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Toxic Medicine


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									                 Toxic Medicine
    The Dangers of Mercury Contamination
                                                                                                year into the atmosphere through burning
                                                                                                coal. In the U.S. alone, hospitals that burn
                           John Moore                                                           their wastes put 20 tons a year into the
                                                                                                atmosphere. All plastics manufacturing
                                                                                                put a ton of it in the atmosphere. Farmers
       Since John Moore almost died from mercury poisoning in 1974, that                        in the past have also done so. I don’t know
    highly toxic element has haunted the man. He was and is an industrial                       whether it is currently being used or not,
    engineer, at one time working with the Boeing Company.                                      but mercury is still labeled as an insecti-
       All of life’s work became an aside once he decided to find out what                      cide — methone ethyl mercury, which is a
    happened to him. He became a mercury/dental health researcher. He now                       really nasty form of mercury, is used on
    assists those who want to learn and perhaps rescue themselves from the                      seeds. The purple/pink color one might
                                                                                                find on seeds is classically mercury fungi-
    planet’s ubiquitous contaminant. He taught classes to dental and health
                                                                                                cide that has been applied. Farmers are
    professionals for three years, often with up to 100 persons per session.                    using mercury, and there are a lot of crops
    His expertise was acknowledged by author Tom Warren in the book                             that have been sprayed over the years with
    Reversing Chronic Diseases, along with fellow researcher Gary Tunsky.                       mercurial fungicide.
    The illustration of mercury vapor escaping a mercury seat is taken from
    Warren’s book. Our interview starts with a half question about that near-                   ACRES U.S.A. Wasn’t there a case where
    death experience.                                                                           quite a number of people were poisoned
       The sidebar is based on an interview with Gary Tunsky, who is men-                       by accidentally eating poison-treated
    tioned by Moore in this interview.
                                                                                                MOORE. Absolutely. We sent bags and
                                                                                                bags of seed grain to Iraq around 1974. It
ACRES U.S.A. You had a near-death                ACRES U.S.A. How does this mercury             had a skull and crossbones on it, but many
experience with mercury. Will you tell us        get to the brain?                              Iraqis, instead of planting the seeds,
about it?                                                                                       ground it and ate it as flour. Five hundred
                                                 MOORE. It is the vapor from amalgam            people died initially, and 6,526 people
JOHN MOORE. I came close to dying                fillings coming off the tooth that gets us.    were hospitalized over the next five years.
— I was about two months away. Around            It is not generally the liquid mercury per     The really bizarre problem here is that it
1985 I noticed that my health was going          se, though that can get you, too. It was       took them a year to figure out what
downhill, and I just did not have the ener-      mercury vapor coming off the fillings of       happened, even with such a massive,
gy I had once had. That was my chief             the teeth that was the primary source of       industrial-strength poisoning. The reason
complaint at that time. As time pro-             my poisoning — although fish also              is that it doesn’t show up in the blood, and
gressed, I continued to go downhill, and I       played somewhat of a role because I did        it doesn’t show up in the urine. If I were to
continued to lose my memory. I would             happen to like fish and they are often poi-    pick you up and put you in a bucket of
ask my wife a question and she would say,        soned with mercury, as well.                   mercury bare-naked and took you out and
“You just asked me that question a minute                                                       tried to check you for contamination, if we
ago!” I was adamant that I                       ACRES U.S.A. This is ocean fish as well        didn’t do it instantly, within the first two
hadn’t asked and that I was not losing my        as freshwater fish?                            minutes, that mercury would be bound up.
memory, but indeed, that was the case. In                                                       It gets bound up quickly in the tissue, on
the early part, I reached the point where        MOORE. You bet.                                the outside of the cell, and crosses the cell
the fatigue was so overwhelming that I                                                          membrane to go inside the cell and play
could not do any work and was absolute-          ACRES U.S.A. What is the source?               with the RNA and DNA. It changes the
ly unable to function. I became antisocial                                                      cell, making it a bastard cell.
— I didn’t want to talk to anybody. My           MOORE. The primary source of pollu-
wife would say good morning to me, and           tion for freshwater, and salt water for that   ACRES U.S.A. And there is nothing you
I would want to rip her head off — which         matter, is industrial pollution. Coal-fire     can do about it.
I proceeded to do verbally. I knew it was        power plants put 40 tons of mercury a
wrong as I was doing it, but I felt power-                                                      MOORE. There is something you can do
less to stop it. It was a bizarre scenario for                  Reprinted from
                                                                                                about it. You can detoxify the body for
me, because I was not normally like that.                                                       mercury and get the amalgam fillings out
                                                                                                of the teeth. It is the fillings that are the
                                                                                                main source according to the World
                                                                                                Health Organization.
