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IILL: Integrated Intercultural Language Learning International Conference
                      Istanbul, Turkey, 28 June -1 July 2007

  9 PARTICIPANTS (The Netherlands (x2),
   Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy
   and Iceland)
  MEETINGS in Turin (Italy), Antalya (Turkey),
   Stockholm (Sweden) and Tilburg (The

    To raise awareness of the importance
     of this issue as a tool for implementing
     the Intercultural Competence
    To increase the motivations of
     educators and policy makers involved in
     this integration field through their
     involvement in this project.
    To establish a network for a European
     discussion on the Intercultural
    To characterize the difficulties of educators and the
     various unsolved cultural riddles, to reduce the
     educational, cultural and social gaps in the learning
    To challenge conventional policies and practices and
     work for change beyond the immediate
     educative/training situation. The implication of this is
     that everyone involved in working in integration field
     can be supported in confronting all of these issues.
    To work with a network of European Local adult
     education providers with responsibility for the provision
     of initial education services to minority ethnic groups in
     order to bring a European dimension to the context of
     work being done at the local/national level.
Involvement of the professionals
  The involvement of the professionals in this
   learning partnership project was an eye
   opening activity to realize that while making an
   Integration policy program for immigrants one
   should first focus on the needs and
   expectations of them.
  Because a well prepared integration means
   not only dismantling of the barriers which
   prevent many immigrants from participating in
   local cultural life, but also enabling policy
   makers and educators to understand easily
   what the needs and wishes of the target group
    Awareness of policy makers and educators of the
     problems, needs and expectations of immigrants
    Educators become learners
    Active citizenship
    Intercultural issues
    Strategy for stimulating / promoting adult learners'
     demand for learning
    Guidance / counseling / information or other
     support services
    Experimentation with new pedagogical
Target Groups

  The target groups are policy makers,
   educational researchers, educational
   institutions, that are involved in
   Integration programs.
  Local community groups
  NGOs dealing with immigrants or
   minority groups
    ROC Midden Brabant Regional Training Centre, Tilburg,
     The Netherlands (Coordinator)
    ROC RIJN IJSSEL Regional Training Centre, Arnhem,
     The Netherlands
    ANTÇEV (Antalya Modern Education and Culture
     Foundation), Antalya, Turkey
    ORFEO Social Cooperative Society, Turin, Italy
    C.T.E.A. “FELIPE II” Adults Education Territorial Centre,
     Valladolid, Spain
    Oravais Reception Centre for Refugees, Oravais,
    Diversity Development, Stockholm, Sweden
    Rosenhof Adult Education centre, Oslo, Norway
    Intercultural Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland
Outputs of the project

   A Conference (in Tilburg, 25 May 2007)
   Video (DVD)
   A Handbook (Benim Adım Einar)
   Documentation
   A Network (
   Further Project Proposal (Grundtvig 1- ID-EA
    Intercultural Dialogue: an European Aim with
    the same participant organisations)
 Meeting in Turin, Italy (1-5 Feb. 2005)- First meeting, to
   develop both quantitative and qualitative frame work
   for the integration program design in Turkey and
   interview guidelines
 Meeting in Antalya, Turkey (24-29 April 2006) - The
   integration program
 Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden (8-12 Nov. 2006)-
   Evaluation of the integration program based on the
   local dissemination results
 Meeting in Tilburg, the Netherlands (21-26 May 2007) -
   Last meeting/ Conference
Experience in Turkey

 1. Participants followed the following
   integration program :
 a. Interview in Turkish
 b. Turkish as a second language lesson
 c. Social skills half in Turkish/ half in
 2. Film this activities of this integration
   Two or three participants from each
    participating organisation. One/two
    learners, one observer

   Participants experience and feel the
    integration process themselves
Cahit Ünver Primary School
Participants on the way to school
Turkish Lesson
Educators become learners
They are trying hard
Teachers and the coordinator
Participants with their certificates
Practising Turkish with kids
Other photos
An Immigration Centre in Stockholm
Photo Exhibition of Experience in Turkey
Team after dinner
Coordinator „Noureddine‟ and „Einar‟
Dutch lesson with immigrants
A workplace in Tilburg
Last meeting

    The last forum in The Netherlands
     focused on the presentation of the video
     and on issues of good practice. All
     interested parties attended, such as
     representatives from local government
     and local parliament, representatives
     from participant countries etc.
Conference Invitation
Final meeting in Tilburg

     Nilgün Eroğlu ÜSTÜN