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    By Sam Womack                 her attorney was not re-
  OMAHA WORLD-HERALD              turned.
                                  Andrea Thomas, a friend of
A large drug arrest in            Dean, said the news that
Omaha has people in a             Dean was in a Nebraska jail
small Oregon town wonder-         traveled fast in Cave Junc-
ing about one of their own.       tion, which has less than
                                  2,000 residents.
Vanessa Dean, 25, of Cave
Junction, Ore., was caught        ―I never would have thought
with nearly 160 pounds of         she'd be involved in some-
hallucinogenic mushrooms,         thing like this,‖ Thomas
Omaha police said.                said.

She has been charged with         Dan Mancuso, editor of the
possession with intent to         Illinois Valley News in Cave
distribute a controlled sub-      Junction, said he started
stance, a felony.                 making calls after noticing
                                  Dean's absence from a
Police said Dean was              friendly card game.
stopped March 2 on Inter-
state 80 near 36th Street         Last summer, Dean worked
for following too closely.        at Thomas' restaurant, but
They said they ―observed          the two lost touch. Thomas
numerous signs of criminal        said she had heard that
activity.‖                        Dean's mother had medical
During a search of the 1995
Toyota 4-Runner she was           She called Dean ―a good
driving, police found 319         girl‖ and ―academically
freezer bags of suspected         smart.‖
mushrooms in the rear                                                                    Kyle M. Rettstadt, 29, of Portland, OR arrested in Ne-                                Kyle M. Rettstadt, 27, then of Morgantown, WV, ar-
cargo area.                       ―Nobody knows a whole lot,                             braska with Dean on March 2, 2011 for Possession of                                   rested in Indiana September 19, 2008 for Possession
                                  but we do care and would                               a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver                                         and Dealing in mushrooms
The total weight was 159.5        like to help in some way,‖
pounds, police said.              Thomas said.                                           Photo Credit: Omaha Police                                                            Photo Credit: Indiana State Police
The mushrooms contain             Kyle Rettstadt, 29, of Port-                                                                                                                 that Vanessa Dean was re-                           Although the two persons
psilocybin, which can cause       land, Ore., a passenger in                                                                                                                   leased on bond and is back                          named in the current inci-
hallucinations as well as         Dean's vehicle, was charged                                                                                                                  in Cave Junction.                                   dent were arrested in Ne-
nausea, vomiting, muscle          with possession with intent                                                                                                                                                                      braska, this kind of charge
weakness, drowsiness and          to distribute a controlled                                                                                                                   The second lesson we can                            could also involve the inter-
lack of coordination, accord-     substance. Rettstadt also                                                                                                                    learn from this is, ―It is                          state transportation of a
ing to the U.S. Drug Enforce-     was b eing held on                                                                                                                           never too late to change our                        controlled substance, which
ment Administration.              $200,000 bond.                                                                                                                               paths.‖ On July 19, 2010,                           could involve the Federal
                                                                                                                                                                               Vanessa Dean was lodged                             DEA.
Dean is being held on             Reprinted with permission                                                                                                                    in the Josephine County Jail
$200,000 bond. She is             from The Omaha World-                                                                                                                        on charges of second-                               To anyone considering mak-
scheduled to be in court          Herald                                                                                                                                       degree assault and fourth-                          ing ―easy money,‖ there is
later this month. A call to                                                                                                                                                    degree domestic assault.                            no such thing. Hard work in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   legitimate enterprises pro-
                                                                                                                                                                               Criminal activity tends to                          duces well-deserved re-
                                                                                                                                                                               escalate. We hope that with                         wards.
                                                                                                                                                                               the resolution of this current
                                                                                                                                                                               situation, the lesson learned                       Easy money is usually, at
                                                                                                                                                                               for many will be that crime                         some level, against the law
                                                                                                                                                                               is not an option. We must                           because it either takes ad-
                                                                                                                                                                               all be responsible for our                          vantage of or harms others.
                                                                                                                                                                               actions, or we will be held                         In this case, the perpetua-
                                                                                                                                                                               responsible for them. It is                         tion of illegal drug use bene-
    By Frank Abernathy            w h i c h w as c a r r y i n g ,                                                                                                             never too late to change,                           fits no one.
  TVT Editor—Commentary           amongst other items, sev-                                                                                                                    but sometimes change can
                                  eral bags of mushrooms.                                                                                                                      only happen under the most                          Our hearts go out to Ms.
This is a sad story at many                                                                                                                                                    dire of circumstances.                              Dean for the journey she
levels. And although it is        In the present case and ac-                                                                                                                                                                      has yet in front of her. The
typically not the kind of story   cording to the Omaha Police                                                                                                                  According to Nebraska Code                          stress alone of these im-
we would run in our positive      Department, Dean and Rett-                                                                                                                   - § 28-416(5)(b) Except as                          pending charges would be
newspaper, we believe that        stadt were stopped in                                                                                                                        authorized by the Uniform                           enough to cripple all but the
even in this story there can      Omaha on I-80 and 36th                                                                                                                       Controlled Substances Act,                          strongest of people.
be some positive news you         Street for ―following too                              Vanessa Dean, 25, of Cave Junction, OR arrested in                                    it shall be unlawful for any
can use.                          closely.‖ Ms. Dean was driv-                                                                                                                 person eighteen years of                            Each of us are faced with
                                                                                         Nebraska for Possession of a Controlled Substance
                                  ing a 1995 Green Toyota 4                                                                                                                    age or older to knowingly …                         trials in life. How we deal
The first lesson is ―Be care-     Runner.                                                with Intent to Deliver                                                                use, … (or) to aid and abet                         with them is reflective of our
ful who you choose to call                                                                                                                                                     any person in the manufac-                          character and strength.
friends.‖ Although Mr. Rett-      During the course of the                               Photo Credit: Omaha Police                                                            ture, transportation, distri-
stadt looked friendly enough      traffic stop the officer ob-                                                                                                                 bution, carrying, delivery,                         And when choosing friends,
he appeared a much differ-        served numerous signs of                               During a subsequent search                              booked at Douglas County      dispensing, preparation for                         always make sure you know
ent person in his 2008 mug        criminal activity and re-                              of the vehicle, a total of 319                          Corrections for Possession    delivery, offering for deliv-                       who they are. You have
shot from Indiana.                quested to search the vehi-                            freezer baggies of sus-                                 of a Controlled Substance     ery, or possession with in-                         heard the term, ―guilty by
                                  cle. The driver denied the                             pected illegal mushrooms                                with Intent to Deliver.       tent to do the same of a                            association.‖ Here we see
In the Indiana case, Mr.          request to search, after                               (psilocybin) with a total                                                             controlled substance….‖                             the truth in that.
Rettstadt was arrested un-        which the officer used a                               gross weight of 159.5                                   The Valley Times contacted
der similar circumstances         police service dog to con-                             pounds were found in the                                Dean‘s mother, Teri Dean,     A conviction under this of-                         All persons are innocent
with two other men. In that       duct a free-air sniff of the                           rear cargo area and luggage                             in Cave Junction, who had     fense could carry a maxi-                           until proven guilty in a court
case, Mr. Rettstadt was also      vehicle which resulted in a                            carrier.   Both Dean and                                no comment to make on the     mum of life imprisonment or                         of law.
a passenger in the vehicle        positive indication of drugs.                          Rettstadt were arrested and                             situation other than to say   a minimum of 20 years.

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Page 2                                                                 April 1, 2011                                    Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times

   (Pasadena, CA) -- As spring             changes wrought on its sur-                                                                                           dominate Titan's equatorial          band of rising motion and
   continues to unfold at Sat-             face are affected by the                                                                                              regions require a predomi-           rain clouds that encircle the
   urn, April showers on the               changing seasons.                                                                                                     nantly arid climate. Scien-          planet.
   planet's largest moon, Titan,                                                                                                                                 tists suspected that clouds
   have brought methane rain               "It's amazing to be watching                                                                                          might appear at Titan's              "These outbreaks may be
   to its equatorial deserts, as           such familiar activity as rain-                                                                                       equatorial latitudes as              the Titan equivalent of what
   revealed in images captured             storms and seasonal                                                                                                   spring in the northern hemi-         creates Earth's tropical rain-
   by NASA's Cassini space-                changes in weather patterns                                                                                           sphere progressed. But they          forest climates, even though
   craft. This is the first time           on a distant, icy satellite,"                                                                                         were not sure if dry chan-           the delayed reaction to the
   scientists have obtained                said Elizabeth Turtle, a Cas-                                                                                         nels previously observed             change of seasons and the
   current evidence of rain                sini imaging team associate                                                                                           were cut by seasonal rains           apparently sudden shift is
   soaking Titan's surface at              at the Johns Hopkins Univer-                                                                                          or remained from an earlier,         more reminiscent of Earth's
   low latitudes.                          sity Applied Physics Lab in                                                                                           wetter climate. An arrow-            behavior over the tropical
                                           Laurel, Maryland. "These                                                                                              shaped storm appeared in             oceans than over tropical
   Extensive rain from large               observations are helping us                                                                                           the equatorial regions on            land areas," said Tony Del
   cloud systems, spotted by               to understand how Titan                                                                                               September 27, 2010 -- the            Genio of NASA's Goddard
   Cassini's cameras in late               works as a system, as well                                                                                            equivalent of early April in         Institute for Space Studies,
   2010, has apparently dark-              as similar processes on our                                                                                           Titan's "year" -- and a broad        New York.
   ened the surface of the                 own planet."                                                                                                          band of clouds appeared
   moon. The best explanation                                                                                                                                    the next month.                      On Earth, the tropical bands
   is these areas remained wet             The Saturn system experi-                                                                                                                                  of rain clouds shift slightly
   after methane rainstorms.               enced equinox, when the                                                                                               Over the next few months,            with the seasons but are
   The observations show the               sun lies directly over a                                                                                              Cassini's imaging science            present within the tropics
   weather systems of Titan‘s              planet's equator and sea-                                                                                             subsystem captured short-            year-round. On Titan, such
   thick atmosphere and the                sons change, in August of                                                                                             lived surface changes visi-          extensive bands of clouds
                                                                                 NASA's Cassini spacecraft chronicles the change                                 ble in images of Titan's sur-        may only be prevalent in the
                                                                                                                                                                 face. A 193,000-square-              tropics near the equinoxes
                                                                                 of seasons as it captures clouds concentrated                                   mile (500,000-square-                and move to much higher
                                                                                 near the equator of Saturn's largest moon, Titan.                               kilometer) region along the          latitudes as the planet ap-
                                                                                                                                                                 southern boundary of Ti-             proaches the solstices. The
                                                                                 Image credit: NASA/JPL/SSI                                                      tan's Belet dune field, as           imaging team intends to
                                                                                                                                                                 well as smaller areas                watch whether Titan evolves
                                                                                 2009.A full Saturn "year" is           Clouds on Titan are formed               nearby, had become darker.           in this fashion as the sea-
                                                                                 almost 30 Earth years.                 of methane as part of an                 Scientists compared the              sons progress from spring
                                                                                 Years of Cassini observa-              Earth-like cycle that uses               imaging data to data ob-             toward northern summer.
                                                                                 tions suggest Titan's global           methane instead of water.                tained by other instruments
                                                                                 atmospheric circulation pat-           On Titan, methane fills lakes            and ruled out other possible         "It is patently clear that
                                                                                 tern responds to the                   on the surface, saturates                causes for surface changes.          there is so much more to
                                                                                 changes in solar illumina-             clouds in the atmosphere,                They concluded this change           learn from Cassini about
                                                                                 tion, influenced by the at-            and falls as rain. Though                in brightness is most likely         seasonal forcing of a com-
                                                                                 mosphere and the surface.              there is evidence that liq-              the result of surface wetting        plex surface-atmosphere
                                                                                 Cassini found the surface              uids have flowed on the                  by methane rain.                     system like Titan's and, in
                                                                                 temperature responds more              surface at Titan's equator in                                                 turn, how it is similar to, or
                                                                                 rapidly to sunlight changes            the past, liquid hydrocar-               These observations suggest           differs from, the Earth's,"
                                                                                 than does the thick atmos-             bons, such as methane and                that recent weather on Titan         said Carolyn Porco, Cassini
                                                                                 phere. The changing circu-             ethane, had only been ob-                is similar to that over Earth's      imaging team lead. "We are
                                                                                 lation pattern produced                served on the surface in                 tropics. In tropical regions,        eager to see what the rest
                                                                                 clouds in Titan's equatorial           lakes at polar latitudes. The            Earth receives its most di-          of Cassini's Solstice Mission
                                                                                 region.                                vast expanses of dunes that              rect sunlight, creating a            will bring."