                                                        November 2003 • Vol. 33, No. 11
Clouds of mercury vapor are released from a 50-year-old amalgam filling (held in forceps), heated to body temperature (98.6 F) and
lighly scratched with a pocket knife (from Reversing Chronic Disease, by Tom Warren).

ACRES U.S.A. Why did the American                MOORE. All plastics are preserved with         automobile be giving off these vapors that
Dental Association come down on Hal              mercury, and the reason is to stop the UV      you are speaking of?
Huggins then?                                    light from damaging the plastic. You can-
                                                 not contain the mercury because it off-        MOORE. They sure do, and all the new
MOORE. That is an interesting question.          gasses, starting from a liquid at 50 degrees   car dealerships know about it in the sum-
The American Dental Association for years        below zero Fahrenheit. At -50 F, mercury       mertime. They hire people to go in when
and years has said that the mercury doesn’t      starts to off-gas into the atmosphere, and     the heat of the day comes on to clean off
go anywhere. Then approximately 15 to 20         as you raise the temperature, it off-gasses    the gray haze on the inside of the car. It’s
years ago, they finally admitted, yes, some      even more. Well, our mouth is nearly           the mercury that has off-gassed from the
of it does come out of the fillings, but it is   148.6 degrees higher than that, so mercu-      plastics and condensed on the windows.
an insignificant amount, and it doesn’t          ry off-gasses very readily from the mouth.
cause a problem. Their only mistake was          I believe mercury is the main cause of         ACRES U.S.A. So if you own a car like
that it took them 25 years to finally create     MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s and          that and you get in when it has been sitting
a problem that would allow them to pull          autism, along with any neuromuscular           in the sun, you get a nice lung-full of it
Hal Huggins’ license. That was just too          disease because it strips the myelin           right there.
long, because the people who knew about          sheathing off the nerves.
his work on the effects of mercury got on                                                       MOORE. You absolutely do. A friend of
the bandwagon when they heard what was           ACRES U.S.A. This material is used in          mine, Tom Warren, who wrote the book
happening to him.                                all plastics and all the materials in a        Beating Alzheimer’s, shows the before-
                                                 brand-new automobile. Wouldn’t a new           and-after CAT scans that demonstrate pre-
ACRES U.S.A. Let’s go back. We under-                                                           cisely that. Tom came here one day in a
stand where it comes from when you are                                                          relatively new car, about a year old, and he
using pesticides and even from inocula-                         Reprinted from                  was just foggy as a jaybird. He was on his
tions. But isn’t mercury also a signal                                                          way down to Mexico to work with one of
product in the manufacture of wood prod-                                                        the doctors in a clinic down there. He was
ucts, fabrics, plastics, that sort of thing?                                                    so foggy that I asked him if he had been
                                                        November 2003 • Vol. 33, No. 11
                                                                                                eating fish again, because that is a classic
source, and he was having a classic
response from eating seafood of any sort
— fish, clams, oysters, shrimp, all of that.
My wife asked, “Is it the car?” I checked
it, and sure enough it was the car that was
                                                Evil Molecule = Slow Death
causing the problem. I told him to get an          It takes over the four oxygen sites on the red blood cell. If all are taken over,
ozone machine, which he already had, and       death follows promptly. That, in a nutshell, is the story of mercury. All else is
run it in the car on full for 12 to 24 hours   merely elaboration. It is possible for 3 7/8 of the sites to be taken over and still
before he drove again. I told him to also      have life.
drive with the windows open. He did both           Mercury, whatever its source, kills the oxygen off its normally occupied
those things and got down and back just        sites. This is a way of saying the oxygen cannot compete with this non-
fine.                                          radioactive toxin. There is a big connection between mercury and renal dis-
                                               ease, which may explain why dialysis clinics are springing up like shacks in a
ACRES U.S.A. Manufacturing, teeth,             gold field. Mercury has a stubborn cling capacity. It defies testing and gives up
medicines, doesn’t this sort of come up to     the sites it occupies with pig-headed reluctance. Cellulase, a plant enzyme, will
an equation of war? How can you have a         pull mercury out of the body and reduce the burden greatly, but without kidney
war without mercury when we fight them         function, only redistribution takes place.
the way we do today?                               Students of the subject not affiliated with government-approved clinics
                                               claim that renal failure is caused by a mercury overload and parasites. Mercury
MOORE. You may be interested to know           has to be chelated out, albeit not with EDTA or IV DNPS, according to this line
that fulminated mercury, which is one of       of thinking; or the IV push. Perhaps one capsule of DNPS orally with a chal-
the compounds in gunpowder, was                lenge test describes this cautious conventional wisdom.
