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January 28, 2010                                                                                                                                  The Grove City College Student Newspaper

        Student initiates                                                                                        Defense in action
Anna Tracey                                     that they have the freedom to
News Editor                                     meet together on or off-campus
                                                like any other group of students.
   Senior Jessica Littlejohn is                    One of the primary problems
founding an unofficial gay-                     that Littlejohn has experienced
straight alliance at Grove City                 identifying as gay and a Grove
College this semester.                          City student on campus was not
   Her goal for this group is to                knowing how to talk about this
promote community within the                    issue or whom she could trust.
gay population at the College                   This is something she is seek-
and to bring them into con-                     ing to address by founding the
tact with straight people who                   group. “There are many people
support them or are willing to                  who struggle with this issue and
have respectful discussion on the               I wanted to offer them a place
subject. While this group is not                where they could feel comfort-
endorsed by the College, Little-                able coming and talking.”
john has been in contact with                      Hardesty said that while the
Student Life and Learning about                 College does not condone a ho-
the policies of the department                  mosexual lifestyle, “we want our
with regards to this group.                     students, all of our students, to
   Larry Hardesty, Vice President               feel like they are being cared for.
for Student Life and Learning,                  So there is a balance of convic-
emphasized the official College                 tion in our beliefs and a compas-
policy on the gay-straight alli-                sion for our students. I appreci-
ance. It is not an official Col-                ated the opportunity I had to
lege organization. The College                  speak with Jessica regarding her
holds to a traditional Christian                personal struggle, and find deep
perspective on homosexual rela-                 value in the freedom our policy
tionships and will not endorse a                provides for faculty and staff to                                                                                                  Kevin Hanse
group that supports homosexual                  walk alongside                           Womens’ basketball team takes on Saint Vincent College. Seniors Megan Gibson and Alison Wells
behavior. He did acknowledge                    students who                             defend the ball.
                                                                            GAY 2

      Debate team travels to Botswana for world tournament
Abi Lepsch                                                                                                                                                       Fulbright scholarship with the
Collegian Writer                                                                                                                                                 dual goals of coaching debate
                                                                                                                                                                 at the University of Botswana
   While most Grove City Col-                                                                                                                                    while assisting at this year’s
lege students were sleeping off                                                                                                                                  World (which took place at the
their Christmas dinners, mem-                                                                                                                                    university).
bers of the College debate team                                                                                                                                     The College applied again
traveled to the world’s largest                                                                                                                                  this year and was granted spots
debate tournament which met                                                                                                                                      for two teams to compete.
this year in Gabarone, Bo-                                                                                                                                       Hanson and Pepper competed
tswana.                                                                                                                                                          as one team, and Batten and
   Accompanied by their advi-                                                                                                                                    Gowen competed as another.
sor Dr. Steven Jones, professor                                                                                                                                  The teams used different
of sociology, seniors Dayne Bat-                                                                                                                                 strategies but both continued
ten, Dan Hanson and Alex Pep-                                                                                                                                    to shape a sterling reputation
per and junior Kirby Gowen                                                                                                                                       for Grove City debate. After
joined hundreds of teams at the                                                                                                          Courtesy Dayne Batten   nine preliminary rounds, both
Worlds Universities Debating                    Senior Alex Pepper, junior Kirby Gowen, senior Daniel Hanson, Dr. Steven Jones, senior Dayne Batten,             teams landed a few points shy
Championship.                                   and Luke Juday ‘10.                                                                                              of advancing to the elimination
   Last year, the partnership of                                                                                                                                 rounds. Jones judged several
Luke Juday ’10 and Hanson                       ment in Turkey, blazing a trail       debaters to participate in this      This experience led Juday             rounds, scoring
competed at the World tourna-                   for future Grove City College         prestigious competition.           to apply for (and receive) the          debates and of          DEBATE 3

      The Collegian                                         Life                                    E!                     Perspectives                                 Sports
             Vol. 71 No. 11
   News..................................2          What do the Prohibition,               Junior Tyler Crumrine            Thoughts on the media                Junior Chris Wetzel previews
   Life.....................................5      Frizzleburg, PA and a “loyal          reviews Slippery Rock Uni-       mud-slinging over the Tuscon                 the Super Bowl.
   Entertainment....................8                son of the Crimson” all              versity’s theater produc-                shooting.
   Perspectives.......................10            have in common? 1921.                       tion, “Fat Pig.”
   Sports.................................11               See page 6.                            See page 9.                     See page 10.                           See page 11.
 2                                                                                 News                                                                   Jan. 28, 2011

College adds two
 new professors
Emily Kramer                          her. Slippery Rock lost fund-
Editor-in-Chief                       ing for the position, but Farone
                                      contacted Dr. Susan Gribble
   There are two new addi-            and she was hired. “You never
tions to Grove City College’s         know how [things] are going to
faculty this semester - although      work out, and then they just do,
students may already recognize        and it’s perfect,” Farone said.
them. Dr. Tracy Farone started           This semester Farone will teach
teaching last semester and will       cellular and molecular biology
continue to teach several biol-       and a study of zoonotic diseases.
ogy courses this semester as an       (Zoonotic diseases are diseases that
assistant professor of biology. Dr.   have been passed from animals to
Melva Huebert, who has been           people).
teaching in Pew Fine Arts Cen-           According to Farone, there
ter for the past year, has been       are multiple applications for the
officially hired as an associate      course, particularly in the area
professor of music.                   of public health, as it studies
   Farone has her doctorate of        how interactions between peo-
veterinary medicine and has           ple and different public policies
been a practicing veternarian         affect disease transmission. She
for the last 12 years. For several    said that there has been a ‘brain
years, she also taught in the         drain’ because scientists have
biology departments of Penn           discovered that many diseases
State and Geneva College, but         are zoonotic, but do not know
wanted a full-time position. She      where to fit zoonosis into the
interviewed at Slippery Rock          curriculum of medical students.
University about a teaching           The solution has been to teach
position and was told by two          it at the undergraduate level.
                                                                                                                                                                            Kevin Hanse
people that the College was              Huebert has
                                      received a bach-          PROFS 3      Drs. Melva Huebert and Tracey Farone.
looking for someone just like

GAY                                   a community where gay and
                                      straight students can have open
                                                                             group to have here, because
                                                                             many students facing issues with
                                                                                                                 ance at Grove City College” to
                                                                                                                 “Rainbow Bridge: Bridging the
                                                                                                                                                    City tradition into a homo-
                                                                                                                                                    sexual tagline is disrespectful to
from page 1                           conversations within the bounds        sexuality assume they have no       Gap between the LGBTQ and          the College. I unapologetically
                                      of the College policies. “I’m          one they can talk to. For me in     Straight Community.”               believe that homosexuality is
are wrestling with their sexual       going to be honest and I’m             ninth grade, having friends to         Littlejohn explained the        a sin. And like any other sin,
identity. While Jessica and I have    going to be open, but I’m not          confide in made all the differ-     reason for the change. “The        as a Christian community we
spoken frankly regarding our          going to make a show of myself         ence between wanting to live or     name of the group was changed      should love the individuals, hate
differing convictions, we have        because that’s disrespectful and       die. I hope that this group can     both to appease Student Life       the sin and engage in this issue
done so in a manner I believe         that’s not who I am in the first       put a more human face on the        and Learning and the general       civilly, with the goal of repen-
to be Christ-honoring, and it is      place,” she said.                      debates surrounding sexual-         body of the campus that had        tance for this sinful lifestyle.”
my hope we can do the same as            Littlejohn wants students to        ity, and promote awareness that     expressed concern. Accord-             Littlejohn acknowledged this
a community.”                         realize that they are not alone        there are a number of students      ing to Student Life, the use of    conflict. “I do want to adhere to
   Some institutions suspend          in their struggles or questions.       here for whom these issues go       the word “alliance” afforded a     Christian and Grove City Col-
students if they identify openly      “For a while I’d wanted a place        beyond a political stance.”         militant or defensive stance, as   lege policies and people don’t
as gay. That is not the College’s     where I could just talk to peo-           Not all of the students at the   if to draw dividing lines. My      believe that you can be liberal
view. Hardesty emphasized that        ple about my concerns and my           College are as supportive of        intent has never been to sepa-     and be a Christian and be gay
the College, “holds our gay and       frustrations. I don’t want people      the group. Junior Steve Irwin       rate the campus, but to bring it   and be a Christian, but I do. I
lesbian students to the same          to feel alone. People become           said, “As a Grove City student,     together.”                         want to be able to have a Bible
standard as we do our hetero-         depressed and inward and that’s        a member of this explicitly            Irwin also commented about      study and prayer together in this
sexual students. So if a student      not a good environment for             Christian community and a           the group’s Facebook page,         group,” said Littlejohn.
who is same-sex attracted is in-      Grove City where people want           strong proponent of traditional     which has drawn the attention         Littlejohn emphasized the
volved physically with someone        to harbor God’s love.”                 family values, this concerns me     of alumni and students alike,      charged nature of this topic.
then they would be held to the           Doug Smith, a senior, is            to no end.”                         “The most recent name for the      Hardesty agreed, and both are
same standard as for a hetero-        planning to become involved               In the last few days the Face-   Facebook group plays upon the      hopeful a civil and compassion-
sexual student.”                      with the gay-straight alliance. “I     book group changed its name         name of our iconic Rainbow         ate conversation can take place
   Littlejohn wants to create         think this is a really important       from “The Gay-Straight Alli-        Bridge and to twist a Grove        on campus about sexuality.

