The 1000 contemporary scientists most-cited 1965-1978. Part 1. The by gyvwpsjkko

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									Essays of an Information Scientist, Vol:5, p.269-278, 1981-82       Current Contents, #41, p.5-14, October 12, 1981

                                                  The   1,000 Contemporary    Scientists
                                                      Most-Cited  1965-1978. Part I.
                                                    The Basic List and Introduction

           .,,          ..                                                            —,           ------
           Number      41                                                            October       12, 1951

                At ISP we’ve conducted hundreds of                  In 1978 we used all-author data to
             citation studies over the yearn. But none          publish a list of the 300 most-cited
             of them involved as massive an under-              authors,    1961 -1976.2 The list which
             taking as that which preceded the com-             follows provides a new chronological
            pilation of the following list, (See Table          perspective, although it is limited to the
             1.) As the title indicates, the list consists      14-year period, 1%5-1978. This is an im-
            of the names of the 1,000 scientist-au-             portant four-year shift to even more
            thors most-cited       for work published          contemporary       science.
            from 1965-1978. This study took over                   The fist has afso been expanded to
            two years to prepare, required approx-              consist of 1,000 scientists. Contrary to
            imately a month of large-scale computer             what I had expected, this step does not
            time (over 750 hours), and drew upon               overcome a serious bias in this study
            the resources of many 1S1 staff mem-                and earlier ones. For a variety of
            bers, especially Linda Cooper, manager             reasons, the life sciences continue to be
            of bibliographic        research,    editorial     “overrepresented.”        Since citation prac-
            features.     Others    are acknowledged           tices vary so drastically among fields,
            below.                                             caution must be used in the comparison
                We used “alf-author”        data derived       of raw citation counts. q We have made
            from      the Science      Citation   Index@       no effort in this study to solve this prob-
            (SC~ ) data base, 1965-1978. Therefore,            lem by segmenting our files. This in fact
            the list excludes social scientists. When          will be done in follow-up studies to
            we first began publishing lists of rnost-          cover     mathematics,        earth    sciences,
            cited authors, we used first-author data           physics, chemistry, and other fields out-
            only. 1 This was due to a continuing con-          side the fife sciences. It will become
            vention in the Citation Index section of           practical to do so as we implement new
           SC1, in which cited and citing articles             discipline-oriented      data bases.
           are listed under the name of only the                   Developing     all-author     lists is con-
           first author listed on the paper. In the            siderably more complex than conduct-
           early days, these Fist-author lists were            ing first-author     studies. To create this
           adequate for many purposes. But in-                 list, more than 67 million references in
           creasingly we felt the need to treat all            the Citation Index were compared with
           authors in every article as though they             the entries in the Source Index of SCI
           were listed first. It is not just that              for the period 1965-197fi-more              than
           science has become increasingly collab-             five million published papers. It is not
           orative. Experienced scientists, already            fully realized by most readers that the
           well known to their peers, were often               Source Index does in fact include every
           and increasingly fisted as secondary or             author of every article indexed-so            we
           coauthors. So we developed a system to              can treat each author as though he or
           let us do so.                                       she were the frst author.

TcMa 1: The 1,000 most-cited authom for work pubfished from 1%5-1978, pre~nted with their first and last
   names; field or dwipline;  birth snd (where applicable) death date% and number of citations received.
   Ao asterisk next to a name indicates possible incomplete information. A check mark indicates authors
   new 10 the top XX). Since citation practices vary smong fields, caution should be used in comparing rsw

     AWONSON             STUART            A          ONCOLOGY               >942                     SR4NT ON      DAN,EL                             CELL S40L
    . ABRAMS        GERALD        STANLEY             PHYS,CS                !$4!                     S8AUNWALD          E“GEME                        CARC+OLOGY                              ,
     AMIR          STEPWM L                           PHY SK s               ! 039                    S8AWERMAN  GEOBC3S                               MOLEC     S(C+                          >6s3
<             KEW3RK
     AGHAJAN,AN         QEORQE                        NEUF$OPHARMACOL        )932                     ?W.ESE GEORGE RICHARD                            FI+ARMACOLOOY                           2973
     AIL4SOFU          SV”N      ,CHI                 hERONOMY               \ 824                    SRE-.NSACH    MARTIN                             PH”stcs                                 3780
*    ALEx*Nce7  Pam                                   CELL ma                ,s,2                     CIRENNER S VC+4EY                                MOuc  SOL                               28? 1
     ALLEN ELAND CULLEN                               (NOFIGANIC      CHEM   1926               ,.    BRITTEN ROY >                                    MOLEC MOL                               43eo
     ALLERHAND   ADAM                                 810PHVSICS             !937                     MOO(E   BERNARO              WRY L               PHARMACOLOGY                            sfee
     MLFREY   V(NCENT GEORG.E                         SIOCHEM(SIRY           !02!                     -OWN       CCWALC D                              MoLec mm                                32, B
     ALLINGER          NORMAN           LOUIS         ORGANIC CHEM           ,928                     smvm        mRALD        E                       PHYS(CS                                 2!357
     ALL(SON ANTHONY CL1FFORD                         !WMUNOLOGY             !925                     8R0wN       HERBERT          c                   Owmtc           CHEL!                   87$+
     ALPER CHESTER A                                  ,UM”NOLM,              ,911                     SSOWN   JEHC+ADA J                               PHYSIOLOGY                              $:s
     ALTMAN JOSEPH                                    NEUROLC-3”             ,,25                     MOW     wCMAEL S                                 810CMEM1STRY                            33m
     ,~~s  mm    . . ml..                             Owocom                 ,,2,                     B17C3WNLEE, Q e                                  .40’EC  mo,                             q.??
     AMOS OWN$$ SfRNARD                               IA4M”NOLCI,3Y          ,923                     W“(CE  ,FIOM.S  CHARLES                          ollGANkc ct+EM                          2878
     ANDEN N, LS.5SR< a!FmER                          F’MARM&COLOGY          !937                     SRU?+NER HANS RUCOLF                             CAPOOLOGY                               N,?
     AN05i-20N   FWLIP WARREX                         PHYSIC9                1923                     BRIJwER    KT                                    !!lM”NO,M”                              2017
     A?4CW?AJ Pkmlc.
               s                                      BIC&lEMISTRY           ! 928                    euos    ,AL3N                                    PHYSICS                                 ,i@a
     ANF:,,XC%          C%R,ST!AN           BOEHME8   aocumlsmy              10,6                     SWNEY        W7LLtAM EOWAFIO                     R2VCM,AT,7Y                                 ?743
     *&;  ---
     A.,nu!*l          6,., Da                        BIOCHEMISTRY           ,s.3,
                                                                                                                   MM MARCEL
                                                                                                                                                       CARWJLOGY                                   2765
                                                      JL!MIJNOLOGY           I 930                                                                     CELL BIOL
     ARIAS        IKWN    MONROE                      GASTP.OENTEROL         ,926                     BbRiWS       ROQFR CEO.                          ENC.2CRINOLOGY                              ?$-s2
        A.R,M”RA       AK,RA                          ENCOCRINOLDGY          !923                     BUFlNST0CK,”&OSF6CY                              F?lARMACOLOGY                               3MQ
        ARN&”D      CLAUDE         DONALD             EwX?CNINOLffiY         1929                      SUSCH qHARRC                                    PHARMACOLOGY                                492,
        ASKONAS,       S+14GITTE NICE                 .,lJ~.~,~,             1023                    . WIC”ER R REQINALD WILL,A!A                      PHV3,0LOGY                              6511
        ASOFSKY        R,CHARO MARC”                  ,,.qi~~~’~~y           1933                      SUTLER wARREN LEE                               BIOFWSICS                               2454
                                                                                                       CAFIILL GsoRGs FRaNcIs                          PHYSIOLOGY
            ~,, c
        ATKINSON        DANIEL EDW.RO                 e80CHElASTRY
                                                      MOLEC S!0,
                                                                             ,926                      CAMEROW ALASTAIR QRAliAh!                  w    ASTROPH”S,CS
        AURBACH GER,LC CONALD                         ENWCRINOLOGY           !927                    . C.A., L, 0. C,, ”RC* .                          ONCOLOGY                                2453
        AWTEM  KARL FRANK                             WWNOLOGY               ! 928                                                                     WOC?EWSTRY                              26?e
        AuSTEN WLUAA4 GERALD                          PHYSIOLOGY             low                                                                       wMur40L0Gv                              25W
        AV,OLI L OLIM v                               EN WCFIINOLOQY         ,93,                                                                      ONcoLOOY                                ,%2
/       A v8AMEAS   STRATI$                           !.MMUNOLOOY            I 930                                                                     WYS,CS                     ,936
     AXELRCU           ,“L,uS                         .%ARM&COLOGY           !9!2                                                                      PHYS,MOGY                  ,’328
        AXEN     ROLF                                 SIOC.EMISTRY           ! ma                                                                      NE”ROP”&RMACO,             !$23
.       MC..     FI=,T2 “                             LWM”NC4-OGY
                                                                             1,,4                                                                      B1OCHEM!STR”
        S*CM     JEAN FRANCOIS                                               1940                                                                      CELL 910L
        Bxlnhf%        ROamT           L              “EMArOLOGY             f m,                     CATT  KWN . ...
                                                                                                                    IOU.                               ENCOCR!NOLOGY
        9AOUOM         C ORRACQ                                              I 933                    CEROTI! !., JEM+CHA,7LES                         WMUNOLOGY
        SMCML.         JOHN Mwms                                             !,,,                     CHALKLEY          Rowe                           MOLEC      SIOL
        SAKER      ERN&RO         RANDALL                                                             c3iAM0i2N      PIERRE.                           MOLEC BIQL
        SAI.UVW    RC S.5RT           W!LUAM                                                          ChANCE
        B.LT,IAORE   DA”! D
        BAUE      54MUEL        jkRVIS                ASTRC+WYSICS           1024      3022           CHANCXK       RCBERT             MERRITT         v IROLIXV
        8ARGER      VSRh”JtS LXMNE                    F?iYscs                ,%3.s     2*I3     H     CtiApMw       m+t;hs                             W$$=HVSICS
    . BARREL,.         SARCLAY          OEORQE        MOLEC 810.             !944      :3s2           CHATT     JOSE%                                  INORORNIC CHEM
        84?TON      C+REK HAFIOLD R,CMA,?D                                                           . CH!NOWSKY         WILLIAM                       F’HYS,CS
                                                      ORGANIc        cnw     1018      3177
    . SbRTTER          7XC2:.WC            CROSBY                                                     CHOPP!N      PLR,4EI.L           WH!~!NO1   ON
                                                      ENOOCW40L0.3”          1914      2s16
      EASERQ&          RENAT 0                        CELL S1OL              !925      3046          . CHOPRA      INOER JIT
      9*STEN  A                                       ,!,Y.NO,OG,            ,039      279.3          CHRAM8ACH  ANC+3EAS C
    . BAITERSSY           AWN         RUSIITON        ORaANtC CHEW           ! 925     2%4            CM”RC”,U  MELWN   ROWEN
        SAULIEU     ETEhWE            EM,] .6         ENDOCRNOLOOY           ,,m       3573           CLAMAN HENRY NEUMANN
                                                      U+ABMACOLOGY           ,s20      276,          . CLARK    N-VIN     JOHN                         MOLEc      ml
        sEcKm    fiRNOLD UEYWORTH
        3EMAcmRAF     sm.,                            IVMUNOL03V             1,20      $.44,          CLSRK     Mowmo           CHARLES                0ftQAF10ME7   CHEM
    . BE::PC+R MYRON LEE                              ORGANIC CHEM           ~924      3!10           CUR<    ROSIN ,ON MAWES                          (NORIAN,C   c KM
      ~:=~~”    p,~,,.o,o                             910C”SM ISTRY          1919      2870
                                                                                                      CLCAVER JAMES EDw’.F!D                           GENETICS
      ~z,=s,.H  .UTM ~*w-                                                                             C LEGO. JOHN 61WAN                               .EMATOL%Y
                                                      BFXH&).4)S?R”          1925      2742
        -l%%sc.    KLAus GEORGE                       PATI+OLOQ”                                      C LE!4ENT, Et ,94S0                              TMEORETICAL         C.E&
                                                                             I ‘?28    2507
        5E)ISON    SIONEY WILLIAM                     P“YSIIXL   CHEW        !9!5      3324           CLIFFORO mER                                     ONCOLOGY
        .~~~    ,AUL                                                                                  CL(NE MfiRT!N J                                  “EM, TOLcmY
                                                      MOLEC     BIOL         !926      341!
                                                                                                      COBURN JACK WESLEY                               F?4YS,0LOQY
                                                      xEMATOLCGY             ! w,      ?ss?
                                                                                                      COCHRAME  CHARLES E                              !MMUNCJLOG,
                                                      MOLEC     BtOL         1029      2438
                                                                                                      C%GESHALL.           RIcHmL3         E           NEUROLOOY
                                                      Bloctwslcs             , WC-78   2s4,
                                                                                                      COHEN,      AU.     SEYMOUR                      P&THOLOG’f                                  2749
                                                      PHYS, CAL CHEM         1923      3930
                                                                                                 /    COHEN.      MhRVIN LOU                           PHYSICS                                     ?442
                                                      CP.QANIC       C“EM    1917      24>4
                                                                                                      COHEN       STANLEY N                            MOLEC 8,0.                                  2se+
                                                      ENCOCR< NOLOGY         ,9,0.72   3We
                                                                                                     . COHN     MELVIN                                 WMW-JOLCGV                                  27*9
                                                      ENOGCR!!,OLOOY         ,935      3%7
                                                                                                .-    cOnN.     2ANVIL 4                               CELL FYOL                                   4,6?
                                                                                                      COLMAN        JAMES PADDOCK                      ,NOFX3ANIC        C“EM                      3190
                                                                                                      COMINGS DAVID EDWARD                             CELL B(OL                                   2C52