brought over here by DuPont when he                Whatever so-called settled science turns out to be, finding the source of
came in the early years. It is absolutely      mercury poisoning rates first attention. Its transport to the brain demands a
part of the gun industry and has been for      reading of history — the careless growth of technology and the needless ex-
years. At one time people cleaned guns by      pansion of its use in plastics, building materials and medicines stand as a mon-
putting mercury in the barrel because it       ument to the stupidity of man. Its use to cure syphilis is legend, and so is the
will dissolve other loose metals. It is used   danger of the cure. It has been and remains the base poison on the planet. Once
in the trigger mechanism for the atomic        mercury becomes involved, a dementia takes over. Poison becomes medicine,
bomb. There were 4,000 commercial uses         and medicine becomes poison.
recorded about 25 years ago, today my              DuPont rode to fame as a munitions maker. Modern war without mercury is
guess would be closer to 12,000.               not possible. Nor is Gresham’s money good without gold, and gold invites mer-
Fluorescent tubes, of course, have mercu-      cury in its historical extraction process. The rule of thumb among the sour-
ry in them. That is what makes them work       doughs was that to get one ounce of gold, it took four ounces of mercury. The
— one drop in each one of them, and            curse of gold — Robert Service style — the debilitation of the miner has to do
when they finally get to the point where       with metabolic corruption, mercury vapor being implicated.
that drop has escaped through the glass,           Like the dental folly, gold is an amalgam product. Mercury releases the gold
then they stop working because they don’t      trapped in ore. Early on, alchemists tried to turn base metals into gold, the uni-
have the mercury to electrify the tube.        versal currency. Alexander Pope best described the high-and-mighty leaders
They came out with these new screw-in          who could afford mercury as medicine:
light bulbs that are low energy, those are         See the blind beggar dance, the cripple sing,
mercury light bulbs. That is one of the            The sot a hero, lunatic a King.
most recent uses of it. Some areas that are        Then as now, doctors killed their patients.
aware of this have stopped encouraging
people to use these bulbs.                                                 MODERN ALCHEMISTS
                                                   When DuPont decided everything could be made out of a test tube, it was
ACRES U.S.A. What was the connection           the end of organic man. Hemp gas, hemp oil, hemp medicine were proscribed.
between the processing of gold and mer-        Cannabis-based medicine became anathema. The wipeout enabled DuPont,
cury?                                          Hearst, Getty and their lackeys to reorganize society. Marijuana became tied to
                                               parts of society deemed alien, and the lie called coal-tar derivative drugs be-
MOORE. It might be of interest to know         came the Matrix slavery of modernity.
that the biggest country to send ships to          When DuPont patented biodegradable plastics in 1937 — stronger than car-
the New World in the era of discovery was      bon fiber — mercury was used in the process. Mercury became a constituent
Spain. Spain has the largest mercury mine      part of paper manufacturing, concrete products, automobile motors, and, not
on the planet. The kings of Spain at the       least, mercury came to medicines.
time were looking for gold in the                  The symbol Hg conjures up the firm M.G. Merck — short for mercury. The
Americas. So as the ships came over they       new medicines do not work with nature. They short-circuit and destroy the
were full of mercury in the holds, and it      components of the body while treating one specific thing. All are toxic pack-
was kept in leather pouches, and it was        ages.
off-gassing. People were breathing the             The unfolding consequence has been the outlawing of holistic medicine.
               Reprinted from
                                               Cannabis, extracts, tinctures, all have been relegated to the underworld. Food, fu-
                                               el, fiber, clothing, and crop pests were no longer a factor, reformulation became
                                               the new deity. But the throne of this new deity had to be made of mercury.
                                                                                                                     see next page
        November 2003 • Vol. 33, No. 11
gasses, and there were mutinies and all
kinds of weird things happening. But they
got over here, at least some of them, and
they had the ore crushed and brought out
of the mines by natives, and then they
                                                    Evil Molecule . . .
would pour mercury over the ore, which                                                                             from previous page
would dissolve the gold and put it into the
mercury solution. Then they would pour                 A new car is almost 90 percent plastic inside. Leave the windows rolled up
the mercury solution off, heat it up to             for two or three days in hot weather, and a haze will coat the windows. That’s
vaporize the mercury, and what was left             the chemistry of mercury escaping.
was the gold. The miners that were doing               Mercury stops fungus. It stops it in well over 4,000 products. Preparation H,
this work went crazy, much as in the Alice          spermicides, vaginal lubricants, all survive in the market because they comply
In Wonderland story’s Mad Hatter. The               with the modern make-it-to-the-door test. If you make it to the door after using
hatters of that time actually made fur felt         the product, then you haven’t been hurt.
hats with mercury. In 1685 in England,
France and Danbury, Connecticut, hatters                                                CULTURES
routinely went mad. They don’t use mer-                 Men who build medicines build labs. The weapons of mass destruction are
cury for hat-making any more, but they              afloat on the planet everywhere. One of the greatest weapons has been put in
still use it for gold mining. They are still        the mouths of people with the blessings of scientists and dentists who are not
using it along the Amazon River. National           much more advanced in real knowledge than shamans in the Stone Age. Re-
Geographic has done some pictures of the            sultant neurological damage is evident, especially in those with too much ready
underwater wreckage of ships that sunk              access to fine hospitals, legislative chambers and imperial stations of govern-
on the way over here, and you can see the           ment.
