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					                                                Volume 1, Issue 2 * 20 October 2003
                  The                                                                                   25¢
                    Corryville Chronicle
                                                                                                 Corryville Catholic’s
                                                                                                 student newspaper

                                 Fire Scare!
                     by J R, grade 8                                                   many students were saying they

O      n Thursday, October 2nd, the
       whole school was going
through its usual morning, and the
                                                                                       were cold. Some students were wor-
                                                                                       ried about our school’s condition.
                                                                                       Others were happy about getting out
older grades were about to change                                                      of school. Everyone was glad that
classes when all of a sudden the fire                                                  they were going to Holy Name to be
alarm went off. Everyone rushed out                                                    warm and safe. The teachers and the
of the building really fast like in a                                                  principal were impressed that the
normal drill but this time it wasn’t a                                                 older students took care of the
drill. So as we were standing outside                                                  younger kids when taking them to
of Old St. George we heard a whole                                                     Holy Name.
army of fire trucks! We were stand-                   While we were at Holy                    M P from kindergarten said
ing outside more than 30 minutes              Name and the Kindergarten and            they went to McDonalds. J H from
and then the teachers told us that it         First Grade were singing songs           kindergarten said, “The alarm hurt
had been a problem with the heater            like “Climb Every Mountain,” I           my ears and was loud. It disturbed
in the boiler room. So we had to              went around asking representatives       us from learning good things.” S S
walk to Holy Name Church to be                from most of the classes questions       and M K from 4th grade said that
warm and, most of all, safe. We               about the scare. Most students,          they were glad they went to Holy
were at Holy Name for about 40-45             even this reporter, thought that the     Name to be warm and safe. D M and
minutes. We returned to a cold                fire alarms were part of a drill.        K M both thought it was a normal
building that smelled of smoke at             When they were standing outside,         drill and they were glad no one was
10:45 am.                                                                                        continued on page 2, column 1

                                                                                    Penny Pride, Fun for All
                                                                                                          by S S, grade 7

                                                                                       T   he students at Corryville think
                                                                                           the Penny Pride is a fun idea.
                                                                                               The fun part about the Penny
                                                                                       Pride students say is you can count
                                                                                       your money, you can go to other
                                                                                       classes on Friday, and you can com-
                                                                                       pete against other classes.
                                                                                               As said by I W, counting
                                                                                       your money is a fun part of the Pen-
                                                                                       ny Pride. A way to do that is first

                                                                                                 continued on page 2, column 2
      Mr. Dean and C M standing in front of an ariel lift.
                                                                                       We All Win
                                                                                                          by A B, grade 3
What’s Happening to Our School?                                                        I am going to write about the penny
                                                                by C M, grade 3 jar. We collect pennies and put them

T    he workers outside of our
     school building are hoping they
are going to be done by Christmas. I
                                                      The workers are building
                                              walls on the top parts of the school
                                              and they only have 1⁄4 left. They
                                                                                       in a jar. It’s kind of like a contest.
                                                                                       Whoever gets the most pennies gets
                                                                                       a pizza party. But who cares who
talked to Mr. Dean in the school              use cement, bricks, and stones to        has the most pennies? Everybody is
about the construction. Mr. Dean is           build a wall. This is masonry            not perfect.
the supervisor, which means he                work.                                            I would like to win but I
makes sure all the workers are doing                  To get to higher places on       would like the whole school to win
what they’re supposed to be doing.            the school the construction work-        because I don’t want to be selfish.
I felt nervous like I usually do when         ers use aerial lifts. It’s the blue or   No matter what everybody will win.
people I don’t know come around               orange thing with workers on it          Almost everyone puts pennies in the
me.                                                      continued on page 4, column 2 jar. That means everyone wins.
Advice                                       First grader
                                               C B drops
Homework is Home                             some silver
                                                 coins in
Work                                          the second
                    by S B, grade 5             grade jar.