    .   z, .+j~~u~~~    , “ ~~
                                                      ENLAXRWCLOG   v
                                                                                                      CONN JEROME w
                                                                                                      CONNEY ALAN HOWARD
                                                                                                                                                       Fi+ARMACOLOQY              )m
        *3WOP      ,OHN ~,c “A=L                      “(80,00”
        BJO!WEN                    D                  Fn”slcs
                                                                                                      CCQK S RCU~T  G!WFIAM
                                                                                                      CODLE Y DENTLM ARTHUR
                                                                                                                                                       ORGANIC CHE,A
                                                                                                                                                                                  ,94,             2594
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ,= ,
        ivORKLUNO         w+DER5                      CELL B!OL                                       COON M,NOR J                                     ENZYMOLOGY                                  2947
        SLACK. PAUL H                                 v,ROLOGY                                                                                         ,,,).~~~~~~,
                                                                                                       CCOPER      MAX DALE                                                                        5774

                                                                                                      COREY       EL(AS ,A+4ES                         O!WMNIC  CHEM
                                                                                                      CORFIOU  HANS                                    PH. RMACOLOG,
        B40CH      X uRT JULIUS                                                                       COSTA ER.WN9                                     F+iARhtACO’OG”
        N F.WTZ9ES    NICOLAAS                                               ! 920                    COnON,  FRAN. AL8ERT                             ,Nclm.mwc   C. E!/
        KOOM    FLOYD ELL,OTT                                                ! 03.                    COVELL, 2+.!45s wAcH08                           PHYSIOLOGY
        F&OM,       STEPHEN           FICCC?T                                IWz                      cOWAN   WI.LIAM MAXWELL                          NEUROUX”
        &OW        DAVID UERVYN                                              !03!                     COWLEV UO-&R ARTWJB                              ,“YS,CS
        SLLWSfZ’3        S4RUCH            SAMIJEL                           r92$                     COY      DAWO HOw.m                              ENWCRINOLOG.
        SODEY      13ER&LD PAUL                                              1934                     CRAM      WNALD          JAMEs                   ORGA!J,C CHEM
        So.wm.           FEX~NANO                                                                      CROMER      DON T                                                                           87,3
        SON%ER         JAMES FfiEOER ICK                                                               CUATRECASAS             PEmO                                                            1054,
        SORISY      GARY GuY                          MOI.GC B(OL            1s42                      CUFl@AN. PETEE F5RGuSON                                                            ,4       ,$0
        0LXNS7EIN   PAuL                              CELL S1OL
                                                                                                      CURTIS      DAVtD R0~wC6                         .. AR,A&COLOG”                              3819
        So fisos  nsOR                                                                                 DA”,     L4WRC+CE           F!IZW<R!CK          PHYSICAL        CWEh+                       ,440
        s-x’ST     w                                  MOLEC SK7L                                      04., SmOM, $N’’!CA B                             K,STrXO.3,                                  25<3
        axlm+m           N4BOLQ            SRUCE      PHARMACOLOGY                                    OALG-NO   ALEXAN~R                               ASTROPHYSICS                                4)2,
        SCWERS   CYRIL YARLING                        ENo’xmiOLOeY                                    OALY, JOHN W                                     PHARMACOLOGY                                S$’30
        mWIE   JOHN HAMILTOh                          ORGANIC        c WJ                             DAMATO *NTHONY   N4CMOLAS                        CARD(OLOGV                                  4551
        00 YARSKI mm    M                             PHYS(CS                                         DARNELL JAMES ED,?IN                             CELL 3,01                                   7$.34
        80YsE      mw&RO          *                   WMUN 0,00”             1823                    ‘ LXTTA    MAOML                                  MOLEC S(OL                                  27%
        SRACWRV          EcwIN         MORTON         CELL SIOL               !933                     0w3iADAv,          WUIAM          .AMILm   N    ENCQCWNOLOGY                                3973
        ERAL7Y ROSCOE             OWEN                NE” flOLCG”             1,23                     CAUSE,       JEAh                               JMWUNOLCX2.                                 2s6 t