leather pouches still down there with mer-              The lethal passenger rides along in the red blood cells. The body sees such
cury sometimes spewing out of them. The             cells as non-cells and destroys them.
ships returning had gold. The first ship on             The 1974 dumping law must have concluded that plastics were too toxic to
the way back always carried the gold.               be dumped. Therefore, the judgement was made to use the stuff as fertilizer,
                                                    thereby feeding it back to people, much as fluoride is fed to people in the wa-
ACRES U.S.A. Can you explain the                    ter supply.
attachment or mechanism of using mercu-                 Among 1.25 billion pounds of pesticides for crop rescue, all the industrial
ry in these inoculations that we lavish on          waste fertilizers, and all the heavy metal wastes lives the hapless human being.
troops going into war zones and on our              The only caveat seems to be that metaphor in Genesis about tasting the forbid-
children at very tender ages?                       den fruit. The interview on these pages, along with this codicil, should cause
                                                    readers to think long and hard about their daily load.
MOORE. Eli Lily, in 1929, did a study                   So far the only remedy from the leaders has been to ship industry out to
and found that by using a product called            poverty pockets of the world.
thimerosal they could preserve medicines.               For 160 years dentists were asked to sign a pledge never to use amalgam.
They gave these shots to dying people,              When a majority vetoed the code, the new leaders formed the American Den-
who of course all died, and based on that           tal Association. The decision is understandable. The proponents of mercury
decided it was safe. There is just one              fillings already had poisoning and were exhibiting a loss of mental acuity. Gold
small problem with this, thimerosal con-            fever was ever triumphant.
tains elemental mercury, which is the                   It can be calculated that the people in power have a higher mercury load than
most toxic item known on the planet that            the non-industrial worker, perhaps a high as a concrete finisher. The Pentagon
is not radioactive. You cannot contain it in        drills and fills. Gulf War soldiers have an average of 12 fillings. The shots they
any form, glass, metal or anything — it             receive often exceed two dozen.
goes right through it. They hop that up a               There may be evil empires. Certainly we have weapons of mass destruction
thousand times to convert it to methyl              even if none are found lying around. Above all, we have mercury, some 20 mil-
mercury, which thus is a thousand times             lion tons a year, according to best estimates.
more toxic than elemental mercury, and                  The evil molecule = slow death.
then they move it up to ethyl mercury,
which is even more toxic. But they are not
satisfied with that, the vaccine manufac-       MOORE. The Autism Research Institute,          eating. The child comes out already con-
turers throw in aluminum, and that hops it      in their 65-page report, at the very top it    taminated with mercury, which causes
up 10 times more.                               says, “Autism: A Unique Form of Mercury        birth defects. According to the Merck
                                                Poisoning.” They have done studies on          Veterinary Manual, mercury causes birth
ACRES U.S.A. What is the purpose of             children just coming out of the womb, and      defects, it is a carcinogen, and it is embry-
this?                                           they are born with mercury in their sys-       ocidal – all of those conditions, however,
                                                tems. You know how everyone says how           appear to be missing in the Merck Manual
MOORE. They are using it as a preserva-         radiant pregnant women look? They              for humans. I think that is very interesting.