                                                                                 Japan needs maps. Not just                                                                                           "We have a large image of
                                                                                 any kind—detailed informa-                                                                                           Fukushima," McKeown
                                                                                 tional maps georegistered                                                                                            adds. "We're committed to
                                                                                 with latitude and longitude                                                                                          making a big map of this
                                                                                 and annotated with simple,                                                                                           area. This is a very agricul-
                                                                                 self-evident details: this                                                                                           tural region and there are
                                                                                 bridge is out, this port is                                                                                          restrictions about food com-
                                                                                 damaged, this farm field is                                                                                          ing out of the area."
                                                                                 scoured; this one is green
                                                                                 with vegetation or foliage.                                                                                          "This really fits what IPLER
                                                                                                                                                                                                      is all about—information
                                                                                 Researchers at Rochester                                                                                             products," McKeown says.
                                                                                 Institute of Technology are
                                                                                 currently processing satel-                                                                                          RIT and the University at
                                                                                 lite imagery of regions in                                                                                           Buffalo formed IPLER six
                                                                                 Japan affected by the 9.0                                                                                            months before the earth-
                                                                                 magnitude earthquake and                                                                                             quake struck Haiti in Janu-
                                                                                 tsunami that devastated                                                                                              ary 2010. Connections with
                                                                                 sections of the country's                                                                                            industry partners led RIT to
                                                                                 east coast on March 11th.                                                                                            capture and process multis-
                                                                                 The U.S. Geological Survey,                                                                                          pectral and LIDAR images of
                                                                                 a member of the Interna-               The images show the progression of damage to                                  Port-au-Prince and sur-
                                                                                 tional Charter "Space and                                                                                            rounding towns for the
                                                                                 Major Disasters," organized
                                                                                                                        the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant from                               World Bank.
                                                                                 the volunteer effort involv-           March 12 to March 17.
                                                                                 ing about 10 organizations,                                                                                          "With Haiti, we learned how,
                                                                                 including Harvard University,          Credit: Analysis by RIT Digital Imaging and Remote                            in a disaster, to send an
                                                                                 George Mason University,                                                                                             imaging instrument into the
                                                                                 Penn State and the Jet Pro-            Sensing Laboratory within the Chester F. Carlson                              field, collect the relevant
                                                                                 pulsion Laboratory.                    Center for Imaging Science.                                                   data, get it back to campus
                                                                                                                                                                                                      and do the right processing
                                                                                 The Japanese relief workers                                                                                          to the imagery," Messinger
                                                                                 requested high-resolution                                                                                            says.
                                                                                 images of the Fukushima                "We were tasked with the                 there, so the feedback loops
                                                                                 Nuclear Power Plant. The               nuke plant Friday [March                 are slow.                            "In this case, we're learning
                                                                                 RIT team processed imagery             18] morning and we up-                                                        how to take imagery that we
                                                                                 looking down into the reac-            loaded it about six that                 "We were pushing hard," he           didn't collect and produce
                                                                                 tors and the containment               night," says Don McKeown,                adds. "We wanted to get              the actual product that will
                                                                                 shells on March 12, the day            distinguished researcher in              maps to them before their            be delivered to the first re-
                                                                                 after the earthquake and               the Carlson Center for Imag-             morning work shift started."         sponders in the field in a
                                                                                 tsunami hit and prior to the           ing Science.                                                                  very short time frame. We've
                                                                                 explosions at the plant.                                                        They are mapping the area            learned a lot about the sec-
                                                                                                                        The 13-hour time difference              around the power plant as            ond phase of the process
                                                                                 High-resolution image-maps             has made the workflow diffi-             well, processing imagery             now."
                                                                                 from March 18 show exten-              cult, Messinger notes.                   from a broader view of the
                                                                                 sive damage and a smolder-             "While we're doing this here,            terrain used as farmland.            Pay attention to where your
                                                                                 ing reactor.                           it's the middle of the night                                                  produce is coming from.

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Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times                                                                                                    April 1, 2011                                       Page 3

   (Los Angeles, CA) - Following                                                                                                                                   (OFDA), International Medi-
   weeks of strikes from gov-                                                                                                                                      cal Corps is addressing im-
   ernment forces and the al-                                                                                                                                      mediate health care gaps in
   lied coalition's enforcement                                                                                                                                    Libya. Teams are also as-
   of a no-fly zone, the crisis in                                                                                                                                 sisting in establishing a uni-
   Libya continues to escalate                                                                                                                                     fied mechanism for report-
   and to endanger civilians                                                                                                                                       ing needed medical sup-
   throughout the country.                                                                                                                                         plies and coordinating do-
   More than 290,000 people                                                                                                                                        nated items. In addition,
   have fled the violence to                                                                                                                                       International Medical Corps
   neighboring countries, pri-                                                                                                                                     has been working to prepo-
   marily Tunisia and Egypt,                                                                                                                                       sition essential medical sup-
   scores of civilians have                                                                                                                                        plies (such as surgical in-
   been killed, and a reported                                                                                                                                     strument sets and basic
   600,000 inside Libya are in                                                                                                                                     health care equipment) and
   need of humanitarian assis-                                                                                                                                     non-food items (including
   tance.                                                                                                                                                          hygiene kits, blankets, and
                                                                                                                                                                   water containers) donated
   International Medical Corps'                                                                                                                                    through gift-in-kind partners
   emergency response teams                                                                                                                                        MAP International and
   in Libya and at the borders                                                                                                                                     AmeriCares.
   in Tunisia and Egypt are
   assessing ongoing needs,                                                                                                                                        Clashes between protestors
   providing medical care and                                                                                                                                      and government loyalists
   critical supplies.                                                                                                                                              intensified February 25 in
                                                                                                                                                                   and around Tripoli. The
   Western Libya:                                                                                                                                                  number of those killed in
                                                                                                                                                                   Libya is thought to be in the
   •Although the border is cur-               •Due to a major shortage of         vices at a transit camp and              •International Medical                  thousands, while Internet
   rently closed to humanitar-                nurses in Libya, a team of          address a shortage of la-                Corps is providing emer-                has been cut off and many
   ian agencies and journal-                  International Medical Corps         trines and safe sanitation               gency health care to migrant            foreign journalists are not
   ists, International Medical                nurses and doctors is sup-          which could lead to the                  workers at a clinic near the            allowed to enter the country.
   Corps is sending in supplies               porting Benghazi Medical            spread of communicable                   border town of Salloum,
   to address identified medi-                Center, the largest hospital        diseases. The team is also               Egypt.
   cal needs.                                 in eastern Libya, which is          working to distribute hy-
                                              receiving a large number of         giene kits.                              •The team is also planning
   •International Medical                     casualties from Ajdabiya.                                                    to conduct health outreach
   Corps continues to monitor                                                     •With mental health issues               activities including hygiene
   the situation and plans to                 •International Medical              on the rise, International               promotion and scabies
   enter Western Libya as soon                Corps assessed the seaport          Medical Corps is implement-              awareness.
   as it is feasible.                         in Benghazi as well as the          ing psychological first aid
                                              local airport which has lost        training for volunteers and              •The team continues to
   Eastern Libya:                             radar functionality and is          primary health care workers.             advocate for contingency
                                              currently closed. This could                                                 planning mechanisms and
   •As a result of fighting and               affect the inflow of critical       •Although most fleeing the               coordination with all in-
   rising casualties, Interna-                supplies.                           crisis are male migrant                  volved agencies to prepare
   tional Medical Corps is try-                                                   workers, International Medi-             for any increase in arrivals
   ing to access Ajdabiya,                    Tunisia/Libya Border:               cal Corps has found an in-               across the Egypt/Libya bor-
   which is currently witnessing                                                  crease in the number of                  der.
   some of the heaviest fight-                •International Medical              women and families.
   ing between rebels and gov-                Corps is coordinating with a                                                 Through a $1 million grant
   ernment forces, to assess                  local partner to implement          Egypt/Libya Border:                      from USAID's Office of For-
   humanitarian needs.                        comprehensive health ser-                                                    eign Disaster Assistance

   The cause of a deadly explo-               accidental,   occurred      on      Venezuelan officials have                those reports have not been
   sion at an ammunition fac-                 Monday.                             confirmed an outbreak of                 confirmed by officials.
   tory in southern Yemen re-                                                     the H1N1 virus, also known
   mains unknown, according                   At least 121 people were            as swine flu, has occurred in            Sader urged anyone experi-
   to security officials. Authori-            killed and 45 others                the state of Merida. Health              encing flu-like symptoms to
   ties say the factory had                   wounded. Women and chil-            Minister Eugenia Sader said              remain in their home.
   been looted by Al Qaeda                    dren were among the dead.           more than 100 cases of the
   militants on Sunday. Locals                at least 27 of the injured          virus have been confirmed.               In an effort to put a stop to
   were inside getting leftover               are in critical condition. The      Sader said fewer than 2                  the virus spreading, officials
   ammunition when the explo-                 factory is located in Abyan         perfect of H1N1 cases                    have ordered Merida
   sion, which appears to be                  Province.                           would be serious enough for              schools to close for the next
                                                                                  intense medical treatment.               five days. A ban has also
                                                                                                                           been placed on certain
                                                                                  Local media reports at least             types of events.
                                                                                  3 people have died, but

   The Taliban has claimed                    "We have got documents
   responsibility for kidnapping              and evidence that shows all
   50 Afghan men over the                     the 50 captured people are          The National Police Agency               Meanwhile, a 6.8 magni-
   weekend. The men were                      policemen and they have             put the official death toll in           tude earthquake in Myan-
   traveling in four vehicles in              also (confessed) during the         the March 11 earthquake                  mar last week left at least
   the Chapa Dara district of                 investigations too.                 and tsunami at over 10,000               75 people dead and 111
   Kunar province Sunday                                                          on Saturday.                             others injured. State-run
   when they were captured.                   ―We will make a decision                                                     radio reported at least 390
                                              about the captured police-          The agency said 10,151                   hours, 14 Buddhist monas-
   A Taliban spokesman said                   men according to the situa-         bodies have been recov-                  teries and 9 government
   all 50 men confessed to                    tion and enemies' actions,‖         ered, but the toll is expected           buildings were damaged.
   being policemen, but Kunar                 Taliban spokesman Zabiul-           to rise with more than
   police chief Khalilullah Ziayi             lah Mujahid told CNN.               17,000 people still missing.             The epicenter was located
   said it has not been con-                                                      At least 2,000 of the dead               about 70 miles from Chiang
   firmed if the men are police               Authorities are currently           came from the hard hit Mi-               Rai, Thailand and 364 miles
   officers or prospective re-                negotiating for the men‘s           yagi prefecture. About                   from Myanmar‘s capital of
   cruits.                                    release.                            250,000 people remain in                 Rangoon. The tremor was
                                                                                  evacuation centers.                      felt as far away as Bangkok.