DAvID      20..        R                                     ,A4MUN0
                                                                                                .“.    ”           .
                                                                                                                   ./       .“.”. ...
                                                                                                                            .,, ,, ”..    ..,. . . .. . .
                                                                                                                                               .. .. .                        PHARMACO@GV             !94!       me,
DAv, DSON            ERIC HARR!S                                                                33,.                    .   GIAs.Ow LEE
                                                                                                                                 5HELW3N                                      Fw”slcs                 1‘?32      1ss
DAV(OSON             ERNEST ROY                                                                 5,23                             J
                                                                                                                            BLOWINSKl                                         NE”ROPIIARMACCX         ,035       536?
O.”OS      0!+       NORMAM            RALPH                                                    4,,?               4        GGU    FWL                                        ONCOLOGY                ,936       3W
0AvlS      JAMES OTHELLO                                                                        2483                        GOLIE5RG             MELSOND                      MARMACOLOGY             !W!        2461
OAvIs JOHN MARcELL                                                                              3462               /        GOWliA~R              ERSUN                       M“s,cs                  ,s+4       3955
D#wSON   . u r           .                                                                      >477                        @CLDSTEIN            kVRAM                        FwWM,cc+rx”             ,9!%       252.
DE WVE       :
         CHRIST,.. RE.E                                                                                                     GOLDSTEIN            IRwIN JOSEPH                                         !92s       3201
DE ROWRT!$    ED”MW.3                            DIEGO   P                                      :%                          GOLDSTEIN            JOSEFHLKMARD                                         !940
DE “,1, “,NCENT T                                                                                5163                       GOLDSTEIN            MENEK                                                !924        2s77
CCLLICA        HECTOR              FLOYD                                               ( 930   ! 20$.I                      GOOD         ROBERT       ALAN                                            i *22     ! 7s79
DEW,.        M, CHAEL JAMES STE”ART                                                    ,9,8     836a                        GOOOMAN              HOWARO MICHAEL                                       , *M       %6s
D(AMOND           ,4RE0          MASON                                                 ,937     2B65                        GOOOWIN             FREDERICK KING                PSYCHIATRY                         ?,93
3+CZFAL. SY EGON                                                                                27%                         GoOowIN             TREvoR      WkLW~TH           elOcHEMsTRY                        2543
O,ETSCHY  ,0.. MAUR(CE                                                                          2504                        ecf+wcn             S.ERWC.COLESL,C               MCROWO,                            %60
CWON FRANK JAMES                                                                                7456                        GORDEN         FUILL,P                            ENDDCR,NOLOGY                      2543
DJERASSI CARL                                                                                   77W                         f+ORWN            ROV GERALD                      FwYS,CAL CHEM                      m?
COLL       RICHARD                                                                              2$39                    . GORUN           RICHARD                             CARCXOLOGY                         W%*
COLLERV           COLIN         TERENCE                                                         30?6                        GORSKI .IACK                                      ENGOCRINOLDGY                      ?22s
CQTY PAUL MEAD                                                                                  2762                        ~AHAM    RICHARD CYRIL                            IMMuNOLOGY                         3322
cO.GLAs  STEVEN                    OANIEL                                                       me                          GIuNT  OAVID MORRIS                                                                  ,248
DOWLING JOHN ELL,O?T                                                                            ,.35                        GRAY HAF4RYB
mAGO   RuSSELL STEPHEN                                                                          3402                        G-WAVES MELvYN FRANCIS                                                               s
m.”        SHELOON                                                                              27S                         GREEN DA”lD EZRA                                                                     3507
WELL   S(DNEY DAV10                                                                             2748                        GREEN         HOWARD                                                                 4223
DR”C6REY   “ER)AANN                                                                             2597           /            GREEN         !R&                                 IMMu NOL03V                        4%20
wJOO$s ,ACOUES EM!LE                                                                            2798                        GREEN         MAUN!CE                             MOLE’ WY.                          1554
CUDRICK STANLEY J                                                                               2535                    . GREEN MICliAEL                                      IN0,3GAN,C C“EM                    m
D“ES&5RG             ?ETE’? M                                VIROLOGY                  ,936     307,                      GREENGARD   PAUL                                    C EL, OlOL                         803,
DUKE       CH&RLES           BRYAN                           ,H”stcs                   1938     2s65                        GREINER           wALIER        A                 PT!YS,CS                           32’+$
DuLBEccO             RENATO                                  ONCOLOGY                  )9,4     292?                    . &lEY        wOWARDM                                 PA THoLmY                          45a5
LY.JRIG JAMES ROBEM                                          NORGAMC        CHEL.4     ,935     3!36                        erIOosKY    GEROLO MORTON                         EN~R,NOLffiY                       276 I
CXJSTAN HARRIET WARSON                                       CARCJOLOGY                1920     24e3                        GROS FRANCO(S                                     MOLEC BIOL                        240?
O“TTON  R,Cli&RD N(LUAM                                      IMM”NOL(XY                         3563                        moss     0kvIDJw4THAN                             PHYSICS                           m
EASTMAN           OEA.       E                               Mwscs                              209 \                       MOSS          JEROME                              WOCHEM,STRY             1,,,      2%s
E ~wIOC”           F+AROLD                                   EiOC.EM,STRV                       2+44                        w0$5MAN     MORTON                  IeVIN         FWYS,OLOGY                         .%3
EDELMAti          GEFIALD MAun,CE                            1MMuN0L0G%                         7975                        G80vER  P“IUPL                                    0NC0LOG%                           3!58
EL, EL. ERNEST LUDWIG                                        ORGANIC CHEM                       2’30>                       GRuMBACH             MELVIN MALCOLM               ENDOCRINOLOGY                      2M 7
ENGEL W, LLIAM KING                                          NELI.OLO’3Y                        403,                        G“GGEN”E,           M HOWARD,                     INORGAN(C C“EM                     2673
EPSTHN        STEPHEN              E                         CARDIOLOGY                         6243                        ouILm,N             ROGER                         ENCOCRINOLffiY                    m
ERICSSON   JAk LA                RS-ERIK                                               ,932     3055                        GIJRSKY HERBERT                                   ASTWNOM”                ,930      32+d
ERNsTES % Lms                                                                          ! w)     3592                        HA@.5R Ew3AR                                      ‘%!MUNOLOGV             ! 932      58$4
Eslwu(        >0.      .0..,0     WtUF4EL0                                             !926     43,4                        HAGEMAN F!ICHAFIO HARRY                           FIAMT 5C(ENCES          ,’2,,      2+9?
E, TON      . ,0”.      .                                                              ! 933    3143                        “AK#4S0N   ROLF                                   PHAFWACGLOGY            , S37      w
EYLAR      E DW(N MAR OLD                                                              ) ,34    3N3                         “.,,  REGJNALD                                    ENWRINOLCGV             19,,       3?32
                                                                                                4203                    .   HALPERN           Mt.                             ,NOWAN,C       Ct+Ehl   1$?+      2+72
                                                                                                3210           e            HAM@E??G MATS                                     eIOc”EMsmY              ,944      4*!5
                                                                                       ,927     272<                        WAM!L TON           WALTER      CLARK             P“YSCAL       C“EM                 3815
                                                                                       ,9,0     2875                        HAMMONO   GEORGE SIMFAS                           ORGAN(C      CHEW                  B.%
                                                                                       ,928     35,2           ,,           “ANSC”  CORWW M                                   0F4GANIC CHEM                      X2S
                                                                                        ,25     4220                        HANSEN OLE                                        .H”s,cs                            2439
                                                                                       ,917     2472                        HANSON  GA(L G                                    P!I, S,CS                          3242
6EFER      ALEXANDER                                         ,MWJNOLOG”                ,938     2775                        “AR.4RI       H                                   PHYSICS                            2492
FWSENFELD               FREO C                               GEOPHYSICS               ,934      3W2                         “ARDMAN             JOEL GRIFIFW                  P.ARI.4ACQLOGY                    2971
FE, GENBA”M             “ARVEY                               CARDIOLOGY                .911     3,23                        HARR,S HARRY                                      GENETICS
FEL3!AAN          em”        ,,”                             PHYSICS                    942     2452                        HARRIS HENRY                                      CEL. B(OL
FELDMAN.    MARC                                             J, W”NOLOGY               , S4.    ,,50                        HAW+,SON  DONALD C                                CARWSLOG,
FEL)G PMILIP                                                 ENDOCRINOLOGY             , *36    396,                        HARTLEY 8fllAN SEL8Y                              MOLEG EJOL
FELSENFE.O   GARY                                            MOLEC BIOL                , 9m     3PCQ       /                HARTLEY J&Mm W,LSCU                               VIROLLXV
FERGLJSOW ELWN EARL                                          AERONoMY                 ,926      %45                     . HASZELLNNE                ROBERT NEVILLE            ORGANOUET   C.EM
FIELD EPwlAM JOSHUA                                          NEUROLOGY                ,9,5      2+70                      HA’,4TKORNE                MARION FRE06R,CK         INo,wlm,c CHEM
,,%”   CLEMENT *L$F!ED                                       HEI.4,TOLIXY              ,915     as\                         m,    .!s+4       OSMA*
F,NLANO M4XWELL                                              MIcROBOOL                 , W2     1252                      “A”FLICK, LEONARD
F,SCFIER ERI+ST OTTO                                         ORGAN(MET       OEM     I ,9,8     3472                    . HAYON ELIE
FISHER BERNARD                                               ONCOLOGY                  ,9,0     2763                        ~EGEB         AIAN J
FISHER DEL8ERT &                                             ENDOCRINOLOGY            ,928      24?*           /            HE”8E        w4RREN J
FISHER      EDWIN eALPtI                                     @AT.iOLOG,               ,923      2854                        HE, DEL~RGEU              CHARLES
F(S”ER MC I+AEL ELL,S                                        PHYSICS                   ,92!     4E04                        HEILWIONNER  ECGAR
F,5HMAN WILLIAM HAROLD                                       ONCOLOGY                  ,9,4     2+20                        HELFANT RICHARD H
FLEfst4ER         SIDNEY                                     u OLE c 040,             ,930      2?25                      HEL,NSIG CONALD FMYMOMD
FLORY       PALIL JOHN                                       P“” SIC8L CI+M           ,9,0      3C47                    . HELLMAN LEO.
FL”GARE          W!LLIS “                                    CHEM PHYS                          27S+                      HE LL5TRCW (MGEGERD E
FO,KERS          KARL A“Gti5T                                oRG.N,C C“W                        29s9                        tiELLST ROM             U4RL ERIK
FORS”4M           PETER HIJGt,                               ENDOCRlhOLOGY             ,9!5     344s                        HENDERSON               EDwARD S
FOUT5      AMES   R,,,.                                      PHARMACOLOGY              ,929     2%                          HENC+RSON               JOSEPH      F
mm”        P.mcBkE, M                                        ,MM.JNOLOGY               ,937     2698                    . HENLE          GERTRUDE
FRANKE       WERNER w                                        CEL. BIOL                 ,,40     303 t                       HENCE        WERNER
f....,,,      EDWARD CLAUS                                   WMUNOLOGY                 ! 92s    2854                        “EwE”         c“BISTOPHER               SCOT
FREDFNCKSON                CQNALD               SFI&RP       GENET8CS
                                                             ,MMUWU, X,
                                                                                      ,924      94W            .-           HERBERMAN   RONALD B
F8EED!4*N            SAMUEL            ORKIN                                          ,,28      3148                        HERBERT VICTOR DANIEL
FREI E).!,,                                                  ONCOLOGY                 ,92,                                  “EREMANS  JOSEPH FEL,X                            ‘YM”NOLffiY             1927-75    1524
FRE,REICH            EM,, J                                  ONCOLOGY                 1927      %              .-           HERS.         -AN       MANUEL                    ‘WM”NOLOGV              1S15       4324
FRIOOV!CH            ,Rw,N                                   ENZYMOLOGY               ,929      594<                        HERZENBERG               LEONARD        ART. WI   I~MUNOLOGV              Iom        3564
FR,EW.ERG            CARL E                                  PI+YS(CS                           m                           HILL ROBERT LEE                                   B(OCHEM,STRY            1B%        Z9$9
FR(ELWAAN ROOERT MOOR(S                                      v!~OLOGY                 !932      2.84                        H,UEMAN   UAUWCE RALPH                            Wao, (X3Y               ,9!0       %47
,R,ESEN  HENRY GEORGE                                        ENDOCRINOLOGY            ,924     2845                         HIRSCH JAMES GERALD                                                                 2W3
FRYBERGER             DAVID                                  ,H”s(c$                  193!     2851                         “IRSCFI”ORN             KURT                                                        3070
F “OEN8ERG            B HUG!.                                IMMuNOLOGY               ) 928     9602                        HOBBS JOHN              RAYMOND                                                      2700
F“KE <JELL G                                                                          !918     133!!                        HOFF6RAN0               ALLAM VICTOR                                                s’%
GALL ,OSEPH GRAFTON                                                                   ) 92s     2465                        HCFFMAN             13R,AM F                                                         kc
G*LLO ROBERT C                                                                        )937      4),0                        HOFFM*NN              BOAL!J                      INOW,AMC       ct+EM    ?937       ,240
s.R*ntt+ SLWO                                                                         ,928      2833                        )iOFMANN  .LAN F                                  OAsmc+tmmct             ! w.?      .%
GhRITO ANTw3N”   FRANK                                                                ,93,      29,5                        HOWE,,   TOMAS                                    NE”RoWARMACOL           ! S40      ,264
GASSMhM ,...   G                                                                      ,935      2$97                        HOLBOROW    EBIC JO++.                            u.w”.OLOGY              !9) @      33$4
GELWtN  H*RRV vIc70R                                                                  t 929     a,w                         “OLLAND JAMSS FREDERICK                           ONCOLOGY                1925       3743
GERGELY          ,0+0.                                                                ,9!9      2455                        “OLM OLOF GORA N                                  HEMATOLCK       V       ! 930      ,WJ7
GERSIO.           RICHARD              K                                              ,932      2746                        HOLM         RIC”hRD       HAMEY                  !NORGANIC      CFIEM    !$24       2954
GEWUt7Z          HENRY                                       ,MMLIN(? LOG,             ,936     mm                          HOLTZER HOWARD                                    CELL Bto,               1922       X69
G4ACCON,          RlCC&RLX3                                  ASTRONO!J”                )93,     2ma7                        !+0 NG RICHARD                                    !wMuNoLmY               192n       28$1
GIACOMEU,             GORQO                !4                PI+s(cs                  .931      2483                        HORECKER             @SRNARD LEONARQ              OIOCHEMISTRY            I 914      3100
G,B80hS          RONA. O ,OW.                                MI CR0810L                ,932     2447                        HOUSE         t+EF4Bf RT 0                        ORGANtC      CWEM       J929       m<,
G,BLET_       ELOISE ROSAL,E                                 HEMA-C)LOGY               1921     2447                        US”     TAO(HUH                                   GENE7CS                 7017       2820
GIBSON       WENTIN              HOWIESON                    PHYSIOLOGY                19,8     2588                        HUBEL. OAVIO HUNER                                FnYs,ocmv               ?9Z8       37*
G, LDEI”    RAYMOND                VICTOR                    MM”NOLCGY                ,935      439,                        H“EWER   ROBERT JOSEPH                            oNcOLmY                 1914       7534
GILLESPIE         DAVID H                                    GENETICS                 ,940      2709                        WJ,SGEN ROLF K J                                  ORGANIC C*M             ?Om        5097
(ILLE?TE         JAMES          ROEERT                       w+& RMh COLOGV            r ,2,    4D07                        HU, SMAN ,,,”s HENC+W                    JAN      BICG”EWSTRV             1923       SC’&