tive, that is the purpose. It is 10,000 times   should look radiant, because in a way the
more toxic than elemental mercury.              child is cleaning out the mother’s body as                    Reprinted from
                                                they both use the same blood supply. The
ACRES U.S.A. They are able to preserve          child comes out of the womb with mercu-
this vaccine, but what does it do to people     ry from either the mother’s vaccines, fill-
on the receiving end?                           ings in her teeth, or fish she may have been           November 2003 • Vol. 33, No. 11
It causes damage to the central nervous         MOORE. The bottom line is that every             MOORE. That’s exactly right. It is a $7
system. When the child is born they begin       school district gets $50 to $100 for every       billion-a-year industry. Incidentally, all
to receive shots — right after birth the        child they enroll who gets all their vaccine     the flu and pneumonia shots that we all,
baby is given a Hepatitis B shot. The child     shots. This comes from Health and                especially seniors, get every year — those
has to be able to make bile in order to get     Human Services. Just as an interesting           are all preserved with thimerosal, the mer-
mercury out of the body, that is, if they are   aside, Dr. Jonathan Wright has reported          cury preservative. The rest of the story is
able to get mercury out of the body. It         that schools are getting up to $1,000 per        that the vaccine manufacturers have start-
takes six months for that to occur; infants     child to get them on Ritilin. He reported        ed to say that their vaccines are mercury-
do not make bile for the first six months of    this in one of his newsletters. Now I            free. I got some of the drug sheets on
life. So all of the shots these children get    understand why they are forcing children         some of the so-called mercury-free shots,
before that age carry a great risk.             into these programs. When the CDC was            and if you read the drug sheet, you can see
                                                asked the question, are your children            how much thimerosal is in there. That is
ACRES U.S.A. They are getting loaded            required to take the immunization shots?         like saying you can have a mercury-free
with a handicap right up front.                 The answer that the CDC gave was an              amalgam filling. With the amount of
                                                absolute no, it is not mandatory. The            thimerosal that are in vaccines, by the
MOORE. Our children are being poi-              schools, however, want you to think that         time children are 2 years of age they are
soned on a massive scale. You may have          vaccines are mandatory because they have         so poisoned it is incredible. And they do
heard that there are 26 law firms that are      a dollar sign in front of each child. There      use it in vet vaccines, as well. It is used to
after the vaccine manufacturers, suing          is nowhere, anywhere that I am aware of,         preserve at least some, if not all, of the
them because of this. With the Homeland         where it is currently mandatory — except         IVs we get in the hospital. If you walk
Security Act, the government exonerated         perhaps in Minnesota, where they were            into a hospital or nursing home you are
Eli Lily and one other vaccine manufac-         trying to force through a Homeland               going to find it is mercury poisoned,
turer that made the smallpox vaccine.           Security type of thing that would allow          because you have so many people in there
                                                them to force you to get vaccines, and           just off-gassing mercury.
ACRES U.S.A. They did this by legisla-          they are trying to do this everywhere.
tion and took them off the hook?                                                                 ACRES U.S.A. What is the mechanism
                                                ACRES U.S.A. But the schools are the             — how does mercury work? We know it
MOORE. Yes. I have heard that portion           ones that enforce it, and they won’t let the     gets in the brain and the nervous system.
of the act has been rescinded, although I       children in without the vaccines.                Is the river of blood in the body used as a
don’t know that for certain. There was a                                                         conduit for mercury?
lot of flack raised over the thing. The         MOORE. It’s more simple than that. If a
interesting part of this story is that when     principal or school board is keeping a           MOORE. There were sheep studies done
the smallpox vaccine scare came out and         child out of school because they do not          at the University of Calgary around 1989
they wanted all the healthcare people in        have vaccines, you tell them this: you will      or 1990, in which they put radioactive
this country to get vaccinated, they made       be happy to have the child inoculated pro-       mercury in fillings, which were then
400,000 vaccines up for the healthcare          vided the principal (or whomever) will           placed in sheep. They used a very minor
industry. Approximately 12,000 people           sign a form that says they will pay for any      amount as a trace element. The reason
took the vaccines, but the other 388,000        damage caused to your child as a result of       they used radioactive mercury was so that
told them thank you, but no thank you!          that shot for the rest of its life. Most of      it would be distinguishable from any other
When they were asked why, the labor             them are not prepared to do that. Parents        mercury that might already be present in
union said, “Until you come up with a           can ask for the exemption form. I have a         the sheep. What they found was that with-
screening process to tell us who is at most     friend who has for six years now gone to         in 28 or 29 days the mercury went through
risk for this vaccine, and until you come       the school district — his kids are now 12        the entire system of the animal, including
up with a compensation plan to pay the          and 13 — and every year the school dis-          crossing the placental membrane and
people who are injured by it, we don’t          trict says, “Your children have to have          going into the fetus. The animals were
want any part of it.” I was following the       shots or they cannot go to school.” Each         euthanized and tested using a radio scope,
smallpox vaccine story as they went             year he has asks for the exemption form.         and they found mercury literally every-
around the country and did these trial          He finally has them pretty well educated         where in the body, massively in the gas-
studies in universities, supposedly on          to the fact that he is not going to do it, but   trointestinal area. It goes everywhere very
some of our healthiest individuals. They        you have to be willing to fight. Do you          rapidly. They did the sheep study because
gave these college kids the vaccines, and       know who it is that decides what vaccines        sheep chew a lot, and researchers wanted
in every single study group every person        your child is going to have? It is the CDC       to see if there was any kind of release into
in the group got sick — some were so sick       in Atlanta, the Center for Disease Control.      the system. Had there been no release,
they required antibiotics to come out of it.    The question is, who tells them? It is a         that would have been the end of the study.
This is the vaccine they wanted to give to      committee. The committee that the CDC            Based on their findings, however, they
the 400,000 healthcare workers in this          relies on to inform them about vaccine           went and did a monkey study. Once again
country.                                        requirements is made up of vaccine man-          they put radioactive mercury in the fill-
                                                ufacturing representatives. We are talking       ings, and again they found that within 28
ACRES U.S.A. And which they were                about the fox watching the chicken coop.         or 29 days it migrated throughout the
talking about giving to the entire popula-
tion. What is the status of a person who        ACRES U.S.A. So they are, in effect, poi-                       Reprinted from
does not want to have his children receive      soning America for profit just as badly as
these many inoculations that are required       people who are putting pesticides in,
to admit children into school?                  around and on the food supply.
