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					                           T20 A12: 12000-Litre UN Portable Tank T20 20ft tank
                           container, 10 bar test pr pressure.


                                                                           Metric                                     Imperial

Length                                                                  6058MM                                           20FT

Width                                                                   2438MM                                            8FT

Height                                                                  2438MM                                            8FT

Capacity                                                               12000 LTR                         3170 US GALLONS

Maximum Gross Weight                                                   28000 KG                                     61729 LBS

Tare                                                                    3670 KG                                      8091 LBS


Working Pressure                                                        6.89 BAR                                      100 PSI

Test Pressure                                                          10.34 BAR                                      150 PSI

Relief Valve                                                            6.89 BAR                                      100 PSI

Rupture Discs                                                           7.58 BAR                                      110 PSI

Ambient Temp. Range                                            -40°C TO +65°C                             -40°F TO +149°F

Design Temperature                                                          70°C                                        158°F

Maximum Cargo Temp                                                          70°C                                        158°F

Shell Material                        Stainless steel, type AISI 316 S16

Thickness                             6.35MM (0.25") equivalent to mild steel 8.7MM

Design Code                           ASME, section VIII, division 1

                                      Lloyd's Register Construction Certificate, DOT UK IMO type 1, DOT US IM101, IMO,
                                      ISO, ADR, RID, BAM, MMF, CTC, AAR 600, CSC

Standard Fittings:

Manlid                                500MM (20") diameter bolted flange (20 M16 bolts) PTFE gasket.

Safety Relief Gauge                   63MM (2.5") valve, at 6.89 bar, rupture disc at 7.58 bar, pressure.

                                      80mm (3") top mounted valve, 3" removable full depth syphon pipe Outlet 3"
Fill/ Discharge
                                      BSTD/DIN 80 bolted flange.

Vapour Line                           80MM (3") top mounted valve, outlet 3" BSTD/Din 80 bolted flange.

Air/Vapour Line                       40MM (1½") ball valve, outlet 1½" BSTD/Din 40 bolted flange.

Gaskets & Seals                       All parts in contact with the cargo PTFE/Teflon.

Compartments                          Spillage compartments fitted with hinged lockable s/s full protection lids.

Document holder                       Fitted rear end.

Walkway                               Aluminium Q grating with access to top fittings, extending to front end.

Actual measurements and specifications may vary and are subject to confirmation. The authorised Dangerous
Goods Advisor should confirm fitness for purpose of any tank and that the cargo is compatible and will not attack
the tank vessel. Tank containers are supplied in accordance with a signed lease and GE SeaCo General
Trading conditions.


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