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					                                                      THE HOWL

Newsletter Overview                                                                                 Volume 2,
                                                                                                    Issue 1
I never imagined working within a Foundation was like white-water rafting. What progress
and changes have happened since our last issue of The Howl!                                         March 2011
First and foremost was the addition to our staff of Dr. Sarah Hanna on December 27 as Pro-
gram Associate. Sarah is gulping water as we have her sitting on the front of the raft, paddling
as fast as she can to avoid the rocks within the whitewater torrents. It’s no small task to learn
the jargon, meet the people in the network and remember their names and institutions, to moni-
tor the progress of the various KEEN commitments and to help prepare the myriad of this
year’s events and activities. She’s doing a yeoman’s job, but any empathy cards you wish to
send her I’m sure would be appreciated. The raft ride might be a lot smoother if yours truly
wasn’t jumping up and down in the back of the raft screaming like a wolf gone wild.
This issue of The Howl will be devoted to recapping the Fall, 2010 conference and the Winter,
2011 conference along with our inaugural edition of the SEE Workshop (Shaping Entrepre-
neurial Engineers). Sarah will also give us a heads up on the Fall, 2011 conference with its
dates and venue. Kern Fellows, please put this special event on your calendar now.
David Pistrui will give us an assessment update and plans for 2011. We at the Kern Family           Inside this issue:
Foundation are very pleased with the progress being made in the first semester of the KEEN-
TTI Performance DNA Assessment. Much more work remains, but we thank all of you for
your willingness to work with us as we integrate this new instrument into our portfolio. We         Winter KEEN       2
recognize many of you have healthy skepticism, but yet you are willing to work through the          Conference
process with us. Thank you!
                                                                                                    KC’s Farewell     3
We regret to announce that Case Western Reserve University and Bradley University are no
longer active KEEN schools although, like Valparaiso and Marquette, they continue to be in-
cluded in our communications. If things change for any of these schools that might enable           SEE workshop      3
                                                                                                    Winter 2011
them to regain active status, we stand ready to speak with them about the possibilities.
Within this issue of The Howl, we will also acknowledge and briefly describe the grant Gon-         Assessment Update 4
zaga University received from the Foundation in January.
Our Howl spotlight will be on Lawrence Technological University who received the 2010 Best          Spotlight on : LTU 5
-in-Class Award at the Winter KEEN Conference.
Thanks for being a part of the KEEN Network. You know what the old saying is: A network             Recent Grant      8
without members is a spot. (Actually, that’s an old saying I just made up.) Seriously, we
couldn’t make this happen without all the KEEN schools and the individuals within them. We          JEEN: Call for    8
hope we can continue to help facilitate your good work.                                             Papers

                                                                                                    Upcoming          9
Page 2   THE HOWL

         Winter KEEN Conference: January 5-6, 2011
         The theme of the Winter KEEN Conference was “Innovate Like Edison.” This
         theme was inspired by the book, Innovate Like Edison: The Five-Step System for
         Breakthrough Business Success, written by one of the conference’s featured
         speakers and great-grandniece of Thomas Edison, Sarah Miller Caldicott. Ms.
         Caldicott not only shared the innovations and strategies of Edison, but she linked
         them to the seven KEEN program outcomes. After her lecture, members of the
         KEEN network were able to discuss Edison’s strategies and translate them to
         methods to bring back to campus. Conference attendees were also pleased to
         have Kevin Bennet, Chief of Engineering of Mayo Clinic, speak about the quali-
         ty of engineers needed by Mayo Clinic in order to translate technology into com-
         mercialized products. Finally, attendees were inspired, and some moved to tears
         by entrepreneur, Paul Wessel and his lecture entitled, “10 Years, 9 Months and 4
         Days.” Paul shared his very emotional entrepreneurial journey of the creation of
         a blood glucose monitoring device for adolescents using a NintendoTM gaming
         system. All of the confer-
         ence speakers, as well as the
         number and quality of at-
         tendees, contributed to the
         success of the 2011 Winter
         KEEN Conference. Thank
         you to those who attended
         and contributed. We look
         forward to seeing you next

                                      The KEEN Program team with Winter Conference Speakers

            Pictured above from left to right: Karen “KC” Cartwright, Tim Kriewall, Sally Kriewall,
                            Michelle Wessel, Paul Wessel, Jim Rahn, Sarah Hanna, Kevin Bennet

                                                               The 2010 KEEN Award winners
                                                               (from left to right):

                                                               Phil Doepker, Outstanding Faculty

                                                               Lewis Walker for Lawrence Tech,

                                                               Maria Vaz, Friend of KEEN

                                                               Ben Kelley for Baylor University,
                                                               Most Improved

