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Students overcome obstacles, join other Columbus grads 

• More than 130 students                          ing for the graduates to compl~te their higli      the OGT they needed to in order to gradu­
                                                  school careers. It was the district's ISth an­     ate,
didn't give up, receiving                         nual summer commencement.              '              Twenty-four of the 133 students graduat­
                                                     Some 12'schools were represented in the         ed through Ohio's Alternative Pathways
high school diplomas                              ceremony. Graduates sported cap and gown           provision. which allow some students to
                                                  in every color from Northland green to             graduate without passing the OGT.
at summer graduation.                             Brookhaven blue and Beechcroft brown,                 Pathway requirements include a mini­
By KHALILA PERRIN                                 creating a sea of color in the student sec­        mum GPA of 2.5, a 97 percent minimum at­
Suburban News Publications
                                                  tion.                                              tendance rate in each of the past four school
                                                     Ofthe 133 students, 43 graduated as a re­       years and letters of recommendation. Re­
                                                  sult of passing all five parts of the Ohio         quirements also stipulate that a student can
                   - but
Adream delayedAug. 22.not denied - un­
    folded for-133 Columbus City Schools
students Saturday,
                                                  Graduation Test.
                                                     Since the 2006-07 school year, seniors
                                                                                                     only have failed one portion of the test, and
                                                                                                     that portion by 10 points or less, to qualify.                                    SNP rue photo
   Some of them danced and others J?roud­         have been required to pass all five parts of          Though most graduated just a few                  Columbus Superintendent Gene Harris en­
ly strode across the Veterans Memonal au­         the tesf to graduate. It includes math, sci­       months behind schedule, district Superin­            couraged the district's summer graduates
ditorium stage- as they received their            ence, social studies, reading and writing.         tendent and' keynote speaker Gene Harris             Aug. 23 to "stay on track."
diplomas.                                            Another 60 students graduated as a re­          told the students not to look back.
   In the audience, the auditorium teemed         sult of completing missing classroom cred­            "You're on track. Stay on track," she said.       Originally set to graduate in 2007, East
with hundreds of balloon- and bouquet­            its and and additional six students                , For some of the students the journey was        Side resident Makda Zebib said she refused
laden friends and family expectantly wait­        completed credits and passed the parts of          longer than others.                               to give up on passing the science portion of
                                                                                                        Northland High School graduate Chika           the OGT.

'Thin client' technology will 
                                                                      Madumelu, 20, was among the 133. Miss­
                                                                                                     ing credits kept her from graduating sooner.
                                                                                                        Her sole advice to students who might
                                                                                                     face a delayed graduation: "Be patient."
                                                                                                                                                          "I needed my diploma. I'm not stopping
                                                                                                                                                       for nothing," said the Walnut Ridge High
                                                                                                                                                       School graduate.
                                                                                                                                                          She now has her eyes on earning a degree     ,   ~

gain fat savings for schools 

By KHALILA PERRIN                                                                                                                                     . ~4f":··l
                                                  ..Our primary focus are the


Suburban News Pubtications                                                                                                                            r:: '
     ew computers sporting the latest tech­
                                                  schools ,.. because we want our                                                                     •
N    nology will be at the fingertips of hun­
dreds of Columbus City School students as
                                                  students to have the latest,
                                                  greatest technology. "
they begin the first day of the new school                                                                                                                                     ~":"..,,.-

year today, Aug. 26.                   ,                                         -Rod Houpe                                                               ;;,,-,,-   '~0   •

   Students at recently renovated schools              Columbus schools chief infonnation officer
such as the new Downtown High School, In­
dianola Informal K-8, the Alexander Gra­
ham Bell School, Southwood Elementary                 The ruDds come from the combination
School and East and South high schools will        7.S5-mill operating levy and $164 million,
be among the first users.                          1.13-mill bond issue voters approved in No­
   District employees in the information           vember 200S.
technology department began installing the            The administration has spent $2.9 million
newer, sleeker equipment in June.                  of the $S million so far.
   "We've already started. We're going to             The installation of the new computers will
have 2,000 thin clients up and running," by        be complete by December 20 II, according
the time school begins, Chief Information          to a timeline.
Officer Rod Houpe said.                           . Making sure the district's oldest students
   A "thin client" is a network computer that      have access to the new technology in their
accesses programs and data from a server           schools is most important, Houpe said.
rather than locally on a hard drive. The tech­        High schools ar~ receiving priority "be­
nology requires no storage disk space on           cause they're in the greatest need. Also, we
workstations and will save the district on av­     want to prepare those individuals as they're
erage $280 per computer in potential repair        exiting our system first. We want to make
an<!.technology sl:lPport5,?sts... .               sur~ th~t we've p~pared theIl'l: with ~he right
                                                                                                                                                                   August 26, 2009                NORTIILAND NEWS                         9

