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									                  Useful Information Sheet for Edinburgh

                             Jessica Chen-Burger
                        Last updated: 4 November, 2010

Contact Address:

Jessica Chen-Burger
AIAI, CISA, Informatics
The University of Edinburgh
Room 7.12, Level 7
Appleton Tower
Crichton Street
Edinburgh, EH8 9LE
Tel: +44 131 650-2756 (direct)
     +44 131 650-2732 (general)
Fax: + 44 131 650-6513
                                                   In Picture: Appleton Tower


   1.   AIAI/CISA Local Map (from Apex Hotel/Grass Market to CISA),
   2.   AIAI/CISA Street Map, (MultiMap),
   3.   University Map – the Appleton Tower is Building Number 24,
   4.   Edinburgh Tourist Map (pdf file).

Detailed instructions for coming to AIAI:

       By Air: If you come to Edinburgh by air (Edinburgh Airport), it takes about
        40-50 minutes by taxi to Appleton Tower.

       By Train: If you come to Edinburgh by train (Edinburgh Waverley Train
        station), it takes about 15-20 minutes walk to Appleton Tower.

Directions for visiting AIAI and Appleton Tower:

  AIAI is at the south of the Edinburgh Waverley Train Station and at the Level 7 of
the Appleton Tower. The Appleton Tower is a corner building at the junction of
Crichton and Chapel Streets, and next to the top eastern corner of the George Square.

       Its main entrance is on the Crichton Street that is facing north and a fairly
large modern building (the new Informatics Building - Forum). It should be obvious
when you arrive here.

        The main entrance of Appleton Tower is facing the front door of Informatics
Forum. Upon entering the building, walk through the hall and take the elevator at the
other end of the hall to level 7. AIAI is on your right. Walk to your right and push

through the left door and you should be able to see the AIAI reception who will let
you in.

        Its back entrance is at the Windmill Street that is facing east and may be
entered via the Chapel Street. Once you enter the back area of the building, you can
see a small parking area. Go straight and walk to your right. Once inside of the
building, take the stairs or lift to Level 7. The reception is on your right at level 7.

Accommodation Information Sheet:

       Accommodation List:

Edinburgh Taxis:

If you arrive at the Edinburgh Waverley Train Station, go to the left hand
side of the main hall where there is a taxi rank for its passengers.
Otherwise, other taxi telephone numbers are below:

      Edinburgh Central Radio Taxi            Tel: 0131 229-2468 *
      City Cab                                Tel: 0131 228-1211
      Radio Cabs                              Tel: 0131 225-9000
      Computer Cab                            Tel: 0131 272-8000

Tourist Information:

You can visit the tourist information center at the Edinburgh City center,
Princes Street, for booking hotels and for booking and getting information for
guided highland tours. Below are example web sites that may be of interest:

      Edinburgh tourist info:
      Edinburgh Tourist Attraction:
           o Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick:
           o Scottish Mining Museum:
           o Mary Kings’ close:
           o Others:
      Drummond Castle Gardens:
      Historic Scotland: (historic buildings,
       castles and gardens.)
      Scotland’s Gardens:
      Other info:,
      Example highland tours:

      Loch Ness and Monster Nessie:
      Nearby country park: BeeCraigs Country Park (deer farm, fishery, BBQ areas)

Edinburgh’s summer and winter festivals:
      Edinburgh International Jazz and blues Festival: (end of July, early August, yearly)
      Edinburgh Tattoo: (August, yearly)
      A web site for all festival program:
      Edinburgh Fringe Program: (August, yearly)
      Edinburgh International Festival: (mid-August, yearly)
      Edinburgh International Film Festival: (mid-August, yearly)
      Edinburgh Festival Theatre:
      Playhouse Theatre:
      Edinburgh’s New Year party, Hogmanay: (December/January, yearly),
      Edinburgh theatre program listing:

Places of Interest in Edinburgh:
      City Tourist Bus (Guide Friday)*:
      Royal Yacht Britannia*:
      Royal Botanic Garden: http://www.information-
      Edinburgh Zoo:
      Hill Walking:
      Natural History Museum, Dynamic Earth:

Selected Interests in Scotland:

      Loch Ness and Nessie:
      Oban and Lorn:
      Isle of Skye:
      Fort William:

      Photos of the highest mountain in Scotland, Ben Nevis:
      Island of Inchcolm, an island just outside of Edinburgh:


Jacksons (Scottish French Restaurant) *
209-213 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1PE
Tel: 225 1793
Royal Mile (besides Jacksons Close)
Lunch Menu: 7-8 pounds
Dinner Menu: 20-25 pounds
Other info: nice surroundings, at the heart of old town.
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 6 minutes.
Updated: June 2004.

