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									                                  Phonics Glossary

Phonics terms
alphabetic writing vs logographic writing
Consonant blend: consonant cluster
Diagraph: a combination of two letters that represent one speech sounds (church,
show, thank; beet, coat, mail)
English spelling patterns
Grapheme: a letter symbol used to represent a speech sound
Grapheme-phoneme relationship:
Morphemes: the smallest analyzable part of word; morphemes may be bound
(attached to another morpheme; examples are past tense and plural markers), and free
Onset: initial consonant or consonant cluster
Phoneme: a basic sound in a phonological system.
Phonemic awareness: awareness of individual phonemes in words
Phonic analysis
Phonics instruction
Phonological awareness: the ability to think about all the possible sounds in word:
syllabus, onset, rime, and phonemes. (eg, what does the sound ‘crack’ contain?)
Rime: the vowel, or vowel and consonant(s) that follow the onset.
Schwa: the vowel occurring in most unstressed syllables
Sight words
Speaking-listening vocabulary

Useful expressions
phonics instruction
to associate printed letter forms with the speech sounds they represent
to arrive at the pronunciation of printed word symbols that are not instantly
to teach letter-sound relationships
to arrive at only a close approximation of the needed sounds
(there being no) one-to-one relationship between graphemes and phonemes

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