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					                                    Grafton Job Corps Career Academy

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   April 22, 2011                       “Training Tomorrow’s Workforce, Today”

                                                     CPP Going Green
                                                  An article by Fallon Adamo
                               A lot of people may have noticed around campus that there
                               is a lot of turned soil and small fences. If you’ve been
                               around the CPP building you might have even noticed the
                               small greenhouse right outside of it. Only a few, however,
                               might have realized that Friday was actually Earth Day.
  Counselor James White with
         the scarecrow         For the third year in a row, the CPP staff is working on
                               making our campus greener. Anywhere from having the CPP students do their
                               “apprentice” project on going green, to planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs
                               around campus. Their efforts certainly didn’t go unnoticed, but most of us do not
                               understand the extent of the project at hand.

                               According to Mr. White and Mr. Vecchiarelli, they will be growing everything
                               from a variety of peppers and squash to watermelon, pumpkins, and carrots.
                               They are even growing an herb garden on the side of the culinary building that
                               will have spices including oregano, sage, and parsley. With all this and more,
                               our campus will have the ability to eat fresh fruits and vegetables this coming
                               season. It will not only help our local environment by providing more plants, but
                               it will also be a pleasant sight and a healthy alternative for our diets.

                               CAREER CORNER
                               Corporate—None                Joliet Job Corps                  Wellness Manager 
                                                             Recreation Supervisor              
Inside this issue:             Atterbury Job Corps           Dorm Supervisor                   Red Rock Job Corps 
                               Dorm Supervisor                                                 Food Service Manager 
Student Achievements       2
                               Associate F&A Director        Little Rock Job Corps             Center Shift Manager 
Target Success One             Human Resources  Manager      Career Development Manager        HR Manager 
                               IT Manager                                                      Deputy Center Director 
Student at a Time
                               CSIO Supervisor               Shriver Job Corps—None             
                               Career Transition Manager                                       Grafton Job Corps 
Top Room Scores            4                                 Treasure Island Job Corps—None    On‐Call Residential Advisor 
                               Exeter Job Corps—None                                           Academic Instructor 
                                                             Woodland Job Corps                Assistant Food Service Manager 
The Safety Panther         5   Gadsden Job Corps—None        Associate F&A Director            RPYCA Instructor 
May Birthdays—Staff        6                                 Center Director,                  CPP Instructor 
Grafton Smoke Out              Glenmont Job Corps            Deputy Center Director            Residential Advisor 
                               Associate F&A Director                                           
Adams Family Fables        7   Safety Security Supervisor     Woodstock Job Corps               
                               CSIO Supervisor               Associate F&A Director 
 TABE TESTING        S T U D E N T                        A C H I E V E M E N T S
 May 2—May 6, 2011

Date: 5/3/11         HSD/GED                             Allison Long
                     Kalisha Fransisco—GED               Bens Marcellus
Reading 9:45 a.m.
                     Kyle North—GED                      Raphael Torres
Brima Koroma
                     CTT Completions
Math 1:00 p.m.
                     Protective Services
Vanessa Avila
Abbie Cotto          Ronnie Gomez
Aaron Parker         Felix Beltre-Ortiz
Trysenia Wells       Facilities Maintenance
                     Richard Simmons
Date: 5/4/11
Reading 9:45 a.m.    Customer Service Certification
Barbara Jeaboin
Jimmy Lee Gomes      Alex Hyers

Math 1:00 p.m.
Erica Colon
Nolan Ekberg
D’Andre Bonds                                                              Left to right in the photo they are: Vin-
Rodney Jenkins                                                             cent Morlan, Stephen Sharkey, Adam
                                                                           Frati, and Brandon Anderson.
Date: 5/5/11

Literacy 9:45 a.m.

