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					                                   Tainter Gate Stilling Basin
                                   Dewatering Bulkhead System, KY
                                   Ben C. Gerwick, Inc., working together
                                   with Bergmann Associates, has re-
                                   cently completed the design of a
                                   tainter gate stilling basin dewatering
                                   bulkhead system for the Louisville Dis-
                                   trict of the U. S. Army Corps of Engi-

                                   The bulkhead system is designed to
                                   seal against the downstream ends of
                                   two tainter gate pier walls, and associ-
                                   ated stilling basin concrete, allowing
                                   one tainter gate stilling basin bay to be
                                   dewatered and repaired at a time for
                                   four dams on the Ohio River Main
                                   Stem. The bulkhead system is cur-
                                   rently designated for use at the Mark-
                                                                                    Tainter gate pier walls at connection dam.
                                   land, Cannelton, Newburgh, and J.T.
                                   Myers dams; however, the design
                                   should be adaptable for use at other             The newly designed dewatering bulk-          tem will be under 450 tons; which will
                                   tainter gate dams, as future need                head system will allow an entire stilling    allow the ringer crane to rotate while
                                   arises.                                          basin bay to be dewatered at one             carrying the bulkhead system.
                                                                                    time, allowing the bulkhead to be rap-       The bulkhead system can be config-
                                                                                    idly redeployed to adjacent bays as          ured to dewater either 100 ft or 110 ft,
                                                                                    they become available. Sufficient over-      wide tainter gate bays. Furthermore,
                                                                                    lap for access and repair of the stilling    the bulkhead system can react vertical
                                                                                    basin surface downstream of the pier         against a spud pile founded on the
                                                                                    walls is provided by the sequential          downstream riprap, and/or against hy-
                                                                                    placements of the dewatering bulk-           draulic jacks reacting against the lower
                                                                                    head system.                                 end of the concrete stilling basin.
                                   Rendering of Steel Dewatering Bulkhead System.
                                                                                    The new dewatering bulkhead system
                                                                                                                                   Year of Completion: 2003
                                   Repairing the damage to tainter gate             consist of a main bulkhead and two re-
                                   stillings basins caused primarily by ero-        movable wing bulkheads for use at              Construction Cost: $5M
                                   sion is currently accomplished by mul-           each of the four dam sites. The wing           Client:
                                   tiple settings of the relatively small lift-in   bulkheads are unique to the geometry           U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
                                   steel dewatering box. The repair of the          of each dam’s bay and stilling basin           Louisville District
                                   stilling basins for an entire dam using          configuration.
                                   the dewatering box is a slow and ex-
Ben C. Gerwick, Inc. 02-024e-02a

                                   pensive operation.                               The dewatering bulkhead is trans-
                                                                                    ported fully assembled on a dedicated
                                                                                    barge for deployment to each dam site
                                                                                    and lifted off of the transport barge into
                                      Services Performed:
                                                                                    position on the dam using a nominally
                                      • Detailed Design
                                                                                    550-ton capacity crane barge. The
                                                                                    maximum weight of the bulkhead sys-