K     ids who are in a rush to do
      your homework on the bus,
you might be in trouble. The bus
goes up and down and you can’t
write. Then when you’re off the
bus, your teacher say “GET OUT             Penny
YOUR HOMEWORK,” and if                     Pride                                      petition and students are showing
your teacher sees you doing your                    continued from page 1, column 3   that they like to compete. As A D
homework you get a demerit.                                                           said stunned, “We lost about 500
                                           separate the silver from the pen-
        One time I planned to do                                                      points!” You are competing against
                                           nies. After that, you separate the
my homework at 12:00 am, but I                                                        other classes for the top spot. The
                                           nickels from the dimes, the dimes
fell asleep instead. At 5:30 am I                                                     seventh grade class used a strategy
                                           from the quarters, and the quarters
found that I didn’t do my home-                                                       to get people away. Since Mrs.
                                           from the dollars. You can also sep-
work. As soon as I got on the bus, I                                                  Thomas teaches 6, 7, and 8 grade
                                           arate your coins into rolls.
took out my homework. As soon as                                                      language arts, the seventh grade
                                                   Another fun part about the
I got to class, I had to finish my                                                    class wrote letters and put them on
                                           Penny Pride is you can go to other
math homework. And I didn’t get a                                                     our jars. For instance, one said, “8th
                                           classes on Fridays. What happens
demerit. So here is some advice, so                                                   grade: Want to pass English? Go
                                           is Sister Marie comes on the PA
you don’t get any more demerits:                                                      Away.” Another said, “6th grade: In
                                           and says, “It’s time for the Penny
                                                                                      reading class you could go far, so
                                           Posses!!!!!! “When that happens
1. Do your homework on time, and                                                      keep your coins out of our jar.”
                                           your two class representatives
do it at home.                                                                        Also when other classes came to
                                           leave and take all of your silver and
2. Don’t forget your assignment                                                       their class 7th graders chanted, “Go
                                           dollars to other classes. At the end
book, or your homework.                                                               Away! Go Away!”
                                           of the month, the class with the
                                                                                              I hope you have fun and
                                           most pennies wins a pizza party.
                                                                                      good luck!
                                                   Penny Pride is like a com-

Fire Scare                                 impressed about the fire trucks            dents were out and safe.” She was
         continued from page 1, column 3   strength of response and I was very        impressed with how the older stu-
hurt and that we were all safe. Mrs.       proud of how cooperative and quiet         dents took good care of the younger
Thomas, the 7th grade teacher,             everyone was during the evacua-            students. The firemen came quickly
thought that since it was fire preven-     tion.” J C from first grade felt mad       to cool the boiler. According to Sr.
tion month that the fire fighters were     because she went outside in cold           Marie, “If the boiler had been on any
coming to surprise us with a fire drill    weather without a jacket. She said,        longer it would have sparked a fire.”
but it wasn’t that. M P from 7th grade     “I felt good and warm when I got
wasn’t happy with the situation. But       to Holy Name and I was very grate-
he said that it “felt good to get out of   ful for that.” G B from third grade
class. When we went to Holy Name           said that “the alarm was really loud
I felt warm.” J M from 8th grade said      and it scared me.” “I thought we
when the alarm came on it scared           were just practicing as normal. M
her and when she went outside she          D H grade 3 said she felt scared           Moeller Buddies
heard fire trucks coming up the            because, “I had to leave the build-
                                                                                                          by J C, grade 1
street then she kept hearing more.         ing so fast. I’m glad my nose isn’t
She thought it was a real fire. She
said she was really cold until J R
                                           red anymore because of the cold.”
                                           S S and M L from grade 5 said they
                                           felt good about getting out of
                                                                                      O    n Wednesday, October 15, the
                                                                                           Moeller buddies came into the
                                                                                      classroom for Columbus Day. Then
gave her his sweatshirt. But she still
got colder and she was glad to have        school.                                    we all went downstairs to the Geor-
gone to Holy Name where we could                    Everyone thought it was a         gian Hall to do our art project. We
be safe and warm. B S, 8th grade,          drill but Sr. Marie didn’t. She knew       went down to play with the Moller
said when the alarm came on she            better. Right when the alarm went          buddies. It was the first day that they
jumped because she didn’t know             off, she went over to her fire panel       came. They were helping us out on
what was happening. She thought it         and read “boiler room.” When ev-           some words we had trouble with like
was another drill like always. She         eryone was clearing the building           Japan, Spain, and China. I was writ-
was glad we walked to Holy Name            she went to the boiler room and            ing these words in a sentence but the
and said the little pre-schoolers          opened the door and saw smoke              Moeller buddies helped.
made it really fun. Sr. Mary Ann           that was coming from the boiler.
from 8th grade was very happy that         Sr. Marie said, “I was very con-
our system works well. “I was very         cerned but yet I was happy the stu-
                                Learning Today
Second Grade Tries to Be Nice to Others
                                                 by C D, grade 2

