exams Given field when a VSC Private Boat activity log is entered
 Value for VSCs passed limited to Exams Passed field when a VSC Private Boat activity log entered.
 Value for MD Visits corresponds to Number of Visits/Inspections field when UMDV mission, UMDV sub-
    mission activity log entered.
 Value for Fishing Vessel Exams limited to Number of Visits/Inspections field when VSC mission, CFV sub-
    mission activity log entered.
 [Note: OCX acknowledges not all VSC categories will be displayed on report with the restrictions outlined
 In the Public Education area, changed course titles as follows:
        Change "BS&S (6L)" to read "BS&S (8L)"
        Change "BS&S (7 to 9L)" to read "BS&S (9L)"

Training Status
   The Unit Training Status report now displays the same information as the Individual Training Status report. It
    shows hours and training tasks required to maintain currency.

Member Roster
 Created CSV report that includes offices, addresses, phone numbers, and competencies.

Address and Flotilla
 Users can sort on last name or flotilla, then name.

SO-IS Role
 Changed all current Users with Division and D17 Flotilla level & Admin access to new SO-IS role.
 SO-IS role capabilities:
    Activity Log Module –
        full access and functionality (insert activity logs, activity log details, crew assignment, task, task capture,
        and approval)
    Member Status Module -
        Update member records
        No access to transfer member function
        No access to change status function
        No access/visibility of Awards tab
    Resource Status Module -
        Units Tab -
                  No access to probation date and disestablish date
                  No access/visibility of Facilities tab
                  Update Officer
        Full report access
        Report button access/visibility

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