                                                               Sridhar Condoor, Outstanding
                                                               Faculty Member
                                                                           Volume 2, Issue 1     Page 3

   Howling at the Foundation
                          We were howling as we watched KC drive out our drive-
                          way for the last time as a Kern Family Foundation em-                 She has
                          ployee on March 4th. She has been such a blessing to all
                          of us in the Foundation and Network. However, we are                 been such
                          also very happy for her as we watch her advance her ca-
                          reer. She successfully passed her Conference and Meet-               a blessing
                          ing Planners certification examination the weekend after             to all of us
                          our Winter KEEN Conference. The Medical College of
                          Wisconsin recognized raw talent and were quickly recruit-               in the
                          ing her to become the events planner for the College.
                          This is the right step for KC. We will struggle without              Foundation
                          her while we look to replace a VIP to KEEN. Please join                  and
                          Jim Rahn, Sarah and me in congratulating KC and wish-
                          ing her well in her new position.                                     Network.

Faculty Workshop on Shaping Entrepreneurial Engineers:
January 3-4, 2011 in Tempe, AZ

The first official Shaping Entrepreneurial Engineers (SEE) workshop was a great suc-
cess! This was a day and a half workshop sponsored by the Kern Family Foundation
and the Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship (JEEN) to help faculty incorporate
innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset into the engineering classroom. With the
immense help of Sridhar Condoor, Professor at Saint Louis University, the Foundation
staff hosted this workshop as a kickoff to the Winter KEEN Conference. Attendees of
this workshop obtained valuable teaching tools to bring back to their schools and share
with the rest of the faculty. The outstanding lecturers introduced active learning tech-
niques, tactics in opportunity recognition, and base-of-the-pyramid opportunities to
name just a few. Stay tuned for future SEE workshops to learn more techniques to
inspire entrepreneurially minded engineering students!
        Page 4   THE HOWL

                 Assessment Update
                 Through the collaborative efforts of KEEN faculty, KFF staff and TTI execu-
                 tives, a comprehensive assessment framework is being developed and imple-
                 mented across the KEEN Network. To date approximately 1900 students have
                 taken the KEEN-TTI Performance DNA survey. With the input of the ad hoc
                 assessment committee and KEEN faculty, a comprehensive model is being de-
                 veloped and tested to gage the ability to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in un-
                 dergraduate engineering students. The seven KEEN learning outcomes will be
                 assessed through the KEEN-TTI 23 DNA personal and professional competen-
                 cies measurement model. The development of the professional skills that are
                 critical to effective communication, collaborating in a team setting and applying
                 critical thinking will be examined. Students will take the KEEN - TTI Perfor-
                 mance DNA survey as freshman, a midpoint, and as seniors.
assessment       In addition to this model, data from the KEEN - TTI Performance DNA Assess-
workshop will    ment survey are being used to identify students at risk of attrition due to learning
                 styles and individual personalities. KEEN faculty are also using the insights
be hosted at     gained from the data to enhance guidance to all engineering students.

March 31 –       Several KEEN schools, including LTU, IIT, Kettering and ONU are combining
                 the TTI Performance DNA methodology with other assessment tools to compare
April 1, 2011    the development of their students. KEEN faculty are being featured in the REE
                 US (Stanford’s Research in Entrepreneurship Education program) track at the
                 2011 NCIIA conference in March, in which they will present assessment meth-
                 ods, models and frameworks being developed. In addition, an assessment work-
                 shop will be hosted at LTU on March 31 – April 1, 2011. Faculty from across
                 the network will gather to share and exchange ideas and develop a unified re-
                 search agenda. Rob Kleine of ONU will unveil the recently completed KEEN
                 assessment rubrics. These KEEN assessment rubrics provide an ideal comple-
                 ment to the KEEN - TTI Performance DNA.

                 In addition, a special group of faculty scheduled to participate in the LTU work-
                 shop has expressed an interest to build on the work of Jeff Blessing and Pritpal
                 Singh related to the ABET a-k criteria, the KEEN - TTI Performance DNA As-
                 sessment and the KEEN assessment rubrics. Please contact David Pistrui, KEEN
                 Assessment Fellow ( if you would like to join
                 in on this effort.
                                                                     Volume 2, Issue 1   Page 5

Spotlight On: Lawrence Technological University

Thanks to the influence of the KEEN program, a radical transfor-
mation has taken place in engineering education at Lawrence Techno-
logical University in Southfield, Michigan. Embracing the KEEN
philosophy of developing a forward-looking, entrepreneurial mindset, a commit-
ted group of faculty and administrators has changed the learning environment to
emphasize both engineering excellence and engineering leadership.