T    he second grade is nice to others
     in their classroom, but some-
times people can be mean and they
                                                                               Then Mama gives her one. Then she
                                       that they were hitting someone says, “Thank you very much.”
                                       else. And Ms. Van Ha could say,                 We also read the book, “The
don’t get their recess. They learn not “This is how you learn to be nice at Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight.” It
to be mean and not to hit others. One  school.”                                started off when Papa slept on the
time I was running and accidentally                                            wrong side of the bed. Then he was
hit Joshua in his mouth and I said,                                            moody and not nice to his children.
“sorry.” That’s called being nice to                                           When they said, “Good morning,”
others.                                                                        he didn’t say it back. He just walked
        If somebody isn’t nice to                                              out the door and didn’t say anything.
others, our teacher tells us how to be                                         He thought about what he had done
nice to others. If you hit someone                                             and he thought about being nice to
accidentally and say you’re sorry                                              his children. Then when he came in
and give her a hug, the teacher will                                           he looked happy. The next day, sister
let you get your recess. If you hit                                            and brother got in a fight because
someone or punch someone on pur-                                               they slept on the wrong side of the
pose you will not get your recess.                                             bed and they were moody.
        We could learn to be nice by           We read a book called,                  I learned to not sleep on the
pretending. Mrs. Van Ha could tell     “Say Please and Thank You.” It is a wrong side of the bed, but that’s not
two people to sit in their seats and   Berenstain Bears book. In the true. I really learned to be nice to
fake that they’re going to hit some-   book, Mama brings in suckers and others.
one. Then someone else could pre-      then brother says, “Can I please
tend to be the teacher and tell the    have one?” Then she says, “Yes.” Uptown Arts Summer
people that they are going to get a    And then after Mama gives him                               by S F, grade 3
demerit. The fake teacher could
                                       one, he says, “Thank you.” Then
write on a fake documentation sheet                                               n the summer at Uptown Arts I
                                       his sister says, “pleeeeaaase!”
                                                                                  was in classes for art, jazz dance,
                                                                               music, acting, and ballet. In art class
International Research                                                         we painted eggs and made shadows
                              by B A, grade 6                                  of Dr. Seuss. Then we read a book
                                                                               about shadows by Dr. Suess on a

