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					                                  Furnace Qualified Models List
                                             Updated: 09/13/2010
             Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.

                                         FORCED AIR TIER 1 MODELS
                BRAND                      MODEL                         BRAND                  MODEL
Air-Ease                         G1D90*                     Air-Ease                   G1D91*
Air-Ease                         G1D93*                     Air-Ease                   G2D93*
Air-Ease                         G2D93L*                    Air-Ease                   G2D95L*
Air-Ease                         GCK*                       Air-Ease                   GU 93*
Air-Ease                         GUK*                       Air-Flo                    AF92*
Air-Flo                          AF92V*                     Airco                      GTHB*
Aire-Flo                         AF90MPxxxxxxx              Aire-Flo                   AF92*
Aire-Flo                         AF92MPB050C3*              Aire-Flo                   AF92MPB075C3*
Aire-Flo                         AF92MPB100C4*              Aire-Flo                   AF92MPB125C5*
Aire-Flo                         AF92MPE050U2*              Aire-Flo                   AF92MPE050U3*
Aire-Flo                         AF92MPE075U2*              Aire-Flo                   AF92MPE075U3*
Aire-Flo                         AF92MPE100U3*              Aire-Flo                   AF92MPE100U4*
Aire-Flo                         AF92MPE125U5*              Aire-Flo                   AF92V*
Aire-Flo                         AF92V050U3                 Aire-Flo                   AF92V075U3
Aire-Flo                         AF92V100U4                 Aire-Flo                   AF92V125U5
Aire-Flo                         CG90CBXXXXX                Aire-Flo                   CG92TBXXXXX
Aire-Flo                         CG92UBXXXXX                Airquest                   H9MPD*
Airquest                         H9MPT*                     Airquest                   N9MP1*
Airquest                         N9MP2*                     Airquest                   N9MPD*
Airquest                         NCGM*                      Airquest                   NCPM*
Airquest                         NTGM*                      Airquest                   NTGS*
Airquest                         NTPM*                      Airquest                   NTVM*
Airquest                         NUG9*                      Allied Air                 CG90*
Allied Air                       CG90CA045D12B*-***         Allied Air                 CG90CA067D12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG90CA067D16C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90CA090D16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90CA090D20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90CA112D20D*-***
Allied Air                       CG90CB045D12B*-***         Allied Air                 CG90CB067D12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG90CB067D16C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90CB090D16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90CB090D20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90CB112D20D*-***
Allied Air                       CG90HA050D12A*-***         Allied Air                 CG90HA075D14A*-***
Allied Air                       CG90HA100D14B*-***         Allied Air                 CG90HA100D20B*-***
Allied Air                       CG90HA125D20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90TB050D12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG90TB075D12B*-***         Allied Air                 CG90TB075D16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90TB100D16C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90TB100D20C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90TB125D20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90UA050D12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG90UA075D12B*-***         Allied Air                 CG90UA075D16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90UA100D16C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90UA100D20C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90UA125D20D*-***         Allied Air                 CG90UB050D12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG90UB075D12B*-***         Allied Air                 CG90UB075D16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90UB100D16C*-***         Allied Air                 CG90UB100D20C*-***
Allied Air                       CG90UB125D20D*-***         Allied Air                 CG92*
Allied Air                       CG92TB045D12B*-***         Allied Air                 CG92TB067D12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG92TB067D16C*-***         Allied Air                 CG92TB090D16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG92TB090D20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG92TB112D20C*-***
Allied Air                       CG93*                      Allied Air                 CG93CC040V12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG93CC060V14B*-***         Allied Air                 CG93CC080V16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG93CC080V20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG93CC100V20D*-***
Allied Air                       CG93CC125V20D*-***         Allied Air                 CG93TC040V12B*-***
Allied Air                       CG93TC060V14B*-***         Allied Air                 CG93TC080V16C*-***
Allied Air                       CG93TC080V20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG93TC100V20C
Allied Air                       CG93TC125V20C*-***         Allied Air                 CG93UC125V20D*-***
Allied Air                       CMPB050C3*                 Allied Air                 CMPB075C3*

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             Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Allied Air                       CMPB100C4*                  Allied Air                CMPB125C5*
Allied Air                       CMPE050U2*                  Allied Air                CMPE050U3*
Allied Air                       CMPE075U2*                  Allied Air                CMPE075U3*
Allied Air                       CMPE100U3*                  Allied Air                CMPE100U4*
Allied Air                       CMPE125U5*                  Allied Air                CMPEV050U3*
Allied Air                       CMPEV075U3*                 Allied Air                CMPEV100U4*
Allied Air                       CMPEV125U5*                 Allied Air                G1D91BT050D12B*-***
Allied Air                       G1D91BT075D12B*-***         Allied Air                G1D91BT075D16C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D91BT100D16C*-***         Allied Air                G1D91BT100D20C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D91BT125D20C*-***         Allied Air                G1D91BU050D12B*-***
Allied Air                       G1D91BU075D12B*-***         Allied Air                G1D91BU075D16C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D91BU100D16C*-***         Allied Air                G1D91BU100D20C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D91BU125D20D*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BC045D12B*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BC067D12B*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BC067D16C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BC090D16C*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BC090D20C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BC112D20D*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BT045D12B*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BT067D12B*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BT067D16C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BT090D16C*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BT090D20C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BT112D20D*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BU045D12B*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BU067D12B*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BU067D16C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BU090D16C*-***         Allied Air                G1D93BU090D20C*-***
Allied Air                       G1D93BU112D20D*-***         Allied Air                G2D93CT040D12B
Allied Air                       G2D93CT060D12B              Allied Air                G2D93CT080D16C
Allied Air                       G2D93CT080D20C              Allied Air                G2D93CT100D20C
Allied Air                       G2D93CT125D20C              Allied Air                G2D93CU125D20D*-***
Allied Air                       G2D95BT040V12B              Allied Air                G2D95BT060V14B-1
Allied Air                       G2D95BT060V14C              Allied Air                G2D95BT080V16C
Allied Air                       G2D95BT080V20C-1            Allied Air                G2D95BT080V20D
Allied Air                       G2D95BT100V20C-1            Allied Air                G2D95BT100V20D
Allied Air                       G2D95BT125V20C-1            Allied Air                G2D95BT125V20D
Allied Air                       G2D95BU040V12B-1            Allied Air                G2D95BU060V14B-1
Allied Air                       G2D95BU080V16C-1            Allied Air                G2D95BU080V20D-1
Allied Air                       G2D95BU100V20D-1            Allied Air                G2D95BU125V20D-1
Allied Air                       G2D95CC125V20D*-***         Allied Air                G2D95CT125V20C
Allied Air                       G2D95CU125V20D-***          Allstyle                  CCA
Allstyle                         CCA Series                  Allstyle                  CSA
Allstyle                         CSA Series                  Allstyle                  VCA
Allstyle                         VCA Series                  Allstyle                  VSA
Allstyle                         VSA Series                  Amana                     ACH9*
Amana                            ACS9*                       Amana                     ACS90453BX
Amana                            ACS90453BXA                 Amana                     ACS90703BX
Amana                            ACS90703BXA                 Amana                     ACS90704CX
Amana                            ACS90704CXA                 Amana                     ACS90904CX
Amana                            ACS90904CXA                 Amana                     ACS90905DX
Amana                            ACS90905DXA                 Amana                     ACS91155DX
Amana                            ACS91155DXA                 Amana                     ACV9*
Amana                            ACV90704CX                  Amana                     ACV90905DX
Amana                            ACVC9*                      Amana                     AMS90453BX
Amana                            AMS90453BXA                 Amana                     AMS90703BX
Amana                            AMS90703BXA                 Amana                     AMS90704CX
Amana                            AMS90704CXA                 Amana                     AMS90904CX
Amana                            AMS90904CXA                 Amana                     AMS90905DX
Amana                            AMS90905DXA                 Amana                     AMS91155DX
Amana                            AMS91155DXA                 Amana                     DCS90703BX
Amana                            DCS90904CX                  Amana                     DCS91155DX
Amana                            DMS90453BX                  Amana                     DMS90453BXA
Amana                            DMS90703BX                  Amana                     DMS90703BXA
Amana                            DMS90704CX                  Amana                     DMS90704CXA
Amana                            DMS90904CX                  Amana                     DMS90904CXA
Amana                            DMS90905DX                  Amana                     DMS90905DXA

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Amana                       DMS91155DX                Amana                       DMS91155DXA
Amana                       GCH9*                     Amana                       GCV9*
Amana                       GCVC9*                    Amana                       GKS9*
Amana                       GUSA                      Amana Distinctions          GCH9*
Amana Distinctions          GCV9*                     Amana Distinctions          GCVC9*
Amana Distinctions          GKS9*                     American Standard           ADC*
American Standard           ADC040C924B*              American Standard           ADC060C936B*
American Standard           ADC080C942B*              American Standard           ADC100C948B*
American Standard           ADC120C960B*              American Standard           ADC1B040A9241A*
American Standard           ADC1B060A9361A*           American Standard           ADC1B080A9421A*
American Standard           ADC1C100A9481A*           American Standard           ADC1D120A9601A*
American Standard           ADH3B060ACV3VA            American Standard           ADH3D120ACV5VA
American Standard           ADX060R936W*              American Standard           ADX080R942W*
American Standard           ADX1*                     American Standard           ADX100R948W*
American Standard           ADX120R960W*              American Standard           ADX1B040A9241A*
American Standard           ADX1B040A9H21A*           American Standard           ADX1B040A9H21B*
American Standard           ADX1B060A9361A*           American Standard           ADX1B060A9H31A*
American Standard           ADX1B060A9H31B*           American Standard           ADX1B080A9421A*
American Standard           ADX1B080A9H31A*           American Standard           ADX1B080A9H31B*
American Standard           ADX1C100A9481A*           American Standard           ADX1C100A9H41A*
American Standard           ADX1C100A9H41B*           American Standard           ADX1D120A9601A*
American Standard           ADX1D120A9H51A*           American Standard           ADX1D120A9H51B*
American Standard           ADX2*                     American Standard           ADX2B060A9362A*
American Standard           ADX2B080A9422A*           American Standard           ADX2C100A9482A*
American Standard           ADX2D120A9602A*           American Standard           ADY*
American Standard           ADY060R9V3W*              American Standard           ADY080R9V3W*
American Standard           ADY100R9V4W*              American Standard           ADY120R9V5W*
American Standard           AUC*                      American Standard           AUC040C924B*
American Standard           AUC060C936B*              American Standard           AUC080C942B*
American Standard           AUC100C948B*              American Standard           AUC100C960B*
American Standard           AUC120C960B*              American Standard           AUC1B040A9241A*
American Standard           AUC1B060A9361A*           American Standard           AUC1B080A9421A*
American Standard           AUC1C100A9481A*           American Standard           AUC1D100A9601A*
American Standard           AUC1D120A9601A*           American Standard           AUX060R936W*
American Standard           AUX080R942W*              American Standard           AUX1*
American Standard           AUX100R948W*              American Standard           AUX120R960W*
American Standard           AUX1B040A9241A*           American Standard           AUX1B040A9H21A*
American Standard           AUX1B040A9H21B*           American Standard           AUX1B060A9241A*
American Standard           AUX1B060A9361A*           American Standard           AUX1B060A9H31A*
American Standard           AUX1B060A9H31B*           American Standard           AUX1B080A9241A*
American Standard           AUX1B080A9421A*           American Standard           AUX1B080A9H31A*
American Standard           AUX1B080A9H31B*           American Standard           AUX1C080A9601A*
American Standard           AUX1C100A9361A*           American Standard           AUX1C100A9481A*
American Standard           AUX1C100A9H41A*           American Standard           AUX1C100A9H41B*
American Standard           AUX1D100A9601A*           American Standard           AUX1D120A9601A*
American Standard           AUX1D120A9H51A*           American Standard           AUX1D120A9H51B*
American Standard           AUX2*                     American Standard           AUX2B060A9362A*
American Standard           AUX2B060AFV3VA*           American Standard           AUX2B080A9422A*
American Standard           AUX2B080AFV3VA*           American Standard           AUX2C100A9482A*
American Standard           AUX2C100AFV4VA*           American Standard           AUX2D120A9602A*
American Standard           AUX2D120AFV5VA*           American Standard           AUY*
American Standard           AUY060R9V3W*              American Standard           AUY080R9V3W*
American Standard           AUY100R9V4W*              American Standard           AUY120R9V5W*
American Standard           CDC040A924A*              American Standard           CDC060A936A*
American Standard           CDC080A942A*              American Standard           CDC100A948A*
American Standard           CDC120A960A*              American Standard           CDX*
American Standard           CDX040A924A*              American Standard           CDX060A936A*
American Standard           CDX080A942A*              American Standard           CDX100A948A*
American Standard           CDX120A960A*              American Standard           CDX1B040A9241A*
American Standard           CDX1B060A9361A*           American Standard           CDX1B080A9421A*

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       Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
American Standard             CDX1C100A9481A*         American Standard          CDX1D120A9601A*
American Standard             CUC040A924A*            American Standard          CUC060A936A*
American Standard             CUC080A942A*            American Standard          CUC100A948A*
American Standard             CUC100A960A*            American Standard          CUC120A960A*
American Standard             CUX*                    American Standard          CUX040A924A*
American Standard             CUX060A936A*            American Standard          CUX080A942A*
American Standard             CUX100A948A*            American Standard          CUX100A960A*
American Standard             CUX120A960A*            American Standard          CUX1B040A9241A*
American Standard             CUX1B060A9361A*         American Standard          CUX1B080A9421A*
American Standard             CUX1C100A9481A*         American Standard          CUX1D100A9601A*
American Standard             CUX1D120A9601A*         Arcoaire                   GCK*
Arcoaire                      GDK*                    Arcoaire                   GNK*
Arcoaire                      GNM*                    Arcoaire                   GNP*
Arcoaire                      GUK*                    Arcoaire                   GUM*
Arcoaire                      H9MPD*                  Arcoaire                   H9MPT*
Arcoaire                      H9MPV*                  Arcoaire                   N9MP1*
Arcoaire                      N9MP2*                  Arcoaire                   N9MPD*
Arcoaire                      NCGM*                   Arcoaire                   NTG9*
Arcoaire                      NTGM*                   Arcoaire                   NTGS*
Arcoaire                      TCK*                    Arcoaire                   TNK*
Arcoaire                      VNK*                    Armstrong Air              G1D90*
Armstrong Air                 G1D91*                  Armstrong Air              G1D93*
Armstrong Air                 G2D93*                  Armstrong Air              G2D93L*
Armstrong Air                 G2D95L*                 Armstrong Air              GCK*
Armstrong Air                 GU 93*                  Armstrong Air              GUK*
Baxi                          Luna HT 1.100           Baxi                       Luna HT 1.330
Baxi                          Luna HT 1.450           Baxi                       Luna HT 1.650
Baxi                          Luna HT 330             Baxi                       Luna HT 380
Biasi, Spa                    Combi M135.30CM         Biasi, Spa                 Heat Only M135.3CR
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp   GB162-80                Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6RC 040*-08A
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6RC 040*-12A          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6RC 060*-12A
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6RC 080*-12B          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6RC 080*-16B
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6RC 100*-16B          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6RC 120*-16C
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6RC 120*-20C          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6RC100*-20B
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6RL040*-12A           Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6RL060*-12A
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6RL080*-16B           Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6RL100*-16B
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6RL120*-20C           Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6TC060*-VA
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TC080*-VB            Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6TC100*-VB
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TC120*-VC            Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6TL 060*-VA
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TL 120*-VB           Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG6TL060*-VB
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TL080*-VB            Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG7SC 038D-23A
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7SC 054D-24B          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG7SC 072D-24B
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7SC 072D-35C          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG7SC 090D-35C
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7SC 108D-45D          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG7SC 120D-45D
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7SL 054D-24B          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG7SL 072D-24B
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7SL 090D-35C          Broan, Nordyne Inc.        FG7SL 120D-45D
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TL 120*-*            Bryant                     340AAV*
Bryant                        340AAV024040*           Bryant                     340AAV024040**
Bryant                        340AAV024040***         Bryant                     340AAV024040x
Bryant                        340AAV024040xx          Bryant                     340AAV024060*
Bryant                        340AAV024060**          Bryant                     340AAV024060***
Bryant                        340AAV024060x           Bryant                     340AAV024060xx
Bryant                        340AAV036040*           Bryant                     340AAV036040**
Bryant                        340AAV036040***         Bryant                     340AAV036040x
Bryant                        340AAV036040xx          Bryant                     340AAV036060*
Bryant                        340AAV036060**          Bryant                     340AAV036060***
Bryant                        340AAV036060x           Bryant                     340AAV036060xx
Bryant                        340AAV036080*           Bryant                     340AAV036080**
Bryant                        340AAV036080***         Bryant                     340AAV036080x
Bryant                        340AAV036080xx          Bryant                     340AAV048060*

