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        Quicken   ®
Getting Started with Quicken®
This Quick Start Guide provides general setup and download instructions for Quicken with a PC
(Personal Computer). The versions that are supported for the Quicken download include the most
recent three years of the software. Although the Quicken versions usually are similar, there are
some differences in the software interface. We have addressed those issues critical for setup
purposes, but this Guide does not identify every difference. Please feel free to contact our Online
Service Center at 1-800-221-3636 if you need additional information during setup or while

For clients who have a Macintosh computer, a download referred to as a Transactional download
is available. Investment download is not available for a Macintosh computer. Please contact
1-800-221-3636 for information regarding the correct enrollment and Quicken setup for the
Transactional download.

Investment Download Register Setup for New Users
After you have completed the enrollment form, submitted it to your Financial Advisor and
received the confirmation email confirming that this process has been completed, you are ready to
setup your register.

The information needed is your smithbarney.com user name, smithbarney.com password and your
current net cash. The net cash is the total of the cash account balance and the money funds (Bank
Deposit Program or Western Asset or Dreyfus). The funds also can be identified by the unit price
on the positions page in smithbarney.com which is always $1.00.

   1. From the File option in the upper left of the Quicken software, click on "New," "New Quicken
   Account," "OK."
   2. From the Quick Account Setup screen, choose "This account is held at the following
   institution:". Enter "Smith Barney Investment," and click "Next."
   3. Choose the appropriate investment account type (usually Brokerage or IRA) for "Choose the
   type of account to add." Click "Next."
  4. Type in a name that identifies the account for "Name this account."
  5. Choose "Online" or "Yes" for "How do you want to setup your Smith Barney Investment
  account(s)?" Click "Next."
  6. For Customer ID, enter your smithbarney.com user name. For PIN/Password, enter your
  smithbarney.com password, click "Next." (Password must be 6-8 characters.)
  7. Enter the first 8 digits of your account number (no dash) for Account Number. Click "Next."
  8. After the download has been processed, click "Done" or "Close."
  9. On the Cash Balance Adjustment screen, enter the total net cash as of today, and click "Done." *

* The cash transactions are itemized under the Cash portion of Quicken. Quicken also recognizes
the money funds (which is part of the cash) as a position. Therefore, the total market value may be
overstated. To correctly state the market value, either manually delete the transactions for the
money funds (which deletes the position) or change the unit price to zero.
FMA Card Register Setup for New Users
Quicken requires that your FMA card be setup as a separate register. To setup your separate FMA Card
register, please follow the same steps listed above. For the account number, enter the first 8 digits of
the FMA account number followed by a "C" (example: 12312345C).

Due to the unique features of your FMA card, you must activate your card in Quicken as an investment
account with a linked cash account. Download all the data from your card transaction into the linked
cash account. You may wish to hide the investment portion of this account. To do so, go to the Quicken
Help menu in the software; keyword is "hiding." Please note that the setup information is held in the
investment portion of the Quicken account. Hiding the account may be confusing at a later time if
editing the setup information is necessary. Therefore it is an option but not recommended.

Creating a Linked Cash Account for FMA Accounts and FMA Card for New Users
The checking account transactions and the debit card transactions are tracked as cash in Quicken. To
create a linked register under Cash Flow Center in Quicken, follow these steps for the FMA account and
again for the FMA card:

  1. Right-click on the account, left-click on "Edit Account."
  2. Choose "Yes" for Show cash in a checking account. Click OK.
   3. Prior to creating the account, Quicken requires you to backup the data file. At this point, choose
   the appropriate option (example: Choose "On My Computer" under "2. Where do you want to save
   your backup file?" In the white rectangular box, enter a folder name such as c:\Qbackup. Click "OK.")
   When Quicken prompts that the file is backed up successfully, click "OK."
   4. A cash account will then be moved to the Cash Flow Center in Quicken for each account (FMA
   checking and/or FMA card).

Bill Pay Register Setup for New Users
This register is setup for investment download clients tht wish to upload their bill payment requests
through Quicken. A separate checking account register is setup which contains the bill payment
requests. This account will always have a negative balance in that the cleared bill payment transactions
will download in the investment cash register. A separate 4-digit bill pay PIN is used which is sent after
enrollment in a PIN mailer.

   1. From the File option in the uppper left of the Quicken software, click on "New," "New Quicken
   Account," "OK."
   2. From the Quick Account Setup screen, choose "This account is held at the following institution:".
   Enter "Smith Barney." Click "Next."
   3. Choose "Online" for "How do you want to setup your Smith Barney account(s)?" Click "Next."
   4. For Customer ID, enter your Social Security number. For PIN/Password, enter the 4-digit PIN that
   was sent to you in the PIN mailer. Click "Next."
  5. On the Online Account Activation screen, enter a permanent 4-digit PIN. (Please retain the
  temporary PIN that was mailed to you. If at any time the PIN has been locked, a customer service
  technician at 1-800-221-3636 can reset the PIN to the original.)
6. At this time, Quicken will retrieve the bill pay checking account. Please note that the account
number displayed is the account number on your FMA account checks. On the Quicken Account
Setup Screen you may name the accoutns to identify them in Quicken. Click "Next."
7. The next screen confirms the account. On the Online Update Summary screen, click "Done." The
register is now ready to upload bill payments.
8. For instructions to upload bill payments, please go to the Quicken Help menu in the software;
keyword is "Online Payments."

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