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Storyfest Red Wagon Parade _amp; Decorating Contest


									                                     Storyfest Red Wagon Parade
                                         Decorating Contest
                                                              November 6, 2010

                                                RULES & REGULATIONS
    1.   Standard four (4) wheel wagons only.

    2.   Wagons are limited in overall size to 48 inches long and 28 inches wide and 3 feet high from the ground level, including all
         decoration, but not including the pull handle.

    3.   All decorations must be attached securely for the parade that will be on both grass and paved surfaces.

    4.   Wagon must be hand-pulled by a single person. Children may have adult assistance. Parade distance will be approximately
         1000 feet.

    5.   Three categories of best-decorated wagon will be judged: Commercial, for business entries; Youth, ages 14 and under; and
         adult, ages 15 and above.

    6.   Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category. Judging will take place, rain or shine.

    7.   NO live animals allowed in parade.

    8.   Parade will begin at 10:00 a.m. from designated area proceeding through the festival grounds into the show area, where
         wagons must remain on display until 5:00 p.m.

    9.   Please fill out and return registration form below and include $5.00 entry fee. Entry deadline October 28, 2010.


NAME_____________________________________________________                                                Mail form with
                                                                                                         $5 Entry Fee to:

CITY_______________________________STATE_________ZIP________________                                George West Storyfest
                                                                                                        P O Box 660
TELEPHONE__________________________________________________________                                 George West TX 78022

CATEGORY: COMMERCIAL__________YOUTH_________________ ADULT______________

The participant holds harmless the property owners and its agents from all claims, demands, liability, damage suits, loss or cause of
action of every kind which could be brought or asserted against the property owners or its agents arising from the above named par-
ticipation and use of this property.


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