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          Monday, April 11, 2011

                                                                                       Situation vacant                                                                                                                                            FoR HiRE

               For an architecture and interior Design consultant:                                                                           a wELL EStaBLiSHED conStRuction                                                                              BAckhoe loAder
                                                                                                                                                  coMPanY iS LookinG FoR                                                                                     for hire

        Senior Site Mechanical Engineer (10+ years of experience)                                                                                                                                                MObILE CRANE AvAILAbLE
        ✰	 Checks quality of mechanical works for full compliance with the specification                                                                                                                         16 tON tO 450 tON
           requirements and approvals.
        ✰		Checks, reviews, and approves all the mechanical materials submittals,
                                                                                                                                            1. Project Manager                                                   =
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     40 Ft tRAILORs, bOOM tRUCk,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     WAtER tANkERs

           proposals, and samples.
                                                                                                                                            2. Project Engineer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 =   NAchAl (DuMp TRuck) 19cu3 / 32 cu3
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 =   WhEEL LOAdER 966, bULdOzER d8
        ✰		Monitor the construction activities of the mechanical and HVAC contractors on site.                                                                                                                   =
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     GRADER 12G/14G
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ROLLER 1 tON, 3 tON, 10 tON
        ✰		Prepare progress reports and recommend the acceptable completed progress
                                                                                                                                            3. Site Engineer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 =   JCb bACkhOE, bObCAt, tOWER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     LIghts, COMpREssOR, WELdINg pLANt
           percentages to the client.                                                                                                                                                                            =   MANLIFt 15 MtRs tO 43 MtRs.

        ✰	 	Must possess strong knowledge of MEP codes and standards in Qatar.
                                                                                                                                            4. Foreman Finishes                                                  CALL FOR INQUIRY MR. Munir 55535476, 55844908, FAX: 44672399.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   E-MAIL: alfarhan_qa@yahoo.com (Al Farhan Est.)
        Senior Site Electrical Engineer (10+ years of experience)                                                                                                                                                       ****** We lift your profits up ******
        ✰ Checks quality of electrical works for full compliance with the specification
                                                                                                                                            5. Foreman concrete
           requirements and approvals.
        ✰ Checks, reviews, and approves all the electrical materials submittals, proposals,
                                                                                                                                            6. Safety Engineer                                                                                    SERvicES
           and samples.
        ✰ Monitor the construction activities of the electrical contractor on site.
                                                                                                                                            7. MEP Mechanics Engineer                                           SERvicES: A/C Maintenance, Service & Electrical work.
        ✰ Prepare progress reports and recommend the acceptable completed progress
           percentages to the client.
                                                                                                                                            8. coordinator Engineer                                              Please contact: 55430823.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                cERtiFicatE attEStation for Qatar, UAE, Oman, UK,
        ✰ Must possess strong knowledge of MEP codes and standards in Qatar.                                                                9. architect Engineer                                                USA, Australia etc... Educational, Marriage, TC, birth with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 tracking. www.attestation.in Call Genius Group Qatar:
        Site architect (5-7 years of experience)                                                                                                                                                                 33469644, Oman: +96869000997, UAE: +971 502003338
        ✰ Inspect quality of architectural work on site.
        ✰ Assist in reviewing materials, submittals, and shop drawings.
                                                                                                                                                     Please send your cv to:                                     Express service available.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                cERtiFicatE attEStation &Company Formation Certificate
        ✰ Assist in conducting design coordination meetings and record meeting minutes.                                                          i.alkhouri@shannonqatar.com                                     attestation from India ,UK, USA, Australia,Gulf countries and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Canada. (We have 15years exp. and We are approved
        Site Document controller (5-7 years of experience in engineering projects)                                                                                                                               agency in this field )We provideAtoZ Business set up
        ✰ Coordinate all activities related to the Document Control procedure.                                                                                                                                   services, PRO services, Real –estate services and PCC in
        ✰ Coordinate all technical documents, drawings, and commercial correspondences.
        ✰ Generate various document control reports as required.                                                                                    uRGEntLY REQuiRED                                            Qatar and UAE. Call Now-Helpline Group- Doha, Qatar Mob:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 66542014, 77711129, 44351974, www.helplinegroups.com
        ✰ Type all site documents and follow up all the site needs.                                                                               a leading chain of Rent a car service in Doha, Qatar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                cERtiFicatE attEStation FoR - Qatar, U.A.E, Kuwait,
                                                                                                                                            is looking for experienced persons for the following positions:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Oman, Saudi and all other countries from Foreign Ministry of
        MEP Engineer (Part-time) (5-7 years of experience)                                                                                                                                                       Delhi - India. UroGulf is the only registered attestation
        ✰ Design and develop HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting layouts and designs.                                                      1. heavY driver -5 nos                                       company in India with more than 100 branches. Contact:
        ✰ Drafting design and shop drawings using AutoCAD.                                                                                                   (Gcc valid License)                                 55206783, 33101862, email: qatar@urogulf.com Website:
        ✰ Plan and recommend MEP materials for projects (Material Selection).                                                                                                                                    www.urogulf.com
        ✰ Must possess strong knowledge of MEP codes and standards in Qatar.                                                                        2. LiGHt DRivER - 2 noS                                     GooDwiLL caRGo. Special winter offer. World wide cargo
                                                                                                                                                            (Gcc valid License)                                  services, Door to Door Services (Worldwide). Relocation
        architectural Draftsman (3-5 years of experience)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 services, Road transportation to GCC. Clearing services
        ✰		Architectural AutoCAD drafting and detailing.                                                                                        Experienced and interested candidates may send their cv to
                                                                                                                                           hipowerrentacar@gmail.com , tel : 44681056, Fax : 44683268            (Seaport/Airport). Transportation services. Call now
        ✰ 3ds-Max modeling and rendering (interior & exterior).                                                                                                                                                  44626549, 55528399, 66100318, Email: goodwill.cargo@
        ✰ Photorealistic rendering with plug-ins (V-Ray).                                                                                         Salary and other perks as the best in the industry.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                DESktoP MaintEnancE, AMC, Networking, EPABX
                   Send your CV to info@manazel-qatar.com                                                                                           accoMMoDation avaiLaBLE                                      Installation and eScan antivirus solutions provided. Please
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 contact ROUTEDGE WLL, Tel: 44437221, 44431322,
                                                                                                                                          ExE. BacHELoR, one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen available                55032337, Fax: 44412731, email: info@routedge.com www.
                                                                                                                                           in a clean & quiet villa near Street No. 10, Industrial area,         routedge.com
         urgently looking for office boy,                                          intERioR DESiGnER wantED
                                                                         We are looking for some interior designers who have               close to Toyota, Nissan workshops. Rent QR1700/- Indians             SERvicES avaiLaBLE: Collection of Sewage water with
        should have experience in this field.                                 restaurant hotel or office design experience.                / Sri lankans preferred. Contact: 66601880.                           5000 Gallons tanker from different location at price of 250 to
                                                                         Job requirements: At least have a bachelor degree of
      Please contact: 66989998 / 66992996.                              Interior design, architecture. Familiar with using design         FuLLY inDEPEnDEnt family one bedroom, kitchen, sitting,                QR450 per trip and cleaning of septic tank. Please contact:
                                                                        and office software like Autocad, Photoshop, 3ds Max /             bathroom in a clean & well maintained villa. Area Muaither            33197511, 66446117.
                          REQuiRED                                    Sketchup / V-ray. Please send your CV and your portfolio to          near Saudi super market. Rent QR2700/- Contact:
  An experience personal assistant (Executive Secretary)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                iBn aSkaR tRanSPoRt ESt. Public Transport & Rent
                                                                                     purpleinform/-a-t-/gmail.com                          66601880.
 Public relation officer for local Qatari company with Qatari                                                                                                                                                     Equipments Since 1975, We are transport from Saudi Arabia
    driving licence. Accountant / Auditor with purchasing                                                                                 MataR kaDEEM, Lulu Hyper market backside Two big                        to Qatar. 1) Lobed, 2) Trailers, 3) Customs Clearance.
   experience. Should be having Qatari licence. Building                                         BuSinESS                                  bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen family accom/available.                 Contact email: ibn-askar@hotmail.com
project Engineer BSc in Civil or equivalent must have design                                                                               Brand new villa, separate entrance. Rent QR3350/- Contact:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                niSSan Pick uP PEtRoL, Mitsubishi Pick up & Nissan
   coordination and construction experience leadership &                                                                                   55578619, 55598607.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Urvan for rent with driver or w/o driver. You can rent it with a
 material counting etc.. Prefer having Qatari driving licence.                                                                            PaRt oF viLLa / Fully Independent. One bedroom, bathroom
      Send your cv on email: hrqatar21@live.com                                         uRGEntLY in nEED oF an                                                                                                   very good price. Contact: 44592202, 66085277.
                                                                                                                                           & kitchen, Ceramic tiled in Mumtaza / Salata area. Behind
                                                                                                                                                                                                                kEY aDvERtiSinG & SoLutionS. Accounting Software.
LookinG FoR a FuLL tiME / Part time Housemaid for an                                                                                       Avis Rent A Car & Near New Salata park. Rent QR2300/-