                                               MOLEc       O,OL               ,,28             3297               LEVER        ANTHONY         F                            PH”s,o,         m”         ,,2,   3397
                                               AS TROFWVS!CS                  !93,             ,4,9                                                                                                           ,mo
                                               INORGAN,C CHEM                 .S30             7575                                                                                                           42,3
                                                                              ) ,3,            257?                                                                                                           26.,
                                                                              , W5             .?*7,                                                                                                          <*E4
                                                                              , w,             26>9                                                                                                           0?84
                                                                              ,2,              5)02       .                                                                                                   5)4
                                                                              ,92,             Mm
                                                                              ,,25             477)       .                                                                 ,,,,,,h~Lo~,                      >,,,
                                                                              .93,             ,485      ,..                                                                ENLX3CR,          NOLOG,          ,,43
                                                                                               839,                                                                                                           5,m
                                                                                               2454                                                                                                           ??,6
JACK,W         ROMAN        WLAD$LW7                                                           2932               LIPMANN FRITZ h                                                                             3}73
JACKSOh R,C”ARC. LEE                                                                           2784               L,PSCOM8 W, LL)A!.4 N“NN                                                                    <<’x
JACOB FRANCO<S                                                                                 3603               LIPSETT MO RTIMER                  OROAW/          P.                                       35)2
JAM s THOMAS M.JM                              CARD,O, 0’2”                   , w,             2539               LOms”   HARVEY Fe.w.,lh                                   CELL 0,0,                         35>7
JEAN MARIE             8CRNARD                 PHYSICS                        ! 94,            2445               LOEWNG ULRICH E’JUARO                                     MOLEC 8,0,                        ,62,
JENCKS WULl&M WATT                             OBGAN,C        C“EM            ,92,              3527              LONCON         W,,,(AM        ,“0!4.s                                                       2878
J~~,NA ~N~  ~ ~                                ORGAIJ,C cHEhl                 $940              w?.               LOW.         9Z%4ARD                                                                        2434
JOHANSSQN               s G0                   !,.,U!JNCI LOG.,               , 9W             3955                                                                                                           2570
JOH?W2N              WWAN F G                  ORGANIC   CHEW                 )%3,             3M5                                                                                                            35 m
,0.!4s0.             GE ORG.E s                B,OCHEM,S,FI”                  ,94,             2557                                                                                                           f,..
>OhNSON              LECWARD       ROY         Pt+”s10Lm3Y                    ,w               276i?                                                                        Et4.oC.?NOLOGY                    *.72
JOHNS1ON  GRAHAM ALLEN                         PHARMACOLOGY                   ,w               3555                                                                         PHYSICS                           308.
JOKLIK WOLFGANG KARL                           V,ROLOG,                       .92,             3084               ,“NC”        MRVF.          .,E                           PH,s,cs                           2,6,
JONDAL         MIMAEL B                        UM”M3    LOG.                  ,,,3              33,3              MA’xA.ESS             GEORGE             PEUAMY           ‘Vh4UN0,0G”                       3,70
JONES         EDwARD          GEORGE           NEu ROOlOLOGV                  ,9,,             2523               MAC, AV IAN REA”                                           MuLNOLOG?                        3330
JO MSSON GOSTA ,..S                            .,s70 ,”’,                     !,,,             3290                                                                         ... S! OLOG,                      1247
JORTNEP. ,0s.”,                                PHYSICS                        ,933             w.,                                                                          CELL BlOL                         252,
,OUVEI MiC”EL                                  PH, s,o!.,x,                   ,,25              1,37                                                                        MOLEC mm                          559s
KABACK HOWARD                    RONALD        MOLEC 9$0,                     ) ,3,             ,,,,                                                                        E. DOCR,.(3LOG,                   26.
KABAT         E,”,.      ABRAHAM               ,,.,,,,, M~LoGy                .,1,              3020                                                                        ENO0.R,?.9   LOGY                 295,
KADY ,        ,0..       AMOS                  . . Y Scs                      , O?a             34W                                                                         CE’. L BIOL                       .:<,,,
KAKKAR          V “                            CARD,OLOG”                     , S3,             255d                                                                        PH”slcs                           2528
K.ME,        AN, m,.%,.,                       FWA.MACOLOG,                   ,,,,              ,74>                                                                        ,,,MuN~Lo~\                       2733
KA.,,:.        ‘,V(LL,AM B                     c*RmoLoGY                      1,23             25?8                                                                         PATHOLOGY                         , SW,
K..,*N         HENRY SEYMOUR                   ONCOLOGY                       .,3,             5825                                                                             C“EL!
                                                                                                                                                                            P,IYS, CAL                        2525
KAPtAN         NATHAN mAM                      ENZYMOLOGY                     >s, ,            ,23,                                                                         cmD,0,m3.                         3102
mm.            sm.4A L                         ENDOCRINOLOGY                  ,927             .%,2                                                                         ,“ARMACOLOG,                      255 \
PAPPAS         ATTNLAH                         PHmhmccnlm,                    , w,              26>3                                                                        CAW)OLOGY                         5 WI
[AWE         !S.’,8SLM          LLIGOSKI       840PHYSICS                     >02)              2872                                                                        IMORG*N,C CHEM                    3756
%W!NO”S    “ MORWS                  JO. N      CELL B,OL                      , W,             1,42.                                                                        ENZYMOLOGY                        322.
KARK”  S. MART,.                               Pti”StCAL      Cl+!.!          1930              3777                                                                        PH” SIO.OG.                       ,,55
KASnN         A8W J                            EN LKJCR!F,WOGY                1934              SW        .-      MAWE         GCORGES                                      CE.. W&                           1957
,.lO+.,       s., KAT7,R           E,HRA,M     WOPWSICS                       1,76              ,6,3              MAYER        JAMES WALTER                                 P“Y51CS                           25?6
KATO         RY”, c”l                          PtIARMACO          LOGY        ,930             25(6               MC CULLGCH                ERNEST         #                CE. L 810L                        3!61
KA,m,m”                ALAN m,                 ORGAWC         CHEW            )92,             ,,85               Mm...          SAWLIE.        MCCQMALD                    EM30CRNOLOG”                      5$,,
KATZ BEFWWRD                                   910PWSICS                      )9)3              3M9               Mccm         THY     BR,.N        ,0..                    Mlc ROOlOL                        33,3
KATZ DAVID “                                    k$v”t.OLOG”                   <943             3544               MCCONNELL     tlb.RcIEN MWSDEN                            OIOPH. slcs                       %9.
  ,8,,!4,.           SEYMOUR                   EW” L40LCIG”                   )92,             2620       H       MmE”(n    .“6.     o                                      !,.,ML .OLOGY                     436$
          S D&vID R                            BlOF’””S,CS                    ,s35              %95               MCELROY   M, C.AEL WENDAN                                     CHEM
          < W,,,,*. +W,lC)NS                   GENETICS                       , ,3,             ,528              MC Gi.lGAN
                                                                                                                                                                            GAST.OEV,EROL                     ?5s!
                                               ORGANIC CHEM                   1,22              ,,09                                                                        CC., ET!C,                        2,76
                                               ORGANOMET              CHEW    mn                446?              MCLAFFE-,                FR5D w.,.,<.                     ORCAMC mm!                        30,,
                                               CELL B,OL                      $,2,              5676              MEANS ANTHOW                  R                           CELL 0,0.                         2555
                                               M,CR08,0L                      <0,,               2558             ME,S,ER .,,0.                                             R(OC*EM,S,R”                      3.5,.
                                               BIOCK5WSVW                     ,,,,               ,501             ME,TES JOSE%:                                             EWJOCFWOLOGY                      523)
                                                VM”F40LOG”                    !,27               ,476             MELMON KENNETH ,.0”0                                      CELL B(OL                         3427
                                               ,“,SKXOG,                      ,,,3               2,,,             ME,WX    JOSEPH ,0”,s                                     “,ROLOC”                          6427
KLE,N        EVA                               I*W N OLOGY                    I 925              1910             ME,3GEN”AGEh   STEPHEN                           EDWARD   ‘WMUNOLOGV                        3>88
KEIN  @ORGE                                    !“M”NOLOG,                     ,Sas             ,,,,,              MER(GAN ~HOMAS CHARLES                                    V)ROL OGY                         35.4
KLE,N JAN                                                                                                         .,csm., ,0.. PUTNAM                                        “,,”.OLOG,                       52*
                                               GENET$CS                       1936              3677
KL(NGEx2C.G               MARTIN ER,:ST        B(O, HYS,CS                    ,928              2548                                                                                                          K*,
KL”G         AARON                             MOLEC       6,0,               ,92s              3*O$                                                                                                          301>
KNOB(L VV4S1                                   EN DOCRNOLOG”                  ,926              2887                                                                                                          3,2*
KOC”.W>-R    ,m                                PHARMACOLOGY                   ! 927             3764                                                                                                          58.4
<OCH) JAY KAZUO                                ORGANOMET              CHEM    1928              ,084                                                                                                          ,2.4
<ODICEK Em.   .“!4s%                           Ol”cHEMlsTRY                   IW                2623                                                                                                          5059
KOW!         :W,”,P. J                         PHARIAA’OLOG,                  ,929              W45                                                                         ,MYS,OLOG”                        ,419
KO,mws.,   H,LAR,                              M,cRoO,oL                      1916              4229                                                                        OlOCHEM          S7R”             1,40
“cm.  EDWARD DAVID                             CELL ma,                       .,>,              2.,0                                                                        3NCOLOG”                          ,04.
K0,7,WEM               AR,””.                                                                                                                                               ,“,,. NO,,JG,                     ,<6,
                                               MoLEC       B,OL               ,9>,
.0 SWANO     D$NE L EDW&FQ                     !dOCWEM)STRY                   ,920
                                                                                                ,X@                                                                         ON’OLOGY                          ,CO,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              : >:.,
.sss4s ED,,,,, ., ~~RHAmD                      O,Oc+@.MTR”                    1,,,              .57,              M,LLER WILLIAM “Mj”,                         s            PHYSICS
,!was  HA?+ AC-a,                              81004 EMtsTFw                  ,SW                                 L4LS76,N C, S&.                                           ,.,,,,,,O.       OG,              3>30
KR,SHKA              GO@kL I,YER               .. ARMAC0L06Y                  IS%                                 WIRSKV        .LFRED         EZRA                                                           2458
KRMJEV!C             KRESW.I?                  PM, s,lncm”                    ,,2,
                                                                                                282<              VISLOW
                                                                                                                                KuRT M4RTI.
                                                                                                                                 p~,~. ,&4,,, *
KR”GM,N,      s.”,                             V,W3LGG”                       ,,,     1                                                                                                                       353-
,“”..     MC*EL     Jc&EP,,                    NEu ROP)i ARMACOL              ,s44
                                                                                                2550              MOLES
                                                                                                                      GO~AN                                                 4,f.wNo,o
                                                                                                                                                                                  GY                          5315
K“.KEL,     .WRY   GEORGE                                                                                         M ONCADA s                                                . . . RMAC mm,                    2507
                                               ‘w,!” NoLoo”
                                                                                                %,1                   J,CO”ES
                                                                                                                  MQNOO             L.C$E%                                  MOLEC Km                          2,,3
.“0   ,“”.,,                                   PHP.RMAWILOGY                  7933              38,.              MQoW    C B,7ADLE v                                       P“”slcs                           2,>9
UPC”.,                s WJR”,$                 Ow.mmc         CHW             192276            2,97
                                                                                                                  MOORE GEORGE E“ce:s
                                                                                                                  MOREF$O”SE                CWHLES             CONOVE.
                                                                                                                                                                            m YS>cs
<“.UNC               c G                       MOLEC WI                       1936              2548                                                                                                          29.4
LACY      P,”,         ESTOM                   P,momcj”                       >Q*4              2,03              MOINO         “ONEZO                                      PHYSICAL          C“EM            z,,,
u.sws.           u K                           UOLEC B(OL                     ?940              5,48              MORRE         D ,A,JES                                    PLAN-          SC,6NCES           ,WY
Um               ,                             ,.,.0,0(3,                     ,83,              27,2              MORR,S        MnOLD           PA”,                        OkCOLOG,                          4759
LANDS         WILLIAM EDWARD               M   810CHE$4,S1R”                  ,930              244,                                                                        CARDIOLOGY                        OH
LAP+fRT              MICHAEL      FRANZ        ORGANOM~               CliEM   ,928              332,                                                                        ASTRCIW, S,CS                     2,0!
URAL%           m“.       HENRY                C.ROIOLOG          “           892<              5s3 t                                                                       O. Co, OG”                        42,4
LARD”         HENRY       AFWOLD               810CHEM,STRY                   79,,              ma                                                                                                            3>28
LARSE?, F!”CQLF CE,NHOLO                       W,scs                          !929              3!!,                                                                                                          ,-8,
IASSEV  ME’S ALEYAhOEfi                        Fn”sloLoGv                     ,8?6              w.                                                                                                            7,7,
u“   SUN N(NG                                  CARD(O,OGY                     ),2,              w,                                                                                                            3UW
AUI+ELL,             C.RL.WR,,L                IMMUNOLOGY                     19.%              4203                                                                                                          ,?W
LF&SWO               CHARLES      FwJL!>~      ., STOLOGY                     ,$,0              ,02,                                                                                                          .9565
LEER          PFUUP                            MOLEC       B(OL               ,934                                                                                                                            262.
LEDI?Z<              ELX3AR                    1MMUN0L0G%                     ,9c4                            .   )M15T.RD           JAMES FRASER                           P, T.OLOG.                        5442
LEE MMJ*WIN    w                               ,H,s,cs                        ,,35        ,,                      NAHWAS         ANDRE .IOSEPW                              ,, ROLOG”                         3>98
LEE, TS”FGOAO                                  PHYSICS                        ,,26                                NAJ.R,AM           ,0”.      S.,KIS                       ‘MMLINOLO’3Y                      ,,,,
iEEs ROWWSPSXCE.                               CARDIOLOGY                     ),3,                                                                                          ORGA. IC CHEM                     ?593
LEF”Ow$P    RCesf-w, cssw                      P.ARhtAcaoG,                   ,,4,                                                                                          .EMA70LOGY                        ,26,
LEM?MNN HERMAMFI                               MOLEC8,0L                      ,,)0                                                                                          M, c ROmo,                        *,,,
E!+.      ,EAN.MAR,f                           PH”S,CALCHEM                   ,,3,                                                                                          ,(.0,4”.0 ~~Gy                    ,72$
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ,,, ~m
LEMWW3ER XL0S7TL ESTER                         BIOCHEMISTRY                   ,el,                                                                                          GENETICS
LECWARD NELSON JORDAN                          &,OCHEM,STRY                   )#,6                                                                                          FWARMACO.OG”                      2590
LE PCWON              XAV,ER                   GEOPHYSICS                     1s3?                                                                                          PHYSICS                           2443