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    Jan. 28, 2011                                                                    News                                                                                            3
     Music professor                                                                        Students impress
    named Teacher of                                                                      theatre professionals
        the Year
   Joseph M. Pisano ’94, assis-      director of bands. Abroad, he
tant chair of the department of      is an instrumental conductor,
music and fine arts and associate    adjudicator, jazz trumpet player
professor of music and fine arts     and fine arts advocate.
technology at Grove City Col-           A founder of many popular
lege, has been selected to receive   music, education and technol-
the 2011 Technology Institute        ogy websites, such as MusTech.
of Music Educators (TI:ME)           net and, Pisano
Mike Kovins Teacher of the           serves as a SoundTree clini-
Year Award. The award will be        cian; TI:ME instructor; affiliate
presented at the annual TI:ME        member of the Support Music
conference in Cincinnati, Ohio,      coalition; writes the “Teacher
later this month.                    Guide” for IN-Tune Monthly
   Educators eligible for the        and will be the Music Educa-
annual award must have at            tion and Technology conference
least three years of professional    keynote speaker, held in Michi-
teaching experience or research      gan later this year.
in music technology and must            The Technology Institute for
currently be teaching K-12, col-     Music Educators is a non-profit
legiate or adult students.           corporation seeking to assist
   At the College, Pisano teaches    music educators in applying
courses in music technology,         technology to improve teaching
jazz history, instrumental con-      and learning in music.                                                                                                               Towson University

ducting and serves as associate                                             George Hampe ‘10 receives recognition at the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Competition.
                                                                            George Jaggers                     ent scenes and monologues for          that the College has received
PROFS                                classes, first-year music theory,
                                     world music, and solfeggio, as         Life Editor                        a panel of respondents. Hampe          high praise for its theatre
from page 2                          well as several piano students.
                                                                                                               was chosen to compete at the           program. In 2009, the Col-
                                                                               On Jan. 11-15, six Grove City   national level at the Kennedy          lege’s production of “La Bête”
elor’s degree in piano per-          The world music course is new
                                                                            College students and alumni        Center festival in April. Both         directed by Professor Betsy
formance, a master’s in piano        to the music department and
                                                                            represented the College at the     Hampe and Gaul were nomi-              Craig was chosen to perform at
performance, a Master of Arts        open to non majors. Huebert is
                                                                            Kennedy Center American            nated for the competition based        the national festival in Wash-
in music history and Ph.D.           excited to work with students
                                                                            College Theatre Festival Region    on their performances in the           ington, D.C., and Hampe was a
in musicology and ethnomu-           as she sees a unique opportu-
                                                                            II Festival. George Hampe ’10      College’s spring 2010 produc-          semi-finalist in the Irene Ryan
sicology. Between degrees,           nity for research. “With world
                                                                            and Kevin Gaul ’10, along with     tion of “An Enemy of the               competition at the regional
Huebert taught at the College        music, there’s a lot of oppor-
                                                                            juniors Tyler Crumrine and         People.”                               festival in 2010.
part-time for six years, and is      tunity for research into things
                                                                            George Jaggers and sophomores         Crumrine participated in the           Some of the plays presented
happy to be back.                    [and] this is the perfect school
                                                                            Joel Richardson and Stephen        O’Neill Critics Institute, where       at this year’s regional festival
   “My experience here has           for that,” Huebert said. “Stu-
                                                                            Horst, attended the forty-third    student theatre critics watched        included Slippery Rock Uni-
always been really good, but         dents come over here and do
                                                                            annual regional festival at Tow-   the shows presented at the fes-        versity’s production of “Fat Pig”
I was just filling in for this       things in music even though
                                                                            son University in Towson, MD.      tival and were judged on their         by Neil Labute, University of
[past] semester. But when I          it’s not their major. They bring
                                                                               Hampe and Gaul, along           written critiques. Crumrine was        Maryland Baltimore County’s
realized that the job was open,      a high level of intelligence in
                                                                            with scene partners Horst and      chosen as the national alternate       production of “Las Meninas” by
I applied for it. I’m glad I’m       their field over here and blend
                                                                            Richardson, respectively, com-     and will compete at the na-            Lynn Nottage, Albright Col-
here; I’ve always liked it. I’ve     it. It’s the interdisciplinary areas
                                                                            peted in the Irene Ryan Acting     tional level should the winner         lege’s production of “Eurydice”
taught enough at other places        where you can really find won-
                                                                            Scholarship Competition which      of the competition be unable to        by Sarah Ruhl and Gallaudet
to know that this is a good          derful research projects.”
                                                                            awards monetary aid to regional    compete.                               University’s production of
place to teach,” she said.              -Emily Cramer contributed to
                                                                            and national finalists who pres-      This is the third year in a row     “Noises Off ” by Michael Frayn.
   Huebert will teach two piano      this story

DEBATE                                                                                                                                                ences, the international nature
                                                                                                                                                      of the competition added
from page 1                                                                                                                                           new perspectives and different
   fering critique.                                                                                                                                   underlying assumptions to the
   Although running a tourna-                                                                                                                         arguments.
ment in the summer heat of                                                                                                                               Batten and Gowen recall
Botswana posed some technical                                                                                                                         debating the topic of the South
difficulties, the students made                                                                                                                       African Development Commu-
the most their African adven-                                                                                                                         nity against debaters from that
ture, going on a safari during a                                                                                                                      region. While international is-
slow day in the competition.                                                                                                                          sues are often discussed at tour-
   Like all debate competitions,                                                                                                                      naments, these students had the
World follows a format of alter-                                                                                                                      opportunity to chat about these
nating speakers from each team.                                                                                                                       topics with individuals who
Topics are announced in the                                                                                                                           experience them first hand.
form of a statement; one team                                                                                                                            Endless hours of experience
argues for the statement while                                                                                                                        and preparation contributed
the opposing team counters                                                                                                                            to the success of these teams
the arguments. Debate topics                                                                                                                          at Worlds. While challenging
ranged from teacher unions to                                                                                                          Dayne Batten   teams from Yale to the Univer-
international economics.             Senior Daniel Hanson, Dr. Steven Jones, junior Kirby Gowen, and Luke Juday ‘10.                                  sity of Malaysia, these individu-
   Palms were sweating and           with few outside resources         focus on rhetoric and the less-    English as their primary lan-              als continued to make a name
pencils flying as the teams          available.                         structured nature of the World     guage faced other challenges.              for Grove City College debate
prepped arguments during the            Along with the challenges of    style, and encouraged the Grove Although they were eventually                 and to foster relationships with
few precious minutes between         jet lag and culture shock, these   City teams to concentrate on a     matched against each other for             competitors around the world.
the announcement of the              teams faced a different debate     few arguments and to develop       scoring, they competed in pre-             Jones’s guidance and countless
topic and the beginning of the       style from the format they use     them more fully.                   liminary rounds against primar-            hours of preparation opened
debate. Most of the arguments        in most tournaments. The dif-         International teams with        ily English speakers.                      this opportunity for the debate
came from previous knowledge,        ferences lay in the increased      members who did not speak             In addition to these differ-            team.
4                                                                                   News                                                                     Jan. 28, 2011

                                                                   Outside the BuBBle
                       Deadly Arizona shooting shocks nation
Kristie Eshelman                    erone Suzie Hilerman said, “I                                                citing the gunman to his actions       class. Classmate Amy Jensen said
Collegian Writer                    was yelling at her, ‘Stay with me.                                           by producing a map during a            Loughner created “a chemistry
                                    Don’t you die on me. Don’t you                                               campaign that displayed differ-        of uneasiness...He just creeped
   Tragedy struck Tucson, Ariz.     leave me here alone.’ . . . She just                                         ent “target sites,” though many        me out.”
on Jan. 8, just days after Ameri-   kept looking at me.”                                                         politicians, including Demo-              The shooting has raised the
cans had finished celebrating          Congresswomen Gabrielle                                                   crats, have used this word imag-       issue of second amendment
“peace on earth” and the fresh      Giffords, whom Loughner                                                      ery before. Zach Ostler, once a        rights, a subject which Con-
start of a new year. The 22-year-   specifically targeted, was shot                                              close friend of Loughner’s, said,      gress had been avoiding for fear
old gunman, Jared Lee Lough-        through the head. At first                                                   “[Loughner] didn’t listen to po-       of alienating too many voters.
ner, killed six individuals and     surgeons doubted whether                                                     litical radio. He didn’t take sides.   Paul Helmke, the president of
wounded 14 more at a public         Giffords would survive surgery;                                              He wasn’t on the left; he wasn’t       the Brady Campaign to Prevent
event. Three bystanders wrestled    though she is recovering, it still                                           on the right.”                         Gun Violence, said, “A national
Loughner to the ground and sat      remains unclear whether she                                                     There is evidence that              tragedy took place; there should
on him until the police arrived.    will be able to resume her po-                                AP Exchangec   Loughner suffered from mental          be a response.” While many
   On Wednesday, Jan. 19, a         litical career. Commenting on          Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.              disturbance. His ex-girlfriend         members of Congress favor
Federal Grand Jury indicted         Giffords’ remarkable progress,                                               Kelsey Hawkes said he was              a bill that would bar the sale
Loughner on three counts of         surgeon Michael Lemole said,           that flows from people like           “very sweet, caring and kind,          of high-capacity ammunition
attempted murder, meaning that      “A lot of medicine is outside          Rush Limbaugh,” Dupnik said,          had no interest in drugs or            magazines – which were the
he could face the death penalty.    our control, and we’re wise to         “In my judgment [Limbaugh]            alcohol, and had a big inter-          kind used in the shooting –
However, defense attorney Judy      acknowledge miracles.” As of           is irresponsible, uses partial        est in music … he didn’t start         polls indicate that Americans in
Clarke hopes to partially clear     this week, she can move her            information, sometimes wrong          acting differently until after         general still oppose gun control.
his name by arguing that he was     eyes and all of her limbs and          information…and that kind of          we had broken up.” In Pima             Possible responses, to the horror
insane.                             will begin physical therapy.           behavior in my opinion is not         County Community College,              of the Tucson shooting such as
   Loughner’s victims included a       Pima County Sheriff Clar-           without consequences,” Dupnik         he repeatedly alarmed professors       stricter gun control and mental
federal judge and nine-year-old     ence Dupnik blamed conserva-           said. This reasoning led the me-      and students by inappropriately        healthcare reform, may prove
Christina Green, whose chap-        tive rhetoric for the violence in      dia to attack Sarah Palin for in-     grinning, clenching his fists and      most significant in the end.
                                    Tuscon – “the kind of rhetoric                                               making strange statements in