                                                                         investing Partner
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Inventory management system. ERP web site design, Web
 Indian Keralite family. Contact: 55281499, please call after                                                                              Please call: 55126187, 30083023.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 applications, PHP, ASP, CMS, SEO, E-Advertising &
 5.30pm.                                                                                                                                  PaRt oF viLLa / FuLLY Independent. One bedroom, one
                                                                                  FOR A CONTRACTING COMPANY                                                                                                      Marketing, E Newsletter, Domain registration, web space &
wantED a/c tEcHnician for reputed firm in Doha. Contact                                                                                    hall, bathroom & kitchen, ceramic tiled, in Mumtaza / Salata          unlimited email, attractive offer. Call now: 44311705,
                                                                                      TO EXPAND BUSINESS
 mob: 55459191, 33172570, email: help@aljazeeranet.net                                                                                     area. Behind Avis Rent A Car & near New Salata park. Rent             55231633, email: info@dwcqatar.com
                                                                               400,000 – 500,000 QR nEEDED                                 QR2800/- Please call: 55126187, 55242645.
QataRi FaMiLY looking for a driver 3 years experience with
 valid Qatari driving licence and transferable visa / sponsor.               GuaRantEED HiGH MontHLY REtuRnS                              FuLLY inDEPEnDEnt Part of villa. 2 big bedroom, 1 big hall,                                      announcEMEnt
 Salary QR1000/- For inquiry, 44654501.                                                                                                    1 bath & kitchen, ceramic tiled with split A/c’s in Rawdha
                                                                                                                                           matar area. Behind Rameez & Gulf driving school (Airport
REQuiRED for training center. Female Filipino should have               caLL : +974- 44445050, 44550122 ( BinoY )                          area). Rent QR4000/- Please call: 30083023, 66902416.
 pleasing personality and having sound experience in coffee                       MoB : +974-66283342
 making. Contact: 66888456.                                                                                                               FuLLY inDEPEnDEnt Part of villa. One big bedroom, one big
                                                                                                                                           hall, bath & kitchen, ceramic tiled with split A/c’s in Rawdha
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     gULF tIMEs
uRGEntLY REQuiRED. Experienced Beauticians for a                                                                                           Matar area. Behind Rameez & Gulf driving school (Airport
 newly opened Parlour in Qatar. Filipino candidates are                                       EDucation
 preferable. Please contact: 66164945, 66796537.
                                                                                                                                           area). Rent QR3200/- Please call: 55242645, 55126187.                        Pb no. 533
                                                                                                                                          FaMiLY accoMMoDation. One room + kitchen + bathroom
FEMaLE REcEPtioniSt / Secretary - Urgent. With degree                DiPLoMa in FiRE anD SaFEtY Engineering. A Six months                  in a partitioned villa near Qatar Foundation and Lulu Express               doha - Qatar
 preferably in English or Business course. Excellent written &        duration programme - Affiliated to IFAST. Admissions Now             in Gharaffa. Rent QR1800/- Contact: 55382213, 77007593.
 verbal comm. skills with experience in Gulf region, min. 5           open. Other courses: Primavera, Autocad - 2D /3D, MS                FaMiLY accoM/ available in Madina Khalifa North near
 years as Secretary preferably in Construction / Contracting          Office, Web designing, C & C++, VB, Oracle, SQL Server,
 company. Please send CV with picture to: recruit@midmac.             Java, Tally, Peachtree, Manual Accounting, Spoken English &
                                                                                                                                           Muroor. One bedroom, one toilet, one kitchen. Ready to
                                                                                                                                           occupy. Contact: 55546475 / 55807618. Rent QR2200/-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      tel: 444 666 09
 net (only those on family / husband visa may apply).                 Arabic. Executive Secretarial training, KG I & II, Play school,
                                                                      Baby care, Karate, Kung-Fu, Dance and Gama Abacus.                  FaMiLY accoMMoDation. Two room + bathroom + kitchen                         fax: 444 188 11
uRGEntLY REQuiRED BBQ, Shawarma maker for a                                                                                                in a partitioned villa near Qatar Foundation and Lulu Express
 Restaurant in Doha. Depends on the performance good                  Contact: New Indian Education centre 44439250, 44358743.
                                                                                                                                           in Gharaffa. Rent QR2500/- Contact: 55382213, 77007593.
 salary will be provided. Call mob: 55294164, 77159136.              nationaL EDucation cEntER Regular Tuition IGCSE
                                                                                                                                          F/F SHaRinG accoM/ available in flat (Separate bedroom &              i, MicHELLEoDoY aLuDino, holder of Philippines passport
wantED ScH LicEnSED or Licencing under process                        American, British Pakistani, CBSE, Kerala Syllabi: Physics,
                                                                                                                                           bath) at Old Salata, opp. Sana Fahions for couples or small             No. TT0387200, hereby change my name to Michelleodoy
 candidates for the posts of Nurses / Lab-Technicians /               Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Business Studies &
                                                                                                                                           Indian family. Rent QR2500/- + W&E. Contact: 77377905.                  Chayeb. Any objection please contact immigration and
 Radiographers / Pharmacists. Contact: 44162525, 30025050,            Accoutancy, Airline Ticketing Course, MS Office & Spoken English.
                                                                                                                                          FaMiLY accoMMoDation available near Quality Hyper                        passport office within 15 days from the publication of this
                                                                      Admission Continues NIOS Science and Commerce Stream April
 email: doctorsqatar@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                     notice.
                                                                      2012 Examinations Tel: 44663106 / 44676355 / 66946589.               market, two bedroom, three bathroom, small corridor with
wantED DRivER, If you are reliable, trustworthy, honest,                                                                                   big kitchen. Rent QR3000/- Contact: 55357070.                        i, katHERinE MYRa PRicE, holder of New Zealand passport
                                                                     ScHoLaR acaDEMY. Nurturing Creativity. Tel: 44630675,
 hard working, speak English and have a full clean driving                                                                                                                                                         No. EA873043, hereby change my name to Katherine Myra
                                                                      44630786, info@scholaracademy.com.qa Visit us at: www.              FoR REnt. 1 bedroom flat - attached bathroom, attached
 licence. Please Fax CV to: 44532501.                                                                                                      kitchen in Al Hilal area. For family. QR1700/- Contact:                 Mcadam. Any objection please contact immigration and
                                                                      scholaracademy.info     Regular Coaching - IGCSE - SAT /
uRGEntLY nEEDED. Female Secretary preferred African or                                                                                     55063477.                                                               passport office within 15 days from the publication of this
                                                                      ACT General English & IELTS French and Arabic for
 Filipina, excellent in English language & in computer. Send                                                                                                                                                       notice.
                                                                      beginners. Animation - Multimedia, Tele media, Web media,           FiRSt FLooR FLat 3 big bedrooms, 2 bath + kitchen + hall,
 short CV only without other attachment to rahaley56@                 Print media classes. Cake baking and decoration beginners            for immediate occupation behind Gulf Times, Al Hilal.                i, naSEEM BiBi SaiD RaHiM, holder of Pakistan passport
 yahoo.com                                                            to professional level Music - Piano, Guitar, Drums.                  QR4900/- Contact: 77292091.                                            No. KH102603, hereby change my name to Naseem Bibi
SMaLL kERaLitE FaMiLY looking for a full time housemaid.                                                                                                                                                          Kausar Zaman. Any objection please contact immigration
                                                                     FaMiLY coMPutER cEntRE oFFERS High quality training
 Please call: 77327958.                                                                                                                                                                                           and passport office within 15 days from the publication of
                                                                      offered for AutoCAD 2011, 3Ds Max 2010 and Primavera                                          FoR REnt                                      this notice.
caR DRivER REQuiRED. 2 - 3 year’s experienced driver,                 6.7, assures individual attention. Highly qualified and
 expert in Office routine work - knowledge of Doha roads with         experienced instructors. For more details call 44435361 /
                                                                                                                                          caR, MitSuBiSHi, 2006, Pick-up, 3 tonnes with / without
 valid Qatari licence - NOC. Fax resume - 44696925.                   44370779. E-mail:training@fccqatar.com or visit us at www.
                                                                                                                                           driver. Contact: 77758712.
conStRuction coMPanY is urgently in need of Steel
 Fixture and Site Engineer and Finishing Foremen with a                                                                                                                                                         MonEY PuRSE LoSt: 1) Qatar ID Card (No. 27735601406),
                                                                                              REnt a caR
 minimum of 5 years experience. Contact 66167678.                                                                                           Classified advertisement                                             2) Driving licence, 3) Doha Bank ATM Card. Finder please
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 contact: 55881287, 44602765.
EuRoPEan FaMiLY Seeks full time Philipino in-house                   4 SEaSon REnt a caR: 2010 & 2011 model Land cruiser,
 Housemaid / Nanny. 30 to 45 years old. Experience with new                                                                                space booking with, text, pics & materials should be done            PaSSPoRt LoSt: Filipino passport No. EB1449474 issued
                                                                       Camry with driver, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla, Double
 born and having cooking capability. Recent past experience                                                                                                                                                      to Ms. Rowena Calubayan has been lost. Finder please
                                                                       Cabin pickups with driver are available for rent on monthly
 with European family is mandatory. Ideal starts in April 2011.        and yearly basis. Pick and Drop services also available. For
                                                                                                                                                  before 12.30 Pm for next day’s publication.                    handover to the nearest police station or contact:
 Contact: 77289985, email: contactint@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                                  33403552.
                                                                       details please contact: 55198145, 77233888, 44815763,
nEED a SaLESMan anD woMEn for a Arts & Jewellery                       fourseason.rentacar@gmail.coom
 shop in a luxury mall. Contact: 55525659.                           PEtRa REnt a caR: Nissan Sunny 1600/- month, Tiida                                                                                      noticE
DEntaL cEntER looking for Orthodontic Specialist,                     1700/- month, 2007 Altima 2200/- month, Nissan Urvan 15
 Implantology and cosmetics, Crowns and bridges                       Seater 3500/- month, Mitsubishi Van 12 Seater 3300 /
                                                                      month. Nissan Qashqai 3100 / month, Nissan Pathfinder                                            noticE                                    intERnationaL MaRitiME w.L.L announcES tHat
 (Prosthodontics), Nurses. Send your CV at email:
 mohdmohd2002@hotmail.com or call: 44217338 - 9 -                     3800 / month, 4 Wheel drives, 26, 30, seater buses available.
                                                                      Credit card is required. Tel: 44130404, Mob: 55820949,
                                                                                                                                                 mr. shuhaib s. abubekkar                                            mr. mohamed farzan PaCkeer
 44670701 - 2.                                                                                                                                      holder of indian PassPort no: g2443928                                holder of srilankan PassPort no: n1359848
                                                                      55616866. Limousine Services: 55489089.                                                  id no. 28435625642                                                     id no : 26914406169.
PHiLiPino SaLESMEn and accountants for a leading toys
 shop required (full time job). Female and Male, Age 20 - 30.
 Presentable appearance. Priority for experienced applicants
                                                                                                 wantED                                                       the above said person is leaving Qatar                                       the above said person is leaving the
 of over 2 years. Sponsorship transfer is mandatory. CVs to                                                                                                     for good. anybody having a claim                                          company for good. anybody having any
 be send to Fax: 44505959 or email: celebrations@qatar.net.          BRitiSH aRtiSt BLackSMitH. Workshop wanted for rent                                                                                                                   claims against him should be submit
                                                                                                                                                               against him in respect of his activity
 qa                                                                   500 sqm2 +. Call Kevin Tel: 55864795.                                                                                                                                 the same to us within 2 days of this
                                                                                                                                                              during his time in Qatar should contact                                     notice. no claims whatsoever shall be

                                                                                                                                                                         the below number                                                      entertained after this period.

                                                                                                                                                            Contact mob: 33828591                                    tel: 44688722, fax: 44688733, sponsor: 55544665
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gulf Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Monday, April 11, 2011   35

                                                                                                                          call centre: 44360265
                                                                                                                            info.aredc@alasmakhrealestate.co, website: www.alasmakhrealestate.com,
                                                                                                                                             Location: Ramada Junction behind chili’s Restaurant