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Bryant                       340AAV048060**            Bryant                      340AAV048060***
Bryant                       340AAV048060x             Bryant                      340AAV048060xx
Bryant                       340AAV048080*             Bryant                      340AAV048080**
Bryant                       340AAV048080***           Bryant                      340AAV048080x
Bryant                       340AAV048080xx            Bryant                      340AAV048100*
Bryant                       340AAV048100**            Bryant                      340AAV048100***
Bryant                       340AAV048100x             Bryant                      340AAV048100xx
Bryant                       340AAV060080*             Bryant                      340AAV060080**
Bryant                       340AAV060080***           Bryant                      340AAV060080x
Bryant                       340AAV060080xx            Bryant                      340AAV060100*
Bryant                       340AAV060100**            Bryant                      340AAV060100***
Bryant                       340AAV060100x             Bryant                      340AAV060100xx
Bryant                       340AAV060120*             Bryant                      340AAV060120**
Bryant                       340AAV060120***           Bryant                      340AAV060120x
Bryant                       340AAV060120xx            Bryant                      340AAV060140*
Bryant                       340AAV060140**            Bryant                      340AAV060140***
Bryant                       340MAV*                   Bryant                      345MAV*
Bryant                       350AAV024040*             Bryant                      350AAV024040**
Bryant                       350AAV024040***           Bryant                      350AAV024040x
Bryant                       350AAV024040xx            Bryant                      350AAV024040xxx
Bryant                       350AAV024060*             Bryant                      350AAV024060**
Bryant                       350AAV024060***           Bryant                      350AAV024060x
Bryant                       350AAV024060xx            Bryant                      350AAV036040**
Bryant                       350AAV036040***           Bryant                      350AAV036040xx
Bryant                       350AAV036040xxx           Bryant                      350AAV036060*
Bryant                       350AAV036060**            Bryant                      350AAV036060***
Bryant                       350AAV036060x             Bryant                      350AAV036060xx
Bryant                       350AAV036080*             Bryant                      350AAV036080**
Bryant                       350AAV036080***           Bryant                      350AAV036080x
Bryant                       350AAV036080xx            Bryant                      350AAV048060*
Bryant                       350AAV048060**            Bryant                      350AAV048060***
Bryant                       350AAV048060x             Bryant                      350AAV048060xx
Bryant                       350AAV048080*             Bryant                      350AAV048080**
Bryant                       350AAV048080***           Bryant                      350AAV048080x
Bryant                       350AAV048080xx            Bryant                      350AAV048100*
Bryant                       350AAV048100**            Bryant                      350AAV048100***
Bryant                       350AAV048100x             Bryant                      350AAV048100xx
Bryant                       350AAV060080*             Bryant                      350AAV060080**
Bryant                       350AAV060080***           Bryant                      350AAV060080x
Bryant                       350AAV060080xx            Bryant                      350AAV060100*
Bryant                       350AAV060100**            Bryant                      350AAV060100***
Bryant                       350AAV060100x             Bryant                      350AAV060100xx
Bryant                       350AAV060120*             Bryant                      350AAV060120**
Bryant                       350AAV060120***           Bryant                      350AAV060120x
Bryant                       350AAV060120xx            Bryant                      350AAV060140*
Bryant                       350AAV060140**            Bryant                      350AAV060140***
Bryant                       350MAV*                   Bryant                      351DAS*
Bryant                       352AAV*                   Bryant                      352AAV036060*
Bryant                       352AAV036060**            Bryant                      352AAV036060***
Bryant                       352AAV036060x             Bryant                      352AAV036060xx
Bryant                       352AAV036060xxx           Bryant                      352AAV036080*
Bryant                       352AAV036080**            Bryant                      352AAV036080***
Bryant                       352AAV036080x             Bryant                      352AAV036080xx
Bryant                       352AAV036080xxx           Bryant                      352AAV048080*
Bryant                       352AAV048080**            Bryant                      352AAV048080***
Bryant                       352AAV048080x             Bryant                      352AAV048080xx
Bryant                       352AAV048080xxx           Bryant                      352AAV048100*
Bryant                       352AAV048100**            Bryant                      352AAV048100***
Bryant                       352AAV048100x             Bryant                      352AAV048100xx
Bryant                       352AAV048100xxx           Bryant                      352AAV060100*

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Bryant                      352AAV060100**            Bryant                      352AAV060100***
Bryant                      352AAV060100x             Bryant                      352AAV060100xx
Bryant                      352AAV060100xxx           Bryant                      352AAV060120*
Bryant                      352AAV060120**            Bryant                      352AAV060120***
Bryant                      352AAV060120x             Bryant                      352AAV060120xx
Bryant                      352AAV060120xxx           Bryant                      352MAV*
Bryant                      353AAV036040**            Bryant                      353AAV036040***
Bryant                      353AAV036040x             Bryant                      353AAV036040xx
Bryant                      353AAV036040xxx           Bryant                      353AAV036060*
Bryant                      353AAV036060**            Bryant                      353AAV036060***
Bryant                      353AAV036060x             Bryant                      353AAV036060xx
Bryant                      353AAV036060xxx           Bryant                      353AAV036080*
Bryant                      353AAV036080**            Bryant                      353AAV036080***
Bryant                      353AAV036080x             Bryant                      353AAV036080xx
Bryant                      353AAV036080xxx           Bryant                      353AAV048080*
Bryant                      353AAV048080**            Bryant                      353AAV048080***
Bryant                      353AAV048080x             Bryant                      353AAV048080xx
Bryant                      353AAV048080xxx           Bryant                      353AAV060100*
Bryant                      353AAV060100**            Bryant                      353AAV060100***
Bryant                      353AAV060100x             Bryant                      353AAV060100xx
Bryant                      353AAV060100xxx           Bryant                      353AAV060120*
Bryant                      353AAV060120**            Bryant                      353AAV060120***
Bryant                      353AAV060120x             Bryant                      353AAV060120xx
Bryant                      353AAV060120xxx           Bryant                      353BAV*
Bryant                      355AAV042060*             Bryant                      355AAV042060**
Bryant                      355AAV042060***           Bryant                      355AAV042060x
Bryant                      355AAV042060xx            Bryant                      355AAV042060xxx
Bryant                      355AAV042080*             Bryant                      355AAV042080**
Bryant                      355AAV042080***           Bryant                      355AAV042080x
Bryant                      355AAV042080xx            Bryant                      355AAV042080xxx
Bryant                      355AAV060080*             Bryant                      355AAV060080**
Bryant                      355AAV060080***           Bryant                      355AAV060080x
Bryant                      355AAV060080xx            Bryant                      355AAV060080xxx
Bryant                      355AAV060100*             Bryant                      355AAV060100**
Bryant                      355AAV060100***           Bryant                      355AAV060100x
Bryant                      355AAV060100xx            Bryant                      355AAV060100xxx
Bryant                      355AAV060120*             Bryant                      355AAV060120**
Bryant                      355AAV060120***           Bryant                      355AAV060120x
Bryant                      355AAV060120xx            Bryant                      355AAV060120xxx
Bryant                      359AAV036080*             Bryant                      BW9*
Bryant, Day&Night, P        340MAV*                   Bryant, Day&Night, P        345MAV*
Bryant, Day&Night, P        350MAV*                   Bryant, Day&Night, P        355MAV*
Buderus                     GB142/30                  Buderus                     GB162/80
Burnham Hydronics           CHG150                    Burnham Hydronics           CHG225
Burnham Hydronics           FCM090                    Buy Max, Inc.               XF900453*
Buy Max, Inc.               XF900703*                 Buy Max, Inc.               XF900704*
Buy Max, Inc.               XF900904*                 Buy Max, Inc.               XF900905*
Buy Max, Inc.               XF901155*                 Buy Max, Inc.               XF9D0703*
Buy Max, Inc.               XF9D0904*                 Buy Max, Inc.               XF9D1155*
Camus Hydronics             DM150                     Carrier                     58HDX080-12*
Carrier                     58MCA*                    Carrier                     58MCB*
Carrier                     58MCB040-08*              Carrier                     58MCB040-08**
Carrier                     58MCB040-08***            Carrier                     58MCB040-08x
Carrier                     58MCB040-08xx             Carrier                     58MCB040-12*
Carrier                     58MCB040-12**             Carrier                     58MCB040-12***
Carrier                     58MCB040-12x              Carrier                     58MCB040-12xx
Carrier                     58MCB060-08*              Carrier                     58MCB060-08**
Carrier                     58MCB060-08***            Carrier                     58MCB060-08x
Carrier                     58MCB060-08xx             Carrier                     58MCB060-12*
Carrier                     58MCB060-12**             Carrier                     58MCB060-12***

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          Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Carrier                       58MCB060-12x              Carrier                     58MCB060-12xx
Carrier                       58MCB060-16*              Carrier                     58MCB060-16**
Carrier                       58MCB060-16***            Carrier                     58MCB060-16x
Carrier                       58MCB060-16xx             Carrier                     58MCB080-12*
Carrier                       58MCB080-12**             Carrier                     58MCB080-12***
Carrier                       58MCB080-12x              Carrier                     58MCB080-12xx
Carrier                       58MCB080-16*              Carrier                     58MCB080-16**
Carrier                       58MCB080-16***            Carrier                     58MCB080-16x
Carrier                       58MCB080-16xx             Carrier                     58MCB080-20*
Carrier                       58MCB080-20**             Carrier                     58MCB080-20***
Carrier                       58MCB080-20x              Carrier                     58MCB080-20xx
Carrier                       58MCB100-16*              Carrier                     58MCB100-16**
Carrier                       58MCB100-16***            Carrier                     58MCB100-16x
Carrier                       58MCB100-16xx             Carrier                     58MCB100-20*
Carrier                       58MCB100-20**             Carrier                     58MCB100-20***
Carrier                       58MCB100-20x              Carrier                     58MCB100-20xx
Carrier                       58MCB120-20*              Carrier                     58MCB120-20**
Carrier                       58MCB120-20***            Carrier                     58MCB120-20x
Carrier                       58MCB120-20xx             Carrier                     58MCB140-20*
Carrier                       58MCB140-20**             Carrier                     58MCB140-20***
Carrier                       58MEB040-12**             Carrier                     58MEB040-12***
Carrier                       58MEB040-12x              Carrier                     58MEB040-12xx
Carrier                       58MEB040-12xxx            Carrier                     58MEB060-12*
Carrier                       58MEB060-12**             Carrier                     58MEB060-12***
Carrier                       58meb060-12x              Carrier                     58meb060-12xx
Carrier                       58meb060-12xxx            Carrier                     58MEB080-12*
Carrier                       58MEB080-12**             Carrier                     58MEB080-12***
Carrier                       58MEB080-12x              Carrier                     58MEB080-12xx
Carrier                       58MEB080-12xxx            Carrier                     58MEB080-16*
Carrier                       58MEB080-16**             Carrier                     58MEB080-16***
Carrier                       58MEB080-16x              Carrier                     58MEB080-16xx
Carrier                       58MEB080-16xxx            Carrier                     58MEB100-20*
Carrier                       58MEB100-20**             Carrier                     58MEB100-20***
Carrier                       58MEB100-20x              Carrier                     58MEB100-20xx
Carrier                       58MEB100-20xxx            Carrier                     58MEB120-20*
Carrier                       58MEB120-20**             Carrier                     58MEB120-20***
Carrier                       58MEB120-20x              Carrier                     58MEB120-20xx
Carrier                       58MEB120-20xxx            Carrier                     58MEC*
Carrier                       58MSA*                    Carrier                     58MTA*
Carrier                       58MTB*                    Carrier                     58MTB060-12*
Carrier                       58MTB060-12**             Carrier                     58MTB060-12***
Carrier                       58MTB060-12x              Carrier                     58MTB060-12xx
Carrier                       58MTB060-12xxx            Carrier                     58MTB080-12*
Carrier                       58MTB080-12**             Carrier                     58MTB080-12***
Carrier                       58MTB080-12x              Carrier                     58MTB080-12xx
Carrier                       58MTB080-12xxx            Carrier                     58MTB080-16*
Carrier                       58MTB080-16**             Carrier                     58MTB080-16***
Carrier                       58MTB080-16x              Carrier                     58MTB080-16xx
Carrier                       58MTB080-16xxx            Carrier                     58MTB100-16*
Carrier                       58MTB100-16**             Carrier                     58MTB100-16***
Carrier                       58MTB100-16x              Carrier                     58MTB100-16xx
Carrier                       58MTB100-16xxx            Carrier                     58MTB100-20*
Carrier                       58MTB100-20**             Carrier                     58MTB100-20***
Carrier                       58MTB100-20x              Carrier                     58MTB100-20xx
Carrier                       58MTB100-20xxx            Carrier                     58MTB120-20*
Carrier                       58MTB120-20**             Carrier                     58MTB120-20***
Carrier                       58MTB120-20x              Carrier                     58MTB120-20xx
Carrier                       58MTB120-20xxx            Carrier                     58MVB060-14*
Carrier                       58MVB060-14**             Carrier                     58MVB060-14***
Carrier                       58MVB060-14x              Carrier                     58MVB060-14xx

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Carrier                     58MVB060-14xxx            Carrier                     58MVB080-14*
Carrier                     58MVB080-14**             Carrier                     58MVB080-14***
Carrier                     58MVB080-14x              Carrier                     58MVB080-14xx
Carrier                     58MVB080-14xxx            Carrier                     58MVB080-20*
Carrier                     58MVB080-20**             Carrier                     58MVB080-20***
Carrier                     58MVB080-20x              Carrier                     58MVB080-20xx
Carrier                     58MVB080-20xxx            Carrier                     58MVB100-20*
Carrier                     58MVB100-20**             Carrier                     58MVB100-20***
Carrier                     58MVB100-20x              Carrier                     58MVB100-20xx
Carrier                     58MVB100-20xxx            Carrier                     58MVB120-20*
Carrier                     58MVB120-20**             Carrier                     58MVB120-20***
Carrier                     58MVB120-20x              Carrier                     58MVB120-20xx
Carrier                     58MVB120-20xxx            Carrier                     58MXA*
Carrier                     58MXB040-08*              Carrier                     58MXB040-08**
Carrier                     58MXB040-08***            Carrier                     58MXB040-08x
Carrier                     58MXB040-08xx             Carrier                     58MXB040-08xxx
Carrier                     58MXB040-12**             Carrier                     58MXB040-12***
Carrier                     58MXB040-12xx             Carrier                     58MXB040-12xxx
Carrier                     58MXB060-08*              Carrier                     58MXB060-08**
Carrier                     58MXB060-08***            Carrier                     58MXB060-08x
Carrier                     58MXB060-08xx             Carrier                     58MXB060-12*
Carrier                     58MXB060-12**             Carrier                     58MXB060-12***
Carrier                     58MXB060-12x              Carrier                     58MXB060-12xx
Carrier                     58MXB060-16*              Carrier                     58MXB060-16**
Carrier                     58MXB060-16***            Carrier                     58MXB060-16x
Carrier                     58MXB060-16xx             Carrier                     58MXB080-12*
Carrier                     58MXB080-12**             Carrier                     58MXB080-12***
Carrier                     58MXB080-12x              Carrier                     58MXB080-12xx
Carrier                     58MXB080-16*              Carrier                     58MXB080-16**
Carrier                     58MXB080-16***            Carrier                     58MXB080-16x
Carrier                     58MXB080-16xx             Carrier                     58MXB080-20*
Carrier                     58MXB080-20**             Carrier                     58MXB080-20***
Carrier                     58MXB080-20x              Carrier                     58MXB080-20xx
Carrier                     58MXB100-16*              Carrier                     58MXB100-16**
Carrier                     58MXB100-16***            Carrier                     58MXB100-16x
Carrier                     58MXB100-16xx             Carrier                     58MXB100-20*
Carrier                     58MXB100-20**             Carrier                     58MXB100-20***
Carrier                     58MXB100-20x              Carrier                     58MXB100-20xx
Carrier                     58MXB120-20*              Carrier                     58MXB120-20**
Carrier                     58MXB120-20***            Carrier                     58MXB120-20x
Carrier                     58MXB120-20xx             Carrier                     58MXB140-20*
Carrier                     58MXB140-20**             Carrier                     58MXB140-20***
Carrier                     BW9*                      Climate Energy              GTHB*
Climate Energy              GTHB060-3E                Climate Energy              GTHB080-3E
Climate Energy              GTHB100-3E                Coleman                     G9D
Coleman                     G9T                       Coleman                     G9V
Coleman                     GM9                       Coleman (Custom)            FG9
Coleman-Evcon               DGAD060CD                 Coleman-Evcon               DGAE080CD
Coleman-Evcon               DGAF100CD                 Coleman-Evcon               G9*
Comfort Aire                ELDH45-E3                 Comfort Aire                FLUA120-E5
Comfort Aire                FLUA45-E3                 Comfort Aire                GLDH105-E5B
Comfort Aire                GLDH120-E5B               Comfort Aire                GLDH45-E3B
Comfort Aire                GLDH60-E3B                Comfort Aire                GLDH75-E3B
Comfort Aire                GLDH75-E4B                Comfort Aire                GLDH90-E4B
Comfort Aire                GLUA105-E5                Comfort Aire                GLUA105-E5B
Comfort Aire                GLUA120-E5b               Comfort Aire                GLUA45-E3B
Comfort Aire                GLUA60-E3                 Comfort Aire                GLUA60-E3B
Comfort Aire                GLUA75-E3                 Comfort Aire                GLUA75-E3B
Comfort Aire                GLUA75-E4                 Comfort Aire                GLUA75-E4B
Comfort Aire                GLUA90-E4B                Comfort Aire                GLUA90-E5

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Comfortmaker                 C9MPD*                    Comfortmaker                C9MPT*
Comfortmaker                 C9MPV*                    Comfortmaker                GCK*
Comfortmaker                 GDK*                      Comfortmaker                GNK*
Comfortmaker                 GNP*                      Comfortmaker                GUK*
Comfortmaker                 GUM*                      Comfortmaker                N9MP1*
Comfortmaker                 N9MP2*                    Comfortmaker                N9MPD*
Comfortmaker                 NTGS*                     Comfortmaker                TCK*
Comfortmaker                 TNK*                      Comfortmaker                VNK*
Concord                      CG90*                     Conematic Heating Sy        CM-1
Conematic Heating Sy         CM-RU                     Conematic Heating Sy        Sol r2 LPG
Conematic Heating Sy         Sol r3 LPG                Corsaire                    FGRJ*
Corsaire                     FGTJ*                     Crown Boiler Co.            BWC090
Crown Boiler Co.             BWC150                    Crown Boiler Co.            BWC225
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA*                      Crown Boiler Co.            DCA054NH3R
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA054NH3RH               Crown Boiler Co.            DCA072NH3R
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA072NH3RH               Crown Boiler Co.            DCA072NH4R
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA072NH4RH               Crown Boiler Co.            DCA090NH3R
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA090NH3RH               Crown Boiler Co.            DCA090NH4R
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA090NH4RH               Crown Boiler Co.            DCA108NH5R
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA108NH5RH               Crown Boiler Co.            DCA126NH5R
Crown Boiler Co.             DCA126NH5RH               Crown Boiler Co.            DSA054NH3R
Crown Boiler Co.             DSA054NH3RX               Crown Boiler Co.            DSA072NH3R
Crown Boiler Co.             DSA072NH3RX               Crown Boiler Co.            DSA072NH4R
Crown Boiler Co.             DSA072NH4RX               Crown Boiler Co.            DSA090NH3R
Crown Boiler Co.             DSA090NH3RX               Crown Boiler Co.            DSA090NH4R
Crown Boiler Co.             DSA090NH4RX               Crown Boiler Co.            DSA108NH5R
Crown Boiler Co.             DSA108NH5RX               Crown Boiler Co.            DSA126NH5R
Crown Boiler Co.             DSA126NH5RX               Crown Boiler Co.            UCA*
Crown Boiler Co.             UCA054NH3R                Crown Boiler Co.            UCA054NH3RH
Crown Boiler Co.             UCA072NH3R                Crown Boiler Co.            UCA072NH3RH
Crown Boiler Co.             UCA072NH4R                Crown Boiler Co.            UCA072NH4RH
Crown Boiler Co.             UCA090NH3R                Crown Boiler Co.            UCA090NH3RH
Crown Boiler Co.             UCA090NH4R                Crown Boiler Co.            UCA090NH4RH
Crown Boiler Co.             UCA108NH5R                Crown Boiler Co.            UCA108NH5RH
Crown Boiler Co.             UCA126NH5R                Crown Boiler Co.            UCA126NH5RH
Crown Boiler Co.             USA054NH3R                Crown Boiler Co.            USA054NH3RX
Crown Boiler Co.             USA072NH3R                Crown Boiler Co.            USA072NH3RX
Crown Boiler Co.             USA072NH4R                Crown Boiler Co.            USA072NH4RX
Crown Boiler Co.             USA090NH3R                Crown Boiler Co.            USA090NH3RX
Crown Boiler Co.             USA090NH4R                Crown Boiler Co.            USA090NH4RX
Crown Boiler Co.             USA108NH5R                Crown Boiler Co.            USA108NH5RX
Crown Boiler Co.             USA126NH5R                Crown Boiler Co.            USA126NH5RX
Day & Night                  340MAV*                   Day & Night                 345MAV*
Day & Night                  350MAV*                   Day & Night                 C9MPD*
Day & Night                  C9MPT*                    Day & Night                 C9MPV*
Day & Night                  C9MPX*                    Day & Night                 N9MP1*
Day & Night                  N9MP2*                    Day & Night                 N9MPD*
Ducane                       CG95(T,C)C125V20C         Ducane                      CG95UC125V20D*
Ducane                       CMPEV*                    Ducane                      CMPxVxxxxxx
Ducane                       CMPxxxxxxx                Ducane Company              CMPxVxxxxxx
Ducane Company               CMPxxxxxxx                Dunkirk Boilers             Q90-100
Dunkirk Boilers              Q90-125                   Dunkirk Boilers             Q90-150
Dunkirk Boilers              Q90-175                   Dunkirk Boilers             Q90-200
Dunkirk Boilers              Q90-50                    Dunkirk Boilers             Q90-75
Ecr International            GTH 050                   Ecr International           GTH 070
Ecr International            GTHB040-2                 Ecr International           GTHB060-3
Ecr International            GTHB080-3                 Ecr International           GTHB080-4
Ecr International            GTHB100-3                 Ecr International           GTHB100-5
Ecr International            GTHB120-5                 Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.    G6RC040*-08A
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     G6RC040*-12A              Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.    G6RC060*-12A