            Burst your Bubble                                                                                                                               What noise does
                                                                                                                                                             your crocodile
  Be careful what you                   Monkey jail break                                                                                                   The workers at the Dni-
         snort                           Lucky, a Japanese ma-
                                                                                                                                                         propetrovsk Aquarium in
                                                                                                                                                         Ukraine know what sounds
     When five young men
                                      caque monkey, was arrested
                                      for biting 120 people in               Curious news                                                                crocodiles are supposed
                                                                                                                                                         to make, and they were
  broke into a Florida house                                                                                              Cat for jury
  and spotted two urns of
  white powder, they thought
                                      several resort towns in cen-
                                      tral Japan.                            from around                              Tabby Sal was summoned
                                                                                                                                                         fairly certain that Rimma
                                                                                                                                                         Golovka’s ringtone was not
                                         Her victims were primar-
  they had it made.
     But what they initially
                                      ily children and elderly
                                      women who she would
                                                                               the world                           for jury duty. The problem
                                                                                                                   is that Tabby Sal cannot
                                                                                                                                                         one of them.
                                                                                                                                                            Apparently, Golovka
  believed to be heroine or                                                                                        speak English. In fact, Tabby         was in the middle of tak-
                                      attack from behind with vi-                                                                                        ing a picture of Gena the
  cocaine, actually turned out                                                                                     Sal cannot speak at all, as
  to be the cremated re-
                                      cious biting and scratching.             Rachel Brockhage                    Tabby Sal is a cat.                   crocodile in action, when
                                         Unsurprisingly, people
  mains of homeowner Holli
                                      were alarmed when officials               Helene Royster                        Pet owner Anna Esposito            the crocodile startled her
  Tencza’s father and her two                                                                                      wrote to Suffolk Superior             and she dropped her phone
                                      alerted them of her escape                 Anna Tracey                                                             in the aquarium. Gena
  Great Danes.                                                                                                     Crown Court in Boston
                                      last week.                                                                                                         promptly swallowed the cell
     After several attempts to                                                                                     to inform them of the fact
                                         Apparently, while her                    Photos from the                                                        phone. “This should have
  snort the stuff, the burglars                                                                                    only to receive the jury
                                      keeper was cleaning her                                                                                            been a very dramatic shot,
  eventually discovered their
                                      cage, she took the op-
                                                                                  Associated Press                 commissioner’s reply: Tabby
  blunder. For fear of being                                                                                       Sal “must attend” on March            but things didn’t work out,”
                                      portunity to evacuate. The                                                                                         Golovka explained with
  discovered they pitched the                                                                                      23. “Sal is a member of the
                                      escaped convict enjoyed                                                                                            disappointment. Aquarium
  ashes in a nearby lake.                                                                                          family so I listed him on
                                      freedom for a day, after                                                                                           workers are more con-
     The suspects are now                                                                                          the last Census form under
                                      which she was fortunately                                                                                          cerned that the crocodile
  jailed for numerous charges                                                                                      pets but there has clearly
                                      recaptured and imprisoned                                                                                          has refused to eat for four
  of burglary. Meanwhile,                                                                                          been a mix-up,” explained
  police divers are hard at
                                      in Mishima’s Rakujuen                      $10,000 dollar                    Esposito. “When they ask              weeks and seems depressed
  work trying to recover the                                                       hang-up                         him guilty or not guilty?             and in pain.
  remaining ashes.                                                                                                 What’s he supposed to say –
                                                                                When Apple called to               miaow?”
                                                                             inform her that she had
                                                                             won a $10,000 iTunes gift
                                                                             card for purchasing the 10
                                                                             billionth app, Gail Davis
                                                                             said, “Thank you very
                                                                             much, I’m not interested,”
                                                                             after which she hung up. “I
                                                                             thought it was a prank call,”
                                                                             Davis explained. Her two
                                                                             teenage daughters, however,
                                                                             were quick to inform her
                                                                             of her egregious error. After
                                                                             a few failed frantic phone
                                                                             calls, an Apple executive
                                                                             called Davis back and as-
                                                                             sured her she would still
                                                                             receive her prize.
Jan. 28, 2011                                                                     Life                                                                                      5

                      GCC football goes to Mexico
Paige Polesnak                                                                                              represent the USA and Grove          attending and said, “In the
Collegian Writer                                                                                            City College at the Division         future, I don’t want to look
                                                                                                            III All-Star Game in Mexico,”        back and wonder what was so
   Number 66 on the Grove                                                                                   he said. “He has had an out-         important that I couldn’t give
City College football team is a                                                                             standing career here at GCC.”        up a week and see Peter in the
force to be reckoned with. At 6’                                                                            Polesnak received his nomina-        biggest game of his life.”
6”, this 270-pound, four-time-                                                                              tion in October, but did not            Polesnak took three years of
letterman Pete Polesnak stands                                                                              expect anything to come of it.       high school Spanish, so he was
out. Polesnak’s career on Grove                                                                                In November, during his           excited to visit Mexico to try
City’s starting line began his                                                                              11 p.m. radio program, he            out his language skills, as well
freshman year, and he has been                                                                              received an email titled “The        as the “tasty, exotic foods.”
working steadily to become a                                                                                Mexican Bowl of the Stars.”          Gregg suggested that Polesnak
better player on the field.                                                                                    Feeling unprepared to read        brush up on the language
   This year, his efforts were                                                                              a rejection in the middle of         some more. “The referees will
recognized and he was invited                                                                               a program, he didn’t open it.        be speaking Spanish, and if
to represent the United States of                                                                           During the next song break,          you don’t understand them,
America in the Tazon de Estrel-                                                                             curiosity got to him, and he         you won’t know that you did
las (Star Bowl): a game where                                                                               found the e-mail was in fact         anything wrong!”
team Stars and Stripes (made up                                                                             one of acceptance. Polesnak             Polesnak anticipated the
of the best players of Division                                                                             then forgot to play the next         game with cautious optimism.
III American Football) takes                                                                                song and announced [to his           Upon arriving in Mexico, he
on Des Etolios de México (the                                                                               entire audience] the good            found himself in competi-
Mexican version of this team).                                                                              news. “Everyone, I’m going to        tion with other players for the
Polesnak is the fourth student                                                                              Mexico!” Thus, his friends, as       same position, but ended up
in the College’s history to be                                                                              well as his family back home,        securing the starting spot, and
offered this opportunity. The                                                                               all found out at the same time.      played during the majority
                                                                                           Paige Polesnak
game, held in Toluca, Mexico,                                                                                  “My parents are coming to         of the game. Team Stars and
                                     Polesnak holds the trophy won by the Stars and Stripes.                Mexico to see my last game,”         Stripes scored on its first four
was a victory for team Stars and
Stripes 48-7.                        meet people from all around       sidelines cheering Polesnak on       Polesnak later remarked. “I’m        possessions with his assistance.
   The team was made up of           the States who love football as   during his last game. He will        excited because my parents              Polesnak was able to bring
football players from NCAA           much as I do.” The College’s      do an excellent job represent-       have come to all but one of          home the Tazon trophy as well
Division III schools across          offensive line coach Matt         ing our school, as well as our       my football games through-           as many good memories and
the country. The players met         Gregg, was the last player to     country.”                            out my entire football career.       new friendships. “It was an
on Dec.12, and worked for            represent the College in the         Head coach Chris Smith is         Having them in Mexico will           experience of a lifetime, and
a week to take on some of            Mexican All-Star Bowl, and        also proud of Polesnak, and          really bring it all full-circle.     now that I’m back in America, I
Mexico’s best athletes. Pole-        joined Polesnak in Mexico.        his contributions to the team.       They’ve seen it all.”                can barely believe it happened.
snak was elated to meet his          Gregg said that he was “hon-      “It is really rewarding to see          His mother was taken aback        I wouldn’t have traded this for
teammates: “I was excited to         ored and excited to be on the     Pete have the opportunity to         when asked if she would be           the world.” Polesnak said.