“This goes beyond developing the body of knowledge a new engineer needs to
succeed in the world of business,” says Provost Maria Vaz. “This is about
changing the way our students and our faculty think, as well as how they see the
world and take action to shape it. Today, the awareness of opportunity and the
development of leadership involve ALL of our students, not just the ones who
are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship.”

Lawrence Tech has offered entrepreneurship education since the late 1990s, but
the number of students earning Lawrence’s Entrepreneurship Certificate was
small compared with the total engineering student population. Beginning in
2005, entrepreneurial courses were added to all the engineering curricula to help
students develop the business skills needed to be successful in industry, either as
a company employee or as an entrepreneur.

“The definition of the attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset by the KEEN net-
work changed the way we looked at entrepreneurial education,” Vaz explains.
“It’s not simply adding more to the curriculum, it’s about transforming the exist-
ing curriculum to develop engineers who have a different and more engaged
outlook on life and their profession.”

Lawrence was in the process of creating a Leadership Curriculum for all un-
dergraduate students when the school became involved with the KEEN pro-
gram, which prompted a larger, all-inclusive approach. “In 2005, a small
group composed of our KEEN Fellows, the provost and representatives from
our four colleges decided to develop an Entrepreneurship Strategic Plan that
would provide the foundation for all of our students,” says Don Carpenter,
professor of civil engineering. “Lawrence Tech’s new vision was to be a
preeminent private university producing effective leaders with an entrepre-
neurial spirit and a global view.”
                                                    Continued on the following page.
         Page 6   THE HOWL

                  Spotlight On: Lawrence Technological University
                  The College of Engineering was the first to implement the Strategic Plan, with
                  three goals –

                  1. To transform the educational experience of undergraduate engineering stu-
                     dents to more fully develop the entrepreneurial mindset;

                  2. To change the culture of the faculty and institutional leaders who are in-
                     volved in the education of undergraduate engineering students to enable the
“Everyone is         transformation of the students’ educational experiences; and
    on board,     3. To provide the infrastructure to encourage and support entrepreneurial activi-
  making this        ties by engineering students

        a very    To implement this cultural change, task teams were formed to create vertical,
                  horizontal and dense networks that connect people at several levels. “These net-
      positive    works have woven a fabric throughout the university that exudes the values of
 institutional    leadership and the entrepreneurial mindset,” Carpenter explains. “Constructing
                  this environment has facilitated the growth of formal and informal networks that
                  encompass administrators, faculty and staff. Everyone is on board, making this
 -Don Carpenter   a very positive institutional change.”

                  The KEEN Team, consisting of twelve key administrators and faculty members,
                  oversees initiatives that tie in with the Strategic Plan, including curricular, co-
                  curricular and extra-curricular activities, culture change activities and assess-
                  ment. This is the basis for a strong vertical network. As this team moves initia-
                  tives horizontally, that is, across disciplines, departments and functions, their
                  true impact can be seen.

                  Engaging university leaders and faculty was the first step. Through two Leader-
                  ship Entrepreneurial Workshops, the team has communicated its progress, as
                  well as educated and received input from the administration and the trustees.
                  The course modification team has developed horizontal networks of faculty to
                  integrate problem-based learning and collaborative learning methodologies in
                  the curriculum.

                  Instructors identified as Kern Innovative Teaching (KIT) Faculty represent a hor-
                  izontal network within engineering but extend beyond to the fields of arts and
                  sciences and business management. These faculty share progress and work in
                  teams to develop a different culture of teaching. The goal has been to foster
                  greater student engagement and collaboration by focusing on real-world prob-
                  lems throughout the curriculum. Four faculty members who have shown leader-
                  ship in this process will facilitate future faculty workshops and become part of
                  the course modification team.
                                                                      Volume 2, Issue 1   Page 7

Spotlight On: Lawrence Technological University
Other horizontal networks have formed, including the LEGENDS program, that
enhance connections and relationships between students and entrepreneurial alum-
ni. For instance, student teams’ proposals for the funding of entrepreneurial pro-
jects are now evaluated by a group of alumni under the guidance of a KEEN Fel-
low, forming yet another dense network.
Networks are also forming around a variety of co-curricular activities like the In-
novation Encounter. These activities are led by teams that involve faculty, staff,
students and supporters from outside the university who combine efforts to tackle
real-world problems. Another competition, Make Your Mark, takes a social entre-
preneurship perspective by challenging students to implement an original idea that
will have a positive, sustainable impact on their community. Lastly, a strong hori-
zontal network of support has developed with area employers through entrepre-
neurial internships that bring small companies, students and the placement office
staff members together.
This comprehensive approach is already producing dividends, according to Vaz.
“As the program develops and matures, we see the importance of these networks
and the beneficial ways they interact with each other. Little by little, the interac-
tion between elements of all these different networks is creating a new and better
culture throughout the university. There is still much to do, but we see positive
changes that are improving our students’ educational experience every day.”