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     G6RC080*-12B               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   G6RC080*-16B
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     G6RC100*-16B               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   G6RC120*-16C
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     G6RC120*-20C               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   G6RL040*-12A
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     G6RL060*-12A               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   G6RL080*-16B
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     G6RL100*-16B               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6RC 040*-08A
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6RC 040*-12A             Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6RC 060*-12A
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6RC 080*-12B             Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6RC 080*-16B
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6RC 100*-16B             Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6RC 120*-16C
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6RC 120*-20C             Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6RC100*-20B
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6RL 040*-12A             Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6RL 060*-12A
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6RL 080*-16B             Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6RL 100*-16B
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6RL 120*-20C             Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TC 060*-VA
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TC 080*-VB              Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TC 100*-VB
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TC 120*-VC              Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TL 060*-VB
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TL 080*-VB              Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TL 110*-VC
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TL 120*-VB              Embassy                    Cosmo Gas 45WN
Evcon                        DGD*                       Evcon                      DGU*
Evcon                        GF9                        Fedders                    CCA054NH3R
Fedders                      CCA054NH3RH                Fedders                    CCA072NH3R
Fedders                      CCA072NH3RH                Fedders                    CCA072NH4R
Fedders                      CCA072NH4RH                Fedders                    CCA090NH3R
Fedders                      CCA090NH3RH                Fedders                    CCA090NH4R
Fedders                      CCA090NH4RH                Fedders                    CCA108NH5R
Fedders                      CCA108NH5RH                Fedders                    CCA126NH5R
Fedders                      CCA126NH5RH                Fedders                    CSA054NH3R
Fedders                      CSA054NH3RX                Fedders                    CSA072NH3R
Fedders                      CSA072NH3RX                Fedders                    CSA072NH4R
Fedders                      CSA072NH4RX                Fedders                    CSA090NH3R
Fedders                      CSA090NH3RX                Fedders                    CSA090NH4R
Fedders                      CSA108NH5R                 Fedders                    CSA108NH5RX
Fedders                      CSA126NH5R                 Fedders                    CSA126NH5RX
Fedders                      VCA054NH3R                 Fedders                    VCA054NH3RH
Fedders                      VCA072NH3R                 Fedders                    VCA072NH3RH
Fedders                      VCA072NH4R                 Fedders                    VCA072NH4RH
Fedders                      VCA090NH3R                 Fedders                    VCA090NH3RH
Fedders                      VCA090NH4R                 Fedders                    VCA090NH4RH
Fedders                      VCA108NH5R                 Fedders                    VCA108NH5RH
Fedders                      VCA126NH5R                 Fedders                    VCA126NH5RH
Fedders                      VSA054NH3R                 Fedders                    VSA054NH3RX
Fedders                      VSA072NH3R                 Fedders                    VSA072NH3RX
Fedders                      VSA072NH4R                 Fedders                    VSA072NH4RX
Fedders                      VSA090NH3R                 Fedders                    VSA090NH3RX
Fedders                      VSA090NH4R                 Fedders                    VSA090NH4RX
Fedders                      VSA108NH5R                 Fedders                    VSA108NH5RX
Fedders                      VSA126NH5R                 Fedders                    VSA126NH5RX
Fraser-Johnston              P*HD*                      Fraser-Johnston            P*LU*
Fraser-Johnston              P*ND*                      Frigidaire                 FG6RC 040*-08A
Frigidaire                   FG6RC 040*-12A             Frigidaire                 FG6RC 060*-12A
Frigidaire                   FG6RC 080*-12B             Frigidaire                 FG6RC 080*-16B
Frigidaire                   FG6RC 100*-16B             Frigidaire                 FG6RC 120*-16C
Frigidaire                   FG6RC 120*-20C             Frigidaire                 FG6RC*
Frigidaire                   FG6RC100*-20B              Frigidaire                 FG6RL*
Frigidaire                   FG6RL040*-12A              Frigidaire                 FG6RL060*-12A
Frigidaire                   FG6RL080*-16B              Frigidaire                 FG6RL100*-16B
Frigidaire                   FG6RL120*-20C              Frigidaire                 FG6T*
Frigidaire                   FG6TC 100*-VB              Frigidaire                 FG6TC*
Frigidaire                   FG6TC060*-VA               Frigidaire                 FG6TC080*-VB
Frigidaire                   FG6TC100*-VB               Frigidaire                 FG6TC120*-VC
Frigidaire                   FG6TL 060*-VA              Frigidaire                 FG6TL 120*-VB
Frigidaire                   FG6TL060*-VB               Frigidaire                 FG6TL080*-VB

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Frigidaire                  FG7S (C,L)*                   Frigidaire               FG7SC 038D-23A
Frigidaire                  FG7SC 054D-24B                Frigidaire               FG7SC 072D-24B
Frigidaire                  FG7SC 072D-35C                Frigidaire               FG7SC 090D-35C
Frigidaire                  FG7SC 108D-45D                Frigidaire               FG7SC 120D-45D
Frigidaire                  FG7SC*                        Frigidaire               FG7SL 054D-24B
Frigidaire                  FG7SL 072D-24B                Frigidaire               FG7SL 090D-35C
Frigidaire                  FG7SL 120D-45D                Frigidaire               FG7SL*
Frigidaire                  FG7TL 120*-*                  Frigidaire               L1RC*
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.      KG7SC 038D-23A                Garrison, Nordyne Inc.   KG7SC 054D-24B
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.      KG7SC 072D-24B                Garrison, Nordyne Inc.   KG7SC 072D-35C
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.      KG7SC 090D-35C                Garrison, Nordyne Inc.   KG7SC 108D-45D
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.      KG7SC 120D-45D                Garrison, Nordyne Inc.   KG7SL 054D-24B
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.      KG7SL 072D-24B                Garrison, Nordyne Inc.   KG7SL 090D-35C
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.      KG7SL 120D-45D                Garrison, Nordyne Inc.   KG7TL 120*-*
Gibson                      All KG7T (C or L) models      Gibson                   GL1RC*
Gibson                      K7SC 108D-45D                 Gibson                   KG6RC 040*-08A
Gibson                      KG6RC 040*-12A                Gibson                   KG6RC 060*-12A
Gibson                      KG6RC 080*-12B                Gibson                   KG6RC 080*-16B
Gibson                      KG6RC 100*-16B                Gibson                   KG6RC 120*-16C
Gibson                      KG6RC 120*-20C                Gibson                   KG6RC*
Gibson                      KG6RC040*-08A                 Gibson                   KG6RC040*-12A
Gibson                      KG6RC060*-12A                 Gibson                   KG6RC080*-12B
Gibson                      KG6RC080*-16B                 Gibson                   KG6RC100*-16B
Gibson                      KG6RC100*-20B                 Gibson                   KG6RC120*-16C
Gibson                      KG6RC120*-20C                 Gibson                   KG6RL 040*-12A
Gibson                      KG6RL 060*-12A                Gibson                   KG6RL 080*-16B
Gibson                      KG6RL 100*-16B                Gibson                   KG6RL 120*-20C
Gibson                      KG6RL*                        Gibson                   KG6RL040*-12A
Gibson                      KG6RL060*-12A                 Gibson                   KG6RL080*-16B
Gibson                      KG6RL100*-16B                 Gibson                   KG6TC 060*-VA
Gibson                      KG6TC 080*-VB                 Gibson                   KG6TC 100*-VB
Gibson                      KG6TC 120*-VC                 Gibson                   KG6TC*
Gibson                      KG6TL 060*-VA                 Gibson                   KG6TL 060*-VB
Gibson                      KG6TL 080*-VB                 Gibson                   KG6TL 120*-VB
Gibson                      KG7S (C,L)*                   Gibson                   KG7SC 038D-23A
Gibson                      KG7SC 054D-24B                Gibson                   KG7SC 072D-24B
Gibson                      KG7SC 072D-35C                Gibson                   KG7SC 090D-35C
Gibson                      KG7SC 108D-45D                Gibson                   KG7SC 120D-45D
Gibson                      KG7SC*                        Gibson                   KG7SL 054D-24B
Gibson                      KG7SL 072D-24B                Gibson                   KG7SL 090D-35C
Gibson                      KG7SL 120D-45D                Gibson                   KG7SL*
Goodman                     GCH9*                         Goodman                  GCH90453BX
Goodman                     GCH90703BX                    Goodman                  GCH90704CX
Goodman                     GCH90904CX                    Goodman                  GCH90905DX
Goodman                     GCH91155DX                    Goodman                  GCS9*
Goodman                     GCS90453BX                    Goodman                  GCS90453BXA
Goodman                     GCS90703BX                    Goodman                  GCS90703BXA
Goodman                     GCS90704CX                    Goodman                  GCS90904CX
Goodman                     GCS90904CXA                   Goodman                  GCS90905DX
Goodman                     GCS91155DX                    Goodman                  GCS91155DXA
Goodman                     GCV9*                         Goodman                  GCV90704CX
Goodman                     GCV90704CXA                   Goodman                  GCV90905DX
Goodman                     GCV90905DXA                   Goodman                  GCV91155DX*
Goodman                     GCVC9*                        Goodman                  GKS9*
Goodman                     GKS90453BX                    Goodman                  GKS90703BX
Goodman                     GKS90704CX                    Goodman                  GKS90904CX
Goodman                     GKS90905DX                    Goodman                  GKS91155DX
Goodman                     GMNT040-3                     Goodman                  GMNT060-3
Goodman                     GMNT080-4                     Goodman                  GMNT100-4
Goodman                     GMNT120-5                     Goodman                  GMS9*

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Goodman                     GMS90453BX                 Goodman                    GMS90453BXA
Goodman                     GMS90703BX                 Goodman                    GMS90703BXA
Goodman                     GMS90704CX                 Goodman                    GMS90904CX
Goodman                     GMS90904CXA                Goodman                    GMS90905DX
Goodman                     GMS91155DX                 Goodman                    GMS91155DXA
Goodman                     GMV90703BX                 Goodman                    GMV90704CX
Goodman                     GMV90704CXA                Goodman                    GMV90904CX
Goodman                     GMV90905DX                 Goodman                    GMV90905DXA
Goodman                     GMV91155DX                 Goodman                    GMV91155DXA
Grandaire                   KG6RC*                     Grandaire                  KG6RC040*-08A
Grandaire                   KG6RC040*-12A              Grandaire                  KG6RC060*-12A
Grandaire                   KG6RC080*-12B              Grandaire                  KG6RC080*-16B
Grandaire                   KG6RC100*-16B              Grandaire                  KG6RC120*-16C
Grandaire                   KG6RC120*-20C              Grandaire                  KG6RL 040*-12A
Grandaire                   KG6RL 060*-12A             Grandaire                  KG6RL 080*-16B
Grandaire                   KG6RL 100*-16B             Grandaire                  KG6RL 120*-20C
Grandaire                   KG6RL*                     Grandaire                  KG6RL040*-12A
Grandaire                   KG6RL060*-12A              Grandaire                  KG6RL080*-16B
Grandaire                   KG6RL100*-16B              Grandaire                  KG6TC 060*-VA
Grandaire                   KG6TC 080*-VB              Grandaire                  KG6TC 100*-VB
Grandaire                   KG6TC 120*-VC              Grandaire                  KG6TL 060*-VA
Grandaire                   KG6TL 060*-VB              Grandaire                  KG6TL 080*-VB
Grandaire                   KG6TL 120*-VB              Grandaire                  KG7SC 038D-23A
Grandaire                   KG7SC 054D-24B             Grandaire                  KG7SC 072D-24B
Grandaire                   KG7SC 072D-35C             Grandaire                  KG7SC 090D-35C
Grandaire                   KG7SC 108D-45D             Grandaire                  KG7SC 120D-45D
Grandaire                   KG7SL 054D-24B             Grandaire                  KG7SL 072D-24B
Grandaire                   KG7SL 090D-35C             Grandaire                  KG7SL 120D-45D
Grandaire                   KG7TL 120*-*               Haier                      HG93A0402
Haier                       HG93A0603                  Haier                      HG93A0803
Haier                       HG93A0804                  Haier                      HG93A1003
Haier                       HG93A1005                  Haier                      HG93A1205
Haier                       HGC054N3H                  Haier                      HGC072N3H
Haier                       HGC072N4H                  Haier                      HGC090N3H
Haier                       HGC090N4H                  Haier                      HGC108N5H
Haier                       HGC126N5H                  Haier                      HGV054N3H
Haier                       HGV072N3H                  Haier                      HGV072N4H
Haier                       HGV090N3H                  Haier                      HGV090N4H
Haier                       HGV108N5H                  Haier                      HGV126N5H
Hamilton Engineering        HWD-129*                   Hamilton Engineering       HWD-179*
Hamilton Engineering        HWD-199ASME*               Hamilton Engineering       HWD-299ASME*
Hamilton Engineering        HWH-129*                   Hamilton Engineering       HWH-129.8*
Hamilton Engineering        HWH-179*                   Hamilton Engineering       HWH-179.8*
Hamilton Engineering        HWH-199*                   Hamilton Engineering       HWH-199ASME*
Hamilton Engineering        HWH-299*                   Hamilton Engineering       HWH-299ASME*
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH105-E5(N,NX)           Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH105-E5A
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH105-E5AX               Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH105-E5B
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH120-E5(N,NX)           Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH120-E5A
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH120-E5AX               Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH120-E5B
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH45-E3(N,NX)            Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH45-E3A
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH45-E3AX                Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH45-E3B
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH60-E3(N,NX)            Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH60-E3A
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH60-E3AX                Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH60-E3B
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH75-E3(N,NX)            Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH75-E3A
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH75-E3AX                Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH75-E3B
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH75-E4(N,NX)            Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH75-E4A
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH75-E4AX                Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH75-E4B
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH90-E3B                 Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH90-E5(N,NX)
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH90-E5A                 Heat Controller, Inc.      GLDH90-E5AX
Heat Controller, Inc.       GLDH90-E5B                 Heat Controller, Inc.      GLUA105-E5(N,NX)

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA105-E5A                 Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA105-E5AX
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA105-E5B                 Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA120-E5(N,NX)
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA120-E5A                 Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA120-E5AX
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA120-E5B                 Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA45-E3(N,NX)
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA45-E3A                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA45-E3AX
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA45-E3B                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA60-E3(N,NX)
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA60-E3A                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA60-E3AX
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA60-E3B                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E3A
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E3AX                 Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E3B
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E3C                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E4(N,NX)
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E4A                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E4AX
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E4B                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA75-E4C
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA90-E3B                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA90-E4B
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA90-E5(N,NX)             Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA90-E5A
Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA90-E5AX                 Heat Controller, Inc.            GLUA90-E5B
Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA105-E5A                 Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA120-E5A
Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA75-E3A                  Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA75-E4A
Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUV120-E5(B,BX)            Heil                             H9MPD*
Heil                             H9MPT*                      Heil                             H9MPV*
Heil                             N9MP2*                      Heil                             N9MPD*
Heil                             NCGM*                       Heil                             NCPM*
Heil                             NDGM*                       Heil                             NTG9*
Heil                             NTGM*                       Heil                             NTPM*
Heil                             NTVM*                       Heil                             NUG9*
Heil                             NUGM*                       Htp                              EL-110
Htp                              EL-150                      Htp                              EL-80
Htp                              Munchkin Contender MC 120   Htp                              Munchkin Contender MC 50
Htp                              Munchkin Contender MC 80    Htp                              Munchkin Contender MC 99
Hydrotherm                       KN-2                        Hydrotherm Boilers               AM-100
Hydrotherm Boilers               GX-150                      Hydrotherm Boilers               GX-200
Ibc Technologies Inc.            VFC 45-225                  Ibc Technologies Inc.            VFC-15-150
Iceco                            90RJ04EES**                 Iceco                            90RJ06EES**
Iceco                            90RJ07EES**                 Iceco                            90RJ07EFS**
Iceco                            90RJ09EJS**                 Iceco                            90RJ10EGS**
Iceco                            90RJ12EHS**                 Iceco                            90TJ04EES**
Iceco                            90TJ06EES**                 Iceco                            90TJ07EES**
Iceco                            90TJ07EFS**                 Iceco                            90TJ09EJS**
Iceco                            90TJ10EGS**                 Iceco                            90TJ12EHS**
International Comfort Products   C9MPD050F12**               International Comfort Products   C9MPD075F12**
International Comfort Products   C9MPD080J16**               International Comfort Products   C9MPD100J14**
International Comfort Products   C9MPD100J20**               International Comfort Products   C9MPD125L20**
International Comfort Products   C9MPT050F12**               International Comfort Products   C9MPT075F14**
International Comfort Products   C9MPT100J16**               International Comfort Products   C9MPT125L20**
International Comfort Products   C9MPV050F12**               International Comfort Products   C9MPV075F12**
International Comfort Products   C9MPV100J20**               International Comfort Products   C9MPV125L20**
International Comfort Products   C9UHX060F12*                International Comfort Products   C9UHX080J12*
International Comfort Products   C9UHX100L20*                International Comfort Products   H9MPD050F12**
International Comfort Products   H9MPD075F12**               International Comfort Products   H9MPD080J16**
International Comfort Products   H9MPD100J14**               International Comfort Products   H9MPD100J20**
International Comfort Products   H9MPD125L20**               International Comfort Products   H9MPT050F12**
International Comfort Products   H9MPT075F14**               International Comfort Products   H9MPT100J16**
International Comfort Products   H9MPT125L20**               International Comfort Products   H9MPV050F12**
International Comfort Products   H9MPV075F12**               International Comfort Products   H9MPV100J20**
International Comfort Products   H9MPV125L20**               International Comfort Products   H9UHX060F12*
International Comfort Products   H9UHX080J12*                International Comfort Products   H9UHX100L20*
International Comfort Products   N9MP1040B08**               International Comfort Products   N9MP1050B12**
International Comfort Products   N9MP1060B12**               International Comfort Products   N9MP1075B12**
International Comfort Products   N9MP1080F16**               International Comfort Products   N9MP1100F14**
International Comfort Products   N9MP1100J20**               International Comfort Products   N9MP1125J20**
International Comfort Products   N9MP2050B12**               International Comfort Products   N9MP2075B12**