Schaefer shares passion for life beyond the wardrobe
Bethany Blain                        reflect on God and His grace.”    own world,” Schaefer said.           to both Christians and non-          on society. Schaefer’s enthu-
Contributing Writer                    Schaefer has read “The             Other than Aslan, Schaefer        Christians. For Christians it        siasm for all things Lewis and
                                     Chronicles” series about 30       said that Edmund is his favor-       has concepts which lead to           Narnia was clearly shown in
   By simply walking into Dr.        times. This is partly because     ite character from the series.       applications and for non-            his lively discussion.
Paul Schaefer’s office, it is ob-    he has taught the C.S. Lewis      According to Schaefer, Ed-           Christians it causes them to            Schaefer’s lecture focused
vious that he takes the word         class at least 10 times and re-   mund begins by coming face-          think more broadly than they         on the importance of critical
“fan” seriously.                     reads the books with the class.   to-face with sin and his need        normally would, Schaefer said.       reflection. He told the story
   The treasured book series                                                                                   In the classroom Schaefer         of Lewis’s conversion and how
“The Chronicles of Narnia,”                                                                                  thinks that as students grow        his faith influenced his literary
written by C.S. Lewis between                                                                                as Christians they should con-      works.
1950 and 1956, is close to
                                     The use of imaginative literature to explain                            tinue to go deeper in con-             As Schaefer went on to
Schaefer’s heart. Posters, stuffed   Christian teachings helps one reflect in differ-                        cerns of faith but not forget       describe the series he par-
animals, books and other Nar-        ent ways then we typically do.                                          the fundamental issues that         ticularly focused on Lewis’s
nia paraphernalia hang on his                                                                                uphold them in faith.               imagination and how Lewis
walls and take up a majority of                                                           Dr. Schaefer         “I want students to grapple       illustrated his faith and Chris-
the space in his office.                                                                                     with great teachings but never      tian ideals in his writing.
   According to Schaefer, his                                                                                forget the core issues of faith,”      “[My interest] started with
infatuation with “The Chron-                                                                                 Schaefer said.                      Narnia, but the more I taught
icles” began as a young child           According to Schaefer his      for a savior and then turns             On Monday Jan. 24 Salt            Lewis the more I loved both,”
when his parents first read the      favorite book is “The Voyage      around and is able to come as        Company hosted the event             Schaefer said. “He is a genius
books to him. In 10th grade,         of the Dawn Treader.” This        an evangelist to Eustace.            ‘Narnia’ with Schaefer in            of a writer and constantly
the series really caught his         is due to a combination of          “[Edmund] starts out as the        which Schaefer discussed             makes one think and reflect.”
interest due to an influential       things including God’s grace      biggest stinker but through          Lewis and the Narnia series
English teacher who read and         in Eustace and his conversion     Aslan he changes,” Schaefer said.    and their relevance and impact
taught the books in class.           and the power of the Gospel         Looking at the series as a
   When Schaefer came to             when Lucy struggles with          whole, Schaefer sees basic
Grove City College 14 years
ago, he inherited a C.S. Lewis
                                     temptation. It is how Lewis
                                     ties up the book though that
                                                                       Christian themes.
                                                                         “I think Lewis has in his
                                                                                                                       In chapel this week
book and then knew that he           really captivates Schaefer.       own imaginative way brought          Sunday
wanted to make “The Chroni-             “In the end Lewis gives a      forth the major themes of            Vespers
cles” part of his curriculum.        summary thesis when Lucy          Christianity of the abso-
   “The use of imaginative           and Edmund are told they          lute greatness of God, God’s         Tuesday
literature to explain Christian      cannot return to Narnia,          providential care for us, and        Father Ronald Lengwin
teachings [in the series] helps      [which is] that there is a pur-   the wonder of grace,” Schae-
one to reflect in different ways     pose for them in Narnia but       fer said.                            Thursday
than we typically do,” Schaefer      the whole purpose for them is       According to Schaefer, the         Dr. Steven Jones
said. “It also gives us a way to     to know Christ better in their    books provide these themes
6                                                                                         Life                                                                     Jan. 28, 2011

  Left Field                             From the
                                                                           and freshman:
                                                                              ‘23: “I didn’t have to take an
                                                                           exam in Chem last semester.”
                                                                                                                         Why should you care that Jim
                                                                                                                      Wilson went to Frizzleburg and had
                                                                                                                      fun? Because apparently all the stu-
      Brittany Cobb
     Contributing Writer
                                         Archives                             ‘24: “How’s that?”
                                                                              ‘23: “I didn’t take Chem.”
                                                                                                                      dents of Grove City College knew
                                                                                                                      each other in 1921, and wanted to
                                                                              Armed with this framework for           know what they were doing all the
                                          Amanda Martin                    witty repartee, you can no doubt           time.As you can imagine, this could
Suggest topics for Chapel talks.              Design Chief
                                                                           become the toast of all your friends.      have obnoxious repercussions.
       “Loving your                                                           You might be wondering,                    For example, imagine finding
      non-Presbyterian                Jan. 31, 1921. What do the           “Where’s the hard-hitting news?            your name printed in The Collegian
         neighbor.”                good writers of The Colle-              What was going on in January               in this context:“Stanley Williamson
       Peter Foster,               gian have to report? Very little. I     in 1921?” I am happy to report             looked terribly sleepy on Saturday
        sophomore                  imagine the poor dears huddled          that the news was mostly cheery            morning.Ask him where he was the
                                   somewhere out of the cold, amass-       and uplifting, with headlines like         night before.”This was on the front
 “Dr. Keehlwetter’s prayer,        ing a huge collection of overheard      “Scholarship Won by Popular                page, naturally. Sub-zero tempera-
  importance of the Word           remarks and bits of doggerel.           Student” and “Student shows real           tures can make the news a little…
 of God, Sherry’s omelets,            For example, they brought us         college spirit.” (“A loyal son of the      less newsy.
     generous giving.”             this amusing rhyme:                     Crimson” anonymously contrib-                 We do have a few sober-
   Andy Gerber, junior                “You can always tell a Senior, he    uted money for a debate team               ing news items. Mr. Phillips of           The Volstead Act, which pro-
                                   is so sedately dressed;                 prize.Yay him.) Mrs. Brandon’s             the Intercollegiate Prohibition        hibited alcohol nationwide, had
“How dependence on tech-              You can always tell a Junior by      Sabbath school class had a party,          Association gave an “interesting       come into effect almost exactly a
nology in the church dilutes       the way he swells his chest;            naturally accompanied by “all the          talk” that sounds, from the info       year before. Apparently every-
   sincerity and personal             You can always tell a Freshman       good things that compose one.”             given, rather ominous. “There          one was still feeling pretty good
 reflection and distracts the      by his timid looks and such;            Jim Wilson went to Frizzleburg             are two kinds of institutions,”        about it, at least in Grove City.
         worshipers.”                 You can always tell a Sophomore,     for the “week end” and “reports a          says The Collegian, “good and             Also, Mr. Phillips made a joke!
    Tim Noble, junior              but you cannot tell him much.”          very good time.”                           bad. The saloon was abolished          “He said that his subject, though
                                      I’m guessing there weren’t a lot        (Yes, there is a place in Penn-         because it was on the wrong side       considered a dead one by many,
  “Dating from a Biblical
                                   of sophomores on The Collegian          sylvania called Frizzleburg. If you        of the balance sheet. Likewise,        was, like other dead things, being
                                   staff that year.                        Google it, you can see pictures of its     every institution that is not on       constantly revived by ‘spiritual-
 Lizzy McFall, freshman
                                      They also provided details of this   beautiful snow penguins and read           the credit side will eventually be     ists.’”
 “What church denomina-            exchange between a sophomore            about its so-fascinating history.)         destroyed.”                               Or maybe he was serious.
   tion is right for you.”

                                                                                                                          30 Hour Focus
 Elaine VanHowe, senior

 “Why Intervis should be

                                                                                                                         offers challenge
   Tony Buffalini,

“Signs of God’s Judgment-
    the Snow edition.”
Kevin Hanse, sophomore

“How to convert a Steelers
                                                                                                                           and renewal
Jocelyn Blanton, senior
                                                                                                                      Tim Kerr                               urged her audience to embrace
“How to wage a holy war.”                                                                                             Collegian Writer                       the freedom that they enjoy
   Chadwyck Cobb,                                                                                                                                            on this campus to express their
       freshman                                                                                                          On the first weekend of             faith and commit themselves to
                                                                                                                      the new semester, Grove City           Christ-like living.
   “Papers and exams--as                                                                                              College students dedicated                Many students joined in the
important as they are--really                                                                                         themselves to prayer, praise, and      prayer and praise aspects of
  aren’t of ‘life-and-death’                                                                                          fasting as part of the “30 Hour        the event but people were also
        importance”                                                                                                   Focus” which was held in the           encouraged to fast as a means
    Josh Jacobs, junior                                                                                               Great Room of the Breen Stu-           of preparing their hearts and
                                                                                                                      dent Union.                            purifying their worship.
“The sports Biblical figures                                                                                             The purpose of “30 Hour                At its most basic, fast-
 would likely have played,                                                                                            Focus” was to challenge students       ing is simply going without
 based on their biblical de-                                                                                          to stop hiding, and begin this         or denying oneself. While
        scriptions.”                                                                                                  semester with their minds set on       some students decided to fast
Dan Johnson, freshman                                                                                                 Christ.                                traditionally, others opted to
                                                                                                                         Director of Residence Life          sacrifice other distractions in
 “Learning about people’s                                                                                                                                    order to focus on Christ.
                                                                                                                      Jamie Swank gave a speech to
      love languages                                                                                                                                            Sophomore Josh Thompson,
                                                                                                                      kick off the event before handing
  Brittany Goodwillie,                                                                                                                                       one of the many musicians to
                                                                                                                      things over to “Warriors” who led
       sophomore                                                                                                                                             share his talents, and also one
                                                                                                                      worship for two hours.
                                                                                                                         Swank spoke to over a 100           of the students who decided to
                                                                                                                      students and challenged them           fast over the weekend, gave this
                                                                                                                      to live free in Christ. She end-       excerpt from one of his favor-
                                                                                                           Tim Kerr                                          ite worship songs called “It Is
                                                                                                                       ed her talk by conveying her
                                                                                                                       desires for the College, saying:      Finished.”
                                                                                                                       “My hope is that students                He said this was incredibly
                                                                                                                       would get a revelation of how         pertinent for his fellow students
                                                                                                                       unique and how loved they are         and simply reminded him to
                                                                                                                       in the eyes of the Lord. So that      slow down and spend time with
                                                                                                                       once they leave here and go           the Lord who is ultimately in
                                                                                                                       into their respective profes-         control.
                                                                                                                       sions they can carry with them           One of the organizers of the
                                                                                                                       the strength and confidence in        event, Dan Vaccaro, challenged
                                                                                                                       Him to overcome the world.”           students with his vision for
                                                                                                                          Swank added, “Freedom is a         Grove City and the remainder
                                                                                                                       posture of your heart that re-        of this semester,
                                                                                                                       sults from an understanding of           “What I want to see come
                                                                                                                       your position before almighty         out of 30 Hour Focus is not
                                                                                                                       God.”                                 just a temporary spiritual high
                                                                                                                          She called this her “Swanki-       but a permanent change in the
                                                                                                                       fied” version of freedom and          students on this campus.”
Jan. 28, 2011                                                                     Life                          7

                                 30 Hour Focus
  Last weekend, many Grovers attended the 30 Hour Focus. For 30 hours, the Great Room hosted stu-
  dents for refreshment and refocusing of their faith through prayer, worship, conversation and fasting.