             NAMES IN THE NEWS
                Northland area students who received de­            Paula Simmons, Jennifer Smith, Melinda Stepter,          , Jennifer Bradley, Drew Breckner, Bryan Briggs,            Kela Fields, Matthew Figurski, Renee Fitzgerald,
                                                                    Amy Stromer, Ray Suen, Ben Swanger, Brett                Montoya Brown, Dave Burchett, Robert Burgess,               Mark Retcher, Lamina Foose, Jessica Fritz, Sylvia
             grees at Columbus State Community Col­                 Thomas. Patricia VanLeuven;                              Robert Burns, David Busbey, Tabatha Campbell,               Gakuo, Travis Gale, Tamara Gingras. Dawn Glaze,
             lege's spring quarter commencement, and                   Dean's - Hana Abdalla, HiOO Abdi, Madihah             Cynthia Carr, Tonya Carter, Adam Catalogna, Fnu             Curtis Good, Mbouila Guisse, Bahlbi Hagos,       '
             students who wet~named to the university's           , Abdul Rauf. Mohamed Abdulahi Id, David                   Chelsea, Sophie Christoff, Ashley Clemons,                  Christy Hall. William Hanf, Dakota Hanson, Mar­
             spring quarter dean's list il!clude:                   Achrrioody, Marie Adam, Adebukola Adejobi,               Janetha Cochran, Jennifer Colditz, Vincent Colec­           garet Hanson; ,
                                                                    Sadiq Aden, Sagal Aden. Deena Adkins, William            chi, Michael Coleman, Christina Collier, David                 Melissa Harden, Ryan Hatton, Melissa Help- .
               Graduates - Abdullahi Abdulle, Abosede,Ade­          Adkins, Nagma Ahmed. Consuela Albright, Jessi­           COllins, Erica Cort/jo, Steven Cossin, Julie, Coston.       man, Hawa Hemed, Joyce Henry, Michelle Her­
             bu~a. Rebecca Anderson, NadlinAntwi, Esther            ca Alexander. Ahmed Ali. Mohammed Ali. Michael           Kelany Courtright; ,                                        man, Ulian Hirko, April Holmes. Unda Horton,
             Aplou, Amha Asfaw. Mohamed Bah. Jennifer               Alonzo. Hillary Anderson. Roberson Andre. Nadlin            Curtis Cox, Mechelle Cox, Muriel Crawford,               Margaret Howell, Zhi Huang, Philip Hunsaker, ,
             Bradley. Diana Bmusak, Fnu Chelsea. William Cor­       Antwi, Esther Apiou, Shamso Areys;                       Joshua Culver, Chris Cunningham, Kyle Cuthbert.             Thosia Hunter, Mujahidin Ibrahim, Grace IgOO,
             die, John Eneh. Marcus Fandrey, Kela Aelds.               Jeremy Am, Mondukpe Arodokoun, Abdikhalif             Nimo Dahiye, Grace Danas, Benjamin Danso, Jen­              Nasro Iman, Lucky lrorere, Abdul-Kheir Jama,
             Kevin Frankenberg, Jeremy Gano. Kenneth Hage-'        'Awjama. Samra Ayele, Keisha Azbell. Matthew              nifer Davidson, Jason Davis, Matthew Demoulin,              Marcia Johnson, Megan JOhnSon. Abby Johnston,
             man. William Hanf, Linda Horton, Nasro Iman.           Bailey. Tiffany Bailey, Elizabeth Baker. Alexis Ban­     Scott Dennis. Tonia Derksen, Amber Dickerson,               Denise Jones. Sunghwa Jones, Ryan Joos, Kevin
             Joseph Ingram, Abdul-Kheir Jama, Usa Jones;            gudi, Brionna BankS. Sarah BarOOsky. Zeboney             Bonnie Dodds, Caeleigh Dodds, Tonie Dotson De­              Kafer, Salema Kamara;
                Maureen Kelly. Josh Kitzmiller, 0 Leyton, Lisa      Barranada. Ibrahim Barrie, Mouctar Barry. Amanda         Icactr; Moussa DoumOOuya, Kathryn Dove, Norma                  Nancy Kangogo. Amanda Keaton. Joel Kegler.
             Long, Cathleen Martz. Jenifer Moore, Stacy             Baughman. Emily Berning, Shayna Bettac,                  Downerd, Ann Downing, Tiffany Dudley;                       Charles Keller. Mahad Khalif. Stephanie King-Go­
             Myers, Amourice Ngowi. Francine Nzwanga, Ra­           Theodore Beveridge, Danielle Biancone, Julie                Joshua Eaton, Chad Eberly, Eric Edwards, Has­            bryn, Erin Kirkpatrick, Michael Kline, Lydia
             mona Poelmans, Casie Redman, Matrice Reese.            Bishop, Selina Boakye,. Daniel Boswell, Jessica        , nae EI Ouassini, Jonathan Emerine, Bonoie Fara­
             Kent Reid. Erin F:!ygg, Anjoli Scott, Donna Scott.     Bowman;                                                  go, Sherry Fay. Peter Ferguson, Jeannine, Ferry,                               ': See NAMES, Page 16