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Page 4                                           April 1, 2011                               Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times

 Major tobacco companies        Many toxic substances have      Asbestos was widely used         (Menlo Park, CA) — New           ―Based on the evidence           tially associated with a Mag-
 are victorious again as the    been banned for use by ei-      throughout the twentieth         scientific research con-         we‘ve seen in our research,      nitude 7 or greater event
 FDA decides not to ban         ther the EPA or the FDA but     century in buildings and         cludes that large earth-         we don't think that large,       over the past 30 years.
 menthol cigarettes in the      cigarettes, despite their       ships until finally being        quakes do not increase the       global earthquake clusters
 US.                            dangers and link to lung        banned.                          global seismic hazard for        are anything more than co-       Using these data, scientists
                                cancer, will be available for                                    more damaging earth-             incidence,‖ says Tom Par-        compared the timing of
 The ban on menthol ciga-       a long time.                    Mesothelioma attorneys           quakes far from the main-        sons, a USGS geophysicist.       seismic wave arrivals and
 rettes would improve public                                    protect the rights and get of    shock.                                                            the occurrence of large
 health but the FDA cites       One toxic substance that        the many people who suffer                                        The study looked at all Mag-     earthquakes worldwide and
 they are no more harmful       causes a particularly debili-   from mesothelioma.               Although large aftershocks       nitude 5 or greater earth-       found no correlation.
 than regular smokers. The      tating type of lung cancer is                                    close to the mainshock re-       quakes worldwide poten-
 real danger of menthol ciga-   asbestos.                       In spite of being banned         main highly probable follow-
 rettes lies in the fact the                                    asbestos is still present in     ing an earthquake, and
 smokers have a harder time     Mesothelioma attacks the        many structures so people        small earthquakes less than
 quitting and have higher       lining of the lungs and other   can still contract meso-         magnitude 5 can be trig-
 relapse rates. About 30 per-   internal organs.                thelioma but a meso-             gered at great distances,
 cent of cigarette sales come                                   thelioma lawyer can get          scientists at the U.S. Geo-
 from menthol smokers.          Over three thousand people      them the money from funds        logical Survey and the Uni-
                                a year will contract the        set up to pay their medical      versity of Texas at El Paso
 Proposals to ban toxic sub-    deadly cancer and with a        costs.                           found no significant in-
 stances come up often by       mesothelioma lawyer can                                          crease in the rate of large
 FDA advisory panels, but       ask for compensation from                   Watch the video      earthquakes happening
 this is one of the rare in-    funds set up to care for                    on the dangers       farther away than two to
 stances that they ignored      these patients who were                     of menthols at:      three times the length of the
 the panel‘s recommenda-        exposed to asbestos.                                             ruptured fault that caused
 tions.                                                         the mainshock.

                                                                A new RAND Corporation                                                                             community resilience has
                                                                study outlines how commu-                                                                          become an important policy
                                                                nities can build resilience to                                                                     objective at federal, state
                                                                disasters through efforts                                                                          and local levels and has
                                                                such as joint planning of                                                                          been a leading issue in the
                                                                government and non-                                                                                development of the Na-
                                                                governmental organizations                                                                         tional Health Security Strat-
                                                                and the development of                                                                             egy and other national
                                                                community networks.                                                                                frameworks.

                                                                "This work provides a 'road                                                                        The eight tenets of commu-
                                                                map' of activities that public                                                                     nity resilience for national
                                                                health officials and other                                                                         health security are well-
                                                                regional leaders can pursue                                                                        ness, access, education,
                                                                to help their communities                                                                          engagement,             self-
                                                                survive and recover from                                                                           sufficiency, partnership,
                                                                health-related emergencies                                                                         quality and efficiency. For
                                                                such as natural disasters or                                                                       example, self-sufficiency
                                                                pandemic flu outbreaks,"         said. "The road map pro-         creation of a more-robust        should involve efforts to
                                                                said Anita Chandra, the pro-     vides a more tangible blue-      and detailed list of actions     recognize the vital role citi-
                                                                ject's leader and a behav-       print for how communities        that can help guide national     zens should play as first
                                                                ioral scientist at RAND, a       can strengthen resilience to     planning in the future.          responders to help their
                                                                nonprofit research organiza-     such emergencies."                                                own families and neighbors
                                                                tion.                                                             Community resilience refers      in the first hours following a
                                                                                                 Researchers say that once        to the sustained ability of a    major disaster. Engagement
                                                                "We know that communities        communities have made            community to withstand and       should build the capacity of
                                                                are already doing many           use of the resilience road       swiftly recover from natural     social, faith-based, and vol-
                                                                things to bolster community      map, the experience gained       or man-made disasters.           unteer organizations to in-
                                                                resilience, but it is not al-    through testing these activi-    Because it will never be pos-    volve community members
                                                                ways systematic," Chandra        ties and strategies will allow   sible to prevent all disasters   in collective action.

                                                                (Washington, DC) - The                                                                             the results of further dam-
                                                                President declared a major                                                                         age assessments.
                                                                disaster exists in the State
                                                                of Oregon and ordered Fed-                                                                         Governor Kitzhaber sent a
                                                                eral aid to supplement State                                                                       formal request to President
                                                                and local recovery efforts in                                                                      Obama asking for a Federal
                                                                the area struck by a tsu-                                                                          Disaster Declaration for
                                                                nami wave surge on March                                                                           Curry County on March 21st
                                                                11, 2011.                                                                                          after assessing the damage
                                                                                                                                                                   to Curry County.
                                                                Federal funding is available
                                                                to State and eligible local                                                                        The Governor‘s request al-
                                                                governments and certain                                                                            lows assistance from the
                                                                private nonprofit organiza-                                                                        Federal Emergency Man-
                                                                tions on a cost-sharing basis                                                                      agement Agency to help
                                                                for emergency work and the                                                                         rebuild the Port of Brook-
                                                                repair or replacement of                                                                           ings-Harbor in Curry County.
                                                                facilities damaged by the                                                                          The port was damaged by
                                                                tsunami wave surge in Curry                                                                        tsunami waves that hit the
                                                                County.                                                                                            Oregon Coast which re-
                                                                                                                                                                   sulted from the Japan earth-
                                                                Federal funding is also avail-                                                                     quake.
                                                                able on a cost-sharing basis
                                                                for hazard mitigation meas-                                                                        ―Federal assistance to Curry
                                                                ures statewide.                                                                                    County will help us take a
                                                                                                                                                                   big step toward rebuilding
                                                                W. Craig Fugate, Administra-                                                                       the port and getting Orego-
                                                                tor, Federal Emergency                                                                             nians back to work,‖ said
                                                                Management           Agency                                                                        Governor Kitzhaber.
                                                                (FEMA), Department of
                                                                Homeland Security, named                                                                           State and federal disaster
                                                                Dolph A. Diemont as the                                                                            assessment teams esti-
                                                                Federal Coordinating Officer     Thanks to the efforts of Oregon Governor Kitz-                    mated damages at $6.7
                                                                for Federal recovery opera-                                                                        million to the Port of Brook-
                                                                tions in the affected area.      haber, President Obama moves quickly to sign an                   ings-Harbor.

                                                                FEMA said additional desig-
                                                                                                 Oregon disaster declaration, freeing up federal                   ―We‘ll continue to work with
                                                                nations may be made at a         funds for Oregon‘s tsunami disaster relief.                       Curry County until they are
                                                                later date if requested by                                                                         back on their feet,‖ said
                                                                the State and warranted by       Photo Credit: White House Photo Gallery                           Kitzhaber.
Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times                                                                  April 1, 2011                              Page 5

 ―Change is all around‖ is        Recession slows develop-        trends in land use before       (Salem, OR) - The Oregon         Despite these gains, the         work,‖ said Hanna. ―But in
 more than a throwaway line       ment                            and after the implementa-       Senate and House have            statewide rate was reported      the meantime, we cannot
 to researchers who recently                                      tion of comprehensive land-     approved two bills that will     at 10.2 percent, essentially     lose sight of the immediate
 published the updated            However, the rate at which      use plans in the mid-1980s.     extend unemployment bene-        unchanged from 10.4 per-         need those individuals and
 ―Forests, Farms & People‖        structures were being built     Conversion of private land      fits to Oregonians who con-      cent in January.                 families have. This exten-
 report: It is the focus of in-   on land in these three cate-    in forest, agricultural, and    tinue to struggle with finding                                    sion will continue to help
 tense study to measure           gories remained at a rela-      range uses to more devel-       work in this tough economy.      ―These are dollars that pro-     them get through this diffi-
 evolving land use across         tively high level until re-     oped uses slowed dramati-                                        vide real help to Oregon         cult time.‖
 Oregon.                          cently. With the start of the   cally after the 1974-1984       Senate Bill 637 provides an      families and their communi-
                                  recession in 2007, the rate     period as the county plans,     extension through the fed-       ties because the money is        The bills were delivered to
 Compiled by the Oregon           declined to its lowest level    mandated by a 1973 state        eral Extended Benefits and       spent directly in our local      Governor Kitzhaber for his
 Department of Forestry and       in the 35-year study period.    law, were implemented           High Extended Benefits pro-      economies, at our neighbor-      signature, who signed the
 U.S. Forest Service from                                         widely.                         gram, helping an estimated       hood grocery stores, and on      two pieces of legislation
 detailed analysis of thou-       Regional differences                                            50,000 eligible Oregonians.      other local services,‖ said      extending unemployment
                                                                                                  Senate Bill 638, concerning      Senator Joanne Verger            benefits up to 26 weeks for
                                                                                                  Oregon‘s Emergency Bene-         (District 5), co-carrier of SB   Oregonians who have ex-
                                                                                                  fits Program, will help an       637. ―There‘s still too many     hausted all other options.
                                                                                                  estimated 15,000 claim-          Oregonians looking for work.
                                                                                                  ants.                            These extensions help them        ―Although we are on the
                                                                                                                                   stay afloat and avoid other,     path to economic recovery,
                                                                                                  ―Oregon‘s recent employ-         costlier, social services.‖      there are thousands of Ore-
                                                                                                  ment numbers show signs                                           gonians who are still strug-
                                                                                                  of improvement and hope          ―As our economy begins to        gling,‖ said Governor Kitz-
                                                                                                  for those who are still on the   recover, we must not forget      haber. ―Extending unem-
                                                                                                  job market,‖ said Senate         those who are still strug-       ployment benefits is a life
                                                                                                  Majority Leader Diane            gling to survive this global     line to people in need right
                                                                                                  Rosenbaum (Portland),            recession. This was an im-       now.‖
                                                                                                  chief sponsor of the bills       portant vote that helps more
                                                                                                  with Sen. Brian Boquist          than 65,000 Oregonians           Senate Bill 637 allows Ore-
                                                                                                  (Dallas). ―But there are still   struggling to find work,‖ Ro-    gon to use $225 million in
                                                                                                  over 200,000 Oregonians          blan said. ―Oregon‘s econ-       federal funds to extend un-
                                                                                                  who need help surviving in       omy added 9,800 private          employment benefits for 20
                                                                                                  this dire economy. These         sector jobs last month, but      weeks. Nearly 50,000 Ore-
                                                                                                  extensions provide much-         we still need to help those      gonians will be eligible to
                                                                                                  needed assistance, helping       families and those workers       receive the additional bene-
                                                                                                  families keep food on the        trying to find employment.‖      fits by the end of the year.
                                                                                                  table and a roof over their
                                                                                                  heads while they continue        ―Oregon‘s unemployment           Senate Bill 638 will use $26
                                                                                                  looking for work.‖               rate lingers above 10%           million from State Unem-
                                                                                                                                   statewide and many rural         ployment Trust Fund to ex-
                                                                                                  February‘s employment re-        counties still have unem-        tend benefits for six weeks.
 sands of aerial photo-           Private land in western Ore-    The effect has proved long-     port showed that seasonally      ployment rates in the high       This money will go to an
 graphs, the 74-page report       gon was developed at a          lasting. Nearly all private     adjusted payroll employ-         teens. We must do every-         estimated 17,500 Oregon
 examines changes in activ-       faster rate than on the east-   land designated as non-         ment grew by 9,800, Ore-         thing we can to get the          workers whose benefits
 ity on non-federal lands be-     side, with notable hotspots     developable zones by the        gon‘s largest one‐month          more than 200,000 unem-          would otherwise expire in
 tween 1974 and 2009.             in the Portland area and        counties remained in forest,    gain since November 1996.        ployed Oregonians back to        April.
                                  Josephine County. The Bend      agriculture and range in the
 First, the good news: Ninety-    area stands as the lone ex-     years following implementa-
 eight percent of all non-        ception east of the Cas-        tion of the plans in the mid-
 federal land that was in for-    cades, where a veritable        1980s. Conversion of land
 est, agricultural and range      land rush transformed the       in resource uses to low-
 land uses in Oregon in 1974      community into a construc-      density residential or urban
 remained in those uses in        tion zone from the 1980s        uses has occurred mostly
 2009. Unlike many other          on, finally stalling with the   on other private land zoned
 states, Oregon has held          housing crash of the past       for development in the
 onto almost all of its re-       several years.                  plans.
 source land during recent
 decades of rapid economic        Land-use laws effective         To see the Forests, Farms &
 growth and population ex-                                        People report, go to:
 pansion.                         Highlighted in the report are