  Students gathered in the Great Room of the Breen Student Union to pray during the 30 Hour
Focus. Musicians such as the Warriors group provided song for hours during the event, and Direc-
tor of Residence Life, Jamie Swank, gave a talk to kick off the event. She defined freedom as “the
posture of your heart when you realize your position before the Almighty God.”

  Four prayer stations in the corners of the room allowed students to record prayers, verses or
thoughts on pieces of paper or to read the Bibles provided. In one station, participants could sym-
bolically nail their sins (written on paper) to a wooden cross.

  On Saturday evening, the group broke their optional 30-hour fast with soup.

                                                                                  All photographs by Tim Kerr
8                                                                    Entertainment                                                                         Jan. 28, 2011

           Is it worth
          the switch?
     AT&T, Verizon and
       the iPhone 4
Trevor Sibley                         the phones are nearly identi-
                                      cal. The two carriers, with their
Collegian Writer                      different plans and slightly dif-
   Apple’s iPhone is breaking off     ferent software, introduce the
its monogamous relationship           major division between the two                                                                                                     AP/Mark Lennihan
with AT&T.                            phones.                             Dan Mead, left, CEO of Verizon Wireless, and Tim Cook, COO of Apple, announce that Verizon Wireless
   AT&T will lose its strangle-          The importance of these dif-     will carry Apple’s iPhone on Tuesday, Jan. 11, in New York.
hold on the iPhone market with        ferences depends on what users
Verizon’s release of its version of   find useful in their iPhone. Fans      Most of the hype surrounding        Verizon iPhone (with a two-         working hard to develop 4G
the iPhone 4G on Feb. 10. The         of multitasking should shy away     Verizon’s offering does not stem       year contract) is the same as       coverage, and with 4G phones
main question for iPhone lovers       from Verizon’s offering, because    from features or cost, as both         the AT&T phone: $199 for the        beginning to come into the
is this: What are the real differ-    Verizon’s iPhone is currently       remain virtually identical; it is      16-GB model and $299 for the        marketplace, an even newer
ences between the two phones?         incapable of simultaneously         Verizon’s bigger network that          32-GB model.                        iPhone may follow.
   On the surface, there seems to     conducting voice communica-         offers the largest draw.                  If Verizon customers want to        The iPhone 5 is rumored to
be little separating the phones.      tion and web surfing, GPS usage        In the past, recurring com-         upgrade early or avoid the two-     be on-track for a summer re-
The only cosmetic difference is       or any other application.           plaints among iPhone users             year contract, they must pay the    lease. Individuals looking for the
a slight realignment of the Veri-        Unlike AT&T users,Verizon’s      were dropped calls and lack of         full retail price for the iPhone.   latest Apple technology may be
zon iPhone’s volume and mute          customers also cannot use their     signal in many areas around the        Prices start at a staggering $650   wary of purchasing an iPhone
buttons. This alteration accom-       iPhones internationally.            United States.Verizon, with            and go to $750 for the 16-GB        now with Verizon’s apparent
modates the different internal           An positive side to the Veri-    its self-proclaimed “largest 3G        and 32-GB models, respectively.     lack of willingness to allow
antenna necessary for Verizon’s       zon phone is its ability to act     network in America,” is poised            The last factor to consider is   early upgrades.
network. Due to this shift, cases     as a wireless hotspot for other     to offer customers more reliable       the almost-certain release of a        Ultimately, the debate comes
made for the AT&T phone like-         devices. For example, it allows     iPhone coverage. Only time             new iPhone later this year. The     down to preference. Those users
ly won’t fit Verizon’s model.         laptops to access the Web in        will tell if reality lives up to its   current iPhone - regardless of      who prefer Verizon are likely to
   Other than the button shift,       areas where there is only a 3G      claims.                                either carrier - is a 3G phone.     make the switch while AT&T
                                      signal and no Wi-Fi.                   As of launch, the cost for the      Both AT&T and Verizon are           fans have little to gain.

                      WSAJ Top 10 Picks of 2010
Jamie LeSuer
Contributing Writer
    Normally this column would be my
WSAJ pick of the week, but before we                                                                                                                        to
look forward to some new music, I’d
like to look back over the best of 2010
with a quick Top 10 of 2010. All of
these CDs are currently in the WSAJ
studio and can be heard on the air. Let’s
get you caught up to speed:
   10) “Maximum Balloon” by Max-                                                                                                          The Guthrie Theatre will show “Yogi
imum Balloon – TV on the Radio                                                                                                            Bear” daily at 7 p.m. with Saturday and
producer Dave Sitek creates an album                                                                                                      Sunday showings at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
full of lively, danceable beats featuring                                                                                                 “Unstoppable” will play daily at 9 p.m.
a different guest vocalist on each track.
Highlights include contributions by TV
on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Karen                                                                                                      Today there will be a Concerto Com-
O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and David           Arcade Fire-the number one pick of 2010.
                                                                                                                                          petition held in the Ketler Auditorium
Byrne, formerly of Talking Heads.             with countless repeat listens.                Stevens – A much more introspective           in the Pew Fine Arts Building from 7 p.m.
   9) “Expo 86” by Wolf Parade –                 6) “Big Echo” by The Morning               and personal album than anything Suf-         to 11 p.m.
Perhaps the most cohesive album yet           Benders – A great album with diverse          jan has put out previously. As always, the
from one of indie rock’s most exciting        influences. The first half consists of        instrumentation is a highlight, although
bands, as co-frontmen Spencer Krug            sunny, jangly pop songs slightly reminis-     this time it relies much more heavily on      On Sunday, WSAJ will host The Reign
and Dan Boeckner actually seem to be          cent of The Shins. The arguably stronger      electronics, creating a unique sound that     of Kindo, Phoebe and the Caulfields
working together rather than alternating      back half has co-producer Chris Taylor        is entirely fitting for this album’s tone.    and Julie & Josiah in Crawford Audi-
tracks.                                       (of Grizzly Bear) helping to engineer an         2) “Teen Dream” by Beach                   torium from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets are
   8) “Fang Island” by Fang Is-               immense, cavernous sound that lives up        House – Warm, but distant lo-fi songs         on sale for $5 in the Student Union and
land – Fang Island makes self-dubbed          to the album title.                           highlighted by Victoria LeGrand’s ex-         can be reserved by emailing wsajtickets@
“high-five rock.” The band utilizes three        5) “Halcyon Digest” by Deer-               emplary vocals. This album is perfect for
guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and         hunter – Shimmering production and            the dreary winter weather as well as for
minimal vocals to create an album of          excellent song-writing make this album        the summer days at the beach.
melodic jams that leave no choice but to      by another of indie music’s mainstays            1) “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire            Thursday, Feb. 3, Dr. Bill Bennett will
slap someone five. Also, they once played     one of the year’s most complete listens       – An ambitious band making an ambi-           give a lecture on Ronald Reagan in Ketler
a show for a kindergarten class.              front to back.                                tious album about suburban life. Arcade       Auditorium in the Pew Fine Arts Center
   7) “Treats” by Sleigh Bells – The              4) “High Violet” by The National          Fire manages to expand its palette, while     at 7 p.m.
loudest CD of the year, hands down. A         – The National is known for the ability       maintaining the passion and emotion
group made up of a former hardcore            to make slow-burning songs better than        that made them so good in the first
guitarist and a former teen-pop girl          anyone else. “High Violet” continues          place.
group singer may seem like a gimmick,         that trend with some of the band’s best            Tune into 91.1 FM WSAJ Grove
but somehow it just does not get old for      work to date.                                 City starting Tuesday January 25, for
the duration of the album’s 11 tracks or         3) “The Age of Adz” by Sufjan              these great albums and more!
Jan. 28, 2011                                                        Entertainment                                                                                                  9