Math 1:00 p.m.
Joangeline Otero

  GLE 2.5 &
                     D R I V E R                 E D U C A T I O N
  Above Club
Literacy             PERMIT CLASS                     Zachary Smith
                     None                             Alexandra Villa
Melanie Deprey
                                                      Kyle North
Andie Jean           DRIVER EDUCATION                 Trysenia Wells
Numeracy                                              Nicholas Lownsdale
Alexander Eusebio    BEHIND THE WHEEL
Donna Duddie
                     Sinath Deth
Marian Saunders
                     Luis Velez
                     Matilda Owusuaa

                     Page 2                                                                       The Grafton Globe
                              Target Success One Student at a Time
Note: The following is an except from a thank you note          gram.
received by the Center Director.                                Today he is still employed full time in the same job he ap-
                                                                prenticed in and is highly regarded by his boss. He has “his
To Who It May Concern:                                          act together” and has matured in many ways. He has com-
                                                                pleted a 2 month school course which will help him to fur-
Mea Culpa! I apologize for the lateness of this thank you       ther his knowledge in his trade.
note. Hopefully “better late than never” will suffice.
                                                                My grandson knew the opportunity you gave him was his
I am the grandmother of one of your students who gradu-         last chance to make something of himself and not keep
ated in 2010. My husband and I would like to thank you          floundering. Thankfully he took advantage of it.
for giving our grandson the opportunity to learn a skill that
will enable him to have a productive future.                    So we’d like to thank you so very much for making this pos-
                                                                sible. We’re very appreciative to you for giving this aimless
We realize that at times he could be problematic, but with      kid the chance of a good life & future. Keep up the good
your help and guidance he was able to complete your pro-        work. Can’t always be easy.

    The History of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness
        Week and National Mental Health Awareness Week
In 1949, the national mental health Association declared        service announcements. The campaign has grown each year
May as Mental health Month. Although this nationally            since then. In 2004, the National Federation of Families for
recognized observance began as mental health Week.              Children’s Mental Health declared the first full week of May
                                                                as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week nationally.
1950-60s: Through the next 2 decades, special emphasis
was placed on educating the public around mental illness.       In 2006, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
In the late 1960s, this national observance was expanded to     Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Mental health Services
promote May as Mental Health Month to bring greater             launched an annual national initiative called National Chil-
awareness to the importance of mental health care.              dren’s mental Health Awareness Day, which occurs during
                                                                Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.
In the 1970s, observances shifted to community based
events as state hospital “patients” were moved to commu-        In 2007 , the National Federation of Families for Children’s
nity settings.                                                  Mental health launched the Annual Green Ribbon Campaign.
                                                                It is an uplifting campaign while also spreading awareness
In 1991, a group of parents in Missouri got together and        and serving to spread awareness through positive public
decided that one of the most important projects they            health promotion effort and begin dialogue throughout com-
could undertake was to raise awareness and reduce the           munities nationally and internationally. Today, the goal of
stigma surrounding children’s mental health. They formed        this nationally recognized event is to increase public aware-
a coalition of parents, professionals and other stakeholders    ness and educate communities to expand the understanding
and created Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.            of children’s mental health needs and their resulting impact
Over the next five years three more states, Kansas, Illinois    on families.
and Ohio began their own celebration of Children’s Mental
Health Week. The National Federation of Families for            May 12, 7:30 pm, Wretchers and Jabberers film will be shown at
Children’s Mental Health later joined the coalition and pro-    Showcase North, Worcester, MA as part of a 100 city “One
moted the mission.                                              Night for Autism”. This is a story of two men with autism
                                                                who travel around the world to bring attention to autism and
In 1996, PPAL launched the first Children’s Mental Health       to the abilities they have.
Week in Massachusetts. Its theme was “One Youth At A
Time” and included posters, a tool kit, as well as public       Submitted by: Sharon Lee, Health & Wellness Manager