 (Newport, OR) - According to     is new for 2011 and is in-      fish fisheries for the Oregon   Beginning April 1st anglers
 the Oregon Department of         tended to allow year-round      Department of Fish and          fishing for bottomfish must
 Fish and Wildlife, a new rule    fishing for Cabezon, while      Wildlife.                       also stay inside of the 40-
 for Cabezon retention has        staying within the federal                                      fathom line (defined by way-
 gone into effect on April 1st    harvest cap.                    ―Both the Cabezon anglers       points).
 and will last through Sep-                                       keep and the fish that die
 tember 30th.                     ―If carefully released, Cabe-   after release count toward      Both restrictions are to re-
                                  zon have an excellent sur-      the federal harvest cap, so,    duce the likelihood of an-
 The change will allow reten-     vival rate,‖ said Lynn          like with any other fish you    glers‘ catch of yelloweye
 tion of only one Cabezon per     Mattes, project leader for      can‘t keep, careful release     rockfish and canary rock-
 day as part of the seven-fish    marine recreational ground-     is important.‖                  fish, which may not be re-
 marine sport bag limit.                                                                          tained at any time.

 April 1st through September                                                                      The Cabezon is a scaleless
 30th is also the period that                                                                     fish with a broad bony sup-
 bottomfish anglers must                                                                          port extending from the eye
 stay within the 40-fathom                                                                        across the cheek just under
 line, defined by waypoints.                                                                      the skin. Normally it has 11
                                                                                                  spines on the dorsal fin.
 Fisheries scientists as-                                                                         The Cabezon also has a
 sessed Oregon‘s Cabezon                                                                          fleshy flap on the middle of
 numbers for the first time in                                                                    the snout. A pair of longer
 2009. Based on the as-                                                                           flaps are just behind the
 sessment results, there is a                                                                     eyes.
 new federal harvest cap for
 Cabezon off of Oregon be-                                                                        The mouth is broad with
 ginning in 2011.                                                                                 many small teeth. The col-
                                                                                                  oring varies, but is generally
 For the past several years,                                                                      mottled with browns, greens
 ODFW managed Cabezon             Cabezon are well known for their large head, and                and reds. More than 90% of
 with a state-imposed land-                                                                       the red fish are males,
 ing cap, which was typically     frequent the Pacific Ocean from British Columbia                whereas greater than 90%
 reached in July or August.       to Southern California. Photo Credit: National                  of green fish are females. It
 The seasonal sub-bag limit                                                                       reaches a weight of up to
                                  Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration                    25 pounds.
Page 6              April 1, 2011                                Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times

                                   By: Frank Abernathy        Hospital in Eugene for 15        America‘s Wild Rivers Coast     and ―like‖ us, then sit back
                                        TVT Editor            years prior to ―retiring‖ with   Five Chamber Mixer:             and enjoy all the goings-on
                                                              her husband in Florida. But,                                     happening with your Gold
                              (Gold Beach, OR) - Walking      like so many people these        Join us at Lucky 7 Casino‘s     Beach Chamber of Com-
                              through As Good As New in       days, the word ―retire‖ has      new Tolowa Event Center         merce members. But be
                              Gold Beach is like walking      been removed from the dic-       Thursday, April 7th. The        sure, while you start to visit
                              through all the nations of      tionary.                         event is open to the public     us on Facebook, visit our
                              the world, past and present.                                     and sponsored by Smith          website at:
                              As a quality resale shop, you   Starting with a few personal     River Rancheria, America‘s
                              will pass through the United    items for sale, As Good As       Wild Rivers Coast Marketing
                              States where you will find      New has expanded since its       Consortium and Hospitality
                              local treasures and heir-       opening on January 18,           101 and hosted by Lucky 7       for even more in depth
                              loom collectibles. As Good      2010 to include 54 consign-      Casino.                         member coverage including
                              As New has acquired the         ees and merchandise from                                         member directory and cal-
                              famous ‗Tis Tasty line of       all over the world. No mat-      From 5-8pm come and en-         endar of events.         Gold
                              jams, jellies, pickles, and     ter what you are looking for,    joy hors d‘oeuvres, bever-      Beach really is bustling with
                              pickled vegetables. From        whether it be contemporary       ages, Tribal Council, Amer-     activities and specials.
                              Indigo Prairie of Agness we     or vintage jewelry, CD‘s,        ica‘s Wild Rivers Coast
                              find luxurious homemade         beach accessories, glass-        board and congratulate this     Cheer for Gold Beach: It‘s
                              soaps and lotions. Collecti-    ware, nautical items and         year‘s Chuck Schaumburg         back on, and we have an-
                              ble items from the Orient       more, As Good As New will        Hospitality Award recipient.    other opportunity to show
                              and Europe can also be          be your first best stop. Lo-                                     our nation how much we
                              found here.                     cated at 29441 Ellensburg        For more information please     love our city. Visit:
                                                              Avenue, Suite 2, As Good As      call your Gold Beach Cham-
                              ―I moved from Florida to        New is in the same complex       ber of Commerce at:   
                              Gold Beach in May of 2008       as Double D‘s Café.
                              after my husband of 30                                                      541-247-0923         everyday and vote; please
                              years, George, passed away      Our congratulations go out                                       click on the CHEER button
                              in September of 2007,‖ said     to Vivian Downs and her          or visit                        10 times (all on same visit).
                              Vivian Downs, Owner of As       upscale resale shop, As                                          We have moved up from
                              Good As New.         Vivian     Good As New – this edi-        18th place to 11th, at the
                              worked at Sacred Heart          tion‘s featured business.                                        time this was written, and
                                                                                               Chamber Facebook:       We      we have some ground to
                                                                                               have now entered into the       cover so lets get our voting
                                                                                               21st century and have           on.
                                                                                               joined the world of social
                                                                                               networking. Visit our Face-     The contest has been re-
                                                                                               book at:                        started and the new finish-
                                                                                                                               line date is May 31st.
                                                                                           Gooooooo Gold Beach, Yay!

                                    By: D. S. Brady           ―smoke signal‖ and through
                                   Contributing Writer        the early morning mist three
                                                              lost, tired, cold, hungry boys
                              I remember going to my first    came running to us. It was
                              Search and Rescue (SAR)         a scene right out of a movie.
                              Meeting ten plus years ago.     If I had died and gone to                   Art Walk             This is a great opportunity
                              I was so nervous about          heaven, I would have felt a      April 8th - Second Saturday     for a retired or semi-retired
                              meeting folks whose mis-        sense of completion. As a             4:00 pm - 7:00 pm          person. If you or someone
                              sion was to save lives, but I   father of three sons, it was           Around Brookings          you know fits the bill, con-
                              felt that I might bring some-   one of the most rewarding                                        tact Darlene Newman at
                              thing to SAR with my love for   experiences of my life.          Every Second Saturday—Ten       541-469-3181 or e-mail at:
                              the great outdoors and out-                                      art galleries and art-related
                              door experience. I was born     SAR Survival Training Week-      venues with new art, free
                              in Washington, and in my        end gives new members, as        hors d'oeuvres and live mu-
                              teens I climbed to the peak     well as seasoned personnel,      sic. For program informa-              Azalea Festival
                              of       Mt.                                      a chance       tion visit:                             10K Fun Run
                              Saint Hel-                                        to expand
                              ens before                                        their com-      Presented by the Brookings
                              it blew it's                                      fort zone                                      Harbor Chamber of Com-
                              top and I                                         and culti-       Visitor Center Volunteers     merce:
                              also hiked                                        vate com-
                              the com-                                          passion for    The Chamber is looking for      Saturday, May 28, 2011 at
                              plete trail                                       a lost per-    Visitor Center Volunteers to    7:30 AM
                              around Mt.                                        son. SAR       work a four-hour shift each
                              Ranier.                                           members        week.                           Cost: $25 (includes Azalea
                              Today I'm                                         are chal-                                      Festival 10k run long sleeve
                              trained                                           lenged on      Candidates should be            shirt)
                              through                                           Survival       knowledgeable about the
                              SAR as a                                          Night    to    Brookings-Harbor area and       For more information about
                              M a n                                             spend the      America‘s Wild Rivers Coast;    the 10k run contact Brittany
                              Tracker                                           n i g h t      enjoy interacting with visi-    Jenkins at 541-813-1800 or
                              and serve                                         equipped       tors from around the world;     by e-mail at:
                              as the pho-                                       with only      and be able to commit to a
                              tographer.                                        what they      weekly four-hour shift.   
                                                                                carry in a
                              There are                                         day pack.
                              many ways                                         For over-
                              one      can                                      nighters,
                              serve Search and Rescue.        there are no sleeping bags,
                              My area of expertise lies in    tents, or teddy bears. Those
                              ground personnel and sur-       who can build a fire have a
                              vival techniques.     Water     big advantage on cold, wet
                              rescue, rope rescue, naviga-    winter nights. Whether a
                              tion on our many rocks and      SAR member completes an
                              cliffs, as well as communi-     overnight or comes back to
                              cation and equipment main-      camp before daylight, learn-     (Brookings, OR) - C&K Mar-      customers,‖ said Doug Nidif-
                              tenance are some of the         ing can't help but happen.       ket, Inc., owners of Shop       fer, President and CEO of
                              valuable jobs search and        SAR members in camp greet        Smart and Ray‘s Food            C&K Market. ―We are com-
                              rescue members do to sup-       each survival candidate with     Place, today announced a        mitted to offering high qual-
                              port rescue missions.           support from beginning to        new relationship with           ity products for reasonable
                                                              end.                             SUPERVALU, INC., that will      prices, and this relationship
                              Several years ago, one call                                      lower prices over time for      helps us do just that.‖
                              out we responded to on July     Veteran team members in-         customers of C&K‘s grocery
                              3rd sent the team to a wil-     spect each overnight sur-        stores, and expand SUPER-       SUPERVALU, whose West
                              derness area near Agnes,        vival members' site prepara-     VALU‘s presence in the          Coast distribution facilities
                              Oregon. We arrived just         tion, offering advice and a      West and investment in its      also include locations in
                              before midnight and hit the     personal understanding of        Oregon operations.              Southern California and Salt
                              trail in search of three lost   the challenge that a night                                       Lake City, will invest in its
                              boys. As a team leader, I       alone in the wilderness can      SUPERVALU®, which owns          Oregon distribution center
                              remember catching up with       provide.                         and operates 2,400 grocery      to provide service to the 62
                              other teams in the early                                         stores nationwide and pro-      C&K Market grocery stores
                              morning. While some team        I want to offer my deepest       vides grocery supply ser-       in Oregon and Northern Cali-
                              members who had been            respect and thanks to a          vices to another 1,900 inde-    fornia.
                              walking a good long time        great bunch of men and           pendent grocers, will be the
                              were spent, I was moved to      women dedicated to the           primary grocery supplier for    ―SUPERVALU is pleased to
                              go on and enlisted a new-       mission of saving lives.         C&K Market, Inc. beginning      continue its Western expan-
                              bie, Don Mazza, to press on                                      April, 2011.                    sion efforts by becoming the
                              with me for a bit longer. We    If you are interested in                                         primary supplier for C&K
                              went deeper into the wilder-    learning more about Search       ―By leveraging the strength     and its grocery stores in
                              ness area to an old aban-       and Rescue, contact is Lt.       of SUPERVALU‘s buying           Oregon and California,‖ said
                              doned ranch where we built      John Ward, Curry County          power, we can access more       Jim Gilliam, president of
                              a smoky fire. As a result,      Sheriff‘s Department at:         competitive pricing on com-     SUPERVALU‘s Northern and
                              the lost boys saw our                  541-247-3320.             modities and ultimately         Western region Supply
                                                                                               pass on the savings to our      Chain.
Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times                                                         April 1, 2011   Page 7