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
International Comfort Products   N9MP2080F16**            International Comfort Products   N9MP2100F14**
International Comfort Products   N9MP2100J20**            International Comfort Products   N9MP2125J20**
International Comfort Products   N9MPD040F08              International Comfort Products   N9MPD050F12**
International Comfort Products   N9MPD060F12              International Comfort Products   N9MPD075F12**
International Comfort Products   N9MPD080J16**            International Comfort Products   N9MPD100J14**
International Comfort Products   N9MPD100J20**            International Comfort Products   N9MPD125L20**
International Comfort Products   T9MPD050F12**            International Comfort Products   T9MPD075F12**
International Comfort Products   T9MPD080J16**            International Comfort Products   T9MPD100J14**
International Comfort Products   T9MPD100J20**            International Comfort Products   T9MPD125L20**
International Comfort Products   T9MPT050F12**            International Comfort Products   T9MPT075F14**
International Comfort Products   T9MPT100J16**            International Comfort Products   T9MPT125L20**
International Comfort Products   T9MPV050F12**            International Comfort Products   T9MPV075F12**
International Comfort Products   T9MPV100J20**            International Comfort Products   T9MPV125L20**
International Comfort Products   T9UHX060F12*             International Comfort Products   T9UHX080J12*
International Comfort Products   T9UHX100L20*             International Comfort Products   WFHR040B024xx
International Comfort Products   WFHR040B036xx            International Comfort Products   WFHR060B024xx
International Comfort Products   WFHR060B036xx            International Comfort Products   WFHR060B048xx
International Comfort Products   WFHR080B036xx            International Comfort Products   WFHR080B048xx
International Comfort Products   WFHR100C048xx            International Comfort Products   WFHR100C060x
International Comfort Products   WFHR100C060xx            International Comfort Products   WFHR120D060x
International Comfort Products   WFHR120D060xx            Intertherm                       G6RC 040*-08A
Intertherm                       G6RC 040*-12A            Intertherm                       G6RC 060*-12A
Intertherm                       G6RC 080*-12B            Intertherm                       G6RC 080*-16B
Intertherm                       G6RC 100*-16B            Intertherm                       G6RC 120*-16C
Intertherm                       G6RC 120*-20C            Intertherm                       G6RC*
Intertherm                       G6RC100*-20B             Intertherm                       G6RL 040*-12A
Intertherm                       G6RL 060*-12A            Intertherm                       G6RL 080*-16B
Intertherm                       G6RL 100*-16B            Intertherm                       G6RL 120*-20C
Intertherm                       G6RL*                    Intertherm                       G6T*
Intertherm                       G6TC 060*-VA             Intertherm                       G6TC 080*-VB
Intertherm                       G6TC 100*-VB             Intertherm                       G6TC 120*-VC
Intertherm                       G6TL 060*-VA             Intertherm                       G6TL 060*-VB
Intertherm                       G6TL 080*-VB             Intertherm                       G6TL 120*-VB
Intertherm                       L1RC 040*-08A            Intertherm                       L1RC 060*-12A
Intertherm                       L1RC 080*-12B            Intertherm                       L1RC 080*-16B
Intertherm                       L1RC 100*-16B            Intertherm                       L1RC 120*-16C
Intertherm                       L1RC 120*-20C            Intertherm                       M2R*
Intertherm                       M2RC-080A-16-B*          Intertherm                       M2RC-100A-16-B*
Intertherm                       M2RL-060A-16B*           Intertherm                       M2RL-080A-16-B*
Intertherm                       M2RL-100A-16-B*          Intertherm                       M3RL 060A AW
Intertherm                       M3RL 060A BW             Intertherm                       M3RL 080A AW
Intertherm                       M3RL 080A BW             Intertherm                       M3RL*
Intertherm                       M4RL 090D-35C            Intertherm                       PGF1TL 060*-VB
Keeprite                         N9MPD*                   Kelvinator                       G6RC*
Kelvinator                       G6RC040*-08A             Kelvinator                       G6RC040*-12A
Kelvinator                       G6RC060*-12A             Kelvinator                       G6RC080*-12B
Kelvinator                       G6RC080*-16B             Kelvinator                       G6RC100*-16B
Kelvinator                       G6RC120*-16C             Kelvinator                       G6RC120*-20C
Kelvinator                       G6RL*                    Kelvinator                       G6RL040*-12A
Kelvinator                       G6RL060*-12A             Kelvinator                       G6RL080*-16B
Kelvinator                       G6RL100*-16B             Kelvinator                       G6TC092*-VB
Kelvinator                       G6TC110*-VC              Kelvinator                       G6TL092*-VB
Kelvinator                       KG6RC 040*-08A           Kelvinator                       KG6RC 040*-12A
Kelvinator                       KG6RC 060*-12A           Kelvinator                       KG6RC 080*-12B
Kelvinator                       KG6RC 080*-16B           Kelvinator                       KG6RC 100*-16B
Kelvinator                       KG6RC 120*-16C           Kelvinator                       KG6RC 120*-20C
Kelvinator                       KG6RC100*-20B            Kelvinator                       KG6RL 040*-12A
Kelvinator                       KG6RL 060*-12A           Kelvinator                       KG6RL 080*-16B
Kelvinator                       KG6RL 100*-16B           Kelvinator                       KG6RL 120*-20C
Kelvinator                       KG6TC 060*-VA            Kelvinator                       KG6TC 080*-VB

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Kelvinator                  KG6TC 100*-VB              Kelvinator                 KG6TC 120*-VC
Kelvinator                  KG6TC*                     Kelvinator                 KG6TL 060*-VA
Kelvinator                  KG6TL 060*-VB              Kelvinator                 KG6TL 080*-VB
Kelvinator                  KG6TL 120*-VB              Kelvinator                 KG7S (C,L)*
Kelvinator                  KG7SC 038D-23A             Kelvinator                 KG7SC 054D-24B
Kelvinator                  KG7SC 072D-24B             Kelvinator                 KG7SC 072D-35C
Kelvinator                  KG7SC 090D-35C             Kelvinator                 KG7SC 108D-45D
Kelvinator                  KG7SC 120D-45D             Kelvinator                 KG7SC*
Kelvinator                  KG7SL 054D-24B             Kelvinator                 KG7SL 072D-24B
Kelvinator                  KG7SL 090D-35C             Kelvinator                 KG7SL 120D-45D
Kelvinator                  KG7SL*                     Kelvinator                 KG7TL 120*-*
Kelvinator                  L1RC*                      Laars Heating System       HT
Laars Heating System        SMB                        Lennox                     AM30*
Lennox                      G21V*                      Lennox                     G26*
Lennox                      G32*                       Lennox                     G41*
Lennox                      G43UF*                     Lennox                     G43UF-24B-045-**
Lennox                      G43UF-24B-070-**           Lennox                     G43UF-36B-070-**
Lennox                      G43UF-36C-090-**           Lennox                     G43UF-36C-090H-**
Lennox                      G43UF-48C-090-**           Lennox                     G43UF-48C-110-**
Lennox                      G43UF-48C-110H-**          Lennox                     G43UF-60C-110-**
Lennox                      G43UF-60D-135-**           Lennox                     G51*
Lennox                      G51MP-24B-045-**           Lennox                     G51MP-36B-045-**
Lennox                      G51MP-36B-070-**           Lennox                     G51MP-36C-090-**
Lennox                      G51MP-48C-090-**           Lennox                     G51MP-48C-110-**
Lennox                      G51MP-60C-090-**           Lennox                     G51MP-60C-110-**
Lennox                      G51MP-60D-135-**           Lennox                     G61MP*
Lennox                      G61MP-*                    Lennox                     G61MP-36B-045-**
Lennox                      G61MP-36B-070-**           Lennox                     G61MP-48C-090-**
Lennox                      G61MP-48C-110-**           Lennox                     G61MP-60C-090-**
Lennox                      G61MP-60C-110-**           Lennox                     G61MP-60D-135-**
Lennox                      G61MPV*                    Lennox                     G61MPV-36B-045-**
Lennox                      G61MPV-36B-070-*           Lennox                     G61MPV-36C-090-*
Lennox                      G61MPV-60C-090-*           Lennox                     G61MPV-60C-110-*
Lennox                      G61MPV-60D-135-*           Lennox                     GHR26*
Lennox                      GHR32*                     Lennox                     GSR21V*
Lennox                      GWB9-050IH                 Lennox                     GWB9-075IH
Lennox                      GWB9-100IH                 Lennox                     HM30*
Lennox                      HR26*                      Luxaire                    G9D
Luxaire                     G9T                        Luxaire                    G9V
Luxaire                     GM9                        Luxaire                    P*LD
Luxaire                     P*LU                       Luxaire (Basis)            FG9
Maytag                      FG6TL080*-VB               Maytag                     MGC1RC*
Maytag                      MGC2S (C,L)*               Maytag                     MGC2SC 038D-23A
Maytag                      MGC2SC 054D-24B            Maytag                     MGC2SC 072D-24B
Maytag                      MGC2SC 072D-35C            Maytag                     MGC2SC 090D-35C
Maytag                      MGC2SC 108D-45D            Maytag                     MGC2SC 120D-45D
Maytag                      MGC2SC*                    Maytag                     MGC2SL 054D-24B
Maytag                      MGC2SL 072D-24B            Maytag                     MGC2SL 090D-35C
Maytag                      MGC2SL 120D-45D            Maytag                     MGC2SL*
Maytag                      MGC2TL120*-*               Maytag                     MGF1RC 040*-08A
Maytag                      MGF1RC 040*-12A            Maytag                     MGF1RC 060*-12A
Maytag                      MGF1RC 080*-12B            Maytag                     MGF1RC 080*-16B
Maytag                      MGF1RC 100*-16B            Maytag                     MGF1RC 120*-16C
Maytag                      MGF1RC 120*-20C            Maytag                     MGF1RC040*08A
Maytag                      MGF1RC040*12A              Maytag                     MGF1RC060*12A
Maytag                      MGF1RC080*12B              Maytag                     MGF1RC080*16B
Maytag                      MGF1RC100*16B              Maytag                     MGF1RC100*-20B
Maytag                      MGF1RC120*16C              Maytag                     MGF1RC120*20C
Maytag                      MGF1RL 040*-12A            Maytag                     MGF1RL 060*-12A
Maytag                      MGF1RL 080*-16B            Maytag                     MGF1RL 100*-16B

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           Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Maytag                         MGF1RL 120*-20C            Maytag                     MGF1RL040*12A
Maytag                         MGF1RL060*12A              Maytag                     MGF1RL080*16B
Maytag                         MGF1RL100*16B              Maytag                     MGF1TC
Maytag                         MGF1TC 060*-VA             Maytag                     MGF1TC 080*-VB
Maytag                         MGF1TC 100*-VB             Maytag                     MGF1TC 120*-VC
Maytag                         MGF1TC*                    Maytag                     MGF1TC092*VB
Maytag                         MGF1TC110*VC               Maytag                     MGF1TL 060*-VA
Maytag                         MGF1TL 060*-VB             Maytag                     MGF1TL 080*-VB
Maytag                         MGF1TL 120*-VB             Maytag                     MGF1TL080*VB
Maytag                         MGF1TL092*VB               Maytag                     PGC1RC*
Maytag                         PGC2TL120D*                Maytag                     PGF1RC 040*-08A
Maytag                         PGF1RC 040*-12A            Maytag                     PGF1RC 060*-12A
Maytag                         PGF1RC 080*-12B            Maytag                     PGF1RC 080*-16B
Maytag                         PGF1RC 100*-16B            Maytag                     PGF1RC 120*-16C
Maytag                         PGF1RC 120*-20C            Maytag                     PGF1RC*
Maytag                         PGF1RC040*08A              Maytag                     PGF1RC040*12A
Maytag                         PGF1RC060*12A              Maytag                     PGF1RC080*12B
Maytag                         PGF1RC080*16B              Maytag                     PGF1RC100*16B
Maytag                         PGF1RC100*-20B             Maytag                     PGF1RC120*16C
Maytag                         PGF1RC120*20C              Maytag                     PGF1RL 040*-12A
Maytag                         PGF1RL 060*-12A            Maytag                     PGF1RL 080*-16B
Maytag                         PGF1RL 100*-16B            Maytag                     PGF1RL 120*-20C
Maytag                         PGF1RL*                    Maytag                     PGF1T*
Maytag                         PGF1T**                    Maytag                     PGF1TC 060*-VA
Maytag                         PGF1TC 080*-VB             Maytag                     PGF1TC 100*-VB
Maytag                         PGF1TC 120*-VC             Maytag                     PGF1TC*
Maytag                         PGF1TC060*-VB              Maytag                     PGF1TC080*-VB
Maytag                         PGF1TC092*VB               Maytag                     PGF1TC110*VC
Maytag                         PGF1TL 060*-VA             Maytag                     PGF1TL 060*-VB
Maytag                         PGF1TL 080*-VB             Maytag                     PGF1TL 120*-VB
Maytag                         PGF1TL060*-VB              Maytag                     PGF1TL080*VB
Maytag                         PGF1TL092*VB               Maytag                     PGF1TL110*-VC
Meridian                       CCA                        Meridian                   CCA Series
Meridian                       CSA                        Meridian                   CSA Series
Meridian                       VCA                        Meridian                   VCA Series
Meridian                       VSA                        Meridian                   VSA Series
Mestek                         rAy                        Miller                     G6RC*
Miller                         G6RC040*-08A               Miller                     G6RC040*-12A
Miller                         G6RC060*-12A               Miller                     G6RC080*-12B
Miller                         G6RC080*-16B               Miller                     G6RC100*-16B
Miller                         G6RC120*-16C               Miller                     G6RC120*-20C
Miller                         G6RL*                      Miller                     G6RL040*-12A
Miller                         G6RL060*-12A               Miller                     G6RL080*-16B
Miller                         G6RL100*-16B               Miller                     KG6RC 040*-08A
Miller                         KG6RC 040*-12A             Miller                     KG6RC 060*-12A
Miller                         KG6RC 080*-12B             Miller                     KG6RC 080*-16B
Miller                         KG6RC 100*-16B             Miller                     KG6RC 120*-16C
Miller                         KG6RC 120*-20C             Miller                     KG6RC100*-20B
Miller                         KG6RL 040*-12A             Miller                     KG6RL 060*-12A
Miller                         KG6RL 080*-16B             Miller                     KG6RL 100*-16B
Miller                         KG6RL 120*-20C             Miller                     KG6TC 060*-VA
Miller                         KG6TC 080*-VB              Miller                     KG6TC 100*-VB
Miller                         KG6TC 120*-VC              Miller                     KG6TL 060*-VA
Miller                         KG6TL 060*-VB              Miller                     KG6TL 080*-VB
Miller                         KG6TL 120*-VB              Miller                     M2R*
Miller                         M2RC-080A-16-B*            Miller                     M2RC-100A-16-B*
Miller                         M2RL-060A-16B*             Miller                     M2RL-080A-16-B*
Miller                         M2RL-100A-16-B*            Miller                     M3RL 060A AW
Miller                         M3RL 060A BW               Miller                     M3RL 080A AW
Miller                         M3RL 080A BW               Miller                     M3RL*

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Miller                      M4RL 090D-35C              Navien America             CH-180
Navien America              CH-210                     Navien America             CH-240
Noritz                      N-0841MC (LP)              Nti                        M100
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6RC 040*-08A             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6RC 040*-12A
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6RC 060*-12A             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6RC 080*-12B
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6RC 080*-16B             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6RC 100*-16B
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6RC 120*-16C             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6RC 120*-20C
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6RC100*-20B              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6RL 040*-12A
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6RL 060*-12A             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6RL 080*-16B
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6RL 100*-16B             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6RL 120*-20C
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6TC 060*-VA              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6TC 080*-VB
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6TC 100*-VB              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6TC 120*-VC
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6TL 060*-VA              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6TL 060*-VB
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6TL 080*-VB              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6TL 092*-VB
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG6TL 110*-VC              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG6TL 120*-VB
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7S (C,L)*                Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG7SC 038D-23A
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7SC 054D-24B             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG7SC 072D-24B
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7SC 072D-35C             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG7SC 090D-35C
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7SC 108D-45D             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG7SC 120D-45D
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7SC*                     Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG7SL 054D-24B
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7SL 072D-24B             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG7SL 090D-35C
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7SL 120D-45D             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      FG7SL*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       FG7TL 120*-*               Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7S (C,L)*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       KG7SC 038D-23A             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7SC 054D-24B
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       KG7SC 072D-24B             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7SC 072D-35C
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       KG7SC 090D-35C             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7SC 108D-45D
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       KG7SC 120D-45D             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7SC*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       KG7SL 054D-24B             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7SL 072D-24B
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       KG7SL 090D-35C             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7SL 120D-45D
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.       KG7SL*                     Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.      KG7TL 120*-*
Olsen                       GTHB*                      Oneida Royal               GTH 50
Oneida Royal                GTH 70                     Oneida Royal               GTHB*
Payne                       340MAV*                    Payne                      345MAV*
Payne                       350MAV*                    Payne                      490AAV*
Payne                       PG9*                       Payne                      PG9MAB*
Payne                       PG9MAB024040*              Payne                      PG9MAB024040**
Payne                       PG9MAB024040x              Payne                      PG9MAB024060*
Payne                       PG9MAB024060**             Payne                      PG9MAB024060x
Payne                       PG9MAB036040*              Payne                      PG9MAB036040**
Payne                       PG9MAB036040x              Payne                      PG9MAB036060*
Payne                       PG9MAB036060**             Payne                      PG9MAB036060x
Payne                       PG9MAB036080*              Payne                      PG9MAB036080**
Payne                       PG9MAB036080x              Payne                      PG9MAB048060*
Payne                       PG9MAB048060**             Payne                      PG9MAB048060x
Payne                       PG9MAB048080*              Payne                      PG9MAB048080**
Payne                       PG9MAB048080x              Payne                      PG9MAB048100*
Payne                       PG9MAB048100**             Payne                      PG9MAB048100x
Payne                       PG9MAB060080*              Payne                      PG9MAB060080**
Payne                       PG9MAB060080x              Payne                      PG9MAB060100*
Payne                       PG9MAB060100**             Payne                      PG9MAB060100x
Payne                       PG9MAB060120*              Payne                      PG9MAB060120**
Payne                       PG9MAB060120x              Payne                      PG9MAB060140*
Payne                       PG9MAB060140**             Payne                      PG9MAB060140***
Payne                       PG9MTAV36050A*SS           Payne                      PG9MTAV36075A*SS
Payne                       PG9MTAV60100A*SS           Payne                      PG9MTAV60125A*SS
Payne                       PG9MXA036060*              Payne                      PG9MXA036060**
Payne                       PG9MXA036060***            Payne                      PG9MXA036060x
Payne                       PG9MXA036060xx             Payne                      PG9MXA036060xxx
Payne                       PG9MXA036080*              Payne                      PG9MXA036080**
Payne                       PG9MXA036080***            Payne                      PG9MXA036080x