coMPounD viLLaS:                                                    SEMi nEw coMPounD viLLa (wESt BaY LaGoon) Fully                    & maintenance. Please call Raydan 55895354,Neveen                   pool,gym,reserve car parking. Rent Qrs.11,500/.Please call
                                                                     Furnished with 4 bedroom,4 bathroom, with swimming pool,          55532499, Roy 66004636, Alex 66592884,Shazana                       Hameed 55861071.
                                                                     club house, spa,parking,near to beach. Rent FF Qrs. 23,000.       55878193, Mohammed 55892510                                        PEaRL QataR (Danat QataR) building 14/A brand new
aL aSMakH GaRDEn 1 (D-Ring Road) 4 bed room Semi
                                                                     Please call Aby 55850413                                         aL aSMakH RESiDEncE 115 aPtS: ( aL SaaD)                             1BR master,big living with guest toilet,laundry room,nice
 Furnished compound Villas with 3 bath rooms, Big hall,
 Maids room, Huge Backyard Garden, Covered Parking, Big             26 viLLaS couMPounD & 27 viLLaS coMPounD in                        Semi New Luxurious, FF 1& 2 bedroom Flats with bathroom,            kitchen,big balcony,pool view-5th floor,private sitting area
 dining area , kitchen, Club house, Swimming pool, Gym. 24           umm Salah ali. Each villa has 6 bedrooms,4.5 bathrooms,           large sitting, American style kitchen, and centralized AC’s,        party,jacuzzi S/pool,gym,reserve car parking. Rent Fully
 hours security & maintenance. Please call Neil 55898292,            each compound with pool & gym. Rent with A/C’s Qrs.               Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna room, Jacuzzi Steam room, 24              furnished QR 11,500.Please call Hameed 55861071.
 Tamer 66001329, Gilbert 55540779, Kris 55896302                     10,000 each villa, prefer one or two to deal. For more inquiry    hours security & maintenance. Please call Gilbert 55540779,        PEaRL QataR : Sabban Tower A, 10th Floor , Brand New 3
                                                                     please call Amy 55541608,Alvin 55890207                           Kris 55896302, Neil 55898292, Tamer 66001329                        Bedroom , 3 Bathroom, Big Dinning, Big Living with 2 Balcony
Ein kHaLiD GatE viLLaS( Ein kHaLiD) : 4 bed room FF
 luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen,       viLLa in a SMaLL coMPounD (aBu HaMouR) Semi                       BEvERLY HiLLS RaYYan aPtS. ( RaYYan) : 3 bed room                    facing to Marina, sea view, nice kitchen, 1 maid’sroom, 2
 Maid’s room, Private Swimming pool, Children play area,             furnished 3 bedroom, family room, sitting, dinning, kitchen       FF flat with elevator, big hall, kitchen, maid’s room, Biggest      reserved car parking, sport gym, play area, only for interesting
 Conference room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna,                 with maid’s room. Rent Qrs. 12,000. Please call Corali            swimming pool, with Children play area-covered playground,          client.Rent Qrs.15,000. Please call Hameed 55861071.
 Jacuzzi, clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards,           66004684, Kris 55896302, Amer 66883055                            2 beauty salon for men & ladies, coffee shop, sauna, steam         PEaRL QataR : Sabban Tower “D” , 2 Bedroom Apartment,
 squash court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance.       PEaRL QataR Brand New 2BR Villa,Townhouse,Parcel,Unit              room, supermarket, ATM machine, shopping area such as               with sitting area,2.5 bath room, both bed rooms and sitting
 Please call Shazana 55878193, Mohammed 55892510, Roy                #103. Double storey villa 4BR, 2 master bedroom and 2             flower shop, laundry shop, bakery, computer shop, video             area with balcony, beautiful view of the ocean and marina.
 66004636,Alex 66592884                                              bedroom with sharing bathroom,big living,big dining,nice          home showroom, limousine service, cinema room, billiards            Facilities includes Gym, Swimming pool, party room, etc.
                                                                     kitchen,big balcony,facing to Marina View,2 shaded car            room, wireless internet connection, VIP meeting room,               Rent QR 15,000/- Please Call Amy 55541608.
BEvERLY HiLLS GaRDEn 1 (aL waaB): 4 Bedroom, FF,
                                                                     parking. Rent SF Qrs 18,000. Interested Party Please Call         24 hours security & maintenance, P. O. Box Service. For
 luxury compound villas, spacious reception area, lobby, multi-                                                                                                                                           PEaRL QataR : Sabban Tower 13th floor, Brand New Luxury
                                                                     Hameed 55861071, Direct: 44485113, Fax: 44354728,                 Inquiry please call Walid 55540996, Nalin 66002395, Nizar
 purpose hall, snooker& billiard room, café lounge, male&                                                                                                                                                  2 Bedroom Apartment, with sitting area,2 balcony,2.5 bath
                                                                     Email: a.hameed@alasmakhrealestate.com                            55890462, Ezra 66002356, Hamilton 66005246
 female sauna, squash court, indoor theater ,gym. Please                                                                                                                                                   room, beautiful view of the ocean and marina. Facilities
 call Jay 55895257, Amer 66883055, Ayesh 66004953, Amy              StanD aLonE viLLaS:                                               MuSHiREB RESiDEncE 1,2,3,4,& 6: ( Mannai R/a)                        includes Gym, Swimming pool, party room, etc. Rent QR
 55541608                                                                                                                              Semi New Luxurious, Fully Furnished 1 bedroom Flats                 13,000/- Please Call Roy 66004636
                                                                    SEMi nEw StanD aLonE viLLa ( Ein kHaLiD R/a) : 5                   with 2 bathroom, large sitting, american style kitchen, and
BEvERLY HiLLS GaRDEn 3 ( aL waaB ): 4 bed room FF                    bed room fully furnished with 2.5 bath rooms, living and                                                                             PEaRL QataR : Tuscan Tower (Port Arabia 9B) Semi
                                                                                                                                       centralized AC’s, Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna room,
 luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen,        dining rooms , kitchen. Rent FF Qrs 12000/-. Please call                                                                              Furnished 2 B/R apartment,2.5 bathroom, sitting area,
                                                                                                                                       Jacuzzi, Steam room, 24 hours security & maintenance.
 maid’s room, Big swimming pool, play area, Conference               Kris 55896302, Neil 55898292, Tamer 66001329, Gilbert                                                                                 dinning area, kitchen, store, gymnasium, swimming pool,
                                                                                                                                       Please call Alvin 55890207, Salvie 55512734, Chin
 room, Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi,                   55540779                                                                                                                              clubhouse, restaurant and 2 parking areas. Rent SF Qrs.
                                                                                                                                       66002394, Aby 55850413
 clubhouse, mini theatre, Coffee shop, Billiards, squash            SEMi nEw StanD aLonE viLLa ( aiR PoRt) : 4 bed room                                                                                    13,000/-. Please call Aby 55850413
 court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please                                                                         ZiG ZaG towER B 3 Fully Furnished 1bedroom and
                                                                     semi furnished with , 2.5 bath rooms, living and dining rooms     2bedroom flat in 27th floor, with 2 bathroom,hall,kitchen.         PEaRL QataR: Brand New 2 BR Flats in Tower 14A, with
 call Ezra 66002356, Hamilton 66005246, Nalin 66002395,              , kitchen. Rent SF Qrs 9,000/-. Please call Aby 55850413,         Please call Dayana 55818728, Abdelhay 55895956, Corali              2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms,big sitting and dining, kitchen,
 Nizar 55890462                                                      Alvin 55890207, Salvie 55512734, Chin 66002394                    66004684                                                            sitting with balcony, and directly facing to Marina View.
BEvERLY HiLLS RaYYan GaRDEn ( RaYYan) : 4 bed                       BiG StanD aLonE viLLa ( wESt BaY LaGoon): Stand                                                                                        Facilities include pool, gym, jacuzzi, etc. Rent SF Qrs.
 room FF luxury compound Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall,                                                                          novotEL RESiDEncE: Semi New Luxurious, Fully furnished               14,500. For more information Please Call Amy 55541608
                                                                     Alone villa for ambassador’s/ viPs Residences, having             2 bedroom flats with 1.5 bathroom, large sitting, kitchen, split
 kitchen, maid’s room, Biggest swimming pool, with Children          5 Bedrooms, 6 bath rooms, 2 Big Hall, Dining area, Big            AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please call Amer            PEaRL QataR: 2BR Flats in Sabban Tower C, with 2
 play area-covered playground, 2 beauty salon for men                Kitchen, Private sitting Area, Pantry, Swimming Pool, Large       66883055, Ayesh 66004953, Amy 55541608, Jay 55895257                bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, sitting, dinning, kitchen,sitting
 & ladies, coffee shop, sauna, steam room, supermarket,              Landscape Garden, 6 Parking areas, Maids room, Security                                                                               room with balcony,and directly facing to Marina View. Facilities
 ATM machine, shopping area such as flower shop, laundry             Room, Rent SF Qrs 25,000/-. Please call Nizar 55890462,          BRanD nEw FLatS (al SaDD) 77 fully furnished 1                       include pool, gym, pantry rooms etc. Rent Semi Furnished
 shop, bakery, computer shop, video home showroom,                   Ezra 66002356, Hamilton 66005246, Nalin 66002395                  bedroom flats with 1 bathroom, sitting area, American style         Qrs. 14,000. For Inquiry Please Call Amy 55541608
 limousine service, cinema room, billiards room, wireless                                                                              kitchen,Gym,24 hours Maintenance Security, water and
 internet connection, VIP meeting room, 24 hours security           BiG StanD aLonE viLLa ( wESt BaY LaGoon): Stand                    electricity included. Rent Qrs 7,000. Please call Mohammed         SEMi nEw 3 & 4 BR FLatS (aiR PoRt) with 2 bath room
 & maintenance, P. O. Box Service. For Inquiry please call           alone villa for ambassador’s/ viPs Residences, having             55892510, Roy 66004636, Alex 66592884,Shazana                       Hall, kitchen, for staff. Rent UF Qrs 6,000/- and 6,500/-
 Walid 55540996, Abdelhay 55895956, Corali 66004684,                 7 Bedrooms, 6 bath rooms, 2 Big Hall, Dining area, Large          55878193                                                            Please call Chin 66002394.
 Dayana 55818728                                                     Balconies, Private sitting Area, Pantry, Jaccuzi, Swimming
                                                                                                                                      66 Flats ( La Palace 2 ) 3 BR, Fully furnished flats with           JBM FLatS MuntaZaH 51 2 B/R fully furnished flats near
                                                                     Pool, Large Landscape Garden, 4 Parking areas, Maids
aL FaiSaLiYa coMPounD : (aL waaB) 4 bed room SF                                                                                        centralized AC. Rent QR 8,000. Please call Tamer 66001329,          Muntazah Park. Facilities- pool,gym,club house,security
                                                                     room, Security Room, Rent SF Qrs 50000/- Please call
 luxury compound Villas with 3 bath rooms, big hall, kitchen,                                                                          Gilbert 55540779, Kris 55896302, Neil 55898292                      and parking(Free Water,Electricity and Internet). Rent
                                                                     Daniel 55861109.
 Big swimming pool, Children play area, Conference room,                                                                                                                                                   Qrs.6,500./ Please call Daniel 55861109,Nizar 55890462,
                                                                    StanD aLonE viLLa ( wESt BaY LaGoon): Stand Alone                 40 FLatS (aL SaDD) 3 Bedroom fully furnished flats. Please
 Ladies and Gents gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi, clubhouse,                                                                                                                                                    Nalin 66002395, Roy 66004636, Ezra 66002356
                                                                     villa with 6 Bedrooms, 5 bath rooms, 2 Big Hall, Dining area,     call Chin 66002394, Aby 55850413, Alvin 55890207, Salvie
 mini theatre Super market, Coffee shop, Billiards, squash                                                                                                                                                JBM FLatS aL naSSER 2 B/R unfurnished flats at Al
                                                                     Private sitting Area, Pantry, Swimming Pool, Large Garden,        55512734
 court, tennis court, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please                                                                                                                                              Nasser area. Rent only AC’s Qrs.5,000./ Please call Daniel
 Salvie 55512734, Chin 66002394, Aby 55850413, Alvin                 Parking areas, Maids room, Security Room, Rent SF Qrs            aSMakH coMPounD (aiR PoRt) : Semi furnished
                                                                                                                                                                                                           55861109,Nizar 55890462, Nalin 66002395, Roy 66004636,
 55890207                                                            30000/- Please call Daniel 55861109.                              2 bedroom flats with 1.5 bathrooms, Kitchen, Big hall.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ezra 66002356
                                                                    SEMi nEw 2 StanD aLonE viLLa (wESt BaY) 5                          Swimming pool, Gym24 hour security & maintenance. Please
MaMouRa viLLa : 5 bed room Fully Furnished compound                                                                                                                                                       La RoSE LuxuRY 1 & 2 BEDRooM aPaRtMEntS at La
                                                                     bedrooms,6 bathrooms,2 big hall,kitchen,private sitting           call Hamilton 66005246, Nalin 66002395, Nizar 55890462,
 Villas with 5 bath rooms, big hall, dining, kitchen, club house,                                                                                                                                          Rose Compound on the Airport Road, near Crazy Signal.
                                                                     area in the second floor,pantry,swimming pool,outside             Ezra 66002356
 Swimming pool, Gym. 24 hours security & maintenance.                                                                                                                                                      Rent starting from QRS 5,500/- 6,000/- 6,500/- 7,000/-
 Please call Alex 66592884, Shazana 55878193,Mohammed                kitchen;maid’s room with Ac’s. Qrs. 22,000/-. Please call Aby    GuLF RESiDEncE 1: (nEaR SHaRa kHaRaBa) Semi
                                                                                                                                                                                                           . Facilities- pool, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, BBQ, cottage,
 55892510, Roy 66004636                                              55850413                                                          New,fully furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1 bathroom,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           parking, 24 hour security & maintenance. Please call Daniel
                                                                    BiG StanD aLonE viLLa (NEW DAFNA) Stand alone villa                sitting, American style kitchen, with AC’s, 24 hours security &
MaRkHiYa GaRDEn 2: 3 bed room Fully Furnished                                                                                                                                                              55861109 – 44485114 Fax. 44354728 Email: t.daniel@
                                                                     for Embassy/Ambassador/VIP’s Residences/Gym/Health                maintenance. Please call Ayesh 66004953, Amy 55541608,
 compound Villas with 3 bath rooms, big hall, dining,                                                                                                                                                      alasmakhrealestate.com , Aby 55850413,Roy 66004636
                                                                     Center,having 11 bedrooms,9 bathrooms,3 big halls, dining         Jay 55895257, Amer 66883055
 kitchen,maids room, club house, Swimming pool, Gym. 24                                                                                                                                                   La RoSE LuxuRY StuDio aPaRtMEntS at La Rose
 hours security & maintenance. Please call Amy 55541608,             area,private sitting area, pantry, large swimming pool, large    GuLF RESiDEncE 2 : (FERiJ aBDuL aZiZ) Semi New , fully
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Compound on the Airport Road, near Crazy Signal. Rent
 Jay 55895257, Amer 66883055, Ayesh 66004953                         majilis, parking areas, maidroom,security room,outside            furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1 bathroom sitting’American