Dubh Prais (Scottish Restaurant) *
123b High Street
Tel: 557 5732
Main course: 11-16 pounds
Location: Old Town, a small basement restaurant on the high street. It is to the east of
South Bridge and on the second block opposite to Holiday Inn. It has a small entrance
and a hanging sign with a black cooking pot (the name of the restaurant, Dubh Praise
means black pot).
Other info: This is a very small restaurant and will normally require booking well in
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 7 minutes

Bonsai (Japanese) *
46 West Richmond Street
0131 668 3847
Price: medium price range, lunch menu (5-6 pounds)

Hewat's Restaurant (Scottish French)*
19 - 21b Causewayside, Edinburgh, EH9 1QF
Tel: (0131) 466 6660
Note: Owner and head chef Richard Hewat is previous 5-star hotel and Fisher’s head
chef. Hewat’s has won a gold award from Edinburgh restaurateurs’ Association in

The Outsider (Scottish French) *
15-16 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EE
Tel: 0131 226 3131
Main course: 10-16 pounds.

Location: Situated in the center of Edinburgh Old Town, it has a very desirable
location, with a view overlooking the Edinburgh Castle.

Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 8-10 minutes
Other info: The food is delicious. It has a contemporary interior design and an
interesting menu – offering a range of fusion French, Scottish and Oriental dishes.
They offer main courses and desserts but not starters. Instead, they encourage the
guests to order main courses as starters to share, as some main courses are suitable for

Coming from the Princes Street: George IV Bridge is at the south side of the Princes
Street. At the center of the Princes Street, following the road "the Mount" and
climbing upward, you will find that the castle is at your right. When you reach the top
of the hill, you will see a fork junction of three streets. Stay on the same (bend) road
to the right and go across the traffic lights at the junction of Royal Mile, you will then
arrive at the George IV street. Once you have passed the junction and reached the
second block of buildings, Outsider is the second shop on your right. Outsider is two
doors pass the Central library on your right and opposite the Scottish library on your
left. Map for location:

Spoon Café Bistro*
6a Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DH
Note: Large venue with plenty of seating area. Walking distance from AIAI:
approximate 5 minutes.

Ayutthaya (Thai Restaurant)
14b Nicolson Street
Tel: 556 9351
Main course: 4-8 pounds
Note: opposite to the Festival Theatre. Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 4

Grain Store (Scottish French Style Restaurant) **
30 Victoria Street, Tel: 0131 225-7635
Main Course: 10-15 pounds
Other info: It has a very nice feel of Edinburgh castle style rocky interior.
Restaurant’s own info: “The Restaurant is tucked away on the upper floor of No 30
Victoria Street beneath the stone vaulting and archways of the original store rooms
used by the warren of shops below. Today, its various alcoves and adjoining rooms
provide an intimate setting for you to enjoy your meal. A stone's throw away from the
castle, the unique atmosphere is further enhanced by the view over the picturesque
sweep of Victoria Street and the historic West Bow.”
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 10 minutes

Petit Paris (French Restaurant) *
38 Grass Market (in the middle of Grass Market)
Tel: 226-2442
Discount dinner Menu: 5-7pm, 8 pounds
Dinner Menu: approx. 15 pounds
Other info: French music (not live), informal environment, friendly staff.
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 8 minutes
Updated: May 2004

Sushiya (Japanese)*
19 Dalry Road (see map), West End, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 313 3222

Izzi (Japanese)
119 Lothian Road
West End
Tel: (0131) 466 9888

Yum Yum (Chinese)*
West Richmond Street
Price: 5-7 pounds

Beluga (Scottish Restaurant)
30a Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HU
Tel: 0131 624 4545
Main Course: 8-14 pounds
Location: Opposite to the Scottish Museum

Ciao Roma (Italian Restaurant)
Tel: 557-3777
Main course: 6-14 pounds
Has lunch menu
Other info: Ethnic interior design, large wall and ceiling paintings, sculptures.
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 4 minutes

Morocco Walima (Moroccan)
Basement, 31A Dundas Street
Tel: 0131 652-3764
Info: Belly Dancing 8-10pm almost every night, but check first.

Q Bar
5-11 Leith Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3AT
Tel: 0131 557 5830
Info: Bar with Tapas; Cuban and Latin rhythms; buffet brunch served 12- 3pm.

Koi (Japanese)

Price: 5-7 pounds

Dome **
14 George Street
Edinburgh EH2 2PF
Tel: 0131 624 8624
Info: Yet another ex bank on George Street but this one is really impressive. Pillars
flank the red carpeted main entrance and the plush inner foyer is bedecked with large
fresh flower displays. There is a small cocktail bar and function room to one side of
the foyer and the main bar lies through another pillared doorway. Inside the main bar
you find yourself immediately impressed by the size of the room.
Location: One street north of Princes Street. It takes about 15 minutes walking from

Ruanthai Restaurant (Thai) *
1 Craigs Close, 29 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1BP
Tel: 225 7007
Price: 15-20 pounds
Location: well hidden on the side street (so-called close) of Cockburn street.
Other info: Small-medium sized family-run restaurant, very friendly, ethnic interior
design, Thai costumed waiting staff and fancy authentic Thai dinning china.
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 6 minutes

Santorini (Greek)*
32c Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SB
Tel: 0131 557 2012