 (Cave Junction, OR) - A new      there (see the announce-                                        You can be a part of this
 effort has been undertaken       ment on page four of this                                       clean up effort by dedicating
 by Ann Padgett to clean up       issue).                                                         a few hours of your time to
 the town in time for both Art                                                                    help clean up Cave Junc-
 Walk and tourist season.         Harmony Gardens Land-                                           tion.
                                  scape will be donating
 ―Several people have talked      gloves, trash bags, and the                                     If you cannot attend in per-
 about the need to clean up       truck to take the trash to                                      son, a small donation of
 the town before tourist sea-     the dump. Southern Oregon                                       water and snacks would be
 son starts, so I decided to      Sanitation is donating the                                      greatly appreciated for
 just do it,‖ said Mrs.           fee for four truckloads at                                      those who will be picking up
 Padgett, co-owner of Har-        the transfer station.                                           the trash in your town.
 mony Gardens Landscape
 Design and Construction.         This clean up effort is not a                                   For further information or to
                                  part of any group or organi-                                    join in on the fun, contact
 The event, scheduled for         zation, but does involve peo-                                   Ann at 541-592-4678, or
 April 30th, will begin at 9:00   ple who take pride in their                                     just show up at the Jose-
 AM in the parking lot of the     community and who want                                          phine County Building at
 Josephine County Building        the community to shine in                                       9:00 AM on Saturday, April
 and will spread out from         its best light.                                                 30th. See you there!

 (Kerby, OR) - The Kerby-                                                                              The museum is located
 ville Museum will re-                                                                                 at 24195 Redwood
 open April 1st for the                                                                                Highway in Kerby.
 2011 season. Admis-                                                                                   Their telephone num-
 sion Prices will remain                                                                               ber is 541-592-5252.
 the same.
                                                                                                       Historic buildings seen
 The museum‘s hours                                                                                    at the museum in-
 will be:                                                                                              clude:

 Mondays from 11:00                                                                                    The ―William and
 AM to 3: PM.                                                                                          Nanie Naucke House‖
                                                                                                       listed on the National
 Closed Tuesdays and                                                                                   Register of Historic
 Wednesdays.                                                                                           Places, a Blacksmith
                                                                                                       Shop,       Grimmett
 Thursdays, Fridays and                                                                                Schoolhouse        (one
 Saturdays from 9:00                                                                                   room school made of
 AM to 3:00 PM.                                                                                        logs), and the recently
                                                                                                       constructed replica of
 Sundays from 12:00                                                                                    a Native American Pit
 Noon to 4:00 PM.                                                                                      House modeled after
                                                                                                       structures used by the
                                                                                                       local Takilma Tribe.

                                                                  (Cave Junction, OR) - Over      Free train rides, and an op-
                                                                  3,000 beautifully-decorated     portunity to meet the Easter
                                                                  Easter eggs will be left this   Bunny is also being pro-
                                                                  year by the Easter Bunny for    vided once again by the Illi-
                                                                  the children of the Illinois    nois Valley Lions Club.
                                                                  Valley to find.                 Don‘t miss out on this year‘s
                                                                                                  special event.
                                                                  The word from the Easter
                                                                  Bunny is that there will be       Sunday, April 24, 2011
                                                                  lots of free prizes out there       Begins at 1:00 PM
                                                                  to be found as well.                Jubilee Park—FREE
Page 8               April 1, 2011                               Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times

                                    By: Lorena Becker                                                                             information across the
                                   OSU Josephine County                                                                           state. Extension bulletins
                                         Extension                                                                                were written on larger sub-
                                    Contributing Writer                                                                           jects, while fact sheets dealt
                                                                                                                                  with single topics.       Hun-
                              (Grants Pass, OR) - Through-                                                                        dreds of thousands of
                              out the past 100 years the                                                                          printed publications were
                              Oregon State Extension Ser-                                                                         distributed over the years
                              vice has adapted its educa-                                                                         through county Extension
                              tional delivery methods to                                                                          offices and the mail. These
                              the needs of Oregonians. It                                                                         publications are now avail-
                              hasn‘t all been deft use of                                                                         able on Extension web
                              technology. Sometimes a                                                                             pages.
                              good understanding of hu-                                                                           Master Volunteer programs
                              man nature yields progress.                                                                         were created to increase
                                                                                                                                  the reach and impact of
                              Gaining credibility with the                                                                        Extension‘s efforts. In these
                              people being served was a                                                                           programs, volunteers re-
                              critical first step in Exten-                                                                       ceive advanced training in a
                              sion‘s early years. Many                                                                            subject – such as gardening
                              farmers wondered how a                                                                              – in exchange for activities
                              non-farmer from the Oregon                                                                          in which the volunteers
                              Agricultural College could                                                                          share their knowledge and
                              have information that would                                                                         experience with others in
                              be helpful to them. Farm                                                                            the community. Volunteers
                              women wondered how they                                                                             are motivated not only by
                              would benefit by listening to                                                                       the opportunity to gain mas-
                              a young unmarried woman,         adoption of improved prac-       Extension exists to get infor-    tery of a subject, but also by
                              a frequent situation for         tices was dramatic.              mation to people in their         the opportunity to share
                              most early home economics                                         communities.      One early       their knowledge.        These
                              agents.                          Early home economics             method was to outfit rail-        programs now include Fam-
                                                               agents organized County          road cars for Extension‘s         ily Food Educator, Master
                              An answer to this dilemma        Homemakers Clubs with            use and then move the cars        Gardener, Master Woodland
                              already had been devised         volunteer leaders. The lead-     around the state. The rail        Owner, Master Watershed
                              by Dr. Seaman Knapp, who         ers received training and        cars would be positioned for      Steward, and Master Natu-
                              pioneered the Demonstra-         then shared what they            Extension workers to pro-         ralist.
                              tion Method a decade be-         learned with others in the       vide lectures and demon-
                              fore the creation of Exten-      clubs along with their testi-    strations.    Another early       During the past three dec-
                              sion at the national level.      mony as to how the prac-         method took advantage of a        ades, Extension has taken
                              Dr. Knapp observed that          tices worked for them. The       new technology - radio. Ore-      advantage of the explosion
                              people will question what        Demonstration Method not         gon Public Broadcasting           in electronic technology to
                              they read and they may           only demonstrated im-            began on the campus of the        deliver its programs. What-
                              question what they see, but      proved practices, but also       Oregon Agricultural College       ever the local needs and
                              they cannot question what        highlighted the value that       in 1922, and the Extension        whatever new technologies
                              they do.      He persuaded       Extension brought to people      Service soon became re-           come along, the Oregon
                              farmers in the South to try      in their communities. This       sponsible for programming.        State University Extension
                              different practices on small     informal learning became                                           Service will continue to
                              plots of their farm and then     recognized as a partnership      Publications became a ma-         adapt to both as it enters its
                              share the results with their     between Extension and the        jor method for organizing         second 100 years of service
                              neighbors. The resulting         people it served.                and distributing Extension        to Oregonians.

                              (Grants Pass, OR) - The Jo-      In our community, the Mas-       work in the greenhouses at        Master Gardeners serve the
                              sephine County Master Gar-       ter Gardener Program plays       their leisure, learning all the   public in many ways. A
                              dener Program, under the         a major roll in educating        aspects of plant growth. On       plant clinic is maintained at
                              guidance of Oregon State         people on how to be better       completion of the course, a       the OSU Extension Office,
                              University, was imple-           conservators of the land,        Spring Garden Fair is held at     215 Ringuette Street in
                              mented here locally over 30      understanding soil, water,       the Josephine County Fair-        Grants Pass, where anyone
                              years ago with well over         fertilization, trees, shrubs,    grounds where the plants          may come with their plant
                              1,000 people going through       plants, insects and good         which have been grown are         problems to receive help
                              the program to become Cer-       garden practices.                sold (see page 11). Monies        and advice.
                              tified Master Gardeners.                                          from the sales go back to
                                                               Each year a new class be-        replenish the supplies and        You can also call the Master
                              The Master Gardeners are a       gins consisting of a one-day-    seed for the next year‘s pro-     Gardener Plant Clinic at:
                              nonprofit organization lo-       a-week school for a 12-          gram.
                              cated in Grants Pass.            week course. Students                                                     541-476-6613

