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					                                                  Volume 2, Issue 3                             November 2010

                                                  The Dividend
                                                        See the return on your investment.
                                            ACC Students Can Compete for Paid Internships in Green
                                            Energy; Only Community College Funded         by Jon Young

Dates to Note             Interested in a paid internship in the growing “green energy” field?
November 3:               ACC has received a $339,276 grant from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, via the
ACC Foundation            NC Energy Office, to create internships for up to 70 ACC students training in green-energy related
Donor Recipient           fields. ACC was the only N.C. community college to receive these funds and it received the largest
Reception                 percentage of the $5.6 million statewide grant. The funds allow ACC to hire an Energy Internship
                          Program Coordinator to work
November 3:               with private, non-profit and
ACC Foundation            public entities around Ala-
Executive Committee       mance County.
                          The internships are competi-
November 11:              tive. To qualify, students
ACC Foundation Full       must have completed six or
Board Meeting             more hours in ACC’s Green
November 25-28:           Certificate program. Interns
ACC Closed, Thanksgiv-    receive $10 per hour
ing Break
                          (through grant funds).
                          Students will receive guid-
December 8:               ance with their internships
ACC Public Officials      through classroom instruc-
Breakfast                 tion and consultation with
                          ACC faculty.
December 8:                                                                         ACC Horticulture Students install
Ribbon Cutting Literacy                                                               “green pond” landscaping
December 23 - Jan 2:                                                              Among the identified internships:
ACC closed Holiday                                                                · ACC’s Office of Administrative and Fiscal
break.                                                                            Services - intern will assist in energy savings pro-
                                                                                  jects, including meter and utility use monitoring,
                                                                                  coordinating light sensor installations and educa-
                                                                                  tion programs for students and employees.
                                                                                  · Alamance Recreation and Parks - intern will
                                                                                  implement green programs at parks throughout
                                                                                  the county.
                           Green Intern Katie Bergeron with Armacell executives   · Twin Lakes Retirement Community – intern
                                                                                  will research, plan, budget and implement energy
                          savings technologies across its campus.
    Check out the
“Alamance Community       The grant requires that student interns document the energy savings achieved, renewable energy
 College Foundation”      generated, or greenhouse gases reduced. Other organizations interested in hosting interns include:
Fan Page on Facebook      Allied Churches of Alamance County, Alternative Building Systems, Armacell, City of Burlington,
for updates and infor-
                          GKN Driveline, LabCorp, Peacehaven Farms, and T.S. Designs.
  mation about ACC.

                          More information about the program is available from Suzy Armstrong, 506-4352.
               Volume 2, Issue 3
                                             ACC Foundation Gives Back to Donors

The Alamance Community College Foundation thanked donors who contributed $1000 or more during fiscal
year 2009-2010 by inviting them to the “Return to the Classroom” event. These donors are known as ACC
                                   Foundation Champions.
                                    Approximately 60 donors attended
                                   the following special classes: CSI
                                   Alamance County (with department
                                   head Ron Hall, Traci McCormick
                                   and Rachel Hilliard Collins from the
                                   Alamance County
Carolyn Sharpe in CSI Alamance Co.
                                   Sherriff’s Department), Hands on
                                             High Tech with 2010 ACC
                                             Faculty of the Year recipi-
                                             ent Dr. Mohamad Haj-        Karol Shoffner with Wal-Mart Mebane works with SIM-Man.
                                             Mohamadi, Pilates with
                                             Alexandria DeSiato, and a demonstration of the SIM-Man and SIM-
                                             Baby used in the nursing program with instructor Tabithe Fisher. The
                                             event culminated with a reception.
                                             Dr. Mohamad Haj-Mohamadi demonstrates hydraulics in the Industrial Systems Technology Lab.

Longtime ACC Instructor Passes Away; Leaves Legacy

Patsy Tingen, longtime instructor in Business Administration, passed
away Sept. 1 at Duke University Medical Center after an illness.
She had taught at ACC for more than 30 years.
In the early 1990s, Patsy purchased an insurance policy with a payout
to ACCF of $10,000 upon her demise. In the documents establishing
the planned giving arrangement, Patsy states, “I am proud to be a
graduate of ACC and would like others to have the same opportunity.”
She directed the ACC Foundation to use the net proceeds to establish
an endowment, to be known as: The Patricia B. Tingen Memorial
Alumni Scholarship Fund for Business Students. The scholarship is to
go to a full-time student in the business division.
Dr. Nadelman notes, "Patsy may have been one of our smallest, in stat-
ure, cheerleaders, but she was also one of our biggest.” A graduate of
TIA's Business Administration program, she went on to obtain her
bachelor's and master's degrees and had a 34-year teaching career at
ACC. She will be missed by students and staff alike."
In her obituary, Patsy requested memorials to The Patricia B. Tingen Memorial Alumni Scholarship Fund
for Business Students c/o The ACC Foundation, PO Box 8000, Graham, NC 27253.

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             Volume 2, Issue 3
                                                                 Insider Information….I
         ACC Foundation                                                                            Information about the ACC Family

      Donor Recipient Reception                                      Congratulations to Marvin and Mary Lou Barts on their
                                                                       50th wedding anniversary this past May.
      Wednesday, November 3, 2010
                                                                     Congratulations to Jeanne and Lee Proctor on the wed-
      Alamance Community College                                       ding of their son, Daniel to Anne Elizabeth Zagrodnik, on
                                                                       July 24.
         Carrington/Scott Campus
                                                                     Congratulations to Mary Ann Howell on her Oct. 1 retire-
              I-85/40, Exit 150                                        ment.
    Enter through Wallace Gee Building                               Congratulation to Vernon and Margaret Cheek on their
    Reception held in Student Commons                                  50th wedding anniversary in August.

               5:30 –7:00 p.m.                                         Do you have news to share? Contact Natalie Miles at
            For information contact Natalie Miles 336-506-4102             506-4102 or

                                          Investing in Our Future

                   Cost per credit hour (set by the General Assembly)

                                                                      5-year increase 49%
  $50.00                                                                                                         $50.00
  $40.00                                                                                      $39.50
                                                                           $38.00 $38.00
  $35.00                                           $34.25 $35.50
  $30.00                                $31.00
                  $26.75 $27.50
             2000- 2001- 2002- 2003- 2004- 2005- 2006- 2007- 2008- 2009- 2010-
              01    02    03    04    05    06    07    08    09   2010   11

The recent economic downturn has caused the North Carolina General Assembly to raise tuition rates dra-
matically. While community college remains a relative bargain, the rate increase has put additional pressure
on students and on the ACC Foundation. We so appreciate the support we receive from the community to
invest in the education levels of our citizens.

 Executive Director, ACC Foundation
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                                                                          ACC Student Profile
                                       Meet Ossiris Vazquez, originally from California. Ossiris is a gradu-
                                       ate of Southern Alamance High School. She currently is a member
                                       of the Math Club and is
Post Office Box 8000                   the General Manager of
Graham, NC 27253-8000
                                       Latin American Ser-
Phone: 336-506-4102                    vices. Ossiris works in
Fax: 336-506-4020
                                       Information Services as
                                       a work-study student.
                                       In addition, Ossiris is
                                       currently serving as an
                                       ACC Ambassador. As
                                       an ambassador, Ossiris
                                       will be involved with
                                       ACC events, fund-
                                       raising for the ACC
                                       Foundation and recruit-
   We are on the Web                 ing. Ossisris, an accounting major, has the long-term goal of becom-
                                       ing a CPA.

                                                                   Graham, NC 27253-8000
                                                                   Post Office Box 8000
                                                                   Alamance Community College Foundation, Inc.