                                                                                                                                                                                                           starting from semi furnished QRS 4,000/- & fully furnished
                                                                     laundry room,outside kitchen. Rent SF Qrs. 55,000/-NGO.           style kitchen, with AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance.
tawaR coMPounD ( LanD MaRk ) Deluxe Unfurnished                                                                                                                                                            QRS 4,250/-. Facilities- pool, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, BBQ,
                                                                     Please call Hamilton 66005246                                     Please call Corali 66004684, Dayana 55818728, Abdelhay
 villas in a compound with 4 Bedrooms, 1 big hall , 4.5                                                                                                                                                    cottage, parking, 24 hour security&maintenance.Please
                                                                    SEMi nEw LuxuRY StanD aLonE viLLa (ABU HAMOUR)                     55895956
 bathroom, Centralized AC’s, covered parking, elegant                                                                                                                                                      call Daniel 55861109 – 44485114 Fax. 44354728 Email:
 furnitures & kitchen, 24 hours security, facilities such as Gym,    : 4 bed rooms (2 Master BR), with 3.5 bath rooms, Big            uMM GHwaLina 21: (uMM GHwaLina) Semi New                             t.daniel@alasmakhrealestate.com , Aby 55850413,Roy
 Swimming Pool, Club House, Billiards. Rent F/F 18,000 /-,           sitting, nice kitchen, big yard, Swimming pool, outside maid’s    Luxurious, fully furnished 1 bedroom Flats with 1.5 bathroom,       66004636
 U/F 15,000/-. Please call Daniel 55861109, Nizar 55890462,          room Car parking,. Rent SF Qrs 17,000/-. Please call Amy          large sitting, kitchen, Split AC’s, 24 hours security &
                                                                                                                                                                                                          SEMi nEw town HouSE (PEARL QATAR) Semi
 Aby 55850413,Roy 66004636                                           55541608.                                                         maintenance. Please call Salvie 55512734, Chin 66002394,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Furnished 3 bedroom,office room,maid’s room with
                                                                    2 StanD aLonE viLLa (DaFna): Stand Alone villa                     Aby 55850413, Alvin 55890207
DaR aL SaLaM coMPounD : 5 BEDRooM viLLa in                                                                                                                                                                 living and dining area,kitchen,open backyard,high speed
 coMPounD (near Decoration R/a) with 5 bath room,1 big               with 14 Bedrooms, 10 bath rooms, Big Hall, Kitchen,and           REGEncY towER 2 : (oLD GHaniM ) Semi New ,fully                      internet,telephone,etc. Rent Qrs 20,000. Please call Aby
 hall,Centralized AC’s, covered parking, elegant furnitures          Can be used for Family, Staff Accomodation, Kinder                furnished 2 bedroom Flats with 1.5 bathroom, sitting,               55850413
 & kitchen, 24 hours security, facilities such as Gym,club           Garden, BeautyCentre, Religious centre. Please call               kitchen, with AC’s, 24 hours security & maintenance. Please
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ZiGZaG towER a (1st FLooR)Semi New Apartment 2BR
 house, Swimming Pool, Billiards, Sauna, Jaccuzi, Steam              Mohamed55892510.                                                  call Neil 55898292, Tamer 66001329, Gilbert 55540779, Kris
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Fully furnished ,with 1 full bathroom,1 big hall with guest
 room . Rent 5BR SF Qrs 15,000. Please call Daniel                  SEMi nEw StanD aLonE viLLa for staff/family in Hilal.              55896302
                                                                                                                                                                                                           toilet, nice kitchen, with reserved car parking. Rent Qrs.
 55861109, Amy 55541608, Alvin 55890207, Roy 66004636,               5 bedrooms,2 master bedroom, big living area and dining,         SEMi nEw 18 FLatS nEaR nEw woRLD cEntER (Sana                        11,000. Interested Party Please Call Hameed 55861071,
 Aby 55850413,Chin 66002394, Hamilton 66005246,Ezra                  majalis, outside maidroom with kitchen, big front and side        R/a) 3 Bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 2.5 bathroom with AC only,          Direct: 44485113, Fax: 44354728, Email: a.hameed@
 66002356, Kris 55896302, Nizar 55890462, Salvie                     open area. Rent with AC Qrs.12,500 NGO. Please call               24 hours security and maintenance. Rent Qrs. 5,500. Please          alasmakhrealestate.com
 55512734                                                            Hamilton 66005246                                                 call Amer 66883055, Neil 55898292, Salvie 55512734,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ZiGZaG towER B Semi New Fully Furnished 2 Br Apartment
noRtH GatE: 75 BRanD nEw viLLa ( nEaR aSPiRE                        StanD aLonE viLLa 3BR + 3bathroom fully equiped kitchen            Ayesh 66004953
                                                                                                                                                                                                           12th Floor, with 1 full bathroom,big living with guest toilet, nice
 ZonE) Luxurious Compound Villa with 4 Bed rooms, nice               & nice balcony split A/C’s, outside maid’s room + bathroom       Bin DiRHaM FLatS : SEMi nEw 2 BR FLatS with 1.5                      kitchen, sea view. Rent Qrs. 14,000. Interested Party Please
 Living and Dining, Backyard, Pool, Gym, Children’s Play             & swimming pool,covered car park. Rent SFQrs. 15,000/-            bath room Hall, kitchen, for staff. Rent UF Qrs 5,500/-.            Call Hameed 55861071, Direct: 44485113, Fax: 44354728,
 Area, Clubhouse, Tennis Court and Basketball. W/ AC Qrs             NEGO. “C” Ring Road, Behind Gulf Times. Please call Roy           Please call Tamer 66001329,Amer 66883055,Abdelhay                   Email: a.hameed@alasmakhrealestate.com
 12000/-. Please call Daniel 55861109, Aby 55850413, Nalin           66004636                                                          55895956,Mohammed 55892510
 66002395, Roy 66004636                                                                                                                                                                                   BRanD nEw 56 aPaRtMEntS 2 bedroom, 2 full bathroom,
                                                                    SEMi nEw StanD aLonE viLLa (OLD AIRPORT) for                      SEMi nEw 2 BEDRooM FLatS (Bin MaHMouD)                               big hall, big kitchen, Mixed AC (window & split),with reserve
coMPounD viLLa (aL waaB) Semi New Unfurnished 4                      executives,bachelors or family with 5 bedrooms,2 big hall,5       F/F with 1.5 bathroom,hall,kitchen. Rent Qrs. 5,000.                car parking,24 hours security and maintenance. Building
 Bedroom villa, with living room, swimming pool, Gymnasium,          bath rooms,kitchen,parking,2 remote control garages,Rent          Please call Amer 66883055, Tamer 66001329, Abdelhay                 located behind Umm Ghuwailina Healt Center near MP
 Clubhouse and 24 Hr Security.Rent:Qrs.10,000/-.Please call          U/F with AC’s QRS 14,000/. Please call Aby 55850413               55895956,Mohammed 55892510                                          Traders. Rent Qrs. 5,000. Please call Hameed 55861071,
 Tamer 66001329,Mohamed 55892510,Abdelhay 55895956
                                                                    BRanD nEw DELuxE viLLaS (Stand Alone) in Dafna                    BRanD nEw LuxuRY 2 & 3 BEDRooM aPaRtMEntS                            Direct: 44485113, Fax: 44354728, Email: a.hameed@
coMPounD viLLa DoHa PaRaDiSE (oLD aiRPoRt):                          opposite Woqood Petrol Station. 5 B/R,5.5 bathroom,outside        Fully furnished flats at a very prime location at Al -              alasmakhrealestate.com
 Semi furnished/Fully Furnished 4 Bedroom Villa, with living         maid’s room w/ kitchen,big hall,big kitchen,elegant               Naser area.The property has the facilities of: Swimming            BRanD nEw 3 BEDRooM FLatS in aL ManSouRRa
 room, swimming pool, billiards room, Gym & Garden, 24               finishing,swimming pool,big front yard,remote control             pool,children play area,laundry,mini market, ladies and             (nEaR aaLiSHan HotEL) 3 master bedroom with guest
 hrs maintenance and security. Rent SF Qrs 11000/- FF Qrs            parking. Rent Qrs. 20,000/-, 22,000/-,and 23,000/-. Please        gents gymnasium,sauna,steam room,coffee shop,24/7                   toilet, big living and dining, big kitchen with laundry room,
 12000/- Please call Kris 55896302,Neil 55898292,Nizar               call Kris 55896302, Salvie 55512734,Jay 55895257,Gilbert          security & maintenance. Rent : starting from Qrs. 8,500/-           reserved car parking, 24 hours security and maintenance.
 55890462,Mohamed 55892510,Roy 66004636                              55540779,Neil 55898292,Abdelhay 55895956.                         per flat per month,including electricity,water,internet,loc         Rent with split AC Qrs. 7,000/-. Please call Hameed
BiG viLLa in coMPounD ( wESt BaY LaGoon): Villa                     BRanD nEw 3 viP StanD aLonE viLLa (WEST BAY)                       al phone calls,&payable channels. For inquiries please              55861071, Direct: 44485113, Fax: 44354728, Email:
 for ambassador’s/ viPs Residences, having 6 Bedrooms,               with 8bedrooms,10 bathroom,3 halls, big living and dining,2       call Neil 55898292, Nalin 66002395, Salvie 55512734, Chin           a.hameed@alasmakhrealestate.com
 5 bath rooms, 2 Big Hall, Dining area, Private sitting Area,        kitchen,1 pantry, big laundry room, Covered AC, Swimming          66002394, Gilbert 55540779, Alvin 55890207
                                                                                                                                                                                                          oFFicE SPacE:
 Swimming Pool, Large Garden, Parking areas, Rent SF                 pool,4 shade car parking, Rent with AC Qrs. 28,000/-. Please     tawaR coMPounD : 216 BRanD nEw 2 BED RooM
 Qrs 30000/- (Nego) Please call Daniel 55861109.                     call Hameed 55861071 Direct: 44485113, Fax: 44354728,             FLatS in coMPounD (LanD MaRk) with 2.5 and 3.5                     aL aSMakH BuSinESS cEntRE ( wakRa towER) :
                                                                     Email: a.hameed@alasmakhrealestate.com                            bath room,1 big hall,Centralized AC’s, covered parking,             Commercial Office Space (Near Old Moven Pick Hotel)
coMPounD viLLa (aL HiLaL) Semi New Unfurnished
                                                                                                                                       elegant furnitures & kitchen, 24 hours security, facilities         available in Tower with 165 Sqm, with centralized AC’s, Toilet
 4 Bedroom villa, with living room, swimming pool, maids            StanD aLonE SERvicE viLLa IN MAMOURA NEAR
                                                                                                                                       such as Gym, Swimming Pool, Club House, Billiards. Rent             and Pantry, Common Area Cleaning, Security with CCTV,
 room.Rent with Split AC’s Qrs.10,500/-.Please call Nizar            DARA SALAM (for Salon, Clinic, or Pre-School) 4 bedrooms
                                                                                                                                       2 BR w/ AC Qrs 7,500/-, F/F Qrs 9,000/-. Please call Daniel         Sprinkler fire safety system. Please call Shazana 55878193,
 55890462.                                                           plus penthouse= 5 rooms U/F Storage Area. Rental Price is
                                                                                                                                       55861109, Aby 55850413,Roy 66004636,                                Mohammed 55892510, Roy 66004636,Alex 66592884
coMPounD viLLa (nEaR RaMEZ aiRPoRt): Fully                           Qrs. 22,000 Negotiable. Please call Gilbert 55540779, Jay
                                                                     55895257, Neil 55898292, Kris 55896302, Salvie 55512734          DaR aL SaLaM coMPounD : 328 BRanD nEw 2 & 3                         REGEncY BuSinESS cEntRE: Commercial Office Space
 Furnished 3 Bedroom Villa, with one Master Bed room,2.5
                                                                                                                                       BED RooM FLatS in coMPounD (near Decoration                         (Near CORNICHE) available in Tower with centralized
 bath rooms, Big living& dining area,Good size modern               aPaRtMEntS:
                                                                                                                                       R/a) with 2.5 and 3.5 bath room,1 big hall,Centralized AC’s,        AC’s, Toilet and Pantry, Common Area Cleaning, Security
 Kitchen,Stylish interior designed reception, back yard, 2
                                                                    BEvERLY HiLLS towER : Luxurious, Fully Furnished 1                 covered parking, elegant furnitures & kitchen, 24 hours             with CCTV, Sprinkler fire safety system. Please call Ezra
 large swimming pool, Gym,children play area, Big Garden 24
                                                                     , 2 & 3 bed room Flats bathroom, large sitting and dining         security, facilities such as Gym,club house, Swimming               66002356, Hamilton 66005246, Nalin 66002395, Nizar
 hrs maintenance and security. Rent FF Qrs 12000/- Please
                                                                     ,kitchen, and Centralized AC’s, Swimming Pool, Gym,               Pool, Billiards, Sauna, Jaccuzi, Steam room . Rent 2BR              55890462
 call Hameed 55861071.
                                                                     Biggest Spa in Qatar with Treatment Rooms, Massage                SF Qrs. 7,500/-, 3BR SF Qrs. 9,500/-. Please call Daniel           DOHA ADMIN TOWER: Commercial Office Space (Near
SEMi nEw coMPounD ( aiRPoRt RoaD nEaR RaMiZ ) 3                      Centre, Children’s Play area, Children’s Swimming Pool,
 bedroom with 1 master room, big hall, kitchen with big dining,                                                                        55861109, Amy 55541608, Alvin 55890207, Roy 66004636,               GRanD HaMaD StREEt) available in Tower with 365 -
                                                                     Sauna room, Steam room, Jacuzzi, Coffee Shop, Beauty              Aby 55850413,Chin 66002394, Hamilton 66005246,                      730 Sqm, with centralized AC’s, Toilet and Pantry, Common
 Back yard: Swimming Pool,Gym,Children Play ground, 24               Saloon for Men and Women Multi- purpose Hall, Super
 hr security & maintenance, Rent with kitchen appliance Qr                                                                             Ezra 66002356, Kris 55896302, Nizar 55890462, Salvie                Area Cleaning, Security with CCTV, Sprinkler fire safety
                                                                     Market, Bank ATM, Limousine Help desk Parking, 24 hours           55512734                                                            system. Rent Qrs 135per Sqm. Available to view. Please
 10,500. Please call Hameed 55861071                                 security & maintenance. Please call Raydan 55895354,
                                                                                                                                      SEMi nEw 3 BR FLatS (Bin MaHMouD) with 1.5 bath                      call Jay 55895257, Amer 66883055, Ayesh 66004953, Amy
4 BR viLLa in MaMouRa- 4 br with maid’s room and driver’s            Neveen 55532499, Abdelhay 55895956, Corali 66004684,                                                                                  55541608
  room,2 halls,kitchen,U/F with AC (service villa).for family        Dayana 55818728                                                   room Hall, kitchen. Rent UF Qrs 6,000/-. Please call Amy
  Rent QR 13,000/month, for Executive Bachelors Rent Qrs                                                                               55541608, Tamer 66001329,Ezra 66002356,Hamilton                    coMMERciaL viLLa in a prime location in D-Ring Road
                                                                    REGEncY RESiDEncE Luxurious Fully Furnished 1,2 & 3                66005246.Amer 66883055                                              with a superb design having open area. Ground floor, first
  15,000/month. Please call Jay 55895257,Neil 55898292,              bed room Flats bathroom, large sitting and dining ,kitchen,
  Aby 55850413                                                                                                                        uMBaB towER: (BEHinD EZDan towER) Brand New                          floor and pent house. Available for offices with ample parking
                                                                     and Centralized AC’s, Swimming Pool, Gym, Biggest                                                                                     space. Rent is Qrs 50,000. Please call Abdelhay 55895956,
2 BiG viLLaS at DuHaiL & aZGHawa FoR SEnioR                          Spa in Qatar with Treatment Rooms Massage Centre,                 Fully Furnished 2 and 3 bedrooms wth facilities. Rent 2
                                                                                                                                       BR Qrs 12,000/-, 3 BR Qrs 15,000/-. Please call Daniel              Corali 66004684, Dayana 55818728
 StaFFS oR FaMiLY viLLa: Duhail Villa 6 B/R large garden,            Children’s Play area, Children’s Swimming Pool, Sauna
 beautiful villa. Rent Qrs. 24,000/-(negotiable) Azghawa Villa       room, Steam room, Jacuzzi, Coffee Shop, Beauty Saloon             55861109. Roy 66004636                                             coMMERciaL viLLa in DaFna 1,000 sq.m. built in area.
 4 B/R with maids room.Rent Qrs 14,000/. Please call Daniel          for Men and Women Multi- purpose Hall, Super Market,             PEaRL QataR: SABBAN TOWER A 1 B/R with big living                    Please call Shazana 55878193,Dayana 55818728
 55861109.                                                           Bank ATM, Limousine Help desk Parking, 24 hours security          + dining + kitchen. Fully furnished with all Facilities- s/
36        Gulf Times
          Monday, April 11, 2011