                                                                                                         November 2003 • Vol. 33, No. 11
entire system, maybe not quite to the           and I am just not happy with it. There are      MOORE. In my opinion, mercury is
degree in each of the areas, but it certain-    some things you can do to ameliorate the        probably the most toxic material known
ly went throughout the entire system in         downside risks, but I don’t see any reason      on the planet, and in amalgam fillings it is
that time period.                               to suggest that someone try that initially.     permanently implanted into our mouths to
                                                There are other ways to do it without these     be released into the system for the balance
ACRES U.S.A. So it just rapidly contam-         risks.                                          of the life of the filling or the patient,
inates the body?                                                                                whichever comes first.
                                                ACRES U.S.A. What is a safer method?
MOORE. Mercury has many, many                                                                   ACRES U.S.A. And people who are
mechanisms, but one that is really crucial      MOORE. As I said, I use Nature’s                chewing gum all the time are releasing it
is the fact that it can off-gas. As I said      Balance chlorella. There are a multitude of     faster, more than from eating?
before, it is the gas that gets us more than    brands out there, but this is the one I like.
anything. In some cases, the mercury gets       Chlorella is a nutritional supplement that      MOORE. Pressure releases it dramatical-
on the red blood cell. There are four oxy-      has a binding agent in it that loves to grab    ly. Let me give you another example. This
gen sites on every blood cell. Now oxygen,      the heavy metals. Because of this, when         is an amazing story. My friend Nick used
let’s say, has a 1x affinity for that oxygen    you grow it in a medium that has heavy          to be part of Fiorito Construction, which
site — in other words, a bonding affinity       metals in it, it will pick up those heavy       put through one of our major freeway sys-
for that site. I will also add carbon monox-    metals. I stick with the one company            tems here in the late ’50s and early ’60s.
ide to the mix because people have usually      because I know how they grow it. The            He had 300 cement finishers who worked
one or both of these. Carbon monoxide has       detoxing problem has to be taken care of        for him. Part of Nick’s job was to go down
a 500x affinity for that binding site.          very carefully. The transit time to the rec-    to the jail every morning to bail out the
Mercury vapor, however, has an affinity in      tum has to be down to 14 hours. I use a         finishers who had gotten drunk or in fights
the thousands for that bonding site. The        product called Homozone to do that. It is       in the bars the night before. It turns out
mercury bond to the cell is incredibly tight.   an oxygen product, and a special formula-       that the Portland Cement Company is one
You cannot simply take in more oxygen or        tion of magnesium oxide goes in and             of the largest consumers of mercury on
hyperbaric or ozone and kick the mercury        cleans out the bowel. You mix a teaspoon        the planet, and they put it in cement, prob-
or the carbon monoxide off of the red           of Homozone in water and drink it, and          ably to stop fungal growth. It turns out
blood cell, it simply will not go away.         you follow it with another glass of water       that dentists have the highest rate of alco-
                                                with a third of a lemon in it, and they mix     hol and drug use of any profession, and
ACRES U.S.A. How can you kick off the           in the stomach.                                 many of them smoke cigarettes that have
mercury, then?                                                                                  opium in the white paper of the cigarette.
                                                ACRES U.S.A. What is the connection, if         All three of those things shut down the
MOORE. You have to be able to detox.            any, between renal disease and mercury?         nervous system. You could envision your
You have to have a binding agent that the                                                       central nervous system on mercury being
mercury will bond to so that you can then       MOORE. The material safety data sheets          like someone with Parkinson’s disease in
pull it out of the system.                      are put out by Dents, Ply, Caulk, which is      their hands. The central nervous system is
                                                one of the largest manufactures of vac-         shaking constantly. If you go and use
ACRES U.S.A. And what would that be?            cines. There is a page and a half of symp-      alcohol, drugs and smoking, it anes-
                                                toms, and kidney failure is one of them.        thetizes the nervous system and stops the
MOORE. There are a whole bunch of               The kidney, liver and spleen all filter the     shaking. These people are literally self-
them out there right now, but I personally      system and pull out these heavy metals, so      medicating, but they don’t realize why.
use Nature’s Balance chlorella, and only        the metals tend to settle in these filters.     Nick said that many of his cement finish-
that chlorella, because of the way it is                                                        ers were alcoholics.
grown.                                          ACRES U.S.A. The renal patient may
                                                have gotten into that position because of       ACRES U.S.A. Wasn’t there a dentist in
ACRES U.S.A. What about DNPS?                   mercury contamination.                          Canada who was a proponent of amalgam
                                                                                                and then changed his mind, or was that
MOORE. I am very nervous about                  MOORE. There is a very good possibili-          fluoride?