Hadrian's Brassiere (Scottish Restaurant) *
Ground floor of Balmoral Hotel
2 North Bridge, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 557 5000, Fax: 0131 557 3747
Main course: 7-15 pounds
Food Serving Hours: Mon-Sat 7-10.30am, noon-2.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm
Sun 7.30-11am, 12.30-3pm, 6.30-10.30pm.
Price of a Two-course Meal: 15-20 pounds
Price of House Wine per Bottle: 14 pounds
Other info: It has wonderful Sunday Brunch Buffet from 12 noon with live music,
approx. 15 pounds, occasional celebrity spotting !
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 10 minutes

Opal Lounge (Far East) *
51a George Street, New Town
0131 226 2275

The Witchery by the Castle (Scottish Restaurant) *
352 Castlehill, Royal Mile

Tel: 225 5613
Main course: 15-20 pounds
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 15 minutes

Fishers (Scottish, Seafood) *
1 Shore, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6QW
Tel: 0131 554 5666
Other Info: excellent seafood, lovely and relaxing seashore décor.
Location: Driving takes 15 minutes from city center.

Zizzi (Italian) *
1 - 3 Food Terrace, Ocean Terminal, Level 3, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 7DZ
Tel: 0131 555 1155
Other Info: panorama ocean view, located in the North of Edinburgh, near Leith
Dock, inside of Ocean Terminal shopping center, open for lunch and dinner. It is a
nice outing as well as dinner experience.
Local: Driving takes 15 minutes from city center.

Chinois China China (Chinese Buffet) *
Omni, Unit 4, Greenside Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3AA
Tel: 0131 556 9053
Per Person: approx. 10 pounds per person – leaving time dependent
Other Info: Buffet Restaurant with Japanese Teppan Yaki bar.
Location: Edinburgh City Center, walking 15 minutes from AIAI.

Hendersons’ Salad Table (Vegetarian Restaurant) *
94 Hanover Street
Edinburgh, EH2 1DR
Tel: 0131 225 2131
Open Hours: 8am – 10:45pm Mon-Sat
Meal price: 12-18 pounds (for 2-3 small dishes)
Other info: natural interior design, live music at designated time
Restaurant promotes: Organic produces, GM free produces, additive free produce,
preservative free produce, pesticide free produce, local producers, suppliers &
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 25 minutes

Kalpna (Vegetarian Indian Restaurant)
2/3 St. Patrick's Square
Tel: 667 9890
Main course: 4-7 pounds
Other info: Authentic Indian Cuisine, has lunch menu
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 8 minutes

Loon Fung (Chinese)*
2 Warriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5LE
Tel: 0131 556 1781
Other info: not convenient for public transportation, taxi is a better option; relatively
authentic Chinese cuisine.

Ocean Kitchen (Scottish) *
Food Terrace, Ocean Terminal, Level 3, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 7DZ
Other Info: panorama ocean view, informal, self-serving style, abundant choices of
food, located at the North of Edinburgh, inside of Ocean Terminal shopping center,
near Leith Dock, open for lunch.
Driving takes 15 minutes from city center.

Ma Potter's Chargrill (American) *
Unit 71, Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 7DZ
Tel: 0131 555 6700
Other Info: ocean view, located at the North of Edinburgh, near Leith Dock, inside of
Ocean Terminal shopping center, open for lunch and dinner. Driving takes 15 minutes
from city center.

Suruchi (Indian Restaurant)
14a Nicolson Street
Tel: 556 6583
Main course: 6-9 pounds
Other info: Offers live music twice a week
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 3 minutes

Howies (French-Scottish Restaurant)
10 Victoria Street
Tel: 225 1721
Main course: 15-18 pounds
Other info: Has lunch menu
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 8 minutes

Siam Erawan (Thai Restaurant)
48 Howe Street, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 226 3675
Fax: 0131 556 9889
Main course: 6-13 pounds
Food Serving Hours: Mon-Sun noon-2.30pm, 6-10.45pm

Mussel Inn (Seafood Restaurant)
Tel: 0131 225 5979
Main Course: 8-13 pounds
Location: Edinburgh City Center, 25-30 minutes walk from AIAI. Rose street is a
back street off a main shopping street, Princes Street, and is full of bars, café and

Creelers (Scottish Seafood Restaurant)
3 Hunter Square, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 220 4447 Fax: 0131 220 4447

Main course: 7-15 pounds
Food Serving Hours: Sun/Mon & Thu noon-2pm, 5-10.30pm;
Tue/Wed noon-2pm (May-Oct only), 5-10.30pm;
Fri/Sat noon-2pm, 5-11pm.
Average Price of a Two-course Meal: £20
Price of House Wine per Bottle: 11.95 pounds
Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 5 minutes.

Rainbow Arch (Chinese Restaurant)
8-16a Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8BJ
Tel: 0131 221 1288
Other info: Offers Dim Sum every day (selected from menus), with additional
varieties available on Sundays. Walking distance from AIAI: approx. 25 minutes

A List of Scottish Restaurants:

A List of Vegetarian Restaurants:

More Cafe and Restaurants in Old Town:

More restaurants: *


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