                                                                                                                                          to LEt

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4411 3818
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Property S
                                                                                                                                                                                                              P           i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    t Services

                                                                                                                                                                                APARTMENTS:                        (Lease at Pearl Starts from QR 8,500)
                                                                                                                                                          For Lease :
                                                                                                                                                                  The Pearl Qatar - 1 ,2 & 3 bedroom apartment with Marina & Sea View, Semi
                                                                                                                                                                  Furnished Starting From QR 8,500 Per Month

                                                                                                                                                                  Al-Dafna –3 Bedroom Apartment, with Swimming Pool & Gymnasium Fully
                                                                                                                                                                  Furnished QR 13,500 Per Month

                                                                                                                                                                  Zig Zag Tower -       2 Bedroom Apartment with Swimming Pool & Gymnasium
                                                                                                                                                                   Fully Furnished – QR10,000 QR Per Month

                                                                                                                                                          For Sale :
                                                                                                                                                                  The Pearl Qatar – 1,2 & 3 Bedroom Apartment with Marina & Sea View with
                                                                                                                                                                  Luxurious Quality Finishing Starting from QR 12,300 per sqm

                                                                                                                                                                  The Pearl Qatar – 5 Bedroom Pent House with Private Infinity Pool 2 Living
                                                                                                                                                                  rooms, 850 sqm - Price QR 9,500,000
                                                                                                                                                          For Lease:
                                                                                                                                                                  West Bay Lagoon – 4 Bedroom Villas, with Swimming Pool, Gymnasium access
                                                                                                                                                                  to the private beach Fully Furnished – QR 23,000 Per Month

                                                                                                                                                    For viewing, please call: OFFICE                           : 4411 3818             MOBILE           : 66348730/55276016