    NET,    l=SLIATSUR                           ORGANIC CHEM                 ,938     24m                                                                                  ! 924   2475
    NEWLLE     DAV!O MICMAEL                     MOLEC WOL                    1934     !427                                                                                 !93!    .W54
.   NICOLSON       GAFiTH MB                     CELL mOL                     1943     W47                                                                                  19,9     30! 3
    NILSSON (NW MARIE                            HEMATOLOGY                   ! 923    2+74                                                                                 ,923    2907
    NIREN8ERG  MARSHALL                 WARFEN   GENmlCS                      1927     2914                                                                                 ! S30   w
                                                 MOLEC 0!0!.                  1938     ‘26?4                                                                                :932    $622
                                                 ENDCCR,NOLCJGY               ,9,0     1749                                                                                 ! 924    M,<
                                                 UOLEC      WOL               1927     5?74                                               .0.                               ,935    s07a
                                                 BIWHEM,STRY                  1938     1432                                                                                 ,s3?    373,
                                                 CELL mMOL                    ,s2,     2S45                                                                                 !04,     2443
                                                 ‘14MuN[OLOGY                 193!     34W                                                                                  ,932     2.36
                                                 PATHO,LOG”                   ,913     2753                                                                                 ,0?8    594 \
                                                 0RGAt4,IC CH6M               1022     2m                                                                                   ,932    .U42
    NLISSEN2WE<G          VICTOR                    .“.O<
                                                 ,*JM        00,              ,9a      3957                                                                                 f 928   33!0
    0.9RIEN JO..  s                              GEhNETcs                     1934     3727                                                                                 , e26   4,57
    0 MAUEY   BERT w                             ENCWCR(NOLOGY                ,936    W4                                                                                    ,934
    OCHOA      SEVERO                            BIOCHEMISTRY                 ,905    2462                                                                                  , w+    k?
    ODELL. WILLIAM COUGIAS                       WI”SIOLOGY                   ,929    4523                                                                                  ,$42    2748
    OHNO SUSUMU                                  GENET8CS                     , *28   2702                                                                                  , w,    4054
    OKE JOHN BE VERLEY                           &STROfkOMY                   , *2B    2.37                                                                                         $m
    OU”     GEORGE        ANMEW                  ORGANIC CHEM                 1027    7910                                                                                          4377
    OLD LLOYD JOHN                               ONcOLOGv                     ,.,3    ,a’w                                                                                          ,,3,
    OLSW   uRS 0                                 NEuROBIOLOGY                 1s42    2597                                                                                          28.?4
    OPPENHEIM        JOOST      J                1MMUN0L0G%                   ,034     363!                                                                                         2448
    ORCI   LELIO                                 H, STOLOGY                   ,937    3eta                                                                                          m
    ORLOFF     JACK                                                                                                                                                                 w
               JOHN ANTHONY
                           O                                                           248 ?
                                                                                               . .                                                                                   4?M

