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					                                  The FRIEND                                          Lutheran Homes Society Newsletter
                                                                                                     Volume CIV No. 3 Summer/Fall 2009

                                                    Bethany Place Celebrates
                                                10 Years of LHS Ministry in Fremont
 Construction                     An open house                      D i r e c t o r,
                                                                     then presented
 Continues in                 celebration was held at
                              Bethany Place independent              a    plaque
 Oak Harbor                   living community to                    commemorating
                              commemorate the 10 th                  the milestone to
                              anniversary of Lutheran                Manager Patty
                              Homes Society’s ministry               Sherer.
                              in Fremont. The afternoon
                              event on June 30 was                       During the
                              attended by Bethany Place              celebration,
                              residents, as well as visitors         seven staff              Rev. Donald Weiss presents
  Phase II construction                                                                  Manager Patty Sherer with a plaque
  at Covenant Harbor          from the community.                    members were
                                                                                           commemorating the anniversary.
  independent living is                                              recognized for
expected to be complete            The event began with aL           10+ years of service. They          "We feel very blessed
  near the end of 2009.       short program led by LHS               were Patti Byers, Tressie      and honored to have been a
                              Housing Services Executive             Hill, Sandy McGirt, Brenda     part of the Lutheran Homes
                              Director David Schellhase              Peiffer, Patty Sherer, Tina    Society ministry these past
   Lutheran Homes             and LHS Community                      Sherer, and Annette Smith.     ten years and will strive
        Society               Services Executive Director            Following the presentation,    to continue carrying out
   Mission Statement          Deb Damschroder. Rev.                  piano music was provided       the Society’s mission of
  As followers of Christ,     D o n a l d We i s s , L H S           by Fremont musician Andy       providing Christian service
    we are called to          F o u n d a t i o n E x e c u t i ve   Brandon.                       to those we have been called
   do what lies within                                                                              to serve," Sherer stated.
   our power to share
  burdens that weigh
     upon the young
                                       Lutheran Village at Wolf Creek Welcomes
   and the old and to
  alleviate sorrow and
                                              Rev. Ron Atkins as Chaplain
   misery in His Name.            Lutheran Homes Society                 "My first perception
                              (LHS) welcomes Rev. Ron                of Wolf Creek is that it
                              Atkins to the LHS family.              is Spirit-filled," Chaplain
                              Rev. Atkins is serving as              Atkins stated. "I see God
                              chaplain at Lutheran Village           in the staff, residents,
       Our Values
   Faithfulness to Christ     at Wolf Creek.                         and programs here." He
   Equality and Justice                                              continued that he feels part
    Wholeness of Life            Chaplain Atkins                     of the family already, and "I
         Integrity            comes to LHS from                      am very excited about the
    Quality of Service
     Stewardship of
                              Indiana, where he served               challenge of developing the
        Resources             as a parish pastor and                 ministry. I thank God for
                              most recently as chaplain              this opportunity."                     Chaplain Ron Atkins
        Our Vision
                              at the Evansville State                                                   members, and staff. He also
   We will be a network
   of dedicated, gifted,      Hospital. He is a graduate                 His work at Wolf Creek         will work with the Society’s
    and caring people,        of Carthage College in                 will focus on worship              other chaplains and the
  providing services and      Kenosha, Wisconsin, and                and Bible study, as well           Spiritual Care Committee
  facilities of the highest   the Lutheran School of
      quality possible.
                                                                     as fulfilling the ministry         to enhance spiritual care
                              Theology at Chicago.                   needs of residents, family         throughout the ministry.
          The Church of Christ, In Every Age
    When I prepare my Friend messages,        in equipment, procedures, and facilities
I look for a text that parallels the          are moving at a rapid pace. Our elders
ministry of Lutheran Homes Society.           are living longer and coping with
Typically, a verse from my daily              chronic issues that would have taken
chronological reading of the Bible is         the ultimate toll on our grandparents
my inspiration or the sage wisdom             only a few decades ago. Because we are       David
of a ministry colleague or, as is the         the church of Christ, we at Lutheran        Roberts
case for this writing, a hymn recently        Homes Society rest on the promises of
discovered. I have come to believe that,      God and claim our heritage of nearly
whatever the inspiration, it is Spirit-       150 years and keep on "rising from
driven as long as I stay true to the Good     the dead." By His grace, we seek to        four walls of our campuses to care for
News of Jesus Christ.                         advance social ministry to meet these      elders in their homes – to keep them
                                              changes, so that we might serve Him        independent as long as possible – and
    "The Church of Christ in every age        as we are called (James 1:27), and in so   only when necessary for quality care
beset by change, but Spirit led, must claim   doing, glorify God!                        and/or safety considerations, suggest
and test its heritage and keep on rising                                                 movement to another level of care. That
from the dead."                                   The panaceas for elder care are        is LHS "rising from the dead."
                                              not nursing homes, assisted living,
    Rev. F. Pratt Green’s words remain        congregate care, home health, Passport          We’re not stuck in the old ways
an axiom today for the social ministry        or hospice. The panacea is individual      of the past. Care management is now
of the Church. Rev. Green was known           care management – keeping our elders       our first concern, and we will continue
for his concern for social issues of the      in the lowest cost environment, to be      be to "Spirit led" and test our heritage
day and even translated one of Dietrich       sure, but also ensuring that the chosen    of living out our mission to its fullest
Bonheoffer ’s poems as the hymn,              environment meets the quality care         meaning: "…to share their burdens
"By Gracious Powers so Wonderfully            and safety needs that, first, our elders   and alleviate sorrow and misery in
Sheltered."                                   deserve as children of God and, second,    His name," all the while being so
                                              keep with our value of Wholeness of        wonderfully sheltered by His gracious
     "Beset by change" indeed! Advances       Life. No single environment is right       power!
in medicine, discovery and treatment          for every elder, which is why Lutheran
for diseases, and technological advances      Homes Society is moving beyond the            All thanks and praise to God!

