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					Psalm 119

Some Key Words/Phrases
Revive me, Teach me, Meditate on, Delight in, Keep/Observe commands, Walk in, Wait in/for,
Precepts, statutes, commandments, testimonies, law, judgments, word, ordinances, wonders,

REVIVE – Chayah (KJV= Quicken me in; ESV= Give me life)
Strong's Numbe r: 02421                                                                                 hyx
O riginal Word                                               Word O rigin

    hyx                                                           a primitive root [compare (02331), (02421)]

Translite rated Word                                         Phone tic Spe lling
    Chayah                                                        khaw-yaw'
Parts of Spee ch                                             TWOT
    Ve rb                                                         644

De finition
            1. to live, have life, remain alive, sustain life, live prosperously, live for ever, be quickened, be
               alive, be restored to life or health
                    a. (Qal)
                            1. to live 1a
                    b. to have life 1a
                    c. to continue in life, remain alive 1a
                    d. to sustain life, to live on or upon 1a
                    e. to live (prosperously)
                            1. to revive, be quickened 1a
                    f. from sickness 1a
                    g. from discouragement 1a
                    h. from faintness 1a
                    i. from death
                    j. (Piel)
                            1. to preserve alive, let live
                            2. to give life
                            3. to quicken, revive, refresh 1b
                    k. to restore to life 1b
                    l. to cause to grow 1b
                    m. to restore 1b
                    n. to revive
                    o. (Hiphil)
                            1. to preserve alive, let live
                            2. to quicken, revive 1c
                    p. to restore (to health) 1c
                    q. to revive 1c
                    r. to restore to life
                             My Observation & how/what to pray/do from Ps 119

What I need to do:                                      What I need to ask God to do: (esp v17-40)
v2 Observe His testimonies                              v1-2 Bless
v2 Seek Him with all my heart                           v5. Help establish my ways to keep law
v3 Walk in His ways                                     v10? Do not let me wander from your statutes
v4-5, 8, 44 Keep His precepts/statutes                  v12, 26, 33 Teach me
v7 Give Thanks to Him                                   v18 Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things
v7 Learn                                                from Your law
v15 Meditate on His precepts                            v22 take away reproach and contempt from me
v16, 47 Delight in His statutes                         v25 Revive me
v31 Cling to His testimonies                            v27,34 Make me understand/give me understanding
Long for                                                v28 Strengthen me
v42 Trust in Your word                                  v29 Remove false ways from me
v43 Wait for Your ordinances
Love your law
Believe in

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