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Payne                            PG9MXA036080xx              Payne                            PG9MXA036080xxx
Payne                            PG9MXA048080*               Payne                            PG9MXA048080**
Payne                            PG9MXA048080***             Payne                            PG9MXA048080x
Payne                            PG9MXA048080xx              Payne                            PG9MXA048080xxx
Payne                            PG9MXA060100*               Payne                            PG9MXA060100**
Payne                            PG9MXA060100***             Payne                            PG9MXA060100x
Payne                            PG9MXA060100xx              Payne                            PG9MXA060100xxx
Payne                            PG9MXA060120*               Payne                            PG9MXA060120**
Payne                            PG9MXA060120***             Payne                            PG9MXA060120x
Payne                            PG9MXA060120xx              Payne                            PG9MXA060120xxx
Peerless (P.B. Heat)             Cast 92-2                   Peerless (P.B. Heat)             Cast 92-4
Philco                           G6RC*                       Philco                           G6RL*
Philco                           G6T*                        Philco                           KG6RC 040*-08A
Philco                           KG6RC 040*-12A              Philco                           KG6RC 060*-12A
Philco                           KG6RC 080*-12B              Philco                           KG6RC 080*-16B
Philco                           KG6RC 100*-16B              Philco                           KG6RC 120*-16C
Philco                           KG6RC 120*-20C              Philco                           KG6RC100*-20B
Philco                           KG6RL 040*-12A              Philco                           KG6RL 060*-12A
Philco                           KG6RL 080*-16B              Philco                           KG6RL 100*-16B
Philco                           KG6RL 120*-20C              Philco                           KG6TC 060*-VA
Philco                           KG6TC 080*-VB               Philco                           KG6TC 100*-VB
Philco                           KG6TC 120*-VC               Philco                           KG6TC*
Philco                           KG6TL 060*-VA               Philco                           KG6TL 060*-VB
Philco                           KG6TL 080*-VB               Philco                           KG6TL 120*-VB
Philco                           KG7S (C,L)*                 Philco                           KG7SC 038D-23A
Philco                           KG7SC 054D-24B              Philco                           KG7SC 072D-24B
Philco                           KG7SC 072D-35C              Philco                           KG7SC 090D-35C
Philco                           KG7SC 108D-45D              Philco                           KG7SC 120D-45D
Philco                           KG7SC*                      Philco                           KG7SL 054D-24B
Philco                           KG7SL 072D-24B              Philco                           KG7SL 090D-35C
Philco                           KG7SL 120D-45D              Philco                           KG7SL*
Philco                           KG7TL 120*-*                Philco                           L1RC*
Proseries                        PSCMPxxxxxxx                Quietside                        (M)DPW-099A
Quietside                        (M)DPW-120A                 Raypak Inc.                      XPak Model 120
Raypak Inc.                      XPak Model 85               Rheem                            90RS*
Rheem                            90RS04EES**                 Rheem                            90RS06EES**
Rheem                            90RS09EGS**                 Rheem                            90RS09EJS**
Rheem                            90RS10EGS**                 Rheem                            90RS12EHS**
Rheem                            90RT*                       Rheem                            90RT07EES01
Rheem                            90RT07EFS01                 Rheem                            90TS*
Rheem                            90TS04EES**                 Rheem                            90TS06EES**
Rheem                            90TS07EES**                 Rheem                            90TS07EFS**
Rheem                            90TS09EGS**                 Rheem                            90TS09EJS**
Rheem                            90TS10EGS**                 Rheem                            90TS12EHS**
Rheem                            RGFD*                       Rheem                            RGFE*
Rheem                            RGGD*                       Rheem                            RGGE*
Rheem                            RGJD*                       Rheem                            RGJF*
Rheem                            RGRA*                       Rheem                            RGRB*
Rheem                            RGRJ*                       Rheem                            RGRS*
Rheem                            RGRS-04EMAES                Rheem                            RGRT*
Rheem                            RGTA*                       Rheem                            RGTJ*
Rheem                            RGTK*                       Rheem                            RGTS*
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGFD-06(E,N)MCKS**          Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGFD-07(E,N)MCKS**
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGFD-09(E;N)ZCMS**          Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGFD-10(E,N)ZCMS**
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGFD-12(E,N)RCMS**          Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGGD-06(E,N)MCKS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGGD-07(E,N)MCKS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGGD-09(E,N)ZCMS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGGD-10(E,N)ZCMS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGGD-12(E,N)RCMS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGJD-06(E,N)MCKS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGJD-07(E,N)MCKS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGJD-09(E,N)ZCMS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGJD-10(E,N)ZCMS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGJD-12(E,N)RCMS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRA-04EMAES

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRA-06EMAES                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRA-07EYBGS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRA-09EZAJS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRA-10EZAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRA-12ERAJS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRB-07EMAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRB-07EYBGS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRK-07(E,N)MAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRK-07(E,N)YBGS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRK-10(E,N)ZAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRK-12(E,N)RAJS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTA-04EMAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTA-06EMAES                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTA-07EMAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTA-07EYBGS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTA-09EZAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTA-10EZAJS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTA-12ERAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTK-06(E,N)MAES            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTK-07(E,N)MAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTK-07(E,N)YBGS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTK-09(E,N)ZAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTK-10(E,N)ZAJS            Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGTK-12(E,N)RAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-04EMAES                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-06EMAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-07EMAES                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-07EYBGS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-09EZAGS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-09EZAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-10EZAJS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGRS-12ERAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-04EMAES                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-06EMAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-07EMAES                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-07EYBGS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-09EZAGS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-09EZAJS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-10EZAJS                Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   TGTS-12ERAJS
Ruud                             90RS*                       Ruud                             90RT*
Ruud                             90TS*                       Ruud                             RGFE*
Ruud                             RGGE*                       Ruud                             RGJF*
Ruud                             RGRS*                       Ruud                             RGRT*
Ruud                             RGTS*                       Ruud                             UGFD*
Ruud                             UGFD-06(E,N)MCKS**          Ruud                             UGFD-07(E,N)MCKS**
Ruud                             UGFD-09(E,N)ZCMS**          Ruud                             UGFD-10(E,N)ZCMS**
Ruud                             UGFD-12(E,N)RCMS**          Ruud                             UGGD*
Ruud                             UGGD-06(E,N)MCKS            Ruud                             UGGD-07(E,N)MCKS
Ruud                             UGGD-09(E,N)ZCMS            Ruud                             UGGD-10(E,N)ZCMS
Ruud                             UGGD-12(E,N)RCMS            Ruud                             UGJD*
Ruud                             UGJD-06(E,N)MCKS            Ruud                             UGJD-07(E,N)MCKS
Ruud                             UGJD-09(E,N)ZCMS            Ruud                             UGJD-10(E,N)ZCMS
Ruud                             UGJD-12(E,N)RCMS            Ruud                             UGRA*
Ruud                             UGRA-04EMAES                Ruud                             UGRA-06EMAES
Ruud                             UGRA-09EZAJS                Ruud                             UGRA-10EZAJS
Ruud                             UGRA-12ERAJS                Ruud                             UGRB*
Ruud                             UGRB-07EMAES                Ruud                             UGRB-07EYBGS
Ruud                             UGRJ*                       Ruud                             UGRJ-04EMAES
Ruud                             UGRJ-06EMAES                Ruud                             UGRJ-07EMAES
Ruud                             UGRJ-07EYBES                Ruud                             UGRJ-07EYBGS
Ruud                             UGRJ-09EZAGS                Ruud                             UGRJ-09EZAJS
Ruud                             UGRJ-10EZAGS                Ruud                             UGRJ-10EZAJS
Ruud                             UGRJ-12ERAGS                Ruud                             UGRJ-12ERAJS
Ruud                             UGRK-04(E,N)MAES            Ruud                             UGRK-06(E,N)MAES
Ruud                             UGRK-07(E,N)MAES            Ruud                             UGRK-07(E,N)YBGS
Ruud                             UGRK-09(E,N)ZAJS            Ruud                             UGRK-10(E,N)ZAJS
Ruud                             UGRK-12(E,N)RAJS            Ruud                             UGRS*
Ruud                             UGRT*                       Ruud                             UGTA*
Ruud                             UGTA-04EMAES                Ruud                             UGTA-06EMAES
Ruud                             UGTA-07EMAES                Ruud                             UGTA-07EYBGS
Ruud                             UGTA-09EZAJS                Ruud                             UGTA-10EZAJS
Ruud                             UGTA-12ERAJS                Ruud                             UGTJ*
Ruud                             UGTJ-04EMAES                Ruud                             UGTJ-06EMAES
Ruud                             UGTJ-07EMAES                Ruud                             UGTJ-07EYBES
Ruud                             UGTJ-07EYBGS                Ruud                             UGTJ-09EZAGS
Ruud                             UGTJ-09EZAJS                Ruud                             UGTJ-10EZAGS
Ruud                             UGTJ-10EZAJS                Ruud                             UGTJ-12ERAGS
Ruud                             UGTJ-12ERAJS                Ruud                             UGTK*
Ruud                             UGTK-06(E,N)MAES            Ruud                             UGTK-07(E,N)MAES

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Ruud                         UGTK-07(E,N)YBGS           Ruud                       UGTK-09(E,N)ZAJS
Ruud                         UGTK-10(E,N)ZAJS           Ruud                       UGTK-12(E,N)RAJS
Ruud                         UGTS*                      Sears                      *9MP1075B12**
Sears                        *9MPD075F12**              Sears                      *9MPT050F12**
Sears                        *9MPT075F14**              Sears                      *9MPT100J16**
Sears                        *9MPT125L20**              Sears                      C9UHX060F12*
Sears                        C9UHX080J12*               Sears                      C9UHX100L20*
Sears                        H9MPV050F12**              Sears                      H9MPV075F12**
Sears                        H9MPV100J20**              Sears                      H9MPV125L20**
Sears                        H9UHX060F12*               Sears                      H9UHX080J12*
Sears                        H9UHX100L20*               Sears                      N9MP1050B12**
Sears                        N9MP1075B12**              Sears                      N9MP1080F16**
Sears                        N9MP1100F14**              Sears                      N9MP1100J20**
Sears                        N9MP1125J20**              Sears                      N9MP2050B12**
Sears                        N9MP2075B12**              Sears                      N9MP2080F16**
Sears                        N9MP2100F14**              Sears                      N9MP2100J20**
Sears                        N9MP2125J20**              Sears                      N9MPD050F12**
Sears                        N9MPD075F12**              Sears                      N9MPD080J16**
Sears                        N9MPD100J14**              Sears                      N9MPD100J20**
Sears                        N9MPD125L20**              Sears                      T9UHX060F12*
Sears                        T9UHX080J12*               Sears                      T9UHX100L20*
Service Experts, Inc.        PSCMPB050C3*               Service Experts, Inc.      PSCMPB050U2*
Service Experts, Inc.        PSCMPB075C3*               Service Experts, Inc.      PSCMPB100C4*
Service Experts, Inc.        PSCMPB125C5*               Service Experts, Inc.      PSCMPE050U3*
Service Experts, Inc.        PSCMPE075U2*               Service Experts, Inc.      PSCMPE075U3*
Service Experts, Inc.        PSCMPE100U3*               Service Experts, Inc.      PSCMPE100U4*
Service Experts, Inc.        PSCMPE125U5*               Sime                       30/50BF
Sime                         60BFR                      Slant/Fin Corporation      B-120
Slant/Fin Corporation        B-120A                     Slant/Fin Corporation      B-200
Slant/Fin Corporation        B-200A                     Slant/Fin Corporation      LX-85
Smith Cast Iron Boil         CHG150                     Smith Cast Iron Boil       Cosmo Gas 45WN
Smith Cast Iron Boil         GT-150, GT-200             Spacepak                   Cosmo Gas 45WN
Spacepak                     SS160-C                    Tappan                     FG6RC 040*-08A
Tappan                       FG6RC 040*-12A             Tappan                     FG6RC 060*-12A
Tappan                       FG6RC 080*-12B             Tappan                     FG6RC 080*-16B
Tappan                       FG6RC 100*-16B             Tappan                     FG6RC 120*-16C
Tappan                       FG6RC 120*-20C             Tappan                     FG6RC*
Tappan                       FG6RC100*-20B              Tappan                     FG6RL*
Tappan                       FG6RL040*-12A              Tappan                     FG6RL060*-12A
Tappan                       FG6RL080*-16B              Tappan                     FG6RL100*-16B
Tappan                       FG6RL120*-20C              Tappan                     FG6T*
Tappan                       FG6TC 100*-VB              Tappan                     FG6TC*
Tappan                       FG6TC060*-VA               Tappan                     FG6TC080*-VB
Tappan                       FG6TC100*-VB               Tappan                     FG6TC120*-VC
Tappan                       FG6TL 060*-VA              Tappan                     FG6TL 120*-VB
Tappan                       FG6TL060*-VB               Tappan                     FG6TL080*-VB
Tappan                       FG7S (C,L)*                Tappan                     FG7S*
Tappan                       FG7SC 038D-23A             Tappan                     FG7SC 054D-24B
Tappan                       FG7SC 072D-24B             Tappan                     FG7SC 072D-35C
Tappan                       FG7SC 090D-35C             Tappan                     FG7SC 108D-45D
Tappan                       FG7SC 120D-45D             Tappan                     FG7SC*
Tappan                       FG7SL 054D-24B             Tappan                     FG7SL 072D-24B
Tappan                       FG7SL 090D-35C             Tappan                     FG7SL 120D-45D
Tappan                       FG7SL*                     Tappan                     FG7TL 120*-*
Tappan                       L1RC*                      Tempstar                   N9MP1*
Tempstar                     N9MP2*                     Tempstar                   N9MPD*
Tempstar                     NCGM*                      Tempstar                   NCPM*
Tempstar                     NDGM*                      Tempstar                   NTG9*
Tempstar                     NTGM*                      Tempstar                   NTGS*
Tempstar                     NTPM*                      Tempstar                   NTVM*

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Tempstar                    NUG9*                      Tempstar                   NUGM*
Tempstar                    T9MPD*                     Tempstar                   T9MPT*
Tempstar                    T9MPV*                     Texas Furnace, Llc         CCA054NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CCA054NH3RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         CCA072NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CCA072NH3RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         CCA072NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CCA072NH4RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         CCA090NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CCA090NH3RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         CCA090NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CCA090NH4RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         CCA108NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CCA108NH5RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         CCA126NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CCA126NH5RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA Series                 Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA054NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA054NH3RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA072NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA072NH3RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA072NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA072NH4RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA090NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA090NH3RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA090NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA090NH4RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA108NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA108NH5RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         CSA126NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          CSA126NH5RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         VCA054NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VCA054NH3RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         VCA072NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VCA072NH3RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         VCA072NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VCA072NH4RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         VCA090NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VCA090NH3RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         VCA090NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VCA090NH4RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         VCA108NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VCA108NH5RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         VCA126NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VCA126NH5RH                Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA Series                 Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA054NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA054NH3RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA072NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA072NH3RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA072NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA072NH4RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA090NH3R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA090NH3RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA090NH4R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA090NH4RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA108NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA108NH5RX                Texas Furnace, Llc         VSA126NH5R
Texas Furnace, Llc          VSA126NH5RX                Tfc                        CCA
Tfc                         CCA Series                 Tfc                        CSA
Tfc                         CSA Series                 Tfc                        VCA
Tfc                         VCA Series                 Tfc                        VSA
Tfc                         VSA Series                 Therm                      CDBI-100
Therm                       CDBI-125                   Therm                      CDBI-50
Therm                       CDBI-75                    Therm                      CDX1-100N
Therm                       CDX1-125N                  Therm                      CDX1-75N
Therm                       CHBI-125                   Therm                      CHBI-75
Thermal Zone                G6RC*                      Thermal Zone               G6RC040*-08
Thermal Zone                G6RC040*-12A               Thermal Zone               G6RC060*-12A
Thermal Zone                G6RC080*-12B               Thermal Zone               G6RC080*-16B
Thermal Zone                G6RC100*-16B               Thermal Zone               G6RC120*-16C
Thermal Zone                G6RC120*-20C               Thermal Zone               G6RL*
Thermal Zone                G6RL040*-12A               Thermal Zone               G6RL060*-12A
Thermal Zone                G6RL080*-16B               Thermal Zone               G6RL100*-16B
Thermal Zone                G6T*                       Thermal Zone               G6T**
Thermal Zone                GD***M*                    Thermal Zone               GU***M*
Thermal Zone                GU***N*                    Thermal Zone               K7SC 108D-45D
Thermal Zone                KG6RC 040*-08A             Thermal Zone               KG6RC 040*-12A
Thermal Zone                KG6RC 060*-12A             Thermal Zone               KG6RC 080*-12B
Thermal Zone                KG6RC 080*-16B             Thermal Zone               KG6RC 100*-16B
Thermal Zone                KG6RC 120*-16C             Thermal Zone               KG6RC 120*-20C
Thermal Zone                KG6RC100*-20B              Thermal Zone               KG6RL 040*-12A
Thermal Zone                KG6RL 060*-12A             Thermal Zone               KG6RL 080*-16B
Thermal Zone                KG6RL 100*-16B             Thermal Zone               KG6RL 120*-20C
Thermal Zone                KG6TC 060*-VA              Thermal Zone               KG6TC 080*-VB
Thermal Zone                KG6TC 100*-VB              Thermal Zone               KG6TC 120*-VC