                                                                          Concert Review

Tyler Crumrine
              Das Racist does Baltimore
                                     ies of the CD for sale online,           The concert itself took place     for the set. Chatters of anticipa-    so much on stage, and frankly,
Collegian Writer                     I was surprised to find them          at the Sonar Club, a small com-      tion eventually reached a roar        the energy was infectious.
                                     not only personally responding        bination bar and stage in what       as Suri and Vazquez joined him           After telling the crowd “We’re
   It’s 10 o’clock on a Thurs-       within minutes, but also wish-        looked like it might have been       on stage, grabbed their mics and      gonna pretend we’re done and
day night in January. Over the       ing me “Merry Christmas” and          a warehouse at some point.           started into a stripped down,         then come out and play another
course of the day I’ve attended      inviting me to come to a show                                              energetic, bass-heavy rendi-          song,” the band performed an
five and a half hours of seminars    some time. A quick search or                                               tion of one of their first singles,   encore of “Return to Inno-
and two full-length theater pro-     two later, I realized we’d both       The band is a fun alter-             “Who’s That? Brooown!” It             cence,” encouraging the crowd
                                     be in Baltimore on Jan.16, had        native to the obsessively            wasn’t long before all three were     to raucously sing along out of
ductions as part of the Kennedy
                                     bought my tickets, and was            image-conscience rap of              jumping up and down, pumping          key - a fitting ending to a show
Center American College The-                                               millionairs like Kanye West.
ater Festival’s critics program. I   ready to go.                                                               mic-stands about their heads,         in which audience participa-
still need to write a 1,000-word        Tagged as everything from                                               and delivering flying high-fives      tion was paramount, including
review of the shows I’ve seen        “hyper-referential, hyper-self-                                            to as many people as they could       surfing Dap across the crowd
that day. What better way to end     aware, hyper-winking joke rap”                                             reach in the crowd.                   and joining in call and response
the day than by driving a half       (The New York Times) to “psy-         Despite the concert starting at         Often criticized for sound-        choruses of “we are weird,” all
hour into Baltimore for a rap        chedelic pop culture stoner hip       9 p.m., I arrived just in time to    ing lazy in its flow, Das Racist      encouraged by the band.
concert?                             hop” (Brightest Young Things),        catch the second opener, Future      sounded almost like a com-               Although it made for a very
   Composed of two Wes-              the duo rap about everything          People, a three-piece rock           pletely different band live. Slow,    late night of writing theater
leyan graduates, Himanshu Suri       from Encyclopedia Brown, ’90s         group from California. It was        introspective songs transformed       reviews, Das Racist singlehand-
(Heems) and Victor Vazquez           economics, modern fashion,            good enough, providing a nice        flawlessly into party anthems         edly revived my faith in live
(Kool AD), I first stumbled onto     Taco Bell and Scooby Doo, all         “concert” atmosphere as people       as the trio lived it up on stage.     music. It had been a long time
the indie rap group Das Racist       while not taking themselves,          milled about, subtly trying to       Smiling ear to ear and making         since I’d enjoyed a concert
while looking though “Best of        or rap, too seriously. Described      work their way to the front of       ironic and self-deprecating jokes     quite that much. I’d encourage
2010” lists late last year. Four     by New York Times writer Jon          the crowd or desperately trying      throughout the entire show,           anyone with half an interest in
tracks into their latest album,      Caramanica “as much com-              to find a friend by the dim light    you could tell the band was less      rap to check the band out, and
“Sit Down, Man,” I’d fallen          mentary on hip-hop as rigorous        of their cell phones.                worried about living up to me-        anyone and everyone to support
in love. E-mailing the band’s        practice of it,” the band is a fun      Excitement rose as Future          dia hype than just having fun.        indie artists like Das Racist by
website to ask whether or not        alternative to the obsessively        People cleared the stage and Das        Friends first and a musical        going out and seeing bands live.
there were any physical cop-         image-conscious rap of million-       Racist front man Dap (Ashok          force second - I’ve never seen        Otherwise, they don’t make
                                     aires like Kanye West.                Kondabolu) started setting up        anyone enjoy themselves quite         money.

                                                                          Theater Review

    Slippery Rock presents ‘Fat Pig’
                           Play has big potential, thin emotion
Tyler Crumrine                       ceeded in setting high expecta-       the greatest actress ever to grace   nately, Sheetz failed to match        to save the relationship, what
Collegian Writer                     tions. I mean, Broadway. That’s       the stage, Mike lived up to the      the same depth and nuance of          could have been a powerful
                                     a pretty big deal, right, even        hype, displaying a surprising        emotion that Mike was able to         commentary on a serious social
   “I have one word to describe      without any idea what the play’s      depth and variety of emotion         bring to the stage. The dispar-       issue was reduced to little more
‘Fat Pig’,” stated director Laura    about. And so, because of that        throughout the course of the         ity of insight and acting ability     than a high-school relationship
Smiley. “Broadway.”                  short blurb, audiences flocked to     play.                                between the characters was            quarrel. “Fat Pig” ultimately
   A slightly confused crowd         the 10 a.m. performance, bub-            Unfortunately, Mike is not        simply too great, leaving Tom         succeeded in drawing attention
listened as Slippery Rock Uni-       bling with anticipation as they       the real focus of the show. The      flat in comparison to the ap-         to the problems of perception at
versity’s Laura Smiley went on       waited to see what Mike would         majority of the lines and stage      propriately round Helen. Scenes       work in our society and could
to explain that the play’s lead,     bring to the stage.                   time in the play actually go to      that could have smoldered with        have gone on to work towards
senior Thomasina Mike, was              As soon as Mike entered from       Tom, the boyfriend whose re-         sexual tension or bubbled with        a solution as well, if the actors
one in 20 who had received           the wings, her comfort and            lationship with Helen develops       genuine sweetness were left           has been better balanced and
a call back to play the role of      command of the stage entered          over the course of the play. The     merely awkward as Mike did            focused a bit more on the emo-
Helen in a Broadway produc-          with her. Casually eating three       power of the play lies not only      her best to respond to Sheetz’s       tional depth of their characters.
tion of “Fat Pig” later this year.   pieces of pizza in the first          in Helen’s example of a woman        two-dimensional delivery. While       Still, it was encouraging to see
A mix of murmurs and applause        scene, her confidence carried         comfortable with her body, but       Mike commanded a mature               such a quality production from
rose from the crowd as Smiley        over into the role of Helen, a        also in the tensions present that    and confident presence on the         a university that is often un-
reported the location and time       woman who genuinely likes             encourage both her and Tom           stage, Sheetz, as well as the rest    fairly labeled as sub-par to other
of the event and abruptly took       who she is, despite what society      to change their perceptions of       of the ensemble, left much to be      schools. I’d encourage Grove
her seat.                            may say about her near-300-           themselves and of each other, a      desired.                              City College students to give
   Over Christmas break, I had       pound size. Both her movement         pressure that Tom is ultimately         While the show had its             Slippery Rock a chance this
the pleasure of attending the        and her delivery were natural;        unable to overcome.                  moments, namely Tom’s brief           semester and try to make it to
Region II Kennedy Center             everything she did conveyed an           Played by Justin Sheetz, Tom      moments of genuine anger at           one of the shows; you may be
American College Theater Fes-        individual who was comfortable        is a complex and emotion-            his coworkers and Helen’s offer       surprised with what you find. I
tival’s critics program. Over the    in her own skin. Although not         ally challenging role. Unfortu-      to go as far as to receive surgery    know I certainly was.
course of the week, I saw seven

                                                                                            FIND US.
of the best college productions
and wrote reviews. It wasn’t
until the night before the show,
however, that I realized Slippery
Rock had been invited to par-                                               FACEBOOK The Collegian: The Grove City College Newspaper
ticipate in this year’s festival.
   While it may not have actu-
ally described the play, Smiley’s
introduction certainly suc-
10                                                            Perspectives                                                                         Jan. 28, 2011

                                 Pundits lose control
            Tragedy should not be used for political gain
Andrew Patterson                 politically irrelevant attacks   Others, like Rush Limbaugh,       used by European Christians             been falsely accused of rac-
Perspectives Board               launched by both the left        lambasted Dupnik for his          in the Middle Ages to tor-              ist motivations in her work
                                 and the right. It took only      speculation about the rela-       ture and kill European Jews.            at the U.S. Department of
   After the tragic shooting     minutes after the shooting       tion between Loughner and           Whether she understood                Agriculture. Without know-
in Arizona which claimed         for political hacks to use       talk radio.                       the meaning or not is un-               ing all the evidence behind
the lives of six and wounded     the tragedy for their own          The situation reached an        clear (the Wall Street Journal          Sherrod’s actions, politi-
13 others one would think        gain. At first, it was primar-   absurd peak on the day of         had also used the term in               cal pundits called for her
members of the right and         ily those from the left who      the memorial service for the      an article two days before              termination and got what
left would tone down, if not     blamed increasingly heated       six victims killed. Sarah Palin   Palin’s remarks), but Palin’s           they asked for. Sherrod was
eliminate, any overt political   rhetoric from the Tea Party      sought to silence those who       comments dragged the                    later exonerated once the
language which might dis-        movement as a possible mo-       had criticized her Politi-        debate into the muck once               full story behind her actions
tract from the true motives      tive of the shooter.             cal Action Committee’s use        again.                                  came out.
of the shooter and efforts to       Perhaps no one was more       of gun scope crosshairs in a        These cafeteria food fights              In the same manner, in a
help those affected by the       outspoken than the sheriff of    graphic for the 2010 mid-         are not a novelty in the                much more sober situation,
tragedy.                         Pima County, Ariz., Clar-        term elections. The graphic       American political process.             Loughner provided another
   Weeks after the shooting,     ence Dupnik, who specifi-        showed her supporters which       Since the nation’s found-               opportunity for those in the
America recognized that          cally blamed talk radio for      Democratic congressional          ing, dirty methods have been            media to speculate on his
Jared Loughner is a mad-         emotionally charging listen-     districts should be targeted.     used for political gain. But            motives. Few commentators
man. Testimony from friends      ers over issues like illegal     Congresswoman Gabrielle           these methods are not justi-            could help but take the bait,
and family indicate he had       immigration and health care.     Gifford’s district was one of     fied. The left should not have          resulting in blind guesses
no political associations.       When pressed to provide          the targets.                      rushed to blame the motives             about who caused what.
Zach Osler, a best friend of     evidence that Loughner was         In a video posted on Face-      of the shooter on conser-                  In an age in which 24/7
Loughner in high school,         influenced by such media,        book, Palin lamented the          vatives. Likewise, the right            news encourages an elimina-
told ABC’s Good Morning          the Dupnik admitted he was       shootings and their effect on     should not have sought to               tion of the filter between the
America that “he [Lough-         stating his opinion.             political rhetoric. Palin (per-   do the same, or exaggerated             mind and mouth, restraint
ner] did not watch TV. He           The right, refusing to be     haps understandably) took         their victimhood to a level             in dialogue is lost. Rheto-
disliked the news. He didn’t     blamed for such an inci-         the opportunity to hit back       near that of those wounded              ric itself is not the problem
listen to political radio. He    dent, fought back. Many          at critics who had accused        or killed.                              but rather rhetoric without
didn’t take sides. He wasn’t     radio talk show hosts stated     her of encouraging such an          The political reaction to             substance or rationale. As a
on the left. He wasn’t on the    how Loughner had read the        environment. She accused          the Tucson shootings re-                culture, we must discourage
right.”                          Communist Manifesto and          journalists and members of        hashes the Shirley Sherrod              this type of behavior or it
   Despite this, the shoot-      was described by one friend      the media of “blood libel,”       incident which unfolded                 will rear its ugly head during
ing has resulted in non-stop     as a “left-wing pot head.”       a term which was originally       last summer. Sherrod had                every national tragedy.

