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									                                                                                                          Fall 2010 Newsletter

                                  Texas Alliance                                                            Texas Alliance for
                                                                                                           Geographic Education

                                                               for                                        TEXAS ALLIANCE  FOR
                                                                                                        GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATION
                                                                                                             DEPARTMENT OF

                                  Geographic Education
                                                                                                        TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-
                                                                                                              SAN MARCOS
                                                                                                          601 UNIVERSITY DRIVE
                                                                                                         SAN MARCOS, TX 78666

                                   Distinguished Mentor’s Award
                                   Matt Patton, Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education
Inside this issue:
                                           I am pleased to announce that the         Geographic Education. He has also
NCGE Award                    1    2010 National Council for Geographic              served as president of the NCGE and most
Recipients                         Education (NCGE) Distinguished Mentor’s           importantly, he is a mentor to many young
                                   Award has been awarded to Dr. Richard G.          students and professionals in the arena of
Geo-Travelers                 1    Boehm! Dr. Boehm is Professor and Jesse           geographic education.
                                   H. Jones Distinguished Chair in Geographic                Dr. Boehm earned his B.S. in
FOG Conference                4
                                   Education, Director of The Gilbert M.             Social Studies and his M.A. in Geography
Schedule                           Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education,        from the University of Missouri-
                                   Texas State University-San Marcos and Co-         Columbia. He then earned his Ph.D. in
Summer „10 Advanced           8    coordinator of the Texas Alliance for                        (continued on page 9) —>
Leadership Workshop

2010 Geography             22      Germany: A Modern Geographer’s Journey
Summer Academy
                                   Wendy Sierra, Georgetown Independent School District
Grant Writing Tips         26
                                            I was honored to participate in the   immigration (mainly of
                                   Goethe Institut’s Transatlantic Outreach       Turkish guest workers)
2010 Poster Contest        33
                                   Program (T.O.P.) Study Tour of Germany         and what it means to be a
                                   in June-July. For 2 weeks I traveled in a      pluralistic member of the
                                   group of 16 teachers from all around the       European Union. We
                                   US to Germany, the trip was completely         traveled to ―high
                                   paid for by the German Government and          Germany‖ and saw the
 Special points of                 German businesses sponsors. I had visited      lasting strength of        Wendy Sierra in
 interest:                         Germany twice before, although I was           regionalism in the         Germany sponsored
                                   looking forward to going to Europe again,      contrast of                by the Goethe Institut
    Welcome new Texas
    Alliance for                   I honestly didn’t anticipate I would gain      Franconian/Lutheran
    Geographic Education           any grand insights or epiphanies from my       Nuremburg with Bavarian/Catholic Munich.
    members                        travels. I was so wrong!                                Throughout the trip I was struck by
    2010-2011 Grosvenor                     The trip allowed me to see a wide     subtle and blatant changes in physical
    Scholar                        range of German terrain and culture. We        landscape, food, language, politics, religion
    Grant writing tips             arrived in über-modern Frankfurt, the          and culture. I had wrongly assumed
                                   powerhouse of German finance and               Germany was a monoculture; from what I
    Revised Social Studies
                                   banking. We soon continued on to ―low          saw just about the only thing Germans were
    curriculum standards in
    Texas                          Germany‖, to the northern town of              in complete unity about was cheering on
                                   Schwerin. From there we went south to          their team during the World Cup.
    National Geography
                                   Berlin; reunification was so striking at
                                   every turn, along with issues of                            (continued on page 15) —>
                                                      Coordinator’s Note
                                             Sarah Bednarz, Texas A&M University

Two exciting changes are taking place in World Geography—a new end of course (EOC) test and revised TEKS. The Texas
Alliance is busy getting ready to assist you to implement the new TEKS and to prepare your students for success on the EOC.
A small group of Alliance educators met the first weekend in May at Texas A&M University as a working group to summarize
what is known about the nature of the assessment and to develop a plan for materials and workshops for teachers to support its

Working from materials already developed for the Teaching and Learning World Geography project (http://talwg.tamu.edu/) the
group devised a multi-faceted program focused around nine tasks:

1. Develop a pool of EOC-like questions. It is clear that the EOC will not be like the current social studies assessments. So the
working group spent some time crafting criteria for EOC-type items. The items must be tightly aligned to the highest cognitive
level of each student expectation. They should build from a visual prompt because it is understood that students will be assessed on
their ability to infer from visuals. The questions must focus on assessing conceptual understanding through application of vocabu-
lary in real world contexts, that is, the questions should be at the application level more than comprehension level. Finally, these
higher-ordered questions should vary in form, and include “NOT” and “EXCEPT” questions.
2. Align exemplary lessons to the new TEKS and correlate these to two EOC-type assessment items.
3. Develop a website to disseminate the materials.
4. Emphasize concept development . We plan to identify all key concepts related to the new TEKS and develop strategies to
teach them, building on the TALWG strategies created by Marci Deal.
5. Identify “guiding questions” and “big ideas” for the World Geography curriculum. The working group felt strongly that the
best way to prepare students for the EOC is to teach the new TEKS well.
6. Prepare a handbook of geography teaching strategies important to support EOC-aligned instruction. Geography teachers need
a handbook of teaching strategies, both generic and specific to geography, particularly on interpretation of maps, graphics, and
7. Use podcasts and videocasts to support the new TEKS and EOC. The working group felt using media to capture short in-
terviews with master teachers discussing effective teaching strategies would be an effective way to reach more teachers.
8. Assemble a model EOC workshop with supporting materials for delivery at a range of places.
9. Re-write and produce new How To guides. The working group suggested that it was time to update and revise existing How
To guides, such as the How To Guide for Technology, and develop new ones, such as How to Effectively Teach Place Location.

While this is an ambitious plan, the working group and others are making progress. Stay tuned for more information. In the
meantime, there is a link to the materials the working group has assembled up to now from the TALWG website. Feel free to
explore. If you have something to contribute, please send it to Sarah Bednarz (s-bednarz@tamu.edu). And let us know if you
have additional ideas on how to prepare for these changes.
Fall 2010 Newsletter
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                                     September 25
                           Friends of Geography Conference
                                    Houston, Texas

                                September 29-October 3
                       National Council for Geographic Education
                                  Savannah, Georgia

                                   October 15-17
                          Texas Council for the Social Studies
                                   Houston, Texas

                                    October 20-23
                            Applied Geography Conference
                                  Fort Worth, Texas

                                    November 12-14
                         National Council for the Social Studies
                                   Denver, Colorado

                                   November 14-20
                         National Geography Awareness Week

                                     March 3-5
                                GeoTech Conference
                       Bishop Dunne High School, Dallas, Texas
                                                                                           Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
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Texas Alliance and FOG Join Forces to Co-sponsor 2010 TCSS Geography Strand
        The Texas Alliance for Geographic Education and Friends of Geography (FOG) will co-sponsor
a Geography Strand as part of the 2010 Texas Council for the Social Studies (TCSS) Conference in
Houston. The 58th Annual TCSS Conference, Hometown Roots: Global Connections, will be held on
October 15-17 at the Hilton Houston North. A total of 40 geography-related presentations will be offered
as part of the dedicated Geography Strand, offering great content, hands-on activities, teaching strate-
gies, pedagogy, and technology applications for all grade levels. Check out this great lineup of Geogra-
phy Strand presentations offered by an outstanding group of geographic educators.
                       Session 1    Tom Wurst & Ann           James Durham             Jennifer Fortenberry       Mary Trichel &
                       8:30-9:45    Kissinger Wurst           How Biomes Affect        The Experiential Learn-    Patricia Lewis
                                    2012 AD: What to Ex-      Culture: The Intersec-   ing Project                3D Maps and More!
                                    pect and Will You Be      tion of Geography,
                                    Ready? (EOC)              Science, and Culture

                       Session 2    Tom Wurst & Ann           Hazel Prescott and       Marci Smith Deal &         Elizabeth Sharp
                       10:00-       Kissinger Wurst           Freda Johnson            Judy Behrens               ―Love It or Leave It‖ –
                       11:15        Ahead of the EOC          Web 2.0 Tools for Ge-    Where’s All the Fresh      Life and Land of a Texas
                                    Curve-Teaching and        ography Classroom        Water? Geography           Fort
                                    Learning World Geogra-                             Awareness Week Initia-
                                    phy Website Materials                              tive
Friday, October 15th

                       Session 3    Linda Edwards & Mar-      Ben Chaika               Isabel Rodriguez           Population Center
                       12:00-1:15   tha Green                 Understanding Juda-      Dance Your Way             The More the Merrier?
                                    Building a Community of   ism                      Through Geography
                                    Respect in a Multi-
                                    cultural Classroom

                       Session 4    Merry Lobrecht, Mary      Nathan Wellborne         Heather Norris             Leslie Espinosa
                                    Lynn Johnson, Judy        Using Mapping Labs       Earthquakes of Haiti and   Meet Mr. Bill and the
                                    Lucas                     to Make Geography        Chile                      Village People
                                    GeoHistGram: Integrat-    Come Alive
                                    ing Geography Content
                                    and Skills into History

                       Session 5    Anne Mullins              Adalia Davis             Judy Lucas                 Carol Craig
                       3:00-4:15    The Cold War Game         Getting the Most from    Forests of the World       Insert Your Community,
                                                              Google Maps                                         Please
Fall 2010 Newsletter
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                         Session 6    Wendy Sierra              Amy Mulholland &        Shagufta Ellam             Elizabeth Battle
                         8:30-9:45    Germany Rocks!            Sabrina Marsh           National Geographic        Work Smarter-Not
                                                                10 Ducks, A Quilt, a    Beyond Borders-Physical    Harder- to Prepare Your
                                                                Fox, and a River:       & Cultural Landscape       Students for New Texas
                                                                Teaching Geography      (Part I)                   Assessments
                                                                with Picture Books