    OSSORN     MARY                              CELL BIOL                            10376
                                                                                                     ROTH    ROBERT       HENRY                                             1*W     $:
    OSKI   FR4NK     A                           HEMATOLOGY                            28?6
                                                                                                     ROWE     DAVID STUART                                                  1*25    2692
    OSTRIKER JEREMIAH               P                                                  2669
                                                                                                     ROWI     WALLACE PRESC OTT                                             ,926    =5!
    OVCHINN,I(OV ““ &                                                                  249
                                                                                                     RU~lA      CARL0                                                       ! 024   S5Qo
    OWEN CHARLES ARCHIBALD                                                            2475
                                                                                                     RUWN. EMANUEL                                                          ! Sm    276 \
                                                                                                     RUEIN. HARRY                               c ELL ma                    , W8    25C.9
    PK.”AM     MARIAN .ulc”,sm                                                                       RuDNE    FRANOS HUGH                       GENmcs                      , 92s
                                                                              ,927    3233
                                                                                                     RUC.IIW    A5RAHAM MORRIS                  PHYS,O, CG”                 , w.    2W
    PKJE le,lm   “mu”                                                         ,90!    27?5
                                                                                                     R“OSLAHT,   EIUIC ,LMARI                   ONCOLOGY                    , MO    :G+ls
    PALAM    GEORGEE                                                          ,9,2
                                                                                                     RuSSELL CiANE HACGC”3K                     FnAP.MAcoLcG”               ,915    24s
    F’ALKOVITS M,KLOS                                                         ,933
                                                                                                     RuTTER w,u,AM  J                                                               4481
    PAPHNJJOPO”LOS              CawTR,m,                                      ,934
                                                                                                     RYAN KEPUWTH JC++N                                                             2478
    PAO”ETTE   LEO ARMAND                                                     1934
    P&,7 DEE ARTH”R BECK                                                                             sAcH5      LEO                                                                 756 \
                                                                              ,9,6                   SAH CH(H. TANG                                                                 m
.                                                                             ,930
                                                                                                     SALPETER EOW)N ERNEST                                                          244 I
                                                                              ,94,     2$M
                                                                              ,926     3572
                                                                                                                                                                            ,934    7377
                                                                              ,93,     W9c
                                                                                                                                                                            1Wa     3W7
                                                                              !937     3117
                                                                                                                                                                            ,s2+    3027
                                                                              ,922     3541
                                                                                                                                                                            ,926    26W
                                                                              ,936     eca2
                                                                                                                                                                            1018     3194
                                                                              ,9, e
                                                                                                     SAICHLER         GEORGE      RAYMOND                                   ,$=      3103
                                                                                                     .*,O  .“”                                                              IU23     33KS
                                                                                                     &w%7                                                                 !9!5        Wt
.                                                !WMLINO LOGY                          4373
                                                                                                                                                                        , ,94.        31 M
                                                 MOLEC BIOL                           3577
                                                                                                     5CI+ALCH  WNSYLVE5=.                                                   :2        .-5
                                                 MOLEC BbOL                           ,s2!
                                                                                                     SCHALLY ANCREWV,CTOR                                                   %Qm     I 53m
                                                 Pn”slcs                              3073
                                                                                                     SCHERAGA         HAROLD      ABRAHAM                                   ,92,    Bc62
                                                 M(CROBIOL                            29, !
                                                                                                     SCHERWG          BENIAMffl       J                                     ’932    257 v
                                                 MOLEC BlOL                   ,924    248 ?
                                                                                                     SCHILDKRAUT JOSEW+ JACOB                                               ,W      3026
                                                 F+ws,cs                      ,933    2763
                                                                                                     SCHSUKE ROBERT T                                                       I X32   4s%0
                                                 Fn”s,cs                      ,930    262 ?
                                                                                                     SCHLESINGER           D&VID                                            ,U36    %%
                                                 MMUNOLOGY                    ,037    2487
                                                 B,GC”EM,STRY                 ,,24    3!267          SCHCEYER  PAuLvONIW3UE
                                                 ONcOLOGY                     , S30   2678           SCHMELTEKOPf   ARTHUR L
                                                 CARDIOLOGY                   , S32   2626           SCHM(C HANS
                                                 NEUROFUARMACOl               ,9,7    3674           SCHM,C@AUR         “IJ8ERT                 ORGANOWT        CHEU        , KU    25.76
                                                 H IS TO LOGY                 ,939    38%            $JXFIAUZER    C-ERHARD N                   INORGANIC CHEM              ! 932   w
    FOLANY1 JOHN CHARLES                         PHYSICAL CHEM                ,929     2831          SCHULTZ    STANLEY GEORGE                  PHYSOLOOY                   ,03,     3020
    POKE   JOHN ANTHONY                          THEORfllCAL           CHEI u ! S25   ,27,4          SCH”R   PETER H                            ‘M!4”NOLC”3V                ! 933    3561
    POPPER     HAN S                             PATHOLOGY                                           SCHWARTZ         kRNOLD                    FUARMAC0L03Y                t 920   .45s
                                                                              ,903    3X7
    ,017ATH    .IERKER OLOF                      B(OC”EMISTRY                 <w,     324,           SCHWARTZ   ROERT  STEWART                  MM”NOLCGY                   ! *26    2390
    PORTE     DN4,EL                             ENCQCRlbJOLOGY               !s31    4s44           SC WV4TTERS ~OY FREDERICK                  F’HYS4CS                    ! 044    m
    FURTEM     JOHN CMWLES                       PHYS,OLCGV                   ! S25   2730           SCOLN!CK  EDWARD M                         vlRoLffiY                   ,040     3493
    PORTER,    JOHN WIUARD                       B1OCHEMISTRY                 ,9,5    x,9            SEEGMLLER   JARVIS EDW:M                   1MMUN0L0G%                  ,920     ,753
    FURTER, KEITH ROBfRTS                                                                            2EWAN       pHILIP                         NEUP.OUXV                   , 9?4    3276
                                                 MOLEC BJOL                   !9%2    2635
    PORTER. KENC6#CN ARTHUR                      PATHOLOGY                    !925    276,           %GAL,    c3Emm        h                    Pws,cs                      ,s-!4    4,ss
    F’OSTE Q.50P,GE HENRY                        PATHOLOGY                    ! 044                  su,  MICHAEL                               1MMUN0L0G%                  t $24    4785
    FUTTER     MICMAEL                           ONCNOGY                      , w,    %              SELMN DC+4ALC WAYNE                        FWYS,CU3GY                  :m      2924
    POTTER     VAN RENSSELAER                    CELL 910L                    ,9<1    3754           SELK3MANN.       MAMME       G             HEMA1O,CQV                  792?    4244
                                                 ENGCCRINOLC.”3Y                      M02            SEU.    STEWART                            IMM!JNOLOGY                 , ?&5   2779
                                                 NE”ROLOGY                            3646           SETLOW RICHARD BWTC+                       E40PWSICS                   1$21    287S
                                                 P“AFWACCJLOO”                        2595           SEVER, JOHN LOUIS                          MlcRoelrl                   , CS2   3444
                                                 WWNOLOGY                     ,S76    3)M            SEVFERTH  WETMAR                           ORGANOMfl       CHEII       I 020    374s
                                                 ONCOLOGY                     ,Wa     2692           SHAURO. ARNOLD            L                e10PHYs8cs                  7930     m
                                                 VIROLOGY                     , *28   3754           SH~ON    NATHW                             e40c.EMlsmY                 ?ma      .%s$
                                                 ElOCHEMISTMY                 ,m       5555          SHARP WILIP AI.LEN                         MCiE C WOL                  1044     .%33
                                                 V(ROLOG,                     ,0,5     14M           SHATKIN.    MC++        JEFFREY            YIROLOGY                    ?934     1347
                                                 WM”NOLOG          Y          ,025     2a77          SHAW     5ERNARD        LESLIE                                                  m.%
                                                 MOLEC 8,0,                   ,927    2$32           SHERLCCK,        SHEU                                                           %70
    RACKER     EFFwA                             BIOCHEMISTRY                 ,013    em             SHEVACM ETHAN USNAHE14                                                          245A
    RAW     MA?TIN    C                          CEU BOL                      , B%    44%            SHIRANE EN                                                                      ,,2.
    RAJSZ LAWRENCE             GIDEON            ENCOCR,NOLOGV                ,025     F,w           SHIRLEY, DAVICI WITI+M                                                          4278
    F!AMIRE?, FMJSTO                             OR@ANkC CHEM                 1B23     m             SHFEFFLER   CONALD CECIL                                                        X*Z
    RAPP    FRED                                 VIROLCGV                     1em      1933                                                     tEk4AT0LWy                  1925     ?8s0
                                                 AIM”NOL03V                   ,923     4107                                                     C“E)4 ,.”s                  ,024     3558
                                                 CELL B80L                    ,025     4558                                                     ELL eJOL                    ,9,8     342,
                                                 HEMATOLOGY                   ,9,6     m45                                                      Wawlmcmv                             28s3
                                                 vlROLcGY                     ,033     3112                                                     GENmcs                               as.
                                                 McRO.9(0L                    ,929     245,                                                     ‘MM”NOLOGY                           4255
                                                 PH”s(OLmv                    ,9-     3623                                                      THEC4ETE#L      C“l     I   :Z       4,,6
                                                 ENCOCRINOLOGY                1033    2407                                                      MOLEC mm
                                                 FnYs(cs                      1‘a35    2,77                                                     CELL WI                              5647
                                                 CELL WOL                     ,035     25d4                                                     k40LEc mm                            .,62
                                                 BICOHEMISTRY                 ,02,     2753          SJOEROSMA, AMERT                           WARMACOLCF3Y                         4758
    REICHERT    LEO E                            ENCOCR!NOLCGY                                       .WXREN   HANS OLOV                         ONCWOGY                              1467
    REISFEUI    PALPw ALFRED                     I!4MUNOLCX3”                                        SJOOVIST     FOLKE F G                     F+IARMACOL!X”                        2e67