      LOOSE LEAF                                          Evan Niewoehner
                                                                                                             GREEN EYESHADE AWARD
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                                                                                                                                    Crumrine for sharing his experience as a
                                                                                                                                    critic and addiction to unusual music, as
                                                                                                                                    well as his dedication to the E! section of
                                                                                                                                    The Collegian throughout out the year.
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                                                                                                                                    demonstrated consistency and excellence
                                                                                                                                    in their work.
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                                                                                                         Tyler Crumrine             select a reporter, photgrapher or business
                                                                                                                                    personnel member who has made a
                                                                                                       valuable contribution to the paper. Winners receive a $5 voucher to the
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Jan. 28, 2011                                                                      Sports                                                                                     11

      MEN’S BASKETBALL                                                           NFL Weekly: Superbowl Preview
                                                                                             part I
                                                                                                                      center Maurkice Pouncey,
                                                                                                                      who quickly established
                                                                                                                      himself as a force to be
                                                                                                                      reckoned with in both
                                                                                                                      pass protection and the
                                                                                                                      run game. The addition
                                                                           Chris Wetzel                              of veteran Flozell Adams at          Perhaps the biggest reason for
                                                                                                                  right tackle also provided some      Pittsburgh’s defensive success
                                                                           Collegian Writer
                                                                                                                  experience to a line previously      is the front office’s ability to
                                                                                                                  lacking in that regard.              evaluate what personnel will
                                                                              With a dramatic conference
                                                                                                                     It’s this line that allowed       fit best in Dick LeBeau’s 3-4
                                                                           championship weekend now
                                                                                                                  Rashard Mendenhall to have           scheme. Massive nose tackle
                                                                           in the books, it’s time to start
                                                                                                                  a breakout year, setting career      Casey Hampton has anchored
                                                                           looking ahead to Super Bowl
                                                                                                                  highs in yards and touchdowns,       the defense for ages and is
                                                                           XLV. NFL Weekly will preview
                                                                                                                  the latter of which nearly           the prototype for his position.
                                                                           the Super Bowl one team at a
                                                                                                                  doubled from last year. Men-         Steady Brett Keisel and “Ziggy”
                                                                           time, beginning with the AFC
                                                                                                                  denhall possesses the blend of       Hood are likewise a testament
                                                                           champion Pittsburgh Steelers.
                                                             Kevin Hanse                                          power and speed that allows an       to Pittsburgh’s ability to find
                                                                              What once looked like a
Junior Kris Verderber takes on his opponents during a layup. Depsite       season of turmoil became a sea-        NFL running back to carry his        players who will thrive in its
GCC’s effort, the team dropped a 67-56 to Thomas More College.                                                    team in an era when most teams       scheme.
                                                                           son of stability for the Steelers.
                                                                                                                  rely on at least two backs.             The determining factor in
                                                                           While offseason developments
                                                                                                                                                       Super Bowl XLV may be the

  Grove City suffers loss
                                                                           regarding further allegations of          Ben Roethlisberger did not
                                                                                                                  show any signs of rust either,       play of the last remaining unit,
                                                                           off-field misconduct on the part
                                                                                                                  continuing to be one of the          the Pittsburgh secondary. While
                                                                           of quarterback Ben Roethlis-
                                                                                                                                                       Troy Polamalu has established
     to Thomas More                                                        berger and his subsequent four-        more capable quarterbacks in
                                                                                                                  the league when it comes to          himself as a superstar for years,
                                                                           game suspension threatened to
                                                                                                                  simply making plays at the right     the rest of the secondary
                                                                           derail Pittsburgh before they
   The Grove City College            the game, helping the Wolver-                                                time. Roethlisberger’s proto-        remains suspect, at least when
                                                                           got started, the team responded
men's basketball team dropped        ines grab a 12-7 lead. The first                                             typical size and rare strength       faced with a pass attack as dy-
                                                                           by going 3-1 in that open-
a 67-56 decision to visiting         half featured seven lead changes                                             enable him to extend the play        namic as Green Bay’s.
                                                                           ing stretch. The Steelers lost
Thomas More College Saturday         and six ties.                                                                by shrugging off pass-rushers,          While the Steelers can cer-
                                                                           only a tight match against the
afternoon in Presidents' Athletic       Senior forward Luke Toma-                                                 which is the perfect antidote to     tainly pressure Aaron Rodgers
                                                                           Baltimore Ravens and defeated
Conference action at the Grove       selli led Grove City with 20                                                 his one consistent flaw: a ten-      to some extent, there will come
                                                                           the eventual No. 1 NFC seed
City College arena.                  points, including three three-                                               dency to hold the ball too long.     a time when Ike Taylor or Bry-
                                                                           Atlanta Falcons.
   Thomas More led 32-31 at          point goals. He also pulled in                                                  But for all the offensive         ant McFadden has to stop Greg
                                                                              The Steelers would hang
halftime and opened the second       a team-leading seven rebounds                                                success of the Steelers, it still    Jennings or Donald Driver one-
                                                                           tough through an up-and-down
half on a 21-2 run over the          and added four assists.                                                      all comes back to the defense.       on-one. With all due respect to
                                                                           middle patch of the season and
first 8:11 of the period. Thomas        For the game, Grove City                                                  While NFL Weekly remains a           Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez,
                                                                           finish as one of the league’s
More forward Aaron Miller            shot 19 of 59 (32 percent) from                                              critic of James Harrison’s disre-    neither of them, nor their
                                                                           hottest teams, winning six of
highlighted the run by scor-         the field. Thomas More limited                                               gard for player safety, Harrison’s   receivers, has presented Pitts-
                                                                           their final seven games to land
ing seven points in less than 30     Grove City to 7-for-29 (24                                                   pass-rushing skill is beyond de-     burgh with the challenges that
                                                                           the No. 2 seed in the AFC. On
seconds. After being intention-      percent) shooting in the second                                              nial and has only become more        Rodgers, Jennings and Driver
                                                                           Sunday, the team avenged the
ally fouled on a made layup,         half. Thomas More shot 41 per-                                               problematic as LaMarr Woodley        will. Consider these matchups
                                                                           only loss of that stretch, a 22-17
Miller hit both free throws. His     cent (21 of 51) for the game.                                                has developed into a capable         Pittsburgh’s “key to victory.”
                                                                           defeat to the New York Jets.
three-pointer at 12:36 extended         Miller led Thomas More with                                               compliment from the strong              Next Week: Part II of NFL
                                                                              It all starts up front for one of
the lead to 50-33.                   a 17-point, 11-rebound double-                                               side. James Farrior also lends       Weekly’s Super Bowl Preview
                                                                           the league’s oldest and most tra-
   Grove City battled back to        double. Colt Stafford added 15                                               critical veteran leadership to the   analyzes Pittsburgh’s opponent,
                                                                           ditional teams. The interior line
within 10 points, 57-47, when        points and a dozen rebounds.                                                 linebacker corps on the inside.      the Green Bay Packers.
                                                                           got a major boost from rookie
junior guard Brett Matson            Stafford also had five steals.
drilled a pair of free throws with   Thomas More owned a 45-36
five minutes left. The Wolver-
ines got no closer, however.
                                     edge in rebounding.
                                        Grove City will visit Washing-            WOMEN’S SWIMMING & DIVING
   Matson scored 10 of his 16        ton & Jefferson Wednesday at 8

                                                                            Women encounter tough opponents
points in the first six minutes of   p.m. in conference play.

                  WOLVERINES                                               Olivia Forish
                                                                           Collegian Writer
                                                                                                                  fly with times of 1:58.43 and
                                                                                                                  2:09.44, while Palumbo took
                                                                                                                                                       rank as they beat the Wolverines
                                                                                                                                                       in a 168-118 victory. Dur-
                  Updates from last week                                      The Grove City College
                                                                                                                  the 50- and 100-yard freestyle
                                                                                                                  with times of 24.35 and 53.96.
                                                                                                                                                       ing the meet, the Big Red set
                                                                                                                                                       pool records in the 1,000-yard
                                                                           women’s swimming and div-                 Fellow sophomore Jenny            freestyle and 800-yard freestyle
                  Swimming and Diving                                      ing team ended two weeks of            Ryan took first in the 1,000-        relay with times of 10:18.85 and
              Men: Grove City 154.5, W & J 116.5                           intense two-a-day practices and        yard freestyle with a time of        7:41.41.
              Women: W & J 159, Grove City 141                             other rigorous training with a         11:01.66, and junior Kate Wilt          Second place finishes includ-
                                                                           conference dual meet on Satur-         won the 200-yard breaststroke        ed Palumbo in the 50- and 100-
              Men: Denison 169, Grove City 124                             day, Jan. 15 against the Washing-      in a close race decided by two       yard freestyles, Riesmeyer in the
             Women: Denison 168, Grove City 118                            ton & Jefferson Presidents.            hundredths of a second in            200-yard butterfly, Ryan in the
                                                                              Despite some strong swims           2:29.23.                             500-yard freestyle and freshman
                     Women’s Basketball                                    and pool records set by sopho-            The ladies look forward to        Kristi Baur in the 1,000-yard
                Saint Vincent 64, Grove City 56                            more Kait Riesmeyer in the             another chance to take on the        freestyle.
                Mount Union 65, Grove City 43                              100-yard butterfly with a time         Presidents at the Presidents’           The meet was also senior
                 Grove City 66, Westminster 57                             of 58.54 and the 400-yard free-        Athletic Conference Champi-          recognition day. Congratula-
                Thomas More 51, Grove City 31                              style relay of sophomores Nata-        onships in February and expect       tions go out to senior swimmers
                                                                           lie Keibler and Angela Palumbo,        a different outcome.                 Sarah Page, Lauren Baur and
                       Men’s Basketball                                    junior Jenna Richert, and senior          This Saturday, Denison            Tiffani Douglas, diver Stepha-
                Saint Vincent 58, Grove City 48                            Lauren Baur, the Presidents still      University competed in a dual        nie McNeill and team manager
                 Westminster 69, Grove City 62                             pulled out a 159-141 victory.          meet against the Wolverines          Becky Lilly.
                Thomas More 67, Grove City 56                                 Riesmeyer won the 200-yard          at the James E. Longnecker              Next Saturday, the Wolverines
                                                                           freestyle and 200-yard butter-         Competition Pool. The No. 3          travel to take on the College of
                                                                                                                  team in the nation proved their      Wooster.
12                                                                               Sports                                                                    Jan. 28, 2011