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Thermal Zone                KG6TL 060*-VA              Thermal Zone               KG6TL 060*-VB
Thermal Zone                KG6TL 080*-VB              Thermal Zone               KG6TL 120*-VB
Thermal Zone                KG7SC 038D-23A             Thermal Zone               KG7SC 054D-24B
Thermal Zone                KG7SC 072D-24B             Thermal Zone               KG7SC 072D-35C
Thermal Zone                KG7SC 090D-35C             Thermal Zone               KG7SC 120D-45D
Thermal Zone                KG7SL 054D-24B             Thermal Zone               KG7SL 072D-24B
Thermal Zone                KG7SL 090D-35C             Thermal Zone               KG7SL 120D-45D
Thermal Zone                KG7TL 120*-*               Thermo-Products, Llc.      CDBI-100
Thermo-Products, Llc.       CDBI-125                   Thermo-Products, Llc.      CDBI-50
Thermo-Products, Llc.       CDBI-75                    Thermo-Products, Llc.      CDX1-100N
Thermo-Products, Llc.       CDX1-125N                  Thermo-Products, Llc.      CDX1-75N
Thermo-Products, Llc.       CHBI-125                   Thermo-Products, Llc.      CHBI-75
Thermopride                 CDB*                       Thermopride                CDBI*
Thermopride                 CDX*                       Thermopride                CDXI*
Thermopride                 CHB*                       Thermopride                CHBI*
Thermopride                 CHX*                       Thermopride                CHXI*
Trane                       TDC*                       Trane                      TDC040C924B*
Trane                       TDC060C936B*               Trane                      TDC080C942B*
Trane                       TDC100C948B*               Trane                      TDC120C960B*
Trane                       TDC1B040A9241A*            Trane                      TDC1B060A9361A*
Trane                       TDC1B080A9421A*            Trane                      TDC1C100A9481A*
Trane                       TDC1D120A9601A*            Trane                      TDH3B060ACV3VA
Trane                       TDH3D120ACV5VA             Trane                      TDX060R936W*
Trane                       TDX080R942W*               Trane                      TDX1*
Trane                       TDX100R948W*               Trane                      TDX120R960W*
Trane                       TDX1B040A9241A*            Trane                      TDX1B040A9H21A*
Trane                       TDX1B040A9H21B*            Trane                      TDX1B060A9361A*
Trane                       TDX1B060A9H31A*            Trane                      TDX1B060A9H31B*
Trane                       TDX1B080A9421A*            Trane                      TDX1B080A9H31A*
Trane                       TDX1B080A9H31B*            Trane                      TDX1C100A9481A*
Trane                       TDX1C100A9H41A*            Trane                      TDX1C100A9H41B*
Trane                       TDX1D120A9601A*            Trane                      TDX1D120A9H51A*
Trane                       TDX1D120A9H51B*            Trane                      TDX2*
Trane                       TDX2B060A9362A*            Trane                      TDX2B080A9422A*
Trane                       TDX2C100A9482A*            Trane                      TDX2D120A9602A*
Trane                       TDX-R*                     Trane                      TDY*
Trane                       TDY060R9V3W*               Trane                      TDY080R9V3W*
Trane                       TDY100R9V4W*               Trane                      TDY120R9V5W*
Trane                       TUC*                       Trane                      TUC040C924B*
Trane                       TUC060C936B*               Trane                      TUC080C942B*
Trane                       TUC100C948B*               Trane                      TUC100C960B*
Trane                       TUC120C960B*               Trane                      TUC1B040A9241A*
Trane                       TUC1B060A9361A*            Trane                      TUC1B080A9421A*
Trane                       TUC1C100A9481A*            Trane                      TUC1D100A9601A*
Trane                       TUC1D120A9601A*            Trane                      TUX060R936W*
Trane                       TUX080R942W*               Trane                      TUX1*
Trane                       TUX100R948W*               Trane                      TUX120R960W*
Trane                       TUX1B040A9241A*            Trane                      TUX1B040A9H21A*
Trane                       TUX1B040A9H21B*            Trane                      TUX1B060A9241A*
Trane                       TUX1B060A9361A*            Trane                      TUX1B060A9H31A*
Trane                       TUX1B060A9H31B*            Trane                      TUX1B080A9241A
Trane                       TUX1B080A9421A*            Trane                      TUX1B080A9H31A*
Trane                       TUX1B080A9H31B*            Trane                      TUX1C080A9601A*
Trane                       TUX1C100A9361A*            Trane                      TUX1C100A9481A*
Trane                       TUX1C100A9H41A*            Trane                      TUX1C100A9H41B*
Trane                       TUX1D100A9601A*            Trane                      TUX1D120A9601A*
Trane                       TUX1D120A9H51A*            Trane                      TUX1D120A9H51B*
Trane                       TUX2*                      Trane                      TUX2B060A9362A*
Trane                       TUX2B060AFV3VA*            Trane                      TUX2B080A9422A*
Trane                       TUX2B080AFV3VA*            Trane                      TUX2C100A9482A*

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Trane                        TUX2C100AFV4VA*               Trane                        TUX2D120A9482A*
Trane                        TUX2D120AFV5VA*               Trane                        TUX-R*
Trane                        TUY*                          Trane                        TUY060R9V3W*
Trane                        TUY080R9V3W*                  Trane                        TUY100R9V4W*
Trane                        TUY120R9V5W*                  U.S. Boiler Co.              CHG225
U.S. Boiler Co.              FCM090                        United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH105TA
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH125TA                   United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH453TA
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH603TA                   United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH753TA
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH754TA                   United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH903TA
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91DH905TA                   United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP105TA
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP125TA                   United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP453TA
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP603TA                   United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP753TB
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP754TB                   United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP903TA
United Refrigeration, Inc.   TZ91UP905TA                   Utica Boilers                UB90-125
Utica Boilers                UB90-150                      Utica Boilers                UB90-175
Utica Boilers                UB90-200                      Utica Boilers                UB90-50
Viessmann                    WB26-24 to WB215-60           Weatherking                  90RJ*
Weatherking                  90RJ04(E,N)ES01               Weatherking                  90RJ06(E,N)ES01
Weatherking                  90RJ07(E,N)ES01               Weatherking                  90RJ07(E,N)FS01
Weatherking                  90RJ10(E,N)GS01               Weatherking                  90RJ12(E,N)HS01
Weatherking                  90RS*                         Weatherking                  90RT*
Weatherking                  90TJ*                         Weatherking                  90TJ04(E,N)ES01
Weatherking                  90TJ06(E,N)ES01               Weatherking                  90TJ07(E,N)ES01
Weatherking                  90TJ07(E,N)FS01               Weatherking                  90TJ10(E,N)GS01
Weatherking                  90TJ12(E,N)HS01               Weatherking                  90TS*
Weatherking                  WGFD*                         Weatherking                  WGGD*
Weatherking                  WGRA*                         Weatherking                  WGRJ*
Weatherking                  WGTA*                         Weatherking                  WGTJ*
Weil-McLain                  Ultra 105                     Weil-McLain                  Ultra 155
Weil-McLain                  Ultra 230                     Weil-McLain                  Ultra 80
Weil-McLain                  WMCSA*                        Weil-McLain                  WMVSA*
Westinghouse                 All FG7S (C or L) models      Westinghouse                 FG6RC 040*-08A
Westinghouse                 FG6RC 040*-12A                Westinghouse                 FG6RC 060*-12A
Westinghouse                 FG6RC 080*-12B                Westinghouse                 FG6RC 080*-16B
Westinghouse                 FG6RC 100*-16B                Westinghouse                 FG6RC 120*-16C
Westinghouse                 FG6RC 120*-20C                Westinghouse                 FG6RC*
Westinghouse                 FG6RC100*-20B                 Westinghouse                 FG6RL*
Westinghouse                 FG6RL040*-12A                 Westinghouse                 FG6RL060*-12A
Westinghouse                 FG6RL080*-16B                 Westinghouse                 FG6RL100*-16B
Westinghouse                 FG6RL120*-20C                 Westinghouse                 FG6T*
Westinghouse                 FG6T**                        Westinghouse                 FG6TC 100*-VB
Westinghouse                 FG6TC*                        Westinghouse                 FG6TC060*-VA
Westinghouse                 FG6TC080*-VB                  Westinghouse                 FG6TC100*-VB
Westinghouse                 FG6TC120*-VC                  Westinghouse                 FG6TL 060*-VA
Westinghouse                 FG6TL 120*-VB                 Westinghouse                 FG6TL060*-VB
Westinghouse                 FG6TL080*-VB                  Westinghouse                 FG7S (C,L)*
Westinghouse                 FG7SC 038D-23A                Westinghouse                 FG7SC 054D-24B
Westinghouse                 FG7SC 072D-24B                Westinghouse                 FG7SC 072D-35C
Westinghouse                 FG7SC 090D-35C                Westinghouse                 FG7SC 108D-45D
Westinghouse                 FG7SC 120D-45D                Westinghouse                 FG7SC*
Westinghouse                 FG7SL 054D-24B                Westinghouse                 FG7SL 072D-24B
Westinghouse                 FG7SL 090D-35C                Westinghouse                 FG7SL 120D-45D
Westinghouse                 FG7SL*                        Westinghouse                 FG7TL 120*-*
Westinghouse                 L1RC*                         Whirlpool                    WFCC
Whirlpool                    WFCC045B12-***                Whirlpool                    WFCC045B12-1*
Whirlpool                    WFCC067B12-***                Whirlpool                    WFCC067B12-1*
Whirlpool                    WFCC067B16-1*                 Whirlpool                    WFCC067C16-***
Whirlpool                    WFCC090C16-***                Whirlpool                    WFCC090C16-1*
Whirlpool                    WFCC090C20-***                Whirlpool                    WFCC090C20-1*
Whirlpool                    WFCC112D20-***                Whirlpool                    WFCC112D20-1*

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           Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Whirlpool                       WFCH050A12-***              Whirlpool                    WFCH075A14-***
Whirlpool                       WFCH100B14-***              Whirlpool                    WFCH100B20-***
Whirlpool                       WFCH125C20-***              Whirlpool                    WFCT
Whirlpool                       WFCT050B12*                 Whirlpool                    WFCT050B12-1*
Whirlpool                       WFCT075B12*                 Whirlpool                    WFCT075B12-1*
Whirlpool                       WFCT075C16*                 Whirlpool                    WFCT075C16-1*
Whirlpool                       WFCT100C16*                 Whirlpool                    WFCT100C16-1*
Whirlpool                       WFCT100C20*                 Whirlpool                    WFCT100C20-1*
Whirlpool                       WFCT125C20*                 Whirlpool                    WFCT125C20-1*
Whirlpool                       WFCU                        Whirlpool                    WFCU050B12-***
Whirlpool                       WFCU050B12-1*               Whirlpool                    WFCU075B12-***
Whirlpool                       WFCU075B12-1*               Whirlpool                    WFCU075C16-***
Whirlpool                       WFCU075C16-1*               Whirlpool                    WFCU100C16-***
Whirlpool                       WFCU100C16-1*               Whirlpool                    WFCU100C20-***
Whirlpool                       WFCU100C20-1*               Whirlpool                    WFCU125D20-***
Whirlpool                       WFCU125D20-1*               Whirlpool                    WFD193*
Whirlpool                       WGFD293*                    Whirlpool                    WGFDC
Whirlpool                       WGFDC045B12*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDC067B12*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDC067C16*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDC090C16*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDC090C20*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDC112D20*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDT                       Whirlpool                    WGFDT045B12*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDT067B12*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDT067C16*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDT090C16*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDT090C20*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDT112D20*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDU
Whirlpool                       WGFDU045B12*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDU067B12*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDU067C16*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDU090C16*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFDU090C20*-***            Whirlpool                    WGFDU112D20*-***
Whirlpool                       WGFEC040B12-1B              Whirlpool                    WGFEC060B14-1B
Whirlpool                       WGFEC080C16-1B              Whirlpool                    WGFEC080C20-1B
Whirlpool                       WGFEC100D20-1B              Whirlpool                    WGFEC125D20-1B
Whirlpool                       WGFEC125D20-2               Whirlpool                    WGFET040B12-1B
Whirlpool                       WGFET060B14-1B              Whirlpool                    WGFET080C16-1B
Whirlpool                       WGFET080C20-1B              Whirlpool                    WGFET100C20-1B
Whirlpool                       WGFET125C20-1B              Whirlpool                    WGFET125C20-2
Williamson-Thermoflo            WTCSA*                      Williamson-Thermoflo         WTVSA*
Wolf                            NG93A0402                   Wolf                         NG93A0603
Wolf                            NG93A0803                   Wolf                         NG93A0804
Wolf                            NG93A1003                   Wolf                         NG93A1005
Wolf                            NG93A1205                   York                         GM9T*
York International              FC9S*                       York International           FC9T*
York International              FC9V*                       York International           FG9
York International              FL9S*                       York International           FL9T*
York International              FL9V*                       York International           GF9S*
York International              GM9                         York International           GM9S*
York International              GM9T*                       York International           GM9V*
York International              GY9S*                       York International           P*DH
York International              P*DR                        York International           P*UR
York International              P*XU-V                      York International           PS9*
York International              PT9*                        York International           PV9*
York International              PXD-V                       Zephyr                       EGRJ*
Zephyr                          EGTJ*
                Asterisks (*) indicate that a coding variable may be used in place of the asterisks to
                         indicate a color or feature that does not affect washer efficiency.
                                         FORCED AIR TIER 2 MODELS
              BRAND                       MODEL                         BRAND                      MODEL
Air-Ease                        G2D95*                      Air-Ease                     G2D95C*
Air-Ease                        GU 95*                      Airco                        G95V*

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       Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Airco                         GTH - 100                    Airco                         GTH - 50
Airco                         GTH - 70                     Airco                         GTH - 85
Airco                         GTHC*                        Aire-Flo                      CG95T*
Aire-Flo                      CG95TB060D12B*-***           Aire-Flo                      CG95TB080D16C*-***
Aire-Flo                      CG95TB100D20C*-***           Aire-Flo                      CG95TBXXXXX
Aire-Flo                      CG95TC080V16C*-***           Airquest                      H9MPX
Airquest                      H9MVX*                       Airquest                      H9UHX*
Allied Air                    CG95*                        Allied Air                    CG95TB040D12B*-***
Allied Air                    CG95TC100V20C*-***           Allied Air                    G2D95CC040V12B*-***
Allied Air                    G2D95CC060V14B*-***          Allied Air                    G2D95CC080V16C*-***
Allied Air                    G2D95CC080V20C*-***          Allied Air                    G2D95CC100V20D*-***
Allied Air                    G2D95CT040V12B               Allied Air                    G2D95CT060V14C
Allied Air                    G2D95CT080V16C               Allied Air                    G2D95CT080V20C
Allied Air                    G2D95CT100V20C               Amana                         ACV90704CXA
Amana                         ACV90905DXA                  Amana                         AMH95*
Amana                         AMS950453BX*                 Amana                         AMS950703BX*
Amana                         AMS950704CX*                 Amana                         AMS950904CX*
Amana                         AMS950905DX*                 Amana                         AMS951155DX*
Amana                         AMV9*                        Amana                         AMV90453BX
Amana                         AMV90453BXA                  Amana                         AMV90704CX
Amana                         AMV90704CXA                  Amana                         AMV90905DX
Amana                         AMV90905DXA                  Amana                         AMV91155DX
Amana                         AMV91155DXA                  Amana                         AMVC95*
Amana                         AMVC950704CX                 Amana                         AMVC950905DX
Amana                         GCH95*                       Amana                         GMH95*
Amana                         GMV95*                       Amana                         GMVC95*
Amana Distinctions            GCH95*                       Amana Distinctions            GMH95*
Amana Distinctions            GMV95*                       Amana Distinctions            GMVC95*
American Standard             ADH1*                        American Standard             ADH1B065A9421A*
American Standard             ADH1C085A9481A*              American Standard             ADH2*
American Standard             ADH2B060A9V3VA*              American Standard             ADH2B080A9V3VA*
American Standard             ADH2C100A9V4VA*              American Standard             ADH2D120A9V5VA*
American Standard             ADH3*                        American Standard             ADH3B080ACV3VA
American Standard             ADH3C100ACV4VA               American Standard             ADHM*
American Standard             AUH1*                        American Standard             AUH1B040A9241A*
American Standard             AUH1B060A9361A*              American Standard             AUH1B080A9421A*
American Standard             AUH1C080A9601A*              American Standard             AUH1C100A9481A*
American Standard             AUH1D100A9601A*              American Standard             AUH1D120A9601A*
American Standard             AUH2*                        American Standard             AUH2B060A9V3VA*
American Standard             AUH2B080A9V3VA*              American Standard             AUH2C100A9V4VA*
American Standard             AUH2D120A9V5VA*              American Standard             AUH3*
American Standard             AUH3B060ACV3VA               American Standard             AUH3B080ACV3VA
American Standard             AUH3C100ACV4VA               American Standard             AUH3D120ACV5VA
American Standard             AUHM*                        American Standard             AUHMB060ACV3VA*
American Standard             AUHMC100ACV4VA               Arcoaire                      H9MPX
Arcoaire                      H9MVX*                       Arcoaire                      H9UHX*
Armstrong Air                 CG95CC040V12B                Armstrong Air                 CG95TBXXXXX
Armstrong Air                 G2D95*                       Armstrong Air                 G2D95C*
Armstrong Air                 GU 95*                       Bosch Thermotechnology Corp   GB 142 24
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp   GB 142 30                    Bosch Thermotechnology Corp   GB 142 45
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp   GB 142 60                    Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TE060*-VA
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TE080*-VB                 Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TE100*-VB
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG6TE120*-VC                 Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7MQ 060*-VB
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7MQ 080*-VC                Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7MQ 100*-VC
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7MQ 120*-VD                Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TC 060*-*
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TC 080*-*                 Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TC 100*-*
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TC 120*-*                 Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TL 060*-*
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TL 080*-*                 Broan, Nordyne Inc.           FG7TL 100*-*
Broan, Nordyne Inc.           KG7TC 100*-*-*C*             Bryant                        350AAV*
Bryant                        350AAV036040*                Bryant                        350AAV036040x