                                      In Memory of Howard Drager
    Lutheran Homes Society (LHS) lost             Howard built architectural models
a long-time friend and supporter when         as a hobby. He even built the scale
Howard E. Drager, 90, was called home         model for Lutheran Village at Wolf
to heaven on June 6, 2009. Howard             Creek when that campus was being
began volunteering at LHS back in 1945        developed. He also had helped install
when he returned from military service        and run the model trains when they
after WWII.                                   were on display at Lutheran Village,
                                              where he lived for a short time at the
    He donated countless hours over           end of his earthly life.
his 64-year tenure with LHS – from
driving residents to appointments to              "Lutheran Homes Society was
serving on various committees and             richly blessed by all the time Howard
boards – where he touched the lives of        spent over the past 64 years, helping                   Howard Drager
many people throughout the ministry.          us to fulfill our mission of providing         Howard was preceded in death by
Over the years, Howard served on the          care for the elderly and youth in          his wife Elanore, who passed away in
Lutheran Home at Toledo board, the            our community," commented David            2002 after 57 years of marriage. They
LHS parent board, the Lutheran Village        Roberts, LHS President/CEO. "His           were lifelong members of Trinity
at Wolf Creek board, and most recently        willingness to volunteer his time          Lutheran Church in Toledo, where
the LHS Housing Services board.               and help out whenever needed is an         Howard served as an Elder for several
                                              inspiration to others and a testament      years. A memorial service was held
                                              to his strong faith."                      there on June 11.
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                          Toledo Home Residents Adopt Soldiers
    The residents of Lutheran                  The 1483rd Transportation Company
Home at Toledo have adopted the            recently was mobilized for duty, and a
1483rd Transportation Company              farewell send-off was held for the
of the Ohio Army National Guard,           soldiers and their families on July 7 at
based in Walbridge, Ohio. With the         Owens Community College. Cookie
assistance of the Guard's Family           bakers at the Toledo Home spent more
Readiness representative Elizabeth         than a month baking over 500 cookies
Deal, Toledo Home residents have           for the farewell celebration.
been baking cookies for the soldiers’
family events.                                  "Our bakers will continue to bake
                                           for the soldiers and keep in touch while
    On July 1, two soldiers in uniform     they are away," stated Diane Cline,
personally came to pick up cookies and     Director of Activities/Volunteers. "We         Joining soldiers for a photo are
to thank the bakers for all their hard     wish them well and a safe return."         residents Betty Imbery (standing) and
work and support.                                                                        Janet Burdasz and Anne Orsag.

     LHS Community Services Responds to                                                    Four Lutheran
          Increased Needs of Seniors                                                     Agencies Benefit
     The LINCS and LinkAges senior
 assistance programs through LHS
                                                In another instance, Evelyn has
                                           had custody of her grandson for many
                                                                                         from Golf Outing
 Community Services are seeing an          years. After her husband died, she             The 13th annual Four Lutheran
 increased number of referrals from        eventually lost her house. She lives in    Agency Golf Outing was held June
 seniors who are in dire financial         a rental, and has been drained of all      26 at the Bedford Hills Golf Club
 difficulty. "Some of this is due to the   her savings. She continues to house        under ideal weather conditions for
 economy and the increased cost of         her young adult grandson because           an afternoon of golfing. The scramble
 living, home repairs costs, credit card   she needs him to take her on errands       format outing began with a mid-
 debt, and not understanding or being      and to medical appointments. She           afternoon shotgun start and concluded
 aware of the assistance programs          is in a budget crunch that has led to      with dinner at the clubhouse.
 that are available to them," said Deb     depression.
 Damschroder, Executive Director.
                                               In each of these cases and many
      Seniors sometimes are delinquent     others, LHS service coordinators are
 in paying utilities and property taxes,   working with local agencies in an effort
 are not refilling prescriptions, and      to relieve the immediate concerns,
 are not eating properly, according        such as utility disconnections and
 to Damschroder. Some of these             lack of medication and/or food. Many
 individuals, who can barely meet          clients need a multitude of social
 their own needs, are helping their        work, legal, financial, medical, and
 children or grandchildren financially     protective services.
 to the point of accruing unmanageable
 credit card debt.                              "We no longer are able to simply
                                           suggest or implement needed, in-                   Golfers enjoyed the
     For example, Marge worked             home services," Damschroder stated,                fun and fellowship.
 into her seventies, but due to a fall     adding that "the time commitment               All proceeds from the golf outing
 at home, lost her job when she could      for these clients has expanded             will support the ministries of Filling
 no longer meet job expectations. Her      greatly over the past couple of            Memorial Home of Mercy, Luther
 financial commitments were based          years." The growing needs of seniors       Home of Mercy, Lutheran Social
 on her employment and, of course,         still living independently in their        Services of Northwestern Ohio and
 did not stop. She had done some           homes underscores the importance of        Lutheran Homes Society. We are
 consolidation on two credit cards but     Lutheran Homes Society’s continued         grateful for all the golfers, sponsors,
 was considering bankruptcy.               efforts to reach out to the elderly in     and volunteers who made the 2009
                                           area communities.                          event a success.

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        Kind Actions Enhance Lives of Napoleon Home Residents
    The thoughtful acts of staff,             Assisted living residents at Alpine         One feeder has been placed on the
volunteers, and community members         Village can relax on the home’s patios      north patio in memory of Art’s mother,
often enhance the daily lives of          and watch the birds on new feeders          Edna, a former resident. The other is
residents on the campus of Lutheran       donated by Art and Lois Germann.            located on the south patio in honor of
Home at Napoleon. Two recent              Art built the feeders from plans            current residents Norma Fischer and
examples of kind actions providing        his daughter, Kathy, had seen in a          Phyllis and Julius Meyer, who are
enjoyment for residents are the Senior    magazine.                                   friends of the Germanns.
Prom, planned by Lutheran Nursing
and Rehabilitation Center (LNRC)
staff, and new birdfeeders, donated to
Alpine Village by a local couple.

