Thank you for your interest entering the Garden of Eve Organic by gyvwpsjkko


									                                                                Eve and Chris Kaplan-Walbrecht
                                                                PO Box 216
                                                                Aquebogue NY 11931
                                                                (631) 523-6608

Thank you for your interest entering the Garden of Eve Organic Farm Garlic Cookoff! We appreciate
your efforts and your creativity.

DATE: New! We’ll have cookoffs on BOTH Saturday Sept 25, and Sunday Sept 26, both 12-2pm.
You can enter one or the other, but NOT both.

THE GREAT GARLIC COOKOFF: Contestants will be asked to make enough to feed approximately 25
people. Entries can be submitted until 12pm on EITHER Saturday, Sept 25 or Sun Sept 26. From 12:30-1:30
pm we will open up the cookoff for popular judging. We’ll allow people to go around and taste samples of
the dishes, and fill out a judging form, for as long as the food lasts. All proceeds from the cookoff are
donated to a local Long Island environmental group.

HOW TO ENTER: Pre-registration is requested via email with your name and contact information, and dish
you are planning to bring. If you find out about this at the last minute and have not pre-registered, you can
still enter.

COOKOFF CATEGORIES: There will be three categories for which prizes will be awarded, "Savory
Garlic", "Sweet Sweet Garlic", and "Miss Garlic Originality".

PRIZES: The winner of each category will receive a $50 gift certificate to Garden of Eve Organic Market,
and three pounds of Garden of Eve organic garlic (value $35).

Some general cookoff guidelines:
    • Please leave your dish at the designated location. Place a tape with your name and phone number on the
        underside of any dishes you need returned.
    • Entries will be accepted until 12pm.Judging will begin at approximately 12:30 pm.
    • If your dish needs to be warm when served, we have a small microwave on premises for reheating. You are
        also welcome to bring your own sterno and chafing dish.
    • Attendees at the festival will be judges, and will taste each entry and fill out a judging card. Some of the
        criteria include taste, texture, appearance, and originality.
    • Numerical scores will be tallied in each category and first, second, third place will be announced. If you are
        not present to receive notice of your prize, we will contact you by phone. If you leave before finding out how
        you placed in the cookoff, you can call the farmstand at 631-722-8777 to find out whether you placed and
        claim any prizes, dishes, etc. left behind.
    • Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place in each category. Prizes are at the discretion of
        Garden of Eve Farm. If you do not receive your prize the day of the cookoff, you are welcome to pick it up
        anytime before October 15 at the Garden of Eve farmstand during regular hours of operation which are
        10am-6pm daily. Call 631-722-8777 to reach the farmstand.
    • After your dish has been eaten, you are free to recover any dishes, utensils, decorative items etc. you had set
        out. All dishes may be removed by 3pm on the day of the cookoff.
    • The cookoff will take place rain or shine. If you have other questions, call Eve at 631-523-6608.
                                   GREAT GARLIC COOKOFF
                                         ENTRY SHEET

Please return to farmstand counter or PO Box 216, Aquebogue NY 11931, or email to

Please fill in the information below.

NAME OF DISH: ______________________________________________________________


SAVORY               SWEET

CHEF NAME: __________________________________________________

ADDITIONAL HELPERS/FAMILY MEMBERS NAMES: ___________________________________


ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________

DAY PHONE: __________________________ CELL PHONE: _________________________________

EMAIL: ______________________________________________________________________________



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