DNPS. It is a chelation that you can take       ty. It is usually either mercury poisoning
like an IV drip of vitamin C into your sys-     and/or parasites. They could also have an       MOORE. That was fluoride. He was the
tem. You can also use it as a push, where       adjustment out of place on the spine that       main proponent of fluoride in Canada and
you can inject it into the vein. It takes 15    is impairing the energy flow to the kidney,     then changed his mind after he looked at
minutes to do the injection, whereas if you     as well. These are the three areas to look      the research.
do the IV, it takes about 3.5 hours. A fel-     into to.
low from Finland came to the Inter-                                                             ACRES U.S.A. Is there a connection
national Academy of Oral Medicine               ACRES U.S.A. We know we are living in           between fluoride and mercury?
Toxicology here about seven years ago.          a contaminated world. We have all these
He had taken one DNPS IV chelation. He          products made with plastic. It is nearly        MOORE. I don’t know that there is a
lost his liver, kidney and spleen, and his      impossible to get a piece of furniture          direct connection between the two. The
IQ dropped from 188 down to 100. He             made with wood anymore. But even so,
told everybody not to ever do an DNPS IV        you think that this long-held practice of                     Reprinted from
chelation. I would agree with him because       the dental industry pushing amalgam fill-
I have worked with a lot of people, and I       ings may have been more of a serious
get the calls that the doctors never get. I     threat to the human condition than the rest
see the downside risk with that treatment,      of this?                                               November 2003 • Vol. 33, No. 11
metals have synergistic affects between         MOORE. Yes. It is very hard to find a           coming online. In 1994 Sweden banned
them, I do know that.                           dentist who does not use amalgam. I know        the use of amalgam for environmental
                                                a fellow up here who called me and want-        reasons. Just recently I heard that Dr.
ACRES U.S.A. What about mercury and             ed to know how to detox from mercury. He        Mats Berlin of Sweden did several studies
stannous fluoride?                              is a dentist who has stopped using it. He       at the World Health Organization on the
                                                had read that King County, here in              effects of mercury, and he recently com-
MOORE. To the best of my knowledge,             Washington, has passed a law that the den-      pleted a review of the literature from 1997
none of the research on any type of fluo-       tists, beginning this past July, have to have   through 2003 and has made a recommen-
ride has been able to come up with results      mercury separators in their offices. When       dation to the government of Sweden.
that say fluoride does anything but mottle      he read about this, he realized that some-      Sweden is now working toward getting
the teeth and weaken tooth structure. This      thing was very wrong. The dentists who          mercury banned, first in the European
is 180 degrees out of sync with what the        use amalgam are the biggest mercury pol-        Union and then worldwide. They have
industry and the dentists have been telling     luters on the planet. Mercury enters our        found such a turnaround in their people
everybody for ages. They were trying to         streams and wastewater from dentists’           with the withdrawal of mercury fillings.
get rid of the fluoride as an industrial by-    offices. I have been involved with a lot of     With their socialized medicine I think the
product The fluoride they use now comes         the hearings of the department of ecology       government pays up to 48 percent of the
from the phosphorous fertilizer industry        here in the state of Washington, only to        cost of removing fillings. Germany, I
in Florida. They have to separate the           find that much of our efforts are going         believe, has a ban on giving mercury fill-
phosphorous from the fluoride, and that is      down the drains of dentists’ offices. It goes   ings to children under 19 years and
what they put in toothpaste. If you have        into the sewage system, and the guys who        women of childbearing age. Denmark and
seen toothpaste packages now, they say          run the sewage system do not pull it out        Austria have similar bans. The one that is
that if your child ingests any amount of        because it is not cost effective for them to    really impressive is Switzerland, which
the toothpaste, you should call poison          do so. The current price, about six months      has now stopped teaching the use of mer-
control. If a child ate a tube of toothpaste,   ago, was about $2.10 per pound for mer-         cury in their dental schools.
it could be fatal.                              cury. You can make a lot of thimerosal and
                                                put a lot of fillings in for $2.10 a pound.     ACRES U.S.A. But not the dental schools
ACRES U.S.A. Let’s move on to the               They make so much money.                        of America.
enzyme systems.