                         Session 7    Merry Lobrecht            Paul Nagel              Shagufta Ellam             Elizabeth Battle
                         10:00-       GEOGRAPHY: Success-       Exploring the World     National Geographic        How about Commuting
                                      ful Preparation for the   Through Children’s      Beyond Borders- Physi-     from Asia to Europe?
                                      End-of-Course Assess-     Literature              cal & Cultural Landscape   You Think YOU have a
                                      ment!                                             (Part II)                  Bad Commute!
Saturday, October 16th

                         Session 8    Debbie Boehm              Susan Vordakis, La-     Ryan Davis                 Linda Wuest
                         12:00-1:15   Google Earth in the So-   Tonya Amboree, De-      Geographic Memoirs:        Using Global Issues in
                                                                nise Marburger, Deb-    Living and Learning
                                      cial Studies Classroom                                                       the Classroom
                                                                orah Pellikan, &
                                                                Kaylene Schliesser
                                                                Muslim Perspectives-
                                                                Do You Hear the

                         Session 9    Ann Kissinger Wurst &     Richard Boehm, Jo       Nicole Vickerman           Natalie Arsenault
                                      Tom Wurst                 Beth Oestrich, Cheryl   Peering over the Great     Key Concepts in Teach-
                                      The Geographer’s Eye      Frazier                 Wall- Understanding        ing About Latin America
                                                                Teaching with the       China Today

                         Session 10   Megan Webster             Audrey Mohan            Nicole Vickerman           Valerie Davenport
                         3:00-4:15    Spatial Thinking with     Sustainable Ecosys-     Your Teaching Certifi-     Bringing Physical and
                                      ArcGIS Explorer           tems, Enduring Cul-     cate is a Magic Carpet     Human Geography Alive
                                                                tures (SEEC) Ecuador
         Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
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Fall 2010 Newsletter
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National Geographic Bee
Marci Smith Deal, Texas Geography Bee Coordinator

Below you will find information on the 2011
National Geography Bee as well as a link to the            Schools registered by
Geography Bee website - the website addresses most,        October 15, 2010 will
if not all questions concerning registration, dates, and   pay a $90 registration
deadlines. If you cannot find an answer on the             fee and will receive
website then you can call the Geography Bee hotline        their contest materials
at 202-828-6659.                                           in early November.
                                                           Registration after
The National Geographic Bee is a school competition        October 15 will increase to $110.
for students in any grades 4-8. Excite your students       Go to
about the world around them and reward those who           www.nationalgeographic.com/geobee
excel in their knowledge of geography by giving            to get complete information and other
them a chance to compete in a school geographic bee.       dates and deadlines.

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      those geo 'special' friends of yours or for yourself, this is the place to pick
      up inexpensive gifts. Visit our GISetc flair site if you love GIS, geography,
      geocaching, geology, all things geospatial....! Your geo “special' friends
      will love you for it!

                                                                                         Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
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                                      Inspiration and Success at the 2010 Leadership
                                      Workshop      Judy Lucas, Texas Alliance Teacher Consultant
The heat of a June summer
in San Marcos brought out the best-of-the-best for the                    Judy Lucas and Mary Lynn Johnson, leaders of the 2010
Advanced Leadership Workshop at Texas State                               Texas Alliance Regional Leadership Training Workshop that
University. The participants represented all corners of                                                   took place July 21-23 at
                                                                                                          Texas State University-San
the great state of Texas and all levels, elementary,                                                      Marcos, Texas.
middle school and high school. Some participants had
previously attended a leadership institute and were
doing training sessions in their home districts, but
decided they wanted to improve their skills and learn                                                 Texas Alliance for
more about the role and responsibility of a TAGE                                                      Geographic Education
Teacher Consultant. In addition, the coordinators of                                                  and Dr. Richard
Mississippi and Louisiana,                                                                            Boehm, Texas Alliance
Drs. David Rutherford                                                     Co-coordinator, were both presenters for the
& Paul Nagel,                                      “It was good to get    workshop.
respectively, sent a                               together with long-
                                                   time colleagues
delegation of their                                                       In addition to an intense workshop, participants were
                                                   and to meet new
teacher consultants to be                          ones. The 3 days
                                                                          treated to a very strong Texas thunderstorm that
a part of the workshop                             were a flurry of       flooded New Braunfels. It was a topic of discussion
and to share their activities    activity as we worked to create and      for a couple of days for its intensity and the damage
and leadership strategies.       strengthen our regional geographic       that resulted. It was an
                                 alliances. I am looking forward to
This mix of 30 teachers                                                   interesting geographical
                                 working with SAGE leaders to
formed a strong bond by the promote geography education in                phenomenon for the gulf        "It is always professionally rewarding
end of the workshop and          central Texas, especially as we help     coast visitors! In addition, to collaborate with classroom teachers
vowed to go out and preach teachers prepare for the End-of-               participants were treated to who are leaders on their campus and in
                                                                                                         the field of geography. The ideas of
the gospel of geography to       Course exams.“ -Robin Manning            a visit at Aquarena Springs. decentralizing teacher professional
everyone who would listen!!                                               They also had the              development, training, and interaction is

Let’s hope they find people who will hear them.                           opportunity to explore the exactly the correct solution correlated to
                                                                                                         the size of Texas and the number of
                                                                          area on their own between teachers. The TAGE was right on track to
The workshop was funded by a grant and the topics                         homework assignments.          host this workshop and they provided

that were covered were Organizing and Implementing                        The culminating activity       all of the initial tools to get the regional
                                                                                                         geography groups started as an
Professional Development Workshops, Presentation                          was a fajita banquet for                                   functioning
Skills, Technology Skills, Professional Service,                          graduation and the                                         group of

                                              Mentoring, Implementing     awarding of certificates.                                  educators."

                                              NGS Initiatives, Local      Our Louisiana and
The workshop
greatly expanded
                                              Advocacy, Developing        Mississippi graduates
my vision for                                 Leadership Skills, Policy   packed up and headed out
                                              Awareness and               for the long drive home. Our Texas graduates
geography. I came
away with new
                                              Willingness to Act, and     dispersed in the winds of Texas looking forward to
tools and approaches to teaching. I        Networking and Resources.      the next semester when they would hopefully have
teach 5th and 6th grade social studies
                                           The leaders of the workshop    the chance to use their new skills. Happy
and the information and skills I came
                                           were Judy Lucas and Mary       Geography to all…until the next time!
away with will enhance what I am able
to do for my students. Not only will this Lynn Johnson, with
experience strengthen my class room
                                           assistance from Dr. Lara       Judy Lucas
instruction, it will help us at Texas Tech
as we develop workshops for pre-
                                           Bryant. Judy Behrens, the
service teachers. –Ed Cooper; Trinity      Program Director of the
Christian School, Lubbock, Texas
 Fall 2010 Newsletter
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 <—(continued from page 1)
                                         Geography from the                     ―Dr. Boehm never gave up on me as a student.
  University of Texas at Austin. He has received the                  When time ran long, Dr. Boehm guided me toward clearer
  Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award from the                   research questions and an interesting set of data that
  NCGE in the fall of 1985, and later major awards                                 yielded longitudinal results. When vacancies
  in geographic education from the Association of                                  on my committee occurred, Dr. Boehm
  American Geographers, the National Geographic                                    suggested just the right faculty members with
  Society, and the NCGE.                                                           just the right blend of personalities and skills to
            Dr. Boehm stands out because of his                                    help me wrap up my work.‖
  involvement, his leadership, and his mentorship.                                           ―Sometimes in life you meet someone
  A man of Dr. Boehm’s stature and reputation                                      that changes your life forever. Many years later
  could easily rest upon his laurels and accolades;                                when you look back on life, you wonder, what
  however this is not the case for Dr. Boehm. He                                   would have become of you had you not met this
                             continues to take an                                  person, someone who believed in you and gave
―I owe my deepest            active role in the                                    you a chance when no one else would - for me
gratitude for Dr. Boehm’s advancement of                                           this person is Dick Boehm.‖
friendship, encouragement, geographic education, whether it is                               These quotes are quite impressive and
advice, mentoring, and       through professional organizations,      speak to the nature and abilities of Dr. Boehm. He has
belief in my abilities as a  research and teaching, or the            proven himself to be a great mentor. His mentorship
doctoral student and         continued growth of his students.        extends well beyond the classroom as the quotes above
scholar.‖ ~ Former Student                                            have highlighted. He goes beyond what the standard
                             He welcomes his students into the
                             Texas State family with open arms        requirements as a professor or advisor detail and makes
  and the belief that each of them can do great work. He has          sure that his students are performing at the best of their
  faith in his students and their abilities. Dr. Boehm motivates      individual abilities. In doing so, his students respond by
  them to believe in themselves and their research, instills in       producing research and results that are not just good, but
  them that no person can ―do the bare minimum‖ and expect            great. They strive to have the same impact that he has had
  to succeed, and reassures them that opportunities in life are       upon them.
  there are as long as they work hard and prepare well for life                 Another aspect of Dr. Boehm’s mentorship should
  in academia. He has the wisdom and experience to make               be mentioned, particularly in this newsletter. As co-
  these opportunities tangible. This reassurance is invaluable        coordinator of the Texas Alliance for Geographic
  to beginning graduate students who are somewhat unsure of           Education, he has worked with and encouraged hundreds of
  their abilities as academics.                                       classroom teachers. As Dr. Boehm points out, ―Our
            As letters of support of the nomination of this award     Teacher Consultants are all leaders in their home school
  came in for Dr. Boehm, it became quite evident that he has          district. We simply have given them a bigger stage to
  had a positive and lasting impact upon his colleagues and his       showcase their talents, and boy, have they ever responded.
  students. These letters speak of his passion, his knowledge,        My supportive relationship with teachers has resulted in
  and his guidance. The words of Dr. Boehm’s students speak           mutual respect and lifelong friendships.‖
  best of his mentorship and impact:                                            Dr. Boehm’s leadership in the national interplay of
            ―I owe my deepest gratitude for Dr. Boehm’s               geography education must also be discussed. He is his own
  friendship, encouragement, advice, mentoring, and belief in         man who does not always follow the popular or current
  my abilities as a doctoral student and scholar.‖                    trends. This means he is genuinely concerned about the
             ―Dr. Boehm involved me in substantive ways with          status of geographic education and
  projects that he was pursuing. In this process, I not only          he strives to make sure it is a ―Dr. Boehm encouraged us
  learned valuable research skills and the way that research          stronger field.       He is not a to work together and
  work is accomplished but I also became integrated into the          passenger sitting on the bus; rather appreciate each other’s
  community of scholars in the field. In fact, one of Dr.             he is driving it toward an even strengths and various
  Boehm’s intentional purposes was to introduce me to these           greater future. Even as he helps to perspectives. We continue to
                                                                                                              be in touch, support each
  scholars and to facilitate my integration into the community.‖      steer the entire field of geographic other in our academic
            ―Dr. Boehm instills, as do all effective mentors, trust   education, he still maintains pursuits, and maintain our
  in those he advises and the knowledge that he is there to help      himself as a tremendous mentor friendship.‖ ~Former Student
  along the journey.‖                                                 for his own students, both current
            ―Dr. Boehm encouraged us to work together and             and past. These students strive to do their best to continue
  appreciate each other’s strengths and various perspectives.         down the trail of excellence that Dr. Boehm has blazed thus
  We continue to be in touch, support each other in our               far. For these reasons, Dr. Richard G. Boehm is most
  academic pursuits, and maintain our friendship.‖                    deserving of the 2010 NCGE Distinguished Mentor’s
                                                                      Award. Congratulations!
                                                            Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
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          The Texas Alliance for Geographic Education gives you the opportunity to net-
          work with fellow educators, attend professional development events, and receive
          educational materials that you can use in your classroom. Join us!! There is NO
                                     CHARGE for membership.
                     Apply online at http://www.geo.txstate.edu/tage/.

