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  2 mf-f2-w2-o1Agência do Projeto Emerson Fittipaldi 40 anos - O Brasil no Alto do Pódio
  Momentum é

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      Momentum Project Agency's Emerson Fittipaldi 40 years - Brazil on the Upper Podium
      November 4, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                         Get news on the Portal Inteligemcia your
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        Momentum will be responsible for producing the events of 40 years Project Fittipaldi - Brazil 40 years ago
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        from the podium, with direction by Fabiane Madriles. "The victories of Emerson were extremely relevant to
        Formula 1. The project, which was an initiative of Momentum, recounts his success story and impact the public with
        actions for the next two years, "notes Mark Lacey, president of Momentum Brazil.
        The plan, beginning the week of the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1, when Emerson celebrates 40 years of his first victory
        in F1 until 2012, when the pilot will celebrate four decades of its first championship in F1.

        The first action of Momentum for promoting Project Fittipaldi 40 years had its start on Nov. 2, when Emerson drove                                                                                                             Register

        the Lotus 72, chassis No. 5, built in 1970 - the car of his first victory and his first title - on the streets of São Paulo.
        The circuit began in the Garden City Mall and ended at the World Trade Center. Emerson also be driving his Lotus 72
        at the Interlagos Circuit on two occasions. On Saturday and Sunday before the start of the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1.
        During the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Brazil, Emerson will present its Vintage Box with the Lotus 72 and personalized
        content that refer to the 70, at which time the cars had only a gallon of fuel, fire extinguisher and tools. The
        association will also be provided by the nostalgic view photos of the day. The Box Vintage has also been developed by
        the agency Momentum.

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        its portfolio in Brazil brands such as Nestle, GM, Coca-Cola, Sadia, TIM, Bradesco, Natura, Lenovo, Henkel, among
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        others. Momentum is present in 45 countries and is part of the McCann Worldgroup, part of the Interpublic Group.                                                                                                                   government?
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