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       Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Bryant                     353AAV*                    Bryant                     353AAV036040*
Bryant                     355AAV*                    Bryant                     355AAV042040*
Bryant                     355AAV042040**             Bryant                     355AAV042040***
Bryant                     355AAV042040x              Bryant                     355AAV042040xx
Bryant                     355AAV042040xxx            Bryant                     355BAV*
Bryant                     355BAV042060               Bryant                     355BAV042080
Bryant                     355BAV060080               Bryant                     355BAV060100
Bryant                     355BAV060120               Bryant                     355CAV*
Bryant                     355CAV042060**             Bryant                     355CAV042080**
Bryant                     355CAV060080**             Bryant                     355CAV060100**
Bryant                     355CAV060120**             Bryant                     355MAV*
Bryant                     359AAV                     Bryant                     359AAV036060
Bryant                     359AAV036080**             Bryant                     359AAV048080
Bryant                     359AAV060100***            Bryant                     359BAV*
Buderus                    GB142/24                   Buderus                    GB142/45
Buderus                    GB142/60                   Burnham Hydronics          ALP080
Burnham Hydronics          ALP105                     Burnham Hydronics          ALP150
Burnham Hydronics          ALP210                     Burnham Hydronics          ALP285
Burnham Hydronics          FCM070                     Burnham Hydronics          FCM120
Buy Max, Inc.              XF9V0453*                  Buy Max, Inc.              XF9V0704*
Buy Max, Inc.              XF9V0905*                  Buy Max, Inc.              XF9V1155*
Carrier                    58HDV*                     Carrier                    58HDV040
Carrier                    58HDV060                   Carrier                    58HDV080
Carrier                    58HDV100                   Carrier                    58HDX
Carrier                    58HDX060-12                Carrier                    58HDX080-12**
Carrier                    58HDX080-16                Carrier                    58HDX100-20***
Carrier                    58MEB*                     Carrier                    58MEB040-12*
Carrier                    58MVB*                     Carrier                    58MVB040-14*
Carrier                    58MVB040-14**              Carrier                    58MVB040-14***
Carrier                    58MVB040-14x               Carrier                    58MVB040-14xx
Carrier                    58MVB040-14xxx             Carrier                    58MVC*
Carrier                    58MVC060-14**              Carrier                    58MVC080-14**
Carrier                    58MVC080-20**              Carrier                    58MVC100-20**
Carrier                    58MVC120-20**              Carrier                    58MVP*
Carrier                    58MXB*                     Carrier                    58MXB040-12*
Carrier                    58MXB040-12x               Carrier                    58UVB*
Carrier                    58UVB060-14                Carrier                    58UVB080-14
Carrier                    58UVB080-20                Carrier                    58UVB100-20
Carrier                    58UVB120-20                Carrier                    PG9YAA036060*
Climate Energy             CE95M*                     Climate Energy             CE95V*
Climate Energy             CE95V060-3                 Climate Energy             CE95V080-4
Climate Energy             CE95V100-5                 Climate Energy             CE95V120-5
Coleman                    CM9*                       Coleman                    CM9M060B12MP11
Coleman                    CM9M080B12MP11             Coleman                    CM9M080C16MP11
Coleman                    CM9M100C16MP11             Coleman                    CM9M100C20MP11
Coleman                    CM9M120D20MP11             Coleman                    CP9*
Coleman                    CP9C060B12MP11             Coleman                    CP9C080B12MP11
Coleman                    CP9C080C16MP11             Coleman                    CP9C100C16MP11
Coleman                    CP9C100C20MP11             Coleman                    CP9C120D20MP11
Coleman                    FC9*                       Coleman                    GG9*
Coleman                    MG9*                       Coleman                    TG9*
Coleman                    TG9S040A08MP11             Coleman                    TG9S060A10MP11
Coleman                    TG9S060B12MP11             Coleman                    TG9S080B12MP11
Coleman                    TG9S080C16MP11             Coleman                    TG9S080C22MP11
Coleman                    TG9S100C16MP11             Coleman                    TG9S100C20MP11
Coleman                    TG9S120D16MP11             Coleman                    TG9S120D20MP11
Coleman                    TG9S130D20MP11             Coleman                    TM9*
Coleman                    TM9M060B12MP11             Coleman                    TM9M080B12MP11
Coleman                    TM9M080C16MP11             Coleman                    TM9M100C16MP11
Coleman                    TM9M100C20MP11             Coleman                    TM9M120D20MP11

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Coleman                      TM9T100C16MP11             Coleman                    TM9V080C16MP11
Coleman                      TP9*                       Coleman                    TP9C060B12MP11
Coleman                      TP9C080B12MP11             Coleman                    TP9C080C16MP11
Coleman                      TP9C100C16MP11             Coleman                    TP9C100C20MP11
Coleman                      TP9C120D20MP11             Comfort Aire               E*A
Comfort Aire                 E*A SERIES                 Comfort Aire               E*B
Comfort Aire                 E*B SERIES                 Comfort Aire               GLDB45 TO 105
Comfort Aire                 GLDB45 TO 105 E*A SERIES   Comfort Aire               GLUB45 TO 105
Comfort Aire                 GLUB45 TO 105 E*A SERIES   Comfort Aire               GTUA45 TO 150
Comfort Aire                 GTUA45 TO 150 E*B SERIES   Comfort Aire               GTUV45 TO 105
Comfort Aire                 GTUV45 TO 105 E*B SERIES   Comfortmaker               C9MPX*
Comfortmaker                 C9MVX*                     Comfortmaker               C9UHX*
Concord                      CG95(T,C)C040V12B          Concord                    CG95(T,C)C060V14B
Concord                      CG95(T,C)C080V16C          Concord                    CG95(T,C)C080V20C
Concord                      CG95(T,C)C100V20C          Crown Boiler Co.           BWC070
Crown Boiler Co.             BWC120                     Crown Boiler Co.           BWC151
Day & Night                  355MAV*                    Day & Night                C9MPX
Day & Night                  C9MVX*                     Day & Night                C9UHX*
Ducane                       CG95(T,C)C040V12B          Ducane                     CG95(T,C)C060V14B
Ducane                       CG95(T,C)C080V16C          Ducane                     CG95(T,C)C080V20C
Ducane                       CG95(T,C)C100V20C          Ducane                     CG95TB080D16C*
Dunkirk Boilers              Q95-200M                   Dunkirk Boilers            Q95M 200
Dunkirk Boilers              QL-100                     Ecr International          FW95M*
Ecr International            FW95V*                     Ecr International          FW95V060-3
Ecr International            FW95V080-4                 Ecr International          FW95V100-5
Ecr International            FW95V120-5                 Ecr International          G95V060-3
Ecr International            G95V080-3                  Ecr International          G95V080-4
Ecr International            G95V100-5                  Ecr International          G95V120-5
Ecr International            GTH 085                    Ecr International          GTH 100
Ecr International            GTHC050-3                  Ecr International          GTHC065-3
Ecr International            GTHC080-3                  Ecr International          GTHC080-5
Ecr International            GTHC100-3                  Ecr International          GTHC100-5
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TE060*-IQ               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TE060*-VA
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TE080*-IQ               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TE080*-VB
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TE100*-IQ               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TE100*-VB
Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.     KG6TE120*-IQ               Elect-Aire, Nordyne Inc.   KG6TE120*-VC
Evcon                        GG9*                       Evcon                      GM9*
Evcon                        TG9*                       Evcon                      TM9*
Fraser-Johnston              GG9*                       Fraser-Johnston            GM9*
Fraser-Johnston              TG9*                       Fraser-Johnston            TM9*
Fraser-Johnston              TP9*                       Frigidaire                 FG6TE*
Frigidaire                   FG6TE060*-IQ               Frigidaire                 FG6TE060*-VA
Frigidaire                   FG6TE080*-IQ               Frigidaire                 FG6TE080*-VB
Frigidaire                   FG6TE100*-IQ               Frigidaire                 FG6TE100*-VB
Frigidaire                   FG6TE120*-IQ               Frigidaire                 FG6TE120*-VC
Frigidaire                   FG7MQ 060*-VB              Frigidaire                 FG7MQ 080*-VC
Frigidaire                   FG7MQ 100*-VC              Frigidaire                 FG7MQ 120*-VD
Frigidaire                   FG7MQ*                     Frigidaire                 FG7T (C,L)*
Frigidaire                   FG7TC 060*-*               Frigidaire                 FG7TC 080*-*
Frigidaire                   FG7TC 100*-*               Frigidaire                 FG7TC 120*-*
Frigidaire                   FG7TC*                     Frigidaire                 FG7TL 060*-*
Frigidaire                   FG7TL 080*-*               Frigidaire                 FG7TL 100*-*
Frigidaire                   FG7TL*                     Garrison, Nordyne Inc.     KG7TC 060*-*
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.       KG7TC 080*-*               Garrison, Nordyne Inc.     KG7TC 100*-*
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.       KG7TC 120*-*               Garrison, Nordyne Inc.     KG7TL 060*-*
Garrison, Nordyne Inc.       KG7TL 080*-*               Garrison, Nordyne Inc.     KG7TL 100*-*
Gibson                       KG6TE*                     Gibson                     KG6TE060*-IQ
Gibson                       KG6TE060*-VA               Gibson                     KG6TE080*-IQ
Gibson                       KG6TE080*-VB               Gibson                     KG6TE100*-IQ
Gibson                       KG6TE100*-VB               Gibson                     KG6TE120*-IQ

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Gibson                           KG6TE120*-VC             Gibson                           KG7T (C,L)*
Gibson                           KG7T*                    Gibson                           KG7TC 060*-*
Gibson                           KG7TC 080*-*             Gibson                           KG7TC 100*-*
Gibson                           KG7TC 120*-*             Gibson                           KG7TC*
Gibson                           KG7TL 060*-*             Gibson                           KG7TL 080*-*
Gibson                           KG7TL 100*-*             Gibson                           KG7TL*
Goodman                          AMH850905DX              Goodman                          AMH950453BX
Goodman                          AMH950703BX              Goodman                          AMH950704CX
Goodman                          AMH950904CX              Goodman                          AMH951155DX
Goodman                          AMS95*                   Goodman                          AMV9*
Goodman                          GCH95*                   Goodman                          GCH950703BX**
Goodman                          GCH950904CX**            Goodman                          GMH95*
Goodman                          GMH950453BX              Goodman                          GMH950703BX
Goodman                          GMH950704CX              Goodman                          GMH950904CX
Goodman                          GMH950905DX              Goodman                          GMH951155DX
Goodman                          GMS95*                   Goodman                          GMS950453BX*
Goodman                          GMS950703BX*             Goodman                          GMS950704CX*
Goodman                          GMS950904CX*             Goodman                          GMS950905DX*
Goodman                          GMS951155DX*             Goodman                          GMV95*
Goodman                          GMV950453BX*             Goodman                          GMV950704CX*
Goodman                          GMV950905DX*             Goodman                          GMV951155DX*
Goodman                          GMVC95*                  Goodman                          GMVC950453BX*
Goodman                          GMVC950704CX*            Goodman                          GMVC950905DX*
Goodman                          GMVC951155DX*            Grandaire                        KG6TE060*-IQ
Grandaire                        KG6TE060*-VA             Grandaire                        KG6TE080*-IQ
Grandaire                        KG6TE080*-VB             Grandaire                        KG6TE100*-IQ
Grandaire                        KG6TE100*-VB             Grandaire                        KG6TE120*-IQ
Grandaire                        KG6TE120*-VC             Grandaire                        KG7TC 060*-*
Grandaire                        KG7TC 080*-*             Grandaire                        KG7TC 100*-*
Grandaire                        KG7TC 120*-*             Grandaire                        KG7TL 060*-*
Grandaire                        KG7TL 080*-*             Grandaire                        KG7TL 100*-*
Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S040A08MP11           Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S060A10MP11
Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S060B12MP11           Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S080B12MP11
Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S080C16MP11           Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S080C22MP11
Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S100C16MP11           Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S100C20MP11
Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S120D16MP11           Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S120D20MP11
Guardian Ind Corp                GG9S130D20MP11           Haier                            HG95A0503
Haier                            HG95A0653                Haier                            HG95A0803
Haier                            HG95A0805                Haier                            HG95A1003
Haier                            HG95A1005                Haier                            HG95V0603
Haier                            HG95V0803                Haier                            HG95V0804
Haier                            HG95V1005                Haier                            HG95V1205
Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA45-E3B               Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA60-E3B
Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA75-E4B               Heat Controller, Inc.            GTUA90-E5B
Heil                             H9MPX                    Heil                             H9MPX060F12A
Heil                             H9MPX080J12A             Heil                             H9MPX080J16A
Heil                             H9MPX100L20A             Heil                             H9MVX*
Heil                             H9UHX*                   Htp                              EL-220
Htp                              EL-299                   Htp                              Munchkin 140M
Htp                              Munchkin 199M            Htp                              Munchkin 80M
Htp                              Munchkin T50M            Htp                              Munchkin T80M
International Comfort Products   C9MPX060F12              International Comfort Products   C9MPX080J12**
International Comfort Products   C9MPX100L20****          International Comfort Products   C9MVX040F12
International Comfort Products   C9MVX060F12              International Comfort Products   C9MVX080J20
International Comfort Products   C9MVX100L20              International Comfort Products   C9UHX060F12
International Comfort Products   C9UHX080J12              International Comfort Products   C9UHX080J16*
International Comfort Products   C9UHX100L20              International Comfort Products   H9MVX040F12
International Comfort Products   H9MVX060F12              International Comfort Products   H9MVX080J20
International Comfort Products   H9MVX100L20              International Comfort Products   H9UHX060F12
International Comfort Products   H9UHX080J12              International Comfort Products   H9UHX080J16*

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
International Comfort Products   H9UHX100L20                International Comfort Products   T9MVX040F12
International Comfort Products   T9MVX060F12                International Comfort Products   T9MVX080J20
International Comfort Products   T9MVX100L20                International Comfort Products   T9UHX060F12
International Comfort Products   T9UHX080J12                International Comfort Products   T9UHX080J16*
International Comfort Products   T9UHX100L20                Intertherm                       G6TE060*-IQ
Intertherm                       G6TE060*-VA                Intertherm                       G6TE060*-VB
Intertherm                       G6TE080*-IQ                Intertherm                       G6TE080*-VB
Intertherm                       G6TE100*-IQ                Intertherm                       G6TE100*-VB
Intertherm                       G6TE120*-IQ                Intertherm                       G6TE120*-VC
Keeprite                         C9MPX                      Keeprite                         C9MVX*
Keeprite                         C9UHX*                     Kelvinator                       KG6TE*
Kelvinator                       KG6TE060*-IQ               Kelvinator                       KG6TE060*-VA
Kelvinator                       KG6TE080*-IQ               Kelvinator                       KG6TE080*-VB
Kelvinator                       KG6TE100*-IQ               Kelvinator                       KG6TE100*-VB
Kelvinator                       KG6TE120*-IQ               Kelvinator                       KG6TE120*-VC
Kelvinator                       KG7T (C,L)*                Kelvinator                       KG7TC 060*-*
Kelvinator                       KG7TC 080*-*               Kelvinator                       KG7TC 100*-*
Kelvinator                       KG7TC 120*-*               Kelvinator                       KG7TC*
Kelvinator                       KG7TL 060*-*               Kelvinator                       KG7TL 080*-*
Kelvinator                       KG7TL 100*-*               Kelvinator                       KG7TL*
Kenmore                          C9MPX                      Kenmore                          C9UHX*
Kenmore                          H9MPX                      Kenmore                          H9MVX*
Kenmore                          H9UHX*                     Kenmore                          T9MPX
Kenmore                          T9UHX*                     Laars Heating System             NT
Lennox                           61MP-60C-091               Lennox                           CG95TB100D20C*-***
Lennox                           G21*                       Lennox                           G61MP-36B-071-*
Lennox                           G61MP-60C-091-*            Lennox                           G61MP-60C-111-*
Lennox                           G61MPV-36B-071-**          Lennox                           G61MPV-60C-091-*
Lennox                           G61MPV-60C-091-**          Lennox                           G61MPV-60C-111-**
Lennox                           G71MPP*                    Lennox                           G71MPP-36B-070-*
Lennox                           G71MPP-36C-090-*           Lennox                           G71MPP-60C-090-*
Lennox                           G71MPP-60C-110-*           Lennox                           G71MPP-60D-135
Lennox                           GSR21*                     Lennox                           HM61-100*
Lennox                           HM61-150*                  Lennox                           SLP98DF070V36B-*
Lennox                           SLP98DF090V36C-*           Lennox                           SLP98DF090V48C-*
Lennox                           SLP98DF090V60C-*           Lennox                           SLP98DF110V60C-*
Lennox                           SLP98UH070V36B-*           Lennox                           SLP98UH090V36C-*
Lennox                           SLP98UH090V48C-*           Lennox                           SLP98UH090V60C-*
Lennox                           SLP98UH110V60C-*           Lennox                           SLP98UH135V60C-*
Lennox                           SLP98UH135V60D-*           Lochinvar                        KBL080
Lochinvar                        KBL081                     Lochinvar                        KBL105
Lochinvar                        KBL106                     Lochinvar                        KBL150
Lochinvar                        KBL151                     Lochinvar                        KBL210
Lochinvar                        KBL211                     Lochinvar                        KBL285
Lochinvar                        KBL286                     Lochinvar                        KBN080
Lochinvar                        KBN081                     Lochinvar                        KBN105
Lochinvar                        KBN106                     Lochinvar                        KBN150
Lochinvar                        KBN151                     Lochinvar                        KBN210
Lochinvar                        KBN211                     Lochinvar                        KBN285
Lochinvar                        KBN286                     Lochinvar                        WBL050
Lochinvar                        WBL051                     Lochinvar                        WBL080
Lochinvar                        WBL081                     Lochinvar                        WBL105
Lochinvar                        WBL106                     Lochinvar                        WBL150
Lochinvar                        WBL151                     Lochinvar                        WBL210
Lochinvar                        WBL211                     Lochinvar                        WBN050
Lochinvar                        WBN051                     Lochinvar                        WBN080
Lochinvar                        WBN081                     Lochinvar                        WBN105
Lochinvar                        WBN106                     Lochinvar                        WBN150
Lochinvar                        WBN151                     Lochinvar                        WBN210
Lochinvar                        WBN211                     Luxaire                          FL9*