                            El Paso Geographic Education (EPAGE)
                               Olivia Harris, reggie4242@gmail.com

                              Friends of Geography Houston (FOG)
          Mary Lynn Johnson, Harris County Department of Education, mljintx@earthlink.net

                Association for Geographic Educators of North Texas (AGENT)
                       Megan Webster, megan.webster@richardson.k12.tx.us

                       San Antonio-Austin Geographic Education (SAGE)
                             Robin Manning, geographylady@gmail.com

                  South Texas Association of Geographic Education (STAGE)
                  Myrium Olivarez, Lower Rio Grande Valley, m.olivarez@ljisd.com

                             Check out this fun online game for your classroom.
Fall 2010 Newsletter
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Megan L. Webster Recognized with NCGE’s
Distinguished Teaching Award
         Megan L. Webster, a high school teacher from         Association for Geographic
Richardson ISD (RISD), has been selected to receive           Educators of North Texas
the 2010 K-12 Distinguished Teaching Award from               (AGENT) – a regional
the National Council for Geographic Education                 organization of the alliance.
(NCGE).                                                       In 2009 Megan was selected
         Megan began teaching in RISD in 2002, after          by the Turkish Cultural
receiving a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in                   Association and the Dallas
Geography from Texas State University – San Marcos.           World Affairs Council to
She later completed her Master’s Degree in Education:         travel with teachers from across the United States to
Curriculum & Instruction from the University of               Turkey. She has also been selected as a College
Texas at Arlington in 2008. Megan is currently                Board AP Human Geography exam reader. Megan
pursuing her Ph.D. in Education: Curriculum &                 has been a moderator and/or judge for the Texas
Instruction with a minor in Geography at the                  Geography Bee since 2008.
University of North Texas in Denton, TX.                              Megan maintains active membership in
         Currently, Megan is an Advanced Placement            several organizations including the National Council
(AP) Human Geography teacher at L.V. Berkner High             for Geographic Education, the Texas Council for the
School. In addition to her teaching responsibilities,         Social Studies, the Dallas World Affairs Council,
Megan is the Co-Sponsor of the Berkner Model                  and Kappa Delta Pi.
United Nations and Jr. World Affairs Council, serves
on the Advancement Via Individual Determination
(AVID) site team, and was selected to be a member of                                                     The 2010 K-12
the RISD 21st Century Team.                                                                              Teaching Award
         Educating youth has provided Megan with                                                         is designed to
numerous opportunities to be involved in geography                                                       recognize and
education both in and outside of the classroom. In                                                       support excellence
2005 Megan was selected as a participant in a teacher                                                    in geography
                                                                                                         teaching among
study tour to China and South Korea through the                  elementary, middle, and high school Teachers. NCGE
National Consortium for Teaching about Asia. She is              proudly honors teachers who have displayed continued
a certified Teacher Consultant for the Texas Alliance            dedication to geographic education.
for Geographic Education, and is active in the

                                        Mark Your Calendars!
                                       2010 NCGE Conference
 Texas State University's Department of Geography and the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education will host the
 2012 National Council for Social Studies Conference in San Marcos, Texas. The annual conference is scheduled for
 the first week of October 2012 and will feature a full day of conference presentations on Saturday for Texas class-
 room educators. We'll definitely need your help during the 2012 conference to show a Texas brand of hospitality to
 geographic educators from across the country and beyond!
                                                                                   Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 12

Atascocita Middle School Teacher Recognized with
National Teaching Award
                              The National Council for Geographic Education         around the state. She especially enjoys leading
                             has selected an Humble ISD teacher for its             workshops with co-presenter Humble Middle
                             Distinguished Teaching Award. Mary Trichel, an         School teacher Patricia Lewis. They present
                             Atascocita Middle School social studies teacher,       hands-on lessons that teachers can successfully
                             is among seven teachers nationwide to receive the      use in their own classrooms. For example, they
                             award for teachers of grades K-12. She will be         show teachers how to involve their students in
                             presented with a plaque during the National            making edible maps using food. The hands-on
                             Council for Geographic Education’s National            lessons make a memorable impression on
                             Conference to be held Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in               students and help them remember the course
                             Savannah, Georgia.                                     material.
                                      ―This is such a well-earned and deserved                ―If I come up with a new lesson and
                             honor,‖ Humble ISD Superintendent Dr. Guy              the kids are going crazy over it, I know I’ve
      Mary Trichel           Sconzo said.                                           done right,‖ Trichel said. ―If kids get excited
                                      Trichel was nominated for the award by        about learning, they want to keep learning on
                             two colleagues who are familiar with her work as       their own.‖
                             a trained Teacher Consultant for the Texas                       Trichel teaches World Cultures, the
                             Alliance for Geographic Education. Through this        social studies course that all sixth graders take
                             work, Trichel presents workshops to educators          in Texas. Geography is an important

 ―My goal is to make students want to take care of our world,‖ Trichel said. ―We need to appreciate what we have. Geography is
about people living on the Earth together and sharing resources. Geography shows how interdependent we are.‖

component of the course. Trichel shows students how                 travel to Alaska where she studied its geographic land and water
geography impacts their world.                                      features.
          ―There is such overlap between geography and               ―My goal is to make students want to take care of our world,‖
science,‖ Trichel said. ―Most people think of geography as          Trichel said. ―We need to appreciate what we have. Geography
dots and lines on a map. It’s more than that. It’s                  is about people living on the Earth together and sharing
interdisciplinary. It involves people interacting with the Earth.   resources. Geography shows how interdependent we are.‖
It involves our environment. Geography is a multi-faceted                     A graduate of Texas A&M University, Mary is married
subject.‖                                                           to Keith Trichel, an engineering manager. They have two sons:
          This award is one of many that Trichel has won            Danny, a geophysicist in Oklahoma; and Nick, an
throughout her 25-year teaching career. She has been named          environmental studies major at Texas A&M University.
Campus Teacher of the Year three times – at Atascocita                        Humble ISD is a leader in geographic education. The
Middle School in 2003, and twice before that at middle              National Council for Geographic Education awarded its
schools in Fort Bend ISD. She was a finalist for District           Distinguished Teaching Award to Humble ISD educators in
Teacher of the Year both in the Fort Bend and in the Humble         2006 and in 2001. Freda Johnson and Hazelanne Prescott, of
school districts.                                                   Kingwood Park High School, received the award in 2006. Merry
          She is a 2010 Fund for Teachers Fellow. Fund for          Lobrecht, retired Humble ISD social studies coordinator,
Teachers, a non-profit organization, awarded her a grant to         received the award in 2001.

                  Update your contact information, so the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
                  can keep in touch with you. You can now update your contact information online.
                        Visit our site at www.geo.txstate.edu/tage and click on membership.
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                                                   Page 13

Humble Middle School Teacher to Receive NCGE Teaching Award
The National Council for Geographic Education has selected                        ―I try to help my students understand why geography is
another Humble ISD teacher for its Distinguished Teaching               so important; it plays a major factor in our history, culture, and
                           Award. Patricia Lewis, a Humble              our economic development. My goal is to prepare my students
                           Middle School social studies teacher,        to be life-long learners by allowing them to use their creativity,‖
                           is among eight teachers nationwide to        Lewis said.
                           receive the award for teachers of                      ―I want my students to be actively engaged with their
                           grades K-12.                                 learning while having fun,‖ Lewis said. ―Sometimes the
                                     Lewis was nominated                                              students are so involved with their
                           for the award by a colleague who ―I want my students to be actively        work they actually get upset when
                           is familiar with her work as a      engaged with their learning while      the bell rings.‖
                           Teacher Consultant for the          having fun,‖ Lewis said. ―Sometimes              Patricia is also very active
                           Texas Alliance for Geographic       the students are so involved with
                                                                                                      at Humble Middle School as a
                           Education. Lewis presents                                                  committee member for the AVID
                                                               their work they actually get upset
                         workshops to educators around the                                            (Advancement VIA Individual
 Patricia Lewis state with co-presenter Mary                   when the bell rings.‖
                                                                                                      Determination) Program. This
                         Trichel, who is also receiving this                                          program targets on-level students
year’s Distinguished Teaching Award. During these workshops             who maybe struggle and helps prepare them for college.
Patricia and Mary provides teachers with meaningful hands-on            Additionally, she works with the PBIS (Positive Behavior
geography lessons to share with their students. ―The teachers           Intervention System) Program, where students are awarded for
are always so pleased to receive ideas to help promote                  positive behavior and taught how to handle conflict in a positive
geography‖, Lewis said. ―They are particularly appreciative of          manner.
the fact that we are current teachers in the classroom, and that        A resident of Humble, Texas, Patricia has been a teacher for
we understand the challenges of the classroom teacher on a daily twelve years and has been employed by Humble ISD for the last
basis.‖                                                                 eight years. She is married to Anthony Lewis, a small business
          Lewis teaches World Cultures, the social studies course
                                                                        owner. They have two sons, Alex and Aaron, who both attend
for sixth graders in Texas. Culture and geography are important
components of the course. Lewis shows students how                      Atascocita High School in Humble ISD.
geography impacts their culture and encourages them to explore
geography by creating exciting activities like Class Atlases and
3-D Maps.

