Glossary of Abbreviations (DOC) by ashrafp


									Mastery in Motion’s Glossary of Abbreviations

BM                  Benchmark
GR                  Grade
Eth                 Ethnic
TL                  Test Level

Reading- State Assessment
Voc                  Vocabulary
RPT                  Reading to Perform a Task
DGU                  Demonstrate General Understanding
DI                   Develop an Interpretation
IT                   Informational Text
LT                   Literary Text
LED                  Literary Elements and Devices
LEX                  Lexile Score

IC                  Ideas and Content
O                   Organization
L                   Language
D                   Delivery

I                   Ideas and Content
O                   Organization
V                   Voice
W                   Word Choice
S                   Sentence Fluency
C                   Conventions
CS                  Citations (for research only)

CE                  Calculations and Estimations
M                   Measurements
SP                  Statistics and Probability
AR                  Algebraic Relationships
G                   Geometry

Problem Solving
CU                  Conceptual Understanding
PS                  Processes and Strategies
V                Verification
C                Communication
ACC              Accuracy

PS               Physical Science
LS               Life Science
ES               Earth and Space Science
F                Formulating
D                Designing
C                Collecting
A                Analyzing

Career Diploma
Plan             Education Plan
Pro              Education Profile
CRLS             Career Related Learning Standards
CRLE             Career Related Learning Experiences
EA               Extended Application
MGR              Meets Graduation Requirements

OR               Oral Reading Fluency
RF               Retell Fluency
IS               Initial Sounds
LN               Letter Naming
PS               Phoneme Segmentation
WN               Nonsense Words

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