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Luxaire                      GG9*                       Luxaire                    LM9*
Luxaire                      LM9M060B12MP11             Luxaire                    LM9M080B12MP11
Luxaire                      LM9M080C16MP11             Luxaire                    LM9M100C16MP11
Luxaire                      LM9M100C20MP11             Luxaire                    LM9M120D20MP11
Luxaire                      LP9*                       Luxaire                    LP9C060B12MP11
Luxaire                      LP9C060B12MP12             Luxaire                    LP9C080B12MP11
Luxaire                      LP9C080C16MP11             Luxaire                    LP9C080C16MP12
Luxaire                      LP9C100C16MP11             Luxaire                    LP9C100C20MP11
Luxaire                      LP9C120D20MP11             Luxaire                    TG9*
Luxaire                      TG9S040A08MP11             Luxaire                    TG9S060A10MP11
Luxaire                      TG9S060B12MP11             Luxaire                    TG9S080B12MP11
Luxaire                      TG9S080C16MP11             Luxaire                    TG9S080C22MP11
Luxaire                      TG9S100C16MP11             Luxaire                    TG9S100C20MP11
Luxaire                      TG9S120D16MP11             Luxaire                    TG9S120D20MP11
Luxaire                      TG9S130D20MP11             Luxaire                    TM9*
Luxaire                      TM9M060B12MP11             Luxaire                    TM9M080B12MP11
Luxaire                      TM9M080C16MP11             Luxaire                    TM9M100C16MP11
Luxaire                      TM9M100C20MP11             Luxaire                    TM9M120D20MP11
Luxaire                      TM9T100C16MP11             Luxaire                    TP9*
Luxaire                      TP9C060B12MP11             Luxaire                    TP9C080B12MP11
Luxaire                      TP9C080C16MP11             Luxaire                    TP9C100C16MP11
Luxaire                      TP9C100C20MP11             Luxaire                    TP9C120D20MP11
Maytag                       MGC2T (C,L)*               Maytag                     MGC2TC*
Maytag                       MGC2TC060D*                Maytag                     MGC2TC080D*
Maytag                       MGC2TC080D-*C*             Maytag                     MGC2TC100D*
Maytag                       MGC2TC120D*                Maytag                     MGC2TL*
Maytag                       MGC2TL060*-*               Maytag                     MGC2TL080*-*
Maytag                       MGC2TL100*-*               Maytag                     MGF1TE*
Maytag                       MGF1TE060*-IQ              Maytag                     MGF1TE060*-VA
Maytag                       MGF1TE080*-IQ              Maytag                     MGF1TE080*-VB
Maytag                       MGF1TE100*-IQ              Maytag                     MGF1TE100*-VB
Maytag                       MGF1TE120*-IQ              Maytag                     MGF1TE120*-VC
Maytag                       PGC2MQ 060*-VB             Maytag                     PGC2MQ 080*-VC
Maytag                       PGC2MQ 100*-VC             Maytag                     PGC2MQ 120*-VD
Maytag                       PGC2MQ*                    Maytag                     PGC2T (C,L)*
Maytag                       PGC2TC*                    Maytag                     PGC2TC060*-*
Maytag                       PGC2TC080*-*               Maytag                     PGC2TC100*-*
Maytag                       PGC2TC120*-*               Maytag                     PGC2TL*
Maytag                       PGC2TL060D*                Maytag                     PGC2TL080D*
Maytag                       PGC2TL100D*                Maytag                     PGF1TE*
Maytag                       PGF1TE060*-IQ              Maytag                     PGF1TE060*-VA
Maytag                       PGF1TE080*-IQ              Maytag                     PGF1TE080*-VB
Maytag                       PGF1TE100*-IQ              Maytag                     PGF1TE100*-VB
Maytag                       PGF1TE120*-IQ              Maytag                     PGF1TE120*-VC
Miller                       KG6TE060*-VA               Miller                     KG6TE080*-VB
Miller                       KG6TE100*-VB               Miller                     KG6TE120*-VC
Monitor Products, In         MZ 25C                     Monitor Products, In       MZ 25S
Monitor Products, In         MZ 40C                     Nordyne, Inc.              FG7MQ 060*-VB
Nordyne, Inc.                FG7MQ 080*-VC              Nordyne, Inc.              FG7MQ 100*-VC
Nordyne, Inc.                FG7MQ 120*-VD              Nordyne, Inc.              FG7MQ*
Nordyne, Inc.                FG7TC 060*-*B*             Nordyne, Inc.              FG7TC 080*-*C*
Nordyne, Inc.                FG7TC 100*-*C*             Nordyne, Inc.              FG7TC 120*-*D*
Nordyne, Inc.                FG7TL 060*-*B*             Nordyne, Inc.              FG7TL 080*-*C*
Nordyne, Inc.                FG7TL 100*-*C*             Nordyne, Inc.              KG7TC 060*-*B*
Nordyne, Inc.                KG7TC 080*-*C*             Nordyne, Inc.              KG7TC 100*-*C*
Nordyne, Inc.                KG7TC 120*-*D*             Nordyne, Inc.              KG7TL 060*-*B*
Nordyne, Inc.                KG7TL 080*-*C*             Nordyne, Inc.              KG7TL 100*-*C*
Nti                          Lx150                      Nti                        Lx150e
Nti                          Lx200                      Nti                        Ti 100
Nti                          Ti150                      Nti                        Ti150c

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Nti                             Ti200                     Nti                             Ti200c
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE060*-IQ              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE060*-VA
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE080*-IQ              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE080*-VB
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE100*-IQ              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE100*-VB
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE120*-IQ              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG6TE120*-VC
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7MQ 060*-VB             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7MQ 080*-VC
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7MQ 100*-VC             Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7MQ 120*-VD
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7Q*                     Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7T (C,L)*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TC 060*-*              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TC 080*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TC 100*-*              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TC 120*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TC*                    Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TL 060*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TL 080*-*              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TL 100*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           FG7TL*                    Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7T (C,L)*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TC 060*-*              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TC 080*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TC 100*-*              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TC 120*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TC*                    Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TL 060*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TL 080*-*              Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TL 100*-*
Nutone, Nordyne, Inc.           KG7TL*                    Ny Thermal Inc.                 Lx150
Ny Thermal Inc.                 Lx150E                    Ny Thermal Inc.                 Lx200
Ny Thermal Inc.                 M100                      Ny Thermal Inc.                 M100V
Ny Thermal Inc.                 Ti100                     Ny Thermal Inc.                 Ti150
Ny Thermal Inc.                 Ti200                     Olsen                           100
Olsen                           70                        Olsen                           85
Olsen                           G95V*                     Olsen                           GTH-100
Olsen                           GTH-50                    Olsen                           GTH-70
Olsen                           GTH-85                    Olsen                           GTHC*
Oneida Royal                    100                       Oneida Royal                    70
Oneida Royal                    85                        Oneida Royal                    G95V*
Oneida Royal                    GTH 100                   Oneida Royal                    GTH 85
Oneida Royal                    GTH-50                    Oneida Royal                    GTH-70
Oneida Royal                    GTHC*                     Oneida Royal                    GTH-OR-100
Oneida Royal                    GTH-OR-50                 Oneida Royal                    GTH-OR-70
Oneida Royal                    GTH-OR-85                 Payne                           355MAV*
Payne                           PG9YAA036060A*SS          Payne                           PG9YAA036080*
Payne                           PG9YAA036080A*SS          Payne                           PG9YAA060100A*SS
Payne                           PG9YAB                    Payne                           PG9YAB036060
Payne                           PG9YAB036080**            Payne                           PG9YAB060100***
Payne                           PG9YAB060100****          Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PF-110
Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PF-140                    Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PF-210
Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PF-50                     Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PF-80
Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PI-140                    Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PI-199
Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PI-80                     Peerless (P.B. Heat)            PI-T50
Philco                          KG6TE*                    Philco                          KG6TE060*-IQ
Philco                          KG6TE060*-VA              Philco                          KG6TE080*-IQ
Philco                          KG6TE080*-VB              Philco                          KG6TE100*-IQ
Philco                          KG6TE100*-VB              Philco                          KG6TE120*-IQ
Philco                          KG6TE120*-VC              Philco                          KG7T (C,L)*
Philco                          KG7TC 060*-*              Philco                          KG7TC 080*-*
Philco                          KG7TC 100*-*              Philco                          KG7TC 120*-*
Philco                          KG7TC*                    Philco                          KG7TL 060*-*
Philco                          KG7TL 080*-*              Philco                          KG7TL 100*-*
Philco                          KG7TL*                    Rbi Water Heaters Division Of   IE-199-Nat
Rbi Water Heaters Division Of   IEW-199 Nat               Rheem                           RGRC*
Rheem                           RGRC-04EMAES              Rheem                           RGRC-06EMAES
Rheem                           RGRC-07EMAES              Rheem                           RGRC-09EZAJS
Rheem                           RGRK*                     Rheem                           RGRL*
Rheem                           RGRM*                     Rheem                           RGRM-04(E,N)MAES
Rheem                           RGRM-06(E,N)MAES          Rheem                           RGRM-07(E,N)MAES
Rheem                           RGRM-09(E,N)ZAJS          Rheem                           RGRM-10(E,N)ZAJS
Rheem                           RGRM-10EZAJS              Rheem                           RGRM-10NZAJS

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        Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Rheem                            RGTC*                     Rheem                            RGTC-04EMAES
Rheem                            RGTC-06EMAES              Rheem                            RGTC-07ERBGS
Rheem                            RGTC-09EZAJS              Rheem                            RGTC-10ERBJS
Rheem                            RGTM*                     Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRL-04(E,N)MAES
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRL-06(E,N)MAES          Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRL-07(E,N)YBGS
Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRL-09(E,N)ZAJS          Rheem Air Conditioning Divisio   RGRM-07(E,N)YBGS
Richmond                         GF901 SERIES              Richmond                         GF901*
Richmond                         GF902                     Richmond                         GF951
Rinnai                           E110CN                    Rinnai                           E110CP
Rinnai                           E75CN                     Rinnai                           E75CP
Rinnai                           Q130SN                    Rinnai                           Q130SP
Rinnai                           Q175CN                    Rinnai                           Q175CP
Rinnai                           Q175SN                    Rinnai                           Q205SN
Rinnai                           Q205SP                    Rinnai                           Q85SN
Rinnai                           Q85SP                     Ruud                             RGRC*
Ruud                             RGRM*                     Ruud                             RGTC*
Ruud                             RGTM*                     Ruud                             UGRC*
Ruud                             UGRC-04EMAES              Ruud                             UGRC-07EMAES
Ruud                             UGRK*                     Ruud                             UGRL*
Ruud                             UGRL-04(E,N)MAES          Ruud                             UGRL-06(E,N)MAES
Ruud                             UGRL-07(E,N)YBGS          Ruud                             UGRL-09(E,N)ZAJS
Ruud                             UGRM*                     Ruud                             UGRM-07(E,N)MAES
Ruud                             UGRM-09(E,N)ZAJS          Ruud                             UGRM-10(E,N)ZAJS
Ruud                             UGTC*                     Ruud                             UGTC-10ERBGS
S.A. Armstrong Limited           ECN210                    S.A. Armstrong Limited           ECN285
Sears                            C9UHX060F12               Sears                            C9UHX080J12
Sears                            C9UHX080J16               Sears                            C9UHX100L20
Sears                            H9MVX040F12               Sears                            H9MVX060F12
Sears                            H9MVX080J20               Sears                            H9MVX100L20
Sears                            H9UHX060F12               Sears                            H9UHX080J12
Sears                            H9UHX080J16               Sears                            H9UHX100L20
Sears                            T9UHX060F12               Sears                            T9UHX080J12
Sears                            T9UHX080J16               Sears                            T9UHX100L20
Slant/Fin Corporation            LX-85A                    Sure                             GF901 SERIES
Sure                             GF901*                    Tappan                           FG6TE*
Tappan                           FG6TE060*-IQ              Tappan                           FG6TE060*-VA
Tappan                           FG6TE080*-IQ              Tappan                           FG6TE080*-VB
Tappan                           FG6TE100*-IQ              Tappan                           FG6TE100*-VB
Tappan                           FG6TE120*-IQ              Tappan                           FG6TE120*-VC
Tappan                           FG7MQ 060*-VB             Tappan                           FG7MQ 080*-VC
Tappan                           FG7MQ 100*-VC             Tappan                           FG7MQ 120*-VD
Tappan                           FG7MQ*                    Tappan                           FG7T (C,L)*
Tappan                           FG7TC 060*-*              Tappan                           FG7TC 080*-*
Tappan                           FG7TC 100*-*              Tappan                           FG7TC 120*-*
Tappan                           FG7TC*                    Tappan                           FG7TL 060*-*
Tappan                           FG7TL 080*-*              Tappan                           FG7TL 080*-*C*
Tappan                           FG7TL 100*-*              Tappan                           FG7TL*
Tempstar                         C9MPX                     Tempstar                         T9MPX
Tempstar                         T9MVX*                    Tempstar                         T9UHX*
Thermal Zone                     KG6TE060*-IQ              Thermal Zone                     KG6TE060*-VA
Thermal Zone                     KG6TE080*-IQ              Thermal Zone                     KG6TE080*-VB
Thermal Zone                     KG6TE100*-IQ              Thermal Zone                     KG6TE100*-VB
Thermal Zone                     KG6TE120*-IQ              Thermal Zone                     KG6TE120*-VC
Thermal Zone                     KG7TC 060*-*              Thermal Zone                     KG7TC 080*-*
Thermal Zone                     KG7TC 100*-*              Thermal Zone                     KG7TC 120*-*
Thermal Zone                     KG7TL 060*-*              Thermal Zone                     KG7TL 080*-*
Thermal Zone                     KG7TL 100*-*              Thermo-Products, Llc.            CHBI-100
Thermo-Products, Llc.            CHBI-50                   Thermo-Products, Llc.            CHX1-100N
Thermo-Products, Llc.            CHX1-125N                 Thermo-Products, Llc.            CHX1-75N
Thermopride                      CMA*                      Trane                            TDH1B065A9421A*

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
Trane                        TDH2*                      Trane                      TDH2B060A9V3VA*
Trane                        TDH2B080A9V3VA*            Trane                      TDH2C100A9V4VA*
Trane                        TDH2D120A9V5VA*            Trane                      TDH3*
Trane                        TDH3B080ACV3VA             Trane                      TDH3C100ACV4VA
Trane                        TDHI*                      Trane                      TDHM*
Trane                        TUH1*                      Trane                      TUH1B040A9241A*
Trane                        TUH1B060A9361A*            Trane                      TUH1B080A9421A*
Trane                        TUH1C100A9481A*            Trane                      TUH1D100A9601A*
Trane                        TUH1D120A9601A*            Trane                      TUH2*
Trane                        TUH2B060A9V3VA*            Trane                      TUH2B080A9V3VA*
Trane                        TUH2C100A9V4VA*            Trane                      TUH2D120A9V5VA*
Trane                        TUH3*                      Trane                      TUH3B060ACV3VA
Trane                        TUH3B080ACV3VA             Trane                      TUH3C100ACV4VA
Trane                        TUH3D120ACV5VA             Trane                      TUHM*
Trane                        TUHMB080ACV3VA             Trane                      TUHMC100ACV4VA
Trane                        TUHMD120ACV5VA             Triangle Tube              Excellence 110
Triangle Tube                Excellence 110P            Triangle Tube              Solo 110
Triangle Tube                Solo 110P                  Triangle Tube              Solo 175
Triangle Tube                Solo 250                   Triangle Tube              Solo 60
U.S. Boiler Co.              ALP080                     U.S. Boiler Co.            ALP105
U.S. Boiler Co.              ALP150                     U.S. Boiler Co.            ALP210
U.S. Boiler Co.              ALP285                     U.S. Boiler Co.            FCM070
U.S. Boiler Co.              FCM120                     U.S. Boiler Co.            FCM150
Utica Boilers                UB95M 200                  Viessmann                  WB1 8-24 to WB1 8-30
Viessmann                    WB1B*                      Viessmann                  WB2 6-24 to WB2 15-60
Weil-McLain                  Ultra 299                  Westinghouse               FG6TE*
Westinghouse                 FG6TE060*-IQ               Westinghouse               FG6TE060*-VA
Westinghouse                 FG6TE080*-IQ               Westinghouse               FG6TE080*-VB
Westinghouse                 FG6TE100*-IQ               Westinghouse               FG6TE100*-VB
Westinghouse                 FG6TE120*-IQ               Westinghouse               FG6TE120*-VC
Westinghouse                 FG7MQ 060*-VB              Westinghouse               FG7MQ 080*-VC
Westinghouse                 FG7MQ 100*-VC              Westinghouse               FG7MQ 120*-VD
Westinghouse                 FG7MQ*                     Westinghouse               FG7T (C,L)*
Westinghouse                 FG7TC 060*-*               Westinghouse               FG7TC 080*-*
Westinghouse                 FG7TC 100*-*               Westinghouse               FG7TC 120*-*
Westinghouse                 FG7TC*                     Westinghouse               FG7TL 060*-*
Westinghouse                 FG7TL 080*-*               Westinghouse               FG7TL 100*-*
Westinghouse                 FG7TL*                     Whirlpool                  WGFEC
Whirlpool                    WGFEC040B12-2              Whirlpool                  WGFEC060B14-2
Whirlpool                    WGFEC080C16-2              Whirlpool                  WGFEC080C20-2
Whirlpool                    WGFEC100D20-2              Whirlpool                  WGFET
Whirlpool                    WGFET040B12-2              Whirlpool                  WGFET060B14-2
Whirlpool                    WGFET080C16-2              Whirlpool                  WGFET080C20-2
Whirlpool                    WGFET100C20-2              Whirlpool                  WGFEU
Whirlpool                    WGFM195*                   Whirlpool                  WGFM295*
Wolf                         NG95A0503                  Wolf                       NG95A0653
Wolf                         NG95A0803                  Wolf                       NG95A0805
Wolf                         NG95A1003                  Wolf                       NG95A1005
Wolf                         NG95V0603                  Wolf                       NG95V0803
Wolf                         NG95V0804                  Wolf                       NG95V1005
Wolf                         NG95V1205                  York                       TG9S040A08MP11
York                         TG9S060A10MP11             York                       TG9S060B12MP11
York                         TG9S080B12MP11             York                       TG9S080C16MP11
York                         TG9S080C22MP11             York                       TG9S100C16MP11
York                         TG9S100C20MP11             York                       TG9S120D16MP11
York                         TG9S120D20MP11             York                       TG9S130D20MP11
York                         TM9M060B12MP11             York                       TM9M080B12MP11
York                         TM9M080C16MP11             York                       TM9M100C16MP11
York                         TM9M100C20MP11             York                       TM9M120D20MP11
York                         TM9T060B12MP11             York                       TM9T080B12MP11

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         Models Listed Change Often. Visit for the most up-to-date list.
York                           TM9T080C16MP11              York                         TM9T120D20MP11
York                           TM9V060B12MP11              York                         TM9V100C16MP11
York                           TM9V100C20MP11              York                         TM9V120D20MP11
York                           TP9C060B12MP11              York                         TP9C080B12MP11
York                           TP9C080C16MP11              York                         TP9C100C16MP11
York                           TP9C100C20MP11              York                         TP9C120D20MP11
York                           YM9M*                       York                         YM9M060B12MP11
York                           YM9M080B12MP11              York                         YM9M080C16MP11
York                           YM9M100C16MP11              York                         YM9M100C20MP11
York                           YM9M120D20MP11              York                         YP9C060B12MP11
York                           YP9C060B12MP12              York                         YP9C080B12MP11
York                           YP9C080B12MP12              York                         YP9C080C16MP11
York                           YP9C100C16MP11              York                         YP9C100C20MP11
York                           YP9C120D20MP11              York International           CM9M*
York International             CP9C*                       York International           FC9C*
York International             FC9M*                       York International           FL9C*
York International             FL9M*                       York International           GG9S*
York International             GY9*                        York International           LM9M*
York International             LP9C*                       York International           M9X*
York International             MG9S*                       York International           P*XU
York International             PC9*                        York International           PM9*
York International             TG9S*                       York International           TM9T*
York International             TM9V*                       York International           TM9X*
York International             YM9M*                       York International           YP9C*
               Asterisks (*) indicate that a coding variable may be used in place of the asterisks to
                        indicate a color or feature that does not affect washer efficiency.
                                        DIRECT VENT WALL MODELS
            BRAND                        MODEL                         BRAND                      MODEL
Empire Heating Systems         DV-20E                      Empire Heating Systems       DV-40E
Empire Heating Systems         DV-55E                      Rinnai                       ES11*
Rinnai                         EX08C*                      Rinnai                       EX11C*
Rinnai                         EX17*                       Rinnai                       EX17C*
Rinnai                         EX22C*
               Asterisks (*) indicate that a coding variable may be used in place of the asterisks to
                        indicate a color or feature that does not affect washer efficiency.

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