                  S.JOVAU 2A.                                       B,OCI+EM!STRY          !S28    2834                   “WW      . . .    WESLEY                              BIOPHYSICS                 !935
                  S.00G  FOLKE                                      WANT SC!5WCE5          !900    2507              . “TIGE.        RC!IS.T           D                        ENGOCRI.$1        OGY      )s3>      ,304
             .    WALL       LY3MALD MAC,..L.ND                     B(om+”s,cs             !931    ?,, >
                                                                                                                          “AGE! 0S         P!NOAROS             ROY             810 CtlEWSTRY              !929      2933
                  SMITH      HJ!     L                              BIOCHEMISTRY           !91 1                 /        VALE     w< LIE W&LKER                                NELIROEWGC?%:..%           ?9$,      4,23
                  SMITH      IAN cORMACK             PALMEO.        MOW(, Scs              ! 939    2,76                                                                        B,c,c”s,.!$ .,.,           !9, ,     4829
                                                                                                                          VALLFF. &EST L
    H             SM(TH      THOMAS          WOODWARO               C &ROlOLOGY            1936     .03,                  “AN CEZ.:CW LALRH;3                          LM       B,oc+!:i,).,fi,            ,928      8267
                  SNYDER,      .:7.:2                               B,ocHEM!STRY           $937      3772                 VAN ROOD          JO”AV?CS               ,0SS.?       ,,,,,< ,NoL~~,             ,9,.
                  SNYDER, SOLOMON                FIALBEP7           PHARMACOLOGY           1S38    .,!4,
                                                                                                                     .    VA. “,TE$7Y L G                                       PHYSCS                     ,922
        ,0        SOSE(  BURTON E                                   CARDIOLOGY             1937                           VANE JOHN ROBZ?,7                                     P+l&RWAZOLOGY              ,927
                  SOELD.4EFi JOHN STUART                            ENDOCRINOLOGY          1S32     2750                  VANN”CCI          FRANCO(S             M              PW. s!c$
                  SCtflKW3_lCK  EDMUND H                            CARDIOLW>Y             !932     830,                  VAUGHAN MARTHA                                        BlOCtiZWSTRf
             . SORM FRANT13EK                                       ORGANIC C“EL4          !913     489.2                 VEN&&L6 ,0.. HOWARC’                                  CELL 0,01                            324 t
                                                                    PHAIVJACClOGY          1923     37!s2                                                                                                            ~32,
               S?ECTOn  S’fC+4EY                                                                                          $ ENEZIANO         G                                  PH”SICS
               SFELLACY  W ILL(AM NELSON                            ENDOCR!NOLOOY          !934     2879                  VESfL ,     ELLIOT S                                  PHARMACOLOGY                         ,5.4
                  SP(CZR      5bMUEL          S.EFMAN               PA T”OLOGV             1914     ,?3!                  VINOGRAD          JEROME                              MOLEC 610L                           ,,85
                  3RcER.      WILLIAM EDWARD                        PH”slcs                , S*9    2.33                                                                        v, Ro. OG”                           347,
                                                                                                                           VINIJELA ELADIO
                  SW? C*LMAN.            SOLOMON                    MOLEC BlOL             1914     84,5                 . vOGT PETER KLAuS                                     VIROLOGY                   ,,32      3728
                  SfW70      RG&SIT          G“NTER                 B,OCHEM(STRY           1929     3258                  WABER      J$.YES        T                            PHYSIC?                    ,,20      3sw
                  SFWE:4T JONATHAN                                  ,“,,,”NoLOG,           ,9,,     3M5                   WA G,,:R #ENRY NICHOLAS                               FWCLEAR MEO                ,927      4454
                  SPURR       kRTtILIR        RICH*RO               PLANT SC!ENCt     S    19}5     275%                  WAK5MAN   BR).. . . . STEAD                           !.uJIJNo,fxY               ,,,9      34CS
                  STADTMAN EARL REECE                               WX!+EM,ST!?Y           !9)0     2636                  h!ALD)AANN THOMAS A                                    ,,,.4<J.OLOGV             ,,30      40,4
                  5TANIER ROGER YkTE                                M,cR0810L              !9!6     ,506                                                                        ONCO, OG”                  ,,,6      5,23
                  STAR,,  THOMAS E                                  ,“,,,,, NO LOG,        ,,2,     5,19                                                                        BIOCtIEMtS-R”              , 93s     2460
        .-        STECK THEOOORE LYLE                               BIOCHEMISTRY           1939     ,457
                                                                                                                                                                                GAS TROENTEROL                       m,
                  STEIN YECHEZK!EL                                  P.EU BIOL              5926                                                                                 P., s !OLOG,                         2857
                  !nE?asns   ALFRED DAVID                           ,,,,,,,JNO,OG,         ,$4,3    2573                                                                        PATHOLOGY                            40,4
                  STENE.3?G   D*.,$,                                BIOCHEM!ST!?Y          1922     3025                  ,4Amm    NOEL L                                       ,.UA”NOLOG,                           3436
                  STEI!.F.? ALTON L                                 CF, , BIOL             !936     ,!.2-                 W.RRE\   KEN. ET”                 s                   ,,, M” NO LCJGY                       2447
                  s, E!NLa COF4ALD r.3EclzRlc               K       ENDOCRINOLOGY     ,930          342,                  WEAT”ERALL   ..”,O                    ,0..            HEMATOLOGY                            ?>V
                  S TEPHE,SS         FRANK SAW,C L                  THEORETICAL  CHEM !03!          2;6$
                                                                                                                           wE8ER      KLAUS                                     B(OC.EM(STR”                         1,,27
                   $1S?1 tEt+ZON J R                                VIROLOGY               1942                            ‘,,w6 F,., EWALD RUDOLF                              ,.”s     0, OGY                       ?35:
                 . STEWART ROBERT                F                  PHYS,CS                         5611                 . wE,GLE WILL, AM 0                                     ,,!4.,NO,OG,                         2723
                  SOECKE.,US    wALmm                               B,OFWYSICS             :;:      2671                   *El,: =:.:, a ~TE “EN                                PHYSICS                     , %?3     768,
/                 STONE, FRANCIS GORDON                   ALBERT    ORGANOMET       CHEM   !925     4013                   ,,,E,,4STE)N      ,0”,5                              M,CROBI04.                 ~60S       303,
                  3TOR8, RAINER F                                   ,MM”W3LOGY                      .,*?                                                                        -IAFIMACOLOGY               >92!      2457
                                                                                                                           WE,S.SLIZGER          JOHN           HANS
                  sTRo13En WARREN                                   !,,.!.4JNOLO13”                  282 \                 WEISS     BE NJAW$4                                  PHAP.MACOLOGY               S37       2$x
                 . STROM4KIER            ,ACK    L                  VIROLOGY                         6312                  WEISS     HARVEY          JEROME                     HEMATOLOGY                  .924      W6C
        /         STUDIE17         FREEER%K          WILLIAM        MOLFC BlOL                       4203                  WE IS SBACH        HE%X9T                            MOLEC     810L              ,932      3395
                   SUGIMURA          TAKAS”I                        ONCOLOGY                         283 ?                 ,4E,sS.AANN        GERA.O                            CELL BIOL                  1930       5372
                  SUW4EFWQLL                 WILLIAM “E&EY          GAS.ROENTEROL                    263 +                 W’ENKERT ERF4EST                                     ORGAMIC CHEM               ,925       2637
         ~         SUND.RALINGAM               wn.IvA               BIOPHYSICS                       4022                . WE S?F,, s NORMAN                    KE,T-           ?ELL B,OL                  >932       279<
                   SUTHERLAND  EARL WILBUR                           PHARMACOLOGY                   ,02,,                  wEST THOMAS SU..44ERS                                Y, EORCT, CA       C.E!J   ,,2,       32>4
                   S“TN<C% ALTO.   ,“..                              ONCOLOGY                        2798                  WESTPHAL OTO  HE RMAP+. E                            Bloc.,,>,.,.”              >9,3
                   SUZUKI      KL,N!wKO                              w“ROLOGY
                                                                                                                           WWTAKER J S                                          ,H”scs                      ,W8
                   SVEJGMRD    AR.:                                                                          4           . W.(TE ,AUES G                                        ,. THOLCJ3Y                 )Ozs
    v . SWAN              HAROLD JAMES                               PH”$IOLOGV                      4<96                                                                       ORGANIC      CtlEM          ,939
                   3W:EL u          CHAFLEs          WI.4 wFORO      ORGAN(C     CHE$4               2851                                                                        ORGANIC     CHEM           S27
         /         S“MON$          MART”.       C“R(STIAN       R    lM3RGAMC      C.EM              ’599
                                                                                                                                                                                EN DOCW>:O, OGY             !934
                   szw.c    MbCHAEL                                  PHYSICAL CMEU                                                                                              PH” SIO<OGY                 1924
                   SZYBALSKI WACLAW                                  MOLEC 8!0,             1927     2s94                                                                             UN
                                                                                                                                                                                ,,, L4, OLOGY               !,38      7243
    /            . ,. KE”CH  .0!40                                   M,CROB(O,              1923     ,,80                                                                       0R(3AW3MET         CHEM     1921      54,*
                   TALN   NORMAN                                     !!,,, 9NOLOGY          1934     3551?                                                                       ORGANIC     c.iEM          1937      559<
             ENG M                                     1,,. J,NCJLC,GY        ,926     2783                  WILL,AMS         . TECWVN                             PHARMACOLOGY               1=.79     2%3
                   TANFOFW CHARLES                                   BIOCHEMISTRY           1921     5,24            V     WILL,AMS         RALPH C                              ‘..4!.,!) NOLOGY           !928      ,,37
                   TAPPEL ALOVS              LOUIS                   BIOCHEMISTRY           1926     425,                  W,LL,AMS, ROBERT                 HARDIN               ENCOC?!>:9LOGV             IQW-79
         -         ,.s”4..  W.MEN “*,G                               ENOOCRINOLOGY          1932     39<1                  VJLL,AMS         ROKRT           JOSE?+          P    ,wOP,GAN,C C+KM            ! 926
                   1.1..     ,AMS.EO          R“51OM                 BIOCHEMISTRY           1S30     ,837            ~     WILL,AMS         ROGE$I                               GASTROENTEROL              !933      5234
                   TA”BE      } ENRY                                 ,NOFIGAMIC CHEM        1915     Zaw                   W, LL,AMS9N           JOHN RICHARD                    BIOCti FM!STRY             1933      2958
                   TAYLOR          ED:,,?,    w, LL,AM               BIOPHYSICS             1929     !43,                  WILSON          DAvlO F                               SIOCXEM!STRY               ! 93S     2753
                   TEM(N      HOWARD          MARTIN                 ONCOLOGY               1934     1570                  WILSON JEAN OONALD                                    ENDOCRINOLOGY              !932
                   TH7ASAK,          PAuL ,CWFV3                     J,,./, NoLOG”          1,29     7379                  WILSON KENNETK GF”UES                                 PHYSICS                    ,936
                   TERRY      WILLIAM DAVID                          w,.4LINOLOG”           1933     28>:                  ,A,},,~,~~~.~R J,~~s D                                Fn,scs                     )93,
            ti     THOENEN           HANS rR:f DPICH        E        NEuROLOGY              >928     ,5C6                                                                        PHYSCALC HEM               9~2-69    3>46
                                                                                                                           ,-4NSTE,N w.,
                   ,.0+4.S         CHARLES       ALLEN               GENE7CS                1927     2707                  ?4,,0,   ,ERMHARD                                     ORGANIC CHEM               !9!7      3,,7
             v     THOMAS EDWARD WNNALL                              ONCOLOGY               1020     ,702                  W!TTMANN HF!NZ GUFN7ER
                   ,,,, ,M!ES ELX3AR                                 BIOPHYSICS             to3t     2<,.                  WOLFF JAN
                                                                     ONCOLOGY                        ,,55                  V/o.,, S. ELDo. M                                                                          29a ,
                   TODARO C.FO-GZ                ,CCEOl.
                   TOLBEPT. NATHAN               EDWAR2              PLANT SC!E,*ES                  2731                  Wooowkwl         Rcz,:?,. WRNS                                                             ?544
                   10+.!.S4 THOMAS n                                 .W!y+clcx”                      33)5                  WURTMAN      RICHARD JA”                                                                   U730
                                                                                                                           ~yMAN    ,E.,7,,.:~                                                                        4,33
                   TOMKINs GORDONM                                   810CHEMlSTflY                   7252
                   TR,u,NG, GEORGE F’ENRY                            PHYSICS                         3773                  YAc3 HA17”I+K0                                                                             28. <
                   ,ROST    EwRR” M                                  O.?GAMIC C“EM                   ,Ca 7                 “WOW    .0S.,”.    S“SSMAI.                                                                45ca
                   TRUMP 8EN,AM$N FRAMKL(N                           P.THOLCJ3”                                            ,ANOFSKY     CHARLES                                                                       4w,
                   ,s0    PAUL ON POW                                8,0 PHYStCS                                 /          “EN S&M”ELsHowc”,t+                                                                       ,,ce

                   TURK      JWNL EWE                                PATHOLOGY                        ?2.!                  YOUNG RCBSRT C                                                                            2502

                   TURK! NGTON ROGER W                               END0C81V0L0GY                    27>6                  Y“Ms, EDMOND J                                       ‘MWJNOLOGV                           3511
                   T“RRO        NICHOLAS,O”N                         ORGAN(C G“EU                     3,0$                  ZB6R     SSZTON                                      ONCOLOGY                             3,3,
                   ,, EN,..3CKD                                                                                                                                                  ~z >,~lc~
                                     *,ONE,                                                                                 ZECH     LOBE
                                                                                                                            ZIFF MOC?~!S                                         ‘WWNOLCIGV
                                                                                                                            Z’.4L4ERMAN          HOWARD                ELtlOT    ORGANIC
             Y     UNANUE,         EIM1 R                            “,,,ywxm”              ,834      5,ca                  ZINDER         NORTON          OAVID                 MOLEC     BIOL                       2528
                                                                     E)4DOCF?W3LOGY         ,92,      mm                  . Zuv!%o         8RuN0                                                                      2500
                   W4GER       WX3ER          HAROLD
             r     UNGERL7TECIT uRBAN                                PHARMACOLOGY           $942      4692