Texas State Professor Awarded NCGE-Sponsored Grant
Matt Patton, Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education

         I am pleased to announce that one of the 2010                   learning of geography at any
National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) E.                      academic level. Dr. Huynh
Willard and Ruby S. Miller Grants for Research in                        was chosen because of her
Geographic Education has been awarded to Dr. Niem Huynh!                 project: ―Learning to think (Geo)spatially through creative
These grants are awarded by NCGE’s Research Committee.                   play.‖ Describing her project, Dr. Huynh states the ―proposed
Dr. Huynh is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University-           study aims to focus on geospatial concepts in order to inform
San Marcos.                                                              teaching practices in Geographic Information System (GIS)
         Dr. Huynh earned her B.Ed in Education and her                  and broader Geospatial technology (GST) while at the same
Hons. B.Sc in Geography & Biology from York University.                  time advancing current theories of spatial thinking.‖
She then earned her M.ES and Ph.D. in geography from                               She is interested ―to examine, through games (paper-
Wilfrid Laurier University. Dr. Huynh has previously                     pencil), how educators can systematically improve students’
received awards from the Association of American                         spatial thinking so that they are equipped with discipline-
Geographers (AAG), the Canadian Network for Innovation in                specific knowledge (primitive through to complex concepts),
Education (CNIE), the Social Sciences and Humanities                     geographic skills (inquiry, data collection to making
Research Council (SSHRC), and the Canadian Association of                conclusions of a geographic problem), and a spatial
Geographers – Ontario Division (CAGNOT).                                 perspective to solve problems with a GIS.‖
         The intent of the E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller                           Dr. Huynh will be presented with her grant at the
Grants for Research in Geographic Education is to support                2010 annual NCGE Conference, held this year in Savannah,
new and exciting research related to the teaching and the                GA. Congratulations Dr. Huynh!
                                                                                                                 Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 14

                    Exploring the United States: A Bird’s Eye
                                                            Fourteen standards-based lessons use satellite images, astronaut
                                                            photographs, and maps to explore relationships between settlement
                                                            patterns and physical environments in well-known places across the
                                                            country. All lessons develop spatial thinking skills, and nine lessons also
                                                            teach students to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to
                                                            investigate human and physical landscape patterns.
                                                            The CD includes printable teacher guidelines and student worksheets for
                                                            each lesson. Three teacher background readings provide information
                                                            about GIS, remote sensing, and spatial thinking. The spatial thinking
                                                            reading also offers short skills-based pencil and paper exercises.
                                                            Students do the GIS-based lessons at computers individually or in teams,
                                                            or they work with one computer and a projector as one large teacher-
                                                            guided team. Student-friendly GIS software from ESRI (Arc Explorer Java
                                                            Edition for Education) is included on the CD along with a tutorial.
                                                            Exploring the United States: A Bird’s Eye View! was developed for upper
                                                            elementary/lower middle school with a grant from NASA and production
          support from ESRI. A school or Geographic Alliance site license is included with each CD.

          Included lessons:
             Thinking Spatially with U.S. Maps
             Washington DC: Shaping the Nation’s Capital
             New York: Transportation Connections along the Erie Canal Route
             Where Do People Live in New England?
             Disney World Transforms Orange County, Florida
             The Great Lakes Region: Living by the Inland Seas
             The Corn Belt: Glacial Landscapes and Township and Range Settlement Patterns

                                                                                                                             Price per CD:
             Las Vegas: City in the Desert
             The Lower Mississippi Valley: Life on a Floodplain
             Tracking Hurricane Katrina
             New Orleans: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina                                   Student-friendly GIS
                                                                                            software from ESRI
                                                                                                                             1-4: $35.95 each
             Mining in Montana and Colorado: Underground Resources, Above-Ground
             What’s Shaking?! Earthquake Risks in West Coast Cities
                                                                                                                            5-14: $25.95 each
             California Climate and Landforms: How Do They Affect Where People Live?

                                                                                                         Order Now from the NCGE bookstore:
             Sample screen shots
             from the GIS-based
             portion of the lesson
                 “New York:
            Connections along the
                                                                  Population Density                   Population Density           Population Density
              Erie Canal Route”                                         1800                                 1820                         2000
                               <—(continued from page 1)               the Cold War ended I
Page 15                                                                never understood the full
           We spent 4 days in Schwerin (population 95,000) in the      impact of communism on
federal state of Mecklenburg. When I saw it on our itinerary I         a people or on the environ-
imagined it would be a complete snore, but actually it was the         ment.
high point of our trip! It was less than 15 miles from where my                  As we toured the
father’s family emigrated from - I saw bits and pieces of my fam-      picturesque castle of
ily’s traits everywhere I went. Not only did the whole town look       Schwerin Schloss our
as if they might be my cousins but the food was identical to what      guide explained the lake
my grandma and aunts would serve at our family get-togethers,          and canals surrounding it
right down to the caraway seeds in the fresh sauerkraut and the        had only recently been
vinegar-based potato salad with parsley (unlike the warm mustard       restored - the communists
-based potato salad found in the South). We visited a high school      had filled it in as an at-
(Gymnasium) in the nearby town of Neukloster where the re-             tempt to increase agricul-
gional dialect of Plattdüütsch is still spoken and taught; that’s      tural and industrial produc-
what my grandfather spoke before he came to the US. To my              tion. I could hardly
surprise a little saying of my dad and uncles, ―ah-so,‖ was in         fathom anyone having the
widespread use throughout the state of Mecklenburg; outside my         arrogance to fill in a waterway that was such a historical and
family, I’d never heard anyone else use it in my life. It’s amazing    cultural landmark! The restoration had brought back numerous
how strong culture is!                                                 migrating birds and local plant life, plus it helped keep the
           Beyond my little voyage into family history, Schwerin       area’s water clean (just another example of how wetlands are
was even more intriguing because it gave me a glimpse into what        vital throughout the world!).
life was like under the German Democratic Republic (G.D.R. -                     Also in Schwerin, we visited a museum
communist East Germany). I knew that reunification was a major         (Landeszentrale Für Politische Bildung Mecklenburg-
turning point in modern history, but because I came of age just as     Vorpommern – try saying that 3 times fast) which was a jail

Last year I absolutely dreaded starting our unit on Europe because I thought it was the dullest of the year – this year I can‟t wait
to dig in...

                         built under the Kaiser and mainly used for    deliberately reengineered their national identity by consciously
                         political prisoners. When the National        dismantling their historical nationalistic tendencies, so now
                         Socialists (Nazis) came to power, they        Germans are NOT flag wavers. Unlike Texas, showing off
                         continued to use it for ―enemies of the       German pride and flag waving is highly frowned upon, the
                         state‖ as well as a staging ground for        ONLY exception being supporting the German soccer team
                         eugenics and the Holocaust. During the        during the World Cup. Everywhere I went there were German
                         post-World War II Soviet occupation the       flags, t-shirts, garlands and even car decorations!
                         jail was used first for Nazi prisoners of               Although the German fans were über-enthusiastic, I
war, but it soon held anti-communists dissidents as well as inno-      was shocked in the semi-finals when Spain beat Germany but
cent citizens who were just caught up in the political paranoia of     the Germans seemed far less upset than the American T.O.P.
the communists. Under the G.D.R., the Stasi (communist secret          fellows and myself. The crowds just shrugged the loss off and
police) continued to use the jail for anyone suspected of anti-        hopped on their bicycles or got on u-bahn to go home without
communist activities; they also added surveillance of public areas     any complaints or trash talking. For a country often accused of
throughout Schwerin (I had never realized that Orwell’s ―Big           being hyper aggressive and overly competitive, they seemed to
Brother‖ was real).                                                    keep their sports in an ―it’s only a game‖ frame of mind (a big
           After reunification, the Federal Republic of German         contrast to Texas football fans!). It was almost eerie that by
(formerly West Germany) did not want to forget the crushing in-        the following morning ALL of the German flags and
fluence of dictatorship in their history, so they turned that build-   decorations were no where to be seen!
ing into a museum and monument to the victims of those dictator-                 I am so grateful for the Goethe Institut’s
ships. Each floor of the former jail now shows how each dicta-         guides/translators and sensational connections because the
torship used the jail to oppress basic rights and freedoms. The        T.O.P. Study Tour gave me access to people and places I
shift in the building use from a jail into a museum showed me the      would never have come in contact with as a typical tourist. I
profound difference between all of the previous regimes and the        am also grateful to the other teachers who shared this trip with
current government, far more than any constitu-                        me – I am energized and inspired after collaborating with some
tional document or diagram of governmental                             of the most innovative and dynamic teachers in our nation.
power ever could.                                                      These interactions showed me a side of Germany that I know I
           Watching the World Cup in the ―Fan                          have overlooked in my classroom. Last year I absolutely
Zones‖ (public viewing areas with jumbo-tron                           dreaded starting our unit on Europe because I thought it was
monitors for watching the game) in cities across                       the dullest of the year – this year I can’t wait to dig in to the
Germany was a major cultural event unto itself!                        juicy complexity of German physical, political and cultural
I learned that following WWII, Germans had                             geography with my 9th graders!
                                                                                          Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 16