    The nursing department plays
a big role in the daily care of LNRC
residents, but the nurses took their
role one step further this spring when
they planned an on-campus Senior
Prom. They organized formals, music,
and snacks for the dance, which was
attended by residents and their
families. During the evening, resident
Esther Sonnenberg was crowned the          2009 Senior Prom Queen               Art and Lois Germann (standing) donated
2009 Senior Prom Queen.                      Esther Sonnenberg is                a birdfeeder for the south patio in honor
                                           assisted by staff member                   of residents Norma Fisher, and
                                                Kathy Gustwiller.                         Phyllis and Julius Meyer.

                                                Around Home
    At LHS Family & Youth Services,       of Notre Dame. She learned new
children and youth in care and            techniques and made some new
treatment spent the summer learning       friends. She also visited with her
about themselves and the world            grandmother for the first time in two
around them. Back-to-school time          years. Scott visited with his brother for
means a return to classroom learning,     two days. Millie participated in Track
but the lessons of summer may be          and Field through Special Olympics
some of the most valuable.                and presently plays softball. She is
                                          minding her health and, with the help
    At the LHS Maumee Youth Center,       of staff, has lost thirty pounds. Rachel,
a group of youth went camping on the      Scott and Millie went to Cedar Point
13-acre property. Jerry and Jim planted   and Seneca Caverns this summer.
and tended a garden, harvesting
green beans, hot peppers, zucchini            Youth at the Oregon Treatment
and yellow squash. Carl, Steve, Tim       Facility attended summer camp and             Children and parents participate
and Brad went fishing several times.      created craft projects. The group went          in summer fun at Partners in
Amy, Kathy and Jake made and sold         to the Toledo Zoo one day and caught                Treatment weekend.
yarn bracelets to raise money for the     bugs at Maumee Bay State Park with
American Cancer Association’s Relay       "bug-catchers" they had made.                   At a recent Partners in Treatment
for Life. Some youth also visited                                                     Family Weekend, a skill building
nursing homes during the summer               At the Wynn Treatment Facility,         weekend for families of children and
months.                                   Julie played soccer through the             youth in care, families planned a special
                                          Special Olympics. Stacy began               “fun day” during the summer. The
   At the Anthony Wayne Home,             appointments with the Bureau of             families had a cookout, participated
Rachel participated in a two-day          Vocational Rehabilitation to help her       in a talent show, and played games,
basketball camp at the University         learn job skills.                           including corn hole and relay races.

                                                              Page 4
    Lutheran Memorial Home Resident Grateful to Regain Hearing
    For years, Charles Andres had                 "This is the best thing I have ever              After several months of adjusting
experienced severe hearing loss               had done," Charles said. "I would do             to background noises and hearing
caused by working in a factory with           it again because of the difference it            people he has not been able to hear
loud noises. When Charles and his             has made in my life. Thanks to Jim,              for years, Charles is a new person. He
wife, Betty, moved into Lutheran              for taking me on the many trips to               now takes an active part in most of the
Memorial Home (LMH) in 2007, it was           Cleveland for the surgery and the                facility’s activities, with Wii bowling
a major change, but one they knew             follow-up appointments."                         being his favorite.
was the best for them. With Charles’
hearing loss, he could not provide the
care Betty needed. Once moved in, the                                                               Nominating
couple became much more relaxed
and settled in to their new home.
                                                                                                  Committee Calls
                                                                                                  for Candidates
    In May 2008, Charles started the                                                               The Nominating Committee of
process of receiving a cochlear implant                                                        Lutheran Homes Society is looking
to improve his hearing. After many                                                             for candidates to serve on several of
trips to Cleveland, Charles’ surgery                                                           its nine boards of directors. Are you
was complete in August 2008. Jim                                                               interested in exploring this volunteer
Bertsch, the maintenance man at LMH                                                            opportunity? Or, do you know of
who helps out with transportation                                                              a potential candidate who would
needs of residents, drove Charles to                                                           be willing to volunteer at Lutheran
Cleveland many times before and after          Resident Charles Andres is thankful             Homes Society in this way? Please
the successful surgery.                           for the support he received                  forward your suggestions to: LHS
                                                         from LMH staff.                       Nominating Committee, Attn: Nancy
                                                                                               Wellman, 2021 N. McCord Road,
                                                                                               Toledo, OH 43615 or e-mail her at
                   Local Church Volunteers                                           
                   Spruce Up Luther Grove
    The recent good deeds of a local
church are still noticeable to the grateful                                                        LHS Continues
residents of Luther Grove apartments.
With cleaning supplies in hand, 28
                                                                                                  Advocacy Efforts
members from Toledo Church of Christ                                                                Lutheran Homes Society was
came to Luther Grove on a Saturday in                                                          invited by Congresswoman Marcy
mid-May. They came to assist residents                                                         Kaptur ’s office to participate in
in whatever ways they were needed.                                                             a forum to discuss the issues of
The church helped by planting flowers,                                                         health care reform. Donna Konst
raking out flower beds, cleaning                                                               represented LHS at this event and
apartments, and washing windows.                                                               followed up with additional statistics
They even assisted a resident by                                                               for the Congresswoman’s office. LHS
putting together a glider swing she had                                                        staff lobbied our federal legislators
purchased over a year ago.                      Volunteers from Toledo Church of               for long-term services and supports
                                                Christ help out with cleaning and
                                                                                               to be part of the health reform
                                                   yard work at Luther Grove.
    Residents were thrilled that such                                                          package that is high on the national
a wonderful group of people gave up               " I ’m s o g r a t e f u l t h a t t h i s   legislative agenda. We also offered
their time to help them. Many stated          congregation, through Christ’s love,             Lutheran Homes Society’s support in
how organized and polite the group            touched so many residents that day,"             the form of informational items and
was throughout the day. "They did a           said Kathy Harrison, Luther Grove                statistics to Senator Mark Wagoner in
good job and were very nice," stated          manager. "I had numerous phone calls             his work on the conference committee
resident Nancy Burchell. "They took           on Monday praising the work of these             working on state legislation. Lutheran
down the blinds, cleaned them and the         dedicated individuals."                          Homes Society will continue to be an
windows, and put them back up. Most                                                            advocate for issues that affect our
people wouldn’t have done that."                                                               residents, clients, and their families.
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          in The FRIEND are