                                                         “There is still much
                                                            to do, but we see
                                                       positive changes that
                                                          are improving our
                                                       students’ educational
                                                           experience every

                                                  President Lewis Walker accepting
                                                 the 2010 Best-in-Class Award at the
                                                 Winter KEEN Conference on behalf
Page 8     THE HOWL

           Recent Grant Awards
           The KEEN Advisory Board and Foundation staff recommended to the Kern
           Board of Directors approval of a grant of up to $74,542 for Gonzaga University,
           Spokane, WA at the January Board meeting. The intent of the grant is to expand
           Gonzaga’s current entrepreneurial engineering programs and to seed new ideas as
           a platform for requesting a larger grant in support of a more ambitious plan at the
           end of the planning grant phase.
           The proposal focuses on involving tenure-track faculty with the direct support of
           the engineering dean in providing leadership and direction for KEEN on campus
           in the next phase of the grant, for developing and conscripting significantly more
           engineering faculty into the KEEN activities, to initiate
           the creation of a Center of Engineering Design, Innova-
           tion and Entrepreneurship and in reaching as many engi-
           neering students as possible both at Gonzaga and within
           the Network of colleges with an internally developing
           program on engineering ethics.

                                                                Special Issue | Fall 2011
                                                            Engineering Entrepreneurship
                                                               Education Assessment:
         Sridhar Condoor, the founding managing edi- Current Practices, Opportunities
         tor of JEEN has announced a call for papers                and New Frontiers
         for an upcoming special issue of the journal.
         This first-ever special issue, Engineering Entrepreneurship Education Assessment: Current
         Practices, Opportunities and New Frontiers is scheduled for Fall 2011 publication. To ad-
         dress the important issue of assessment in engineering entrepreneurship education, this
         special issue will focus on a variety of themes ranging from models, methods and tech-
         niques to the role of industry.

         Intent to submit – March 1st, 2011
         Draft paper submission deadline – June 1st, 2011
         Final paper submission deadline – August 1st, 2011
         Publication date – September 2011

         For further information please contact the special issue co-editors Sridhar Condoor
         ( or David Pistrui (
                                                                      Volume 2, Issue 1          Page 9

Upcoming Events
   The Kern Family Foundation will be hosting a reception at NCIIA’s 15th
    Annual Conference on Thursday, March 24th, 2011 from 5-8pm. The
    reception will be located in the Wright Room across from the Edison
    Ballroom in The Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, VA.
   Assessment Workshop to be held at Lawrence Technological Institute on
    March 30 and April 1, 2011.                                                              Kern Family Foundation
                                                                                          W305 S4239 Brookhill Road
   The KEEN team will be at the American Society for Engineering Educa-                        Waukesha, WI 53189
    tion Conference being held in Vancouver, BC, June 26-29, 2011. We look                     Phone (262) 968-6838
                                                                                                 Fax (262) 968-9424
    forward to see you at this event.
   Shaping Entrepreneurial Engineers (SEE) second workshop to be held
    August 8 and 9, 2011. The first workshop was a huge success and mod-
    ules learned at that workshop are being used in classrooms across the
    Network. The Fall SEE workshop will again be limited to 40 partici-
    pants. Stay tuned for an opportunity to apply for a seat at the next SEE                  Contact Us:
                                                                                              Tim Kriewall,
   Fall KEEN Conference to be held in Milwaukee, WI at the Hyatt Regen-                      Program Director
    cy Hotel on September 30 and October 1, 2011. PI’s, mark your calendar
    for this KEEN event!
                                                                                              Sarah Hanna,
   Planning is underway for the 2012 Winter KEEN conference and pre-                         Program Associate
    meeting Winter SEE workshop. Next year’s SEE workshop will be held
    in Orlando on January 2-3 with the Winter KEEN conference to follow             
    on January 4-5, 2012. Please mark your calendars for these events.
Questions concerning these or any other KEEN events may be directed to
Sarah Hanna at or Tim Kriewall at
We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events!

Living the Mission
Kern Family Foundation Mission:
The Kern Family Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of others by promoting
strong pastoral leadership, educational excellence and high quality, innovative
engineering talent.

Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network Mission:
To graduate engineers equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset who will con-
tribute to business success and in so doing transform the U.S. workforce.

     WWW. K EE NNETWORK. COM                              WWW. KFFDN. ORG