                                      China: Diversity Abounding
                                      Robin Manning, Hays Consolidated Independent School District

                                            As a Pre-AP World Geography              Imperial capital. This city
                                            teacher in my 4th year at Hays           was beautiful, with a
                                            HS in Buda, Texas, I was                 thriving economy and a
                                            eligible to apply for a Fulbright-       laid-back attitude. We
                                            Hays grant for Texas social              stayed in a very nice hotel
                                            studies teachers. The selection          at Nanjing University, and
                                            process was pretty intensive -           toured the Sun Yat-sen
                                            we had to write 8 short essays,          mausoleum, Nanjing Massacre Memorial
                                            covering information that                Museum, and visited a high school. We rode
                                            included our interest in China           the bullet train to Suzhou and explored the
                                            and intercultural exchange, how                                          Zhouzhuang
          we currently teach about China, our experience with curriculum                                             Water Village.
          development, and what pedagogy we could share with Chinese                                                 This village has
          teachers to help them enrich their teaching. There were 60                                                 many ancient
          applicants for the 12 positions, and I was thrilled to be chosen. It                                       homes and is
          was my first attempt at applying for this type of grant, and I feel                                        built along
          very fortunate to have been selected. (There were 12 teachers, 1                                           canals. There
          curriculum director, who is the past president of TCSS, and 2                                              are still some
          A&M professors.                                                                                            Song dynasty
          http://worldroom.tamu.edu/FullBright/participants.htm)                     bridges here, and it is a famous tourist
                                                                                     attraction. In fact, there were so many tourists
          Our group spent the first 10 days in Beijing, visiting cultural            we could hardly move in the narrow streets.
          sites such as the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace,                    After another bullet train
          listening to lectures on Chinese culture and teaching, and visiting        ride to Shanghai we
          classes at a high school. My most vivid impression of Beijing is           visited the Expo. It
          the pollution – it was so thick the sun was just an orange ball in         seemed like all 1.3 billion
          the sky, and you could stare directly at it because it was so dim.         of China’s citizens were
          We visited several different regions                                       here, visiting alongside
          of China on our trip, eating regional                                      us. It is a sign of the
          foods, learning their customs, and                                         rising middle class in
          studying the ethnic groups that lived                                      China – there were
          in the region. Hohhot, Inner                                               Chinese tourists everywhere we went. They
          Mongolia, was a relatively poor                                            go together on group tours and are easy to spot
          area, but served my favorite food,                                         – everyone in the group has on the same color
          very spicy. We saw the grasslands,                                         ball cap. The Expo was crowded, and I was
                                the Yellow river, and visited a new ethnic           able to visit only 8 of the pavilions, as the
                                cultures museum there. I also had my first           lines were long at many of them.
                                camel ride in the Kubuqi Desert. We were             We flew to Kunming in the south of China the
                                not able to observe a classroom there, as            next day. This city reminded me of Austin,
                                students were on break preparing for                 Texas – we were in the university area, and
                                national exams, but we did meet with                 across from the school there was a street much
                                teachers.                                            like 6th street with boutiques, bars, small
                                 Our third city was Nanjing, the former              restaurants, and a lot of pedestrian traffic.

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Fall 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                                               Page 17

                            Lijiang was the next city on                                 A month-long study
                            our itinerary. It is famous                                  tour of China is too
                            as a World Heritage site,                                    much to cover in a         “We visited
                            and full of Chinese tourists.                                short article, but I did   several different
                            We stayed in a very nice                                     blog my way through        regions of China
                            hotel in the old city, and                                   China, at
                            shopped in the numerous                                                                 on our trip,
 winding streets. Our school visit here was unique, in Bejing Classroom                                             eating regional
 that school was on break, so we met with teachers                                                                  foods, learning
 and a couple students. We learned that teachers              http://texasgeographylady.blogspot.com/ The           their customs,
 usually teach only 2-3 classes per day, but have             China entries are in June. There are links to my
 numerous other duties, including supervising ―eye            pictures of the trip on the blog.                     and studying the
 exercises‖, a type of stress reduction.                      I really learned a lot on this trip, and I know my
                                                                                                                    ethnic groups
 Classes in Chinese schools are very large with up to         students will benefit from my experience. As          that lived in the
 70 students in a class. Students attend school from          part of the grant all the participants will be        region.”
 early in the morning until 8 at night, but they also         writing lesson plans to share with our colleagues
 have several breaks, including ―nap time‖ in the             and I will be presenting some of the lessons at
 afternoon. Evening classes are tutorials, to help them       NCGE in Savannah this September. I hope to
 prepare for the national exams. These exams are              see you there.
 extremely stressful, as they determine what high
 school a student can attend and to what university
 they can gain entrance. The exams test everything the
 students learn, focusing on the memorization of facts
 rather than higher-order thinking skills. Part of our
 mission on this trip was to share teaching strategies
 with our Chinese colleagues, helping them learn how
 to develop their students’ critical thinking abilities.
 But with the large class sizes, and the Government’s
 need to control information, I don’t think their
 students will learn these skills any time soon.

        Welcome to SAVANNAH, GEORGIA
        2010 National Conference on Geographic
        September 29th - October 3rd, 2010
        For further information please visit the NCGE site at:
                                                                                      Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 18

                            TAGE 2010 Statewide Geography Awareness Week Poster Contest

 November 14-20, 2010 has been designated as National Geography Awareness Week. Each year, the Texas Alliance for Geographic
 Education hosts a statewide poster contest for K-12 students during Geography Awareness Week.

                                                   This year’s poster contest theme is:

                                                           Freshwater is Life
 The 2010 poster contest theme allows K-12 students, in four grade categories, to research and learn more about where their water
 comes from and in so doing appreciate their freshwater more. It also gives students an opportunity to create innovative solutions to
 global/local water scarcity issues they identify.

 Participating campuses must register for the poster contest by Wednesday, October 13th.

                              For complete rules and information, see pages 35-39 or visit our website
                                                at http://www.geo.txstate.edu/tage/.

                                                     Robert Karl & Nick Stamper
                                            2010 Texas Alliance Poster Contest Coordinators
                                               Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
                                                      Department of Geography
                                                        Texas State University
                                                         601 University Drive
                                                        San Marcos, TX 78666
                                              phone: (512) 245-3827 fax: (512) 245-1653

                                                                        Mary earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political
                            Welcome to the New                          Science from Texas A&M University and a
                            2010-2011 Grosvenor                         Master of Science degree in Instructional
                            Scholar                                     Technology from the University of Houston-Clear
                                                                        Lake. She entered the doctoral program in
                            Mary D. Curtis, a                           geography education at Texas State University-
                     former classroom geography                         San Marcos in summer 2005, and is currently
                     educator from Clear Brook                          working on a dissertation that addresses the use
                     High School and a Ph.D.                            of geo-spatial technologies in high school
 candidate in the Texas State Department of                             Geography. For several years, Mary has played
 Geography, has been selected to serve as the                           an active role in the Texas Alliance for
 2010-2011 Grosvenor Scholar. The Grosvenor                             Geographic Education, serving as a Teacher
 Scholar Program, developed as a partnership                            Consultant for a number of Alliance-sponsored
 between Texas State University-San Marcos, the                         workshops and training events.
 Roy F. and Joann Cole Mitte Foundation, and the
                                                                        As of August 2010, Ms. Curtis assumed her role
 National Geographic Society (NGS), provides a
                                                                        as Grosvenor Scholar. For additional information
 one-year   residency   at NGS headquarters   in
                                                                        about the Grosvenor Scholar Program at Texas
 Washington, D.C. for a Texas State doctoral
                                                                        State University-San Marcos, contact Dr.
 student in Geographic Education. The Grosvenor
                                                                        Richard Boehm, Director, Grosvenor Center for
 Scholar participates in various aspects of the
                                                                        Geographic Education, at 512-245-3615 or
 geographic education mission of the Society,
 assisting NGS Education Foundation personnel
 with their public advocacy campaign, grant
 making, the NGS public engagement initiative,
                                                                          Congratulations, Mary Curtis!
 and various outreach and research projects.
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                                                   Page 19

     Going Places with GPS: Easy
       GPS Activities for Clubs,
    GISetc has published the first GPS book with fun and exciting les-
    sons and activities that you can do with a GPS and your students.
    This book eases the beginning user into using a GPS with straight
    forward, simple exercises and then gradually adds to the level of
    difficulty throughout the book. This book is a must for any educator
    or club advisor as well as families who want to spend time outdoors
    with their children.

           Order now at www.gisetc.com

                                                      Be the first to know about new features, classroom
                                                      resources, and educator opportunities with our
                                                      monthly newsletter for educators.

   Once a month, the newsletter of National Geographic's Education Network brings you time-
   saving tools—lesson plans, quick quizzes, news reports, and exclusive EdNet resources and
                                   Sign up on the Geography Action! Website at

                                    GPS Loaner Program
                                    Anita Palmer, GISetc: Educational Technology
                                    GISetc and Geological Society of America        pay for shipping to and from their school, a
                                    (GSA) Education have joined together to         small administrative fee and sign an
                                    offer the GPS Loaner Program for educators.     agreement letter agreeing to return the
                                    Class sets of Garmin eTrex GPS units are        units in a timely manner. This is a low cost
                                    available for a two week loan to those educa-   alternative to purchasing GPS units. If you
                                    tors who would like to introduce GPS tech-      are interested in participating in the GPS
                                    nology to their students but who are not        Loaner Program, please contact Anita
                                    currently ready or able to invest in units.     Palmer at anita@gisetc.com.
                                    Schools who are interested, would need to
          Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 20
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                                    Page 21
                                            Social Studies TEKS
    The revised social studies TEKS, which are to be implemented in the 2011-2012 school year, are
    posted on the TEA website along with the current social studies TEKS that are in effect through the
    2010-2011 school year.
    Chapter 113 Social Studies TEKS can be found at

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      Alliance. To subscribe to the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education listserv simply go to
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               You will be asked to enter an e-mail address and a corresponding password to
     subscribe to the Texas Alliance listserv. (You will be required to have a password, however,
     you will only need to use that password if you wish to access archived listserv messages.)