           Lutheran Homes Society Residents                                                Kroger Program to
                Win at Annual Art Show                                                    Benefit LHS Ministries
    The annual AOPHA Resident                In addition, Lutheran Home at                    LHS Foundation is enrolled in
Forum Art and Writing Show was held      Toledo residents Dorothy Hiebeck,                the Kroger Community Rewards
June 18-19 on the Lutheran Village at    Natalie Main, and Elmer Watson                   Program. Kroger has committed to
Wolf Creek campus. Sponsored by          placed in this year’s show. Elsie Baden          donate up to $5 million to support
the Association of Ohio Philanthropic    and Jacquelyn Hornung, residents                 local communities by April 30, 2010.
Homes, Housing and Services for          from the Lutheran Home at Napoleon               In order to start earning rewards, the
the Aging (AOPHA), the show              campus, also were winners.                       Foundation needs Lutheran Homes
featured paintings, jewelry, quilts,                                                      Society supporters to select LHS
and other artwork, as well as poems          Wi n n e r s f r o m t h e r e g i o n a l   Foundation as their designated reward
and manuscripts. The competition         competition will go on to AOPHA’s                recipient on their Kroger Plus Card.
was open to AOPHA residents and          statewide competition held this fall
providers throughout Northwest           in Columbus.                                         There are two ways to link
Ohio.                                                                                     your Kroger Plus Card with LHS
    The following Lutheran Village at                                                         1. Visit the secure website at www.
Wolf Creek residents were winners at                                             to
the 2009 regional show: Janet Barrett,                                                    create an account. You will need to
Jane Chase, Beverly Coffman, Hilda                                                        enter the LHS Foundation code #84172
Colburn, Audrey Covington, Grace                                                          near the end of the process.
Coy, Susan Kinsel, Irene Martin,                                                              2. You can call the LHS Foundation
Laurence Noward, Doris Ott, Jeanette                                                      at 419-861-4965 to obtain a bar code
Rayle, Joanne Russo, Mary Salay, and                                                      form to be scanned at a Kroger
Carl Sass.                                                                                customer service desk with your
                                                                                          Kroger Plus Card.

                                                                                             Any shopper using their Kroger
       The People’s Choice Award,                                                         card can support Lutheran Homes
      voted by those attending the                                                        Society, so encourage friends and
      show, was won by Wolf Creek                                                         family to sign up. Proceeds will
         resident Jane Chase for                                                          support LHS ministries through the
              her small quilt.
                                                                                          LHS Annual Fund.

                       The FRIEND
                                                             Donor Supplement                 Summer/Fall 2009

                           LHS Foundation Awards Four Scholarships
                           The LHS Foundation            The four winners for        the educational needs of
                       annually awards four          the Class of 2009 are:          these fine young people."
                       Lawrence and Adele
                       Youngbauer Memorial           Julia Borysiak,                     All the recipients
                       Scholarships to graduating      Cardinal Stritch              expressed gratitude for
                       senior high school            Lindsay Durrant, Clay           the $1,000 scholarships.
                       students. By donor family     Katlyn Miner, Lake              Lindsay wrote, "Thank
                       designation, these annual     Emily Schneiderbauer,           you again for helping me
                       awards are presented            Anthony Wayne                 to accomplish my goal of
                       at four high schools in                                       becoming a nurse so that I
                       the greater Toledo area           Julia will be majoring in   may serve others in need."
   Julia Borysiak      where youth in care with      early childhood education,
                       Lutheran Homes Society        while Katlyn and Lindsay             The scholarships also
                       have historically attended    will be studying to             served to make these
                       classes. The four high        become nurses. Emily            young people aware of
                       schools are: Anthony          will be pursuing pre-med        Lutheran Homes Society
                       Wayne, Cardinal Stritch,      studies.                        and its caring ministries. In
                       Clay, and Lake.                                               fact, one of the scholarship
                                                         " We o f f e r o u r        r e c i p i e n t s , E m i l y,
                           The scholarships          congratulations and best        discovered a personal tie
                       honor graduating seniors      wishes to each of our           with the Lutheran Home at
                       who will continue             scholarship winners,"           Toledo. "After going home
  Lindsay Durrant      their education in            said Rev. Donald Weiss,         and talking to my parents,
                       preparation for service       Executive Director of           my mother told me my
                       in a helping profession.      the LHS Foundation.             great aunt, who suffered
                       Such professions might        "We are grateful for the        from Alzheimer’s, lived
                       include ministry, nursing,    opportunity to assist with      in the Oregon home for
                       or social work.                                               almost four years."