         MEN’S SWIMMING                                                                                 CROSS-COUNTRY
                                                                                              Beloved coach keeps
                                                                                                teams on track
                                                                          Emily Durant                          Conference Coach of the Year,            According to Grob, “He al-
                                                                          Collegian Writer                      and three-time men’s PAC              ways sees past the surface to the
                                                                                                                Coach of the Year, Severson’s         larger issues of life. He wants
                                                                             Cross-country is an animal         efforts have paid off.                his runners to run for the right
                                                                          of its own. Unless you have              Sophomore runner Daniel            reasons, no matter how talented.
                                                                          experienced the rigors of the         Landskroener said, “The thing         A great example of this is the
                                                            Dave Miller   sport you cannot appreciate the       I like most about Coach is            scripture reading times on the
Junior Clay Beckner dominated the 100-yard breaststroke and the           true nature of all it has to offer.   that he has taken the time over       bus rides home from meets.”
                                                                          Cross-country is often over-          the years to really learn about          Severson believes that any
200-yard individual medley. The team defeated W&J to remain No.
                                                                          looked in the athletic realm as       this sport. He is a basketball        runner can be great if he or she
1 in PACs.
                                                                          “just running,” but it is so much     playe [and] coach at heart, but       just puts his or her mind to it.

Swimmers crush rivals                                                     more than that.
                                                                             It takes mental toughness to
                                                                                                                he has taken up the challenge
                                                                                                                to develop the cross-country
                                                                                                                program and bring the most
                                                                                                                                                      He said, “It’s up to the individ-
                                                                                                                                                      ual to choose to be good. Being
                                                                                                                                                      successful in cross-country is a
Andrew Parry                        lay (Coppelli, freshman James         force your body to go faster and
                                                                                                                talent out of the runners. Coach      choice.” Due to this mentality,
                                    Kintzing, senior Dan Gummel           further than its limits. It takes
Collegian Writer                                                                                                demands greatness from himself,       Severson never plays favorites
                                    and Gagliardo) and the 400-           physical endurance to run mile
   The Grove City College           yard freestyle relay (Gagliardo,      repeats over and over. It takes       and his runners.”                     with his runners and always
men’s swimming team has been        senior Matt Armstrong, fresh-         a determined attitude to run             Both the men’s and women’s         shows the same amount of at-
back and training like, well,       man E.J. Leuschner and senior         through soreness, to the point of     teams have had years of consec-       tention and care to his No. 20
animals, since Jan. 3. The swim-    Jared Bailey) took firsts for the     sheer exhaustion. Most impor-         utive success. The women won          runner as his No. 1 runner.
mers have been going through        Wolverines, posting times of          tantly, cross-country requires a      22 conference championships,             According to Severson, “The
double sessions plus lifting and    1:39.51 and 3:21.66.                  dedicated coach.                      and the men won 19 out of the         most important thing in coach-
dry-land practices daily for two       Grove City then had to focus          Coach Sean Severson has            past 20. This past season, the        ing is love.Your runners, team
weeks. After the end of inter-      on dealing with perennial             recently finished his seventh         women’s team made the NCAA            and program can be successful
session training, Grove City        powerhouse Denison University.        season at Grove City College.         Division III national cham-           if you care for and love your
headed to Washington & Jeffer-      The nationally ranked third Big       Now 30 years old, Severson            pionships for the first time in       runners. If you love your run-
son and left with a 154.5-116.5     Red came in and beat the 15th         joined the athletic department        College history. Each year since      ners, you will always make good
victory.                            ranked Wolverines 169-124.            as head cross-country coach           his arrival, Severson has sent at     decisions when leading them.
   There were four multiple            Juniors Bowser and Beckner         and assistant basketball coach in     least one runner to the national      Once greed and pride enter the
individual winners, including       again had great meets and won         2003. Severson graduated from         championships.                        equation you start to make poor
senior Camden Coppelli. He          two individual events. Bowser         the University of Minnesota              Severson has a way of show-        decisions.”This attitude has
took first in both the 100- and     took first in both the 100- and       Morris where he played four           ing his runners that he really        made the Wolverines a force to
200-yard backstroke with times      200-yard butterfly events in          years of Division II basketball.      cares. “Coach Severson has            be reckoned with.
of 55.65 and 2:03.16. Junior        53.12 and 1:58.66. Beckner               Severson said that he ap-          been an irreplaceable part of            Severson’s goal in the next
Ben Bowser took first in both       took first in the 100- and 200-       preciates cross-country because       my experience at Grove City.          few years is to see the men’s
the 100- and 200-yard but-          yard breaststrokes with times of      “there are no politics to it. It is   Through four years of running         team run at the national cham-
terfly with times of 53.24 and      58.61 and 2:11.40.                    very straightforward; everyone        for him, I’ve learned a lot about     pionship. Until this past year,
2:01.55.                               The best race of the day came      is working hard and if you suc-       loyalty, humility, forgiveness,       the men have consistently won
   Junior Clay Beckner took         from the opening 200-yard             ceed it’s because you earned it.”     determination and truly living        the PAC championship meet.
first in both the 100-yard          medley relay of Coppelli, Beck-          Senior Gordon Grob said,           out the priorities we promote.        Rather than seeing this as an
breaststroke and the 200-yard       ner, Bowser and Gagliardo, who        “Coach instilled in us a work         I have been incredibly blessed        ending, Severson sees this as a
individual medley with times of     smoked powerhouse Denison             ethic. We work hard, everyday,        to have been coached by him,          new beginning for the Wolver-
1:00.91 and 2:03.25. Classmate      and won the event with a time         and coach does too! Coach             and to know him,” senior Emily        ine men.
Kirk Gagliardo also took first in   of 1:35.82.                           believes in us, and invests in us     Pierce said.                             Severson said, “Now that the
the 50- and 100-yard freestyles        The meet was also senior           as people and as cross-country           Not only does Severson invest      streak is over, we can stop fo-
in both 21.57 and 47.57.            recognition day, and congratula-      runners.”                             in his runners during practice,       cusing on being one of the best
   Other individual winners         tions go out to all nine senior          Although most of his experi-       but he really takes time to instill   teams in the conference and
were senior Nate Nielsen, who       men and their team manager,           ence is in basketball, Severson       values into their everyday lives.     start focusing on being one of
won the 200-yard freestyle in       Becky Lilly.                          has devoted his past seven            Severson sees that there is more      the best teams in the country.”
1:50.31, and sophomore Adam            Grove City returns to action       seasons to building the strong        value in being a solid person         His challenge to the men is to
Walker, who won the 200-yard        on Saturday in an away meet           cross-country program that            than a solid runner, and he has       run in the national champion-
breaststroke in 2:22.07.            against the College of Wooster        Grove City has today. Five-time       earned the respect of his run-        ship by 2012.
   Both the 200-medley re-          at 1p.m.                              women’s President’s Athletic          ners because of this attitude.

               Support Your                            WOMEN’S BASKETBALL
               Wolverines!                    Women struggle against PAC No.1
                 March 19-25
                                                The Grove City College women's               Wolverines limited Thomas More to 35
                                             basketball team fell to 5-4 in the Presi-       percent shooting from the floor. Grove
                                             dents' Athletic Conference Saturday with        City also forced 20 Thomas More turn-
               Men’s Basketball              a 51-31 setback against No. 2 Thomas            overs.
      Sat. 3:30 p.m. Waynesburg (A)          More College in conference action at               Sophomore guard Leah Gibson led
        Wed. 7 p.m. Mt. Aloysius (A)         the Grove City College arena.                   Grove City with nine points. Senior for-
                                                Grove City opened the game by mak-           ward Christine Slater added five points
             Women’s Basketball              ing just one of its first 24 shot attempts      and a team-leading 10 rebounds. Senior
      Sat. 1:30 p.m. Waynesburg (A)          from the field. The cold start allowed          forward Alison Wells pulled in nine
           Wed. 7 p.m. Chatham (A)           Thomas More to jump out to a 24-2               rebounds. Junior guard Megan Gebrosky
                                             lead. The Saints led 28-8 at halftime.          had five assists.
            Swimming & Diving                   Grove City pulled to within 14, 37-23,          Chelsea Tolliver led Thomas More
           Sat. 1 p.m. Wooster (A)           with nine minutes remaining on a layup          with 10 points. Katie Kees added nine
         Wed. 6 p.m. Westminster (H)         by freshman forward Hannah Jo Coneby            points and nine rebounds. Thomas More                                            Kevin Hanse
                                             However, the Saints then countered with         owned a 49-40 edge in rebounds.                Sophomore Leah Gibson led the team in
                                             a 7-0 run to seal the win.                         Grove City will visit Washington &          scoring with nine points against Thomas
                                                For the game, Grove City shot 19             Jefferson College Wednesday at 6 p.m. in       More. The Wolverines fell short of a win
                                             percent from the field. Defensively, the        conference action.                             51-31.

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