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                        All Done! You should receive an e-mail notification of your
                               subscription to the Texas Alliance ListServ.

           FREE makes it easier to find teaching and learning resources from the federal government. More than
          1,500 federally supported teaching and learning resources are included from dozens of federal agencies.
           New sites are added regularly. FREE is among the most popular K-12 websites maintained by the U.S.
          Department of Education because of the many great resources offered by contributing federal agencies.

                                    For great resources, check out http://free.ed.gov/.
                                                                                       Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 22

                                                                          Department of Geography provided additional
2010 Geography Summer Academy                                             logistical support for the summer workshop.
Samantha Peters, Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education
                                                                                   For starters, participants spent a few days
             For eight days in July, high school teachers and             getting familiar with Texas State University and
   students from across Texas traveled to the Hill Country                college life in general. They went on a tour of the
   to participate in the 2010 Geography Summer Academy.                   campus, as well as an on campus field trip to Aquarena
   This year’s program consisted of 16 teachers and a total               Springs, one of our cornerstone activities.
   of 55 students that hailed from Arlington, Houston, Los                         The majority of the week consisted of
   Fresnos, New Braunfels, Copperas Cove, La Joya,                        camping at University Camp, Texas State’s remote
   Lubbock, Austin, and Hays CISD. The goal of this                       recreation area situated on the Blanco River near
   year’s in-residence program was to revisit our favorite                Wimberley. For four days, the 126-acre rustic site
   field trips from past academies, in a way, we wanted to                served as home base for both experienced and first
   do the best-of-best trips.                                             time campers alike. Thanks to Hagen Streckel and his
             Workshop planning and leadership was                         barbeque pit/kitchen on wheels, serving up meals for
   provided by three outstanding Teacher Consultants,                     70+ meals was a breeze.
   including Hagen Streckel, Copperas Cove ISD, and Josh                           The schedule for this year’s Geography
   Brake and Trent Wenzel, both from New Braunfels ISD.                   Summer Academy was built with the goal of
   Program support was provided by the staff and student                  introducing participants to some basic geographic
   employees of the Grosvenor Center for Geographic                       knowledge and skills that is often not addressed in a
   Education and the Texas Alliance for Geographic                        traditional World Geography classroom setting.
   Education. Personnel from the Texas State University’s                 Teachers and students alike were provided with hands-

                              C.J. Sanchez: For the past four summers, I have been fortunate enough to attend the Texas State Geography
                             Summer Academy for Minority Scholars. This summer camp is without a doubt one of the greatest
                             experiences I have ever taken part in. Every event throughout the week-long program proves to be a truly fun
                             learning experience. From tubing the river, to climbing Enchanted Rock, to learning about land restoration,
                             and to interacting with people of various religions; everyone gains something from this academy. Along with
                             all of the exposure to our beautiful world, we as participants are given the opportunity to learn about various
                             career fields related to the subject of geography. Thanks to this camp, I myself was able to decide on what
                             career path I would follow- becoming a high school geography teacher. In essence, the Geography Summer
                             Academy is a compelling and life-enriching adventure that I would guarantee to be a benefit to anyone.

   on instruction in Global Positioning Systems (GPS),                    realities of college life – the admissions process,
   geocaching, using a handheld compass, basic map                        financial aid, the scope of geography-related jobs and
   reading, working with topographic maps, water testing,                 careers, academic advising, etc. Don’t fret,
   and identification of native plants and animals.                       participants weren’t held captive indoors for the entire
            The Summer Academy group participated in a                    weekend, with outings to a local park for a BBQ picnic
   number of field trips that highlighted unique geography-               and floating the San Marcos River, they didn’t go
   related locations in Central Texas, such as Bamberger                  without sunshine for long.
   Ranch, Jacob’s Well, Enchanted Rock, Pedernales State                            Throughout the week, student teams also spent
   Park, Canyon Lake Dam and Gorge, Natural Bridge                        time developing group presentations that provided a
   Caverns, and Bracken Bat Cave. Participants were also                  recap of Academy activities, and made further
   treated to some cultural geography as well on a world                  connections between these activities and to real world
   religions tour, with all sites within 30 minutes of San                applications and locations. Meanwhile, teachers
   Marcos.                                                                worked in teams to put together physical geography
            After four days of rustic living at University                themed toolkits to help other teachers prepare for the
   Camp, the Summer Academy group migrated back to air                    new EOC tests. Participants gave their final
   conditioned dormitories, dining facilities, and                        presentations as part of the Academy graduation
   classrooms on the Texas State University campus.                       ceremony held on the last day of the workshop.
   Students and teachers spent the last few days of the                             Plans are underway for next year’s Geography
   Geography Summer Academy learning about the                            Summer Academy – stay tuned for more details!
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                                      Page 23

                                        High school stu-        Summer Academy
                                       dents and teachers       participants learn-
                                       from across Texas        ing water testing
                                        made lots of new           procedures.
                                       friends during the
                                          8-day camp.

―I had lots of fun!!! And thank you to the people that decided to make this camp and helped create a fun learning envi-
ronment for students.‖ ~ Kendy Castro

So, it was not all                                                                                         Participants were
work and no play                                                                                             honored with a
at the Geography                                                                                          private viewing of
 Summer Acad-                                                                                              the nightly emer-
       emy!                                                                                                 gence of 40 mil-
                                                                                                               lion bats at
                                                                                                          Bracken Cave near
                                                                                                              San Antonio.

               ~2010 Geography Summer Academy~
                                         Group projects           Texas State stu-
                                       included setting up         dent Samantha
                                        and tearing down        Peters showed par-
                                       the Summer Acad-         ticipants the basics
                                         emy village of           of Geocaching.

―I appreciate all of the teachers and staff workers that made this all possible. I had an amazing experience and they made
it all worthwhile.‖ ~ Jaclyn Puga

Participants got to                                                                                        Geography Sum-
  explore the hill                                                                                         mer Academy par-
country landscape                                                                                           ticipants learned
of Pedernales State                                                                                         the basics about
       Park.                                                                                               world religions as

 ―I Wish the camp was two weeks.‖              ―Geography is Awesome!‖                 ―Thank you for teaching me new things.‖
           ~Clarissa Cruz                         ~Derrik Robinson                                 ~Celeste Casas
          Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 24
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                       Page 25
                                                                               Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 26
                 Grant Writing 101 for Teachers: How to Locate Grant Funding Sources
                                       Reprinted from Previous Texas Alliance Newsletter
                          Judy Behrens, Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education (jb42@txstate.edu)

Writing a grant proposal to secure funding for an                 Examples of Local Grant Opportunities
education-based project can be a challenging and
time-consuming task, and one of the most arduous                  Check with your local school district or Education
steps in the process is often the identification of po-           Service Center to see if they have a grants assistance
tential funding sources. Finding the right grant                  office that can help you identify available granting
source will significantly increase your chances of                organizations and assist you with other aspects of the
securing project funds, and will save you both time               grant writing process.
and frustration associated with rejected grant propos-
als. All organizations that offer grant awards have               Citizens in many communities have established edu-
specific criteria for the types of projects they will             cation foundations to support their local school dis-
consider for funding and who is eligible to apply for             tricts. These organizations usually offer grant pro-
this support. Grant seekers should do sufficient re-              grams to help fund projects developed by district
search to carefully match the award requirements of               educators.
potential grantors with their own project goals and
specifications.                                                   Local Target stores give away two teacher scholar-
                                                                  ships ($500 for further education) per store, as well
There are many categories of grantors who support                 as $1,500 in grant funds per district. They also
the efforts of K-12 educators, including local and                award special financial grants to bring schools and
professional education organizations, private and                 nonprofit arts organizations together across the
corporate foundations, local businesses, and govern-              country.
ment agencies. Facts about funding opportunities                  http://target.com/target_group/community_giving/
can be obtained from a variety of sources, including
newsletters, books, magazines, professional journals,             Grants Offered by Professional Organizations
and postings on Internet sites. Grant-related search
engines offer access to in-depth information about                The National Council for the Social Studies offers
numerous funding sources, while subscription and                  the Enhancement of Geographic Literacy Program,
non-subscription newsletters provide comprehen-                   awarding grants to promote geography education in
sive, up-to-date alerts about public and private                  schools. Individuals or groups in school districts,
grants. Most grantors offer comprehensive informa-                public institutions, or universities are eligible for
tion for grant seekers on organizational websites.                awards up to $2,500.
Here you will find some examples of resources that
may prove useful in your search for sources of grant              Funding Opportunities from Corporate Foundations
funding. This list is meant only as a quick glance
into the 1000’s of funding opportunities that exist for           AT&T Foundation focuses support on education, and
K-12 educators. A suggestion for your funding                     they encourage efforts to win student interest and
search - be creative, do your homework, and keep                  involvement in mathematics, science, and engineer-
searching until you find the grant sources that best              ing. They also support programs that focus on the
fit your particular program. Your chances of receiv-              use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
ing a grant award are greatly enhanced if you submit              The AT&T Learning Network provides funding to
one well-prepared grant proposal to the ―right‖ fund-             projects that demonstrate effective and innovative
ing source, rather than submitting a poorly- re-                  uses of technology in supporting families, schools,
searched proposal to several ―mismatched‖ granting                and communities. You may submit proposals at any
organizations.                                                    time. http://www.att.com/foundation/
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                           Page 27
The mission of the Best Buy Children’s Foundation is
to improve the lives of youth aged 5-18 in communi-         Federal Resources for Educational Excellence offers
ties where Best Buy maintains a business presence.          access to hundreds of education resources supported
The foundation awards grants in amounts ranging             by agencies across the U.S. federal government. Re-
from $2,000-$10,000 to nonprofit organizations with         sources are available in a variety of subject areas,
innovative approaches to developing life skills in          including Science, Social Studies, Educational Tech-
young people through education, mentoring, and lead-        nology, and Vocational Education.
ership development.                                         http://www.ed.gov/free/
                                                            Sample of Grant-related Search Engines
The Wal-Mart Foundation allows local Wal-Mart               The Environmental Education Grant Search –
stores, Sam’s Clubs, and distribution centers to direct     Multi-Site Search allows you to enter keywords to
97% of its grant funding. The foundation supports sev-      search through over 25 Internet sites to find grant
eral education-based initiatives, including Teacher of      opportunities to meet your project criteria, including
the Year. Grant seekers can apply to local Wal-Mart         the Federal Register, North American Association of
outlets for local funding and should refer to the foun-     Environmental Education, U.S. EPA Office of Envi-
dation’s website if seeking funding for national pro-       ronmental Education, and Toyota TAPESTRY
grams. http://www.walmartfoundation.org/                    Grants.
A Few Useful Internet Sites                                 The U.S. Department of Education Search Page al-
                                                            lows you to search their website for information
The State Grants website offers information about           about grants by entering relevant keywords. There is
funding opportunities to entities throughout Texas,         a massive amount of information available through
including guidance for finding grant resources and          this Internet site, so make your search as specific as
training for grant writers.                                 possible to your situation to save time.
http://www.governor.state.tx.us/divisions/stategrants       http://search.ed.gov/