                        April 1 - June 30, 2009      St. Matthew, Lima               Zion, Sandusky
                       St. Jacob, Anna               Zion, Luckey                    St. John, Sherwood
                       Good Hope, Arlington          St. Paul, Marion                St. John’s, Stony Ridge
                       St. Paul, Blissfield, MI      St. Peter, Martin               St. Paul, Sulphur Springs
   Katlyn Miner        Christ, Bowling Green         St. Peter, Monroeville          St. Luke’s, Temperance, MI
                       St. James, Bradner            St. John, Napoleon              St. Paul, Temperance, MI
                       Good Hope, Bucyrus            St. Paul’s, Napoleon            Bethlehem, Toledo
                       Trinity, Convoy               St. Peter Norwalk               Faith, Toledo
                       Bethlehem (Okolona),          St. John’s, Oak Harbor          First St. John, Toledo
                            Defiance                 Bethlehem, Pemberville          Glenwood, Toledo
                       Christ Our Savior, Defiance   Salem, Pemberville              Holy Trinity, Toledo
                       St. Paul, Defiance            Church of the Master,           Messiah, Toledo
                       Immanuel, Deshler                  Perrysburg                 St. Philip, Toledo
                       St. John, Deshler             Shepherd of the Valley,         Trinity, Toledo
                       Zion, Edgerton                     Perrysburg                 Zion, Valley City
                       Hope, Fostoria                Zoar, Perrysburg                Trinity, Wauseon
Emily Schneiderbauer   Grace, Fremont                Zion, Petersburg, MI            St. John, Williston
                       St. Mark, Fremont             Resurrection, Port Clinton      Solomon, Woodville
                  Lutheran Homes Society accepts all donations solely to glorify God through the advancement of our ministries.

In Memory of...                     Fred & Marge Dais by                  Audrey Gentieu by Mr. & Mrs.          Edward Keller by
 April 1 - June 30, 2009                 William Dais                          Donald Biggs, Mr. & Mrs.              Richard Halbach
Virginia Ackerman by                Gene Damschroder by                        Thomas Miller, Mr. & Mrs.        Carol Kelso by Mr. & Mrs.
     James Halbach                       Lulu Damschroder                      Chet Vollmar, Mr. & Mrs.              Donald Rinehart
Anna Lay Alexander by               Walden “Bud” Damschroder by                Matthew Welch, Mr. & Mrs.        Bernice Kiener by Agnes Haase
     Florence Kopfmann                   Mary Damschroder                      Robert Welch                     Otto Klickman by
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     Lucile Atkinson                     Mrs. Orland Hasselbach                Mr. & Mrs. Donald Biggs          Margaret Koch by Charles Koch
Lawrence & Anna Avers by            Anna Dean by Carol Sherwin            Norman Glanz by                       Sister, Mary Ann Kollar, by
     Dale Avers                     Sister Esther Deuble by                    Launita Plassman                      Earl Uther
Norman Avers by Doris Avers              Jane Bainbridge, Rev. &          Clarence Goeckerman by                Mother, Viola Kopfman, by
Arnold Baden by Elsie Baden,             Mrs. Fred Hagen, Rev.                 Margaret Goeckerman                   Elaine Radunz
     Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Bischoff,          & Mrs. Gerald Labuhn             Paul Douglas Gordon by                William Kopp by
     Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bischoff,     Father, Jim Dewey, by                      Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gordon             Mr. & Mrs. Donald Biggs,
     Mr. & Mrs. John Comune              Deb Damschroder                  Anita Granger by                           Charles Kopp, Mr. & Mrs.
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     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Bahler            Kurt & Nancy Ehrhardt            Mary Griffiths by Anonymous           Carolyn & Richard Kramp by
My beloved Andy by                  Lawrence, Esther & Wallace            Rose & Lewis Grimm by                      John & Mary Kramp
     Phyllis Ballas                      Dierker by Eloise Dierker             Charles & Sylvia Leonard         Bill Lake by
Daniel Beamer by                    Ruth Downing by                       Mother, Edna Haack, by                     Eugene & Naomi Conger
     Carole Beamer                       Mr. & Mrs. Steven Gebhardt            Myra Zaenger                     Mary Layman by
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Behrmann by         Howard Drager by                      Father, Albert Haase’s, June 18th          Jerry & Joann Keith
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Geiger           James Bohnsack, Mr. & Mrs.            birthday by Gertrude Eggert      Wanda Lewandowski by
LaRue Benekam by                         David Bruckner, Rev. & Mrs.      Mabel Halbach by                           Patricia Hayden
