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Girl Scouts Citrus Council - Marketing


									                            University of Central Florida
                                Public Administration
                               and Nonprofit Program
                           Internship Placement Request
Name of Organization/Agency: Girl Scouts of Citrus Council

Department/Division: Development

Address (Physical location where intern will be placed): 341 North Mills Avenue, Orlando 32803

Point of Contact/Intern Supervisor (Name, email, and telephone number):

       Pam Lennox,, 407.228.1600 and/or CDO

Length of internship (minimum 10 weeks): TBD

Number of hours per week requested (minimum 10 hours): 10 – 18

Paid or unpaid position:     Unpaid                 Hourly/salary:

Preference, if any, for undergraduate or graduate student:

       Graduate or rising senior with relevant experience

Short description of the program/project/work the student will be assigned to:

       We are planning for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting in the U.S. and with that we are
       need a marketing plan for the celebrations.

Required skills or abilities the student must have, including computer applications:

       Computer Applications: Microsoft Suite (basic word processing and power point)
       Excellent oral and written communication skills
       Experience with and/or knowledge of marketing and special events

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