SchoolGrants provides tips to finding grants for ele-       Subscription Grant Newsletters
mentary and secondary schools, as well as school dis-
tricts, with links to grant opportunities and sample pro-   The Aid for Education Report provides comprehen-
posals. In addition, links to resources that assist in      sive information on public and private grants, tips
managing a grant that has been funded are provided.         from experts on how to win new support, and up-to-
http://www.schoolgrants.org                                 date news on federal and state spending for educa-
Visit Education World: The Grants Center to learn           http://www.cdpublications.com/funding/aidforeducation.
about current education grants, discover additional         htm
grant sources, and find grant writing tip and resources.
http://www.educationworld.com/a_admin/archives/grants.s     Grants for K-12 offers a weekly e-mail alert provid-
                                                            ing up-to-the-minute grants and funding informa-
                                                            tion. http://www.grantshotline.com/gs/index.shtml
The Foundation Center is a central repository of infor-
mation about private foundations designed to serve the      The School Funding Center is dedicated to helping
needs of grant seekers and grant makers. The mission        schools find every funding source available to them
of the Foundation Center is to foster public under-         in the United States. A paid subscription is required
standing by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and dis-     to access the complete grant database.
seminating information on foundations, corporate giv-       http://www.schoolfundingcenter.com/index.asp
ing, and related subjects. http://www.fdncenter.org/
                                                                                          Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 28

     Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies
     The mission of the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies is to
     increase the Smithsonian Institution’s impact as a national educational
     organization. The Center provides leadership in education at the Smithsonian by
     hosting www.SmithsonianEducation.org, the gateway to the institution’s
     educational resources and programs; publishing Smithsonian in Your Classroom, a journal for elementary and middle school educators;
     offering research opportunities and resources to the museum community; and conducting professional development programs for
     educators at all levels. The Center has created a long-term alliance with state education officials that has become the basis for several
     collaborative teacher training and resource development projects in a wide range of subjects. The Center also manages pan-institutional
     functions such as internships, heritage month celebrations, school tour programming, and the collection and analysis of data on
     Smithsonian education programs.

                           Background Notes, U.S. Department of State
                           These publications include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and
                           foreign relations of independent states, some dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty. The Background
                           Notes are updated by the Office of Electronic Information and Publications of the Bureau of Public Affairs as
                           they are received from the Department of State's regional bureaus.

     Peace Corps, Coverdell World Wise Schools
     If you are a teacher, you have a treasure trove of resources available to you through the
     Coverdell World Wise Schools program of the Peace Corps. There's the Correspondence
     Match program that puts you and your class in touch with a currently serving Peace Corps
     Volunteer. There are innumerable lessons about cultures and countries worldwide. You'll find
     free cross-cultural publications, award-winning videos, stories, folk tales, classroom speakers, and more. The program is designed to
     broaden perspectives in culture and geography and to encourage service.                    http://www.peacecorps.gov/wws/educators/

                                          Population Connection’s Education Program
                                          Population Connection’s Education Program is the only national, population education program
                                          with a strong emphasis on teacher training for educators of grades pre-K through 12. Since 1975,
                                          the program has developed age-appropriate curricula to complement students’ science and social
                                          science instruction about human population trends and their impacts on natural resources,
     environmental quality and human well-being. Population Connection provides hands-on training to over 12,000 teachers and student
     teachers annually in North America. Tens of thousands of teachers are introducing important population concepts to their students using
     these outstanding resources and millions of students are benefitting from them. With an emphasis on hands-on learning and balanced
     discussion of different viewpoints, the Population Connection program has earned a reputation for educational excellence. All
     Population Connection curriculum materials are classroom-tested, rigorously evaluated and frequently updated to be leaders in their
     content and approach. They are interdisciplinary, well-suited for a cooperative learning environment and classroom-ready.

                                                                         Xpeditions is home to the U.S. National Geography
                                                                         Standards—and to thousands of ideas, tools, and
                                                                         interactive adventures that bring them to life.

   Xpeditions      includes lesson plans, activities, and an atlas. The lesson plans
   and activities are teacher-tested and sorted by standard and grade level. The
   Atlas section, has hundreds of printer-friendly maps. It allows you to choose a
   desired location (world, continent, region, or country), customize the map, and
   choose the print format.
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                       Page 29
                                                                       Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Page 30

          Changing Climate (Dimensions: H: 31 IN W: 20.1 IN)
          Front: Earth’s climate is changing faster than ever before. The surface temperatures are
          warmer at a pace that signals a decisive shift in global climate. Map represents these
          Reverse: Mapping the Greenhouse effect on Earth and what Is changing in that process

          China (Dimensions: H: 20.2 IN W: 31 IN)
          Front: Combined physical/political, brief description of the formation of China and its
          Reverse: Mapping and description of the Forbidden City including important physical
          features, symbolism, and a historical timeline

          Exploring America’s Ocean Realms (Dimensions: H: 22.9 IN W: 33.9 IN)
          Front: 95% of our oceans are unexplored. The front of this map explores 12 oceanic regions
          describing these biodiversity ecosystems
          Reverse: Mapping the oceans diversity from the deepest trenches, abyssal plains,
          hydrothermal vents to the highest seamounts.

          Iran (Dimensions: H: 20 IN W: 31 IN)
          Front: Physical/ Political map of Iran—the last great tectonic collision creating the
          Himalaya Mountains.
          Reverse: Mapping ancient Persia stretching from the Indus River to the Mediterranean Sea

          Mexico and Central America (Dimensions: H: 20 IN W: 31 IN)
          Front: Physical/ Political map of Mexico and Central America
          Reverse: Mapping the land bridge that divides the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and links
          North and South America

          United States (Dimensions: H: 24 IN W: 37 IN)
          Front: Physical map
          Reverse: Political Map

          World (Dimensions: H: 20.1 IN W: 32.9 IN)
          Front: Combined physical/political, Atlantic perspective
          Reverse: Combined physical/political, Pacific perspective

          The Eastern Mediterranean (Dimensions: H: 31 IN W: 20 IN)
          Front: Physical/ Political map of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria,
          Turkey, and Cyprus.
          Reverse: Jerusalem’s Holy Ground. Building on history of the Western Wall, Solomon’s
          temple, the Dome of the Rock, the city through time.

                                                                                              See order form on
          World Heritage 2008-09 (Dimensions: H: 35 IN W: 23 IN)
                                                                                              page 34 for more
          Front: Map of World Heritage sites around the world .                                     details
          Reverse: List of World Heritage sites in every country.
Fall 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                                                  Page 31

                       Crystal Globe Coffee Mug                                          Digital Globe Clock with Built
                                                                                         in Light/AM/FM Radio
                       Feel worldly and well-rested as you
                       sip form this beautiful mug. Made                                 A perfect gift for any
                                                                                         Geographer….this digital globe
                       from high-quality glass and etched
                                                                                         clock does it all. It includes a built
                       with a map of the world, this unique                              in light for reading and AM/FM
                       item makes a perfect gift.                                        radio.

                                                                                         TAGE Globe Pen
                       Globe Earrings                                                    Keep the world at your fingertips
                       Show your Geography pride with                                    with the TAGE Globe Pen. Writes
                       these globe shaped earrings!                                      in black and features a rotating
                                                                                         foam globe at the tip.

                       Texas State Geography                                             TAGE Notebook Portfolio
                       Department “I Know Where I’m                                      This professional black portfolio
                       Going” T-Shirt                                                    is the perfect accessory to take
                                                                                         with you to meetings,
                       Always know where you are going
                                                                                         conferences, interviews, and much
                       with this handsome Navy t-shirt.
                                                                                         more. Let the world know you are
                       Stylish and unique, the shirt ranges
                                                                                         a member of the Texas Alliance
                       in sizes from Small to 2XL.                                       for Geographic Education!

                       Grosvenor Center for
                                                                                         TAGE Stress Relief Cube
                       Geographic Education Stress
                       Relief Globe                                                      Feeling a little square today?
                                                                                         Choose the Texas Alliance
                       What better way to relieve stress
                                                                                         globe stress relief cube.
                       than with the World in your hand?

