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Document Sample
					                           VANIER COLLEGE MUSIC DEPARTMENT
                          Faculty of Social Science, Commerce, Arts & Letters

                   Advanced Composition I 551-556-VA (Stream A =1-1-3)
                       & Composition I 551-576-VA (Stream B = 1-1-2)
 Computer Applications Component                                     semester letter-year

 Instructor:     X                                                      Office: X
 E-Mail:         omit if unavailable                                    Tel:    744-7500 ext: XXXX
 Office Hours: As posted on office door (and by appointment) – this, or your actual office hours, must
 be provided here.
 Web Site: omit this line if no website

Note that the homework ponderation for Stream B is one hour less than that of Stream A. More work
and a higher quality is expected of Stream-A students.

Course Description: This course introduces and practices the compositional skills needed for a
professional specializing in the composition of jazz and popular music.

Competency to be achieved: Students who pass this course will have partially fulfilled competency
01FJ (To adapt new technologies in music) of Professional Music and Song Techniques.

Achievement Context: Based on musical texts representative of popular and jazz music, using
simple works or excerpts from works. According to their needs and personal fields of interest. Taking
into consideration the changes in the music market. As applied in popular music.

Evaluation: Your final Computer Applications mark is reduced to 50% then added to the 50% for
the Advanced Composition component of 551-556/576-VA. You must pass all parts of this course
before you may register for the next level.

                          Assignments                                    X%
                          Midterm                                        X%
                          Final Exam (during exam period)                X%

Required Materials:

Reference Materials:

The objectives and standards and ponderations that apply to the Advanced Composition
component of this course are contained within the Course Outline for that component.

01FJ - Professional Music and Song Techniques: To adapt new technologies in music
     Elements of the Competency                             Performance Criteria
            (Objectives)                                         (Standards)
1. To analyze the function of            1.1 Careful exploration of the technological field in
technology in music.                     question.
                                         1.2 Careful exploration of the general processes associated
                                         with this field.
                                         1.3 Accurate determination of specific workings of the
                                         technologies studied.
2.   To use technology in music.         2.1 Correct start-up.
                                         2.2 Correct use of technology.
                                         2.3 Achievement of effective results.
3. To operate new technology in          3.1 Determination of relevant connections between new and
music.                                   old technologies.
                                         3.2 Transfer of operational skills and adaptability.

College and Department Policies:
    Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the classes in each of their Music courses.
       Absence for medical reasons is included in the 20% of classes you are permitted to miss.
       Failure to abide by this policy will result in a failing grade.
    Students arriving more than 10 minutes late at classes of 60 or 90 minutes will not be admitted
       and will be marked absent.
    Any form of cheating or plagiarism will result in a grade of zero on a test or assignment and a
       letter from the teacher will be placed in your file. A repeated offence may lead to even more
       serious consequences. Collaborating on assignments in this course is not permitted.
    College Policies on academic complaints (7210-8) and on Religious Holy Day Absences (7210-
       20) will be followed.

Please consult The Vanier College Catalogue, The Student Handbook and your teacher for more