                              Thanks to our commitment         the planting of trees by civic   (Grants Pass, OR) - As we         year. It‘s when Amazing
                              to urban forestry, Grants        organizations, individuals       enter Spring, things start to     May is alive and thriving in
                              Pass received national des-      and business. He saw the         begin humming around              Grants Pass. The whole
                              ignation as a Tree City USA      long term benefit of trees to    Grants Pass. At the Grants        month of May is celebrated
                              community from the non-          a community to serve as          Pass Visitors and Conven-         with various events around
                              profit Arbor Day Foundation      windbreaks, fuel, building       tion Bureau, we think about       Grants Pass and Josephine
                              for the twenty-third year.       materials, to provide shade,     the four seasons all year         County, and is also our way
                              The Parks Superintendent,        suppress erosion, for beau-      long. Of course, our busiest      of kicking off summer in
                              Jeff Nelson, responded to        tification and enjoyment.        months are in the summer,         style.
                              this recognition by encour-                                       but Grants Pass does have
                              aging the entire community       Later, as Secretary of the       many ―other‖ great events         If you have an event that is
                              to ―join us in celebrating our   Nebraska Territory, Morton       during the spring. For in-        Tourism related and would
                              trees. They enrich our lives     proposed to the Board of         stance:                           like to have it included in
                              in numerable ways by pro-        Agriculture that a holiday be                                      either our event calendar or
                              viding cooling shade, at-        created to encourage the         The Growers Market has            our ―Amazing May‖ event
                              tracting wildlife, purifying     proper planting of trees.        already began at the corner       calendar, please visit our
                              our air and water, prevent-                                       of 4th and ―F: Streets. Call      website‘s at:
                              ing soil erosion and adding      It was estimated that over       Marti Fate at (541) 476-   
                              splendor to our homes and        one million trees were           5773 for more information
                              community.‖                      planted in Nebraska on the       about the Growers‘ Market.        or or
                                                               first Arbor Day held on April                                      give us a call at 541-476-
                              The 139 year tradition of        10, 1872.                        City Clean Up Day is sched-       5510.
                              Arbor Day lives on in our                                         uled for April 16, 2011.
                              community thanks to the          This year, Grants Pass will      Contact Molly Prive at (541)      While you are there, feel
                              foresight of J. Sterling Mor-    celebrate Arbor Day with the     471-6460 for more informa-        free to check out our Photo
                              ton, a settler of the Ne-        planting of a Willow Oak at      tion about Clean Up Day.          Gallery and our ―fun facts‖
                              braska Territory in 1854.        Fruitdale Elementary School                                        page.     You might learn
                              Morton was an agricultural       near the new playground on       Spring in Grants Pass is one      something new about the
                              enthusiast and advocate for      April 4th at 1:00 p.m.           our favorite times of the         great State we all call home.
Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times                                                               April 1, 2011                                    Page 9

(Salem, OR) – The Oregon                                                                           ―As someone who has
House of Representatives                                                                           fought for years to expand
has passed House Bill                                                                              religious freedoms, I believe
2721, eliminating the reli-                                                                        we cannot allow children in
ance on spiritual treatment                                                                        our community to die or
as a defense for crimes                                                                            suffer needlessly because
against children. HB 2721                                                                          their parents refuse to treat
repeals the remaining reli-                                                                        them when proper medical
gious exemptions for par-                                                                          treatment is just around the
ents or guardians pertaining                                                                       corner,‖ said Rep. Hunt
to medical care of sick chil-                                                                      (Clackamas).
                                                                                                   ―This bill is about protecting
State Representatives Caro-                                                                        kids, not punishing parents.
lyn Tomei and Dave Hunt,                                                                           My hope is that this bill will
both from Clackamas                                                                                prevent a child from being
County, are chief co-                                                                              denied medical care by their
sponsors of the bill, along                                                                        parents week after week,
with Representative Mitch                                                                          despite the fact that the
Greenlick. Other sponsors                                                                          child is in dire need of medi-
include Representatives Jeff                                                                       cal attention,‖ said Rep.
Barker, Margaret Doherty,                                                                          Greenlick         (Portland/
Lew Frederick, Sara Gelser,                                                                        Washington County).
Chris Harker and Tobias
Read.     The bill passed                                                                          The last changes to our laws
unanimously.                                                                                       came in 1999. Along with
                                                                                                   Clackamas County District
―Children are suffering and                                                                        Attorney John Foote, Rep.
dying from easily treatable                                                                        Tomei and Rep. Hunt have
illnesses,‖ said Rep. Tomei                                                                        crafted this measure to hold
(Milwaukie). ―When you visit                                                                       all parents to the same
the graveyard and see all                                                                          standard of care for their
those children‘s names, it‘s                                                                       children.
time to say enough is
enough.‖                                                                                           The bill is supported by the
                                                                                                   Oregon District Attorney
In recent cases out of                                                                             Association, the Oregon
Clackamas County, two chil-       Each of these children had       not seek treatment, instead     Medical Association and
dren have died and another        treatable medical condi-         relying solely on spiritual     many more. It now goes to
was seriously disfigured.         tions, but their parents did     remedies.                       the Senate for approval.

As can be plainly seen these      clared. Some of the basic        Moist towelettes, garbage       waterproof, portable con-
days, an emergency can            recommended items to in-         bags and plastic ties for       tainer
confront us at anytime. Are       clude in your emergency          personal sanitation.
you prepared?                     supply kit include:                                              Cash or traveler's checks
                                                                   Wrench or pliers to turn off    and change
According to FEMA, you may        Water: One gallon of water       utilities.
need to survive on your own       per person per day for at                                        Important family documents
after an emergency. This          least three days, for drinking   Can opener for food (if kit     such as copies of insurance
means having your own             and sanitation.                  contains canned food).          policies, identification and
food, water, and other sup-                                                                        bank account records in a
plies in sufficient quantity to   Food: At least a three-day       Local maps                      waterproof, portable con-
last for at least three days.     supply of non-perishable                                         tainer. You can use the          With the arrival of Spring,      being gold. Neon‘s of any
                                  food.                            Cell phone with chargers,       Emergency Financial First        there is a long-standing         color are in, as long as they
Local officials and relief                                         inverter or solar charger       Aid Kit (EFFAK) - PDF,           American tradition that calls    are trim on a solid neutral
workers will be on the scene      Battery-powered or hand                                          277Kb) developed by Op-          people to stare in their clos-   fabric.    Other colors are
after a disaster, but they        crank radio and a NOAA           Additional Items to Consider    eration Hope, FEMA and           ets and wonder what to do        reds, and cobalt blue with
cannot reach everyone im-         Weather Radio with tone          Adding to an Emergency          Citizen Corps to help you        for a style this year. Not       greens.
mediately. You could get          alert and extra batteries for    Supply Kit:                     organize your information.       knowing what style is right
help in hours, or it might        both.                                                                                             for you can make the differ-     Lace and romantic motifs
take days.                                                         Prescription   medications      Emergency reference mate-        ence between people saying       are also in this Spring. The
                                  Flashlight and extra batter-     and glasses                     rial such as a first aid book    you have good taste or bad       new lengths for this Spring
In addition, basic services       ies.                                                             or information from              taste. What really matters       are called Nouveau Hem-
such as electricity, gas, wa-                                      Infant formula and diapers                   is whether or not you ask        line, which are a couple of
ter, sewage treatment, and        First aid kit.                                                                                    the question, ―What style        inches above the ankle.
telephones may be cut off                                          Pet food and extra water for    Sleeping bag or warm blan-       suits me?‖                       Also the mini dress, soft
for days, or even a week or       Whistle to signal for help.      your pet                        ket for each person. Con-                                         with sweet femininity, is
longer.                                                                                            sider additional bedding if      There are many options,          back much to the delight of
                                  Dust mask, to help filter        Important family documents      you live in a cold-weather       c o l o r s ,                                  men      every-
Everyone should have an           contaminated air and plas-       such as copies of insurance     climate.                         styles, and                                    where.
emergency kit prepared            tic sheeting and duct tape       policies, identification and                                     accessories
before an emergency is de-        to shelter-in-place.             bank account records in a        Be Prepared Beforehand          coming out                                    Shoes are al-
                                                                                                                                    this    year.                                 ways a part of
                                                                                                                                    There       is                                any       Spring
                                                                                                                                    something                                     wardrobe, and
                                                                                                                                    for    every                                  probably     the
                                                                                                                                    person     to                                 most important
                                                                                                                                    liven      up                                 accessory you
                                                                                                                                    their Spring                                  can invest in.
                                                                                                                                    wardrobe                                      Shoes       can
                                                                                                                                    and no one                                    change       the
                                                                                                                                    should be                                     look of your
Truth is the bedrock of in-       When somebody tells you                                                                           able to say,                                  outfit from cas-
tegrity on which we build all     something, first ask yourself                                                                     ―I can‘t find                                 ual to dress.
of our other virtues. It is an    whether or not what they                                                                          anything to                                   The best shoes
ongoing commitment to live        are saying makes sense.                                                                           wear.‖ We                                     with the Nou-
by what is most real and          Then, check it out through                                                                        just have to                                  veau Hemline
authentic in our own nature,      other sources to see if they                                                                      spend some quality time to       are always heels or ankle-
and acting honesty in all of      are indeed telling you the                                                                        survey ourselves.                strap versions. The style for
our dealings.                     truth.                                                                                                                             sandals this year have a
                                                                                                                                    Write down a list of your        block heel that hits right in
People rely on you to tell the    Let‘s face it, everybody                                                                          needs and how you would          the middle of your heel. It is
truth. They base their own        makes mistakes from time                                                                          like to look. Maybe cut pic-     very important to wear the
actions, beliefs and under-       to time. The question you                                                                         tures out of the latest maga-    right shoes with your outfit,
standings on what you have        must ask yourself is, do you     Did you know that:              Though it makes up only two      zines for the look you are       even the right color. Metal-
told them. If you have told       want to further complicate                                       percent of our total body        trying to achieve and take       lic gold and silver can be
them a lie, you have hurt         that mistake by lying about      The human brain cell can        weight, the brain demands        them shopping with you. It       worn for day wear, but with
them more than by just lying      it? You might find that sim-     hold five times as much         20 percent of the body‘s         may just be as easy as an        neutral tones.
to them.                          ply telling the truth about      information as the Encyclo-     oxygen and calories.             updated color of jewelry or
                                  your mistake can make you        pedia Britannica.                                                some new sandals to pull         No matter if it is crisp, clean
You can also lie by spread-       feel good about yourself.                                        Nerve impulses to and from       your look together.              lines or just fun and crazy
ing rumors, or telling other                                       The average number of           the brain travel as fast as                                       styles, fashion is an adven-
people things that you don‘t      And, your truthfulness will      nerve cells (neurons) in the    170 miles per hour.              There are a lot of down-to-      ture. You have to stay true
know for sure are true, but       help others form more real       brain is 100 billion.                                            earth styles as well as clas-    to yourself and enjoy the fun
have not taken the time to        and authentic beliefs and                                        There are 9,000 taste buds       sics this year. The favorite     of fashion in many ways.
find out whether they are         understandings about the         The brain is soft and gelati-   on the tongue. We lose a lot     colors by fashion designers      After all, Spring is a new
true or not. So, lying can be     world in which they live.        nous—its consistency is         of these taste buds as we        this Spring are black and        beginning and a time to re-
directly or indirectly done,      Truthfulness is the bedrock      something between jelly         get older.     Older people      white, camel, and coffee         discover yourself.        Enjoy
but they are still lies.          of your virtuous life.           and cooked pasta.               taste less than when young.      tones with accessories           your Spring.
Page 10                                    April 1, 2011                               Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times