                       National Geographic “Through The Lens” Photograph
                       Through the Lens is a stunning collection of photos judiciously
                       apportioned to represent the regions of the earth, the sea, and
                       outer space; humans and nature; and even the history of the
                       medium--a few historic black and whites contrast dramatically             See order form on
                       with the eye-popping modern color shots that dominate the                 page 34 for more
                       book. (additional shipping costs apply - $6.00 per book)
                           Fall 2010 Newsletter Order Form
                                                   Merchandise                                                     Price         Quantity
          Crystal Globe Coffee Mug                                                                                 $8.00

          Digital Globe Clock with Built in Light/AM/FM Radio                                                      $20.00

          Globe Earrings                                                                                           $8.00

          TAGE Globe Pen                                                                                           $3.00

          Texas State Geography Department “I Know Where I’m Going” T-Shirt
          Indicate quantity of each size: S___   M___     L___     XL___    2XL___

          TAGE Notebook Portfolio                                                                                  $15.00

          National Geographic “Through The Lens” Photograph Collection                                             $20.00

          Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education Stress Relief Globe                                            $3.00

          TAGE Stress Relief Cube                                                                                  $3.00

                                                                                      Subtotal for Merchandise

                      Cost of Shipping ($3 for 1st item; $2 for each additional item; $6 shipping for each book)

                                                                                         Total for Merchandise

                                                         Map                                                       Price          Quantity
          Changing Climate                                                                                          $1.00

          China                                                                                                     $1.00

          Exploring America’s Ocean Realms                                                                          $1.00

          Iran                                                                                                      $1.00

          Mexico and Central America                                                                                $1.00

          United States                                                                                             $1.00

          World                                                                                                     $1.00

          The Eastern Mediterranean                                                                                 $1.00

          World Heritage 2008-09                                                                                    $1.00

                                                                      Total for Maps (Shipping Costs included)

                                                                                              Total Amount Due

Name: ________________________________________________________                Type of Card:      Visa      MasterCard       American Express

Address: ______________________________________________________               Name of Cardholder _______________________________________________

City: ___________________________     State: _______ Zip: ___________         Card Number ________________________________ Exp Date ___________

E-mail: _________________________ ___        Phone: _________________         Signature ________________________________________________________

Purchase Order No: ____________________________ Date: ___________

                                        Send Completed Form and Payment to:
                                      Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
                                         Texas State University-San Marcos
                                    601 University Drive ■ San Marcos TX 78666
                             512-245-3827 ■ fax 512-245-1653 ■ E-mail: jb42@txstate.edu
                   23rd Annual
 Geography Awareness Week
      Poster Contest
           Freshwater is Life

            November 14-20, 2010
Presented by the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
                The Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
                              proudly presents
        The 23rd Annual Geography Awareness Week Poster Contest
November 14-20, 2010 has been designated as National Geography Awareness Week. Each year, the Texas Alliance
for Geographic Education (TAGE) hosts a statewide poster contest for K-12 students during Geography Awareness
Week. This year’s poster contest theme is:
                                                   Freshwater is Life
Freshwater concepts are geographic by nature, and there is a myriad of possibilities in terms of what your students can
focus on when making their posters. Posters will be judged based on creativity and geographic content. Judging rubrics
are included in the rules and information packet on the TAGE website. The judging rubrics will be used as a guide for
the judges in determining the quality and functionality of a poster.

There is no substitute for water. We use it to grow food, keep clean, stay healthy, and produce energy, computers,
clothing, and virtually every manufactured good on the planet. The average American diet alone demands an estimated
1,320 gallons of water a day, once you account for the irrigation of thirsty crops and the huge water costs associated with
raising animals and processing meat. Below is a list of potential topics.

Water Sources: Where does freshwater come from? (examples - water cycle, aquifers, natural springs, geysers, wells, hot
springs, river systems, watershed)

Transporting Water: How does freshwater get to you? (examples - pumping stations, water treatment facilities, sewage
systems, showers, faucets, channels, canals)

Water Storage: How is water stored? (examples - reservoirs, water towers, rainwater collection)

Recreation: How do people use water for recreation? (examples - swimming pools, water parks, lakes, rivers)

Irrigation: How is water used to irrigate crops? What crops use more water, which ones use less? (crop water
-How do the different kinds of irrigation work? (examples - surface irrigation, localized irrigation, sprinkler irrigation,
center-pivot irrigation, lateral move irrigation, sub irrigation, manual irrigation)

Waste/Pollution: How is water used in the disposal of waste? How can freshwater become polluted through human
activity? How can water pollution affect people? (examples - acid rain, polluted watersheds, diseases, other sanitation

Manufacturing: How is water used in manufacturing? How does manufacturing affect freshwater supply?

Water as a Power Source: Why are hydroelectric dams reliant on fresh water? How do hydroelectric dams work? What
role does water play in the production of nuclear energy? How is water affected in the production of energy?

Political: How do people agree or disagree on water allocation (use)? How are waterways used as political boundaries?
Surface water versus groundwater rights?

This list is not exhaustive, and feel free to explore other topics related to freshwater as well.

Contest Dates:
1. Wednesday, October 13: Deadline for Campus Poster Registration
2. Friday, October 29: Campus-level Winning Posters Due at Texas Alliance Headquarters (at or before 8 AM)
3. Tuesday, November 3: State-level Poster Judging
4. November 14-20: Geography Awareness Week
5. Wednesday, November 17: Capital Ceremony (9:30-11:00 AM)
1. To be eligible for the poster contest, a registration form (attached) must be submitted by each participating
K-12 campus by October 13, 2010, to the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education at Texas State University-
San Marcos via fax(512.245.1653), or e-mail (TexasAlliancePosterContest@gmail.com). (Note: This is one
registration form per campus, not for each category nor for each teacher.)

2. Colored pens, pencils, crayons, paints, or a combination thereof, may be used. Collages and computer-
   assisted designs are acceptable, but must reflect an original design/concept of the student. Photo credits are
   required, especially for images taken from copyrighted sources.

3. Posters must be NO LARGER THAN 22” x 28”. Posters can be constructed on any type of material the
    student chooses (poster board, foam board, wood, cardboard, etc...) as long as it is not larger than 22‖x28‖
    and can be delivered to the Texas Alliance’s office. 3D posters are also acceptable.

4. The following heading MUST be included somewhere on the front of the poster:

                                         Freshwater is Life
                                     Geography Awareness Week
                                       November 14-20, 2010
The spelling and date must be correct on the front of the poster to be eligible for the contest.

5. The following information must be typed or printed on the back of the poster (You may cut this template
   out and paste it on the back of the poster):

Student’s First Name:                                       Student’s Last Name:

Student’s Grade Level:                                      School Name:

Teacher’s Name:                                             Principal’s Name:

Teacher’s E-mail:                                           Principal’s E-mail:

6. Judging of posters at the school level:
   Each school has the responsibility of choosing one winner per category, per school. Students from public
   or private school can participate if their schools have registered for the poster contest. Home-schooled
   students are eligible to participate in the contest. In this case, each family or home-school group would be
   considered a ―school,‖ and each family or home-school group has the responsibility of choosing one
   winner per category.

   Campus Contest Coordinators may establish their own criteria to select campus level winners. Keep in
   mind the contest requirements and criteria used by the judges in the state-wide competition (below), and set
   campus judging criteria accordingly. Every year a few posters are disqualified before judging begins
   because they failed to meet a requirement, so follow the rules carefully!

          There will be FOUR categories of poster entrants, according to the following grade levels:

                         K-2                   3-5                6-8               9-12
7. Each campus should send their winning poster in each applicable category to arrive at the Texas Alliance for
   Geographic Education’s headquarters no later than 8:00 a.m. on Friday, October 29, 2010, at the address

                                    2010 Texas Alliance Statewide Poster Contest
                                      Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
                                         Texas State University-San Marcos
                                                601 University Drive
                                              San Marcos, TX 78666

Late posters will be disqualified, no exceptions. It is the responsibility of the Campus Contest Coordinator to
    ensure that posters arrive in time for judging. Please do not ask for extensions.

8. Entries should be mailed flat. DO NOT SEND POSTERS ROLLED IN A MAILING TUBE.

9. The campus winners will be judged against other campus winners from across the state.

The Texas Alliance for Geographic Education will announce statewide winners immediately following the
judging. An awards ceremony will be held in Austin at the Capitol Building in honor of the state-wide winners
along with their families, teachers, and school administrators. The awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for
November 17, 2010, at 9:30 a.m.

10. All posters submitted to the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education become the property of the
    organization and will not be returned.

A master copy of the Certificate of Participation will be e-mailed to participating schools. It may be duplicated
for presentation to all students entering the school contest.

Prizes for school competitions are the responsibility of individual schools.

State Finalist certificates will be available for each student that had a poster sent to the Texas Alliance for the
state-wide judging. Certificates will be e-mailed to the student’s teacher.

Prizes for the winners of the state-wide competition in each category are provided by the Texas Alliance for
Geographic Education and other sponsors. Prizes are awarded to the 1st-4th place winners in each grade division,
as well as to the winning teachers.

For further information and/or questions contact the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education at 512.245.3827 or

       Vijeyta Revankar             Girish Reddy Muthumula            Analisa Dapilmoto               Sawyer Smith
            Grade 2                          Grade 3                       Grade 6                       Grade 9
    James F. Bay Elementary          Barksdale Elementary        Smithson Valley Middle School   New Braunfels High School
       Clear Creek ISD                      Plano ISD                     Comal ISD                 New Braunfels ISD
      Teacher: Judy Poole            Teacher: Anisha Patel        Teacher: Margaret Hamilton      Teacher: Trent Wenzel
                              CAMPUS REGISTRATION FORM
                     (This form is due by Wednesday October 20, 2010)
                                     Please type or print

 Campus Name                                  Campus Phone

 District Name                                Campus Fax

 Campus Contest Coordinator                   E-mail Address

 Campus Address                               Campus Principal

 City                                         Number of Teachers Participating

 Zip Code                                     Approx. Total No. of Students Participating in the Campus

Return to:

2010 Texas Alliance Statewide Poster Contest
Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
Texas State University-San Marcos
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: 512-245-3827
Fax: 512-245-1653
E-Mail: TexasAlliancePosterContest@gmail.com

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