                                                                                                                                                       FoR REnt
                                                                                                                                                                                           gULF tIMEs
                                                                                                                                                    in industrial area,                        Pb no. 533
                                                                                                                                                    sPaCious rooms                            doha - Qatar
                                                                                                                                                    available from 10 rooms
                                                                                                                                                     to a ComPlete building                   tel: 444 666 09
                                                                                                                                                                                              fax: 444 188 11
                                                                                                                                                   contact MoB: 55516710

                                                                                     aPoLLo REaL EStatE                                                                DiREct REaL EStatE                                                        PRoFESSionaL REaL EStatE
                                                                    2 B/R F/F Flat Pearl QR 15,000// 5 B/R Big Villa Mamoura QR 13,000// 4 B/R                              British Managed Company                            We are a British company with agents who understand your housing
                                                                    Villa Comp near Doha College QR 13,000// 4 B/R Villa nice garden West Bay        Al Saad One bed ff inc from QR6000, Al Waab Comp Flat 1bd ff QR7000        requirements. 2 bed S/F appts with full facilities QR10,000/- (West
                                                                    QR 15,000// 4 BR Villa West Bay Lagoon QR 18,000// 2 B/R F/F Flat Zigzag      Al Waab Villa nr DC 3bd s/f QR12,000, Compound villas from QR10,000 close
                                                                                                                                                         to schools. The Pearl 1Br s/f QR9500, 2Bed s/f from QR12,000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bay). 1 bed S/F Appt, Large balcony QR11,000/- (Pearl), 4 bed S/F
                                                                    QR 8,500// 2 BR S/F Flats Pearl from QR 12,000// 3 B/R FF Villa Comp near
                                                                   The Mall QR 11,500// 1 BR FF Flat Pearl QR 12,000// 4 B/R Villa Large Garden                       COMMERCIAL –RESIDENTIAL-SALES                             Town house QR13,000/- (Pearl) 4 bed S/F compound villas, great
                                                                          Mamoura QR 12,500// 2 & 3 B/R Flats West Bay from QR 10,000//                                office44421472      Janet55870916                        facilities QR14,000/- (Mamoura). 3 bed S/F villa, garden & private
                                                                   call Maureen 55864352, Peter 55506803, abu 55850815, Dexter 55872145,                     Rahma -55834641 Joseph 55868768 khaled 33633066                           pool QR15,000/- (Al waab). 4 bed S/F compound villas,
                                                                                office 44689522, Email: apolloprop@qatar.net.qa                               Email: info@directqatar.com - www.directqatar.com
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             beach access from QR18,000/- (Lagoon).
                                                                                    website: www.apollopropertiesonline.com                                                                                                          tel: Gail 55999167, Paula 55195605, Simone 55735685.
                                                                                                                                                                RiGHtMovERS & RELocation SERvicE
                                                                    Q-Bel air, Luxury villa compound. 3 bed & 5 bed                                            F/F Office space from QR7000/- incl everything                          capital one Real Estate Flats & villas for rent
                                                                    Semi & fully furnished villas. Large clubhouse with                           4 bed stand alone villa QR11,000/- 4 bed stand alone villa QR13,500/-         3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, hall & kitchen at Mumtaza (close to
                                                                    swimming pool, & many facilities, incl. 18 hole mini                             6 bed stand alone villa up old North road QR8000/- 36 compound            Al Meera) QR5500/- 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, hall & kitchen at
                                                                   Golf course. 5 mins from Villagio. 3 bed QR12,000/- 5                          villa up old North road QR8000/- incl pool & gym. 4 bed villa with pool       Old Ghanim (near Sana R/A) QR4000/- Studios & 1 bedroom
                                                                   bed QR15,000/- Semi-furnished. call: off 44864301                               QR14,000/- Many more properties available. Please call: 44367420           flats at Old Airport - QR2500/- QR3500/- 5 bedroom villa for exe.
                                                                           ogie 33827866, Graham 33438086,                                          or office mob: 66507267 or email: righmovers@yahoo.com or                      bachelors near Airport (behind Rameez S/M) QR10,000/-
                                                                              email: ogeline8@yahoo.com                                           look on our web. www.rightmovers.net We also do pet relocation.
                  hOMEs 2 RENt                                                                                                                                                                                                    For more details please contact: 33515193, 55856344,
       Under British Management, Short and Long Term Lets                                                                                                                                                                                66122700. From 8am to 2pm & 4pm to 9pm.
                1 Bed f/f Apartments from QR 4500                  SuPER DELuxE StanD aLonE viLLa. 6 bedrooms, 6                                                          uniQuE!
                                                                    bathrooms + annex / Service quarter with yard and car                                                                                                     attractive location Spacious Luxury 3 bedroom apartment
  2 Bed f/f Apartments from 5,500, Over 900 property options in                                                                                   One month Free - In west Bay & west Bay Lagoon fine
                                                                    parking. Located in Gharaffa near Education city. Semi
  all areas. Free High Speed Internet, Cable T.V, Tel, W&E, 24/7                                                                                  Quality F/F & S/F Flats, 1 B/R & 2 B/R, inside new villas                   sitting with balcony, kitchen, two bathroom in Madina Khalifa
     maintenance. To look through a wide selection of property      furnished. No Commission. Contact: 55520723.
        please contact us direct on 44134400 or 55597769                                                                                          with swimming pool, garden, new appliances. Rent from                         5 mins from TV R/A and Landmark with covered parking.
                                                                   MoDERn HouSE PRoPERtY conSuLtinG: New 5 B/R                                                                                                                    Flat for rent furnished and non furnished two bedroom,
 Email -office@homes2rent.biz, Web – www.homes2Rent.biz             villa in West Bay area, Split A/c, 2 living area, built in
                                                                                                                                                   6500/- 11,000/- include W&E, Internet, SAT TV, 24 hour
                                                                    cupboard S/F with S/pool, garage for 4 cars. Rent QR25,000/-                     maintenance. See & Decide. call: 55718706 (Msg)                          sitting, kitchen, and bathroom in Madina Khalifa 5 mins from
SaMa PRoPERtiES: West Bay Apartments & Villas: Brand                Please contact 55826600 (Ali) or send to Fax: 44375101.                               for appointment 33988292 for viewing.                                         TV R/A and Landmark with covered parking.
 new 2BR SF for QR.10000/-, FF for QR.12000/-, 3 BR SF for                                                                                                                                                                              For details contact: 55523201 / 66480131.
                                                                   MoDERn HouSE PRoPERtY conSuLtinG: Off beach 4
 QR.13000/-, 3 BR FF QR.15000/-. All Apartment with
                                                                    B/R villa in West Bay Lagoon in Compound Maids room, S/F                      SMaLL oFFicES witH Furniture & Internet at Musherib
 attached bath, Guest Toilet, Maids room, Store and other                                                                                                                                                                     www.ZukHRoF.coM:: LUXURY BLDG. / FLAT; – Fully
                                                                    European style. Rent QR30,000/- Please contact 55826600                        street available for rent. Contact: 55842925.
 facilities such as Swimming Pool, Gym and many more.                                                                                                                                                                          furnished 2 Beds+Ofc room & 3 beds+2 baths, hall & kitchen
                                                                    (Ali) or send to Fax: 44375101.                                               SEaLinE REaL EStatE. For rent F/F & S/F Flats 2 Bed/R,
 Villas in Lagoon: 4 BR FF for QR.23000/-. Compound Villa 4                                                                                                                                                                    incl. of Tel. & Internet w/ facilities Spool, Refreshment room
 BR SF with Individual Pool for QR.29000/-. Please Call:           MoDERn HouSE PRoPERtY conSuLtinG: Off beach                                     2 bath/R at Airport, Umm Ghuwalina, Bin Omran, Al Sudan,                    & Gym at Mansoura for QR8000 & QR8500. Fully furnished
 55591717 / 55152520.                                               sliceof Luxury 4 B/R villa, F/F, Central A/c, Maids room, Sea                  Lagoon zigzag between 4800/- 7500/- and Villa for rent.                     2 bedrooms & 2 Full Bath, hall & Kitchen (incl. Tel. & Internet)
                                                                    view European Style in West Bay Lagoon, 2 Car park,                            Services or residential at Al Duhail 5 B/R and other 12000/-                for Qr7000/- w/facilities at Muntaza. Fully furnished 3
SaMa PRoPERtiES: Brand-New Compound Villas:                         Security. Rent QR35,000/- Please contact 55826600 (Ali) or                     15000/- Al Waab area in compound. 4 B/R, sitting, dining, 5                 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hall & kitchen (incl. Tel. & Internet)
 Furnished 4 BR 11000/-, 5 BR 12000/- @ GARAFFA, AL                 send to Fax: 44375101.                                                         bathroom. 2nd floor, security, only QR10,000/- Call:                        Swimming Pool & Gym at Muntaza for QR 8500. Call Mob:
                                                                   FoR REnt: 16 villa compound. 4 bedrooms, 2 livings, kitchen,                    55547527, loay311@yahoo.com                                                 55816399,33228860,66881226, 44422223.
 & More...APARTMENTS: Un/Semi/Fully Furnished 1 Bed
 Room 5000/-, 2 Bed Room 5500/-, 3 Bed Room 7000/- (Al              dining room, 5 bathrooms. Located in (Al Gharaffa / Azgawa).                  FoR REnt: Office space in one of the most famous towers in                  www.ZukHRoF.coM:: BLDG./LUXURY FLAT                   –Fully
 Saad, Bin Mahmoud, Muntaza, Mansoora, Old Salata)                  Fully furnished (Luxury finishing). Contact: 55416263,                         West Bay. Available size is 207 Sqm and asking price per                    furnished 2 Beds & 3 Beds with 2 Baths, Hall & Kitchen incl.
                                                                    55838003, 55844749.                                                            SQM is QR190/-      For more information call: 55005310,
 Compound Apartments: 2 BR 7500/-, 3 BR 9000/- At Abu                                                                                                                                                                          Tel&Internet plus S.pool, Gym & Parking for Qr7000 &
 Hamour, Al Saad, Duhail With Water + Electricity + All            a-onE REaL EStatE:FLatS: 1 B/R F/F Flat Mughalina                               66786600.                                                                   Qr8000 at Bin Mahmoud. Semi-Furnished & Fully Furnished
 Amenities . . . Luxury Apartments @ West Bay Sf 2 Bed              QR-5500. 2 B/R U/F A/c Flat Bin Mehmood QR-5000. 2 B/R                        FLat FoR REnt. 2 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 hall &                         3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Hall & Kitchen back of Shoprite
 Room 11000/-, 3 Bed Room 13000/- Onwards. Please Call              F/F Flat Airport QR-5500. 2 B/R U/F A/c Flat Airport                           kitchen, ceramic tiled, shaded car parking in Matar Kadeem.                 at Old Airport for QR6500 & QR7500. Fully furnished 2
 55845246 or jude@samaproperties.com                                QR-5500. 2 B/R F/F Flat Mansoura QR-5500 3 B/R U/F A/c                         Behind Lulu Hyper market. Rent QR4500/- Please call:                        bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hall & kitchen at Old Salata for
                                                                    Flat Bin Mehmood QR-5500. 2 B/R S/F Flat Mansoura                              55242645, 30083023, 77726288.                                               Qr6000/- & Call Mob: 55895195,55411315,55815766,4442
2 BEDRooMS FuLLY FuRniSHED FLat at Airport area
                                                                    QR-5900. 2 B/R S/F & F/F Flat Muntaza QR-5500& 6000. 3                                                                                                     2223.
 (Near Lulu Hypermarket). 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, hall,                                                                                            oFFicES & SHowRooMS FoR REnt. We have small & big
                                                                    B/R U/F A/c Doha Jadeed QR-6000. 3 B/R U/F A/c Flat
 dining with open kitchen and private parking. Good furnished                                                                                      office spaces and showrooms available in all prime                         www.ZukHRoF.coM:: BLDG. FLAT –Fully furnished
                                                                    Mansoora QR-6500. 3 B/R F/F Flat Al Saad QR-8000. 3 B/R
 flat. Rent Qr. 4500 only. Please contact 55830627, 55826561,       F/F Flat Mansoora QR-8000. CONTACT: Abid Moosavi: 66                           commercial locations like West Bay, Corniche, C-ring,                       spacious 1 bedroom, hall and open kitchen for QR.4500
 44420329.                                                          703463,77862678,44410851,44425769.                                             D-ring, Airport road, Musherib and Salwa road etc.. More                    inclusive of E & W at Al Thumama. F/F Small 2 beds 1 bath
www.ZukHRoF.coM: BRAND NEW SUPER DELUXE                                                                                                            details please contact: 66454588 / mohd@sealinedoha.                        hall and open kitchen closed to Jaidah Tower for QR.4500.
                                                                   a-onE REaL EStatE: COMPOUND VILLA: 3 B/R S/F &F/F                                                                                                           Call Mob: 55815766, 66884398, 55816399,44422223.
 COMP. APARTS.; Fully furnished compound apartment                                                                                                 com
                                                                    Villa Ain Khalid QR-8500 &9000. 3 B/R S/F Villa Hilal
 consist of 102 nos. of 1 bedroom, bathroom with hall &             QR-10000. 3 B/R S/F Villa Al Rowdha QR-10000. 5 B/R F/F                       QataR DEaLERS: Brand new U/F 2 bedrooms + 2bathrooms                        www.ZukHRoF.coM:: COMPOUND APART.; – F.F. 3 beds,
 kitchen incl. of Electricity & Water and Local telephone &         Villa Azizia QR-10500. 3 B/R F/F Azizia QR-11000. 5 B/R                        + hall + kitchen +balcony +reserved car park + A/C in Um                    2 baths, hall & kitchen inclusive of E&W, Tel & Internet plus
 Internet plus Swimming Pool, Club House, Gym, 24 Hrs               F/F Villa Duhail QR-12000. 4 B/R U/F A/c&F/F Villa Garaffa                     Mughelina for QR 5,000. / 1BR F/F very spacious with open                   facilities Swimming Pool for Qr8500 & Qr 9500 at Old Airport
 Security for QR 5000, QR 5500, QR 6000 at Al Kheesa                QR-10000&12000. 5 B/R S/F Villa Airport QR-10500. 5 B/R                        kitchen in Um Mughelina near Diamond Hotel for QR 3,500.                    & Duhail. F.F.1 Bed + Bath & 2 Beds + 2 Baths, hall &
 (back of Al Kheesa Petrol Station & on the way to Ras              S/F Villa West Bay Lagoon QR-25000. CONTACT: Abid                              Please contact : Ms. Nabila @ 5527-6748 or Ashkar : 5562-                   kitchen incl. of E & W, Tel & Internet plus S.Pool for Qr5000
 Laffan). Call Mob.: 33228860, 66881226, 55895195,                  Moosavi: 66703463,77862678,44410851,44425769.                                  3522 or contact office #: 4438-3848.                                        & Qr7000 at Wakra. Call Mob: 66884398, 55816399,
 44422223.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     33228860,44422223
                                                                   a-onE REaL EStatE: STAND ALONE VILLA: 4 B/R U/F                                www.ZukHRoF.coM: BRAND NEW SUPER DELUXE
HoMES 2 REnt: Small and large offices and commercial                Villa Al Rowdha QR-10000. 6 B/R U/F Villa Garaffa                              COMP. APARTS.; Fully furnished compound apartment                          www.ZukHRoF.coM:: STAND ALONE VILLA/COMP.
 space available. Brand New 1 Bedroom Apartments from               QR-11000. 6 B/R U/F Khartiyat QR-10000 &11000. 4 B/R                           consist of 102 nos. of 1 bedroom, bathroom with hall &                      VILLAS – S.F. 6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, majilis, dinning,
 QR 4,500. Luxury 1, 2 Bed furnished Apartments in West             U/F A/c Villa Mamoora QR-12000. 5 B/R U/F A/c Villa                            kitchen incl. of Electricity & Water and Local telephone &                  kitchen w/maidsroom plus Swimming Pool for QR 22000/- at
 Bay with facilities from QR7,000. Free High Speed                  Maidar QR-12000 6 B/R U/F A/c Aspire Zone QR 13000.                            Internet plus Swimming Pool, Club House, Gym, 24 Hrs                        Rawda. Fully furnished Villa w/ 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
 Internet,Cable T.V,Telephone, Electricity & water. To look         4 B/R U/F A/c Villa Landmark QR-14000. 5 B/R U/F A/c Villa                     Security for QR 5000, QR 5500, QR 6000 at Al Kheesa                         hall & kitchen plus Swimming Pool, Club House & Gym at
 through our wide selection of property please contact us           Ain Khalid QR-14000. 5 B/R U/F A/c Villa Duhail QR-15000.                      (back of Al Kheesa Petrol Station & on the way to Ras                       Rawda for Qr 13,000. Call Mob: , 66881266, 55895195,
 direct on 44134400 or 5597769 Email -office@homes2rent.            6 B/R U/F A/c Villa Ain Khalid QR-12000. CONTACT: Abid                         Laffan). Call Mob.: 33228860, 66881226, 55895195,                           55411315,44422223.
 biz, Web – www.Homes2Rent.biz, Under British                       Moosavi: 66703463,77862678,44410851,44425769.                                  44422223.                                                                  FLat FoR REnt: Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Yearly. Very
 management.                                                       LaBouR accoMMoDation avaiLaBLE: 30 Bedrooms,                                                                                                                cheap starting from 5000/- to 8000/- monthly. High class fully
                                                                                                                                                  www.ZukHRoF.coM:: BRAND NEW SUPER DELUXE
two & tHREE BEDRooM furnished apartments with                       30 bathrooms and 2 kitchens at Ain kahaled, with big                           BLDG. APARTS.; Fully furnished 3 beds, 3 baths, hall,                       furnished. Reception + Security + Internet + Cleaning
 dedicated car parking, available on monthly & yearly basis         parking, for reasonable rent. Allowed to accommodate for                       kitchen w/ S.Pool (Indoor/Outdoor), Sauna(M/F), Fully                       service. Center of Doha. Call: 66160266, 44982878,
 rent in Al Sadd, Mansoura. Al Muftah Services, Contact:            bachelors or labours. Contact: 66255040.                                       Equipped Gym, CCTV, Reception, 24hrs Security & Maint.                      77244503, 30283139, 55610404, 55288830.
 55542067, 55891334, 55574541, 55823100.                           1 B/H/k FoR QR: 1750/=: One bedroom, one bathroom, one                          (incl. local telephone & internet) after Ramada Intersection at            2 & 1 BED FLatS & viLLaS Available For Family & Staffs.
FoR REnt: Bachelor’s accommodation (Rooms) are available             kitchen and hall family accommodation available at salwa                      Bin Mahmoud for Qr11000 to Qr13,000. Fully furnished 1                      2bed, 2bath, Hall, Kitchen Flats In Munthazha & Old Air Port
 in Industrial area, fully furnished, cleaning, security, W&E,       road near to decoration round about, with parking for Qr:                     bedroom, bathroom, hall & kitchen incl. of E & W, Tel &                     2bed, 2bath, Hall, Kitchen Villas Available In Wakra, 1bed,
 kitchen, W/machine, full maintenance and 24 hours services.         1750/= for a month. NO DEPOSIT, NO GRACE PERIOD,                              Internet plus Swimming Pool & Gym on top at Al Ghanim                       1bath, Hall, Kitchen Flats With Ac Mugalina Behind Sana 1
 Please contact: 55924407.                                           Cheques compulsory, readily available. Contact immediately:                   rent starts Qr5500 up to Qr6000/-Call Mob: 55411315,                        Bed Villas Available For Small Family In & Rawda More
                                                                     Muhammad: 66255040                                                            55815766, 66884398, 44422223.                                               Details, Contact: 55829159, 66549920 & 77519841.
FoR REnt: F/F flats and Studios in Umm Ghuwalina.
 QR3000/- as minimum rent. Ali - Al Jassim Group. Contact:

                                                                           to let Contd. on following Page
 44355914, 77042470.
FoR REnt. Rooms + Apartments fully furnished daily / weekly
 / monthly / quarterly / Semi-annual / annually. Contact:
 66505042, 77324091, 30153585.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Gulf Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Monday, April 11, 2011    37

                                                                                                                        Situation wantED

   Mechanical Engineer with MBa (uk), indian.                          inDian MaLE 30 YEaRS oLD, MBA in HR & Marketing,                         indian male 31 years, MBa Marketing,                        accountS / aDMin aSSiStant, Filipina 23, w/2 years
                                                                         having 4 years experience with leading pharmaceutical                                                                               working experience. Under family visit visa. Looking for
   Completed mechanical Engineering, done MBA                                                                                            9 years experience, independently handled branches                  suitable job. Please call: 44214048, 77242204.
                                                                          companies in retail and institutional sales, as medical
 in Operations Management from United Kingdom.                         representative, and 4 years experience in managerial and           of reputed firms, seeking challenging assignments.                FinancE / accountinG / Audit related jobs. Indian male,
      Experience - 1 year. Visa status - visit.                          administrative roles. Seeking suitable posts with higher        contact: 77298383, email: vilasthms@gmail.com                       chartered accountant (Intermediate). Having experience in
contact: 77254929, email: lalkumar08@gmail.com                       responsibilities in Administration or marketing. contact mob:                                                                           Kuwait and in International accounting and auditing firms.
                                                                             55973578, email: mathaibasil@yahoo.co.in                   accountant / auDitoR. Indian male 28, Graduate in                    Total more than 6 years experience. Now on business visit.
inDian MaLE 26, MBA Professional in Finance with B.Com                                                                                   Commerce and M.Com, Knowledge of accounting softwares,              Contact: 77097004, email: shibitthomas@yahoo.co.in
  backgrond having 2 years experience in Finance & Accounts.         MaintEnancE EnGinEER (MEP) / Project Engineer (MEP).
                                                                                                                                         5 years experienced and ability to finalise the accounts           DRivER. Pakistani driver now employed for 6 months, having
  Looking for suitable job in a reputed company. Contact mob:         Sri lankan 29, with 5 years Int’l experience in Mechanical /
                                                                      Maintenance / Manufacturing Engineering. HND in                    independently. Holding valid Qatar driving licence and can          9 years experience. Worked in Limousine for 6 years.
  33490387, email: cyriac_85@yahoo.co.in                                                                                                 full time or part time basis. Contact mob: 66233423, email:
                                                                      Engineering UK, Dip in Computing UK, Seeks immediate                                                                                   Expected salary QR2500/- Contact mob: 55914514,
niGERia LaDY LookinG for suitable job as a Sales lady /                                                                                  noushadveleri@yahoo.co.in                                           77130190.
                                                                      suitable position in Manufacturing / Maintenance construction
 Receptionist / Secretary. Having good experience in this                                                                               accountant, Indian male 27, 7 years experience, now on
                                                                      / Automotive. NOC with transferable visa. Contact: 30180977,                                                                          SaFEtY oFFicER, Filipino muslim, having certificate of
 fields minimum of 2 years experience. Having 5 years (NOC)                                                                              visit visa. Please contact: 55191988, email: msra18@gmail.
                                                                      email: inthikad@hotmail.co.uk                                                                                                          OSHA. BSc in Economics, 6 years experience in construction
 Release letter available. Contact: 30293412, email:                                                                                     com
                                                                     MEcHanicaL EnGinEER (Indian) with more than 2 years                                                                                     and road work. Looking for a job immediate employment.
                                                                      experience as Service engineer. Looking for suitable job.         FiLiPino. Family visit visa. Looking for admin/ office staff,        Transferable visa with NOC available. Contact: 33208093,
SaLES & LoGiSticS oFFicER, Industrial engineer, Filipino                                                                                 Data entry, A/V Technical, Admin Assistant. Contact:                email: sani_noralden@yahoo.com
                                                                      Contact: 77963231, email: ku.salah@gmail.com
 male, on visit visa. 3 years GCC experience includes                                                                                    66605234, email: marcandreus@yahoo.com
                                                                     accountant, Indian male, M.Com, 15 years experience in                                                                                 HEaLtH / oSHa 30 HRS / CRP - Safety officer with degree
 purchasing, sales, quality control, logistics and distribution.
                                                                      Gulf and India, knows Tally and Peachtree, MS Word, Excel.        LookinG FoR Secretarial job, Office clerk or Office staff.           holder with 5 years + Gulf working experience in Construction
 MS Office & SAP skilled. Call: 33496156, email: glenn_
                                                                      Contact: 33887250.                                                 Holder of visit visa till 11th May 2011 (Renewable).                companies, having vast knowledge in Safety. Looking for
                                                                     FiLiPino MaLE 27, bachelor of law and accounting graduate           Educational background: Bachelor of Science in Computer.            better placement. Holding Transferable work visa + NOC.
FiLiPina 29, BS Computer engineering graduate. With 3                                                                                    Capable in MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint. Contact:                    Contact: 30248654, email: arid02@yahoo.com
 years experience in Qatar & 6 years Philippines. Looking for         with units degree in masters of business administration, with
                                                                      4 years experienced as internal auditor and payroll specialist     55348470.                                                          SEcREtaRiaL / accountant / Document controller.
 suitable jobs in Purchasing / HR / Secretary. Can start
 immediately. Contact mob: 66341712, email: micah_1124@               and paralegal services. Visa transferable. Contact:               aRaB MaLE, with extensive experience with various                    Indian male, B.Com graduate, 4 years exp. 2 years as
 yahoo.com                                                            30154788.                                                          government processing work, debt collection and                     Accountant, 2 years as MS Office Teacher, Good command
                                                                     aSSiStant accountant / Accounts executive Sri lankan                procurement looking for a suitable job and has a car and can        over Tally, Busiware, MS Office, Especially in MS Excel.
FiLiPina, Seeking suitable job, Banking & Finance graduate,                                                                              transfer RP. Contact: 55263988.                                     Excellent typing speed. Seeks suitable job. Contact:
 7 years Gulf experience with background in accounting,               male 26, CIMA (UK) Chartered Institute of management
                                                                      accountant) partly qualified, more than 2 years experience in     inDian MaLE 22, having a valid Qatari driving licence                77976588, email: mpasif@gmail.com
 secretary willing and able to start immediately. Contact mob:
 55329176, email: cristymasil@yahoo.com                               an accounting & auditing. Transferable visa, NOC. Looking           looking for driver job in reputed company light driver - 2 Nos    accountant, Indian male, having 13 + years experience in
                                                                      for a challenging job, ready to join any time. Contact:             (3 years driving experience in Qatar) currently in India. Visa     accounts, responsible to all accounting functions and clerical
PRoJEct ManaGER, Irish male, having 30 years of                       30179140, email: afsar.mam@gmail.com                                needed. Fluent in English, Hindi. Contact: 66510948, email:        and admin of companies. Proficiency in accounting packages
 experience in Landscape designing & construction. Currently                                                                              saneeshtattekadu@gmail.com nj.chandramohan@gmail.                  and MS office. Looking for a suitable placement. Contact:
 working as a project manager of construction of landscaping         aFRican 24 YEaRS oLD. Graduate in Marketing and
                                                                      Salesman ship. Have many experience in Qatar & Africa.              com                                                                30202115.
 in Dubai. Looking for a position with a reputable company to
 stretch his ambitions further. Contact: +971 556208274,              Now looking for a job any position of in field. Have              24 YEaRS oLD inDian Commerce graduate (Computer                     SRi Lankan MaLE SitE EnGinEER with 08 years
                                                                      transferable visa. More than 1 year in Qatar. Contact:             science) experience in customer care, sales, technical              experience. Fluent English knowledge and Computer
 email: dmdan70@googlemail.com
                                                                      77360261, email: melekotl@yahoo.com                                support and HR Management is looking for suitable                   literature. Looking for suitable job. Holding transferable visa
SEnioR accountant, having 11 years GCC experience in                                                                                     placement. Please contact: 33279236.                                with NOC. Contact: 66728835, email: jr_ahemed@yahoo.
                                                                     aRcHitEct with over 5 years experience. Good uses of
 Accounts, preparing financial reports, project reports,                                                                                                                                                     com
                                                                      Autocad 2D & 3D. Work with international company                  inDian MaLE 25, Bachelor degree in Civil engg with 2 years
 budgets & forecasts and cost control & analysis, monitoring
                                                                      experience. Transferable visa. Contact: 70163704, email:            professional experience construction of pre-stressed box          SRi Lankan YounG MaLE, looking for a suitable job.
 petty cash, bank, accounts payables and accounts
                                                                      solzay25@yahoo.com                                                  girdess (flyover) casting and erecting of T-Girdess as per         Having experience in document controller and assistant
 receivables. Proficient in Tally, Peach tree and Al Ameen.
 Have a transferable visa and valid Qatar D/L. Please call:          SaFEtY EnGinEER with Multinational experience. 4 years               plan sound knowledge in Autocad 10, Primavera 6. Efficient         accountant and cashier. Having good knowledge in computer
 33628743, email: thajumn@hotmail.com                                 South African experience, 1 year Gulf experience. NISP /            in managing Manpower and Resources. Looking for a                  software, hardware, fluent English. Transferable visa with
                                                                      OSHA Certificate. Experience in building construction, wall         suitable job in your esteemed organisation. Contact: 974 -         NOC. Contact: +974 70135615, email: tharik_mtmt@yahoo.
SRi Lankan MaLE, B.A (Hons) graduate and M.A (Master                                                                                      30263796, email: as.anzeem.anzeem@gmail.com                        com
                                                                      and floor tiles, marble and Tarazo Facilities manager. MD,
 of Arts) Holder. Looking for a suitable placement. Have
                                                                      HND, Result certified by Ministry of Foreign affairs. Contact:    MEP D / civiL autocaD Draughtsman, Sri lankan 24 years              civiL, aRcHitEctuRE / Mechanical (Gas) Cadd designer
 experience HR Assistant, Administrative assistant and
                                                                      77392221, email: qatar4show@yaho.com                               old. One year experienced. Looking for a suitable post.             with 7 years experience. Seeking for job. Contact: 00974
 monitoring evaluation officer - Environment with good in
 English, Computer skills and leadership skills. Visa                inStRuMEntation EnGinEER, Indian male 26, with 4                    Contact: 77713963, email: mubeen87ac@gmail.com                      66404700.
 transferable. Contact: 33004523, email: amsajabu@yahoo.               years experience in Instrument installation, estimation,         MBa, B.coM HoLDER, 3 years experience in as Accountant              LookinG FoR a BuSinESS Professional that has set up,
 com                                                                   commissioning, maintenance and building management                looking for accountant job. Contact mob: 33201054, email:           managed and marketed training programs & event
                                                                       systems seeks suitable opportunities. Contact: 77213920,          aslamenp@live.com                                                   sponsorships in Qatar? (S. Malavan, +974 33348667,
SRi Lankan FEMaLE, looking for a job as a Admin Assistant
                                                                       email: tashaheer@gmail.com                                                                                                            houseofcrown@yahoo.com Transferable work visa, Qatar
 or Secretary. With excellent experience in computer sector.                                                                            accountant / Sr. Accountant, Sri lankan male, accounting
 Dealing with customers and high level work load with in strict      MoRE tHan tEn YEaRS Working experience in                           graduate (BACC) with CIMA (UK) final, having 11 years of            driving licence).
 deadline. Contact: 66715288, email: sanka_2006vimasha@               Administration and documentation in different company. Has         experience (5 years in Qatar) in the field of accounting and       SaFEtY oFFicER, looking for job. Safety officer / Supervisor,
 yahoo.co.uk                                                          the ability to work under pressure without supervision and         finance. Proficiency in Accounting software. Peachtree,             OSHA Certificate NISP Certificate and OND Certificate with
                                                                      quickly absorb new information and procedure. Computer             oracle, Quickbook and MS Office. Transferable visa, holding         4 years working experience in construction company.
FiLiPino MaLE 25, Computer science graduate, 4 years                  literate (Excel, Word). Energetic, dynamic and service
 experience in business development, customer service,                                                                                   valid Qatar driving licence. Looking for suitable position.         Seeking for immediate employment with a reputable
                                                                      oriented. Contact: 66255476.                                       Contact: 33441658, email: hasmy@rocketmail.com                      company. NOC available. Contact: 70105919, email:
 sales & marketing, collections and retail banking. Call:
 70129642, email: pconstantinophi@yahoo.com                          MEcHanicaL EnGinEERinG degree holder, Sri lankan                   SaFEtY EnGinEER (B.E (EEE) & NEBOSH. Indian male 34,                 jaydee401@yahoo.com
                                                                      male, have one and half years successful experience with a         3 years experience in HSE field. Looking for a job in HSE          inDian LawYER, having 15 years experience on visiting visa
inDian MaLE 22, Graduate (BBA) having 1 year of experience            transferable visa with NOC. Seeking a suitable position.
  in accounting field. Computer knowledge in MS Office, Tally,                                                                           Excellency in Qatar. Now on business visit visa. Additional          seeks suitable placement. Contact: 7770025, 55827689.
                                                                      Contact: 66417765, email: ashkartam@gmail.com                      qualification MBA International business. Contact: 33168915,         Email: hansalah_m@yahoo.com
  Peachtree etc... Looking for suitable placement. Transferable
  visa. Contact: 55725631, email: ptmsafeer@gmail.com                auto MotoR MEcHanic, HND Holder with 11 years                       email; reenwell@gmail.com                                          MaRinE oFFicER / Supervisor experienced in the use of life
                                                                      working experience, specialized in Toyota, Mitsubishi and         HSE EnGinEER / aDviSoR, 6 years working exp in                       rafts, life saving & fire fighting equipments very proficient in
a RESuLt oRiEntED, highly motivated safety officer (OSHA              Nissan. Contact: 974 - 70094581, email: nugwu85@yahoo.
 Certified) with over 7 years experience seeks challenging                                                                               reputable construction and Oil / Gas firms. OSHA Certified in       handling speed boats / yachts, maintenance of outboard /
                                                                      com                                                                Construction industry and NEBOSH in view. Technical skills          inboard engines available for any marine job. OSHA,
 position in any construction company. Contact: 77741579,
 email: dareleg@yahoo.com                                            LookinG FoR JoB. Chief Accountant, Bilingual (Arabic /              in ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Membership with different                S.T.C.W (Ghana), Marine Engr (FCFMT) Computer engr
                                                                      English), 10 year’s experience in Gulf area, Construction,         safety services and professional cert. in computer                  (UNIBEN). Visa transferable. Contact: 70086327, email:
inDian MaLE (Diploma in Civil Engineering having work                 Industrial and trading companies, seek a good opportunity.         applications. Transferable work visa. Contact: 30248701,            pato4rear20@yahoo.com
  visa) with 3 years experience in civil engineering field.           Call: 66067751.                                                    email: murtadohbinanofi@yahoo.com
  Tunnel, High rise building, residential building also knowledge                                                                                                                                           EGYPtian SEnioR MEcHanicaL Engineer, (HVAC, FF,
                                                                     FiLiPino MaLE, (3 years experience in computer hardware            SRi Lankan MaLE, CIMA Accountant (UK) with 04 years                  PL) with 13 years experience, (8 years in Doha) in
  of QA / QC (Gulf & India) Software use: Autocad, Primavera
                                                                      servicing - transferable visa). Looking for receptionist,          experience. Fluent English. Knowledge computerize                   Construction, Consulting & Management. Contact: 55674521,
  P6, Revit Architecture, Staad pro, MS Office etc.. Contact:
                                                                      secretarial, data-encoder or sales position. Knowledgeable         accounting and computer literature. Looking for suitable job.       77038853.
  66673572, email: qatar.mohnouj@gmail.com
                                                                      in Microsoft office applications and also in computer trouble      Holding transferable visa with NOC. Contact: 70001265,
it PRoFESSionaL w/ more than 5 years experience.                                                                                                                                                            PRoJEct ManaGER (Degree Elect. Engg). Handed over 26
                                                                      shooting. Please call: 55635821, 77685122.                         email: rumaiz1987@gmail.com
  Filipino Muslim, graduate in the University for the degree of                                                                                                                                              storied Tower Electro mechanical works Porto Arabia. 30
                                                                     inDian MaLE 25, 6 years of experience in Marketing &               inDian MaLE, B.Com, FIATA, C++, Web designing, MS                    years experience engineering, contract, estimation,
  BS Computer science. Looking for suitable job such as:
                                                                       Administration. Currently working with a reputed company in        Office, Foreign accounting (Tally, Peachtree, Quick books),        procurement, construction Qatar & Saudi Arabia. Contact:
  programmer / system analyst, IT Technical support &
                                                                       Qatar. Contact: 33495084, email: adil_malik555@yahoo.              DHTML. Seeking job for the suitable environment. Visa              55331601, 66609247. Email: hasnainreza@hotmail.com
  Network admin. Holding a transferable visa with NOC
                                                                       com                                                                status - transferable. Contact: 66211492.
  available. Contact: 77601633, email: naim_hadjinaif@yahoo.                                                                                                                                                SaLES EnGinEER, Indian male & have more than two & half
  com                                                                4 YEaRS ExPERiEncED inDian MaLE, 27 years old with                 YounG inDian PRoFESSionaL (MBA) with 5 years                         year productive exp in IT Sales Industry, IT Engineering
                                                                      diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Diploma in Industrial           experience in the banking sector. Major area of experience          graduate (Hons). CCNA, MCP Qualified, Good knowledge of
DRivER, Sri lankan Muslim male aged 35 with transferable
                                                                      and Fire safety, HSE, looking for job in Qatar. Contact:           in retail banking operations and customer service. Had              Networking and Softwares, Excellent comm skills,
 visa and valid Qatar light vehicle driving licence is looking for
                                                                      33966201, email: navazkm@gmail.com                                 worked with one of the largest banks in the world. Looking          Transferable visa. Contact: 70030436, email: abdulanjum@
 driving job. (6 years experience in Kuwait and new to Doha).
 Please contact: 70032257 / 55925442.                                FiLiPino MaLE, Business administration graduate w/ 5 years          for suitable assignments. Contact mob: 66409859, email:             gmail.com
                                                                      experience sales, computer tech & IT. Looking for suitable         yesmanu.muhammed@gmail.com                                         aRcHitEctuRE EnGinEERinG 8 years experience 3 years
SaFEtY EnGinEER with a combined 18 years experience in
                                                                      job. Please call: 33507512, email: jerome_lois@yahoo.com          LEBanESE civiL EnGinEER, 30 years experience, 15                     in UAE - Have licen haspened responsce Autocad 2D, 3D
 Africa and Qatar expertise in Oil & Gas, Vertical construction,
 Pipelines, Roads and Highways. Certified safety professional        SR. PLanninG EnGinEER, over 9 years experience (2                   years in Doha, in field of building, roads and infrastructure       presentation. Microsoft office - Photoshop designer,
 NEBOSH (IGC), OSHA, IOSH, NASP (USA) with ready                      years Egypt - 1 year Saudi Arabia - 6 years in Doha).              works. Looking for a job as a project manager. Contact:             workshop drawings, presentation. Contact: 77881397,
 transferable visa. Contact: 33095485, email: colt_charles@           Contact: 66442552, email: defrawy76@yahoo.com                      66720300, email: engibd@yahoo.com                                   33514146.
 yahoo.com                                                           QuantitY SuRvEYoR, Sri lankan having 03 years                      SRi Lankan MaLE, Quantity surveyor, with 03 years                   civiL EnGinEER (inDian) with more than 14 years of
FiLiPina, seeking a job as a Secretary, Admin assistant or            experience in construction field, successfully completed           experience including Gulf experience. Fluent English                experience, out of which 8 years in Dubai as Project
 Receptionist. Hard working and responsible. Excellent in             diploma in Quantity surveying. Looking for suitable                knowledge and computer literature. Looking for suitable job.        manager in constructing multi storey buildings. Looking for a
 English both oral or written also efficient in MS Application.       placement. Transferable visa. Contact: 66823116, email:            Holding transferable visa with NOC. Please contact mob:             suitable opportunity. Presently in Qatar for short visit till 15th
 Contact: 66338019, 33029205.                                         magarif.1987@gmail.com                                             70001290, email: natheeribrahim@yahoo.com                           April 2011. Contact details, mob: 70112469, 0097150
                                                                     ELEctRicaL PRoJEct EnGinEER, Degree holder with 7                  Bank oFFicER, Sri lankan male with 15 years of Banking /             6407529, email: rajnayar@rediffmail.com
FiLiPino, Seeking for a position of Admin assistant, Secretary,
 Office, Receptionist, Proficient in MS Office application.           years cognate experience in Electrical power design &              Finance experience looking for a suitable position. Holding        civiL autocaD DRauGHtSMan, Indian male 24, hands in
 Excellent in English both oral and written Business visa             drafting, electrical installation, electrical estimation. Seeks    transferable visa (with NOC) / Qatari driving licence. Contact:     3Ds Max, Interior designer and Photoshop. Having enough
 (Transferable). Contact: 33471806, 33029205, email:                  immediate placement in a reputable organisation as electrical      77223811, 30191727, email: dineshcrishantha@yahoo.com               knowledge 3 years and 4 months experience by construction
 marlonyumul@rocketmail.com                                           project engineer. 5 years transferable work visa. Contact:        inDian MaLE 26, MBA, 2 years experience in Marketing & 1             drawing and building studies with the good communicative
                                                                      70159744, email: oyekunlek@yahoo.com                                year in HR. Looking for a suitable job. Contact: 33892971,         skills seeking for a suitable job. Please contact: 77806143,
SR. accountant, Indian male, having more than 10 years
                                                                     DRivER, Pakistani national, Qatar driving licence holder, 14         prakash_nair@rocketmail.com                                        email: mujeebkv@gmail.com
 exp in the field of finance & auditing. Able to handle all the
 financial projects independently. AR / AP. Ledger & Bank             years experience in Doha. Speaks Arabic, Urdu & English.          FiLiPino ELEctRician - 4 years experience in construction           SoutH aFRican FEMaLE Professionally experienced in
 reconciliation, Payroll & Admin. Having a knowledge in               Seeks suitable job. Please contact: 55640551.                      building wiring / industrial electrical: wiring, installer,         HR, Administration, Office management and Staff
 various accounting software Peachtree Quickbooks,                   FiLiPino - BS Electronics and Communications. Looking for           maintenance and motor re winder. Looking for a job.                 accommodation seeking suitable employment. Flexible,
 Amadeus, Delta, Tally ERP & MS Office. Having a valid                any position in Electronics, Telecoms, Manufacturing or            Contact: 77172667, 66271508.                                        Enthusiastic and excellent team leader. Available immediately.
 Qatar driving licence & NOC available. Please contact:               Admin / Office. Had 4 years experience as Production engr                                                                              Contact: 33837484, email: cvroux@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                                        BacHELoR oF SciEncE in Accountancy. More than 10
 55772901, email: mohdazeeez@gmail.com                                and hardware & Network engr. Skills: PC Hardware and               years of professional experience in Accounting. Filipino 33        FiLiPina, Masters in Management graduate, with over 3
                                                                      Machine Trouble shooting, Networking, Basic Autocad, MS            years old. Contact: 30290196.                                       years experience as accounts and administrative assistant /
PRocuREMEnt oFFicER, MBA Marketing. 3 years
                                                                      Office. Contact: 33674271, email: yheenfhay@gmail.com                                                                                  HR and customer relations assistant. Seeking for HR /
 experience of (MEP) in Qatar one year experience in sale in                                                                            GRaPHic DESiGnER, looking for job. 3 years experience in
 Pakistan. Transferable visa and valid driving licence. Contact:     civiL EnGinEER with 6 years exp (3 years Gulf exp) with             Photoshop, illustrator and Corel draw. Contact: 66849532,           Administration / Secretarial job. Proficient in English writing
 55385114, email: atiqurrehman225@hotmail.com                         knowledge of high rise towers and good work. Seeks job.            email: muhammedrashid7@gmail.com                                    and communication. Excellent in MS Office suite. SAP
                                                                      Call: 77580433.                                                                                                                        experienced. Visa transferable and with NOC. Contact:
PRocuREMEnt / oFFicE aDMiniStRation works                                                                                               FiLiPina 33, with 11 years experience in Sales and document
                                                                     LookinG FoR DRivinG JoB. Sri lankan, working                                                                                            66462189, email: marianne.cabalida@yahoo.com
 professional experienced person, more than 15 years                                                                                     controller looking for a job in the same field. Computer
 experience in Doha, having Qatar driving licence. Looking            experience: 4 years working driving field in Doha. 1 year          literate, good communication skills. Transferable visa. Please     B.E civiL EnGinEER, Indian, with 3+ years of experience in
 for a reputed company to join. Contact: 55499453,                    working driving field in Ras Laffan city. Language - English &     contact: 33498701, email: odettecayetano@yahoo.com                  Gulf with driving licence, seeking job in Qatar. Contact mob:
 77120887.                                                            Arabic. Not having transferable visa. Contact: 55478469.                                                                               77596206, email: zahir_cv_05@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                                        accountant ExPERiEncED in the UK is pursuing for a
PuRcHaSER / PRocuREMEnt Officer, 12 years                            FiLiPino PRoFESSionaL, with over 16 years of work                   permanent position in a reputed establishment. Qualified           ExE. SEcREtaRY / Accountant, Filipina, Accounting
 experienced in MNC companies, in UAE. Holder of UAE                  experience in Bank operations and project management.              with BSc Degree and managerial level of CIMA - UK.                  graduate, 12 years experience as an Exe. Secretary. 5 years
 driving licence & well aware of Qatar market. Seeking                Looking for suitable job in accounting, administration. NOC                                                                            experience as an Accountant, with job experience in the
                                                                                                                                         Experience as a head of finance. Available in Qatar for an
 suitable placement. Contact: 77527769, email: kvp850@                available and can join ASAP. With Qatar driving licence.                                                                               USA. Transferable visa with NOC. Contact: 66300214,
                                                                                                                                         interview till 26th April 2011. With transferable visa. Contact:
 hotmail.com                                                          Contact: 66081572.                                                                                                                     email: mvsaliliran@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                                         33268387, email: accountant@london.com