                                                        Welcome back, partners, to        to get hitched up before we        somebody else‘s doin‘s.            look on Captain Burke‘s
                                                        this week‘s edition of The        leave?‖ Jeb asked Vern             Somewhere along the line,          face. ―For the short time?‖
                                                        Untamed Wilderness.               kinda quiet like.                  somebody decided it was            he asked surprised.
                                                                                                                             gonna be in a week. Art
                                                        It‘s been a busy couple of        ―Seems mighty quick, if you        Gard said it was his idea—         Jeb and Vern both realized
                                                        weeks since we left the boys      ask me,‖ Vern replied, ―But        before the ladies had a            that their plans to move on
                                                        out with Shorty Gard, who‘d       maybe things happen fast           chance to change their             further West hadn‘t been
                                                        everybody thought was a           out West here. And be-             minds, but nobody was              discussed with the girls‘
                                                        gonner. Shorty, Art, Jeb and      sides,‖ Vern continued,            quite sure who started it.         father. After all, things were
                                                        Vern went back out the next       ―Hitchin‘ up with Billie is a                                         happenin‘ mighty fast, and
                                                        day to give Shorty‘s              whole lot better than starin‘      Folks in Baker were a down-        there was bound to be a few
                                                        neighbors, the Bickfords, a       at your ugly mug all the           to-earth bunch, and didn‘t         things got looked over.
                                                        proper burial after that bear     time.‖ Both of the boys got        stand a whole lot on formali-
                                                        had gotten them.                  a good chuckle out of this.        ties. Wasn‘t gonna be a big,       ―We‘ll talk about that shortly

 Brookings-Harbor             Raliberto's Taco Shop     Shorty and the rest of the
                              613 Chetco Avenue         gang went out and found
 Grocery Outlet                                         that bear, and made short
 16261 S. Highway 101         Dr. D's Auto Care         order of him.
                              614 Memory Lane
 U.S. Post Office                                       Spring was in the bloom, as
 711 Spruce Street            Gold Beach                they say around these parts,
                                                        and the greenery wasn‘t the
 Chamber of Commerce          Gold Beach Books          only thing a blossomin‘.
 16630 Lower River Rd.        29707 Ellensburg Ave.
                                                        Vern had been fancy on the
 Harbor Shopping Center       Porthole Café             Captain‘s daughter, Billie
 Laundromat                   29975 Harbor Way          Burke ever since they met
 97900 Shopping Center                                  back at Fort Dodge. And
 Avenue                       GoldRush Center           Jeb, although most folks
                              29692 Ellensburg Ave.     might consider him a career
 Harbor Copy All                                        bachelor, had been talkin‘ a
 97900 Shopping      Center   Visitor‘s Center          whole lot with Billie‘s sister,   The whole town of Baker turned out for the double wedding. It seems like
 Avenue                       94080 Shirley Lane        Carol.                            Captain Burke is losing two of his daughters.
 Coastal Copiers Sales/       Double D‘s Café           Now Carol was the oldest of       And to Jeb‘s own surprise,         fancy    weddin‘ out these         after we get some of this
 Service                      29441 Ellensburg Ave.     the three Burke sisters, and      he was the first one to say,       parts.   Just folks sayin‘ their   movin‘ around stuff figured
 1043 Chetco Avenue                                     Billie was the youngest. But      ―Maybe we best go talk to          peace    with God and each         out,‖ Vern said quickly. He
                              Public Library            each of them matched up           Captain Burke tomorrow             other,   and gettin‘ on with       didn‘t want to cause a fuss
 Chan's Restaurant            94341 3rd Street          pretty well when it came to       and ask to marry Billie and        life.                              with all the men folk gath-
 16389 Lower Harbor Road                                gettin‘ along.                    Carol right quick like.‖                                              ered around, and it seemed
                              Laundromat                                                                                     The town ladies got together       like his soon-to-be father in
 Sebastian‘s Restaurant       29740 Ellensburg Avenue   Vern was gettin‘ a little wary    Vern laughed loud and hard         and started plannin‘ out           law could have found out
 16011 Boat Basin Road                                  because Spring was comin‘,        on that one. ―Never thought        some food for a get together       about their plans in a better
                              Sea Star Bar & Grill      and he knew that Jeb would        I‘d see the day you was in a       afterwards, and the men            way.
 Public Library               29745 Ellensburg Avenue   be hankerin‘ to hit the trail     hurry to get married.‖             folk worked together to fig-
 405 Alder Street                                       soon.                                                                ure out where they‘d all be        The towns local minister,
                                                                                          ―Yeah, me neither,‖ Jeb re-        livin‘ after all was said and      Pastor Benjamin Dickerson,
                                                        ―I don‘t know what we‘re          plied. ―Must be this city          done.                              picked up on this little slip
                                                        gonna find once we get out        life.‖ Truth was, neither one                                         where most of the other
                                                        further in the unexplored         of them knew when they‘d           ―How ‗bout usin‘ the               men didn‘t pay it much
                                                        country,‖ Vern said to Jeb        see another girl again after       Bickford‘s cabin?‖ Shorty          mind. ―I‘ll need to meet
                                                        one night as they tried to fall   they left Baker which, ac-         said matter of factly. ―It was     with you gents, the girls, and
                                                        asleep. ―And I got a real         cording to local folks, is         just the two of them, and it‘s     Mrs. Burke in the next day
                                                        hankerin‘ for that Billie         about the last bastion of          standin‘ empty now.‖               or two to work out some
                                                        Burke. Not too sure I want        civilization in Oregon.                                               details.
                                                        to leave, and leave her be-                                          Vern was a little squeamish
                                                        hind.‖                            Now a wedding in these             on the idea but Jeb spoke          ―I need to get a picture of
                                                                                          parts was a pretty big deal,       up, ―Now that‘s a good idea.       everybody in town, so you
                                                        Jeb, layin‘ in bed with the       let alone a double wedding.        Me and Carol could move in         folks got a keepsake,‖ said
                                                        lamp blowed out, thought          This was gonna be the first        there for a spell.‖                William B. ―Bill‖ Pratter, the
                                                        about this some.         He‘d     double wedding ever; that                                             only person in town with a
                                                        taken a hankerin‘ to Carol        is, of course, if the girls said   ―How about Billie and I keep       camera and a way to de-
                                                        Burke and had been thinkin‘       yes. And fortunately for our       the room at the Sherman            velop the pictures. ―I‘ll do
                                                        about the same things. But,       boys, they did.                    Hotel for the time bein‘,‖         that tomorrow.‖
                                                        leave it to Vern, he‘d be the                                        Vern said. ―I mean, for the
                                                        one to come right out and         And just as soon as Captain        short time we‘re gonna be in       And with that, everybody set
                                                        say it out loud.                  Burke announced the two of         these parts, we don‘t need         off in different directions—
                                                                                          his daughters gettin‘ mar-         much more.‖                        everyone having somethin‘
                                                        ―Well partner, what ya            ried, seems like all the plan-                                        or other to do. And the boys
                                                        thinkin‘? Maybe we ought          nin‘ and such got to be            This brought a surprised           went to talk with ―dad.‖
Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times                                                     April 1, 2011                  Page 11

 With warmer weather pre-         Don't rush the growing sea-        Cut back the foliage of orna-
 dicted, gardeners are itch-      son. Be prepared for late          mental grasses to about
 ing to get into their gardens.   spring frosts. Cover tender        four to six inches. Not re-
 So grab your shovel, rake        plants with row covers, card-      moving the foliage will delay
 and hoe, and get ready for       board, blankets, or hot            the warming of the crown of
 spring with the following        caps. Do not use metal or          the plant and will slow new
 tips.                            plastic for protection; they       growth.          Ornamental
                                  can conduct cold to plants.        grasses can be divided in
 Save the mesh bags that                                             the spring, especially if the
 oranges come in and use          In the spring, never work          center of the plant has died
 them this summer to dry          your soil when it is wet.          out or if it has overgrown its
 herbs and gourds. Save           Tilling or digging when the        space.
 pantyhose to enclose indi-       soil is wet will cause it to dry
 vidual veggies like melons,      into concrete-like clods. Pick     Divide perennials in the
 corn, cabbage, cucumbers         up a handful of soil before        spring. Divide plants when
 and small pumpkins to pro-       digging and squeeze. If it         flowers get smaller, when
 tect from birds and insects.     crumbles easily, it is ready       the center of the plant dies
 Tie the pantyhose off at         to be tilled. If it doesn't        out or when the plant out-
 both ends of the veggie to       crumble, it is too wet. Allow      grows its space. Dig around
 keep insects out. The panty-     the soil to dry for a couple       the plant and lift the clump
 hose will stretch with growth    more days and test again           out of the ground. Break
 and dry off quickly after        before digging.                    the clump into sections.
 rain.                                                               Larger sections will re-
                                  Buy healthy vegetable trans-       establish quicker than
 Save orange juice and tuna       plants. Leaves and stems           smaller sections. Keep the
 fish cans to use as barriers     should be green and healthy        clumps moist until ready to
 around newly transplanted        without any signs of yellow-       plant.

 plants to protect them from      ing or browning. Yellowing         Don't apply a nitrogen fertil-
 the worms.      Worms will       or browning leaves may indi-       izer to your lawn too early in
 chew through the stems at        cate an insect or disease          the spring. Research has
 soil level. Cut both ends        problem.                           shown that in the early
 from the cans and push                                              spring grass roots thrive,
 cans about an inch into the      Gently remove transplants          forming a network of deep
 soil around the plants. After    from their tray and check          roots. Deep roots will help
 two to three weeks, the          the root system.          Roots    your lawn survive hot, dry
 cans can be removed be-          should be white with visible       summer weather. Applying
 cause the stems will have        soil. Transplants with brown       fertilizer too early will pro-
 thickened enough to with-        dead roots should not be           mote grass shoot growth at
 stand any worm damage.           purchased. Check for in-           the expense of root develop-
                                  sects such as whiteflies or        ment. If you usually apply a
 Try making homemade seed         aphids. Be sure to gradually       pre-emergent crabgrass
 tapes for small seeds like       introduce your transplants         killer combo with fertilizer in
 carrots, lettuce and beets by    to the outdoor environment         April, try to find a crabgrass
 following these directions:      over a period of days, espe-       killer without fertilizer to
                                  cially plants grown and pur-       apply, and wait until mid-
 Cut plain paper or copy pa-      chased in a greenhouse.            May to put down a nitrogen
 per into long one-inch wide      When you do plant, water           fertilizer to the lawn.
 strips                           your transplants in with a
                                  starter fertilizer that is high    Prepare lawn for the mow-
 Mix flour and water to the       in phosphorus that helps to        ing season. Rake away all
 consistency of gravy to          promote root development.          twigs and debris. Have the
 make glue.                                                          lawn mower blades sharp-
                                  Harden off cool-season             ened, replace the spark
 Using a small watercolor         vegetable transplants be-          plugs and change the oil.
 paintbrush, pick up a small      fore exposing them to cool         Apply the first application of
 dot of glue, and then touch      temperatures, wind and             fertilizer in early May. Have
 the brush to a seed and          sun. Gradually introduce           your lawn core aerified. This
 place seed with glue on the      them to the outdoor envi-          process will pull up small
 paper.                           ronment over a seven- to           cores of soil to the surface.
                                  ten-day period.                    Core aerification helps to
 Space the seeds on the pa-                                          reduce thatch problems, soil
 per according to the direc-      Use a water-soluble starter        compaction and poor drain-
 tions on the seed packet.        fertilizer to water in vegeta-     age.      Machines can be
                                  ble transplants. A starter         rented.      Make two trips
 Air dry the tapes, roll them     fertilizer is high in phospho-     across the lawn, the second
 up and store in a plastic        rus, which helps to promote        trip perpendicular to the
 sandwich bag.                    good root development,             first. An average of 15 to 20
                                  getting the plant off to a         aeration holes per square
 Another handy tip is to avoid    good start. The most com-          foot is recommended.
 damping off disease when         mon water-soluble starter
 starting seeds. This fungus      fertilizers like 5-10-5, 10-52     Seed bare spots in the lawn.
 disease kills plants at the      -17 or 8-32-16 should be           Dig up the soil and add a
 soil line, causing them to       used at the rate of one to         starter fertilizer. Sprinkle on
 collapse. To head the dis-       two tablespoons per gallon         a good seed mix and rake                                         ORGANIC FARM SUPPLY
 ease off, use a sterile soil     of water. Use one to two           lightly to mix seed with soil.
 medium. Sterilize pots and       cups of the fertilizer to wa-      Tamp to assure seed-soil
 containers in a 10 percent       ter around the roots of the        contact. Keep well watered
 bleach solution. Sink the        plant.                             for two to three weeks until
 containers in the solution                                          the seed has germinated.
 for a few minutes and rinse      When your lettuce begins to
 with water. Keep the tem-        bolt, consider leaving the         Springtime in Southern Ore-
 perature around 65-70 de-        plants in the garden. The          gon is a great time of year.
 grees F for best germination     bolted leaf lettuces with          And, it sets the stage for
 and provide bottom heat if       their flowering stalks make        how your garden is going to
 possible. Most of all, avoid     a striking display. Red-leaf       look for the rest of the year.
 overwatering. Allow the soil     lettuces are particularly          With soaring food costs, you
 to dry before watering and       spectacular. Pull the lettuce      can‘t afford to let the gar-
 always drain saucers under       in late summer for a second        den go this year. Get on it
 containers after watering.       planting for the fall.             as soon as weather allows.

