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					Teaching Kids How To Meditate
You can consider meditation as a method of relaxation, a life changing activity or one of the many new age trends. However, it is really a deep and
ancient practice that increases one's depth and connection to something beyond the ego. Further, people have realized that it is also good for kids as
there are cases of ADD, ADHD, and aggressive behavior that have teen improved through this practice. In addition, it becomes a platform for the
family to communicate on important subjects and not just stick to mundane topics. These inner lessons will be with the child throughout his whole life.

It is true that children do have a short span of attention, but they can meditate for a couple of minutes. In order to help them calm their mind, short
meditation should be practiced by children. A few minutes can make a tremendous difference. In order to set an excellent example for children, as a
parent it would be good to have a regular practice. Children imitate adult behavior and this would be an excellent example. If you meditate daily, the
curiosity of the children will be at its peak.

If your child asks you what you are doing, try to keep it very simple. Tell them the reason for your meditation that they can understand such as that
meditation increases happiness and creates inner calmness. Let your child know that when you feel anger or sadness it helps you to feel better. Allow
them to sit next to you while meditating. You can give them a special meditation cushion of their own. Tell him to close his eyes and to begin breathing
in and out slowly. Maintain silence for a few minutes, and then inform the children that meditation is to sit quietly for a while with closed eyes and
continued breathing. Tell your child to breathe
a little louder than usual and to listen to the sound of the breath. This gives an anchor for concentration.

You can set aside a few minutes before bed to meditate with yoru child. When the child is comfortable, tell him to breathe deeply through his belly,
slowly inhaling and exhaling. This enables to calm both the mind and the body. For both the parent and the child this is an extremely wonderful

You can make it varied by observing what your child enjoys. Find out the subjects and activities that are his interest, and create a scenario to unfold
itself in the mind of the child as you describe it. As the story will continue the child will add elements to the characters that inspire him. This way he will
enjoy a story as well as learn meditation. You can pick a setting like the beach or watching a sunset.

Everyone wishes that children should develop good habits such as healthy eating habits and exercising. Teaching kids how to meditate is teaching
them another good habit which they can practice for the rest of their lives.

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