                          to LEt                                                          FoR SaLE

SinGLE BED viLLa PoRtion Available near Hayath Plaza                     GYM EQuiPMEntS FoR SaLE,
 Signal (opp to Murra Zoo) with 1 Toilet + Hall + Kitchen         good condition and high quality product. Can buy
 available for Bachelors / family Accommodation. /// One Bed
                                                                                 in single or in bulk.
 Room with Hall, Kitchen & Bathroom Available in Shara
 Asmakh (opp. to Maharaja Restaurant) Contact: 55829159,              Please contact: 66989998, 66992996.
 66959552, 44352007                                               FuRnituRE BEDRooM SEt Double, TV, Dish, W/machine,
StanD aLonE viLLa in Wakra (2 nos.) Staff / Labour                 Refrigerator, Gas, for sale. QR4000/- Contact: 66588363.
 accommodation in Wakra near Q-tel tower // each villa            toYota caMRY 2000 in good condition, lady owner, for the
 consist of 10 spacious rooms + 12 Bathroom + Kitchen +            highest offer. Send SMS to 33672168.
 hall. Contact: 55829159, 66959552, 44352007.
                                                                  LanD FoR SaLE in the Industrial area, band new buildings,
nEw MoDERn viLLa FoR REnt in Ain Khalid. 4 B/R, bath,              size - 5000 sqm. 4 Warehouse, each 576 sqm, 80 Labour
 full split A/c, central heater, garden, auto sprink and more      rooms, 72 bathrooms, 12 kitchens. Contact: 30200753.
 amenities. 2 car garage, 2 kitchens indoor. Contact:
                                                                  toYota caMRY FoR SaLE. Model 2005 GLi, Mileage
                                                                   123000, Light blue colour, very good condition. Price
viLLa FoR REnt. For Diplomatic people. 5 Master rooms,             QR36,000/- Contact: 77659852.
 large reception, 2 sitting room, dining room, 2 fountain
                                                                  wELL RunninG PRintinG PRESS for sale / partnership in
 outside, inside. 2 kitchens, big store room, beautiful garden,
                                                                   Al Khor. More details call on 66570443, visit our web: www.
 swimming pool. Inquire call: 33509756.
LaBouR / StaFF accoMMoDation available at Al Wakra
                                                                  FoR SaLE / Rent. In Industrial area. Food store is for sale
 / Rayyan / Murra / Abu Hamour / Azizia / Umm Salal /
                                                                   and stores / workshops / shops for rent. Please contact mob:
 Shahaniyah. 100 person to 180 person, 200 person to 300,
 500 person can accommodate in the camp. Rent QR15,000/-
 to 27,000/- For staff. 8 bedroom, 7 bedroom, 10 bedroom.         FoR SaLE: 2 Administrative units in Palm Tower (Dafna) for
 Rent QR13,000/- to 15,000/- 18,000/- Only for companies.          the space 211,51 per unit (No brokers). Contact mob:
 Contact: 77601821, 7749001.                                       55557318.
FoR REnt: 14 Luxury residential villa brand new in Al Wakrah                       Situation wantED
 city for families or one company. QR9000/- For more
 information call: 55005310, 66786600.
                                                                  MBa witH 5 YEaRS ExP in HR & Admin, 15 years UAE exp
waREHouSE anD LaBouR caMP for rent, 2 warehouse                    Indian male 28 years, seeking HR & Admin job. Contact:
 for rent in the Industrial area, each 1000 sqm size, 10 labour    66782704, email: gregorironald@hotmail.com
 camp rooms. Contact mob: 30200753.
                                                                  accountant, Filipino male 7 years experience in Audit,
FoR REnt: Part of villa first floor 2 bedrooms, one small hall,    Finance and Admin. Advance knowledge in Microsoft office,
 one kitchen, Rent QR3000/- One bedroom, one bathroom,             accounting and payroll softwares e.g SAP, Quickbooks,
 one kitchen QR1800/- F/F one bedroom, one hall, one               Peachtree, simply accounting, SQL. Contact: 66093723,
 bathroom, one kitchen, corridor QR2500/- Near Mall R/A.           cstkyd@yahoo.com
 Families only. Contact: 55519907.
                                                                  it SuPPoRt / nEtwoRk tEcH. Indian male with 3 years
www.aLDaRaRcH.coM (Direct from owner). Spacious                     experienced in relevant field. Holding International
 flats 1 B/R U/F & F/F w/ kitchen / lounge Farej Abdul Aziz w/      certifications MCP, MCTS, CCNA, A+, Exchange server
 parking QR3500/- 5000/- 2 B/R U/F - Mumtaza QR5000/- 2             2010. Ability in facing any kind challenge & pressure.
 + 3 B/R w/ split A/c’s 5500/- 6500/- Madina Khalifa &              Looking for a suitable job with transferable visa. Contact:
 Compound F/F villas 4 B/R w / American style kitchen / pool        66718595, email: cadersf@hotmail.com
 / gym & 24 hours security QR10,000/- Brand new duplex s/f
 villas 5 B/R w/ servants quarters & garage in Ain Khalid only    EGYPtian MaLE, Experience in training and human resource
 QR12,000/- To view: 66114166 / 66688480 / inquiries:              seeking a suitable job as Human Resource and Admin work.
 66610055.                                                         Contact: 77461622, email: wsamman@westwoodmisr.com
FoR REnt: New compound. The compound 30 villa in Al               PRocuREMEnt EnGinEER / Materials Specialist. Filipino
 Gharaffa Super deluxe F/F total 4 room. Down1 room + hall         male with 20+ years experience in the Gulf (Saudi Arabia &
 + majlis + kitchen + toilet. Upstair - 3 room master + S/pool     Qatar). Heavy Equipment / Parts, Construction, Oil & Gas.
 + Club. Contact: 66799728, 66026321.                              Available for immediate employment with transferable visa.
                                                                   Contact: 55675770, email: cesardelacuesta@hotmail.com
FoR REnt: 1500 sqm garage at Industrial area. Includes 2
 stores, painting room, accommodation (3 rooms). Stores           aRcHitEct aLGERian, 7 years experience in Consultancy
 (450 sqm - 1100 sqm) with labour accommodation. Store in          as designer and construction on site Architect Manager
 Madina Khalifa south. Contact: 55945221.                          experienced in Autocad, Corel draw, Photoimpact, looking
                                                                   for job. Please call: 66401912, email: toitura.style@gmail.
FaMiLY accoM/ available at Al Hilal (behind Gulf Times             com
 Office). 1) One bedroom + hall + master bath + kitchen. Car
 parking inside the villa. Including W&E. Indian and Sri lankan   FiLiPina, LookinG FoR a JoB. Had experienced as a
 family only. QR3500/- 2) One bedroom + hall + bath +              Office Secretary, Receptionist & Cashier. HAd skills in using
 kitchen. Including W&E. Indian and Sri lankan family only.        MS Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint). Experienced also in
 QR2400/- Please contact: 55382461, 77116373.                      using Fidelio & Opera. Fluent in English. Contact 55774429
                                                                   or       email:        maypercarandang@yahoo.com,
FoR REnt: 2 rooms in a villa at Al Wakra area. Bathroom            maypercarandang@gmail.com
 attached and 1 kitchen available. Contact: 55354739 /
 44322682.                                                        FiLiPino MaLE 29, can speak English & Arabic is looking for
                                                                   any suitable job as a Driver, Messenger, Sales representative.
viLLa FoR REnt. Consists: 2 master bedrooms, 3 bedrooms,           With valid Qatar drivers licence, with three years experience
 1 living room, 1 hall, kitchen and 5 bathrooms, S/pool, with a    as Traffic Registration Representative & Driver. Transferable
 half furnished and finishing excellent. Contact: 66338584.        visa & can start immediately. Contact mob: 33529372, email:
FoR REnt: 1/2/3 B/R U/F F/F flats in Najma / Mansoura / Al         twizzle29_11@yahoo.com
 Sadd / Bin Mehmoud. Rent QR4000/- onwards. S/A &                 coMPutER EnGinEER, Gulf educated Indian male with
 Compound villas in Abu Hamour Luqtha / Dafna. QR11,000/-          Masters (UK), Seeks challenges in IT Sector. Proficient in C,
 onwards. Office space / Labour accommodation also                 C++, VC++ and Visual Basic, Ability in IT Support & Software
 available. Contact: 55917322.                                     devpt. Call: +974 33468398, +974 33211903, email:
                                                                                                                                     Classified advertisement
                                                                  DocuMEnt contRoLLER / Office staff / Receptionist,
                                                                                                                                     space booking with, text, pics & materials should be done
                                                                   Filipino male 33, looking for suitable placement.
                                                                   Knowledgeable in MS Office application. FTP, Document
                                                                   control process and Office works. Willing to start immediately.          before 12.30 Pm for next day’s publication.
                                                                   Call: 44110892, 33867561.

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