                Keep in mind, however, that we have                                                                      journals of science it is not a great
             eliminated from this study not only aU                                                                      limitation. But there is always a chance
             citations to work published before 1965,                                                                    that some highly cited individual may be
             but also citations to any articles not in-                                                                  adversely affected by these selection
             cluded in our source fdes. Books and                                                                        criteria.
             book chapters were not added to the                                                                            Of course, many scientists who pub
             source file until 1977 and they have                                                                        lished their most-cited papers before the
             been excluded from the study. Citations                                                                     starting date of this study, 1965, do not
             to books are therefore afso excluded.                                                                       appear on this list. So there is a chron~
             Since we cover all of the most important                                                                    logical bias in this study favoring those

who have pubfished mainly during thii               1S1s Current Hib[iogmphic LWectory o]
period. As we change the chronological              the Arts & Sciencesm for the authors in-
scope of our studies the list will change.          volved. Although we could confidently
In fact, if you compare the 300 most-               eliiinate   some of the addresses by com-
cited authors on this list to those in the          paring j oumal titles with department
earlier study,z you would find that only            names, we sent letters to the authors at
one third of them are new names which               the remaining      addresses.    The letter
did not appear on the 1961-1976 list.               asked them to fill out a questionnaire
The new names are indicated by a check              and provide a complete list of their
mark in Table 1. As a rough estimate,               publications.    A large percentage        of
about 7.5 percent of the names will                 authors responded       to this initial con-
change as the base year is shifted an-              tact. For those who did not, or for those
nually.                                             for whom we had obsolete addresses,
    1 would like to mention a few of the            we sent out second letters or attempted
mechanics involved in preparing these               to contact them by telephone. In this
lists to show what care is taken to avoid           way we were able to establish complete
errors of one kiid or another. Once we              fnt and middle name information and
had matched        the citations with the           discover    which articles belonged        to
source entries, the computer was pro                which authors,
grammed to generate a ranked list of                   As a result of these efforts, we elimi-
authors’ “names” (surname and up to                 nated many names and resolved the he
three initials), a bibliography of papers           mograph problem. Thus, we counted
associated with those names, and the                only the number of citations and papers
number of citations each of those ar-               properly attributable     to most authors.
ticles received. Actuafly, about 85 per-            However, some authors may find that
cent of the names could be used imme-               they are credited       with a few extra
diately but, unfortunately, about 15 per-           papers or citations. In these cases, the
cent represented       homographs.    Many          few papers and citations provided in-
journals do not provide the authors’ first          significant “noise.”
names in by-lines. And practically all                 The average number of citations for
journals only include initials for first            all authors listed here was 3,81 l—over
names in reference       citations. So we           272 citations per year. As it turns out,
could not easily include fwt names in               the minimum threshold for inclusion in
the Citation Index even if we wished to             this study was 2,436 citation=an        aver-
use the extra space.                                age of about 174 citations per year. The
    When you look up a name like R.A.               average cited author is cited less than
Fisher in SCZ, the boldface entry is real-          one tenth as often.
ly a heading for the homograph which                   The average author in this study
includes several people with the same               published 121 papers; on 32 of these his
last name and initials. It is never a prob-         or her name appeared as frost author
lem to locate a particular paper, and or-           and on 89 as one of the subsequent
dinarily it is not a problem to differen-           authors. The average author received
tiate the papers of the geneticist from             1,178 citations to papers on which he or
the physicist.      But in this study we            she appeared as first author and 2,633 as
religiously    checked   out each home              coauthor. This clearly demonstrates the
graph to determine which papers be                  importance     of afl-author data for the
longed to each of the two or more per-              most-cited scientists.
sons involved.                                         The list is provided in alphabetical,
    We went about making this deter-                rather than ranked, order. For each
mination in a number of ways. One of                author we have identified the field. To
the methods we used involved checking               avoid further delay in publishing the list

we decided to provide this initiaf look                  represented on the list. Table 3 lists the
now. In future parts of this study we WN                 number of authors in each field. Immu-
discuss groups of authors by disciplines.                nology is the largest group.
Acautionary     note is needed here, Cita-                  An asterisk next to an author’s name
tion practices vary among disciplines so                 indicates that some of our information
the reader should be careful in compar-                  about that author may be incomplete.
ing raw citation counts for authors in                   Such authors may never have sent us a
one field with counts for authors in                     bibliography or didn’t fifl out the ques-
another,     More detailed     information               tionnaire completely so we were unable
about each author will be given in the                   to verify a piece of information. The in-
latter parts of this study.                              formation presented is accurate to the
    You wilf notice that for the first time              best of our knowledge. But errors may
in one of these studies we are giving the                occur in such large studies.
complete first and middle names of au-                       With little effort, readers can scan the
thors to better identify them. Based on                  list to learn who is the most-cited au-
purely feminine given names, it seems                    thor. In the vast majority of cases ap
that at least 24 women appear on thk                     pearance on thk list is an indicator that
list, We are not sure of the exact                       the person involved is of Nobel c[ass.d
number because we did not ask the                        Harriet Zuckerman, in her book Scien-
authors to state their gender on the
questionnaire.    In the future I plan an                Table 3: Number of authors   per field.

essay about women in science. The                        F!ekf                           Nwmber of        SUtbOIS

                                                         Aeronomy                                    2
women identified in this study wifl be a
                                                         Astronomy                                   5
good starting point.                                     Astrophysics                                .
    We have also listed the date of birth                Biocbemish-y                               S4
for each author and, where applicable,                   Bioph yslcs                                26
                                                         Cardiology                                 33
date of death. The oldest author on this                 Cell Biology                               57
list is F.A. Lipmann, born in 1899, and                  Chemical Physics                             2
the youngest is J.S. Whitaker, born in                   Endocrinology                              74
                                                         Enzymology                                   b
 1948. The average age of the authors on                 Gastroenterology                           10
the list is 53. Table 2 shows the number                 Genetics                                   21
of authors by decade of birth. Now it is                 Geophysics                                   2
                                                         Hematology                                 21
clear that it would have been of interest
                                                         Histology                                    8
                                                         [mmunology                                I28
Tsble 2: Number of authors    by decade of birth,        [norganic Chemis(ry                        27
                                                         Microblologv                               Iti
Dec~de                             Number 01 authors
                                                         Molecular Biology                          b“
                                                         Nephrology                                   1
      18%                                    1                                                        2
1900-IW9                                   25
                                                         Neuroendocrimkgy                             1
I91O-19I9                                 122
                                                         Neurology                                  13
1920-1929                                 393                                                         9
193@ 1939                                 381
                                                         Nuclear Medkine                              I
194*1 948                                  so
                                                         Oncology                                   48
                                                         Organic Chemistry                          51
(One birth date was unavailable.   1
                                                         Organometa]lic Chemistry                    10
                                                         Pathology                                  2.3
to use the age at which their first paper                Pharmacology                               59
                                                         Physical Chemistry                         24
was published, but we did not ask for                                                               7-
this information.                                        Physiology                                 36
   The questionnaires      sent to the au-               Plant Sciences                              6
                                                         Psychlat ry                                 4
thors asked them to name their own                                                                   1
field or discipline. The authors are thus                Thtx>rerlcal Chemmry
self-categorized.   Thirty-eight fields are              Vmology                                    ‘w

 tific Elite, likens thisroup to the “im-
                             g                          this     particular      problem       will      be
 mortals,” who, though equaf in stature,                eliminated since citations to each paper
are not included in the French Acad-                    can be credited to the department               in-
 emy’s limited mernbersldp           of 40. She         volved,
refers to these individuals “.. who are                    We realized long ago that a few peo-
peers of prizewinners in every sense ex-                ple may appear on such lists because
cept that of having the award as oc-                    they had written one super-cited paper.
cupants      of the “forty-first         chair.”s       When I discussed this with John deCani,
(p. 42) Such people can be identified as                department       of statistics, University of
of Nobel ckms. In fact, 41 Nobefists do                 Pennsylvania,        he suggested      that we
appear on the list. However, one would                  might “censor” the data by excluding
have to examine the data for each in-                   citations to the most-cited          paper for
dividual on the list, in combination with              each of the 1,000 authors.7
other factors, to determine whether ap                     We did so and found that 90 percent
pearance on this list is primarily due to              of the time the most-cited paper ac-
productivity,     citation impact, or both.            counted for fewer than 22 percent of the
One cannot conclude that the most-                     citations. In other words, the vast ma-
cited or the most published author is                  jority of the authors on this list would
necessarily the most important or the                  still remain among the most-cited                  if
one who has made the greatest contri-                  their most-cited paper were removed.
bution to science,                                     The average number of citations to each
    Any list is, of course, only as good as            author’s most-cited          item was 453. A
the system that helps create it. Many of               study now under way will teff us how
you are welf aware of quirks in author-                many papers in this time period have
ship attribution that permit some scien-               been cited this many times. Neverthe-
tist-administrators      to put their names on         less, there are some instances where one
hundreds of papers as coauthors. Some                  or two papers account for most cita-
of these scientist-administrators             will     tions. The fact is that scientists of Nobel
show up on the accompanying list. This                 class not only publish one or more
follows the old European tradition and                 superstar papers, they also publish more
quite often it has been followed at cer-               often and their papers achieve higher
tain American institutions. The list may               impact. We observed this phenomenon
also include certain academicians            who       over 15 years ago in a study of Nobel
have not otherwise             achieved     great      prizewinners.s       (p. 63-4)
distinction but have coauthored dozens                     The world of science is very large.
of papers with graduate students. We                   Over one million scientists publish from
should not be quick to criticize such                  time to time. Of these, however, a small
authors since there is no agreed-upon,                 percentage       publish a large percentage
published set of rules for establishing                of all papers. That is one kind of pro-
authorship. In some instances the other                ductivity measure. Of those, however,
authors may have been only too happy                   there is an even smaller number who
to have the prestigious name included.                 have a significant           impact,   which is
It often helps the young research                      largely reflected in citations. Since it is
worker to be joined by a famous scien-                 generally       agreed     that there       is no
tist as coauthor.        There is as yet no            significance       to a particular        citation
agreed-upon         method       for   assigning       count, one may usefully think in terms
credit     to each coauthor,           although        of percentiles—much           as we do with IQs
Derek Price has recently suggested a                   or aptitude tests. It would be absurd to
method to fairly attribute citations on                choose one doctoral             candidate     over
multi-authored       papers. fJ When we do             another because an individual had one
the institutional study of these authors,              point higher on an aptitude               test. It

would be equally absurd to judge any-                       far more efficient and systematic man-
one on the difference of a few papers or                    ner, 1S1 is developing a statistical data
citations.   Indeed, it is absurd to use                    base derived       from SCI and Social
citations,    publications,      or any other               Sciences Citation Index” (SSCP ) that
single factor alone in evaluations. How-                    will facilitate large-scale studies for a
ever, tonarrow domonemillion             naxnes             variety of scientometric       purposes. As
to 10,000 orlessand         then to categorize              we make progress with this system, I’ll
these names by specialties does provide                     be reporting the outcome here and in
a useful beginning in identifying, in an                    the professional      journals. And as the
objective, non-obtrusive         manner, those              size of the study population increases,
who are making the greatest impact.                         we shall identify more people in the
    Future parts of this series of essays                   smaller or less published fields.
will present a discussion of the 1,000                          We’d like to thank all those who
authors by discipline, provide detailed                     cooperated with us during this study. In
citation data and publication counts for                    spite of their own publishing deadlines,
each author, identify academy member-                       grant application       complications,   and
ships and other forms of recognition,                       other research demands, hundreds of
and examine         the institutions     where              scientists took the time to provide us
highly cited research           is being con-                with information,     even though some of
ducted.                                                      these scientists were not included in the
    It is obvious to me that we must ex-                     study.
 tend these initial studies in the future to
include at least another 1,000 or 2,000
scientists. I say thk if only because the                      My thanks to R, Van Cooper, Patricia
memberships       of the world’s academies                  He{[er, Sh wu-Hwa Hsu, Daniel Spaeth,
 of science exceed this number, and the                     Edward M, Sweeney, and Be[la Teperov
 number of important scientists exceeds                     for their help in the preparation of this
 that number. But in order to do this in a                  essay.                             0!’301


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q   Reprinted   h: Garfketd E. Esfay$ of an information   $cientist.   Phifadelpfda:   1S1 Press, 1980.3   VOIS

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