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					                                 Wall Mural Proposal
                          Ashley Reynolds and Taylor Fulmer

“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of
       - Bo Bennett
                                              We have chosen The Scream by Edvard

                                      Munch because it represents frustration, which is a

                                      feeling that a lot of students experience.       Munch

                                      intended to convey the fear of losing one’s mind to

                                      vexation. The intense brushstrokes and colours add

                                      to the feeling of anxiety that the painting emits.

                                              We decided to use the quote by Bo Bennett

                                      because frustration like that felt in The Scream is

something necessary to be successful. This is a message we believe all students should

be aware of because it’s all too easy to just give up when things get stressful.

       We feel that our mural would fit best in the math hallway. To us, math is a

subject that causes a lot of frustration for the students of the school. In addition, students

are required to take math courses for at least three years of their time in high school,

making it an image that will be seen by all students regularly.

       Our mural is intended to show students that frustration is something that everyone

in high school feels at some point, but is something that will lead to success and

happiness. All students feel strained at some point but what makes them difference from

one another is their reaction to this stress – some give up, while others hang in. Our aim

is to let students know that if they endure frustration, they will see a brighter horizon.

       We would like to work as a pair in order to experience working with others

creatively. The creative process is one that is primarily carried out individually, so it is

interesting to work with another person in order to achieve something each person will be

satisfied with. In artistic fields at both university and the workplace, it is sometimes
necessary to work in groups of two or more. Group work is not often seen in high school

art classes, and we wanted to experience it before graduating.

       In short, we would like to paint Edvard Munch’s The Scream and a quote by Bo

Bennett in the math hallway. We would like to do this to remind Saunders students that

school can get stressful and frustrating, but these emotions will always give way to relief

and happiness.

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