M      y class is studying different country is getting a new emperor picture of him. We did jazz dance.
       countries around the world in a matter of months.
with partners and we have accom-
                                                                               Music is fun because I get to sing
                                               We are all writing about with my music teacher and then I
plished a lot in the past weeks and it good countries. And we are soon will know how to sing it. Acting is
has been really fun. Ms. Phillips going to be done. I think this is a fun. In acting we do statues and pre-
helped a lot on the project with us. really great project to work on, and tending to be mad people, sad peo-
At first it was difficult because we I hope we can do something else ple, old people, tough people, afraid
didn’t get countries on the first day. like this again.                        people, and people that are excited.
We all accidentally came up with                                               When I do ballet we do different
cities, but we got it all straightened                                         dances like dances in groups.
out and we had fun.                                                                    Uptown Arts is a gray build-
         Now we are comparing our                                              ing on Liberty Street. It has really
countries with partners. Everybody Magnetism                                   big rectangle windows in front of
has interesting countries. Three of                        by L C, grade 2 the building. There are three floors
my classmates, J, B, and T, are about                                          inside. On the inside it is nice and
to finish. J is talking about England.
B is my partner and he is on China.      Ilike magnets. They are cool. I has water fountains.
                                          like the experiments. One ex-
T’s country is Brazil. This is a very periment is when you use iron fil- Maps
fun project.                           ings – little silver pieces like pieces                     by I W, grade 1
         I think my country is okay. of eraser –, a magnet bar, and a
B and I are comparing our countries. piece of paper. You put the magnet
We both have populations, manu- bar under the paper and move the
                                                                               I  love maps because they are hard
                                                                                  and you cannot copy off of any-
                                                                               one. We did maps of a backyard, a
facturing, and all that good stuff. We magnet bar around. The iron filings playground, and Mrs. Moe’s class-
are very surprised with how large make a circle because of the force room. Mrs. Moe is in the map book.
our populations are. B’s is 1.2591 of magnetism. You should try it at Maps are good because you will not
billion people and mine is 125 mil- home.                                      get lost. Maps have paths you can go
lion people. Both of our countries                                             down.
have a Buddhist religion and my                                                                                     3
                             Leading Tomorrow
 Corryville Student Helps Nab a Thief                                               A Place to Learn
                                                           by M E, grade 4                                       by D H,
                                                                                                                 grade 6
T    his is a story about me chasing a
     boy over a woman’s purse. I
was in my Mom’s car doing my
                                                   The first time we went to
                                          court, on a Saturday, we had to go
                                          back home and come back on Oc-
                                                                                    F   or this week’s issue I have been
                                                                                        working on an interview with a
                                                                                    kindergartener named S. She told
homework outside of AAA unison            tober 3. I came back and I had to         me about reading and school in gen-
computers downtown. I heard a             tell the police that I would not lie.     eral. Since S was much younger
woman scream, “stop.” A boy was           The judge had white, curly hair,          than me it was kind of hard to under-
stealing her purse. I saw what the        and he was wearing a black robe.          stand what she was actually trying to
boy look like. A man in jeans called      The boy was sitting in court say-         say. So I tried the best I could during
the police. But I was already at City     ing, “I did not do it.” After court,      this interview.
Hall because I had chased the boy         the boy finally said to the woman,                 S had told me her mother
for three blocks. I came back and the     “I am sorry that I stole your purse.”     taught her how to read by writing or
police asked me to help them find         He went to jail. He has to stay in        copying a word her mother writes on
the boy. I told them that he had a        jail because his Mom and Dad              a piece of paper and then repeating
pig’s nose and a beaver’s teeth and       couldn’t take care of him. That’s         the word after her mother. In my
was as tall as my forehead. The po-       why he was on the street. The big         opinion, that seemed like a good
liceman called his boss and the po-       thing is that he is only twelve years     way to learn how to read. S also told
liceman called others to catch the        old with a 14-page rap sheet. A rap       me that she liked school because she
boy. I was sitting in the back seat of    sheet is a sheet of things that a per-    liked to learn.
a police car looking for the boy. It      son got caught for before.                         I think S is right. School is a
took them fifteen minutes to find the             After that I went back to         place to learn.
boy and the woman’s purse. I said         school and that’s why I was late.
that the boy they caught was him.
Then they took me back to the com-
puter shop.                                                                           BECOME A REPORTER
                                                                                      FOR THE CORRYVILLE

Karate School Needs Help                                                              CHRONICLE
                              by I L, grade 4                                        The Corryville Chronicle
                                                                                     is in constant need of
M       y karate school, Bell’s Martial
        Arts Academy, needs money
for a new restroom and needs to pay
                                          a fighting style. So come on down
                                          to Bell Martial Arts Karate Acade-
                                                                                     reporters to research and
                                                                                     write articles like those
                                          my. I started four months ago. I
the phone bill. You can help by do-                                                  in this issue. You too can
                                          might test this month for a new
nating something or going there. It       belt. You test every three months          become a Chronicle author
can help you too, especially if so-       and get a new belt.                        by simply writing a few
mone attacks you. If someone starts                                                  sentences describing your
a fight with you and prevents you                                                    idea for a Chronicle story.
from getting help, you can use mar-
                                                                                            Special emphasis
tial arts for self defense.               What’s Happening                           will be given to stories that
         You have to pay $99 to go                continued from page 1, column 1
there for three months and you get a                                                 report on recent events in
new uniform for free. After three         that you have been seeing going up         and around Corryville.
months it will be $60 a month to go       the walls. I asked Mr. Dean how                   You can give short
there. Bell’s Martial Arts Academy        did the aerial lifts get to the school.    pitches to your teacher
is located on Queen City Ave.,            He said a truck comes and drops
                                          them off.
                                                                                     whenever it is appropriate
across from Kids’ Little Foot.
         It is fun and exciting. You              They started working in            and you can pitch as many
learn some new words. They are in         April. They work eight hours a             ideas as you like.
Korean. One of them is “chi cha yi        day.                                              Don’t be
boo.” It means “basic form one.” It’s                                                discouraged if you don’t
                                                                                     get chosen right off the bat.
                                                                                     Keep submitting your story

Editor: Dan Bouk; Advisor: Rachel Colina; Copy-Editors: J M, S S                                                          4

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