                                                ACRES U.S.A. It seems money is the              MOORE. You might be interested to
MOORE. It is the 85 enzyme systems in           issue at bottom.                                know who actually sets these programs up
the body that fluoride shuts down. A                                                            for the universities in this country. The
friend of mine was a dentist in World War       MOORE. Here is one of the big problems          American Dental Association certifies
II. He had people come to him from the          that nobody realizes — in 1974 or there-        universities as to what they will teach and
highest naturally fluoridated areas of the      abouts, the Hunt brothers were playing          when they will teach it. Of course, when
country. He found that the sort of drill he     with the price of silver on the commodi-        you get out of dental school, you join the
would normally use to do one filling            ties market. The dentists from 1819 to          American Dental Association. They also
could do three or four fillings on people       1974 had a formulation of 50-52 percent         indirectly control the dental quality assur-
from high-fluoride areas. The enamel was        mercury for fillings — it fluctuates            ance commissions or dental boards at the
very soft in these individuals. It is like a    depending on the actual alloy — with 30         state level to insure that their policies are
mercury amalgam filling. There is no            percent silver, 4 percent copper, 14 per-       mandated. They have actually pulled den-
study anywhere that says this stuff is OK       cent tin and zinc. But in 1974, when the        tist’s licenses, such as that of Dr. Huggins
to put into the human body, and I don’t         price of silver went up, they decided to        and others, until these doctors started get-
know of a single study that proves fluo-        switch the copper and silver in amalgam.        ting attorneys and fighting back.
ride is good for teeth. There is a lot of       They came out with what was called the
money floating around and changing              high-copper amalgam. This amalgam               ACRES U.S.A. You mean they have tried
hands so that the dentists and the ADA          actually releases both mercury and copper       to get rid of dentists over this amalgam
will support the fluoride issue, but there is   50 times faster than the old fillings had       issue?
no science.                                     done. Instead of taking 30 to 40 years to
                                                build up enough mercury in the system to        MOORE. That’s right. In 1987 the ADA
ACRES U.S.A. Is there anything else you         cause a major system breakdown, you             changed their code of ethics, and if your
want to share with our readers?                 now get that in three to five years. This is    dentist even told you that half the filling
                                                a huge compression of time. Dentists may        material was mercury and the ADA found
MOORE. One of the things I usually start        or may not be around to see what they’ve        out about it, they could arrange for the dis-
with when I speak is to say, “My dentist        done — typically they live about 50 years,      ciplinary boards to pull his or her license.
forgot to tell me something. My dentist         and often they commit suicide, which is a       I’d say at that point it became a wholesale
forgot to tell me that half the filling mate-   classic symptom of mercury poisoning.           coverup. One of the top mercury
rial he was going to put in my mouth was                                                        researchers has said that 95 percent of our
a highly toxic poison that could make me        ACRES U.S.A. Haven’t some of the                health problems emanate from mercury.
go blind or die and was it OK with me if        Scandinavian countries made steps               That is a huge number.
he did that.”                                   toward removing amalgam from the pro-
                                                fession?                                                       Reprinted from
ACRES U.S.A. You are speaking of silver
amalgam fillings.                               MOORE. Yes. Sweden has been the
                                                leader in this, and Norway is following
                                                suit. The Norwegian change is just now                  November 2003 • Vol. 33, No. 11
ACRES U.S.A. One of the growth indus-         doctor who looks at that report thinking
tries in the United States, you probably      that 20 micrograms or more is of concern
have observed, is the construction and        is going to think I am clean as can be. So
operation of dialysis clinics. This connec-   all of the dentist’s studies — if they have
tion with the mercury syndrome seems          even been done — will pull the blood and
obvious, but renal doctors do not seem to     the urine. They won’t find it there. Most of    Acres U.S.A. is the national journal of sustainable
be aware of either the fungus or the mer-     the time they won’t find it in the hair,       agriculture, standing virtually alone with a real track
cury connection to renal disease.             either. You can take a sample of your hair      record — over 30 years of continuous publication.
                                              and not find it, but interestingly, if you       Eash issue is packed full of information eco-con-
MOORE. Here is the problem: It is not         detox for six months and take another hair       sultants regularly charge top dollar for. You’ll be
                                                                                             kept up-to-date on all of the news that affects agri-
possible to find the mercury in the blood     sample it will show up. You have to know
                                                                                                 culture — regulations, discoveries, research
or the urine.                                 the footprint of mercury, how it works and
                                                                                               updates, organic certification issues, and more.
                                              what it does in the human body, and then
ACRES U.S.A. In other words, it finds         you can begin to address it — but until you                  To subscribe, call
hiding places so secure you cannot even       do that, you can’t see it.                     1-800-355-5313
detect it, but you have to postulate it is                                                      (toll-free in the U.S. & Canada)
there because of its general ubiquitous                                                       512-892-4400 • fax 512-892-4448
presence in the environment.                     John Moore can be contacted via e-
                                              mail at <jeme moore@yahoo.com>.                 P.O. Box 91299 • Austin, TX 78709
                                              Tom Warren’s Reversing Chronic                           info @ acresusa.com
MOORE. Here is the bottom line: Dr.
                                              Disease is available from the author,                   Or subscribe online at:
Huggins found that four to eight micro-                                                                 www.acresusa.com
grams of mercury per liter of urine was our   whose website is at <www.beatingchron-
normal exposure rate. In my case, it was      icdisease.com>.
0.7, which means I was holding onto it. A

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