     Charles Benekam                     Gerald Labuhn, Rev. & Mrs.            James Halbach                    William, Paula & Eugene
Wife, LaJane, by Arthur Benien           John Landskroener, Daniel        Luella Hansen by Mr. & Mrs.                Lindhorst by Bruce &
Rev. Kurt Bickel by Rev. Donald          McCarty, Alma Mueller, Dr.            Don Shinew                            Joanne Veilleux
     & Carolyn Weiss                     & Mrs. Neal Norris, Doris        Bert Hardin by                        Elmer Lintner by
Henry Billeter by Ruth Billeter          Ott, Karen Pease, Dave                Nancy Hardin                          Marilyn Lintner
Parents, Mary & Martin Binger,           & Pam Roberts, Jeffrey &         Hillard & Eleanor Haywood by          Delpha Lober by
     by Joyce Havens & Family            Lorinda Schalk, Mr. & Mrs.            Bruce & Katie Haywood                 Bob & Sally Lober
Gary Block by Patricia Hayden            Kevin Wade, Rev. Donald &        William & Edna Hebner by              Viola Lohrbach by Karen Botzko
Victor Bockelman by                      Carolyn Weiss, Jeff & Nancy           Barbara Hebner                   Mr. & Mrs. Earl Long by
     Marie Bockelman                     Wellman, Myra Zaenger            Robert Hecklinger, Sr. by                  Norma Pence
Husband, Herb Bolduan, by           Debi Dray by Nancy Ohm                     Bob & Deb Hecklinger             Loved Ones by Phyllis
     Virginia Bolduan               Claire & Adelaide Dunn by             Rev. Gerd Heidmann by                      Beaverson, Robert & Clara
Son, Jack Bolduan, by                    William Dais                          Dorothea Heidmann,                    Heineman, Richard
     Virginia Bolduan               Elaine Duprau by                           Jeanette Heidmann                     & Margaret Manteuffel,
Charles & Louise Bond by                 Barbara Hebner                   Paul Heilmann by                           Betty Veler
     Susan Kinsel                   Mr. & Mrs. Adam Eckstein by                Mr. & Mrs. Donald Spencer        Willis & Katherine Ludeman by
Roger Bradley by Diane Bradley,          Jerry & Jane Piechocki           Loretta Heinzeroth by                      Rob Ludeman
     Thomas Verock                  Mr. & Mrs. George Eckstein by              Dr. & Mrs. Milo Danzeisen,       Marge & Joyce Leuke by
Louise Bretz by Robert Bretz             Jerry & Jane Piechocki                Ruth Payne, Eunice Whitney            Herbert Lueke
Nancy Jeanne Barger Briggs by       Irving Erdmann by                     Garnetta Hetrick by                   Hildegard Maassel by
     Robert Barger                       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Biggs,              Milton Hetrick                        Donald Maassel
Parents, Kenneth & Leola                 John Irwin                       Gertrude Bitter Hiss by               Les & Irene Maiers by
     Brown, by Florence Clark       Parents, Hallie & William                  Helen Hiss                            Pat Snyder
Phillip Bunyard by                       Felgar, by Mr. & Mrs.            Mary Hoeffel by Mr. & Mrs.            Rev. & Mrs. Paul Markovits
     Patricia Bunyard                    Edwin Panning                         John Mohler                           by Mr. & Mrs.
Gordon & Mary Burke by              Betty Fetter by Donald Fetter         Florence Horvath by                        Harry Goehring
     St. Luke’s, Temperance         Ernest Fink by                             William & Susan Horvath          Mother, Blanche Martyn, by
May Caldwell by                          Helen Diefenthaler               Wyoma Hughes by Donna Dill                 Rev. & Mrs. Peter Martyn
     Helen Moore                    Susan Fletcher by Susan Smutko        Erma Jacobs by Carol Jacobs           Joy Meagher by Eugene &
Yoshi Campbell by                   Pat Florio by Bernadine Florio        Fred & Ellen Johlin by                     Naomi Conger
     Glenna Campbell                Mr. & Mrs. Lester Foreman by               Ted & Connie Eckardt             Parents, Walt & Pauline Meyer,
Kathryn Clawson by                       Darlene Macko                    Parents, Edna & Ray Johns, by              by Rev. Donald &
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Biggs        Parents, William & Elsie Gahler,           Rev. & Mrs.Thomas Wilson              Carolyn Weiss
Marianne Cody by                         by Caroline Reddington           Jean Johnson by                       Husband, Carlton Millinger, by
     Clayton Cody                   David Gangwer by                           Frederick Collins, Ruth               Lois Ann Millinger
Clara & Clifford Creeger by              Mr. & Mrs. John Ranchan               Marquardt, Rev. & Mrs.           Carl & Eleanor Mock by
     Charles & Sylvia Leonard       Dorothy Geisert by                         Thomas Wilson                         Dr. & Mrs. Michael Roetter, Sr.
Sharon Kay Crosby by                     Robert Geisert                   Florence Kachenmeister by             Marcie & Doris Mohler by
     Kathryn Karr                                                              Barbara Condon, Tom Sabin             Mr. & Mrs. John Mohler

