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For Your Aural Pleasure by nyut545e2


									                     Aural Pleasure...
For YourYeah, you know me. Who’s down with O.P.P? Every last On ‘Finding Neverland’
You down with O.P.P?                                                                                                                                           Angie Stewart                            them, and he pretends with them as
                                                                                                                                                               Charger Staff                            though he were a child himself.
Erin McMillan                            focus of “For Your Aural Pleasure” is                                                        the best are “ There’s                                               He would write about the “adven-
Charger Staff                            dance bands. No, not dance bands                                                             Something not as Valid      The story behind the children’s       tures” that him and the boys went
                                         that conjure images of Studio 54 or                                                          When the Scenery is a    classic, Peter Pan, has been revisited   on. He even named his play, Pe-
   This is it. The end of “For Your raves out in the middle of a field,                                                                Postcard” off of their   in the release                                                ter Pan, after one
Aural Pleasure,” well, at least under but rather ensembles that do not                                                                debut, Media.            of the movie                                                  of the boys, Peter
this author. So in order to celebrate, take away all desire to live.                                                                    The 80’s had many,     Finding                                                      Davies.
mourn or whatever its passing, and         The first of the last bands is Les                                                          many unforgiveable       Neverland.                                                      Unfortunately,
                                               Savy Fav. Hailing from Brook-                                                          mistakes-- the hair,     Finding                                                      people start asking
                                               lyn, they have been popping                                                            the fashion, the Olsen   Neverland                                                    questions. They
                                               out singles and albums relent-                                                         twins,but there is no    stars Johnny                                                 find it odd that
                                               lessly since the 90’s, the latest                                                      denying that some of     Depp (Secret                                                James Barrie (a
                                               of which being Inches, com-                                                            the music ( The Cure,    Window),                                                    married man at the
                                               plete with a bonus DVD. An                                                               Michael Jackson        Kate Winslet                                                time) was spending
                                               odd blend of indie with some        UMM - - Is that guy poking his eye out? Only (pre-white woman
                                                                                                                                                               (Titanic),                                                  so much time with
                                               new wave sounds, Les Savy           The Faint know for sure. Photo courtesy of thefaint. with too much plas-
                                                                                                                                                               Dustin Hoffman, (Meet the Fo-            a widowed women and her four
                                               Fav have a reputation for           Eyes frontman Conor Oberst, when tic surgery look)) was fabulous, and       ckers), Julie Christie (Troy) and        children.
                                               blunt lyrics and an insane live     they formed in 94’, who eventually a dance-alicious throwback tribute       Radha Mitchell (Phone Booth). It is         Finding Neverland is a movie that
                                               show. Each of their full length     got the boot and went to do his to some of the better times of the          directed by Marc Forster and written     takes the viewers into the imagina-
                                               albums has a different sound        own thing. The Faint rely heavily decade can never be bad. New Wave         by David Magee.                          tion of James Barrie and how he
                                               so to find your favorite listen      on synthesizers, but they embody inspired dance bands are bound to             Finding Neverland tells the story     acted and sometimes thought like
                                               to a few from each: “One to         all that was ever good about new cheer up the emo kids, pacify the          behind James Barrie (Depp), the          a child. It is also a movie about the
                                                Three” and “Tragic Monsters”       wave music ( read: The Cure). With anarchists, and inspire all to get       creator of the familiar tale of Peter    struggles and obstacles that life can
                                                from Go Forth, “We’ll Make         four full length albums under their down with their bad selves. With        Pan. James was having trouble with       bring. It can trigger many differ-
                                                a Lover of You,” and “Yawn,        belt, the band has recently released bands like The Killers and Franz       creating a remarkable play for his       ent emotions, and received good
                                                Yawn, Yawn” from Inches, “Je       an album of remixes from the cd Ferdinand climbing the charts, it is        audiences. Until he encounters a         reviews.
                                                T’Aime “ from 3/5, and “Who        Danse Macabre. Their best songs time to secure a further introduc-          family of a single mother (Winslet)         Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet do
 DON’T - - you wish your face was on a Rocks the Party” off of The Cat             include “Sex is Personal,” from the tion to the world of dance with the     and four boys who lost their father      a great job at capturing their charac-
 Wheatie’s box? Les Savy Fav do!               and the Cobra.                      Blank-wave Arcade release and likes of Les Savy Fav and The Faint,          to cancer. James starts spending         ters. The movie is rated PG for some
 photo courtesy of          The final band is The Faint.      “Let the Poison Spill from your and never forget: at least you aren’t       time with the four boys and their        brief language and for mild thematic
to gear up for the upcoming de-                Coming straight out of Ohama,       throat” from the original Danse listening to Lindsay Lohan.                 mother. He performs plays with           elements.Finding Neverland will
bauchery of Spring Break, the final The Faint originally included Bright            Macabre. Also included among

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