“Training Tomorrow’s Workforce, Today”                                                        Page 3
Top Room Scores for the Week
DYNASTY 2/4‐204                         4.00          SIRENS 1/6‐305                              4.75 
ALBERT STEBBINS                                       IVELIS TORRES 
JOSE SALAZAR                                          JENNIFER MARQUEZ 
TAWFIQ RUSSEL                                         MALAIKA BENJAMIN 
                                                      SAPPHIRE MARTIN 
DYNASTY 2/4‐205                         4.25           
ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ                                     SIRENS 1/6‐307                              4.00 
CHRISTOPHER MORGAN                                    MUNEERAH LILLY 
LEONARDO LOPEZ                                        NICOLETA TRAUB 
                                                      ROSE EBI 
DYNASTY 2/4‐206                         4.50          TATIANA CARRION 
ANDIE JEAN                                             
STEVEN SHARKEY                                        SIRENS 1/6‐308                              4.25 
WILKEN BIRKS                                          AMANDA SLOAN 
                                                      KATHRYN CASTILLO 
HARLEQUINS 1/5‐304                  4.00              SHANEIKA SHEFFIELD 
FAITH DODGE                                           VIVIAN JACKSON 
HALIEE NOEL                                            
REBECCA FARBSTEN                                      SIRENS 1/6‐310                              4.25 
TRACY CROSS                                           CHELSEA SWEET 
                                                      CHRISTINA BARCOMB 
HARLEQUINS 1/5‐306                  4.00              TAYLOR GILMETTE 
JOHANNY TORIBIO                                        
KENYA WILSON                                          SIRENS 1/6‐312                              4.25 
TRYSENIA WELLS                                        GABRIELA SAEZ 
                                                      GILMARIE RODRIGUEZ 
HARLEQUINS 1/5‐308                  4.25              ISABEL ORANTES 
BARBARA JEABOIN                                       KATELY AUDETTE PATTERSON 
COCO WILLIAMS                                          
DANISHA POGSON                                        SIRENS 1/6‐314                              4.75 
GESARIA THOMPSON                                      ALICIA STEER 
                                                      LYNE DANIELS 
HARLEQUINS 2/8‐304                  4.00               
JUDNA DESRIVIERES                                     SIRENS 2/7‐307                              4.25 
LILIANA RODRIGUEZ                                     MATILDA OWUSUAA 
SAISHA CRUZ                                           TYESHIA DALE 
SHANIQUA DYKES                                        TYTEYONA DALE 
                                                      VANESSA AVILA 
MLK 1/2‐208                                   4.00     
ALEX MANSEAU                                          SIRENS 2/7‐310                              4.75 
JAWUN WILLIAM                                         ARIEL ORLEN 
JUSTIN MILLER                                         CYDNIE FLOWERS 
NYEANAI ISAAC JORDAN                                  KENDRA ROSE 
                                                      TAMIKA QAWIY 
MLK 1/2‐211                                   4.25     
JAVON HOBBS                                           SIRENS 2/7‐311                              4.00 
JOHN BROWN                                            ASHLEY VOINSINE 
MARQUISE HOLLEY                                       BRITTANY LONG 
TYLER TRETHEWAY                                       LISA DON 
                                                      TISHA RICH 
“Training Tomorrow’s Workforce, Today”   Page 5
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           May Birthdays
                  John Spiewak
                Patrick Reynolds
                  Thao Huynh
                   Brian Foley
              Stephanie Bonaparte
                Albert McCarthy
                  John Hanlon
                 Garfield Atchue
                 Yolanda Jones
                  Celina Casas
                Kenneth Murray
                  Linda Daniel
                  Daniel Block
                  Tara Consolie
                Donna McGrath

                                       Grafton Smoke Out
                                    An article by Fallon Adamo

   This past Thursday was the great Grafton           The wellness center was turned into a “safe
   Smoke Out, which had over 40 student tak-          haven” for participants. With healthy snacks
   ing part and countless staff member support.       and a movie running throughout the day, it
   Not many days do you walk by the smoking           allowed a sense of distraction for them.
   area after breakfast with not a person in          Also, at the beginning of the day, Mr. Gibson
   sight. For an area that is usually jammed          handed out “Survival Kits” for students to
   packed with students until the last possible       get through the day
   moment, that came as quite a surprise.
                                                      “I think today was a fun activity, I enjoyed
   The students loved it too. Many partici-           preparing for it” exclaimed Sharon Lee, the
   pated in the nature walk during first lunch,       HWM on campus, “A lot of extra kudos to
   which seemed to get pretty good reviews.           the EMT students for “chill pills” and
   “I don’t get off campus” said Priscilla Pitch-     RYPCA for their presentations”.
   man. This seems to be the overwhelming
   response; the ability to be able to spend a        So thanks everyone for coming out and con-
   little time off campus and just recharging         gratulations to our contest winners:
   seemed to help a couple students.
              Poster Board                         Essays                          Poetry
             Amber Laferriere             Katelyn Audette Patterson            Fallon Adamo
                Ariel Orlen                    Tiara Johnson                 Priscilla Pitchman