                  Lutheran Homes Society accepts all donations solely to glorify God through the advancement of our ministries.

Thomas Moon by                      Mother, Dorothy Reece, by             Charles Supinski by                   Parents, Norman & Lucy Weiss,
     Sherilyn Moon                      Rev. & Mrs. Peter Martyn              Irene Supinski                         by Rev. Donald &
Rev. Martin Mueller by              Hermenia Reiser by                    Mom & Dad by Earl Uther                    Carolyn Weiss
     Alma Mueller                       Mr. & Mrs. John Mohler            Parents, Georgiane & Ralph Van        Kimberly Weston by
Marilyn “Dottie” Mundwiler by       Gertrude Remy by                          Glahn, by Jane Jankowski               Dave & Pam Roberts
     Monty & Cece Mees                  Howard & Bonnie Bond,             Verne VanNess by                      Sister, Kimberly Sue Weston, by
Husband, Philip Murphy, by              The San Bay Co. Employees             Barbara Hebner                         Mary & Steven Shurts
     Jeanne Murphy                  Ruth Restemyer by                     LaVerne Waisner by                    Parents, James & Helen
My loved ones by Jean Oberkiser         Ivadel Nehls                          Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs.                  Wheeler, by Sharon Wheeler
Harry Myers by Judy Myers           Freeman & Dorothy Richards by             Jimmy Pitzen                      Ronald Wiemken by
Ronald Nagel by Mildred Arnos           Robert Richards                   Wife, Marjorie Walbolt, by                 Carol Wiemken
Dale & Aleen Norton by              Arnold Rickenberg by Jim &                Wayne Walbolt                     Husband, Robert Wiesenberg
     Marilyn Doyle                      Valerie Rickenberg                Shirley Warnke by                          by Alice Wiesenberg
Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Edward          Ferd & Rufina Rickenberg by               Dan & Julie Kunos                 Parents, Rev. Thomas & Leona
     Nowak, by Mary                     Jim & Valerie Rickenberg          Parents, John & Mary Warnke,               Wilson, by Rev. & Mrs.
     Schimming-Sandrock             Mabel Riley by                            by Betty Pautz                         Thomas Wilson
Orlen Oberhaus by                       Bob & Sally Lober                 John & Hazel Warrington by            Mother, Freda Zaenger, by
     Veneta Oberhaus                Gertrude Risch by                         Steve & Kathy Warrington               Myra Zaenger
Phillip Oberst by Susie Oberst          St. Paul’s, Oak Harbor            A. Marie Weaver by                    Barbara Zuercher by
Bernice O’Connell by Mr. &          Mary K. Roberts by                        William Weaver                         Mr. & Mrs. Allan Enk
     Mrs. David Winters                 Dean Roberts
Rita Olman by Mr. & Mrs.            Husband, Martin Rossow, by
     Lynn Olman                         Juanita Rossow
                                                                            Non-Cash Gifts
Our Loved Ones by Mary Miles,       Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Fred
     Jean Roberts                       Sandrock, by Mary                   April 1 - June 30, 2009
Our Parents by Mr. & Mrs.               Schimming-Sandrock                  Gene Lesak                          Edward Shabnow
     Donald Genzman, Mr. &          Marie & Florian Saver by                Jean Lyttle                         Emma Shelhart
     Mrs. Roger Munsterman,             Mr. & Mrs. John Mohler              Beverly Mackey                      Mr. & Mrs. Louis Snyder
     Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Pocock,       Philip Schmidt by Karen Pease                                               St. Paul, Toledo
     Dave & Pam Roberts             Theresa Schneider by
Irma Overhulse by Mr. & Mrs.            Dan & Julie Kunos
     Stephen Kline                  Howard Schnittker by
Parents, Emma & Emil Panning,           Margaret Schnittker               Donations                             Grace Coy
     by Mr. & Mrs.                  Claude Schreiter by Mr. & Mrs.        April 1 - June 30, 2009               Mary Crawford
     Edwin Panning                      Donald Biggs                      Anonymous                             Janell Croneis
Ray E. Parry by Anonymous,          Jack Schroeder by                     Beverly Apel                          Deb Damschroder
     Dorothy Darr, Dresch Tolson        Virginia Schroeder                Mr. & Mrs. David Baertschi            Dr. & Mrs. Milo Danzeisen
     Dental Employees, Ana-Log,     Mr. & Mrs. Eldor Schuette by          Mr. & Mrs. James Beck                 Mr. & Mrs. Garry DeLauter
     Inc. - Katie Jordan, Maumee        Mr. & Mrs.                        Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Behner              Renee DeMelo
     Valley Country Day School          Ken Sunderman                     Charles Benekam                       Robert Dennie
     Employees, Ray & Barb          Kermit Schultz by Mr. & Mrs.          Miriam & Ted Benner                   Jean DeWalt
     Parry, Agnes Rentz                 Ralph Dickens, Mr. & Mrs.         Bethelyn Beroset                      Mabel Dick
Warren Pasch by Jessie Pasch            Richard Show                      James Bertsch                         Eugene Dierksheide, M.D.
Esther Pedraza by                   John & Anna Marie Schwab by           Rev. & Mrs. Dana Bjorlin              Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dorner
     Mike & Gayla Yaney                 Leah Peart                        John Boesenhofer                      Robert & Janet Dorr
George Pfaff, Sr. by                Linda Shibler by                      Kathy Bolla                           Dorcel Dowdell
     Florence Clark                     St. Martin’s, Archbold            Deborah Boothe                        Dr. & Mrs. James Dumke
William Piel by Annaline Piel       Suzanne Lange Shumaker by             Mr. & Mrs. Raymond                    Steve Dumke
Anne Pierce by Barbara Condon           Mr. & Mrs. John Mohler                 Borysiak                         Mr. & Mrs. Horace
Parents, Rev. George & Emma         Freda Singer by Mr. & Mrs.            John Bossart                               Dunderman, Jr.
     Plamann, by Paul Plamann           Donald Biggs                      Tina Bostic                           Michael Dunn
Husband, John Plock, by             George & Leda Snyder by               Marie Bowers                          Richard Eberly
     Kathryn Plock                      Pat Snyder                        Mary & Jack Brentlinger               Rev. David Estes
Milton & Estelle Pommeranz by       Bob Snyder by Pat Snyder              Kari Bucher                           Jason & Stacy Everetts
     Milton &                       Claude Raymond Snyder, Jr. by         Marie Buhler                          Jason & Cheryl Fisher
     Patricia Pommeranz                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Janick          Christina Burnette                    Jacqueline Flowers
Ida Precht by Anonymous,            Evelyn Sobditch by Rev. & Mrs.        Rev. Chuck & Jeri Campbell            Marla Folkerts
     Sharon & Stephen Bischoff,         Keith Koppenhofer                 Esther Chambers                       Ruth Fox
     Patrick & Karen Kerezman       Joan Southward by                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert                     Karen Frey
Beverly Proctor by                      Mr. & Mrs. Donald Biggs                Chambers                         Ron & Mary Lou Gabel
     Rev. David Proctor             Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Sunderman            Wanda Chochol                         Rev. Lee & Jane Genter
Brother, Ronald Radunz, by              by Mr. & Mrs.                     Dr. & Mrs. Carson Cochran             Emilie Gerken
     Elaine Radunz                      Ken Sunderman                     Erna Coppeler                         Elsie Greifelt
James & Joyce Rae by                                                      Mildred Cowell
     Karen Pease

                 Lutheran Homes Society accepts all donations solely to glorify God through the advancement of our ministries.