Page 12                                              April 1, 2011                             Serving Southern Oregon—The Valley Times

 (Waco, TX) - Baylor Univer-                                                                                                         sion or soil movement when       of different technologies
 sity geology researchers,        For the last 100 years, ar-                                                                        the site was formed that         and there is no doubt that
 along with scientists from       cheologists have believed                                                                          could have significantly re-     the tools and weapons were
 Texas A&M University and         that the Clovis people were                                                                        distributed the archaeologi-     human-made, dating to
 around the country, have         the first to enter the Ameri-                                                                      cal materials," Driese said.     about 15,500 years ago.
 found the oldest archaeo-        cas about 13,000 years                                                                             "This was really a critical      Analysis of the Debra L.
 logical evidence of human        ago. Artifacts found by this                                                                       finding. There have been         Friedkin archeological site is
 occupation in the Americas       study now place that time                                                                          several credible sites in        ongoing and future studies
 at a Central Texas archaeo-      back 2,500 years, or to                                                                            North and South America          will help explain where
 logical site located about 40    about 15,500 years ago.                                                                            which date older than the        these people came from,
 miles northwest of Austin.                                                                                                          Clovis people, but the evi-      how they adapted to the
                                  At the Debra L. Friedkin ar-                                                                       dence is not real strong.        new environments and un-
 "This find really rewrites       cheological site, located                                                                          This study proves people         derstand the origins of later
 history, so to speak, and        about 10 miles outside of                                                                          inhabited the Americas ear-      groups like the Clovis peo-
 changes our collective           Salado in Central Texas, the                                                                       lier than previously be-         ple.
 thought on the early coloni-     Baylor researchers, along                                                                          lieved."
 zation of North, Central and     with their colleagues, found
 South America," said Dr. Lee     nearly 16,000 artifacts that                                                                       The Baylor researchers also                  To watch a
 Nordt, professor of geology      predated the Clovis people.                                                                        said more than 60 "optically                 video about the
 at Baylor and dean of the        Most the artifacts were chip-    artifacts dating to the pre-     researchers that the mixing      -stimulated luminescence                     early settlement
 College of Arts and Sci-         ping debris from the making      Clovis time period.              process from the dirt shift-     dates" show that the early       of the Americas and about
 ences, who is an author on       and reshaping of tools, how-                                      ing or cracking was not a        people arrived at the site by    the Clovis and Pre-Clovis
 the study. "What sets this       ever, about 50 artifacts         Nordt and Dr. Steve Driese,      factor in the formation of       about 15,500 years ago.          peoples, go to our website:
 study apart is that we were      were tools themselves such       professor and chair of geol-     the archaeological site.         The luminescence dating
 able to show using geologi-      as knives and projectile         ogy at Baylor, College of Arts   Their analysis proved that       technique is a method used
 cal methods that the buried      points. The dating process       and Sciences, collected          the site was undisturbed         to date the sediment sur-
 artifacts dating to pre-Clovis   placed these artifacts back      samples from the site and        and that the artifacts were      rounding the artifacts by        The video will be on the
 times were in their original     to about 15,500 years ago.       analyzed particle-size distri-   in place since they were         dating the last time the         same page of our website
 state. This demonstrates         This find is not only the ear-   bution, organic carbon and       discarded 15,500 years           sediment was exposed to          that contains this article.
 unequivocally that the peo-      liest evidence of human          calcium carbonate content.       ago.                             sunlight.
 pling of the Americas oc-        occupation in North, South       The systematic depth func-                                                                         And thank you for using our
 curred much earlier than         and Central America, it also     tions of these properties        "There is absolutely no evi-     The Baylor researchers said      website, where everything is
 previously thought."             has the largest number of        demonstrated to the Baylor       dence that there was ero-        the artifacts show an array      free!

                                                                   Psychological problems ex-       "These findings demon-           childhood physical health        appear to be increasing over
                                                                   perienced during childhood       strate that childhood psy-       problems and only 3 per-         time.
                                                                   can have a long-lasting im-      chological problems can          cent due to minor childhood
                                                                   pact on an individual's life     have significant negative        physical health problems. A      Researchers found that the
                                                                   course, reducing people's        impacts over the course of       central reason for the larger    negative economic impact
                                                                   earnings and decreasing the      an individual's life, much       impact of childhood mental       of childhood psychological
                                                                   chances of establishing long     more so than childhood           health problems is their         problems were apparent
                                                                   -lasting relationships, ac-      physical health problems,"       effects take place much          early in adulthood, with
                                                                   cording to a new study.          said James P. Smith, a sen-      earlier in childhood and per-    household income 19 per-
                                                                                                    ior economist at the RAND        sist, researchers say.           cent lower among 23-year-
                                                                   Analyzing information about      Corporation, a nonprofit                                          olds who had psychological
                                                                   large group of British resi-     research organization. "The      The study is the latest in a     problems as a child as com-
                                                                   dents followed for five dec-     findings suggest that in-        growing body of evidence         pared to those who did not.
                                                                   ades from the week of their      creasing efforts to address      that shows psychological
                                                                   birth, researchers found         these problems early in chil-    troubles early in life can       Some of the smaller family
                                                                   that family income was           dren may have large eco-         have a long-term negative        income is caused by a lower
                                                                   about one-fourth lower on        nomic payoffs later in life."    impact on earnings and so-       likelihood that those who
                                                                   average by age 50 among                                           cial relationships. An earlier   had childhood psychological
                                                                   those who experienced seri-      Researchers found that the       study co-authored by Smith       problems will live with a
                                                                   ous psychological problems       impacts of psychological         showed that childhood psy-       partner as an adult. By age
                                                                   during childhood than            disorders during childhood       chological problems had a        50, people who had child-
                                                                   among those who did not          are far more important indi-     major impact on adult socio-     hood psychological prob-
                                                                   experience such problems.        vidually and collectively over   economic standing, costing       lems had a 6 percent lower
                                                                                                    a lifetime than childhood        $2.1 trillion over the life-     probability of being married
                                                                   In addition, childhood psy-      physical health problems.        times of all affected Ameri-     or cohabitating and an 11
                                                                   chological problems were         To illustrate, while family      cans. The results found for      percent lower chance of
                                                                   associated later in life with    income at age 50 is re-          the American sample closely      working.
                                                                   being less conscientious,        duced by 25 percent or           parallel those found for the
                                                                   having a lower likelihood of     more due to childhood men-       British sample. Another          Children with mental health
                                                                   being married and having         tal problems, the reduction      source of concern is that in     issues showed reduced cog-
                                                                   less-stable personal rela-       in family income on average      both America and Britain         nitive abilities to concen-
                                                                   tionships.                       is 9 percent due to major        childhood mental problems        trate and remember.

  Welcome To Our Spring Special
                                                                   In addition to its other ef-     support the relief efforts,      Accolades for The Valley         Not only has the size of our
                                                                   fects, the magnitude 9.0         and this report, which pro-      Times keep pouring in, and       newspaper increased, but
                                                                   Tohoku earthquake that           vides mineral supply and         we like to share those with      we have also added another
                                                                   struck northeast Japan on        economic information, will       you. If you have questions       500 issues to our distribu-
                                                                   March 11, 2011, will affect      be very useful to decision-      or comments about our            tion.
                                                                   Japan‘s and the world‘s sup-     makers‘ recovery planning        newspaper, we would al-
                                                                   ply of some minerals, at         efforts.‖                        ways appreciate hearing          This has been a particularly
                                                                   least temporarily. Up to one-                                     from you.                        uplifting issue. Being spring
                                                                   quarter of the world‘s iodine    Japan is the world‘s second                                       -time, there is so much
                                                                   and one-third of Japan‘s         leading iodine producer,         In this edition we have sepa-    more to present to you. This
                                                                   cement production may be         after Chile, with roughly 33     rated our usual section,         issue has brought you tips
                                                                   affected, according to a re-     percent of the world‘s total.    ―News From Around South-         on spring gardening, some
                                                                   cently released U.S. Geologi-    The eight affected refineries    ern Oregon‖ into three sepa-     spring fashion tips, as well
                                                                   cal Survey (USGS) report.        alone have the capacity to       rate sections:                   as updates on local, na-
                                                                                                    produce 25 percent of the                                         tional and international
                                                                   The USGS report indicates        world‘s iodine.                  News From Around The             news that affects your life.
                                                                   that the area affected by the                                     Southern Oregon Coast,
                                                                   earthquake is home to eight      Iodine is used primarily in                                       There are also articles pre-
                                                                   iodine plants and nine ce-       liquid-crystal displays for      News From Around The Illi-       sented to give the reader
                                                                   ment plants, as well as 15       electronic devices and x-ray     nois Valley, and                 object lessons in life, as
                                                                   other nonfuel mineral proc-      contrast media. High doses                                        learned through the trials
                                                                   essing facilities and four       of nonradioactive iodine         News From Around Grants          and tribulations of others.
                                                                   limestone mines.                 (usually as potassium io-        Pass
                                                                                                    dide) can protect people                                          If you haven‘t done so al-
                                                                    ―This earthquake has been       exposed to high levels of        Many readers have com-           ready, you must visit our
                                                                   devastating to the people of     radiation from health prob-      mented on how much they          website. We offer you every-
                                                                   Japan, and its effects are       lems later in life.              appreciate that we catego-       thing, and it is all FREE.
                                                                   only beginning to be under-                                       rize our news, and that it
                                                                   stood,‖ said Dave Menzie,                    See a video on       makes reading the newspa-
                                                                   the report‘s lead author.                    how Iodine is        per much easier and organ-
                                                                   ―The USGS continues to                       made.                ized. We have listened.          Thanks for picking us up.

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