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             iIi nursing or business at Wright State or'
             Columbus State universities.
                                                                  the new graduates from Mitrion-Fr~nklin
                                                                  High School.
                                                                     "I'm glad he made it and I hope he keeps
                                                                  going," he added.
                                                                                                                                 .•CHI'NA DYNASTY.         "   ':5~/~ng in Hunan. Szechuan & Manaarln
                The students' persistence was evident,               District officials are aiming for a 90 per­                                                      I                                                             I
             North Side resident Karen Feasel said.               cent graduation rate by the class of 2012.                                                                         SUNDAY BUFFET
                "For some it was a struggle and som~              The graduate rate for the class of 2008 was
             they really, really wanted it and they went          73.9 percent.                                                                                                                f11.50
             after it," she said. Her son Cameran Lee                The figures for 2009 's graduation rate
             was in the group, celebrating his graduation         won't be released until this t~me next year.                                                                                11 AM - [; PM
             from Beechcroft High School.                         Columbus' class of 2009 consisted of2,889
                Like Feasel, Grafton Swickard lingered            students. '
             in the lobby after the ceremony to celebrate            The district's OGT results and attendance                                                                       l:!.2W
                                                                                                                                             'NORTH:,:                Mon-Thull 11 am -10 pm
             and take pictures of the day.                        rates for the.2008-09 school year were to be                                                        Frt·Sat 11 am - 10:30 pm
  ,             "I'm impressed with all of them," he said         announced by the Ohio Department of Ed­                            1930 E. Dubun-Granvtlie Rd.
                                                                                                                                                                       Sunday 11 am - 9 pm
                                                                                                                                       (6.14) 523-2008'
             of the graduates. His nephew was among               ucation Tuesday. Aug. 25.                                                                          Sunday Buffet 11 am .. 8 pm


             Continued from Page 8                                 high schools and Eastmoor Academy will be
                                                                   among the local schools receiving new cQm­
               Set to receive new workstations in Octo­            puters in November.
rI'    "     ber are: Beechcroft, Centennial, Columbus               Upgrades for remaining school build­
             Alternative and Marion Franklin high                  ings will continue each month through
             schools as well as Woodward Park Middle               August 20 I 0, based on a combination of
       "     School.                                               need and geographic location, officials
  ;", ~ ,;
               Whetstone. Fort Hayes and Brookhaven                said.
       t,                                                                                                                       St. John African Methodist 

       (                                                                                                                             Episcopal Church 

                                                                                                                                     ... ,...D.CooIIIIoo.. . . .

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