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									                Teen Girls Stressed Out More Often Than Boys

    --Mediamark Research Data Cite Weight, Physical Appearance as Factors--

Anne Marie Kelly, V.P. Marketing & Strategic Planning, Mediamark Research Inc.: 212-
Steve Ellwanger, Press Counsel Group: 203-291-6986

New York, December 9, 2003 -- Teenage girls are nearly 40% more likely than boys to
say they experience stress on a regular basis, according to the latest Teenmark® data
from Mediamark Research Inc.

Girls are far more likely than boys to cite their weight/body image and overall
appearance as stress-inducing factors, although both genders agree that having too
much schoolwork is the leading cause of stress in their lives.

Asked how often they feel “stressed out,” 59% of female teens responded “all the time”
or “sometimes,” compared with 42% of male teens. Pointing the source of their stress,
girls are 146% more likely to cite their weight/body image, and 101% more likely to cite
their overall appearance.

The survey was conducted among teen residents in households interviewed for
Mediamark's Survey of the American Consumer. Questionnaires were mailed to eligible
persons in those households from April through July 2002 and again from April through
July 2003. 4,577 youths, aged 12-19, responded.

“While it’s not surprising that the pressures of school and girls’ self-image weigh heavily
on the youth population, only about one-quarter of the respondents cited their parents’
relationships as a stress factor,” said Anne Marie Kelly, Vice President of Marketing and
Strategic Planning at MRI. “Despite living in a time when divorce is so prevalent, there
are many concerns that cause teens anxiety other than how their parents are getting

Ranking last on the list of stress-related questions in the Teenmark® survey was
“issues with your own health,” with only 13% of respondents citing it as a cause of
                                                   Percent Agree            % Girls
                                                                        More/Less Likely
                                                 Total Boys Girls         than Boys

            “How often do you feel stressed out”?

            All the Time/Sometimes                 50    42        59               39%
            Once in a While or Rarely
                                                   41    46        36              -21%
            Never                                   2     4         1              -75%

            Why Stressed

            A lot of school work                   67    63        72               15%
            Not enough sleep                       49    42        57               35%
            Not enough money                       44    40        48               21%
            Not enough time in the day             42    35        49               40%
            Relationships with your friends        39    28        50               77%
            Relationships with your parents        37    30        45               50%
            Relationships with your
                                                   36    30        42               40%
            siblings/other family

            Juggling too many responsibilities     35    30        40               35%

            Your weight/body image                 32    19        46              146%
            Relationships with your
                                                   29    24        33               36%
            Your overall appearance                25    17        33              101%
            Your parents' relationship             24    20        27               32%
            Other people's health issues           15    10        20               97%
            Issues with your own health            13     8        20              152%
            Source: Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) 2003 Teenmark® Study


MRI is the country’s leading provider of multimedia consumer research data. The
company releases data from its Survey of the American Consumer (adults 18+) twice
yearly, in the spring and fall. Teenmark® is released once a year.

Since 1979, MRI has continuously surveyed consumers to track their exposure to
advertising media and their use of advertised goods and services. These data have
become the basic media-planning tool for the majority of the media plans that are
created each year by national advertisers and their agencies. The company conducts
26,000 in-home interviews each year, the biggest survey of its kind.

MRI is part of NOP World, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Business Media, a U.K.-
based news and information company.

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