In Honor of...
                                   James Gillespie by                    All of God’s Loved Ones by           Father, Walter Schimpf, by
April 1 - June 30, 2009
                                        Mildred Gillespie                     Ned & Carolyn Sleek                  James & Jeanne Thompson
Paul Ameling’s 100th Birthday by   Kathy Harrison’s birthday by          Rev. Steve Lutz by                   Penny Schmidt by
     Mr. & Mrs. Howard Oestreich        Jeff & Nancy Wellman                  Rev. & Mrs. Lance O’Donnell          Mr & Mrs Roger Anderson
Ann Chase by Mr. & Mrs.            Kevin Harrison’s birthday by          Rev. Dr. Peter Martyn by             Mike & Judy Snyder’s 50th
     Joseph Janicki                     Jeff & Nancy Wellman                  Jean Emery, James Findlay,           Anniversary by
Victor & Marie Dammon’s            Elisabeth Hecklinger by                    Rev. Melissa & Mr.                   Marvin & Elaine Gladieux
     Birthdays by William               Bob & Deb Hecklinger                  Marvin Micham                   Jim & Louise Sommers by
     Von Deylen                    Elda Hofacter by Barbara Hebner       Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Peter Martyn’s            Dave & Pam Roberts
Mother, Lois Dewey, by             Esther Hoffman’s 103rd Birthday            40th Anniversary by             Staff Birthdays by
     Deb Damschroder                    by Mr. & Mrs. Algie Young             Suzanne Sommerfield                  Dave & Pam Roberts
The disabled by                    Herman & Lois Kohlman by              Alma Mueller by                      Pastor Don Weiss’ Ordination by
     Beatrice Hendershot                Clark & Carol Price                   Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Olman                Dave & Pam Roberts
Dr. Jim Dumke’s Ordination by      Pastor & Ilean Labuhn’s               The nurses by Irma Austin            The 55th Anniversary of Pastor
     Dave & Pam Roberts                 Anniversary June 5th by          Sally O’Conner’s birthday by              Tom Wilson’s Ordination
Family & friends by J.T. Keller         Loretta Lukasak                       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Biggs              by Mr. & Mrs. Loren
Dr. Jim Findlay, Jefferson Award   Rev. Gerald Labuhn’s Birthday &       Dan & Jan Peacock’s 50th                  Pfaffenberger
     Winner by Rev. & Mrs. Peter        Ordination by                         Anniversary by Mr. & Mrs.       Harold Wolff by Alice Lentz
     Martyn, Dave & Pam Roberts         Dave & Pam Roberts                    Garry DeLauter, Randal
Sister, Velma Freytag’s 90th       LHS Accounting Staff by                    & Peggy Koch                         If your name has
     Birthday by                        Dave & Pam Roberts               Alma Puestow’s Birthday by              been listed incorrectly
     Mr. & Mrs. Norman Avers       Ruel & Lucille Lieske’s 55th               St. Paul, Oak Harbor
Theodore Fritz by Dr. Robert                                                                                       or missed, please
                                        Wedding Anniversary by           Pastor Norm Ritterling’s
     & Lou Ann Limbird                  St. John’s, Oak Harbor                Ordination by                       contact Marlene at
Chaplain Lee Genter’s              Wilma Lorensen’s 101st Birthday            Dave & Pam Roberts                 419-861-4965 or email
     Ordination by                      by St. Paul, Oak Harbor          Arthur Rohrs by               
     Dave & Pam Roberts                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Rohrs

Donations (continued)              Ruth Kurtz-Lauer                      Doris Ott                            Margene Spring
April 1 - June 30, 2009            Julie & Larry Kurtz                   Pauline Oxender                      Mr. & Mrs. Geo Streepey
                                   Marlene LaChine                       Debbie Papay & Brian Carder          Joan Strouse
Stacey Grubbs                      Rev. & Mrs. John                      Mr. & Mrs. Ed Parker                 Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Studtmann
Joan Haddox                              Landskroener                    James & JoAnn Parker                 Alfred & Doris Stuever
Stephen Haines                     Steve Lankenau                        Sandra Pears                         Rose Thomson
Richard Halbach                    Leroy & Barbara Lashaway              Karen Pease                          Mr. & Mrs. Parker Tracy
Emmett Hallick                     Rev. & Mrs. Dennis Lauman             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Perry              United Way of Greater Toledo
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harrold         Bree Lee                              Emma Poulson                         Cindy Vincent
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Heitz           Kathy Lemmerbrock                     Mr. & Mrs. Bob Power                 Deanna Waldron
Rosella Helberg                    Mr. & Mrs. Lohmann                    Thomas Preston                       Ruth Wale
John & Linda Henry                 Bishop Marcus &                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Walls
Violet Herner                            Heidemarie Lohrmann                  Quaintance                      Robert Walters
Martha Heugstler                   Jeri Longeway                         Mr. & Mrs. Lester Ramler             Evelyn Warren
Minnie Hills                       Sandy Luce                            Rev. & Mrs. Norm Ritterling          Rev. & Mrs. Donald Weiss
Marion Hinkle                      Lutheran Memorial Home                Don & Mary Ritzenthaler              Jeff & Nancy Wellman
Lois Holas                               Auxiliary                       Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Roan              Diane Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hollie          Ruth Marquardt                        Dave & Pam Roberts                   Rev. & Mrs. Thomas Wilson
Therene Hollis                     Kevin & Kathy Martin                  Marilyn Rosebrock                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wingerter
Juanita Hollis                     Sheryl Martinez                       Carl & Theda Ruetz                   Kathryn Wohlers
Carla Horst                        Gregory McCarty                       Jeannette Sampsell                   Nancy Yunker
Andrew Horvath                     Mr. & Mrs. Dexter McMaster            James Sansbury                       Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Zachrich
Elmer Horvath                      Eleanor McPeak                        Mary Satterfield                     Mel Zehnder
Erma Hughes                        Phil & Carol Meuser                   Marjorie Schaefer                    Florence Zoltner
Brenda Huntley                     Patty & Art Michaelis                 Jeffrey & Lorinda Schalk
John Irwin                         John & Darlene Nelsen                 David Schellhase                            LHS Foundation
Leslie Johnson                     Rev. & Mrs. Al Nelson                 Edward Schilman                            Mission Statement
Judith Jones                       Cynthia Newton                        Dorothea Schmidt
Dorothy Jorgensen                  Dr. & Mrs. Neal Norris                Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Schulte                 LHS Foundation is
Mercedes Keating                   Northwestern Ohio Synod               Ivadell Seren                            organized to gather,
William Kinschner                  Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth                    Mr. & Mrs. Dale Shimer                   receive, invest, and
Charlotte Kirk                           Nungester                       Mr. & Mrs. Don Shinew                       disburse monies
Mary Kohn                          ODOT Employees                        Mary & Steven Shurts                     solely to benefit the
Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Konst             Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Olman                 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Slee                    ministries of Lutheran
Lee & Jane Kreps                   Mia Ortega                            Judy Sloan
                                                                                                                     Homes Society.
Katherine Kuhn                     Claren & Phyllis Osmun                James & Louise Sommers


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